Wanted (2016–…): Season 1, Episode 10 - Episode #1.10 - full transcript

With the mission freshly delivered, the TV show's staff hectically puts a show together. The accomplice to Hyun Woo's kidnapper is extensively interviewed.

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Episode 10

Someone just jumped off of the broadcasting station's roof.

- I heard someone committed suicide from the roof of this building.
- Is it someone connected to our program?

- I'll find out first.
- Wait a minute.

Just wait a minute.

There's not much time. I just received a mission.

When? Why are you telling us now?

It hasn't been long. I was going to call you on my way to see Lee Ji Eun.

This is your seventh mission. Have BJ Lee Ji Eun appear on WANTED.

That BJ?

We should take care of this first.

Because of the copycat criminal, we already aired an incorrect preview. We're running out of time, too.

I heard Detective Oh Mi Ok is with Lee Ji Eun right now. I'll go there first...

Don't go alone.

Since the situation is dangerous, I'm telling you not to go alone.

As for the show, Writer Yeon and I will prepare here. Hyung, go with her.

I got it. But that corpse...

I'm sure it's connected to our program. Let me find out and I'll let you know.

Okay. Let's go, Hye In.

- How did you find out about this?
- I heard the dead person is Lee Ji Eun's mother.

I'm on Lee Ji Eun's case. It's relevant.

It's a suicide.

I raised my child wrong so I caused such a thing to occur.

I'll give up my life as my apology to the world.

You'll have to resolve this case somehow, but it seems that there's nothing I can do.

It's too hard to watch all of this happen.

I feel sincerely bad towards Jeong Hye In.

I'll pray on the other side of this world that her son Song Hyeon Woo is safe.

Have you ever seen your daughter's boyfriend before?

No. She's been happy and excited lately.

She said her boyfriend has connections at the broadcasting company and that he'll help make her debut.

Because she hangs around such losers, she's just full of hot air.

Your kid hasn't come home for three days and you didn't report it?

- How about CCTVs?
- They're currently checking the security system. Nothing got recorded from yesterday and today.

Does it make sense that there's no security system for this broadcasting station?

Two people died inside the station, and a member of the broadcasting team almost died too!

The culprit probably did it.

Hacking the system and messing it up. Didn't I tell you?

The culprit has to be from the broadcasting team.

There's a possibility that it was hacked from outside.

By following that lead too much, you might miss the kidnapper...

We're looking into what happened, so mind your own business.

Alright but instead, I will investigate this suicide incident.

This is also relevant to the show. If you find something, be sure to share the information.

Why did he send me her family picture when he's asking Lee Ji Eun to appear on the show?

Lee Ji Eun is reacting very sensitively about her father's story.

Just as Na Soo Hyeon became an accomplice in order to revenge his brother Na Jae Hyeon's death,

Li Ji Eun must have become involved in this because of her father.

Then, should we pull out the story of Lee Ji Eun's father on the upcoming show?

More than that, we have to look one step beyond.

The kidnapper is wavering at the moment.

There are three episodes of the show left.

Once Na Jae Hyeon's body was found, the suspect's plan is to find out why the police commissioner

stopped the investigation into Na Jae Hyeon's disappearance 7 years ago.

Ultimately, discovering the reason why my late husband and Na Jae Hyeon met

is the main focus of this case.

That's right.

He's leading us to continue the investigation of that incident.

He probably has a big picture of revealing everything on the tenth episode.

However, the police commissioner committed suicide.

- Broadcasting team's Bo Yeon got kidnapped by copycat criminals.
- Save me!

The show is facing a crisis.

If so... do you think he never intended to have Lee Ji Eun appear on the show originally?

The probability is big.

Since he wanted to quickly get to the main focus, I can see that he revised his plans.

Only if we can find out more about Lee Ji Eun...

This is a chance for us to bypass the culprit's plan.

Meet Lee Ji Eun first for now. You don't have to say everything we find out on the show.

As long as we have her come on the show, your mission is complete.

It's good to break the kidnapper's expected outcome.

How do we make Lee Ji Eun who's sitting in prison appear on the show?

I heard that the mission this time around is to have the accomplice BJ appear on the show.

That is a bit difficult. She was caught red-handed.

Don't you think the circumstances of this case are different?

The WANTED program itself is the investigation's distress.

Also, the police said they will closely cooperate.

There are already lots of complaints internally.

General Manager, I wonder how you will lead this organization.

My father's expectations for this are very high.

As to the previous police commissioner, due to his image and personal concerns,

he showed us inconsistent actions.

Did you write articles about the BJ?

I think that we'll have to reveal it earlier than expected.

We have to get the interest of people with this mission.

But me revealing this is a little... Don't you agree?

A little? What?

While joining this team, I'm going to report an in-depth coverage of the case.

No one knows how this case will turn out. If I write such an article in the middle of this,

my credibility will fall.

- This is different from what we agreed on.
- Don't get upset and listen to me.

What I mean is...that article already became an exclusive.

[Exclusive: Kidnapping of Hye In's son Hyeon Woo, How far will BJ go?]

This was posted two hours ago and it's already the main news in the portal.

This is the hottest news at the moment. What more do I need to say?

I heard last night's show ratings went up to 35% per minute.

The person who committed suicide... is that BJ's mother?

Lee Ji Eun's only family member. We haven't confirmed yet, but we found a suicide note.

She matches the ID photo. Sunbae Cha Seung In had met her before, so he confirmed.

Is it confirmed that it was a suicide?

Up to now it is.

Lee Ji Eun's mom's suicide... don't tell PD Sin Dong Wook about it just yet.

Today's mission is about Lee Ji Eun.

Whether this story should make it on the show...

I need to determine that first.


What were you going to say when you appear on the show today?

I received the seventh mission.

"Have Lee Ji Eun appear on the show."

He sent me your family photo along as well.

He's trying to talk about your family.

I have no idea why you kidnapped Hyeon Woo and...

participated in murdering other people.

You have to tell me, so we can end all this.

I can't appear on the show.

Then tell me now.

Who is the kidnapper? Where is Hyeon Woo?

Hyeon Woo... Hyeon Woo will be safe.

From the very beginning, did the kidnapper say you'd be appearing on the show?

From the very beginning, did he say that the police commissioner will commit suicide...

and that a broadcasting team member will be abducted and buried alive?

Now... you must make your choice, Ji Eun.

About this... shouldn't we let Lee Ji Eun know?

If she finds out about her mom's suicide, she'll be shaken up emotionally.

Then she might tell us everything she knows.

It might have the reverse effect.

What are you saying?

It may not have been suicide.

If she suspects that, Lee Ji Eun can explode.

She'd have to revenge her mother's death as well.

What do you mean it's not suicide? Then who... Na Soo Hyeon?

The one who asked Jo Nam Cheol to commit murder.

Using the police commissioner, he was able to stop the investigation on Na Jae Hyeon's case at the time.

Someone who could've covered up the son of SG Group's death.

Why would he kill Lee Ji Eun's mother?

Lee Ji Eun is probably connected to the incident from seven years ago, too.

Lee Ji Eun's mother could've known something about it. And perhaps, she could've tried to contact him.

I should've thought about this sooner.

But there's a suicide note. Besides, her motives are clear.

Hey, aren't you going way too far out?

There's something strange about the suicide note, too.


90% of dead bodies found are from suicides.

In most cases, a suicide note isn't found at the scene.

Before committing suicide, suicidal people are mentally unstable.

Even if they write a suicide note, it's hard to write one that's so methodical like this.

Lee Ji Eun case came up suddenly and I'm sure she didn't prepare the suicide from before.

Lee Ji Eun's mom... she wasn't highly educated.

I'll push for the autopsy results to come out faster. Don't jump to any conclusion until then.

Right now Ha Dong Min is the only person who'd know about this.

I'll go meet Ha Dong Min.

Hi Sunbae, Lee Ji Eun is in danger. Move with caution.

Okay, I got it.

In any case, we got the permission. After Hye In is done talking, we'll take her with us.

Okay, call me.

You know... did they identify the person who committed suicide?

No, not yet. I think they still need to look into it more.

I see...

Please sign.

This is the first instance of the sort for us as well. There should be two policemen accompanying her at all times.

After 11 p.m. when the show ends, the police should bring her back here.

- Okay.
- Yes.

Please wait here.

Even about an hour ago...

I saw him going back to his room after meeting with his attorney.

There wasn't anything out of the ordinary about him.

He actually looked like he was in a good mood.

Can I see the scene?

That will be difficult.

Please go for now.

I trust him.


What you and policemen couldn't do seven years ago...

He's doing it right now.

Seven years ago, people didn't care and went on their own way.

Only now, they're starting to think about what had happened.

So, he's right.

So, tell me.

What happened seven years ago and what does he want?

Your show... I'll go on it.

I'll only speak when everyone is watching me.

I don't trust you either, Jeong Hye In.

Excuse me, you should come see this.

What's going on?

A delivery came for Park Bo Yeon and something strange is written on it.

How about the messenger?

Our security guard is holding him on the first floor, but he's throwing a fit.

What do we do about here?

Someone should stay here at the patient's room.

Yes, someone will be here. Oh, here. Stay here.

Let's go.

Excuse me.

This is Park Bo Yeon's room, right?

The doctor asked me to go in and see her.

Song Yeong Soo
- Ah, then you'll be here right, Doctor?

A suspicious person may come by, so please stay here until the policemen come back.

The patient in room #301 is paging me.

Okay. Don't worry.

Are you... okay?

Don't be scared.

I didn't come here to hurt you.

I'm sorry.

Other people deserved it, but something like that shouldn't have happened to you, Bo Yeon.

You didn't do anything wrong, Bo Yeon.

Because of what happened... I know you'll struggle a lot in the future.

I'm really sorry.

I don't have too much time.

There's one last thing I need to do.

I'm really sorry, but...

I will request one thing from you.

This memo...

Please give it to Detective Cha Seung In.

What is this?

You just have to do that for me.

I thought he was drunk.

He did. That's why he's throwing a drunken fit.

Are you really going to go on this show?

Don't you think the culprit is just using you?

Everyone who goes on this show either dies or gets hurt.

Look at me!

Just tell us who the culprit is. If you tell us now, you won't be an accomplice...

but I'll make it so you were kidnapped by Park Se Young and didn't have a choice but to do what was told.

Would you leave us alone for a moment?

Didn't you hear that two policemen must accompany her?

That's why there are people standing outside the room.

If you'd like, you can guard her outside.

Why should I do that?

Didn't the police also give permission for her to appear on this show?

Give her some time to rest. She's still young.

Let's leave her alone for a moment.

She won't tell us anyway.

You two stay put in here. I'll check often.


Detective Park.


You're already part of the broadcasting team. You have nothing to do with me, right?

Oh, no! You're an important character, too, Detective Park.

You said this, Detective Park. If I told you some internal information, it would help in your investigation.

Will this be helpful?

It's a voice file. A conversation between me and PD Sin Dong Wook.

There's also a conversation with the writer.

Why are you giving this to me?

Detective Park, honestly... you're stressed out because of PD Sin Dong Wook.

I know you think of him as a suspect.


He's highly suspicious. A kidnapper who tells him to make an impossible show... on top of that...

A PD who used to be on top but is now at rock bottom in his career and needs a boost.

So strangely, he's so cruelly focused on the show.

He doesn't seem like someone who's working on the show to find the kid.


I wanted to check my intuition.

Sin Dong Wook seems like the culprit?

People... they become more honest in front of someone who is similar to them.

Listen to it and think about it some more.

What do you gain by doing this?

Behind story!

When I publish a book...

Would it be more fun to read about a story where I'm one step behind and am observing or...

one where I'm on the inside and take a great part in catching the culprit?

If people aren't interested in me,

the story observed from my perspective...

won't be trusted.

I heard you stopped by to see Bo Yeon. You didn't want to go when we went to see her.

Bo Yeon was happy about it.

I don't like to go around with a bunch of people. All I had to do was see her face.

PD, why are you working on this show?

Do you really think you can make a comeback by making this a daebak?

No. I think my career can be over because of this show as well.

Then why are you going this far?

Should I be honest?

A chance to work on a show like this...

There won't be another chance in my life and...

Perhaps no one in this world would get this chance.


The culprit's intention is there and all I need to do is deliver it.

I have to make it fun and interesting, so many people would watch it.

Whether those viewers go crazy or criticize or copy...

That's their problem.

What do you gain by doing that, PD?

How the show provokes people and eggs them on...

And how people would develop the show...

I want to check it out. How it will turn out in the end.

I'll talk to you again. Okay.

There is something I've been curious about.

Can I ask you?

Sure, ask.

In the past, while serving in the army, you filmed many documentaries on current affairs.

I heard you were sued a lot for defamation.

I had my home searched and seized. The writers had their personal emails inspected.

I went to the courthouse quite a bit.

I do remember watching a few episodes.

Even so, you found those controversial issues and made the show?

That was my job.

Not everyone does that type of work.

Why did you continue to do those shows?

At the time, I had innocent intentions.

Thinking that's what broadcasting should be about...

Telling people what they don't know...

That it should change the world... something like that...

How about now?

Excuse me? Now...

I'm not sure.

I thought there was something for me to do here...

I couldn't stop things from going wrong.

It's like that, you know...

Is Han Sol doing well?

He needs more time, but...

he eats well and sleeps well these days.

He talks about you a lot, Detective. He says he wants to see you.

I brought what you talked about.

I'm not sure if this is what you're looking for.

It's personal files from when Han Sol's dad used to work at the lab, right?

Ah, yes. Right. He never brought these things home.

7 years ago, you were the assistant professor for veterinary medicine.

Yes, eight years ago...

He was an assistant professor when we met on a blind date and got ready to get married in two months.

He was so busy then. We fought a lot.

You don't know why he was so busy?

As for me... I wouldn't have known even if he told me since it was such a specialized field.

At that time...

A foreign company's request or something... He said he was doing research.

He said he's the team leader for the research team. That's all I remember.

Even after we got married, he was crazy busy for about a year.


Excuse me.

1,212,153,000 won

Excuse me...

My husband's death, by chance...

Is it because of what happened then?

We have many possibilities we're looking into.

Can we take these files with us and review them?

Of course.

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Don't be nice to me.

I really hated you in the beginning. No...

I still hate you now.

Only if you'd say one word...

If you tell me who he is...

I can find Hyeon Woo right this minute.


I think you're also a victim.

I'm doing this because I want to.

Don't determine anything the way you want to.

I don't understand what "doing this because you want to" means.

What kind of person are you?

How did you life?

I started acting at the age of seven.

From then, I learned to recognize what people wanted.

I learned how to act accordingly.

In the midst of adults.

Why are you telling me these things?

Not even once, what I really wanted...

How I wanted to live... I never thought about it thoroughly.

My husband died and I ran away to another country.

The day my Hyeon Woo got kidnapped, I declared my retirement...

I did all that to protect Hyeon Woo.

Hyeon Woo is the only one who's very precious to me.

More than my own life...

Hyeon Woo is more valuable to me.

Did you also have something that you wanted to protect that badly?

Yes, Squad Chief. We just got inside Lee Ji Eun's house.

The house looks like it was empty for few days.

If I find anything, I'll let you know right away.


I'm not trespassing all the time.

What should we look for first?

Find Lee Ji Eun's father's things first.

Trace of someone breaking in, blood stain...

Possibility of physical abuse on Lee Ji Eun's mother.


SG Group 2006

SG Group 2007

SG Group 2008

Yeong Gwan.


Take these and Han Sol's dad's belongings to the station and review them.

How about you, Sunbaenim?

I have to go somewhere.

To my dad...

One day, I said I wish he'd die.

Ji Eun, are you okay?

That would've been terrible.

Who are you?

Your father's friend from work.

I've seen you a few times when you were young. I guess you don't remember.


Why are you out so late?

That jerk was really following you.

I was on my way to see your dad. It could've been bad.

Thank you.

Is your dad home?

Boy, it looks heavy.

You must study hard.

It's okay.

No, give it to me.

Okay, let's go.

Dad, your friend came-

You... you a**hole...

How dare you come here...

Why are you with my daughter...

You a**hole!

Dad, Dad, Dad...

He's quite drunk.


Is your dad like this all the time these days?

No, well...

Today isn't good.

I'll be back another day.

Don't be out too late. It's dangerous.

As a dad in this condition, would he be able to protect his daughter in danger?

Take care of yourself. Ji Eun...

I'll see you next time.

You a**hole...

Go inside.

Who told you to walk around like that with a stranger?

He said he was your friend. He said he met me when I was young.

Hurry up and go inside!

If you do this one more time, you'll never leave the house again!

How long will you do this?

I wish you'd just die, Dad!

Then Mom would come back.

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That's the last time I saw Dad alive.

The next day...

I'm home.



And Mom didn't come to Dad's funeral.

Mom came back after living alone for about two months.

Since then, I never spoke to Mom.

Then, it's not something you want to protect...

Both your mom and dad couldn't protect you...

You're so angry about that. Is that why you've come this far?


My dad did that to rescue me.

He thought everything would be over only if he died.

It's not that my dad couldn't protect me.

You couldn't protect Hyeon Woo, Jeong Hye In.

That day, you could've stopped him from taking Hyeon Woo.

Hyeon Woo probably thinks that, too.

Saying his mom couldn't protect him...

Hyeon Woo!


Hyeon Woo!

Are you hurt anywhere?

Subtitles brought to you by The Wanted @ Viki

Are you okay?

Were you talking to Lee Ji Eun and got emotional?

No. I'm okay.

I know. It couldn't have been easy.

She's a smart kid.

If she shook you up like this, she probably told you only the portion she wanted to tell

and closed up the conversation.

Then what should we do now?

She'll say only what she thinks is necessary on the show, too.

You said we have to pull more out of her.

The corpse you saw in front of the broadcasting station...

It's Ji Eun's mother. She left a suicide note.

Are you sure it's suicide?

We have to wait for the autopsy results to come out. We're in the middle of investigations.

Does Lee Ji Eun know?


But why are you telling me this now?

The broadcasting team also doesn't know.

According to Detective Park, the writer knows but she asked not to tell the PD.

She must not want it to go on air.

At the most necessary timing, just once...

you can give Lee Ji Eun a completely unexpected shock.

Detective Cha Seung In

Yes, Detective Cha.

I'll come down.

I think I should go down. I can't leave Lee Ji Eun alone.

I'll be here. Go and come back.


Lee Ji Eun is with Jeong Hye In. Nothing special is going on.


Isn't it hard?

The woman who fell off the roof of the broadcasting building...

I heard she's a UCN employee. I heard she killed herself criticizing Wanted.

Like burning yourself, as if she was protesting.

Who said that?

My friend. He's a reporter at Young Jin Newspaper, society department. He said it's coming out on tomorrow morning's paper.

He received the source at the police station.

Also a copy of the suicide note.

Geez, nonsense... Is he crazy?

We're not even finished identifying the corpse.

Because Lee Ji Eun is in prison.

What does Lee Ji Eun being in prison and identifying the body have to do with each other?

Is it Lee Ji Eun's mom?


Don't be like that and tell me. I met Detective Park earlier and...

gave him incredible information about the broadcasting team.

Detective Park and I are close. He wouldn't get mad over what you tell me.

It's not like I'll write an article on it. It's just for my report.

I have to record everything that happens everyday.

This... can't become an article yet...

I won't write an article.

- You have questions for the audience, right?
- Yes.

PD Sin! See me for a minute.

Are you lucky or what, PD Sin?

The whole universe is helping WANTED.

What is it now?

The woman who fell off the roof today.

Suicide Note

It's Lee Ji Eun's mom. The day Lee Ji Eun is to appear on the show...

Of all days, Lee Ji Eun's mom commits suicide from the roof of the broadcasting station building.

Lee Ji Eun doesn't know that.

An incredible drama will be produced once again.

Hye In.

Did Hye In go somewhere?

Call her. She left to do something.

Ah, yes.

Things will be crazy after you go on the show.

I hope you'd talk to detective here or Jeong Hye In honestly, but...

you don't have to say anything on the show if you don't want to.

Your past or personal life...

Please take care of her.

What are you doing?

Wait, wait...

What's the reason you're going around doing this?

I thought you talked to PD Sin already.

You took pictures during Bo Yeon's rescue, right?

No... when did I?

Give me your cell phone.

- I don't want to.
- You don't want to...

You know him, right?

- Oh, my!
- Punk...

10 seconds to the show

5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

Everything that happens on this show is real.

As directed by my son Hyeon Woo's kidnapper,

we are doing this broadcast

Jeong Hye In's WANTED, starts now.

Put the subtitles.

Enter the audience.

Hey, you...

Audience enters. Look at the props.

Who are those audience members?

When you work on other shows, wouldn't you have audience members when you have a guest like this, Writer Yeon?

- What's different here?
- Bo Yeon got hurt making the show this way! She almost got killed!

If we're going to change the standard just because Bo Yeon got hurt, we should've done that when Han Sol's dad got killed.

I don't believe in making the show based on personal feelings.

Jeong Hye In, what are you doing? Your comments.

Today on Jeong Hye In's Wanted, we're joined by 30 members of the audience. Let's have them join us now.

Today on Jeong Hye In's Wanted, we're joined by 30 members of the audience.

Let's have them join us now.

Please enter.

Please fill up the first half first.

Work hard.

Wow... how could Sin Dong Wook go that far...

He's really something...

Coconut TV, Live Eating Show BJ, ID Jieun...

Lee Ji Eun in her early 20's was abducted by a man wearing a mask during her Internet show.

This happened three days before my son Hyeon Woo was kidnapped.

Kidnapper Park Se Young had met Lee Ji Eun online and they were dating.

Three days later, Park Se Young disguised himself as one of the movie staff members

and kidnapped my son Hyeon Woo.

And the first day of this show,

he was found dead by hanging himself at his house.

The request made by the kidnapper who asked me to make this show

and the second mission was delivered by Lee Ji Eun who was thought to be a victim of kidnapping herself.

And the target of the first mission

At the scene where Kim Han Sol's father, Professor Kim Woo Jin, was murdered

Lee Ji Eun was arrested without a fight.

The culprit's 7th mission is

to make Lee Ji Eun appear on WANTED.

7th mission
Make BJ's Lee Ji Eun appear on WANTED

Subtitles brought to you by The Wanted @ Viki

Jeong Hye In's WANTED

We will start with questions from the audience.

Today, we will start unusually with accepting questions from the audience.

I was a fan since the Africa TV did the food show.

I saw an article that you met Park Se Young for a condition.

You did a sexy eating show on Coconut TV just to make money.

Wasn't the motive for the kidnapping also money in the end?

That's not it.

Was the reason that Park Se Young and you

abducted Hyeon Woo together, money?

That's not it.

Lee Ji Eun is an accomplice. If you attack her, it's the same as attacking the suspect.

This is my broadcast. If you don't like it, then get out!

I don't know about the standards.

But someone almost died because of what you did. Even if it's just because of that one person,

shouldn't you change a bit?

If you want to go, get out together.

No. I can't get out. This is also my broadcast.

This time I will ask questions.

Lee Ji Eun, what's the reason that the culprit sent a picture of your family together with the mission?

I will change the question.

I heard that seven years ago, your father's friend

used you to artfully threaten your father.

Do you know what the reason is?

I will ask Jeong Hye In something.

You are together with the co-perpetrator who abducted the child now.

How can you be so composed?

Are you trying exonerate the culprit because he has a pitiable circumstance?

Did you make up this story to save your husband's broadcasting company?

Is this all a set-up?!

Yes, the next sequence--

Oh! That scared me.

Hye In, don't take questions from the audience. I'll go to a commercial break so wrap up the situation--

3 more minutes. It's not time for a commercial break yet.

Jeong Hye In, you need to smooth this over well. This reaction is how the viewers really see you.

You can also change their hearts. Try it once.

I live nearby.

I saw today how a woman commited suicide by jumping off UCN's roof.

It's 2400 Won.

A while ago someone commited suicide in front of here. Did you see it by chance?

That woman. Yes, I saw her. Such a thing happened in broad daylight.

Did you take pictures or make a video by chance?

Why would I do that? That's scary.

I have a use for it.

Work hard.


Excuse me!

I took pictures with my phone.


- What is this!
- What happened!

What's that? Why is it like this? Is it a power blackout?

Go check out the emergency room!


I would like to apologize to the viewers.

Where did Lee Ji Eun go?

- Oh my gosh! What happened?
- Where did she go?

Where did she go?

What's going on?

Is it over now?

Team Leader, the broadcast network had a blackout and Lee Ji Eun disappeared.

Chief, are you watching the broadcast?

The police has sealed off the UCN building and is searching the nearby surroundings.

Once again, I offer my apologies to the viewers.

For an unknown cause, the studio had a short blackout and

we could not properly broadcast the program.

And the co-perpetrator

who abducted my son Hyeon Woo,

the main character of the 7th mission,

Lee Ji Eun, disappeared during the blackout.

Jeong Hye In, calm down. Listen to me. There is still some time left for the broadcast.

You will take questions from the studio audience by yourself.

We need to finish this episode.

The 7th mission to make Lee Ji Eun appear on the show has been completed.

During the remaining time,

I will accept questions about WANTED from the audience.

Please ask your question.

Give her the mic.

As of yesterday's broadcast, the WANTED team

were trying to find out how so many people were entangled to a case from 7 years ago.

Did you find out what case it is?

You worked hard.

- Those who were at the scene cannot leave.
- Let go of me.

You were together with Lee Ji Eun for the longest time and you stood nearest to her during the power blackout.

Now the only person of whom we know abducted Hyeon Woo has disappeared!

Let go!

Let her go.