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He won't let me go until I die.
You will be in danger too.

- Sis, is Mr. Han here?
- No.

[Episode 14]

What happened?

I don't know. They were on top of the piano.
What happened to them?

Go in your room Mom, I can do this.

I'll do it.

It seems Han didn't come home
last night. Is he busy at the office?


He must be really busy to not be
able to come home.

I'll pack you some fruits. Bring them
to him on your way to the office.

Let's go home today.

The construction isn't over yet.

Then go to a sauna or an inn nearby.

What are you thinking right now?
Han wants to marry you next month.


- I'm going to New York.
- Again with the New York nonsense.

Who are you choosing over Han?

Let me meet him.

I need to see who made you into
such an unfaithful and evil woman.

Mom, stop. Don't do this at
someone else's place.

How is this someone else's place? This is my
son-in-law's place. My daughter will live here.

Stop talking about that!

Mi Do! Listen to your elders.

- You're going to regret this.
- You think I want to do this?

I don't want to do this either.

Give me his number.
I want to see him.

We can't reach him.

Didn't you take him home last night?

He wanted to drive home.
I heard that he wasn't home either.

Seo Mi Do's mother answered the phone.

Has this happened before?

You know him.
This never happened.

I told Mr. Han.


Yes, this is Seo Mi Do.

Hi, this is Lee Chang Hee.

Can we talk for a minute?

I heard from Jae Hee.

I'm not here to see my brother's girlfriend.
I'm here to talk to Mr. Han's future wife.

Do you know where Mr. Han is?

I don't know either.

I heard that he didn't come home last night.

I think he stopped by at night and left.

You know that Tae Sang
likes you a lot don't you?

Ever since he made me send money to you.

You were his first, last, and everything.

And Jae Hee. You should have turned
your back no matter what he did.

Why are you bringing this on him?

If you're done, I'll get going then.

I'm still talking.
I'm not done yet.

I'll make Jae Hee give up.

So you try to behave.

You can't play with Han Tae Sang like that.

I never played with him.
I was being sincere.

I still have a lot of life ahead of me.
I need time for myself.

We have our differences.

- Don't speak harshly like that.
- Don't answer even if Jae Hee calls.

Don't see him either.

I really like Lee Jae Hee.

Don't like him.

Don't make Jae Hee stumble.

Where did you go?

Tae Sang can't be reached.

Let's bring everything back to its place.

Back to what?

Before Seo Mi Do
got in the way of two men.

The time you were thankful to Tae Sang
and Tae Sang was nice to you.

Don't talk about her like that.
She didn't get in the way.

She should have ended
it after seeing you in Guam.

She received so much help from Tae Sang.

Chang Hee.

Say that I got the money to study from
a 70-year-old woman. Do I have to marry her?

Shut up.

Where are you going?

I'm going out for work.

I'm leaving Golden Tree after
making this deal happen.

- Yes?
- I heard Han went missing?

Who told you that?

His secretary called. He asked me
if I knew where Tae Sang was.

What happened to Tae Sang?

I guess he just wanted to take a break.

You have any guesses?

Chang Hee, give this to the bookstore.

Isn't this a bank account book?

Yeah, give it to the daughter of the

Her name was Mi Do right?

Yeah but why?

Tell her to use it for her tuition.


Tae Sang.

How did you find me?

You made me run errands for you.
I had to report.

I gave it to her.

- Have a beer.
- I'm okay.

It seems that he got accepted to a
prestigious college.

That's good.

Lot of stars out.

Tae Sang, we should really work hard now,
and do good work.

Buy a good house.

Go to France and the U.K.

Let's live like that.
Let's live a fabulous life.

Let's do that.

- Hello?
- It's me, Han.

Aren't you tired?
You didn't even come home.

I'm fine.

Why don't we have the family gathering
tonight? I think earlier is better.

Okay, let's do that.

Mi Do is too young. She doesn't know
anything. I'll put her in her senses.

Try to understand.

I'll see you at dinner then.

- Yes, Chang Hee.
- Where are you right now?

I heard that Mr. Han can't be reached.

Mom just talked to him.

We have our family dinner tonight.

I'm going to say it once more there.

You want me to come with you?

No, you can't come.

Mi Do.

A lot of people end up breaking up because
they want different things from each other.

I don't want you to have a hard time.

I know that I had no choice.
But I feel bad for him.

I'll make this investment deal go through
and get his business up and running at least.

Are you going back to Hong Kong tomorrow?

Yes, I had your visa handled
at a travel agency.

Cheer up.

Your brother didn't say anything?


I can make him understand.
Don't worry.

What are you doing here alone?

It's nothing. I just came to get some
fresh air last night.

Then I got a flat tire on the way here.

You got a flat tire?
You didn't get hurt?

It's okay.

I have plans tonight. I have to go.
Let me go wash up.

Mi Do... Happy birthday.

I don't think I can do this.

What are you talking about?
You said that you will try to be brave.

He won't let me go.

I don't think I can do this.

I said I'll take care of it.

He won't let me go until I die.

You're going to be in danger too.

Yeah, Mi Do.

Where are you?

If I tell you, then are you going
to run to me?

What happened last night?

Nothing. Don't worry.

When are you coming to the office?
I have something to tell you.

I heard from your mother.
I'll see you for dinner.

Tae Sang. Can I talk to you after dinner?

I'll go to your place.

Don't come. I'm going to stay
in that cabin for a while.

Then I'll give you a ride there.

I'll wait until you finish your dinner.

You don't have to do that.

You look better in shorter hair Tae Min.



Please make us some good soup.

He's the kid in the picture.

He didn't go through much hardship as he
grew up. He looks like he's from a rich family.

Eat a lot. They don't use MSG here. It tastes
homemade like your mother used to make.

Thank you.

Poor kid. He can't remember
his childhood for some reason.

He doesn't know why he had to leave
his family and wander around.

- It tastes good.
- Doesn't it taste like your mother's cooking?

I come here often for that.

When is the construction over?

I can't understand the owner there. Does he
want to ask for more after the construction?

Call him again.

We have dinner with Chairman Jung Man Ju
and his club people right?

You're going to get hurt.

I am already hurt.

We have good news.

This better be good.

Han Tae Min was adopted again
after being adopted.

- By whom?
- An American businessman in Hong Kong.

Then it was his father who called and
said that Han Tae Min was dead?

I don't know about that.

His father's name is Chang Ji Myung.

It's not Chairman Chang Ji Myung is it?

My age has taught me that everything
has its order.

Don't you think so?

There is a flow to everything.

You're going to get hurt
if you try to force something.

So what are you trying to say?

Didn't you call us
for something important?

- Have a great meal.
- Mr. Han!

You said that you had
something to say.

- That?
- Yes, that.

I think I will be staying outside
of Seoul for a while.

Please stay at my place until
the construction is over.

And then?

Thank you for taking care of me
for breakfast and dinner.

That's it?


I have something to say.

I'm really grateful for what Mr. Han
has done for my family.

But I don't want to marry him yet.

- Especially not next month.
- Stop.

Kelly Jo has offered me a
good opportunity.

I think this could be the last chance.

I know this may sound like a luxury, but I
want a chance to learn by facing the reality.

Okay, bye.

That's not it.

I will handle your resignation.

Mi Do should do what she really wants
to do with whom she wants to be.

What's gotten into you?

Do you mean that?

I mean it.

I'm sorry, Mi Do.

I'm sorry to you, too.

- Mi Joon.
- Have your wedding next month as planned.

Mi Do is out of her mind.

Be quiet.

I'm actually thankful to Mi Do.

I think this is better than her thinking
about someone else while being with me.

I was glad that she was
honest with me.

What's gotten into you?
Try not to be emotional.

I have to go now.
Have a great meal.


I thought I should give it back.

Sell them.

Sell them.

They are worth more than
your salary.

I'm not that desperate.

Thanks to your help.

Then what should we do?
I don't want it back.

It's my payment for the kiss.
Take it.

Is that it then?

Do you want something more?

What you said earlier.
Did you mean that?

I mean it.

Honestly, I'm scared.

I'm scared that you're going to
do something.

You want me to tell you
how I really feel?

Tell me.

I wish that you didn't exist
in this world.

Like you said,
we were never meant to be.

We started off wrong,
and it ended up being bad.

Rather than seeing that unfamiliar
face in you, I'd rather see you dead.

Are you going to have
someone kill me?

That's what I was to you?

A thug. Nothing more or nothing less.

I think my life was better when I lived
hopelessly before I had met you.

Everything I have accomplished
feels like it was done it vain.

I'm sorry.

Goodbye, Seo Mi Do.

Have a good life.

You can go. I'm going to drive.

Tae Sang.

Go take care of Jae Hee.

Happy birthday, Mi Do.

What are you doing?

This is my first time doing this.
It's embarrassing.

I may not be lacking to you, but
I want you to understand.

What is this?

Mi Do.

I love you very much.

Mr. Han sent you this?

- He told you to show it to me?
- Keep watching.

It gets even better.

- I don't think I can do this.
- What are you talking about?

Tae Sang was video taping a
message for Mi Do.

He accidentally left the camera on.

I think he was shocked after
watching this.

Is she out of her mind?
Let her go when he's dead?

Tae Sang got a flat tire last night.

- It could have been bad.
- Are you out of your mind?

You think Mi Do did that?

And that's a misunderstanding.

She meant that he won't
let her go, unless she is dead.

That bitch has gotten into you, too.

Watch your mouth.

This is wrong Jae Hee.

Mr. Han is coming back.

He was asking me what he should
get for your birthday two days ago.

He's just angry.

Please stop.

Are you done packing up Mi Do?

Mr. Han is a great man.

He should be pitied!

For the first time I lived without
having to worry about money.

I was so excited to have
a rich son-in-law.

I could finally keep my head up high.

Gosh, please.

Please stop.
Stop being a beggar.

Mom, I will make you a lot of money
when I become an idol. Please stop.

Mi Joon and I will stay here.
I'm going to change his mind.

Let's let Mi Do keep her dignity.

She's going to regret it later.
I have to stop this.

Mi Do! Go to Mr. Han right now.

Where is he?
Go to him!

Are you in there?

Are you asleep?

Are you here, Mi Do?

Mi Do!

Mi Do!

Be quiet. They will hear us.

Let them hear us.
I love you Mi Do.

I wish that we were the only
people in the world.

I wish that he was dead.

I want him to let me go.

[Tee Tee loves Mi Do]


Jae Hee. Are you going to
Hong Kong again?

- What time is your flight?
- It's at 1 pm.

Then see me before you go.

What do you need?

Just come out for a sec.
I have something fun for you.

Answer me before you leave.

Chang Hee, I did everything you
ever asked me.

Then do it one more time.

Let's stop.
I'm going there to work.

- What is this?
- I'm trying to get their investment.

Asia Star Group.

Did you meet the chairman there?

I met the vice-chairman.

- Who is the vice-chairman?
- The chairman's son.

Why do you ask?


I won't take too much of your time.

What do you need?

I heard that you were talking
to Asia Star.

- Are you going to stop us again?
- That got boring already.

Don't worry.

Does Chairman Chang Ji Myung
have a son?

Yes, he's the vice-chairman.

- Roy Jang?
- Yes.

Have you met him?

He's the one I'm talking to.

Isn't he Korean?


He's Chang Ji Myung's son. He looks like him.
Although he can speak Korean well...

He's not Korean then?
Or you don't know yet?

What do you want to know?

I will tell you when I think you're
really on my side.

Ask him how he learned
to speak Korean.

If you tell me why first,
then I will ask him.

I will tell you that it's related to
Han Tae Sang's brother, Han Tae Min.

I will tell you the rest next time.

How is Tae Sang doing?

Ask him yourself.

[I love you Grandma.]

[Award - Lee Jae Hee]

[Chang Ji Myung]

Mi Do!

It's my last errand for you.

You don't look so good.
Are you sick?

I left the window open while sleeping.
I think I caught a cold.

I took some meds.
I will be fine.

You have a fever.
Go home early and sleep.

Did you hear from Mr. Han?


I guess that's it.

Please make the deal go through.

What time are you going home tonight?

- About 10?
- That late?

I have to leave after finishing up work.

I'm going to quit today.

I will call you at 10 then.

When are you coming back?

That depends on Asia Star.

I think I have to stay for a week at least.

Good luck.

I feel like we're the only
two people in the world.

Trust me and don't worry too much.



Get better.

Tae Sang. I got some groceries
on the way here. Let me cook for you.

I don't want to eat.

I heard from Jae Hee.

I watched the camcorder too.

Did they always talk about me like
that when I wasn't around?

Laughing at me.
Hoping that I'd be dead.

I will bring my brother to his senses.

You, Jae Hee, and I will not end like this.

I lost all of my family when I was 17.
I had this in my mind.

I won't have anyone in the future.

You have me with you!

Jae Hee will leave after this deal.

I won't be able to see Jae Hee and Mi Do anymore.

You're my family.
I can't do that.

It's done already.

I killed the boss to save you.

I have never regretted that.
We have to stop what's wrong.

What's wrong about this?

The woman who wanted you dead
is with my brother.

She's making Jae Hee's heart waver.

I'm going to bring everything back.

Chang Hee.


Can you kill the woman that
your brother loves?

For me?

How much is this?

Tae Sang, you're like someone else.

Chang Hee! What are you doing over there?

What are you doing?

Did you come to see Tae Sang?

No, I just watched him lie down.
I'm leaving now.

Don't tell him that I was here.


What were you doing just now?
Were you looking at the land?

Good bye.

What's with that antiquated car?

Mi Do! Aren't you going to the meeting?

- I need to finish this.
- Hurry up.

[Lee Chang Hee]

He won't let me go until he dies.

You're going to be in danger too.

[Lee Chang Hee]


This is Lee Chang Hee.

I just sent that message.

What is this?

You know better.

You were watching me
with a camera in the living room?

It's your birthday next week isn't it?

He was video taping a happy
birthday message and left the camera on.

You were unlucky.

Does Jae Hee know
that you're calling me?

Don't get Jae Hee involved in this.

Just answer one thing.
Do you wish that Tae Sang was dead?

I don't want to talk to you anymore.

If it's a misunderstanding,
then come and explain.

You owe him that even
after you break up.

It's Tae Sang.

Tae Sang is sick right now.

Come and explain to him.

Where is Mr. Han right now?

I think it will be a great idea for you to visit
our office in Seoul before you decide.

My team will go.

Where did you learn Korean?

From my father.

Isn't Mr. Chang from Hong Kong?

He can speak four languages too.

I thought that you might
have had a close Korean friend.

Or that you had lived in Korea for a while.

Looks like you want to know a lot about me.

I just want to know how you're so good at speaking
Korean and if you're going to invest in us.

It's my first time seeing you laugh.

You have siblings?

I have a brother.

I lived without parents.

My grandma passed away when I was in
elementary school. My brother is my only family.

I wasn't asking about that.

I thought that you might tell me
your life story if I told you.

Looks like I went a bit overboard.

I'm an only child.

That's ironic.

I thought that you would have had
pretty sisters.

Do you talk to Han Tae Sang like this?

Not too different. Would you like to have
dinner with him sometime too?

Maybe if we have a chance later.

Are you still single?


Is Mr. Han Tae Sang married?

No, not yet.

When you get off the terminal, there will be
Bus #42. Take it and get off at Sunpoong.

Walk to your right
and you will see a cabin.

The number you've dialed
is currently unavailable.


It's 10PM in Korea.
What are you doing Mi Do?

You sound like you're outside.

Yeah, something came up all of the sudden.

I will call you back later.


- It's breaking up. Hello?
- Hello?

I will call you around midnight.

[Lee Chang Hee]

The number you've dialed...

[Mi Do]

I wish that you didn't exist in this world.
You were right. We were never meant to be.

We had a bad start,
and it ended up being bad for us.

Rather than seeing that unfamiliar look
in your eyes, I'd rather see you dead.

The protagonist of Dangsungjuk
was a lonely man.

It's similar again.

I always pity men that make
mistakes in the heat of emotions.

Jealousy over a complex.

Being afraid of something that never happened.

Mr. Seo! Why aren't you
answering your phone?

What's going on?

- Mi Do got into a car accident.
- What?


Isn't this Seo Mi Do's phone?

Visitors aren't allowed at this time.


The number you've dialed...

Han! What happened?
Why is Mi Do here?

I don't know.

Who knows if you don't then?

You had a thug do this because
she wouldn't listen to you!

Calm down Mr. Seo.

Where is Mi Do?

She's unconscious.

She is unstable until tomorrow morning.

Oh, Mi Do...

No! Don't be like this!

Honey! Mi Do is strong.

- She will wake up. Watch!
- You really don't know?

You don't know what happened?

I'm sure this won't happen. But
if anything happens to her...

I will kill you.

- Chang Hee.
- Yes?

Can you kill the woman your brother loves?

For me?

Don't forget. You're Jae Hee's
brother before you're my brother.

You take care of Jae Hee first.

Don't think about bringing anything back.

I want to bring everything back
before Seo Mi Do.

Don't blame Mi Do! This isn't anyone's fault.

Tae Sang.

Don't abandon Jae Hee and me.

Nothing is forever in this world.

Am I alone again then?

How are you alone?
You have your brother.

- Be good to Jae Hee.
- No.

I think this is wrong.

I have to bring everything back.

Try to bring it back if you could.

What happened?

It was a hit-and-run.

- What's going to happen to Mi Do?
- Should we let the director know?

Mi Do.

Subtitles by DramaFever

What happened?
Tell me the truth!

You just think about her waking up.

Mi Do will wake up.

Mi Do woke up.

Mi Do! Are you awake?
Can you recognize me?

Mi Do! It's me.
Can you recognize me?