When a Man Loves (2013–…): Season 1, Episode 4 - Episode #1.4 - full transcript

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[Episode 4]

How did you meet
this lady friend of yours?

I'll explain everything in due time.

I presume your girlfriend is gorgeous?

Of course.

I had a feeling
we'd run into each other.

What are you...?

I'm participating in your company's
charity golf tournament.

Hello, I'm Tae-sang's friend
Seong-ju Baek.

Nice to meet you. Jae-hee Lee.

It's a pleasure.
You're as handsome as Tae-sang.

Thank you. Please join us.

May I?

Seong-ju, a word.


I signed up a month ago.
You're the one who came spontaneously.

In other words, I didn't follow you.
Though I did ask where you're staying.

Sorry, but I have a prior
dinner engagement.

So I should eat alone? Fine.

I'm sorry.

As your friend, I understand.
Enjoy your dinner.

I'm not feeling so well. I'm sorry.

Sorry about that.

Where'd she go?

Guess it's just you and me tonight.

Did you two fight?


You look great together.
She's gorgeous.

Did you fight with your girl?

No, we're meeting early
tomorrow morning.

Dating has really brightened your look.

I should say the same to you.

Choose something.

Go! Run!


Oh my god.

Didn't I catch you peeking at me
once before?

How are you feeling?

Better after a nap.

That's a relief. Get some more rest.

What happened to your back?



I used to lead quite a wild life.

You didn't have a scar
at the hot springs.

You took a closer look
than I assumed.

Don't tell other people.
They'll misunderstand.

Good night.

Gonna turn off your phone again?

If it's because of jealousy,
I'm okay with it.

Don't be a total jerk.


Playing mind games at your age.
Aren't you ashamed?

It's plain dirty.
Flirting when you have a girlfriend.


She's just a friend.
A bit selfish, but a warm person.

She was the girlfriend of my old boss,
who gave me the wound on my back.

Anything else you want to know?

Seems to me
that she really likes you.

Seems to me that I really like you.

I have an early flight tomorrow.
See you at the office.

Write a thorough report.
Good night.

The past three days spent with you
were the best days of my life.

I laughed a lot, it was thrilling.

I felt totally carefree,
like I didn't have a sad past.

Thank you for retrieving my rice.

Sorry for the dart to the forehead.

Congrats on graduating
from a great school.

I'm returning to reality now.

Farewell to my carefree days.


Thought you had an evening flight.

I have to get started on my report.

Your president's orders?

And I feel a bit exhausted.

Good morning.

Oh, hello.

Why do you look so listless?

Are you sick?


What beautiful flowers.

That wasn't a subtle hint.

Keep them.

I could've taken the airport bus.

I may be unrefined,
but I do have manners.

Did you tell your parents
that you landed safely?


I've wanted to ask a woman this
for a long time.

Do women really find it attractive
when a man drives the car in reverse?

Sure, I guess.

Really? Man, I just don't get women.

Huh? Wrong street.

How was that?


We didn't take
a single picture together.

I'm sure you have your reasons
for standing me up.

I never felt as excited or happy
as I did the past three days.

Thank you for giving me
such happy memories.

Always smile, wherever you are.

I fear I will miss you
for a very long time.

Thank you for the ride.

What's with the stuffed animals?

I won them in a game.

Weren't they a hassle?
They sell cuter dolls here.

A souvenir of my first trip abroad.

I see. Get some rest.

Welcome home--

Goodness, you went on
the trip together?

I had no idea.

We didn't.

He just gave me a ride.

He did? Come in for some tea.

It's okay.

My citron tea is to die for.

I'll come by for a formal visit
next time.


Have a nice day.

You, too.


See you soon.

What did he mean, a formal visit?

Did something happen?

Darn, no ring.

What are you thinking?
It's not like that.

Do you still post quotes
in front of the bookstore?

When I pass by
in the undetermined future,

I will present myself
if this quote is written there.

"I have a song to sing for you,
it is too early to say farewell."

It's from a book
I bought at your store.

I hope to see the quote
posted on a warm spring day.

I miss you so much.

Girl, how's my hair?
Are my curls undone?

No, they look fine.

No, no, I need a new perm.

I want to look presentable
when Mr. Han comes.

You really like Mr. Han?

I do. You don't?

He's a good person.

[What women want...]

[Ten things that women
want from men]

[...hold hands... kiss the cheek...
introduce her as his girlfriend...]

Sorry, I'll explain later.

Smile at me.

Please smile. Come on, hurry.

Gotta beat them off with a stick.

Mr. Han is better looking.

That's the problem.

You didn't leave with him.

I leave tomorrow.

Why so spaced out all day?
Were you dumped?

No, not exactly.

But close enough?
I'm an expert of relationship.

You and Tae-sang
make a great couple.

Changing the subject.

I happen to agree.

I'm going to work at his company.

Then we'll see each other often.

Here's my number.
Let's have tea when you come.

You might need my counseling.

What a nice picture.
Who took it for you?

Guess we'll see each other in Seoul.

Okay, see you in Seoul.

[Chang-hee's brother Jae-hee]
Jae-hee Lee, Jae-hee Lee.

I'm Jae-hee Lee.

Chang-hee's brother?
You don't look alike.

You think? Look closer.

Trust me, it's a good thing.

Did you get me a souvenir, too?


Kidding, kidding. Let's go.

Hurry up.

So this is the place.

What a view.


A small studio would've been enough.

Yeah? Then tell the boss yourself.

Maybe I'll move in. Oh, that's nice.

You can if you want.


He got you a big place
for when Chang-hee gets out.

When's he getting out?

I meant coming home from abroad.

Please, I'm no idiot.
You think I believe that?

I didn't press for details
to protect my brother's pride.

Kid, sometimes unexpected things
happen when doing business.

It's no big deal.

Don't tell the boss
that I said anything, okay?

What happened?
Was it money-related?


Wow, all clothes for you?


Boss took care of everything.

I'm gonna check the fridge.
He probably stocked up on food.

Have some coffee.

The others will think something's up.

No one's here.

Be careful when they are.

We'll see.

Your father's being discharged today?
I'll go pick him up.

My mother and brother are going.


Didn't you say you have to go
to the site?

I nearly forgot.

Good day.

- Oh my god.
- I'm sorry.

I'm more shocked by your beauty.
You work for Golden Tree?

I do.

Only their employees and investors
show up at these dusty sites.

And you're way too young
to be an investor.

Are you an investor, sir?

Considering it.

It's either invest
or become a competitor.

Please choose to invest.
Hope to see you soon.

Have a nice day.

That's Tae-sang's girl.
What do you think?

Pretty lady, give Mr. Han my regards.

He knows me, Yong-gab Gu.

I'll pass it on.

That's Tae-sang's girl.

Tae-sang can do better.

You have sixty seconds.
Or I'll call the police.

I came to buy you a drink.

For what?

Tae-sang is a great guy.
I'd let him date my sister, if I had one.

Glad you agree.
Twenty seconds passed.

He's also a rare romanticist.

Still dating his old girlfriend.
She works for him.

Forty seconds.

My point is that there's
one other man just as devoted.

Me, Yong-gab Gu.
I'm devoted to you.

Sixty seconds. Get out.

I liked you before
Dae-gwang ever did.

But I couldn't dare to approach.

My dear friend knew of my feelings,
and he made you his girl.

He didn't make me his girl.
I chose to be with that scumbag.

To rebel against my father.

He knew just how much
I really liked you.

Thankfully, you developed feelings
for Tae-sang.

And Dae-gwang knew that.

Serves him right.

Please leave. I want to rest.

Tae-sang has another woman.

Let him go.

I'll keep your secret forever
if you let me go.

What secret?

Dae-gwang's missing $3 million.

Hey, Kim. Dae-gwang.

See, Dae-gwang knew
I had a certain gift with money.

He discussed all his investments
and deals with me.

This time was no different.
"Shall I lend Yong-gab $3 million?"

I told him to go ahead,
and $3 million left his account.

Where did it go? Where's the IOU?

I'm not following you.

You got this far
because of that money.

You're right, he sent me $3 million.
He was paying me back.

Fine, we'll say it's rightfully yours.

So stop pestering me all the time.

Don't try to provoke me
by talking about Tae-sang.

You're as pitiful as I am.

Think he'll love you
if you find his family for him?

I know you've been looking for them.

This is the difference
between you and me.

I'm willing to do
everything I can for him.

Even if he doesn't love me back.

Seong-ju, don't back me
into a corner.

I'll go mad if you tell me
I can't have you.

Get out, please. Out of my house!

Tae-sang said that I was worse
than Dae-gwang.

He's right, everything about me
is evil except for my love for you.

Don't underestimate me.
I'll have you even if I have to kill you.



Come have a seat.

You cooked a feast.

To celebrate.

Go get the stew.

I'm home.


Go wash up.

You have quite an appetite.

It's delicious, I haven't had
a home-cooked meal in forever.

In how long?

Dad, he was just being polite.
Don't ask him that.

Twenty-one years.

This is the best food I've had
since I was seventeen.

What happened at seventeen?

I lost my entire family?

Car accident?

My mother ran away
with my little brother.

My father was in the Middle East
and died of shock.

A loan shark took away our house.

I started living an ignorant,
dangerous life.

That's why I have
no well-established friends or family.

And I've never dated before.
Which explains a lot.

I don't even know how to treat
the woman that I like.

This dinner was to welcome you
as a potential member of our family.

Don't imply that you'll remain single.

Yet, I've fallen for Mi-do.
I want to date her seriously.

I don't know if this is the right time
or place to declare that.

If you're not sure,
then keep your mouth shut.

Hearing your history confirms
that you don't belong with Mi-do.

Like you and I matched so well. Eh?

Mi-do, got anything to say?

I don't deny that Mr. Han
helped us a lot.

But don't feel obligated to date this guy
who's twelve years older.

It's not an obligation.

I can accept up to a 15-year age gap
if the man's decent.


He's a bit clueless
and has a thuggish side.

But he's not uncouth.

He's read more books than me,
he holds up his end of the conversation.

I wouldn't be embarrassed of him.

- Get him tissue.
- Excuse me.

First it was Uncle's debt,
then your business failed.

Diabetic complications led
to a two-year hospital stay.

I felt like killing myself as I handed over
the souvenirs I bought.

But I feel at peace after acknowledging
that I like money.

I can finally study what I want.
I treated my friends for the first time.

Mi-jun, go buy some beer and soju.

Are you crazy?
You just left the hospital today.

How can I NOT drink?
Hurry, go buy some.

Only if you let me drink, too.

Drink more, more.

Eat up.

So this is shell shock, eh?

Also known as, "Whaaat?"

Or "What the?--"

Stop being so childish.

Dad, I'm going to date Mr. Han.

If I don't like him, I'll dump him.

Um, mix me another glass.

All done. Here you go.

A competent employee like me
can pay him back in two years.

I'm the smartest one there.
I went to the best school.

They've got nothing on me.

You holding your liquor alright?

You have a fine daughter.

Of course, she's my little girl.

She can do better, so much better.

Like I could've done better than you.

If only you hadn't confessed to me in your
literary contest acceptance speech.

How many times I gotta tell you
that I was confessing to someone else?

Like I'd believe that.

Please, I was the prettiest girl around.

People said I was smart and pretty,
that I should become an anchor.

Mom, please,
you're embarrassing me.

Let's celebrate Dad's homecoming,
Sis's first trip abroad,

and my potential brother-in-law's visit.


- Cheers.
- Cheers.

[We will reopen soon]

How about a game?

Forget games. More beer.

Stop drinking.

- You drank too much.
- More, more.

- But Dad.
- Buy more.


Coming soon.
Seo's Books will reopen.

What are you doing?

Just wondering
when the store's reopening.

Did you erase the message?

It wasn't intentional.

What a weirdo.
Were you gonna doodle here?

No, I was just...

Come back when we're open.

I wasn't going to doodle.

Like hell you weren't.
You clearly erased the board.

I think Mi-jun's outside.
Is he talking to someone?

It sounds like Mi-jun from here.


It's not opening? Want me to get it?

Move aside.

[No doodling]

Is something wrong?

No, nothing. I'll be right back.

Leave it, I'll do the dishes.

I'm almost done.

Dad. Dad, go to bed.

I will, I will.

Mr. Han.

- Mr. Han.
- Yes, sir.

You don't deserve my daughter.

Find another girl. Find someone else.

Dad, let's go.

She's totally out of your league.

Mr. Han.

Take this.

What is it?

One of Mi-do's rings.

So you can check her ring size.

It'll come in handy.

I see.

Thank you.

For what?

For saying I'm not uncouth.

It's the truth.

Are you okay to drive?

Absolutely not.

The chauffeur service won't want
to come up the tiny alleys.

It's fine, go inside.
I'll wait until I'm sober.

Want some coffee.

No, thanks.

How about a walk?

Do you have any news
on your mother and brother?


You must miss them.

It hurt too much, so I forgot them.

Is that possible?

Of course not. I live with the pain.

Don't even have the guts
to hold my hand?

Huh? I wasn't planning to.

I wanted to hold your hand.
More than you know.

I've been keeping busy,
studying on the Internet.

Studying what?

Dating advice.

I search every day.
It suggested I hold your hand today.

You've got a cute side.

You don't call a man cute.

Cute is cute, got a problem, buster?


Why? We started off informally
when we first met.

I'm going to be informal sometimes,
just to let you know.

Go ahead.

Go inside.

You're still holding my hand.

Just ten more seconds.

You'll totally fail the breathalyzer.


Man, I still feel buzzed.

I'm going to read a book. Go to bed.

See you tomorrow. Bye.

Good night.

[Dad! This book is mine!]

[I have a song to sing for you,
it is too early to say farewell.]

"I have a song to sing for you,
it is too early to say farewell."

When I pass by
in the undetermined future,

I will present myself
if this quote is written there.

Good morning.

Good morning.

- Hello.
- Hello.

Mr. Han isn't in.

He went to a meeting.

What a lax company, letting employees
work in the president's office.

I'm transferring files to his laptop.

When will he be back?
I need to talk to him.

I believe he'll be late.

What's the progress on the PF?
Did he receive funds from Hong Kong?

I wasn't informed...

Oh, so you're not THAT close.

I've picked his ties
and aftershave for over ten years.

He's too macho and clueless
about these things.

I will tell him that you stopped by.

There's no need. I'll call him later.

And you can stop buying
his personal items.


I'll be taking care of him now.

Know what his nickname is?
Bulldog Tae-sang.

Once he bites, he doesn't let go.

Interesting nickname.

Most women can't handle
a man like him.

Sooner or later, he'll show his dark
and cold side to you.

Thank you for the heads-up.

The power of money. Good day.

Yes! Alright!

Wait, is that the guy from yesterday?



I'll take all of these.


You don't recognize me?
I used to come often.

Sorry, we're a small store
but we have a lot of regulars.

I'll be coming by more often.

Yes, please do.

Excuse me,
can you take a picture for me?

Uh, sure.

Make sure the writing shows.


You really like blackboards?


Say cheese.

So is dinner okay?

Is it really okay for me to come?

Of course.
I'll call you after the meeting.

See you there at seven.

Do I have to look pretty?

No, not necessary.
You're pretty all the time.

I won't be late.

Maybe I should try
to get a job at your office.

Why? Madam Designer
driving you nuts?

The old bat? She's bonkers.

It's so annoying.

Go ahead, we get a lot of applicants.

Your president used to visit
our boutique a lot.

Huh? Tae-sang Han?

Yeah, he's dating one of our regulars,
a Ms. Seong-ju Baek.

I don't think they're dating.

Does he still come?

No, but she does.

I heard she's a major supporter
in your company's latest venture.

She's sort of a Midas of business.

That's why I'm considering
a career change.

Know how much her limited edition
handbag is worth?

I don't want to know. Who cares?

Whatever, you know you want one.

Where are the men's toners
and lotions?

Are you on your way?

I have to cancel tonight's dinner.

I came early to have a cup of coffee.

The meeting's going to last overnight.

It's okay, it can't be helped.

Though I did dress up.

Sorry, I'll stop by the bookstore later.

Are you serious?
I'm right across the street.

That's too bad.

No, it's fine.
Buy me something better next time--

Thank you. I'll call you later.

Mi-do. Mi-do!

Mi-do! Mi-do!


What took you so long?
I waited forever.

I stopped by the bookstore
and saw the board.

I practically jumped in glee.

I didn't write the quote.


I'm serious, I didn't write it.

You think I wrote it myself
to make an excuse to see you?

Wanna analyze the handwriting?

I'm really confused.
I'm sure I erased it.

So you did write it once.

It's not like that.

Let's have dinner together.
You can do that, right?

I craved this for years.

It's a dream come true.

You enjoy spicy food?

Looks like you do, too.

I didn't expect to see you again.

Watch your purse.

It's as fat as ever.
Did you buy more clothes?

Why'd you come to Korea?

I'm done studying.
I'm going to live here now.

What's wrong?

My forehead...

It throbs whenever I miss you.

What does this mean?

I miss you even when I'm with you?

You're a player, huh?

Well, I was a baseball player
in middle school.

Wrong player?

I had a reason for standing you up.

You have a boyfriend?

Someone I'm grateful to.
I'm starting to like him.

You should be grateful to me
for getting your stolen purse back.

It was a three-day fantasy.

The best three days of my life.

If you're starting to like him,
then it's not that serious yet.

You live in the Middle Ages?
Why so conservative?

Let's go.

People are waiting outside.

I'll take you home.

It's okay.

We need to analyze the handwriting.

I think you're lying
that you didn't write it.

Follow me.


She's got character.


You came by motorcycle?

See for yourself.

Who wrote this?

Try writing it.

What are you, a cop?

We'll start with me.

Completely different.
I didn't stage it.


This looks like...

Your own handwriting?

No, it's not.

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Your ex?
He shouldn't come here anymore.

The guy who sent you to prison
has been supporting your brother.

Does he know he was supported
by blood money?

Tell him that you met someone
who you like even more.

I wonder who this guy is.

I'm sorry.

What do you want?

Sleep with me tonight.

Alright then.