Wanted (2016–…): Season 1, Episode 9 - Episode #1.9 - full transcript

After encountering copycat criminals and desensitized children, the show's staff finally realizes the effect Wanted is having on the public.

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CEO Room

Get down!

Yes, this is the office in UCN broadcasting station.

It wasn't me. It's suicide, suicide.

I thought he was going to shoot me. But he shot himself in the head.

Episode 9

You said that the police commissioner entered your office around 30 minutes after the show ended right?


What did you talk about in the office?

He was shouting that his daughter isn't pitiful and what was he supposed to do after I ruined his life.

After that?

He ran up to me and grabbed my neck.

I told him not to do that and was going to send him away on good terms.

Since everything is out in the open, you should've at least gotten your daughter's heart.

I wrapped it up well.

What? Wrap?

To set up the secret fund, putting your daughter's name on the paper company

was for the sake of the daughter you couldn't take care of.

I made it a good story. Our writer is good at these things.

You... what's the reason for being like this to me all of a sudden?

But I made a hole for you to escape thrrough.

For Koreans, when it comes to fatherly and motherly love, whether it's public ethics or corporate ethics

or morality; they'll forgive everything.

Earlier on stage, you should've created a touching scene with your daughter.

Who is it?

The one who's behind you and struck me. Who is it!?

This man... my words seriously aren't going through.

It's not that someone is watching my back,

I just need to chose who to use.

From now on, politics may be difficult for you.

I can find out if a president position is open.

Don't be like that. With words...

Please give me chance to sort this out.

I... while coming up to this spot

Although I'm not innocent and hid lies,

I lived on my patriotism alone.

I... for this country

It's true that I wanted to change things.

Why are you doing this?

Must you do this in front of me?

For today, please go back.

Have I been vindicated?

Not you. Because of today's WANTED broadcast, the police commissioner committed suicide.

CEO Song Jeong Ho was at the scene too.

Until certain evidence is found, you will be investigated as a suspect.

Then, what will happen to the show...

You'll be contacted soon. If possible, stay with the filming team.

Just know that we can find out your whereabouts.


Sing that song to your mom.

♫ The flower petal sways my heart ♫

♫ The flower petal wets my eyes ♫

♫ Beautiful memories, the blue sky ♫

♫ That's all I look at ♫

♫ The flower petal sways my heart ♫

♫ The flower petal wets my eyes ♫

♫ Beautiful memories, the blue sky ♫

♫ that's all I look at ♫

♫ Hey little child, don't get weak ♫

♫ Don't live carrying all the sadness alone ♫


Why are people who committed sins not being punished?

Aigoo, what do we do about that? There's one hurdle after another.

Let's talk for a while.

The Police Commissioner's suicide... Let's write an article focusing on his out of wedlock child.

Release the story about that BJ as well.
[BJ= Broadcasting Jockey/streamer.]

Oh? You can't just order me around since we're on the same team now.

Don't you see that there's no reporter here? This will be an exclusive.

This is not reporting. I'm being a lookie-loo.

There should be a give and take.

What are you curious about?

What is the SG logo on tonight's show?

SG Life Insurance Company

Are you wondering what's going on this late at night?

It's not an ordinary incident, but rather...

Committing suicide after the scandal broke out...

Deputy Commissioner Seong... I mean...

Acting Commissioner, you'll be crazy busy for awhile now.

Ah, the broadcast.

I actually called you because of this.

Father really adored Tae Yeong.

After finding out he has a grandson,

He's causing a ruckus saying to hurry and find him.

I understand you've got a lot on your plate since the broadcast started.

But let's try to get by the next three days quietly.

Once they find the kid, do whatever you want to do.

Deputy Commissioner Seong Jeong Hoon will be the Acting Commissioner.

Regarding the show Wanted, Deputy Commissioner Seong Jeong Hoon

said that former Police Commissioner Lee Tae Gyoon tried to cover up his own scandal

by criticizing the show and pressuring them to end the show.

From now on, the task force and the broadcasting team will closely...

Yeon Jeong Eun!

She didn't even move a finger because she wanted to eat when you come.

If she eats now, she'll miss the ride for her childcare center.

Was it like this, Jeong Eun?

It's ok, I'll take you there after we eat together.

Jeong Eun, let's take my car and go to the day care center.

Today's your birthday party.

Whoa, the seaweed soup looks yummy.

Grandma made it really yummy.

Here. Jeong Eun, aah.


There you go!

Is it yummy! It's yummy, right?

Hello! So you're Jeong Eun's friends.


We're playing WANTED.

Play with us! You can be Jeong Hye In. I'll be the detective.

You have to guess right who the culprit is.

Find the murderer who killed this person.

Find the murderer who killed this person.

Get up.

Why are people who committed sins not being punished?

What is this?

The culprit got himself a fan club.

This is the symbol of the fanclub. The W of WANTED.

They say Na Soo Hyeon is handsome

Some people like him because of his brother's pitiful story.

There's this one exclusive fanclub.

Saying they personally punish society... they sometimes kill animals and...

They'd vandalize neighborhood stores, then post pictures with this hand gesture to prove it.

Orson Welles.

This... that BJ Lee Ji Eun...

This is the IP address she gave us during Ha Dong Min's mission.

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Park Bo Yeon Director Jo


Yes, I'll go over to the meeting room right now.

What's the matter?

Ok, I'll go there now.

Oh my God...

He's alive.

Did a mission come in?

- That man...
- This man...

He's Doctor Ha Dong Min's lawyer.

Ha Dong Min will clearly...

Coconut TV
orson - welles

It's a copycat.

We can just report it to the police. This isn't a matter we should worry about.

The mission from the real culprit didn't come yet.

But how would they have known?

Lee Ji Eun's Coconut ID and password.

We've never revealed that to the public.

Isn't it possible through hacking?

This is possible.

I don't think you can pretend not to know about it on this broadcast.

If these guys really killed this attorney,

The fact that the crime information was hacked and that the show became a motive for such a crime...

The sympathy towards Hyeon Woo will pretty much completely disappear.

Apart from sympathetic public opinion toward Hyeon Woo,

it's true we have responsibility up to a certain point.

Today's show, depending on how fast we resolve this case,

will become a completely different show.

Let's inform the police first and think about what we should do.

It's clear now that for seven years the culprit has been observing

the people connected to the case and collecting information on their crimes.

We have lost the opportunity to learn the reason why Na Jae Hyeon and Ham Tae Yeong met,

why we shouldn't learn this, and who is preventing us from learning this

with the police commissioner's suicide.

How is the task force doing at this point?

They seem to be doing everything possible to catch Na Soo Hyeon.

Detective Park and Detective Yoo seem to believe the culprit is one of the broadcasting team.

Then, let's continue to take the approach of looking into the motives for the crime.

If we find that out, we'll know who the targets for the next 4 episodes will be,

and who is benefitting the most from these things.

Sunbae, first go meet Lee Ji Eun once more.

She may be swayed if she hears our current situation,

because the original plan has gone awry.

Let's find out first of all what happened seven years ago

between Ha Dong Min and Professor Kim Woo Jin


Yes, Jeong Hye In.

I understand.

I got the ID.

Please save me.

- Darn it, I can't do this.
- I'm hurting.

- Why can't you do this?
- What are you doing?

Let go!

I won! I won!

I'm in pain.

- Save me.
- Ssshh.

I'll do whatever you ask for...

Yes Lieutenant. We are on our way to the location we tracked. Gangnam, Samsadong No. 742-1

Is there someone inside?

Yes, who is it?

I came here because your music is too loud. I held back all this time before coming here. Why don't you come out?

I'll lower the music. Just go.

Ah, this person doesn't have any manners. Come out!

What is this, geez...

People's reactions are...

People lose more and more interest in Hyeon Woo.

Now that the commissioner even committed suicide,

it seems like they only focus on what the culprit's plans might be.

You're not a PD who wouldn't have expected this much.

For whatever reason they watch the show, I don't care as long as the rating hits over 20%.


The way I see it, PD Sin... you're carrying the reason to save Hyeon Woo on your back

and you're trying to see how far this show will go...

You seem to be doing an experiment.

Believe whatever you want. Let's proceed with what we talked about yesterday.

Okay. Let's push back the BJ issue for later for now.

At the point of the Police Commissioner's suicide...

Should I look into the story behind his daughter first?

SG also put out their official statement before the broadcast.

Questions regarding the youngest son Ham Tae Yeong's accidental death

and to find their kin Hyeon Woo whom they had no knowledge of,

starting with sponsoring the show, they'll even merge and acquire UCN which is facing some crisis.

Should I write this story from the angle of a conglomerate owner's tearful fatherly love?

We're the police.

Raise your hands.

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Hye In.

For now, whether it's your home or the conference room, go and take a break.

Or go to the hospital and get an IV.

The mission didn't come in yet.

It's not like the mission will arrive if you wait like this.

It's ok. I'm more comfortable this way.

Should I buy you some medicine?

No. It's ok.

Will you do that?

Yes. Chief, you should also eat someth—

I'm fine. Get something soft to eat for Hye In. Get something for yourself, too.

I'll be back.


Protocol for Suspect Interrogation

Around 4pm today, you waited in the parking lot for Attorney Go's jogging course.

You followed Mr. Go when he got out of his car and kidnapped him.

How did you know about the jogging course and its time?

On SNS, he linked the map and posted the time and the course.

I saw that...

Nickname is "magneto". You're a special member.

When did you join the WANTED culprit's fan club?

That... after seeing Ha Dong Min appear on the show.

He called kids laboratory mice.

This bastard! I'm so angry.

Poor kids keep dying because of people like him.

But why did you kidnap Ha Dong Min's attorney instead of Ha Dong Min himself?

Joo Gun probably wanted to kill Ha Dong Min with his own hands also.

Like he killed Professor Kim Woo Jin.

That's why, I decided to get it done.

Joo Gun?

The person who kidnapped Hyeon Woo. That's what we call him in our community.

Considering what happened to the police commissioner yesterday, too...

People on top are so corrupt filling up their own stomachs...

Worse than dogs or pigs...

Was this planned... by just the two of you?


Wow. So this is the interrogation room.

But it's not as great as in the American dramas.

It's lousy.

Be quiet.

Sit straight.

Don't you want to film for WANTED here?

We did all this for Joo Gun.

Since we failed, it would be great if you'd at least broadcast what we did.

Did Hyeon Woo's kidnapper ask you for help?


If that were the case, that would really have been to die for.

I asked Hyung Magneto.

I suggested we use calcium chloride on him.

But if we became like that, our lives will be ruined.

So he got nervous and decided to quit.

Then it's not the kidnapper.

Who told you to do that?

The two of us just did this because we thought that it would be fun.

We didn't kill him, so isn't everything fine?

It's almost time for my mom and dad to arrive. Then I'll be released soon.

Before that happens, can you let us be on your show?

Aigoo, really.

This guy's totally crazy.

Why isn't she answering the phone? She should have been back already.


Save me! Save me!

Help me! Help me!

Help me! Please help me!

Why are you doing this to me?

Please save me!

Please save me!

Please save me!

What is it?

This woman or Ha Dong Min, choose who shall die.

Park Bo Yeon, what's wrong?

Save me.

Please save me.

What's wrong with you? Where are you?

I don't know. I was running earlier and

some guy grabbed me. I don't remember anything after.

Right now I am buried undeground.

The last thing that the victim saw

was the framework and ceiling of the vinyl greenhouse.

Since everyone is looking for this greenhouse. Check every single CCTV near the UCN network.

Search for witnesses. No matter what, find any traces of him.

Okay. We will.

Are you not going?

Something's weird.

What are you talking about?

It was too easy to catch them.

Who ordered the kidnapping of the lawyer?

I said we just did it amongst ourselves. How many times do I have to tell you?

You guys are hackers, however you allowed your IP address to be tracked.

You kidnapped someone and didn't get caught while taking him there. But you got caught easily, as if you were waiting for us.

Is this the extent of your plan?

Tell me. Where did you bury him?

You must think you will easily get released.

If we don't catch him, you will receive all the blame.

If the victim dies... Kidnapping ...

indicted for murder and life imprisonment.

"Hacko" is a silver spoon. He already has a lawyer.

That lawyer said all this happened because you threatened him.

Are you okay with that?

If you talk properly right now,

since you are fully cooperating with the investigation, I can lessen some of the charges.

I really don't know where he is buried.

He wasn't using a fixed ID.

I don't even know his name. While we were chatting,

we said to do that as a joke.

I really didn't know someone was going to bury him in the ground.

He just won't say anything.

It's certain they got caught on purpose to get a hold of us.

Start by checking the owner of that officetel.

The two of them don't actually live there.


- Are you hurt somewhere?
- Please save me.

Since it's connected to a fake server, we can't track the location.


Park Bo Yeon, stay calm. We're going to go to get you.

We're searching for you now. We'll find you soon.

Are you listening? Are you watching?

Please save me quickly.


Park Bo Yeon. It's Detective Park, you know me right?

Right now, the police are diligently looking for you so please don't worry.

You must hold on. Don't hang up the phone and keep talking with me.

We can't just stay like this.

Let the police help Bo Yeon. We need to figure out what the suspect wants.


The copycat killer wants us to punish Ha Dong Min.

Ha Dong Min is already in prison.

Ha Dong Min is the only target of our missions who didn't die.

Punishment by law may not be what the suspect wants.

Is there a way for Ha Dong Min to be punished by law today?

That means that he should be killed.

You didn't know?

That lawyer that got kidnapped earlier filed an official complaint.

Yesterday Ha Dong Min was questioned and will receive a decision today.

Then the prosecutor hasn't filed any charges yet.

That's right. Even if he was charged, the crime will be reported.

Then it will take more time.

There's no way to go to trial by today and receive the sentence.

If we must give the punishment the copycat killer wants,

there's no choice but to kill.

For now, once Ha Dong Min gets released, we'll use that to negotiate with the suspect.

We need to make a preview.

What do you plan to do?

Give a message to the suspect.

We got Ha Dong Min released and he is with us. Let's exchange him for Bo Yeon. Let's pretend to do this.

After that, the police will need to take over.

I made a one-year-contract for my son to live here, but he suddenly had to go abroad.

I advertised a short-term rental on the internet.

Didn't you check his ID? Did you receive the rent electronically?

I met him and received 6 months rent in cash and

received an additional 2 months security deposit. He looked ordinary.

He made the room look weird.

He didn't seem that young.

Here...we record over the files every 3 days.

He's probably not caught on them.

I haven't see him for over a week.

How long do you think Bo Yeon can live?

Since she's buried in a coffin underground,

if there's not enough oxygen, she won't last an hour.

The mission from the culprit still didn't come in.

I can't predict how the kidnapper will react if he finds out about this situation.

There are only 4 episodes left.

Anyhow, if 10 episodes are the suspect's final goal, today will be an important day for him also.

In order for us to continue the show, he'll push for it when he finds out about today's plan.

If we send out the preview, whether it's Bo Yeon's or Hyeon Woo's kidnapper,

there should be some response. Let's decide after we see how they react.

Since he hasn't sent the mission yet, he may possibly know the current situation.

I'll try to get Ha Dong Min out, no matter how.

Do you have any strategy?

I'll be back.

Mom! Mom! Please save me!


Please save me quickly.

Yes, ok. I'll also contact him right now.

Please do me this favor.

I received a call from Detective Seung In. The guys who tried to kidnap Ha Dong Min's lawyer earlier appear to be accomplices.

Then are you saying the fan club members did this?

The police acquired the the fan club membership list that Bo Yeon found.

They are investigating the online chat rooms and internet posts.

Is there anything we can do on the show?

Even if we must deceive the suspect, we must save Bo Yeon.

Hyeon Woo's kidnapper knew everything about the current broadcasting situation and Hye In.

The people who kidnapped Bo Yeon are just copycats.

That's right. Bo Yeon was kidnapped because they were copying the suspect on WANTED.

As to being buried underground, there are so many movies and American dramas.

Is it called "Buried"? That film also.

They must've meticulously planned something. But if the fan club members can meet and do something like this,

They couldn't know everything and have no control.

What if, I send out a preview that shows something that looks like Ha Dong Min's corpse.

Let's try it.

It must not be clumsy. Bo Yeon would be placed in greater danger.

We have to discuss it with the police and be sure to communicate with Ha Dong Min as well.

Yeong Gwan.

It's the first time I've seen this type of fish. Can you find out something from this?

It's looks like an odeo. But I'm not sure about the exact species.


I used to be interested in rare creatures while I was in school.

If I search for stores that sell this, I can quickly find it.

There are a few famous internet sites where these are sold.

First, find the company that sells this and let's see if any of them delivered to this apartment.


This is ours. We got them in 2 months ago.

Did you send it to this address?
Seoul Gangnamgu Samsungdong 742-1, #1412

Give me a second please.

Yes, that's right. It was sent there.

Is he a registered member?

That's right. He's a regular.

Can I see the member's personal information?

Are you Moon Seong Hyeok?

This is hard for me... did my parents hear about me?

- Do they know?
- Of course.

I called your mother and father. They're at the police station.

They're watching the current situation as well.

I want to hear Mom's voice.

Put mom on the...

Bo Yeon! We will save you for sure.

- Mom...
- We'll do whatever it takes to save you.

Hang on, okay?

Park Bo Yeon! Hang on.


Get a grip, girl!

- Mom.
- Ok.

I'll get your mom. I'll get your mom. I'll get your mom, so...

The 7th mission hasn't arrived yet.

Illegal clinical trials doctor Ha Dong Min, Reappearance Today on "Wanted"



I told them to play the preview during every ad slot.

I hope the copycat criminal calls us after seeing it.

I selected an actor for now.

Bo Yeon...

We have to save Bo Yeon quickly.

If he doesn't call within an hour, let's preview the scene of Ha Dong Min's corpse.

Park Bo Yeon... she's still talking to Press Director Choi. She's still getting air. Consider more carefully.

If the media reveals that Ha Dong Min is still in prison,

we can provoke the kidnapper even more because of our lie.

The higher ups have set things up, so let's wait for their call.

But why hasn't Hyeon Woo's kidnapper sent today's mission yet?

Does he know about the situation here all too well and doesn't want Park Bo Yeon to get hurt?

This could be the case.

I'm Sin Dong Wook from UCN.

If you try anything, Park Bo Yeon will die right away.

I'll contact you again once you show me Ha Dong Min on air.

I've heard a lot about you, but I couldn't visit you even once.

Is there a reason we should meet?

Still, you're a sunbaenim Tae Yeong respected.

He told me many times that you two were close since you went to both high school and college together.

What respect? We just drank and played poker together. That's all.

But... why did you want to meet me?

Ah, I saw the preview.

Why are you lying and saying Ha Dong Min is at the broadcasting station when he's sitting in jail?

Have you made a decision on the motion about the legality of Ha Dong Min's arrest and detention?

I am going to deny the motion.

Please release Ha Dong Min.

Why should I do that?

The assistant director of our show has been kidnapped by the copycat criminal.

She's buried alive and is dependent on her cell phone alone.

Unless we punish Ha Dong Min today, he's threatening to kill her.

What do you mean punish him today? Are you saying we should kill him the way the kidnapper intended?

Of course, we'll protect Ha Dong Min to our utmost ability once we obtain him.

If I believe what you are saying, reverse my decision, release him and he truly happens to die ...

I heard you're planning to retire soon and open up a law office.

You've never been involved in scandal or corruption. Since your wife is ill, I hear you'll start small.

So what?

The position of the head of the SG Group legal team is currently vacant.

Law Firm Five Stars also needs an attorney in charge who will change their image.


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What's the matter?

Where were you today between 9 AM and 12 PM?

Were you at work?

No, I didn't feel well. I took the morning off and came to work during lunchtime.

Is there someone who can testify that you were at home?

I was alone.

My family members all left around 9 AM.

This officetel... you're renting this place, right, Moon Seong Hyeok?

Yes. But why are you asking me this? I was in the middle of a meeting.

Where's Park Bo Yeon?

Park Bo Yeon?

Who's that?

The person you kidnapped after joining the Wanted fan club. Where did you bury her?

What... you come find me all of a sudden and talk about such nonsense?

Are you really the police?

If you want to investigate, then come back with an official warrant.

Since I was in the middle of a meeting, I have to head back in now.

Really, why are you doing this?

If there's a navigation app, find the most recent location.

- Tell me your code.
- I'm really going crazy.

I mean... I should know what this is about for me to deny it.

Do you have proof?

Your home is in the middle of Seoul. How did you get dirt on you on your way to work?

A few days ago, I went with friends to the park to have a drink.

Is this a crime?

We'll release you if there's nothing wrong. So, tell me.


Tell me quickly. Where's Park Bo Yeon?


Hold on.

It can cave in. Put the shovels down and dig with your hands.

Hurry up and dig.

Bo Yeon.

Bo Yeon.

B-B-Be careful.

I'm alive...

She's alive!

I'm alive...

I'm alive...

Hurry, hurry, hurry!

- Hurry...
- Bo Yeon is alive.

It's okay.

Park Bo Yeon, you're okay.

How is she?

She just fell asleep.

Thankfully, there's no major injury besides the shock and dehydration.

That's a relief.

What kind of person is the culprit?

An ordinary person.

Someone you can spot anywhere.

He graduated from a four year university in Seoul and works for a good company.

He has no problem making a decent living.

But he had to give up certain things he wanted to do. Just an ordinary person like that.

Why would he do something like this?

He wanted to become someone special after watching the show.

We'll definitely find Hyeon Woo.

And we'll definitely catch the culprit.

Before this crazy show is over after completing ten episodes like the way culprit wanted...

Before anyone else gets hurt or damaged...

I'll be one step ahead and catch him.

Why are you staring at someone who's eating?

If you didn't have lunch, eat with me.

Did you hear about today's show?

I heard.

I heard Jeong Hye In visited the judge and asked him to release you.

So? Will he?

The position of the head of the SG Group legal team is currently vacant.

Law Firm Five Stars also needs an attorney in charge who will change their image.

I... I mean...

SG Group, Hyeon Woo's uncle, requests a meeting..

Jeong Hye In.

I really hope you find Song Hyeon Woo.


Thank you.

I also hope the kidnapped assistant producer is safe. However...

I can't release Ha Dong Min.

- Judge...
- With my emotion or...

for any reason... I don't determine things like that.

Whether Ha Dong Min's arrest is legally just or not...

I'll determine that based on the rules and legal principles.

When I keep that in mind, I believe Ha Dong Min's detention is necessary.

- But still...
- I hope you find Hyeon Woo safely and...

the kidnapper is severely punished according to the law.

This is your seventh mission.

Have BJ Lee Ji Eun appear on Wanted.

Last time, you said your dad is the only person who believed in you, right?

You said the world turned your dad into an alcoholic

and caused depression.

Then before all that happened... so...

seven years ago...

What happened to your dad seven years ago... can you talk about it?

I have nothing to say.

There were some people who committed copycat crimes after watching today's WANTED.

Asking us to kill Ha Dong Min, they kidnapped a show staff...

and buried her alive.

This isn't what you want.

If there's something you want to reveal,

If there's some injustice, say it.

Would your father still believe in you after seeing you like this?

Are you okay if he doesn't?

- My dad died.
- So, you don't care?

So... did they kill Ha Dong Min?

No. The copycat criminals got caught.

How about the show staff?

We rescued her in the nick of time before she died.

Tong Mi... Tong Mi can't die.


If he dies now...

Let me use your phone.

Who are you going to call?

You'll find out if you listen.

Yeah, it's me, Ha Dong Min.

I think I'll be more safe in here for the time being.

After this show is over, shouldn't I be released without too much effort?

I mean,

As for me... I've been marked as a monster by the world and am already sitting in jail.

I don't have anything more to lose by revealing that.

I'm just keeping my mouth shut for someone who should watch out.

I guess Jeong Hye In went to see the judge asking to release me.

If she continues to go around doing that, wouldn't it be better to just tell Jeong Hye In and have her catch the kidnapper sooner?

I'm about to die.

Detective Cha Seung In, a mission came.

I must meet Lee Ji Eun right away.

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