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[Episode 3]

Mi-do Seo.

Let's live together.

I can give you a comfortable life.

What are you saying?

Already hard of hearing?
Let's live together.

Marry me.

Trying to buy me with money?

Then I would've chosen a word
other than "marry."

If I were to marry you,
it would be for money.

Doesn't matter.

Who knows, you might end up
falling for me.

And if I don't?

The very idea makes me sick.

Aren't you sick of your current life?

It's like you're caged,
living each day out of obligation.

You're afraid to live,
yet you can't give up either.

Stop me if I'm wrong.

Did you already forget
how we first met?

I started off hating you.

And that's when I started
setting my life straight.

I came this far because of you.

You have a successful business now.

Yeah, I can give you
anything you desire.

You can finally wear designer clothes
and go to chichi parties.

I want you to enjoy the good life.

I don't want to be that woman
who marries a man for money.

You know I'm a fool.
I've never dated before.

There's a woman I want to protect
and spend every day with.

But I don't know what to say to her.

Teach me what's more appropriate
than "let's live together."

I haven't forgotten the humiliation
of our first meeting.


Why do you insist on remembering?

Neither of us wanted that to happen.
Why torment yourself with the memory?

I've never forgotten you
these past seven years.

Please let me help you in some way.

You're here early. Coffee?

I have an answer for you.

Already? There's no rush.

I can't accept your offer.

Okay, then.

I'll work hard
and pay back everything.

Thank you for your consideration.

Okay, tell me
if you change your mind.

Life would be so easy
if it went according to plan.

And consider this a business trip,
not a gift.

Go research the resort.
You know about our M&A plans?

Do you have a passport?

If it's important, you should send...

My word is law here. You're excused.

Are you...?

No, right?

That's me. I remember you.

- The old bookstore, right?
- The owner's daughter.

I remember you were the cruelest.


There was another cruel man.

Where is he?
I haven't seen him around.

How are you here?
Did Boss really hire you?

Mr. Yun, don't bother her.

Be nice, this is a clear-cut case
of nepotism.

Yes, sir.

- The students are here.
- Already?

Come on!

No, no, no!

Come on, Boss.
Gonna lose to a middle school wrestler?

Hey, who's hungry?
I'll take you all on!

That's right,
I was what you'd call a bad seed.

I lost my entire family
when I was seventeen.

I lost the house to a loan shark.

I started working for that loan shark
in order to survive.

I had to beat up people
and extort money.

I was numb to the world,
unable to tell right from wrong.

If despair takes over your life,
you lose sight of hope.

Courage becomes a foreign word,
and you become afraid to change.

But the key is to never give up on you.

You're young and overly emotional.
Learn to keep your head.

Don't give up yourself so easily.

I'm serious.

You'll lose the weight naturally,
don't worry.

For me, it's math.

- Math?
- I suck at math.

You look like you would.

Don't obsess about
becoming thin, okay?

I won't.

I'm sorry, this is my mistake.

I'll file an injunction immediately.

No, we'll follow the order.

And suspend our business
for fifteen days?

So we didn't alter the interest rates
on an extended loan.

We can simply refund
what they overpaid.

Print an apology in the papers
and follow the district office's ruling.

You realize how much we'll lose?
After all the recent favorable attention?

Consider it publicity.

Tae-sang's come a long way.

His brother Tae-min was seven
at the time when they were separated.

His mother's name is Hong-ja Yun.
Can you find them?

My father's men will do anything
as long as you pay them.

Unless they changed their names,
it won't be that hard.

Why are you helping?
Big Boss might misunderstand.

Because I'm helping him
find his family?

Sorry, my bad.

You guys don't know how lonely it is
to be without family.

I haven't confirmed it yet.
The name and age match.

Thank you, keep looking into it.

What a terrible company,
making you work this late.

I'll take it from here. You can leave.

How's your father doing?

Much better, thanks to you.

Don't mention it.

I heard the resort M&A fell through.

There's no need
for my business trip then.

Please cancel it.



If something is impossible today,
is it impossible tomorrow?

Will it be impossible forever?

That's not what I meant.
But at this point...

Go on the business trip.

We could take over
an even better resort someday.

Or the deal might be restored.

Your young age restricts your thinking.
Learn to see the bigger picture.

Aren't you lucky you're old?


Want to order noodles for dinner?

I want double portions.


I know a deliciously spicy restaurant.

So delicious.

You can have the rest.

Be honest.

It's spicy, isn't it?

It's not?

This is spicy?

- This can't be called food.
- But it's so good.

Tastes even better today.

You look like you're doing well.
Like you're in love.

How does one look "in love?"

Exactly how you look now.
Take a look in the mirror.

I met with Jae-hee in Hong Kong.
He's looking good.

He didn't become skeleton-skinny
from all that studying?

Nope, he's a fine young man.

That kid, he's all grown up now.

He wants to work for me.

He said that? That's great.

Mi-do, you represent our company.
Please act with dignity and class.

Don't worry about money.
Consider yourself a new person.

Dress up, sightsee
and eat delicious food.

You'll tap into your dormant energy.

Use that good energy for yourself
and for the company.

Have a great vacation -
I mean, business trip.


[Seong-ju Baek]


Are you ready to hear
some incredible news?

What is it?


Why are you working on a Sunday?


Know why I dropped by
with this wine?

Take a wild guess.

Mr. Kim will be here soon.

Then we'll talk before he comes.
I want this to be a private moment.

No wine glasses?

Guess these will have to do.

This news definitely deserves
some wine.

Seong-ju, hold up.

You'll be so beside yourself,
you might hug me.

Curious? Here, take the glass.

I have a lot of work to do.
Let's not waste time.


Clearly there's a reason I came here
in such high spirits.

Sir, shall I go to your office?

No, the conference room.

I'm sorry. Tell me, I'm listening.

I don't feel like telling you anymore.

Go to your meeting.
I'll clean up this mess.

It won't take long. I'll be back soon.

[Mi-do Seo]


This is Tae-sang Han's phone.
State your business.

Is he occupied right now?
I can call back.

Tae-sang, are you free to talk?

Honey, are you busy?

Hello? I'm afraid
he can't come to the phone.

I'll tell him to call you back.

Leave it, I'll clean it up.

I'm leaving.


Sorry for overreacting.
Trust me, I already regret it.

Tell me why you were so excited.

I don't remember.



Her name is Mi-do Seo, right?

I answered her call for you.

Call her, she might misunderstand--

Your call has been forwarded
to a voice automated system...

What's wrong?

Her phone's off.

She must be mad.
Are you two dating?

Excuse me.
That's mine, I left it here.

Thank you.

You've only marked
the pricy restaurants.

Want to know the locals' favorites?

Their sign is so tiny,
only a local would recognize it.

This place has the best beer.

You should go when you want
to drink during the day.

And this place in the alley.

Ever eat kimchi stew
with strawberry ice cream?

- That sounds terrible.
- Trust me, it is.

Unlike dipping fruit in soy sauce.

Never tried coconut
with a wasabi-soy-sauce mix?

You don't know what you're missing.

Go ahead, give it a try.
You won't regret it.


Tom Cruise burst into tears,
it was so good.


It's more of a rumor.

The ultimate pho house.

They open early,
so it's good for hangovers.

Sweat it out, clear your stuffy nose.

This place has the best steaks.

They also have good wine because
they own a winery in Napa Valley.

I see. Do you live in Guam?

No, but my friend does.
I'd work here during summer break.

That's how I know everything.

Thank you.

Enjoy your vacation.

Your call has been forwarded
to a voice automated system...

Welcome, where have you been?

- Where's the anchovy from?
- Straight from the southern sea.

The ones from last time were bitter.
I'll take a box full.


Hello, sir.

Sir, I need a payment today.

You owe $37.

Sir, look-look-look! That's me.

Right there.

Doesn't look like you.

The helmet's blocking my face,
that's why.

I totally stand out in the crowd, no?

I'm a great actor.

I just haven't lucked out yet.
When I do, man...!


Wait, she's not dead.

She's not in?

She's been hiding here?

Your phone was off all day.
What time is it there?

I'm an hour ahead.

I got some rest
and now I'm headed to dinner.

I'm so proud of you.
My daughter, on a business trip.

Sis, Dad's gonna be discharged
this week.

Buy a souvenir for Mr. Han.

You have to buy him a gift.
Something expensive and brand name.

Do you need anything?

Girl, what could I possibly need?

Maybe just facial masks,
and lipstick, number 303.

Gosh, I'm all out of aqua emulsion.

And maybe a pretty parasol
and a sparkly shirt.

Get me a nice perfume.
Or a designer wallet.

Send Mr. Han a text message.
Maybe attach a pretty picture.

Take a picture in good lighting.

But not in the bathroom.
That's just lame.

Where's your pride, woman?
Hang up the phone.

We'll talk tomorrow. That's my girl.

Alright, good night.

Tsk, tsk.
I feel secondhand embarrassment.

Believe me, other mothers are worse.

This is nothing if I want to snag
a rich son-in-law.

Who are you calling our son-in-law?

You don't think that's his motive?
Look at all the tuition money he sent.

Mom, that's a scholarship.

You think people who give scholarships
are all interested in the recipients?

That's ridiculous.

Anyway, I accept him
as my son-in-law.

Out of a possible one hundred,

he gets full marks.

If Mi-do marries him,
I'll never be able to face her again.

Trust me, she likes him.
I can totally tell.

Dad, what's this?
Checking for marital compatibility?

You're checking Mi-do
and Mr. Han's compatibility?

After I'm discharged,
I'll work to pay him back.

How will you pay back
that huge amount?

We ended up in this rut
because you chase pipe dreams.

No, because we guaranteed
your brother's debt.

Your father's business
was always shaky.

Quiet, that's enough.

Just know that my soul is tormented.

I harbor dislike for him,
but alas, I am helpless.

Tsk, tsk, always the poet.
Nothing but flowery words.

Dad, don't be so upset.
I'll make tons of money.

Listen, Mr. Han is the realistic option.

Be good to him, okay?

This is unbelievable.

This place is for daytime drinking.
How could you disregard my advice?

Then why are you here
in the evening?

I always have a beer after swimming.


You went to Stanford?

Bought this at the fashion district.


You went to Stanford?


There's no way I'd forget
if I ever saw you on campus.

What is it?

You seem familiar.

I hear that a lot.
I have a common face.

So refreshing.

Did you check out
my recommendations?

Yes, I had the wasabi coconut
and the delicious pho.

Focused on eating, eh?
No galleries or museums?

I'm going tomorrow.

You did well.
Food is the top priority in traveling.

Mr. and Ms. Stanford alumni meeting?

- No, no.
- Whoops, I'm sorry.

Why'd you choose the Stanford shirt?

It was the only one on sale.


What was your major?

I went to business school.

Only future heirs can afford an MBA
at such a prestigious school.

Exactly, so I have to earn money
and make my parents rich.

That way I'll become an heir.

Sir, more pickles, please.

Wanna try?

There's a prize
if you hit the mark four times.


Was that on purpose? To be funny?

Of course.

One more time.

I have other plans lined up.

Okay. See you around, Stanford.

Good luck.

You made it! Good shot!

Thank you.

Ladies and gentlemen,
welcome to a wonderful evening.

We have something special for you!

Everyone, dance!

This was next on your schedule?

What about you?

The prize was a coupon
for the buffet here.

Have a glass.

I'm Jae-hee Lee.

I'm Mi-do Seo.


Are you in a hurry?

Not gonna join the game?

I don't really like games.

Ever heard of the band Queen?

Of course, I spent puberty
with Queen and Eminem.

Freddie Mercury once visited Guam.
The grand prize is his signed CD.

You've got a competitive streak.

Speak for yourself.

If you let me win, I'll give you
a new authentic Stanford shirt.

I'm fine with my old knockoff.

Okay, you both win!

Give me the saw! Half and half!


- Half!
- No!

Your call has been forwarded...

- Are you ready?
- Yes.

No eyes, no nose. Just the apple.


Your turn.

Good luck.

Want me lower?

You sure you won't cry if you lose?

I'm fine.
Stop squirming and stay still.

No asking for a do-over
or begging for the CD if I win.

Oh, you've got good form.

You win!

You're enjoying this too much.


What the--?

What's wrong?

It won't come off.

Hold on, let me help.

Gently, gently.

Yo, hold up! Ms. Competitive!

Young lady with the bad temper!

Why'd you leave
your precious rice behind?

You left behind
the most important thing.

Snubbing the second place prize?
But these bears are adorable.

I knew I recognized you.

You can carry these on your own?
They're not heavy.

Of course.

I recognized you when you frowned
during the game.

Still got the temper, I see.

While you got ahead in life.

We used to both take charity,
but you went to a prestigious school.

Want to know my secret?


Then meet me at Two Lovers Point
at eleven.

Let's meet tomorrow,
have lunch together.

I'll wait until you come.

Sorry, I'm keeping this.

Tomorrow at eleven.

Did you sleep well?

Sorry I'm late.

Don't I look sickly?
I didn't get any sleep.


My forehead kept throbbing.


Want to know how it feels?

Got a dart? Throw it.

Did that hurt? I did it gently.

Want to know how it feels?
Bare your forehead.

Bare it.

Stop right there. Come on.

Hold still.

Look, the ocean! The blue ocean!

Forehead. Now.

Bare it.

Why aren't you--?

Again! Oh, are you okay?

Hurry up.

I'm doing my best.

Keep up that pace,
and we'll never have lunch.

Why are we going so far
to have lunch?

We're almost there.
Just a little more.

- Have a nice day.
- Thank you.

Looks great.

Hold on.

Girls are so strange.

Can I eat now?

Hold on, not yet.

Come on, the food's getting cold.

Want to see who takes
the better picture?


My bag!


Wait here, I'll get it back.

Jae-hee, it's me. Are you busy?

Just wanted to ask you about
the best restaurants in Guam.

Give me a call when you hear this.


There you are.

Check if anything's missing.

Thank you.

Go on, check.

Especially your wallet,
credit cards and cash.

What's with all the clothes?

I bought them in front of the hotel
this morning.

My cards and cash are here.

I'm starving.

First you bought me my rice,
now my bag.

I think I deserve a medal.

Is the bookstore still open?


We're getting ready to reopen
after nearly going bankrupt.

I'll stop by when I'm back in Korea.

- I envy you.
- For what?

We used to be in the same boat.
How'd you end up abroad?

I was a great student.

I'm serious.

I know good grades aren't enough.

You've got a twisted view of the world.

But it's the truth.

You're right,
I was surrounded by rich kids.

I couldn't have done it on my own.
I got help from a good man.

A benefactor?

Good shot.

Amazing view, no?


Let's go over there.


If you ring the bell, you'll find love.

It's raining.

I'm sure it's a passing shower.


Are you cold?

No, I'm fine--

You have a fever.

You better change.
We'll meet up again for dinner.

I'll pick you up at your hotel.





Got caught in the rain?

Why are you here?

I'm attending
the company golf tournament.

I heard you weren't planning
to attend.

Well, my plans changed.

Are you sick?

No, I'm having a great time.

Your phone was off.

Just in case you misunderstood,
it IS a misunderstanding.

You came all this way to tell me that?

I told you, the golf tournament.

I'm heading to my room.

Got dinner plans? Let's eat together.

How about meeting here at seven?

I'm sorry,
but I have a prior engagement.

You do? Here in Guam?

Yes, I met an interesting friend.

Hold on a sec.

You have a fever.
Go change before you catch a cold.

Go on.

Excuse me.

An unintended surprise.

Do me the honor
of joining me for dinner.

Who is it?

Flower delivery.

[Tae-sang Han]

I dearly miss your smile.

Consider the flowers to be from Tae-sang,
you pitiful woman.

Seong-ju, did you get my present?

It's my favorite out of everything
you've given me.

That's good to hear.

Keep sending them in Tae-sang's name.
I was truly happy for a moment.

Thank you.

My dear boy, it's been too long.

What brings you here?

No particular reason.
You're always in my thoughts.

I hesitated to come because
I didn't want to pressure you.

Why so formal? It's not like you.

If you insist, Chang-hee.

Tae-sang's been looking after you,
but soon he'll be too busy.

What's your point?

I know you don't deserve
to be in there.

Tae-sang was the one
who killed your old boss.

And he framed you for the murder...

Mr. Yong-gab Gu. Y-Dragon.


Hearing my old nickname
is making me nostalgic.

You jealous of Tae-sang?

I couldn't dare. Not with this face.

Don't try to pull any stunts.

You're not small fry anymore,
you know?

You're right.
I wear expensive suits now.

I'm getting emotional with age.

Just felt the sudden need
to reminisce about the past.

Chang-hee, why can't you understand?

Take care of yourself.
Tell me if you need anything.


I'm sorry, ma'am.
I'm the kid who dined and dashed.

Can you give me a part-time job?

I don't need pay. Just a hearty meal.

If you'll take me,
leave the broom outside the door.

I'll start by sweeping.


Have a nice day. Come again.

[Part-timer Ddol-yi]


Of all the places to meet.

I know, right? Perfect timing.

Did something good happen?
You look great?

Do I? You do, too.

Yeah? What are your dinner plans?
Want to join me?

Unfortunately, I have important plans.

You do? That's fine.
Maybe next time.

Actually, is it okay
if I bring my girlfriend?


Wait, when'd you get a girlfriend?

To be honest,
I want her to be my girlfriend.

Bring her along.
Can't wait to meet her.


Mi-do, I need to ask you something.

Is it okay if my guest
joins us for dinner?

I want to introduce you to someone.

I'm sorry, but can I take a rain check?

I'm not feeling well.

If you're not comfortable,
we can just eat on our own.

No, I really do need to rest.

Let's meet tomorrow morning.

How sick are you?
Should I bring medicine?

No, I'll feel better after some sleep.

Are you sure?


Then see you tomorrow.
I'll go to your hotel by ten.

Okay, see you tomorrow.

Get better. Promise.


Good night.

Ms. Seo?

Drink warm tea before you go out.
Don't drink alcohol.

No claiming compensation
for work-related health problems.

I postponed my prior engagement.


Have a seat.

Where's your girlfriend?

I'll introduce her next time.

Why? I told them four people.

Is someone else coming?

Is that okay with you?

Of course.
Even better if she's gorgeous.

How'd you know? You'll see.

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I think she likes you a lot.

And I think I like you a lot.

Why are you hitting on me
when you have a girlfriend?

I know I'm materialistic, but stop it.


Don't underestimate me.

I'll kill you
if that's the way to have you.

It was the happiest,
most thrilling four days of my life.

Someday I will go to meet you.

Not just any woman can handle him.

It's our little secret. Give him up.

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