When a Man Loves (2013–…): Season 1, Episode 5 - Episode #1.5 - full transcript

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[Episode 5]

Mr. Han, come upstairs for coffee.

I'm okay.
I just stopped by to see Mi-do.

Don't mind my husband.
He's a proud man.

He's ashamed to face you,
like he failed as a father.

So don't take it personally.

I don't mind.

I'll wash you some strawberries.

By the way,
do you play any instruments?

No, I don't.


Mi-do likes men who play the piano.
Maybe you should learn.

I see. I'll consider it.

Let me get those strawberries.

Completely different. I didn't stage it.


This looks like...

Your own handwriting?

No, it's not.

I wanted to do that in Guam,
the day you stood me up.

Sis, what's up?

Let's talk later.

What, you know this guy?


Your little brother?
Introduce me properly.

Later, later.

We agree the handwriting is yours?
I'll call you tomorrow.

Who's that? You know him?

None of your business.

Why did he kiss your cheek
and run away?

Your ex-boyfriend?

It's not like that.

Like heck it isn't.
He kissed your cheek.

You can't have ex-boyfriends
showing up.

Pretend you saw nothing.
It's no big deal.


Seriously, stop it.

But it's weird.

I told you to stop.

Did I hit a nerve?

You're late.
Mr. Han's waiting in the bookstore.

Right now?

Yeah, it's been twenty minutes.

Take these to him.


When'd you get here?

Hey, just got home?

Just now. Have some strawberries.


Sorry about tonight. Did you eat?

I called up a friend.

Good. Ate something good, I hope.

- What's that?
- Aftershave.

I'll buy it for you from now on.


Thanks, I'll use it well.

I bought facial masks, too.
Try them at home.


The thing women put on their faces?

Men do, too, these days.

Forget it.

But I bought them for you.

Come on, some things
men should NOT do.

Other men use them.

They do? What girly--

Forget it, whatever.

You're so clueless.
I just want you to have better skin.

Do you like looking
way older than me?

I'll use them.

Send me a picture for proof.



I won't know if you used them
without proof.

Wow, these look delicious.

So good.

Way older, but totally cute.

Like the quote outside? I chose it.

You wrote it?

Yeah. You don't like it?

I purposefully chose it from the book
you were reading.

Guess you don't like it.

It's too affected.
I'm going to change it.

[Alley Restaurant]


Are you still open?

We are. Would you like a bowl?


Ddol-yi, go home.

I can stay longer.

Your parents will worry.
I can handle things here.

See you tomorrow, Boss!

Tell me if you want more.

Thank you.

This is the best soup I've ever had.

Have you been in business for long?

Long enough.

You should ask your daughter
or daughter-in-law for help.


Are you drinking?

No, driving.

I was going to buy hangover soup
if you were drinking.

I'm headed home.

Don't forget,
you promised to buy dinner.

I know, I remember.

The meal was delicious.
Next time I'll bring my boyfriend.


Chang-hee! Chang-hee!

Go on, eat the raw tofu.
I seasoned it with a little salt.


You didn't have to come.

Welcome back.

Enough with the raw tofu.
I'll buy your favorite tofu stew.

Finally, a smile.

See? I gave you tons of meat.

You used to hit me
for never giving you enough meat.

When did I ever?

During lunch on May 23, 1999.

See, it's practically a reflex.

Shut up and eat.

- Yes, sir.
- Sir.

Seeing you two mess around
is making me nostalgic.

By the way, I think Jae-hee
knows that you went to prison.

What did he say?
Did you ask if I'm in prison?

He wasn't so direct,
but I could tell he knew something.

No idiot would ever believe
that you were abroad all these years.

And I swear I didn't tell him anything.

I promise, Boss.

He wouldn't ask directly.
He's a smart kid.

It's gonna be a tearful reunion
between brothers.

Does Jae-hee know
you're coming home?

I didn't tell him, idiot.


Get a haircut and a new suit.
Dong-gu, go with him.

- Okay.
- Okay.

Buy yourself a suit, too, Dong-gu.

- I love you, Boss!
- Brat.

I asked the Garden Party staff
if they took pictures that night.

Ow, my forehead still throbs.

Mi-do, do you have a better picture
of this chapel?

This is the only one. My hand shook.

It would be perfect
for our presentation.

[A book never to be reread.
- from "Frozen Mountain"]

[I welcome Spring because of you.
- from J.H.'s diary]

Did you compose that?

Yes, sir.

You write poems?

I write a diary.

Which is essentially a poem.
Is that the end?

No, there's another line.

"I summoned Spring for you."

Childish. I like it.

Coffee, yes or no?

Yes, please.

Come in.

The scent of books and coffee
is sublimity itself.

There isn't much to the sublime.

A delicious cup of coffee
on a bright, warm day.


Here, liquid sublimity.

Thank you.

Do you have any good pictures
of the hotel chapel?

I need it for a presentation.

Sir, do you have wi-fi?


Buy me lunch. Okay?

Where to?

Out to lunch.

By yourself?

I'm meeting a friend nearby.

Okay, have a good time.

Where have you been all morning?

Oh, I had to meet
a close friend of mine.

Where's the picture
of the facial mask?


Oh, that.

You didn't get it?

Strange, I'll double check it.

Have a great lunch.

SO strange.


Pork cutlet or an omelet?
I know a good place.

You said you only get fifty minutes.

So I brought lunch.

Why'd you buy lunch
when you told me to buy?

You can buy next time. Sit down.

I'm going to pay you for this, okay?

So stubborn.

I came out to buy lunch.

This lunch is worth ten grand.

Either pay in cash
or buy lunch next time.

What kind of work do you do?
Is it fun?

The man I mentioned
was at the bookstore yesterday.

I don't want him to misunderstand.

Don't show up unannounced
and surprise me.

Tell him that you're falling for someone
you met on your trip.

I don't want to.

Who is this guy?

I'm jealous.

This is a rejection, right?

I'm just a fun fling
from your trip abroad?

I'm sorry.

Fine then. Let's just enjoy lunch.

Don't worry, I won't call you.
No need to pay me ten grand.


Who's the handsome stud?

Wow, clothes DO make the man.

You'd turn heads dressed like that.

I haven't worn a suit in forever.

I forgot how to tie a tie.

Looks complete one's outfit,
the outfit completes one's look.

Clothes are SO important.

Now that we're dressed up,
we'll go check out the office.

It's way nicer than the hole
where we used to work.

Do you ever shut up?

Why the glower?
You were cheerful before.

You're in nice clothes. Smile a little.

Come on, you had no choice.

If it wasn't for you,
Big Boss would've stabbed Tae-sang.

It was self-defense.

So that justifies the murder?

If it's self-defense,
why was your sentence so long?

If you were my boy, I would've hired the best lawyers.

Still the meddlesome fool.

Welcome back, Chang-hee.
I was going to send a ride.

We don't need your car.
We went ourselves.

You know I care for you guys.

If you had testified correctly,
he would've gotten a lighter sentence.

If it wasn't for me,
you would've gotten the death sentence.

Still chasing after Seong-ju Baek?

Has the change in scenery
warped your rational thinking?

Why lust after your friend's girl?

We're too polite to ask.

So why don't you keep
to yourself, too?

Let's go.

Your act of murder paid
for your brother's education.

Does he know that he was supported
by blood money?


Stop it!

Chang-hee, don't!
Don't make trouble today!

Are you crazy?

Come on, let's go!


Are you okay?

What's your job, Mi-do?

I told you, I have a desk job.

Business planning department.

What was your original dream?

All I've wanted to do was graduate
and make lots of money.

You wanted to do event planning
for exhibits and concerts.

How do you know that?

I remember.

There used to be posters
about events in the bookstore.

Your father used to tell me,
my daughter wants to plan these.

That you used to create fantasies
for your brother.

I was always curious about them.

I had hope then that my family
would bounce back.

I wanted to go abroad
and study art management.

That's why I was so envious of you.

You can still go.

How many people get to do
what they love for a living?

Don't be so negative, Mi-do.
You can save money starting now.

Whether you succeed or not,
whether you're happy or not,

it's important to at least try.

Want me to call a friend in New York?

I mean, unless you really like
your job right now.

I have to get back.

Okay, thanks for coming out.

Take care.

Take care, Jae-hee.

One moment.

What's this?

It's yours.


I'll use pain relief patches
for my throbbing forehead.

You might run into me
walking around with a patch.

Sorry, I'm keeping this.

If you let me win, I'll give you
a new authentic Stanford shirt.

Hold, hold, hold!

Remember her?

The bookstore?

She's working to pay him back.
He gave her the job.

Did you have lunch?


Let me give you the grand tour.

Aren't the sparkling tiles
just amazing?

Welcome, sir.
I heard a lot about you.

Our chief secretary.

Boss stole him away
from a hoity-toity conglomerate.

Is that the guy?
The president's right-hand man.

I heard he was coming back to work.

Did he work somewhere else?

I heard he was in prison.

Why'd he go to prison?

Rumor has it he killed a man.

We'll do proper introductions later.

Put the resort M&A on the backburner.
Focus on the business here.

I agree. But the PF worries me.

You can get more investors,
but too many will complicate things.

Just the bank and Hong Kong.

Will Hong Kong comply?

With me involved, what isn't possible?

Thank you, Seong-ju.

I'm helping you as a friend.

You look haggard.

Do I?

Must be lack of sleep.
I got up early this morning.

The heart of our operations.

Tada! What do you think?


Great to see you.

Why the stiff greeting, eh?

You haven't changed.

I didn't get younger?
After all the laser procedures?

You guys are looking sharp.
Took advantage of my credit card?

It was a one in a lifetime chance.

The office is great.
You're amazing, Boss.

How about a party to welcome
an old friend home?

I'm in! When's good?

How about tonight? Are you free?

Sounds good.


Police. Are you Chang-hee Lee?


What is this regarding?

You'll need to come downtown.

Yong-gab Gu has reported you for assault
and destruction of property.

What's going on?

Explain this!

The west station? I'll be right there.

What's going on?

None of your business.

- What is it?
- What's going on?

- I dunno.
- Do you know anything?

I'll take care of it.
You just need Mr. Gu's agreement.

Stop frowning, it's no big deal.

It's a big deal
because he was released today.

Please don't worry, okay?

Is this you?

Answer my question.


Are you crazy?
You were just released today.

Sir, listen to our side of the story.

He insulted Chang-hee
and said terrible things to infuriate him.

What did he say?

It's been a while, Mr. Han.

You usually snub me.
Why so desperate to see me now?

Tae-sang, don't lower yourself
to making these calls.

Have you no pride, eh?

We need to talk.

It's obvious why you're here to see me.

Settle with them.

Why should I?

You like me. I'm asking you a favor.

What will you do for me?

What do you want?

Sleep with me tonight.

Am I allowed to picture
someone else while I do?

If yes, okay.

Stop being a child.

You're barely hurt.

What were you in your past life?

The sword you wielded.

My sword, you say.

You used me to kill countless people.

Consider this your belated punishment.

What do you want from me?

I want you to offer a settlement.

Show them that you've changed,
that you can be noble.

You're in expensive threads now.
You're not the same loser you were.

You really think so?

You'll settle with them?

Tell them I'll be at Golden Tree tomorrow
at eleven for my apology.

Thank you.

Not for free. I want a kiss.

Close your eyes.

You close your eyes.

Are you crying?

I'll tell them tomorrow at eleven.

I'm heading home.

Okay, I'll call you.

Who was that guy earlier?
Did cops take him away?

Is he an ex-convict?

Says who?

Everyone in the office.
He's not working with us, is he?

Is there a reason he shouldn't?

Well, not exactly.

I make the final decisions.
Don't order me around.

I was just offering my opinion
as your employee.

And I'm the president. Stay out of it.

I understand, Mr. Tae-sang Han.


Welcome home.

[I welcome the spring because of you.
- from J.H.'s diary]

What's this, Dad?

A nice boy scribbled it.
I liked it so I left it.

It's so immature.

I wanted to introduce him to you,
but I think he has a girlfriend.

It's too bad.
I liked him so much I offered coffee.

- You did?
- Yeah.

We were discussing books
when he rushed out for a lunch date.

It's too bad, I really liked him.

[I felt relieved yet sad.
- from a special day]

Sis, got any pain relief patches?

Does your forehead hurt?

Who uses them on the forehead?

I practiced so hard
that my knees throb.

In the box beneath my desk.


- Mijun.
- Yeah?

Remember my fantasies?

You finally remember?


Your long lost dream.

Mi-jun, see that star?


It's only visible when we need to see it.

It's there to give us
the special ability we need.

What ability?

The ability to make good
out of the bad.

We live in a place that doesn't compare
to our old house.

But great things will happen
while we're here.

I believed you then,
all your little stories.

I wanted to believe them, too.

I remember what you said.

You wanted to grow up
and spin tales for the world.

You wanted to create something
to comfort others.

I did.

I completely forgot,
but someone reminded me.



I thought it was a happy ending.

Am I wrong?

Thank you, Seong-ju. I owe you again.

Okay, I'll call you. Bye.

You didn't go home?

I'm in no mood to see Jae-hee.

You should be with family
when you're upset.

Let's go out for drinks, Boss.

He's coming tomorrow to settle.
Seong-ju just called.

I thought he'd drag this out.
Is he finally a decent guy now?

He'll ask for a lot of money.

That's my problem.
Still not gonna go home?

I will after this is solved.
Right now I want to drink.

Fine, how about drinking
at my house?

Sounds good. Alright!

- Let's drink all night.
- Let's go.

Let's go!

No rice?

No rice. You don't deserve any rice.

You know we always eat rice,
even after we screw up.

He doesn't have any rice.
No kimchi either.

The pitiful fridge of the single man.

I used everything in the fridge
to cook this masterpiece.

Let's eat.

Come on.

You won't die, brat.

Isn't it good?

Yum, it's good.

Yum, yum.

You said your mother
was a good cook, right?

Guess you cook well
since you grew up eating her food.

Chang-hee, which department
would you like to join?

Anything you offer.

Jae-hee's starting next week.
Not the same team?

That's awkward.
Besides, I won't be much help to him.

I don't want that.

Alright, I'll keep thinking.

Let's drink.

To the reunion of Tae-sang's
right and left-hand men!

Chang-hee, say something.

Let's live large like other people.
With style!

- With style.
- With style!

Idiot, who guzzles wine like that?


Sorry about earlier. Are you mad?

What am I doing?


What girls want, what girls want.


I can do this.




I'm sleeping.

What were you just doing?


Nothing much.

Were you taking a picture
wearing a facial mask?

What are you babbling about?
I was sleeping.

Wow, are you dating? Who is it?

Who has ruined
my macho big bro, huh?

Chang-hee, tell anyone
and you're dead meat.

Shame on you.

Go to bed. Sleep.

Can I have a mask?

Get out.

Forget what you saw.

Hey! Music off!

Mi-jun, are you listening to the music?
Why are you missing the beat?

Five, six, seven and turn.


Don't think you've already made it
since you're a trainee.

Practice all night, Mi-jun.

One more time.

Good job, bro.

See you tomorrow.



So this is the famous soup?

Well? Is it good?


I'll bring some often.

Forget it, I'm older.
I should be taking care of you.

Instead I was humiliated.
Did you see everything?

I thought you were great.
She's such a Nazi.

Did you give up for good?

Yeah, I have stage fright.

Come on, we have to make it big
to give hope to others.

Our success story would be inspiring.

Make it big and visit the restaurant.

Give her your autograph.
I want to help her out.

- You like her?
- She's super nice.

You two are the only people
who are truly good to me.

Jeez, you look all chic
but you're totally sentimental.

You should go into acting.

I'm not kidding.

Seong-ju, I'm on my way.
I'm a man of my word.

A real man keeps his promises.

Of course, it's a promise I made
in exchange for your kiss.

I'll just require a simple apology.

- Let's go!
- Sir!

Where's the president's office?

Why are you here?

Where is it?

Mi-do, you okay?

- I'm fine.
- Where's his office?

This way.

Boss, he brought a whole posse.

Long time no see, Mr. Han.
Sorry we have to meet like this.

I'd like to apologize
for what happened yesterday.

You're not his dad.
Let him speak for himself.

Forgive me.

Shouldn't we do this in front
of more witnesses?

What if I go back on my word?

Let's start over in front of a crowd.

There's Mr. Han.

I want a formal apology
in front of these witnesses.

Let's begin.

I sincerely apologize.

Alright, I accept.

Do you have anything to say?

I'm sorry about yesterday.
Please forgive him generously.

Say it on your knees, Mr. Han.

You should've come straight to me
if you wanted a settlement.

It wasn't manly of you
to send a woman instead.

I had to agree because
she kissed me for it.

Anyway, apologize on your knees.

When it comes down to it,
it's your fault he committed murder.

The guy he killed was my friend.
The guy who took you in.

You two killed my buddy.

You can apologize for that
while you're at it.

Let's settle everything today.

We're here to apologize for yesterday,
nothing more.

Either way, I want you on your knees.

Apologize for what
your underling did to me.

What's the deal?

Get on your knees, bastard!

Sir, I'll call the police.

Stay out of it!


Stop it.

Stop it.

Stop it right now!

Mr. Gu. Yong-gab!

Tell Tae-sang that
he messed up really bad.

You picked the fight first.

You came here determined to shame
Tae-sang in front of everyone.

How much does he pay you?

I'll triple it, come to me.

See, this is why people call you a thug.

Both you and Tae-sang fought hard
to get where you are, no?

Let's not fight like this.

You're the only reasonable one
in the bunch.

You and I were always
on the same page.

We were never on the same page.
I just want things settled.

See you soon, Dong-gu.

Go to Jae-hee.

You'll need your family
more than ever.

Go home today.


Hungry? Dinner's almost ready.


Check you out. You grew taller.


Kid, when'd you get so cool?

Are you really my brother?

Bro, I missed you.

I thought you were dead.

I thought everyone was just hiding
your death from me.

But I was too scared to ask,
in case you were really dead.

Why would I die?
Not when you're finally successful.

You studied hard?

Of course.

Say something in English.


English and Chinese.
That's why I had you go abroad.

Thank you, wo ai ni,
arigato gozaimasu.

Everyone knows those, kid.

Still packing a punch.
Wanna see how hard I punch?

Go wash up, let's eat.

Well? Salty?

So salty.


Perfect. Let's eat.

Every time things got hard,
I dreamed of eating with you.

Now you can dream about it
AND do it in real life.

Every day.

I'm so happy to be here with you.

The girl I like just dumped me.
This is somewhat comforting.

She dumped you? Who?
I'll let her have it!

You're the best.

I love you, Chang-hee Lee.

Brat, where are your manners?

Who's the girl?

We won't ever be apart again?

If you disappear again,
I'm gonna kill you.

That's it.

- Come here.
- Let's eat.

Running away?

Brat, you need a beating?

Huh? Huh?

Give up! I give up!

I give up!

Don't cry, kid.

We'll be happy from here on out.

Where's Ms. Mi-do?

She wasn't feeling well.
She left early.

I see.

Where have you been all day?

Mr. Han stopped by. Give him a call.

I'll call him tomorrow.

Did you lie about being sick?
He brought fruit and herbal tea.

Oh! What are you doing?

What's going on?

That's Tae-sang's girl.

Let go! Let go!

Are you feeling okay?

Good morning.

Didn't get much sleep? You look tired.

A little.

We have a new director.
Super handsome.

May I have your attention?
I want to introduce the new director.

Nice to meet you. I'm Jae-hee Lee.

The new business planning team,
the youthful brain of our company.

You'll be leading this team yourself.

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We'll be eating lunch together,
working late nights together.

Isn't this what they call fate?

I'm always the same.
Waiting for Tae-sang Han.

Can't you open up a little?
You keep me at an arm's length.

The way you snub me
is how Tae-sang snubs you.

I'm scared of you.

What's so darn complicated?

We were never right for each other.
Let's end things here.