When a Man Loves (2013–…): Season 1, Episode 19 - Episode #1.19 - full transcript

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When a Man Loves

[Episode 19]

The Golden Tree existed
to build this resort.

This was built by the blood
and the sweat of the Golden Tree.

I wish for us to have the best results.

Mr. Han.

What are you doing here?

One moment.

How'd you get here?

You weren't answering your phone.

I couldn't hear it.

Can I talk to you for a second?

Can't you see that I'm working?
I'll talk to you later.

I'll wait for you here then.

Are you okay?

Are you okay?

Are you? Are you hurt?

I'm fine.

Get up.

What's wrong?

- Are you okay?
- I'm fine, it's nothing.

I have to get you to a hospital.

I'm going to the hospital.
Wrap it up for me.

Yes, sir.

- I'm fine.
- No, let's go.

I said I'm fine!


I'm really fine. Geez.

I think I found your brother.

I went to your mother's place.

Ddol Yi was working there.

You heard about my brother there?

- The thing is...
- He's fake.

Someone was messing with me.
Don't worry about it.


You came to tell me that?


What does finding my brother have
anything to do with you?

Mi Do.

- What are you doing here?
- I had to report something to Mr. Han.

I thought you quit.

It was nothing.
You should go Mi Do.

What happened to your leg?

I got a scratch.

Mi Do. Go to the hospital.

Thanks for the report.

Were you here to tell him that
you found his brother?

I thought I had to tell him.

- Why?
- Because you don't mess with a man's family.

Who is his brother?

Mr. Lee.

I'll be right there.

What did you tell him?

I told him that I think I found his brother.

He already knows.

He says that he's fake.

That's about it.

Your family needs money right?

Don't worry, I will get that money.

I'll call you later.

- Get in.
- I'm fine.


I said get in.

I can take the bus.

Look at your leg.

I'm fine. It doesn't hurt.
I said I'm fine!

I'm not doing this because I like
you. Don't worry.

I'll drop you off at a hospital
near your place. Go get treated.

I don't need to go to the hospital.
I just need to put some antiseptic.

Okay then. I'm busy too.

I'm not doing this to impress you.
Don't get me wrong.

Let me see your leg.

- What's that box?
- Let me see your leg before it gets infected.

I said I'm fine.

Hurry up.

- That stings.
- Stay still.

- It hurts! Stop!
- Stay still!

- You think I want to do this?
- I said I'm fine! What's the deal?

Why did you do that?

Should I have just watched you then?

Because you're going to blame
me for the scar on your leg later.

I won't!
I won't!

- Give me that. I can finish it.
- Stop moving.

What are you doing here?
Go home.

Take this with you.
Go home and treat it again.

Who says that your brother is fake?

Who is the brother that you know?

Someone I don't even know.
It's Goo Yong Gap's prank.

How much do you know about Roy Chang?

- Who?
- Roy Chang. The vice chairman of Asia Star.

What are you talking about?

I'm not sure either. I thought
that he might be your brother.

I had dinner with him and Jae Hee.

He couldn't eat spicy food.

Anyone that can't eat spicy food
is my brother then?

He said that it runs in his family.

Are you trying to play jokes on me?

No! Why would I do that to you?

Especially with your brother. I know how much
that's torturing you, why would I do that?

Okay! Anyone that can't eat spicy
food is my brother.

I'm going.

I saw Roy Chang standing around
in front of your old house.


I was looking around the neighborhood
because Eun Hye was looking for a place.

The neighborhood looked familiar, and I
realized that it was your hometown.

But then I saw Roy Chang in front of the house.

He wasn't just passing by. He had his
hand on the front door.

As if he was feeling the warmth.

I'm not sure either.

Also, the business ties with him are important.
So you should look into it carefully.

I'm not playing with you. I don't plan
on going out with you again.

I just wanted to find your family.



Thank you for treating me and
the first aid kit.

Tae Sang. Jae Hee's biological
father is Chang Ji Myung.

It's hot.

You're 10 years older than me.
Is it still hot for you?

You know the coolest guys
can't eat spicy food.


Yeah, it's even in the textbooks.
You can go check at school.

You're hot, right?

That's my brother. So nice.

What are you thinking about?
You didn't notice me coming in.

I'm sorry.

I went to Insadong today.

Did you go there alone?


Did you go to any other places alone too?

Yes. A few other places.

I could have gone with you.

I came to tell you that I have other plans
today, so it might be hard to meet.

Could we have a drink later tonight then?

I'm going out of town.
I'll be back tomorrow.

Asia Star team and Lee Jae Hee
are going together.

I'll see you when I get back.


The PIN number is your birthday.

Use it when you move.

We can move without this.

It's okay.

You took Han's money.
Why aren't you taking mine?

Because I'm different now.

Don't talk like that.

That hurts.

You should go see Mr. Chang Ji Myung soon.

You'd like it if I was the son of Asia Star?

Fine. I will see him and ask if I'm his son.

- What's wrong with you? You seem different.
- Why do you think I've changed?

Han was not responsible for
your brother's accident.

Stop it already!

If you were going to like him and trust him,
why did you come this far?

Jae Hee! I'm saying that
your brother's accident...

Forget it. I will talk to you later.
I have to leave Seoul.



Where are you?

Hi. I'm Baek Sung Joo,
a business woman with beauty.

Nice to meet you. Roy Chang.

I was joking. You didn't laugh.

How is that a joke?

I'm really glad to have met you.

It's nothing to be glad about.

You're just as boring as someone I know.

Who are you talking about?

Let's take a seat.

Baek Sung Joo is very
close to Royal Investment.

It's a major competitor to Asia Star.

A friend yesterday could be
your enemy today.

That doesn't bother me.

Of course not. I've always
liked Asia Star better.

How did you two meet?

Han and I have been friends for a long time.

I was like an executive for the Golden Tree.
But I no longer am.

Why not?

I was rejected. I had feelings for Han.

When Asia Star buys out the Golden Tree,
I will hire you back as an executive.

If you buy the Golden Tree that's
like having two rabbits in one hand.

Entering the financial market
and the resort that's being built right now.

I thought you were here
to make an investment.

He values the ethics and morals
of the entrepreneur.

What is wrong with Han?

Have a drink.

This is wrong.
How come you're so evil?

All I have is my school background
and my brother.

I got my school from my brother's sacrifice.

- And my brother is in the hospital.
- Chang Hee will get up.

You don't trust him? He won't
leave his brother behind. He won't die.

You're drunk.

How can you sell the Golden Tree?

You went to see Mr. Park for that reason?

You wanted to convince the board?

Have the champagne ready for the party.

You were waiting for the moment
when Han loses everything.

Yes, I want to pick him up
when he's at the bottom.

Until Asia Star buys out the Golden Tree,
don't say anything.

Why are you crying?

You may get the man you've wanted
all your life.

I'm just drunk.
It's just the alcohol.

Go to your room first.
Don't make a mistake in front of Roy.

Mr. Chang.
You have a guest.

Nice to meet you.

Hi. Welcome.

Mr. Han Tae Sang.

Forgive me for coming without notice.

No, no, no. It's fine.
Take a seat.

My son must be doing terribly in Seoul.
That's why you had to come here yourself.

I didn't come here for business.

Then what?

You recognized him?


Are you not here because you
recognized Tae Min?

Your brother, Han Tae Min.

He's really Tae Min?

He missed his brother a lot.

I was a poor student.
The girl's family didn't like me.

I learned much later that we
had a son together.

I searched all the orphanages in Korea.

I couldn't find him. I gave up,
went to America, and drank.

Then one day I saw an Asian
kid crying in the street.

It was Roy.

You're telling me Tae Min was in America?

He was sent for adoption. But he was then
thrown away for being too quiet.

I don't get why Tae Min pretends
that he doesn't know me.

Roy will tell you why.

Tae Min must have reminded you of
your real son.


I thought it would be great if he
could be Roy's brother.

I'm sure that he is loved as much
as I love Roy.

I believed that.

I want to do anything for Jae Hee.

Chang Hee. You know what I
have brought here?

If I stick this in, you will be gone forever.

I came here to kill you.

Chang Hee... I'm sorry.

If you don't want to die, wake up!

Jut wake up and beat me up!

If you go like this, what am
I supposed to do?

I'm really going to stick this in, okay?

Dong Goo.

Why do you keep talking?
Stick it in already.

If you're going to kill me, stick it and run.

- If not, you'll be caught.
- Chang Hee!

- Asshole. You're so damn loud I can't sleep.
- Chang Hee!

Chang Hee! I'm sorry!

I could barely sleep.

Forgive me!

You couldn't sleep?

Your face looks fine.

You're back alive right?

It's not that I'm seeing you because
I died right?

Brat. You're the one who
should be hospitalized.

Chang Hee!


Chang Hee's awake?

Yes! He woke up when I got there!

- How is he?
- He's the same. He still chews me out.

I will be right there.

- Chang Hee woke up?
- Yes.

I have to go right now.

I will treat Roy Chang to lunch.

Don't worry. You should go.

I don't care about the Golden Tree.
I'm only aiming for Tae Sang.


He couldn't look me in the eyes at first.
He didn't talk at all.

After a year, he smiled and
joked around sometimes.

Roy helped me heal a lot too.

That's when my business started doing well.

Do you know what Roy said?

He always said that he wished that I had
three sons. Tae Sang, Roy, and my son.

That's going to happen.

This is a miracle too.

It's okay because my son must be
loved somewhere else.

- It's okay. Take it.
- Excuse me.

Yeah, Dong Goo.

Chang Hee woke up. He's back!


Excuse me.

Do you remember that business card?

How did you...

My close friend got it from you.

Funny how life is full of surprises.

It was his grandmother that took my
son to the orphanage.

- You should come out to Seoul some time.
- Is there a special reason you're inviting me?

I will find you your son.

My friend who received that business card
has something to tell you.

I will introduce him to you.

He will tell you what he couldn't
tell you back then.

Does he know who my son is?


But only you can verify if it's true.

Of course, he may not be your son.

You should come to Seoul.


I will go.

I will see you in Seoul then.

- Men Sho!
- You called sir?

Chairman! Call the hospital!

- I'm going to Seoul tomorrow morning.
- Have a good trip.

What do you think Lee Jae Hee wants to do?
I think he wants a position in Asia Star.

To me, he looks like someone who's hurt
rather than someone with ambition.

Yes, he looked unstable.

Protect your brother.

But don't hurt the other person either.

Why not?

I don't know why, but I pity that man.

Did you have a good rest?


Lee Jae Hee went back to the city
because his brother woke up.

I heard.

That's good.

You want to know how Han lived?


Isn't it better to learn about the president
if you're going to buy out the company?

Han Tae Sang grew up with tears.

- Chang Hee!
- Jae Hee!

Chang Hee!
You're back right?

You look tired.

What happened? How did you
get in the accident?

I got in a fight with Dong Goo at the
resort construction site. Then I fell.

- Don't lie.
- He's not.

I was with him back then.

I had to talk to Chang Hee,
so I told him to come out.

He wanted me to go to jail for
touching the company funds.

Then he called Mr. Han.

Tae Sang arrived right away,
and he ran away.

When Mr. Han comes here I'm going to
tell him everything and beg him.

- Where is Tae Sang?
- I think he's on a plane.

He's coming back from Hong Kong.

- Why did he go there?
- Why do you think?

For Asia Star.

Roy Chang is here.
Why does he have to go there?

Jae Hee. Did Tae Sang give
you a letter?

How is that possible?

Forgive me.

I couldn't trust the man when he
claimed that he was your father.

But honestly,
I just couldn't live without you.

I lived just fine without knowing that.
I want to live with you.

You have to tell him.
He's your father.

He may have gotten it wrong.

Then you can verify if you're
his son or not.

- If you're not, then you're not.
- No.

I had gone that far to make you
stand proudly in front of him.

You think I wanted to attack Seo Mi Do?

I was out of my mind because of you.

I just believed that Tae Sang
wanted that too.

I didn't think about the consequences.
I just wanted to get rid of her.

Tae Sang didn't order you?

You really believed that?

He really didn't? It was Mr. Han
that killed your boss seven years ago.

- You took the blame to pay for my tuition.
- Who says that?

Ask the witness there then.

Goo Yong Gap was the witness. Baek Sung Joo
got there first right after the murder.

They told me that you took the blame.

They said that?


You want to believe me or them?

Bring them to me.
Let's talk face to face.

You let them play you like that?
Is that how I raised you?

I'm going to take care of Tae Sang
more than you from now.

What did he do to deserve such
a lonely life?

It's really not true that Mr. Han used
you and abandoned you?

Tae Sang told me to take good
care of you.

When he gave up on Seo Mi Do.

I really thought,
'What's a man like him doing here?'

He was decent and smart.

He had more leadership than the boss.

That's what started the trouble.

Why did he join the loan sharks?

His mom ran away with debt
with just his brother.

That's why he was was forced
to work there.

He lived in his relative's place for a month.
He had no place to go, then he was taken.

Because they fed him.

He built that company from hell.

You will be blessed if you invest
instead of buying it out.

I don't do business to be blessed.

You're really going to take it away from him?

Your brother's company?

It's your real brother, Han Tae Sang.

Although, Tae Sang doesn't know yet.

It's a matter between brothers.
Never mind.

You knew?

You look good. The sample
made your hair look better.

I shouldn't have asked you.
You didn't have to do this.

Don't say that. I was glad to have
brought you here.

You look so pretty.

- Let me take a picture.
- Don't take a picture.

It's cheesy.

Then take a picture with me.

You look so pretty.
I want to take it with you.

Look here. One, two, three!

I was walking on the road
without street lights.

It was partly my fault, and I got all better.

But we have to investigate
hit-and-run accidents.

- Lee Chang Hee also confessed.
- The victim didn't get hurt much.

I heard that if the victim doesn't want to press
charges, then the case can be dropped.

Do you really want to cut him some slack
because you know him?

Anyone can make a mistake in life.

I didn't get hurt that badly.

Okay, I understand.

Come to Seoul when you have time.


Thank you. I think I found my brother.
Roy Chang is Tae Min.

Mr. Han! How are you? I did my
hair with my friend.

Come over to eat dinner sometime.

You should have taken me, too.
I need to do my hair, too.

You went by yourself!

Do your hair like that everyday.
You look so pretty.

Tae Sang! It's good to see you.

You have no idea how happy I was when I
heard that you ate here and left 1 million Won.

Did you want a bowl of soup?


You're pretty.

She did her hair in case
her son comes.


Do you want to go on a
picnic with me?

- Picnic? I want to go too.
- Please.

You pushed Mom!

Take a seat.

You haven't come out like this
for a long time have you?


You see that small tree there?

That tree?

That's where I put Dad's ashes.

He died from shock.

I said to myself when I
buried his ashes...

'Father. Don't forgive Mom.'

'Make her unhappy.'

'Make her lonely.'

Yes, I only lived because
I couldn't die.

I lived in hell.

I never wanted to see you again.

I will disappear again.

Let's not see each other again.

- Why did you do it back then?
- I don't know why.

Why did I do that?

You ruined the entire family and
you're saying that you don't know?

I had never imagined it.
But then it happened to me.

Were you happy even for a second?

I don't know that either.

I was never happy even when
I got to the end.

It would have been painful even if
I had lived well with him.

Why did I get myself in such trouble?

I don't know why that happened to me.

You remember the letter
you left behind?

'You will understand me one day.'

That's what I had thought.

It's not something you can understand
just because you got older.


I understand you now.

I had saved this up for you since
the year after I left you.

I'm sorry.

It's old isn't it?

It's been a long time.

I saw Roy Chang in front of that house.

He wasn't just passing by.
He had his hand on the front door.

As if he was feeling the warmth.

How would you feel if we found Tae Min
but he had grown up well in a nice place?

That still wouldn't be as good as
being raised by his mother.

It must have had been hard for him.

I hope that Tae Min hates me forever.

They are coordinating their debut.

But they're not too optimistic
because they lack their color.

- I think he's really concerned.
- He must feel rushed because we're moving.

It's so hard to watch him.

Mi Joon will do just fine even if
he doesn't make it this time.

- Don't worry too much.
- Okay.

I have to go.

I'm sorry I told you to come here.

- I'm busy being the vice president here.
- It's fine.

- Don't tell Mi Joon that you saw me.
- You don't even need to tell me that.



It's good to see you. I have something
to give you. Wait here just one sec.

- What are you doing here?
- I'm here to see Ddol.

Does your mother know that
you found your brother?

No, I didn't tell her yet.

I found some good anchovy while
grocery shopping. Give them to your mother.

Thank you so much.

No, I should thank your mother.

Go tell her.
This will make good broth.

Thank you so much.

What happened to your house?

It worked out.


She left her phone.

Seo Mi Do! You left your phone!


Tae Sang!
How do you know her?


I heard that you were dating recently.

Who told you that?
Did you tell her?


It was her?

Mom, I have to go.
I have a meeting.


Ddol! Do you know?



She must like me a lot to give me
such nice anchovy.

Mi Do! Did she say anything else?


Why did you go there in the first place?

I went to talk to Ddol
because of Mi Joon.

- I'm going to work.
- Okay. Bye.

This anchovy will connect you
with Mr. Han.

What are you doing Mi Do?

I was looking for the last quote
for the blackboard.

It's sad to hear that.

Pick a real sappy one.

How is this Dad?

'You are someone I had read
the most painful book with.'

I like it.
It's really touching.

'You are someone I had read
the most painful book with.'

Roy Chang!
Mr. Chang has collapsed.

He's passed the critical state.

Tae Sang!

Chang Hee!

I'm sorry to have you worried.

I'm fine now.

- I read your letter.
- I told Jae Hee already.

I went to see him.
He's a good man.

Mr. Han! Forgive me!

I touched the company funds. I was with
Chang Hee on the night of the accident.

I will do as Chang Hee asks.

If he asks me to forgive you,
I will forgive you.

If he wants me to put you in
prison, I will do that.

Let me first see how he does.

Dong Goo! My toe is cramping up.

Yes, sir!


They are like fingers.

Little toe too.

Go easy.

I came back because my
father has collapsed.

How is he?

He's stabilized. I will go
in a few days.


[Take the books for free!
Thank you!]

When they see that,
it's going to be really touching.

I bet the girls will be crying.

This is our farewell.

It's sad to say that it's the last.

Don't be sad.
I will get you the bookstore back.


Bye, Seo's Bookstore.
Thank you so much.

We will live well!

I will get it back for you!

Let's go.

It's going to rain. Let's hurry up.

It's raining a lot already.

We have news of a
strange incident.

The police are onto the investigation of
human skeletons found in a mountain.

It was found by a hiker
yesterday around 2pm.

We believe that it was a male.

The police asked the CSI for autopsy
for the cause of death.

They are going to ID the body
by matching the list of missing people.

How is the new place?

It's okay.

It's messy now. But it will
get better when we settle.

What about the bookstore?

We haven't found one yet.

My father is working on his script.
So we'll put a hold on that for a few months.

What are you going to do now?

I have to help my family.

I'm going to work for Kelly Jo.

She's going to pay me $4000.
It's a lot more that I thought.

When are you leaving?

As soon as I get my visa.

I have a lot of friends in New York.

They can help you find a place
and some cheap restaurants.

By the way, how did you find
Mr. Han's brother?

You want to tell him that too?

Is that all you think about
when you're with me?

You should go.
I have a meeting.

What's going on?

We have ID'ed the skeleton found
in the mountains.

We found out that it was Kim Sung Joo.

We're here to examine you today.

No way.

He died?

Someone had seen him having a
brawl with Han Tae Sang at a pub.

What are you talking about?

It's not Tae Sang.
He has never even met him.

The owner of the pub who is Kim Sung Joo's
friend remembers them having a brawl.

No! It's not Tae Sang!

The owner remembers you having a brawl
with him on that night.

Yes. It's true that we had a brawl.

But that's it.

You will have to come out to the
police station sometime soon.

Did you hear that? Mr. Han and your
mother seem to be related in this matter.

I saw cops at the place yesterday.


I think they were suspecting Mr. Han.

- Don't tell Mi Do yet.
- Okay.

Nice shot!

- What are you doing here?
- I have something to tell you.

The skeleton they found in the mountain.
It was the man that lived with Han's mother.

I think the police are investigating
Han Tae Sang and his mother.

The Golden Tree shareholders are stirring.
No one is taking a loan from the Golden Tree.

That's fine. His brother will save him.

Who is his brother?

You don't need to know.
I will save him if his brother doesn't.

If you save him, he will leave you again.

Just leave him.

I have something important to tell you.

What is it?

Roy Chang is your brother.

He's trying to buy out the Golden Tree
with Lee Jae Hee.

I know that.

It will be a nice present for my brother.

Don't worry.

Thank you for worrying.

I still... love you very much.

That's why I still get in your way and
looked for your mother and brother.

Without you knowing.

You're a lonely soul.

Will you marry me?

Stay with me.

So that we're both not cold.

Okay. Let's get married.

Subtitles by DramaFever

Seo Mi Do. I'm getting married to
Baek Sung Joo.


I'm not feeling well.

What does it have to do with you?
It's none of your business.

What are you doing Sung Joo?

You should give up on me
and find someone else.

I will find you something
nice for the wedding present.

Why are you going to the wedding?
That means you still have feelings left.

I never wanted any of this to happen.

Tae Sang. I'm happy.