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~ Episode 2 ~

Hello everyone, this is MBS morning news.

First news. Country's largest loan firm,
Golden Tree, acquired Nabi Capital.

Since this is the first time a loan firm
acquired a regulated financial company,

what effect this will have
on the financial industry became

a top concern. Reporter Kim Joon Il
reports. Past 7 years, Golden Tree

was regarded highly in the industry, for
low interest rate and creative strategy,

some experts view this as a prelude to
the restructuring of the financial industry.

We are thankful for all of you coming out here today.

Our President wanted to attend this meeting, but

something came up and he just left for Hong Kong.

Regarding details of this,
our PR team will let you know, so

please wait for a little while.

This seems pretty good.

Where is President Han?
- From today till the day after tomorrow,

he will be in Hong Kong for a business trip.

He didn't tell me anything about that.

Was this suddenly put into his schedule?

No, it's been on the schedule for a month.

Because acquiring a regulated
financial company became a big issue,

opening a branch office in China
is receiving a very positive response.

Approval rate has increased, too.

This year's goal centers around cultural business.

We're also pursuing an acquisition of a resort.

We are focusing on cultural business this year and also promoting to take over some resort.

With a facility to hold 20,000 books,
a place anyone can use was born.

As the library was built by city of Seoul,
special room on Seoul was included.

Thank you. Next person.

Application Number 372,
this is Seo Mi Do.


Seoul City Hall

has transformed into a library for the public.

With a facility to hold 20,000 books,
a place anyone can use was born.

As the library was built by city of Seoul,

English, Japanese, Chinese
and 6 languages in total...

6 lang.. languages in total can be used
for unattended transactions...

Your application looks good, but

unless you have experience
working at a foreign gallery,

we're looking for someone with an
overseas degree.

I didn't study abroad, but

I'm good with works by foreign artists.

My father was in the business of
importing foreign books, so,

from when I was a kid...
- I'm sorry.

Are you ready to order?

I'll have an order of veal tenderloin steak and mongole.

We'll have it served right away.

Could you give us a little more pickle?
- Yes. I'll get it for you.

What is this?
-Do you like it? I just bought it.

-What is that?
-This is a new product.

Stop eating.
- Why? I'm hungry.

Keep eating.

Seo Mi Do.

You can come today right? I took out a dress for you.

Are you crazy?

What if you get caught by your designer coach?

She's focused on something else, so she won't even notice.

Let's go do our hair.
-Why should I go there?

Only the rich people come together.

That's why we should go.

So we can hopefully meet a rich man's son.

Cinderella, that wench, did a very bad thing...

Giving hope to poor girls.

You said tonight you scheduled it free.
- I have to go to an interview for tutoring.

Consider it an interview, and come.

In the list today,
Kwanghee Group's daughter is included.

She is in charge of the culture business.
It's so wrong.

For tonight, get acquainted with her, and
have a little talk. Wouldn't it be good?

Between women, she shouldn't be
picking on your poor background.

I see how this suit fits just so well, it

fits you so well!
- Thank you.
- It's because you work out so much!

Have a good time.
Oh, you guys came?

You two now should set a date?
- Yes, yes.

You have to contact me.
- Of course.
- Have a good time.

Uhm Seon si!

Oh! Haha...ha..

When did you come back to Korea?
- It has not been long.

When you come this way, please stop
by. I have special clothes for you.

Have a good time here!

Seong Joo!

Oh, Seong Joo! Thank you for coming.

I've seen a lot of parties, but this one?

Customers of Seol Won Chae boutique
and their family invitation party?

It was the last resort idea.
I get so bombarded with requests
to introduce the sons and daughters,
I just couldn't work!

Can I pick any college guy to my liking?

Of course. With your looks, you could get a guy 20 years younger than you.

I will be looking forward to Fashion Week.

Yes, I will put you in the front row.
- Hey, Seo Mi Do!

Please enjoy your time here.

I'm sorry.

Mi Do.

That guy's father is the
Chairman of Joong Culture Center.
In the top10 richest
for land ownership.

Get close to him and start a conversation.

I do not want to do that.

Who is the daughter of Kwanghee Group?

Right there in front. Next to Mr. Choi.

For real! Very nice line...

Oooh... really.

You must buy it for her?

Of course.


What is this person doing here?

Aren't you a part time worker at Italy Kitchen?


did you get in?

Look here...

How did you get into this party?

What is wrong?

What happened?

Today's gathering,

did you invite just anybody?

Did this person actually get an official invitation to this party?

Now that I see, you are an unfamiliar face.

Miss, where did you get your invitation?

I asked you, where did you get your invitation?

Is that important?

What's the big deal about this party?


I'm a pitiful person looking for a job.

I heard of a strange social party, so I came.

I wonder if I should write about this on
the blog, or apply for an intern reporter?

Get out immediately!

The rumor about you
being a matchmaker is true, then.

Kwanghee Group Chairman's daughter?

Your father played with stocks, and
now he is just about to be arrested,

I guess you have to work hard
at coming to places like this?

Don't muddy the water and leave immediately.

This is a place where you do not belong.


For goodness sakes!

Oh no! Wait!

Police! Call the police!

That... that...

Are you the worst?

Why are you the only one practicing late?

No way. I'm your brother.

I am the best.

I just want to make a greater impression, and I also want to be the leader.

Will they actually let you debut?

You will see first hand that a person's life can change in a single moment.

I envy you,
because you know what you want to do.

You don't?


I don't really know what I want to do.

Because I lived worrying about money too much,

something I can earn a lot of money with.

I want to do something where I can meet a lot of people.

I know what you want to do.

You don't remember?

I wish I could live without money worries.

I will just wait until you remember.

If you still can't remember, then I will tell you.

It seems I'm full of inferiority complex inside.

I am depressed.

A treatment for depression!

♫ Just like the stretched clothes of mine,

♫ Everyone put your hands up and get your drinks up.

♫ The world is absorbing like this,

♫ Everyone put your hands up and get your drinks up.

♫ Now... Put your Hands Up. Put your Hands Up, put, put, put, put, put,

♫ Put your Hands Up. Put your Hands Up, put, put, put, put, put,

♫ Turn the volume up, until the speakers explode!

♫ And everyone get crazy, until you go insane!

♫ Until you go insane, until you go insane!

♫ Shake your body until you go mindless!

Mi Joon, if our family didn't get ruined,
what do you think you'd be doing now?

I'd probably be dancing just like now.

I think I'd probably have gone to study abroad.

I would be living a brighter life with more confidence.

Noona, you still have gumption.
You're awesome.

What are your plans now?

If you want to study more, then study.


I just want to work and make money. I will be going to Korea soon for an interview.

Oh really, what company did you decide on?

Golden Tree.

I already sent in my resume.

It's enough what you've done already.
Thank you for that.

I didn't support you to make you come work for me.

My hyung,

I want to settle the score for him.

I got to study, because he asked you.

I'll grow this company 3 times the size,
to boost up my hyung's spirit.

Chang Hee and I are not about that.

To make sure my hyung can keep his pride,

I'll make this company grow.

You're bullheaded like Chang Hee, too, huh?

You should interview me, yourself.

Ooh, you don't even need to come.
I'll fail you.

I wonder if he doesn't like the 3 times the size?


5 times the size!


Is my brother doing well?

Of course, he is doing well.

Don't worry about Chang Hee.
If you do, that means

the same as not trusting me.


Tae Sang!


Come back to your senses.

Why did you do this?

To our hyungnim,

why did you do this?!?!


get out.

You bastard!

Chang Hee...

Don't do that to Chang Hee!


are you trying to pretend loyalty even as you're dying?



Hyungnim, come back.

Hyung, come back to your senses.


What happened?

Don't worry, it's not a big deal.

Not a big deal?!

The boss... he's dead!

I killed the big boss.

The vice president who was there, saw everything.

By now, he is probably testifying in the police office.

Hyungnim... my brother...
Please take care of him.

Let him study and make him the best.

Chang Hee?


I'm the one who killed the boss.


I'm the one who killed the boss!

You should stay and take care of your brother.

President Goo was drunk, so he was mistaken!

I was fighting him, and I killed him.

The cut on my back is the evidence.

Do not cause your brother pain.

I'm okay because I don't have anyone to give pain to.

Stay far away until this matter is under control.

From the time I was born...

there were two things I liked;

having my younger brother... and you.

My brother, Jae Hee,

please take care of him.

Chang Hee? Chang Hee!

Chang Hee!

Jae Hee.

Your brother has the opportunity to go to a foreign country.

In time, someone who I consider
as my real brother will contact you.

He said he will sponsor you.

In this morning, what're you talking about?

I am going to help hyungnim's business, so I will be going abroad for awhile.

I will contact you frequently, so don't worry.

Isn't that blood on your clothes?


Hyung, what happened?

What crazy talk about you going abroad are you talking?

Are you being chased by someone?

Tell me, so I'll take care of it.

No, really. I am going for business.

Tell me!

Tell me! I asked what happened!

Can't you just

trust your brother?

Although I am not better than you, I am your older brother,

and I am a man with pride.

Just don't ask

and trust me.

Trust me,

and can't you just wait for me?

Eat your food.

You'll be late for school.

The soup is salty.

When is it not?

Congratulation on your recovery.

Your body is alive!

I came as soon as I heard you were being released.

Your back looks fine,

but that good looking face doesn't look so well.

Why are you here?

Han Tae Sang,

how about teaming up with me with me now?

I am different from that ignorant Kim.

Let's combine our strengths.

I have my own plans.

Plans you say?

What kind of plans would someone who resorted to revolting in order to fix things?

Let's hear it.

Thank you for the flowers.

And thank you for coming, too.

Han Tae Sang.

You know it's same as if you killed the boss.

Is it not?

What do you want to say to me?

It's because of what I said to the police, that you are safe.

Even if you were to bow to me, it would not be enough.


you were my boss' friend.

Then why did you do nothing?

You are more evil than President Kim (boss).

Why did you come?

I don't want you to see me like this.

That's what I told you.

Jae Hee got what he wanted and left yesterday,

and he's got a good place to stay.

Thank you.

Isn't my brother great?

Is he really your brother?

He doesn't look anything like you.


I am way better looking.

The company is doing really well, too.

Don't worry about anything, just come back.

You too, hyungnim, the mother and brother that you were separated from,

you will surely find them.

If my Tae Moon, like Jae Hee,

it would be great if he is living well.

For sure he is, hyungnim.

~Spring 2013~


Seong Joo.

You broke your promise.

What promise?

Until I got a boyfriend, you would eat dinner with me on my birthday

and watch a movie with me.

Because we're friends

I don't have time for a movie. Let's eat dinner together.

You don't have a birthday present?

I'll buy dinner.

I have a reservation for Baek Seung Joo.

Ah, yes.

Today is you're wedding anniversary, correct?

Let it go for my birthday,

so I can uplift my mood.

Thank you!

Today is our wedding anniversary, is there anything special on the menu?

We prepared flowers and a cocktail,

and cake as a present.

How is it, honey? Do you like it?

Please give us wine for now.


Happy birthday.

Thank you, honey.

You must be busy, but you're celebrating my birthday.

I wish you'd stop calling me that. (honey)

Just let it go for my birthday,

it's because I'm lonely.

Did someone you know come?


I will fill your cup.


Is there anything you need?

Can you give us two wine menus?


Here are the wine menus.

If there is anything else...

Hey, look.

My words are right, huh.

We will be served by that person.

Is there anything else you need?

Are you insensible?

Or are you just that poor?

If I were you, I would've never showed my face here ever again.

Today's soup is asparagus soup.

The chef's special for today is steamed calf plank.

Please take your time.

Wait there,

we'll order in a second.

Ready to order?


Premium pizza...

(Blabbering food names in French)

(Blabbering wine names in French)

... salmon salad...

... raspberry sorbet...


Their revenge is so childish.

I saw them a day before yesterday at a party.

They wanted to know where the waitress got her invitation,

It was crazy, they were demanding why 'someone like you are here?'

The girl serving had quite a temper, too.

I'm looking forward to today.

Tell the manager to come.

Well, if you didn't understand, you should have called someone else to take our orders.

What is this?

Call the manager please.


What is the problem?

This person wrote the wrong orders, and they came out wrong.

I made no mistakes.

I ordered by what they said.

Guys, is this what you ordered?

Either get on your knees and apologize,


you pay for all this. All $200 of it.

Either pay $200, or get on your knees for forgiveness.


I can't pay $200 for you.

Then, get on your knees and

apologize, please.


get your video cameras ready.

Beautiful ladies, I will pay for tonight's dinner.

Bon appetit.

What are you doing here? Where did the money for school I sent you go, that you are laying plates down.

Is there a reason why I can't lay plates down?

I sent you twice the amount of tuition.

With that, you could've just focused on studying.

Was the money I sent you not enough?

Tell me.

Was the money insufficient?

It was not enough.

The money you sent for my tuition,

I didn't want to use it to keep my pride but,

I used it for my father's hospital bills.

Isn't it...

proper manners to not recognize me?

I tried to, but I couldn't.

I couldn't stand watching you be attacked by those people!


Why couldn't you stand it?

Next time,

even if we meet by chance, act like you don't know me.

I can't do that. Do you want me to tell you the reason?


Honey, you we're so cool today.

Miss, are you alright?

I saw you at the party the other day.

Why didn't you flip tables today?

Sweetheart, let's go.

That must be her.

The woman in your heart.

Oh my, who this?

How is the wound?

It's fine.

I was worried, but I purposely didn't go.

Do you know why?

I thought I might breakdown and confess.

We won't have any reasons to meet,

and even if we do, I will act as if I don't know you.

You knew that I liked you?

You are the boss' girlfriend.
- And that person has left (died).

From the start, I wanted to your woman.

You are the boss' girl, not more not less.

Miss Seong Joo...

Don't throw me out. Let me stay a moment.

Exactly 5 minutes.

Seong Joo.

It would be nice to be home together like this everyday.

Aren't both of us similar people?

Lonely, very proud,

and no family.

Let's get married.

If you're sober, please go back home.

Do you have someone in your heart?

You do.

Then why do you spend everyday alone?

We don't match.

So how about using me to get her?

I don't even have value as a decoy?

Who ever she is, I am jealous.
- Please be careful going home.

I will forget the marriage, but we can be friends, right?

Not a girlfriend, but just a friend.

Let's do that.

You were right.

You and her, just don't match.

There are no problems.

Your tissues are fine and there aren't any traces of infection either.

Why do I feel the pain to my bones?

Stress or fatigue

can cause these symptoms.

Why don't you get some good rest for a few days?

Please enjoy.


Please give me rice soup.

It's late and you haven't eaten?

At your age, you need to eat a lot to grow tall.

- Let me know if you'd like some more.
- Thank you.

...Golden Tree.

Has taken over Hawwon Capital.

Are you okay?


Nice shot!

Seong Joo, what is it can't you do?

Speaking to humans like you.

Charming as usual.
- Get the hell away from me.

I like to talk to you about your favorite subject, money.

The money Boss Kim hid has appeared,

so let's split it together.

You expect me to believe you?

The lawyer is at the office,

so even if it's just a rumor, let's go.

Where is the lawyer?

Please marry me.

I have hidden my feelings, and waited too long.

You know I liked you.

Is there a man that doesn't like me in this world?

There is one, Han Tae Sang.

He doesn't even look at a charming woman like you.

I just don't understand.

Who cares if you graduated from college and your dad is rich?

Your real mother died early and your monsterous siblings

stole your fortune. If you had that fortune,

Han Tae Sang would love you, isn't that right?

You either come out wearing this ring,

or starve in here.

She is a talented woman, I forgot that.

Temporarily closed.

Thank you. This is Italy Kitchen.

Is Seo Mi Do there?

She quit.

By any chance, do you know which hospital her father is at?

Is something wrong? Why do his legs hurt?

It's okay. Go home.

You being bothersome is worse than the pain.

Mom, move over, I will do it.

Ouch...Stop it!

Don't come anymore from tomorrow,

whether I die here or not.
- Why are you getting angry?

You think we like it here?
- That why I told you to go.

Let me rest in peace. Please go.
- Can we have some quiet?

You think you are here alone?

Okay, whatever you want.

So tired...

Loan firm Golden Tree declared
expansion into overseas market.

Wait, don't move that channel.

In order to secure success of expansion
into overseas market , on this past 3rd,

Oh, my...
- himself left for Hong Kong...

That person is that person, right?
- enthusiasm for overseas market.



Oh my, he became a CEO.

Aigo, my world...

Who? What, what?

Aigo, recently...

The ones that are doing a lot of advertising.

That person, that person.
- Why can't you just say it?
- You know, that guy that helps us.

That guy that helps us.

Have you packed everything?

Packed what?
- You're being moved to a private room.


Someone paid off all the outstanding hospital bills,

and changed our room and disappeared.

What about a business card to contact him?

Without any thing like that.

Disappeared... like the wind.

That person became the CEO of Golden Tree.

Go to the company and thank him.

What happens if he wants us to pay for the hospital bills?

We'll pay him.

Why do we have to always get free money from him?

Hey, he became really successful.

He really looks so good now.


I wonder if he is married?

I wonder why he keeps helping us?

President, Miss. Seo Mi do is here.

Have her come in.


I didn't want to come empty handed.

I will eat it well.
- I don't know why you are being so generous.

Actually, it's burdensome.

And, so?

So it's burdensome, so what about it?

What I am saying is, this type of help...
- Then just pay it back.

Just pay if back, if it is burdensome.

I understand.

Start work tomorrow. Put in your application right now.


Work at my company and pay me back.

I don't know...
- Just pay me back.

Right here.

By my side.

That would be hard.


You see me as a woman.

I can't do that?
- You are a married man.

If I am not married?

Mr. Kim, please come in.

Married man?


Have I ever been married, even once?

My understanding is you have not been, and also according to all the documents.

Please help Seo Mi Do with her application for work.

She knows English and French. She is
an elite we need, so I'm hiring her.

Prepare and submit the paper work to HR so she can start tomorrow.

Please come this way, I will introduce you.

Thank you.

If you have any questions...

Team Leader, please explain it to her.

Good morning.

Thank you.


One moment please.

It's okay.
- It's ok for me, too.

Give it back, it's not heavy.

Work hard.

Aren't you leaving?

I have a lot to do.

What about dinner?
- I don't want any.

I am hungry.
- Please come back after eating.

If the CEO says that he is hungry, an employee will eat with him, even if they just ate.

You don't know how to act in a business setting?

Let's go to do the night work.

I thought you said you were hungry.

We can eat while we work.

You said you were hungry, why aren't you eating?

There is a lot of work.

I will do it. You eat.

Please eat.
- It's okay.

I'll eat.

I guess you can't eat spicy food.


It's not that.

I work hard, so I am thirsty.

Stand aside. There is more to organize.
- You don't want any more?

Look, there is lots to organize here.

I will do it, please eat some more.

No, no. That's okay.

Ahh... I saw some sundae (pork blood sausage), why didn't you buy that?

Seo Mi Do.

Let's live together.

Please live comfortably by my side.

What are you talking about now?

You can't hear well?

I said, "Let's live together."

Let's get married.

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