When a Man Loves (2013–…): Season 1, Episode 1 - Episode #1.1 - full transcript

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[Episode 1]

[Seven years ago]

Is he inside?

Yeah, should we bust down the door?

[It is not the apple's fault
that it rots over time.]

Who are you?
Why are you doing this?

Our director was forced
to join us today.

Must you inconvenience
this very busy man?

Please give me one more week.


You've been saying that
for two months.

Then one more day.

My daughter will be home soon.
I don't want her to see this.

We don't want to traumatize
your daughter either.

Please try to understand.

You have until I finish
reading this book.

[Rice donations for those in need]

- Grandma, sign here.
- I'm nearly blind as a bat.

- Thank you.
- Have a nice day.

- Keep up the good work.
- We will.

- House number?
- Twenty-five.

Oh dear. Oh my goodness.

- Let me help.
- Thank you. Bless you, son.

Thank you.

Have a nice day.

Number fifty-seven.


Kyeong-wook Seo. Is this you?

It's my father. I came in his place.

Your name and signature.

[Mi-do Seo]

Can you carry
two twenty-pound rice bags?

I'll take one now
and come back for the other.

That's fine.

Hello, I'm a reporter with News Focus.

We're doing interviews for the news.
Can you comment about the charity?

We need a statement
from a young person.

Ask someone else.

Come on, just one statement.

I said, ask someone else.

I swear, it won't take long.

You want to know
how it feels to need charity?


Young lady with the bad temper!

Ms. Mi-do Seo
who lives at number 57.

Why'd you leave
your precious rice behind?

I'll take them.

I'll carry them for you.

Give them to me.

Can you manage both bags?

Number 57, right?
I checked your address.

Hurry up, I have to pick up
my family's rice, too.


Mr. Seo.

Is the money ready?

I'll have it tomorrow.

So this is number 57.

I'm practically a regular here.

Thank you for your help.

You were super cool.

Burn them.

Where shall I begin?


These look especially flammable.

Sir, please.


Please, sir.
My daughter is outside.


Who broke the glass?

I'll pay everything back tomorrow.



We'll be back this time tomorrow.

With another day's interest,
you owe $26,597.

I'll pay for the book tomorrow.

Who were those men?

Don't mind them.

What happened to the glass?

Kids were playing soccer out front.

Kids never play soccer
in front of our store.

Did you borrow money?

Of course not. Don't be silly.

Those guys weren't thugs
threatening you?

I said, no.

How'd you do on the test?

Go on upstairs and eat.
Scoot, move along.


He left this in the store
and disappeared.

Find him. Now!

- Come with me.
- Sir.

[Test results for the 2006
nationwide mock test]

Hi, Mom.

Mi-do, it's terrible.
Your father wrote a will and vanished.


Boss, we found him.

We fished him out of the Han River.

Listen, old man, why answer the phone
if you really wanted to die?

Going for some pity points?


Honey! Are you okay?

Mr. Seo, don't pull stunts.
You don't have the guts to die.

Are you human?
You're monsters, that's what.

Who's the one who borrowed money
from monsters, eh?





I'm sorry.

Dad, are you okay?

Mom, take Dad inside.

Honey, let's go.

Mr. Seo, we're not done talking.

Who are you?
What have you done?

Pay us like you promised,
or I'll take your kidney instead.

Back off!

Is this girl crazy?

Why are you harassing my daughter?

Mom, go inside and call the police.

How dare you!
How dare you treat us this way!

Woman, get off your high horse.
You're the one in debt.

Screw you!


Hey, hey!

- Mi-do, you'll get hurt.
- Call the police.

Go ahead! Call the cops!

Little brat.

Check her out.

[Mi-do Seo]

What a joke.

You little...!

Are you the boss?

We have business with your father,
not you.

I'll bring the money
by three o'clock on Saturday.

I'll deliver it myself
to your office by three.

Is your name Mi-do Seo?

That's right, dirtbag.

Three o'clock, Saturday.

Our office is easy to find.

Boss, what if they make a break for it?


We should take her hostage
until her dad pays up.

Let her go.


Let go of her.

We're ignorant and violent.
Don't even think about running.

I didn't consider it.

Three o'clock, Saturday.

- Let's go.
- Sir!

Boss, I don't think she's coming.

Could be stuck in traffic.

Big Boss will think something's fishy.


Yes, Boss?

Do you enjoy roughing people up
to collect loans?

Does anyone?
It's just a necessary means of survival.

Go home.

See you tomorrow.


It's the weekend. No hot date?

Boss, can we cut Kyeong-wook Seo
a little slack?

Who's that?

The owner of the bookstore.

Ah, that stuffy-looking man. Why?

We've squeezed him dry.
He's been paying interest for 2 years--


You've come a long way.

Follow the system.

Hello, Mr. Gu.
Got a trustworthy man?

I need him now.

To keep an eye on Tae-sang.

Two hours and five minutes late.

I'll pay two hours' interest.

The money?

How much do we owe in total?


Did you bring it?

You said you'd pay up.

How about me instead?

Me in exchange for the debt.



Let's have dinner. Craving anything?

Anything's fine.

Why aren't you eating?

You're nervous.

Do you enjoy this life?

You like living like this?

You've offered yourself
for your father's debt.

Drop the cocky attitude
and ready yourself.

Let's get it over with.

- Student?
- Preparing for college.

Don't worry, I'm not a minor.

You get good grades.

What's your dream?

That's a lame question.

Are you trembling in fear?

Room 1501. Wait for me there.

Run away if you want.

I thought you'd run.

- Why would I?
- You've got guts.

First draw up a contact.
Then do as you will with me.

This clears my family of our debt.

Write it down and sign it.

Who sacrifices their life
for their parents these days?

Just want to stop being
the neighborhood gossip.

Can you still be a top student
after giving yourself to me?

I can try, but I highly doubt it.

So it is self-sacrifice.

Fine, I'll be frank.
I consider my life over now.

You pitiful thing.

Write the contract.
Let's get this over with.

Come here.

Write the contact first.

Take this home,
it's everything in the deli downstairs.

And drop the bravado act.

I promise to deduct
the excessive interest fees.

I'll tell your father to pay back
the principal amount over time.

That's only fair, right?

What are you talking about?

I'm making an exception.
So take the food and go home.


Why would you?

What, you'd rather sleep with me?

Why make an exception?

To teach you that sometimes
you do get a break.

A small escape route can open up
when you think it's all over.

You're young and overly emotional.
Learn to keep your head.

Don't give up yourself so easily.

Good-bye. Study hard.

How many times have you done this?


Offered yourself.

Today was the first.

Don't ever do it again. To anybody.

No matter what.

Hey, Chang-hee.

Boss, she never showed, did she?

Called to say I told you so?
Don't worry, I took care of her.

Well, that's not the real reason
I called...

A woman named Hong-ja Yun
showed up at the center.

She's a bit loony,
but she's about the right age.

I thought maybe...
she might be your mother.

I'm sorry. Forgive me.

Someday you'll understand
how I feel.

Do you enjoy this life?

No, not at all.


Where have you been? Dinner?

I already ate.

What's all this?

Sashimi, macarons.
This is Swiss cheese.

What is all this?

What was the name of this?

Where'd you get these?

It's a gift.

Who would give
such an expensive gift?

Don't eat it if you don't want to.

Who says I don't want to?

Mom, try this. It's delicious.


Shouldn't have eaten ramen.
Should I go throw up?

Did anyone call?

- About what?
- I mean, the thugs.


Answer it.


Look here, this is too much!

You've gotta give us
a little breathing room.

You were just here
and now you're calling--

What? What did you say?


You'll deduct the interest?


Mi-jun, wipe it cleaner.

- Hello, sir.
- Welcome.

- [My newest strength is called love.]
- Pretty good, no?

Huh, guess you're good at something.

'Course I am. I'm a Seo, too.

What a joke. You're such a dope.

[Business Plan Based on
Japanese Loan Companies]

Arrogant brat.

Is anyone outside?

Yes, sir.

Where's Tae-sang?

He's working out at the gym
after doing business.

I see. You're excused.

I made a reservation tonight
for six-thirty.

I got it. Leave me alone!

Yes, sir.


It's Seong-ju. Help, I'm trapped.

Hey there.

What's going on?

Should I wear this, or...

This one?

I've been trapped here for three hours,
trying to decide.

I don't know what to wear
to your boss's birthday party.

And it's no fun if I ask him myself.

Don't ever play a joke like this again.

Happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to you.

Happy birthday dear Boss,
happy birthday to you.


Up high!

Let's drink!

For your long and healthy life.


Sit, sit.

The cake looks like a porcupine.

Means I'm old.
My boys are poking fun at me.

Or are they jealous
of your gorgeous girlfriend?

Who invited the jerk?

You're really something else.

Your man and I are childhood friends.
He had to invite me.

Groveling for the building loan?
Shut your mouth and drink.

So I'm allowed to stay? Thank you.

Didn't prepare any performances?

I'm beyond mad.
I can't hold it any longer.

How could you see another girl
behind my back?

It's unbelievable.
I'm on my way over.

I haven't decided what to do yet.

- Don't misunderstand.
- Who's the other man?

- It's not true.
- Then tell me the truth.

- I love you.
- I'd rather you leave.


Thank you, what a crowd.
Thank you, thank you.

Next up is the unrivaled brains
of our operation.

Mr. Tae-sang Han.

Tae-sang Han, Tae-sang Han!
Tae-sang Han, Tae-sang Han!

Dong-gu, Dong-gu!

Yes, sir?

Y'all seem to be confused.

Whose birthday is it?
Is it Tae-sang's birthday?

I'm sorry. Sit down.

Why are you being a party-pooper?

Tae-sang, sing me a song.

Sir, you know I don't sing.

Then do a little dance!

I'm sorry, sir.
Let me pour you a drink.

It's already nearing fifteen years
since we met.

Isn't it about time
that he got married?

I don't have any plans for marriage.

Any news on your mother?

I didn't ask around.

Now that's not proper.
She's still your mother.

It's about time you understand
and forgive her.

If it weren't for her,
we wouldn't have met.

I'm grateful to her for giving us
the chance to meet.

God bless...

...her philandering.

Kid, you should find your brother.
That poor thing.

Sure he went with his mother,
but no doubt he had a messed up life.

Any other performances ready?

Anyone curious about what he was like at seventeen?

Not the tiniest bit.

He was a pretty boy.
Always ranked first at school.

But after that incident,
his eyes and fists filled with fury.

I saved him!

I took him in.

What incident?

Tae-sang's mother
was quite the looker.

I'd appreciate it if you'd discuss this
when I'm not around.

Who gave you permission to leave?

Who do you think you are,
shaking things up?

Screw your business plan!
What the hell are you plotting?

I just want you to rise above being
a loan shark and neighborhood thug.


Try to keep up with the world.
Loan companies are evolving.

Read the business plan over carefully.

You bastard!

Ungrateful brat.

When did you start
reducing interest fees?

How much did you pocket
for yourself?

The head of the household
tried to commit suicide.

Do you know how much interest
they paid over two years?

So you decided to be compassionate?
Have fun with the daughter at a hotel?

Clearly you've assigned
an incompetent spy to tail me.

Know your place, bastard.

Do you like living this gutter life?

This gutter is where you'll die.

You don't have the capacity
to rise above.

This isn't the life that I wanted,
but I've always done my best.

I'm leaving you for good.

What a memorable birthday.
It will be hard to forget.

Hey, take this.

Hey! I said, take this.


Snap out of it and start studying.

Sis, I don't have time to study.
I need to save our family.


I'm auditioning to become a singer.

Don't worry, I'll pay for your studies.

I'll pay off our debt just like that.


Your family messed everything up.

Who are you?

- Made it into college?
- What's it to you?

For your tuition.

My boss...

Tae-sang Han says to use this
for your tuition and books.

At what interest rate?

No interest.

If you have questions,
ask him yourself.

Where is he right now?

How about me instead?

Me in exchange for the debt.

Do you enjoy this life?

Excuse me.

Hold up.

We need to talk.

What brings you here?

Explain the bankbook.

Chang-hee didn't explain?

Why did you give it to me?

I'm in the middle of a bath.
Let's talk later.

I'm in a hurry.

That's your problem.

Ma'am, you're not allowed in here
fully clothed.

Take it all off, and then we can talk.

Hurry up.


What do you have to say?

What's with the bankbook?

Consider it a scholarship.
I'll send money every semester.

I don't want your blood money.

Take it back.

You asked me if I enjoy this life.

If someone had helped me,
my life would've turned out differently.

That's why I sent the bankbook.

Helping you feels like
I'm helping the young me.

I can work a part-time job.
I'm not comfortable with this.

Then give it to someone else.
I just want to help someone.

I suggest you find
someone else to help.

Mi-do Seo.

Why are you being
unusually polite today?


When people hit hard times,
their dreams change accordingly.

I don't want that to happen to you.
I want to lighten your load a little.

Don't worry, it's not a loan, okay?

Excuse me.

I've got a terrible temper.
Just say thank you and accept it.

Mr. Han!

What bad manners.
They're trying to rehearse.

Come here, brat!

Ow, that hurts.

Wow, smells great.

You nearly killed your only brother.

Because the brat refuses to study.

But I do study.
I was just working for exercise.

Get ready to study abroad.
You don't have time to work.

Forget studying abroad.

No fair, hitting me in the same spot.

Do as I tell you.
I'll pay for the whole thing.

Why should I go abroad
when we can't afford it?

You're gonna let money
restrict your dreams?

This guy I respect once told me.

True courage is not giving up hope
even when you're in the gutter.

You need to swim in a bigger pond.

I have my reasons for wanting you
to be successful.

And what's that?

I'll tell you when you're older.

- Forget it.
- Let's eat.


Tell me, what's your job?

What do you mean?
I work for a security firm.

You don't believe me? It's true.

I'll die if anything happens to you.

You're my friend,
my father and my only family.

Exactly, kid, that's why I want you
to be successful, okay?

Dig in.

The sooner the better.
Tonight is good.

You're really going to sleep here?
I booked a room nearby.

I like it better here.


I'll drop by with beer later
if I'm bored.



Is that you?


Kim sent thugs after you.
You need to run now.

Who sent you? Mr. Kim?

Who sent you?


- Flush.
- Royal flush.

Hold up.

Man, Lady Luck is on my side.

Oh, headache.

Sign the papers
while you're feeling good.

You fixed the terms in the contract?

Of course.


Help me out this once,
and I'll owe you for life.

[Debt Acknowledgement Form
- $3 million]

Haven't I helped you out
numerous times before?

You did. I remember them all.

This building is just too good
to pass up.

You're a big kid now,
buying buildings and all.

Send the money now if you can.
The contract date is today.

Hey, how'd it go?

Where should I put the books?

In the backseat.


Oh! What are you doing?

What's going on?

Three million dollars
have been deposited.

Alright, let's drink.

Have a drink.

To celebrate your survival.

You'd sink this low?

Next time,
I'll send more competent thugs.

My fault for taking you in.

The good-for-nothing son
of a dirty adulteress.

Let's never meet again.
If we ever do...

...one of us will die that day.

I know about your relationship.

That's Tae-sang's girl.
What do you think?

Tae-sang can do better.

He betrayed me and stole my money
for that little girl.

He made an exception for her family!

I know you're plotting
to stab me in the back.

Open wide and watch carefully.

These are the consequences
of your betrayal.

Let's sign a deal.

Let the girl go.
This is between you and me.

Give me a thumbprint
on this clean sheet of paper.

I'll fill in the contact terms.

Let go! Let go!

Let go of me!

Go, run!


Run away!

Run away... go!

Run away!


Mom, I'm home!

Tae-min, I'm home!


[Rank: 1]


[I'm sorry. Forgive me.
Someday you'll understand how I feel.]

Where is she?

- Who are you?
- Where is she hiding?

Who are you?

Kid, where's your mom?
Tell us, please.

Why are you barging into my house--

How could she do this
to your poor father?

Father, eat this
and pull yourself together.

Father, please...


Pay the debt today.
Your mother's debt.

Screw you!


Get off of me!

I see you're a lonely orphan.

You look like
you'd be quite the fighter.

[Seven years later]

Good morning.
This is MBS morning news.

The nation's largest loan company
Golden Tree has taken over Na-bi Capital.

It is unprecedented for a loan company
to take over a financial institution.

There is much interest on how
this will influence the banking industry.

Reporter Jun-il Kim has the report.

Golden Tree has been offering low
interest rates for the past seven years...

Sweetie, thank you
for not forgetting my birthday.

Why are you waitressing here?
What about the money I sent?

Was it not enough?

It wasn't enough.

Let's talk about money.
I found your extra cash.

Let's share.

Or die here.

Are you being chased?
Tell me what's going on!

Take care of my brother.
Help him study and become the best.

You start tomorrow.
In this office, beside me.