Wanted (2016–…): Season 1, Episode 11 - Episode #1.11 - full transcript

As pieces of the puzzle start to get filled in, Jun Hye In redoubles her commitment to rescuing her son.

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Episode 11

Those who were at the scene cannot leave.

Let go of me.

You were together with Lee Ji Eun for the longest time and you stood nearest to her during the power blackout.

Now the only person whom we know abducted Hyeon Woo has disappeared!

Let go!

Let her go.

7th mission
Make BJ's Lee Ji Eun appear on WANTED

Jeong Hye In's WANTED

Ha Dong Min passed away?

He committed suicide by hanging himself in the jail cell.
(Before the 7th Episode of "WANTED" aired)

Lee Ji Eun's mom and Ha Dong Min, why would they suddenly commit suicide?

It's not a suicide. It was made to look like suicide to keep somebody silent.

Is it to cover up the case from 7 years ago that Hyeon Woo's kidnapper is trying to reveal?

It could be the case.

By chance, if what Jo Nam Cheol said to PD Sin Dong Wook is true...

Lee Myeong Soon and the video from 7 years ago.

I didn't kill him alone. I was hired.

Why didn't you say this 7 years ago?

Do you know who those people are? Even the prosecutor didn't listen to me and tried to cover it.

But because you guys put a spotlight on this case again, those guys are trying to kill me.

Whether I get caught by police or run away, I'll get killed by those guys.

Even the car accident yesterday was caused by those guys.

An extremely powerful person who can instigate a murder and sway the prosecutors.

Also by abetting someone,

he was powerful enough to have someone who is locked up in a jail cell alone get killed.

Who do you think it is?


7 years ago Han Seol's father, Professor Woo Jin Kim, was conducting research for a large corporation.

I heard that you were the assistant professor for veterinary medicine, 7 years ago.

At that time... A foreign company's request or something... He said he's the team leader for the research team.

That's all I remember.


The company he was doing research for was SG group.

The funding for the research was deposited into his personal bank account.

The amount was big and he wasn't doing official research.

SG Group

Lee Ji Eun's father worked for SG group from 2006 to 2009.

I haven't yet confirmed which affiliate and department it was.

All of the culprit's targets and accomplices are connected to SG.

So there is a possibility that it was SG Group

who killed Na Jae Hyeon and my ex-husband?

That can't be. They were still family.

Occasionally my husband felt sad because his family was so heartless.

But in order to maintain their status and power, they meticulously protected their family members.

We have to find out more. Whether SG is in the centre of all of this

or if there are other players and how they are all connected to this case.

So out of the people who knew exactly what happened 7 years ago...

the only one left is Lee Ji Eun.

So the culprit also...

If so... do you think he never intended to have Lee Ji Eun appear on the show originally?

The probability is big.

Since he wanted to quickly get to the main focus, I can see that he revised his plans.

Only if we can find out more about Lee Ji Eun...

This is a chance for us to bypass the culprit's plan.

If Lee Ji Eun talks about things related to SG on the broadcast tonight...

It might be the culprit's intention, but Hyeon Woo will be in danger.

The culprit will say to continue the last three episodes,

SG will block this broadcast.

Although I don't know to what extent the culprit's plan extends to

but if she doesn't talk about SG and goes back to jail,

Lee Ji Eun may get killed like Ha Dong Min.

Help me, Detective.

We have to hide Lee Ji Eun.

Jeong Hye In just went into Detective Cha Seung In's house.

The detective's house? There's a lot of ruckus because of Lee Ji Eun right now though...

Check if Lee Ji Eun is there.

Don't carelessly provoke Jeong Hye In and the detective. Just check on them for now.

Why did you bring me here?

To be honest, your mother... didn't commit suicide.

Who is it?

It's security. I'm sorry for bothering you so late...

Hello. What brings you here?

Water is leaking downstairs. He said he must check it out right now.

He kept badgering me.

Did the grandmother downstairs say that?

She didn't tell me such a thing.

It's just that... He said that he is her grandson.

I'll just do a quick check and see if I will need to make a call to the vendor tomorrow.

Do that.

Come in.

Did you check where it's leaking?

Can I check the bathroom?

The bathroom is currently a little-

I'm sorry.

Who are you?

It's just that water is leaking downstairs.

Would you please get out?


Based on the location it may not be the bathroom.

I'll check it for you tomorrow.


I will check too.. so let's get out now.

I'm sorry.

It's fine. I'll contact you shortly.

Yes. Let's go.

Let's go out.

I think we need to go to a safer place.

I have a place that I use by myself.

I go there when I start a new project or when I want to rest.

My manager and my husband don't know about it.

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There's nothing in the bag in Jeong Hye In's car.

They anticipated that we would follow them and looks like they are trying to throw us off the trail.

I got it.

For now, standby.


Jeong Hye In came. What should I do?

Let her come in.

What brings you here without notice so late at night?

My apologies. I have something urgent to discuss with you.

Have a seat.

Did you see the broadcast?

- Lee Ji Eun disappeared.
- They still haven't found her?


But I think I gained a lead instead.

What do you mean by lead?

Starting from the TV station, there are people who keep following me.

I confirmed that I was followed here also.

Who would do such a thing and why?

Someone who's after Lee Ji Eun

must suspect that I took her.

It could be the culprit or what the culprit wants discovered.

There are people trying to cover up the truth about the incident from 7 years ago.

How is that a lead?

The detectives know that I am being followed.

Once we catch them, we are planing to retrace their steps.

If it's the culprit, we will get closer to his real identity.

If it's the ones who are trying to cover up the truth, we can find out the culprit's motive.

It is to my understanding that SG Group has more power to get information than the national agency.

Brother-in-law, I would greatly appreciate if you can also look into this matter.

I will.

Jeong Hye In is being followed.

I would like to find out what kind of people they are as soon as possible.

I understand what you're saying.

I apologize. I shall pull out for today.

If you look at Professor Kim Woo Jin's saved emails, it shows that the sender is Yong Hwan Lee.

Ji Eun's father worked at SG Group and is named Yong Hwan.
(SG Group, Yong Hwan Lee)

The email account is not an SG company account but a regular web account.


Funds for the research service costs were deposited into a personal account.

SG entrusted the research that must not be disclosed to outsiders to Professor Woo Jin.

The person in charge of that project was Yong Hwan Lee.

Then soon after Yong Hwan Lee became an alcoholic, suffered depression, and eventually committed suicide.

Professor Woo Jin Kim becoming the target of Hyeon Woo's kidnapper was

not simply just to expose child abuse. Am I right?

That's right. It's because of the case from 7 years ago that entangled Na Jae Hyeon and Ham Tae Young.

If that's the case, it's also not Ha Dong Min's illegal clinical trials.

There must be a connecting link with this case from 7 years ago.

However, did Sunbae tell you where he went? You haven't heard from him?

He didn't tell you anything?

Cha Seung In, where are you?

I was going to call you.

I'm going to text you an address right now. Please come to this location.

Don't tell Yeong Gwan. Let's talk in person.

Is it certain that Mom did not commit suicude?

I will know for sure once I get the autopsy results.

Who killed her?

Those people?


The police were stationed at every corner of the TV station.

How can you let Lee Ji Eun escape?

This is what I want to ask you.

Someone knew where the emergency generator was located and how to operate it.

Who broke it in advance?

During the blackout, the person who can avoid the police and sneak out with Lee Ji Eun,

Who is it?

TV station team. We can't help being suspicious of someone inside UCN.

Everyone heard earlier but let's go over it one more time.

It was confirmed that writer Yeon was at the studio all day.

An engineer confirmed that Shin PD was in the control room.

Chief Choi, where were you then?

I told you I was in the hallway.

There isn't anyone to confirm that for you.

I was on the phone with Bo Yeon and I showed you the stamped time a little while ago.

Anyhow, if the culprit is in this room,

it was probably planned in advance and an accomplice could have gotten in.

Na Soo Hyeon could've come in as well.

Then it's the police's job to find out how the accomplice came in here and took Lee Ji Eun.

- What?
- If not, you should've caught Na Soo Hyeon already.

Instead of being suspicious of us and repeating yourself again.

It might not have been the culprit who took Lee Ji Eun.

There was something the culprit wanted Lee Ji Eun to reveal on the show.

She could've been taken by the person who is scared of that being revealed.

One of the people who wants to cover up the case from 7 years ago?

Your reasoning is good. But broadcast team, I'm going to check all of today's movements.

If you all want to work again, please cooperate with us.

PD Sin, follow me. Chief Choi, speak to Detective Yoo.

Writer, please wait here for a little bit and help us gain a better understanding of the movements.

Oh, so you were awake. I wasn't going to call because I thought you'd be sleeping.

How are you feeling?

Are you very sick? Should I come over?

No. I got a lot better.

My mother came and I'm getting discharged now.


You should take it easy.

If you're concerned about the TV station, you don't need to be.

You don't have to suffer because of the show, Bo Yeon.


want to quit. I can't do this.

Alright then.

If you can't do it then quit. It's not as if I don't understand how you feel.

A person died. How can everyone still work?

If you started something big for some reason, seeing it to the end..

that is taking responsibility. No matter what the result is.

It never happened. Police chief stopped it. Choi Pil Gyu told me to go into business and gave me money. Go Hyeong Joon.

No. I'm going to continue doing this.

I'm going to rest up until tonight, and I'll come to work tomorrow.

Why did you think of that?

As you said, at first I came on this team without knowing anything.

With my credentials, I didn't get accepted anywhere else.

And now? What changed?

It's true that our show is wrong.

Exactly why the kidnapper is doing this...

I want to confirm that reason.

Also, I want to take responsibility to the end.

Even if there's only 1% that I can make it right...

I will keep doing it.

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There are only these three people left.

Even if we follow the plan it's a hit or miss.

If Ji Eun agreed to this mission...

No... listen.

This is something that Ji Eun and I started by putting our lives on the line.

We were prepared for it to end up like this anyway.

I have nothing more to lose.

No... if you were going to do this, you shouldn't have started it.

I... killed people.

I believed that everything would turn out the way you planned...

My brother and my little sister...

Everyone would know how they died...

I believed that those guys would be punished...

I'm going to go according to the plan.

I'll save Ji Eun in another way.

Lawyer Choi, are you okay?

I called a substitute driver, so you just need to get on the car.

This bastard. How can you miss the timing. What are you doing?

You're the contract driver? Come over here quickly.

It is Building 278-1, Cheomdangdong in Gangnam.

- Okay.
-Please bring him home safely.

Contact us when you arrive.

Let's go. Let's go.

Who are you?

Na Soo Hyeon?

You're that punk who killed Jo Nam Cheol.

What is this? Undo this. Undo this right now!

Be quiet!

Stop the car you bastard. Stop the car.

Just stay still. I'm not going to kill you.

Ah, stop the car you bastard!

What's going on?

Lee Ji Eun is here.

My mom too, died because of me.

Just like dad.

It still isn't too late.

If you tell me about Hyeon Woo's whereabouts,

and the culprit's identity, everything ends.

There's no point for things to end like this now.

Don't try to get information from me.

I'm not using you. I'm doing this to protect you.

Check the 8th mission here.
Under the south end of Won Hyo Bridge, 14Da 2318 (License Plate)

Do you think the culprit will protect you?

The best way for the culprit to find you is

to give me a mission to find you and bring you to the show.

I still don't know what the mission is.

I'm going to go check and tell you. At that time, make up your mind.

Don't think that all his objectives

are more important than your life.

It's the south end of Won Hyo Bridge. He said there's a mission in the car.

Let's meet there.

Make this person receive punishment for the crime he committed 7 years ago.

Who's this person?

He's alive.

This is the south end of Won Hyo Bridge...

someone was kidnapped, he fainted and is unconscious.

Excuse me. Excuse me. Are you okay? Hey!

Choi Pil Gyu. This person is a SG group scholarship recipient

and after completing his training, he was in charge of SG as soon as he joined "Oh Seong" law firm.

It will be difficult to do a full background check today.

Like Ha Dong Min, all we can do is put him on the show and make him confess.

At the hospital, bodyguards and people from Oh Seong are already protecting him.

Detective Park and Detective Yoo are watching over there.

I said it wasn't right to leave him at the hospital.

Not killing Choi Pil Gyu, just kidnapping him and bringing him to us purposely

means for us to keep his hands and feet tied together.

Whatever the culprit's intent is,

We have no reason to take part in the kidnapping and unlawful confinement.

Let's think a bit more. There's got to be a way.

Hye In... is something wrong?

The proof that Hyeon Woo is alive still didn't come in.

I didn't think of that at all.

And we're doing our show for Hyeon Woo.

Lawyer Choi Pil Gyu was only in charge of SG at Oh Seong.

A year before Jo Nam Cheol was released on parole,

he became Jo Nam Cheol's lawyer.

This person called Choi Pil Gyu comes to visit him a lot.

He's a lawyer and quite famous. He's he lead counsel at Oh Seong Law firm.

At Oh Seong, he occasionally represented violent crime defendants.

Jo Nam Cheol doesn't have enough money to hire the lead counsel at Oh Seong.

I think a lover or friend hired him.

Because he was determined to be released on parole,

in the year before he went out, he acted almost perfectly.

I don't know that he had a change of heart.

Jo Nam Cheol said he killed Lee Myung Soon, Na Jae Hyeon, and Sunbae Sang Sik,

these three people, with someone's help.

Sunbae Sang Sik was killed by Jo Nam Cheol

while investigating Na Jae Hyeon's missing case.

Exactly why did Detective Kim Sang Sik

follow my brother's case?

And what did he find out to die at the hands of Jo Nam Cheol?

Detective, please reveal the reason before it's too late.

The day after Jo Nam Cheol was released on parole,

he told his girlfriend that he was going to work.

Tomorrow I'm finally coming out. I already found a job to do when I get out.

There are only happy days left for us. Thank you for waiting. Let's keep our faith!.

Where is Jo Nam Cheol? Can you contact him now?

No. He doesn't have a phone

He said he would contact me after getting one. I can't contact him.

Where did he say he was going?

He said he was going to work.

He then left to get a smoke bomb.

He killed Lee Myeong Soon.

Lawyer Choi Pil Gyu

On the condition of being released on parole, he could've have plotted the murder.

Lee Myeong Soon, who was killed by J-Jo Nam Cheol.

He contacted me to give me information.

They told me to take my hands off the case.

A detective called Kim Sang Sik kept asking me for details

so I told him the address so that he could meet him.

Lee Myeong Soon gave information to the detective who was investigating the disappearance of Na Jae Hyeon.

Jo Nam Cheol was at the place to meet Lee Myeong Soon.

If so, there is a possibility that 7 years ago, when Na Jae Hyeon died

Lee Myeong Soon and Jo Nam Cheol were on the same side.

So when Lee Myeong Soon reported Jo Nam Cheol to the police

Sang Sik died.

He got scared so he ran away to the Philippines.

If he came back to Korea after 7 years...

either he had a plan or he ran out of money.

He could have contacted SG.

Since SG was being threatened, they would've have wanted to get rid of Lee Myeong Soon.

You need to approach this with caution.

If you blindly take a swing, without any concrete evidence or witnesses, you'll be in big trouble.

Gangnam Police Station

Come in.

What brings you here?

I want to talk to detective Cha Seung In for a while.

Are you feeling well? It must still be hard for you.

I'm okay. I...

What is this?

Yesterday, Na Soo Hyeon came to the hospital.

He said to give this to you.

It never happened. Police chief stopped it. Choi Pil Gyu told me to get into business and gave me money. Go Hyeong Joon.

Write it yourself here. The person who told you to take your hands off my brother's case

and to stop investigating.

Your name.

Go Hyeong Joon

I heard that Choi Pil Gyu is the mission this time.

Let's think that we're going to bring Choi Pil Gyu onto the show tonight.

No matter what, we need to show evidence to support his legal punishment.

It's not enough with that. The mission was to make him receive punishment for his sins.

Whether he goes to jail or gets rewarded, there must be an outcome.

If he didn't get caught red-handed, it's going to be difficult.

Also, it's crime that was committed 7 years ago.

There's a definite connection with the people who have come out so far.

- Hello.
- What brings you here?

I'm President Ham Tae Seok of SG Life.

But what are you doing here?

I'm late introducing myself. I took over UCN because of this broadcast.

You're also the people who are working hard to find Hyeon Woo.

I had some things to take care of so I couldn't come here right away.

What do you mean prepare?

I've monitored the show.

No matter how you have no choice because of the culprit

there are a lot of problems with the show.

Are you saying you're going to get involved with the content of the show?

What could I do by saying that?

If a problem arises, I'll help to solve it.

I'm Lawyer Kim Sang Ho from the Oh Seong Law Firm.

From now on, our team will provide legal advice for WANTED and UCN.

For lawsuits or for something you need to take responsibility for legally,

this person will take care of it in the future.

We will take care of it ourselves. If there's something to take responsibility for, we'll take responsibility.


UCN will have to get used to the ways of SG Group.

We'll do our best, so please do your best as well.

To be honest, for us, if the risk is too big, it gets burdensome.

The parents of the copycat criminals are preparing a lawsuit.

Above all else, isn't the broadcasting team under suspicion?

There is also a problem with President Song.

We barely have time to prepare for the broadcast.

Finish the meeting as fast as possible so they can prepare for the broadcast.


Should I clear up the situation up to now?

You can continue to sleep.

I'm not going anywhere.

I have nowhere to go.

Now I really have no one.

That's why tell us. Who's the culprit who took Hyeon Woo.

I can't ruin his plans now.

Even if he's someone who used you and then threw you away?

He's not that kind of person.

Today on Jeong Hye In's Wanted, we're joined by 30 members of the audience.

Let's have them join us now.

Hyeon Woo, I told you not to watch this program.

It's not a good thing. Your mom won't like it either.

Can you leave us alone for a moment?

I'll be nearby, so call me immediately when you finish talking.

You said your mom came back two months

after your dad passed away right?

How did you live at that time?

Alone... in that house..

This is my first time seeing this expression on my Hyeon Woo.

A week has passed.

Park Se Young, you, and Na Soo Hyeon

The person who took him kept changing, you even moved him around, but again...

Hyeon Woo, I told you not to watch this program.

Who is that woman?

It's not a good thing.

I don't know. I really don't know.

Hyeon Woo didn't do anything wrong.

Hyeon Woo had nothing to do with what happened to your father or to Na Soo Hyeon.

The terrible things that you experienced.

Did you want Hyeon Woo to experience it too?

I really don't know this woman.

But he promised...

that Hyeon Woo would safely return to you. He promised.

This mission is related to Lawyer Choi Pil Gyu right?

You knew.

Do you know everything about the plan?

Only up to today. I just know that today is a really important day.

Could you bring me some paper?

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My mother has a personal storage room that she rents.

This is the room number and passcode.

There are items that my dad left for my mom before he died.

What's that?

Find a cassette tape.

There's going to be a memo that my dad left too.

You have to succeed in this mission for Hyeon Woo to be safe.

That's why I'm telling you this.

This is all I can do.

You came to Osaka. You did a good job.

Who are you?

There's something that our boss has to discuss with you urgently.


Did you come from SG?


Yes. I'm Song Jeong Ho.

How did you find out about this place?

Is there anything that I don't know about Jeong Hye In?

There's no need for that.

Did someone contact you? That I took Lee Ji Eun?

You can do whatever you want.

Just don't make trouble for SG.

CEO Song Jeong Ho came and left.

I think we have to move her first.

I got it. I will come there right away.

Yeong Gwan, do an investigation around Ha Dong Min.

First, recheck the circumstances surrounding the suicide.

Sunbae! Where are you going again? Where is Sunbae Mi Ok?

Where are you going again?

You're weird these days. Are you meeting someone else besides us?

I'm going to buy cigarettes. I can't even meet a woman because of you guys.

When the situation becomes solved, I'll tell you. It's not a situation that I can drag you into.

A lot of problems could arise.

Sunbae, even so...

I'll explain everything to you. I'll continuously contact you too.

Start by investigating Ha Dong Min. Just wait.

I got it.

That person will contact SG.

Let's go out first. Detective Cha is coming too.

- Wait a moment.
- I told you I'm not going anywhere.

I know. But I still have to do this.

It'll be uncomfortable to move together.

You know you'll be in more danger if you run away alone right?

Let's go down the emergency staircase.

I'll go in, so get close to Jeong Hye In's car.

Hey, we missed them.



Seong In! Sejong 12.

Sunbae, get in!

Will Detective Cha be okay?

He probably came without telling anyone, in case Ji Eun would be exposed.

There were two of them.

Na Soo Hyeon wouldn't want to get caught.

In any case, he couldn't have requested more assistance since we left first.

- Where are we going?
- For witness protection, I know a few places.

First I need to think about which place would be the least exposed.

I have a place I need to go to first.

Where will you go?

- For now we need to go to a safe-
- Perhaps a place where we can solve the mission.

It won't be solved if we hide around like this.

Na Soo Hyeon.

Na Soo Hyeon!


Obviously...I can't stop bleeding.

I knew it would turn out like this...

I killed someone. So I too...

A person was stabbed in the arm. He's in critical condition.

We're in the basement parking lot of the 956 Banghwadong TV station. Please hurry!

SG is secretly following you.

I know.

Hold on a bit more. The ambulance will be here really soon.

I'm sorry.

Everything will end soon for sure.

Tell me, Na Soo Hyeon.

Who's the culprit?

Where's Hyeon Woo?

I can't say.

Our Yeong Hyeon...

died unfairly.

Young Hyeon?

You mean your little sister?

Not Na Jae Hyeon?

A 6 years old baby

a baby that was pretty

even while crying...


I received this news while I was in the army.

I thought the sky was falling.

She died because I couldn't protect her...

Even up until now...

I felt like there wasn't anything that I did properly for her...

My older brother, Young Eul,

found many of those bastards.

He died too.

The detective

that was searching for my brother died too.

Na Soo Hyeon.

Na Soo Hyeon.

Na Soo Hyeon!

Na Soo Hyeon, you bastard!

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