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Sir, I need to speak with you.

Oh, look who it is.


I heard you'd be starting.
Mr. Han's lucky to have you.

Mi-do, stay. This concerns you, too.

Take good care of Golden Tree,
Director Jae-hee Lee.

Will you be working with us?

No, I'm here out of concern
for my friend.

You two match today.
You make a great couple.

Thank, we always look good together.

Jae-hee, you're looking better.
Over the girl who broke your heart?


Turns out it's not completely hopeless.

No? You were devastated at Guam.

Looking like a lost puppy,
holding onto a bouquet of flowers.

I was a little out of it then.
She disappeared without any notice.

Don't search her out.
Sounds like a complicated woman.

I was going to set you up.
How about drinks sometime?

Sure, I'm in.

Then discuss business.


The security tapes showed a man
pushing you after saying something.

What did he say?

He gave me attitude
while asking about our CEO's office.

So I have him attitude back
as I asked why he was asking.

The PR department and I
can handle this.

Sorry for the mess on your first day.

It's fine.

You looked cool.

A better fighter than Jason Bourne.
We should call you Tae-sang Bourne.

The video would be
"Tae-sang Ultimatum."

Enough with the jokes.
Get to work and settle down.

Yes, sir. Let's go, Mi-do.

You two look like a couple, too.

Do we?
Maybe we should wear red tomorrow.

He's an interesting character.

He doesn't know about Chang-hee.
Be careful in front of him.

I will if you take off that ring.

Kidding. Don't worry.

And don't lower yourself to Mr. Gu
and ask for any more favors.

You don't like me degrading myself?

I don't.

Ten points for saying that.

Minus ten thousand for the ring.


I lost the ring my boyfriend got me
at the dry sauna.

So I have to buy the same design.

The PR department contacted the media.
I hope the whole thing blows over.

We got a lot of sympathy points
for the harsh fall that Mi-do took.

Exactly. Mi-do, that was a great fall.

Does it hurt?

I'm fine.

I asked reporter friends to make sure
things aren't exaggerated.

There's no need to worry.

- Okay.
- We won't.

Thank you.

Finally, some peace.

Your first day and the worst
is already over.

Exactly. Why did those men attack?

The leader wanted an apology.
There was a skirmish the day before.

Our CEO's right-hand man
assaulted him.

His right-hand man?


I heard he just got out of prison.

Really? What's his name?

I don't know his name.
But he's old friends with Mr. Yun.

Can't you trust me for once?

I may be lacking,
but I'm still your older brother.

Can't you trust me,
no questions asked?

Have a little faith and wait.

This is my spot.

I come here often
when I feel frustrated.

We took care of the matter.
You don't have to worry.

What were you doing?

Nothing much.
Korea's sunshine feels good.

I like the States and Guam,
but Seoul has my brother.

Are you free this evening?

I'm going to be busy for a while.

Make time tonight.
Have dinner at our house.

I hardly have time to date.

Bring her, too.

I'll ask her.

Sir, my brother...

Why did he go to prison?

I don't want to ask him.
Can you tell me instead?

Whatever the reason,
I can understand.

He was protecting me.

Did he...

...kill someone?

Our old boss who tried to kill me.

It was an accident.

Is that why you supported me?

That's unrelated.
Chang-hee and I are family.

Do you want to punch me?

No, I don't.

I didn't help you to even any scores.

But because
you're Chang-hee's brother.

What do you like to eat?
Anything you're craving?

Is this necessary?
The company is working things out.

Huh? Chang-hee!

Why are you out here
and not in the office?

Feeling disturbed,
sorting my thoughts.

Mr. Yong-gab Gu.

Tell Tae-sang Han
to come to me himself.

Let's not do this.

Do what?

Why are you such a fool?

Tae-sang is truly blessed.
He has a dedicated guard dog like you.

Don't do this. Let go.

Hit me instead.
Don't fight, Chang-hee.

Go ahead, swing it.

Smashing open my head
won't make me nicer.

Why don't we die together?

Should I tell your brother that
you committed murder for Tae-sang?

Shall a plant a seed of fury
in his heart?

If his brother's an ex-con,
he'll never advance very far in life.

In fact, he'll become timid and scared.

Want me to lay a trap
right at his feet?

He's different from you.
He has too much to lose.

Don't mess with my brother.




I have a lot of affection for you.

Don't be harsh on me. It saddens me.

Get up, man.
Kneeling is bad on the knees.

The message is clear. You can leave.

Stop all the backstabbing.
You're a successful businessman now.

Promise me that
you'll stop attacking Tae-sang.

Do I look like I keep my promises?

That was a joke. You can trust me.

Whoops, sorry. My fingers slipped.

My tears momentarily blinded me.

Come on, let's go.

Let's go. Hold it in, hold it in.

Why isn't Seong-ju showing up?

Shouldn't she come
and throw a temper tantrum?

But I followed your explicit orders.

Those were your orders.

Yes, I understand. I'll change it.

Madam Choi is throwing another fit?


You look fabulous.

Isn't it too revealing
for an important business meeting?

Can you get me something
darker in color?

One moment.
I have something in indigo blue.

Hello. Didn't we meet at a party?

I was going to contact you.

You were?

I know a handsome young man
with an MBA from a prestigious school.

I was going to introduce you
if you're single.

Six-one, good-looking.

Oh, I see.

Sounds like you have a boyfriend.


How's your father's business?
Did he work out his problems?

Of course.

I'll contact you.

Hey, Jae-hee.

Whatcha doing?

Why are you calling
during work hours?

I love you, Chang-hee.

Stand tall. I'll take care of you.

Have you lost your mind?

I'm craving bean paste stew for dinner.

With loads of beef.

Hello? Hey!

What a silly boy.

What did he say?

He wants bean paste stew with beef.

Does he know a lot about stocks?
I'm sure he has connections.

Still dabbling in stocks?
Even after losing everything?

I should ask him to point out
a few prospects.

Where are you going?

To the reference room.

Still busy?

My troublemaking boss
keeps me busy.

Sorry about today.

I'm going to apologize
right away from now on.

Is that what you wanted to say?

Want to go over to Jae-hee's today?

Director Lee's house?

Yeah, is that strange?

Is everyone going, or just you?

Just me.

It's strange, he's my direct superior.

I was going to introduce you two
that day dinner fell through.

He was the friend
you wanted me to meet?

Yeah, Jae-hee.
Can I tell him that I like you?

No, it's probably better
to keep it a secret.

You can tell him.

No, I won't.

That way he can really work you.
He won't if he knows you're my girl.

He'll find out eventually.

Even so.

I'll tell him after he's comfortable
ordering you around.

Just send me to a different team.

Your team is the core of the company.
You can't leave it.

You could've told me
that you invited Tae-sang over.

Inviting over a guest requires
days of preparation.

Come on, he's practically family.

The closer you are,
the more courteous you should be.

Does this taste good?

I bought a bunch of food.
It should be enough.

Tae-sang likes homemade meals.
He doesn't have anyone to cook for him.

But he wears a ring.

Do you know who his girlfriend is?

Isn't it Seong-ju Baek?


He's here, he's here. Go get the door.


Smells great.

This kid invited you over
without preparing anything.

Feel free to cut his pay.

I already reduced it.

Dinner's almost ready.
Just gotta heat the pork.

How's the house?

Good, thanks to you.

You read a lot, too.

Just relating to my major.
It's nothing compared to you.

Come eat. Dinner's ready.

Guess he's ready. Let's go.

You like dolls?
What's with the teddy bear?

Ah, it was a gift...

I mean, I confiscated it.

From who?

It's a secret.

What's the big deal? Let's go.

Sir, who's wearing the matching ring?

To this?

It's a secret.

Come on.

I had it cleaned twice
to get the stain out.

How'd you end up drenched
in dirty water?

Check it out. Clean, huh?

The stains are out.


What were you doing?

Just making some plans.
Things I want to do this year.

Let me see what you wrote.

Dress up, sightsee
and eat delicious food.

I want to give you that life.

Learn Italian.
What's this pole dancing?

Learn to skate, get tutored in English.

Wow, it's quite a list.

Oh, right, I have to add a family trip.

These would've been
unimaginable last year.

We have Mr. Han to thank for this.

I'm grateful to him.

He's a good catch.

He has his own business,
and no in-laws to complicate things.

Don't say stuff like that in public.
People will make fun.

Try lasting ten years without a paycheck
from your husband.

He's always either in the hospital
or holed up writing his novel.

No one has the right to criticize me.

Who's throwing rocks
at this late hour?

Hey, Mr. Han is here.


I wanted to see your face.

Did you have fun tonight?

Just three guys eating and drinking.

Three guys?

Jae-hee's brother.

They live together.

I see.

You must be tired. Go home.

Yeah, I should.

I haven't been feeling well.

Why? Are you sick?

Feel it beating?

Yeah, you're not a zombie.

It's never beat this quickly
in my entire life.

I'll take good care of you.

Did I offend you?

How are you so beautiful?


I wasn't going to point this out...

But it's like you're still
a seventeen-year-old.

You're a total kid.

Don't make fun of your elder.

Gonna milk your age advantage?

Let's not talk about age.


Don't call me that when we're alone.

What do I call you?


I hate it when girls
call their boyfriends that.


Not funny.

Give me time,
I'll come up a pet name.

Okay, I look forward to it.

Gotta go.



Jae-hee asked who was wearing
the matching ring.

What did you tell him?

I said it was a secret.

Good night.

What's that on your face...?

Good night.

Our boss came over
for a drink tonight.

He asked about Mi-do
and I said it was a secret.

See you tomorrow.

Alright, I win!

What's that? How did this happen?

You cheating me?

That's my money. My money!

- What are you doing?
- Stop making a scene.

This is my money. You crooks!

One more round!

You know who my cousin is?
You're dead!

Bring money next time.

Man, I'm starved.
Can I get some soup?

I'll eat quietly and not say a word.
I swear.

What time do you close?

When there are no customers.
Otherwise I work until morning.

It's like you're determined
to make life hard.

Haven't changed your mind yet?

About what?

Don't contact Tae-sang?

Get out! Unless you want to die.

Kidding, just kidding.

I wouldn't dare contact him
when you threatened to kill me.


Is there more than
one reference room?

No, this is the only one.

You said you'd be here,
but I couldn't find you.

I went to meet my boyfriend.

With a box of documents?

Sorry to bring this up,
but remember how I rejected you?

Honestly, I momentarily forgot.

You're my boss.
I'll help you the best I can.

Let me meet your boyfriend.




Suddenly I hate the idea
of meeting him.

Want to have lunch together?
You owe me lunch, don't you?

Hello. Lunch?

I'll buy you lunch next time.

Yes, I'm listening.



I happened to be passing by.

This is Song-yeon Jin.
We go to the same gym.

Song-yeon, say hi.

I'm Jae-hee Lee.

We just came from a workout.
I invited her to join us.

What would you like?

I'll buy lunch today.

No, I should treat you guys.

Pick anything.

Can I order several things?


Did you share matching rings
with Tae-sang?

Oh, this?

Don't mention it to Tae-sang.

Why not?

I bought it because it was pretty.


Anyway, don't mention it.
I'm trusting you.

Pick something. I'm hungry.

What did you choose?

I want this one.

Then I'll eat this.

Want me to choose for you?

No, I'll choose on my own.

The original sandwich.

Excuse me, we'd like to order.

We'll take these three set meals.

- Take care.
- Have a good day.

I used to hang out around Berkeley.
I liked this pizza restaurant there.

Me, too.

Do you know that restaurant
that gives you wine in water glasses?

Of course, I went there often.

See you next time.
This is where we parked.

- Let's go, Song-yeon.
- Okay.

See you next time.

Take care.

Anyone in?

Is she sick?

Huh? It's locked.

Are you in, Ms. Hong-ja Yun?

- Anyone in?
- I don't think she's here.

What is this regarding?

Are you her family?

Who are you?

We have something to ask her.

Regarding what?
Did something bad happen?

No, we just have a few questions.

We'll come back later.

Let's go.

It only stings for a bit.

You'd be in pain
if I hadn't forced you to come.

How did you twist your ankle?

I was playing basketball.

My son once did the same.

He didn't want acupuncture,
so I had to hit him and force him.

What does your son do?

He works at a company.

Tell him to come visit.

He lives abroad.

I'll keep quiet. Take a nap.

You're a good person.

Ow, that hurts.

Stop being such a baby.
This will help you feel better.

You'd rather have a limp when
your father comes home next week?

Take this. Don't cry.

You're the best, Tae-min.

Did you have a nice lunch?

Nothing special.

Why do you look upset?

I do?

Like you're mad.

No, I feel good.

Why aren't you saying anything?

Others go through this
in their twenties, right?

What's the last movie
you watched in the theater?

In the theater?

"Friends," I think.

Last amusement park visit?

The winter break of my freshman year.

Goodness, we have a lot to catch up on.

When shall we start?

The relative from
a few days ago is back.

Is that painting expensive?

Tae-sang, remember me?
Uncle Cabbage?

Of course I remember.

Gosh, let me take a look at you.
How long has it been?

You're so successful now.
My goodness, Tae-sang.

Have a seat.

Right. Let's sit.

Why are you here?

No reason.

What an unfriendly question.
I came to see you.

Have you been well?

Of course, I'm always good.

Are you married?


But you have a girlfriend.

Shouldn't you find your mother?
Heard any news?


I think I might be able to find her.

I'm an extra on a TV series,
so I travel the country.

I made a lot of friends
and hear things on the grapevine.

If you fund my traveling,
I can find her...

I'm sure she's fine.
I don't intend to look for her.

How can you say that?

She probably doesn't want
to find me either.

Don't come back
if that's the reason you came.

Tae-sang, parent-child ties
can't be severed.

Did my mother send you?

No, I don't even know where she is.

I just think I might be able
to find her.

If you do, tell her to live
a long, healthy life.

I have a meeting soon.

You're a heartless bastard.
How could you be like this?

She may have wronged you,
but she's still your mother.

Please leave.

I heard gangsters took you in.
They really ruined you.

Get out!

If I find Hong-ja, I'll tell her
that you don't want to see her.

I guess I'll break her heart
all over again.

You ingrate. Heartless bastard!

Sir, I need your signature.


I need it immediately.

[Smile! Let's play hooky.]

Stamp your seal as well.

I'm not in the mood for this.

This is very urgent. Hurry, please?

Come on.

Let's ride that one. Over there.

- The Viking?
- Yeah.

That's for kids.
Let's ride something else.

Don't be silly. Hurry up.

Hold up, hold up.

Wait, you scared?


Scared of that? Of course not.

Then let's go.

Hold up.

Let's ride something else. Come here.


Are you okay?

You okay?

Mi-do, it's not fun?

That's pretty.

Sorry, did I scare you?

One, two, three.


Hold on, sit down.

Wear it? No thanks.

Everyone wears these
at amusement parks.

Forget it.

I'm mad.


Okay, fine.

Three seconds.

One, two, three.



Great picture. Let's go.

I'll draw two versions of you, Tae-sang.

Draw me really pretty.


What the--? I look like that mess?


But it's pretty.


You draw really well, Mi-do.

Erase that and do it over.

Want to draw together?

We should've brought Mi-do
if we're researching college towns.

She had a family affair.

We're still young in spirit, sir.

How about a flea market exhibit
of young artists?

Or an indie band on the weekends?

I could come up with those ideas.
Think of something more special.

Pretty, huh?

Try to draw better.

Yes, ma'am.




My gift to you. Take them home..

Thank you.

Did you decide on my pet name?

I'm really curious.

I chose one.


Tee-tee, using the T from Tae-sang.


What's that? What am I, a dog?

How about Tae-pal?

Tae-dol. Tae-bong.

I don't like them. They're all weird.

See, Tee-tee is the prettiest, right?

[To Tee-tee, on a warm spring night]


Tee-tee and Mi-do.

Who was your guest earlier?

No one special.

He mentioned your mother.

He's a troublemaking relative
who wants money to look for my mother.

I told him to forget it.



That gangster thinks
he deserves my daughter?

How could he beat people up
in his office?

The gangsters started it.
You have to finish reading.

You didn't see the video
of the gangsters, did you?

I don't like him.
I just have a bad feeling.

How can you write
when you're so narrow-minded?

Just quit.

You want Mi-do to be with him
because he has money.

Like you're a great judge of character.

Mr. Han is a great guy.
He'll be a way better husband than you.

Why don't you let him move in?
I'll move out instead.

Tsk, tsk, that ashamed
that you took his help?

This is NOT about that.

I don't want to hear it.
I don't want to talk to you.

I don't either. Forget you.



Where are you going?

Son, be my drinking buddy.



I did NOT throw up.

Then he rode the carousel.
That's all he can handle.

He loved it.

Was it fun?

I had a huge fight with your dad.
But I feel better now.

Sir, another bottle.
No, make that two.

Mom, stop drinking.
Cancel that order.

Here you go.

Why don't we go get hangover soup?

I know a great place
that makes bean sprout soup.

Now I really want to go.

Alright. It's on!

Enjoy the meal.

I see you often,
but you're not from around here.

I live relatively nearby.

I'd travel to the countryside
to visit a good restaurant.

Enjoy the soup.

Was there a theft or something here?

No. Why do you ask?

I stopped by earlier today
and found the police knocking.

The police?

They had questions for you,
and they left right away.

I don't think it was a big deal.

Nothing happened.

What about hangover soup?
I don't want to go home.

Mom, stay still. You're heavy.

I want Mr. Han to carry me.

Sure, Mother. I can carry you.

Mom, please stop. Go upstairs.

Hangover soup. Mr. Han!

Go inside.

Take good care of the ceramic dolls.
Don't break them.

Don't worry.

You were scared on the rides, huh?

No! Good night.


Bye, Tee-tee.

If I find Hong-ja, I'll tell her
that you don't want to see her.

I guess I'll break her heart
all over again.

You ingrate. Heartless bastard!

Why do you think I took five employees?
You need to know the context.

His right-hand man was released
from prison after killing my friend.

He picked a fight with me
and punched me.

He caused property damage.
That was the start.

If you invest in that thug's company,
you'll get swept up in bad business.

Let's enjoy the meal.

When Spacekey opens, work there.

Anywhere I won't run into Jae-hee.

I don't want others to know about
his foolish brother.

You're not a foolish brother.
Don't ever say that.

I'll do whatever you want
as long as I'm far from Jae-hee.

That looks like fun. Let's walk up.

Is that a pendant for your necklace?

Or is that a ring on the chain?

Why do you ask?

I was going to buy you one.

Give it here.

Wear this shoe and come back
before midnight.

That's what the fairy godmother
tells Cinderella.

You're right.
The prince takes the shoe, right?


Director Lee!

Thank you.

I like it better
when you call me Jae-hee.

I'm sorry. My mistake, Director Lee.

You had a family affair yesterday?


Nothing bad, right?


Go on ahead to the office.
I have a meeting.


Son, son!


Oh, my son. My dear, dear son.

Oh, Tae-sang. Let me hold you close.

My name isn't Tae-sang.


Doctor, my son...
My son is alive, Doctor.

Cut! Why are you ad-libbing?

Sorry, sorry.

Am I getting old? I can't cry on cue.

Can I get some coffee?

Yes, sir!

You met with the management
support team?


You went to a meeting, no?

Not with the management
support team.

Here you go.

Huh? He's back.
Boss's right-hand man.

I'm worried that
he'll start working here.

I am, too.
He won't cause trouble again, will he?

I'm scared of him.

Why are you scared?

I heard he murdered someone.

Director Lee, see you tomorrow.

Not going home?

Go on ahead.

See you tomorrow.

Tee-tee, you're not cold?


[50 ways to be a gentleman]

What's this?


From the Internet?

Don't ask.

Do number 42 for me.

Hug her from behind on a cold day.

I find some of them childish.
Just do the ones I circle, okay?


Director Lee was in a bad mood.
Did you say something to him?

No, I didn't even see him today.

I see.



What did you do last year
on Christmas Eve?

Last year?

I worked.

I see.

And the year before that.

Probably worked.

You don't remember
any special Christmases?

Not particularly.

I'm scared of him.

I heard he murdered someone.

Hi, Chang-hee. Still at the office.

You didn't even call. Did you eat?

Want me to prepare something?

No, I ate plenty.

Go to bed. I'll be home soon.

This one is a bit dry.

[Director Jae-hee Lee]

This one is reasonably priced
and delicious.

This is the only intact wineglass
in the house.

The rest are cracked or broken.

I'll buy you some nice wineglasses.

So pretty. Feels like Christmas, huh?

Yeah. Thanks.

Read to me.

[Whoever You Are,
No Matter How Lonely]

"I remember the winter
I spent in Mu-ju."

"It was unbelievably cold."

"As I lay shivering under the covers,
I had one desperate wish."

"For someone to speak to me."

"Whoever it may be,
I wanted a connection."

"Whether the universe is endless or not,
I don't really care."

"I just need someone to talk with,
someone to tell me who I am."

"I wish I had one person like that
in this universe."

Keep reading.

Close your eyes.

Do you have something to say,
Director Lee?

No, why do you ask?

You look like you have
something to say.

I have something to say to you.

Do you get along with Director Lee?

He seems to take good care of you.

"I like Mi-do Seo."


I've become a fool.

I'm full of energy
even if I don't eat or sleep.

I love that you're with me.

Ever proposed to a girl?

Are you going to propose?

Is there a problem?