Wanted (2016–…): Season 1, Episode 12 - Episode #1.12 - full transcript

The kidnapper's intentions become clearer, but SG Group tries to interfere with the show's production.

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Episode 12

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I'll move alone from here on.

Will you be okay?

There isn't much time left until the broadcast.

If the the three of us move together, we may be easily exposed.

- Contact either the broadcast team or Detective Cha and make sure you all move together.
- Okay.

Call me when you arrive safely.

I'm sorry. I don't want to make things more complicated.

To Ji Eun's mom

If... something happens to me, send this to the TV station or the newspaper.

I'm sorry to burden you with this.

I'm sorry I couldn't protect you to the end.

It looks like Ha Dong Min's death will be ruled a suicide.

The autopsy results aren't out yet.

What about the CCTV in the prison cell?

The government offices are highly uncooperative.

We're not on this task force and have no justification.

Can you make time for me? I have something to ask you.

I'm busy right now. Come to the autopsy room.

You're teaching him bad habits.

Since you're off the task force, I was wondering what you're up to.

How can you not know the formal investigating rules?

Did you find out anything?

Even without your request, I was bothered by Park Se Young's autopsy. So, I looked into it.

Is it really suicide? Was that right?

The investigating team wants to steer in that direction and close this case as soon as possible.

According to the medical examiner on the case, he told me unofficially that he suspects murder.

Are you sure?

The placement of the rope where he was hung is different from his actual neck wound.

There are several related cases.

His arms and legs have defensive wounds.

If you look at the crime scene photos, one side of the pants and top is lifted higher than the other.

After he was hung, the dead body

was probably dragged across the floor.

When will the official results be out?

The results have already been confirmed. They postponed the announcement and are looking for other pieces of evidence

In order to confirm a suicide.

Who in the world is instructing him to do this?

I can't say.

Be careful. I heard Chief Jeong is being disciplined as well.

If you get in trouble, he'll have a hard time defending you.

Anyway... thank you. I'll contact you again.

Don't do it. It isn't nice to see you.

Sunbae, can't you just tell me?

Who killed Na Soo Hyeon? And how did you know to go there, Sunbaenim?

I don't intend to keep it a secret from you.

It also isn't because I don't trust you.

Then why aren't you telling me?

I don't want to drag you into this.

You might not be able to get out of it and it might also be dangerous.

Then tell me what I can do.

We don't have much time.

Even if the culprit still doesn't know that Na Soo Hyeon died,

If he can't contact him, he'll get anxious. Lee Ji Eun is gone too.

That's right.

Today, let's find out who the culprit is no matter what.


Na Soo Hyeon didn't get involved in this merely over his brother.

No, his brother Na Jae Hyeon got mixed up in this because of their sister Na Yeong Hyeon.

Na Yeong Hyeon... didn't they say she died two years before the incident because of an illness?

Let's start from there...

Find out Na Yeong Hyeon's cause of death and her medical records.


Yes, Jeong Hye In. Where are you now?

I'm at the broadcasting station.

Detective Oh took Lee Ji Eun.

She's supposed to contact me as soon as they find a place to hide.

What happened to Na Soo Hyeon?

He was killed... by those people.

I was late. I'm sorry.

Na Soo Hyeon, Lee Ji Eun, Park Se Young...

All the accomplices are unable to help the culprit now.

The culprit will become desperate.

He'll think he's running out of time. There's a good chance he'll reveal his identity.

We have to move faster.

I found a videotape that Lee Ji Eun's dad left before he died.

I'll check this out first and will call you if it leads me to anything.

There's something I have to investigate too.

I'll contact you.

I'm sure you understand the situation now, but tons of problems have been piled up so far.

You'll have to prepare yourselves to face them personally as well.

Are you finished now?

Yes, since today's our first meeting. This is good enough.

What is today's mission?

Is it possibly related to Lawyer Choi Pil Gyu?

Jeong Hye In found the person who was unconscious by the Han River last night.

It becomes difficult if you don't cooperate like this.

Anyway, let me tell you one thing.

You can no longer bring the target of the missions on the show.

You said you're going to solve problems. Didn't you say you weren't going to interfere with the content of the show?

The most important solution is prevention.

There is a risk of being charged with assisting a murder.

Even if you survive, there are so many problems in addition to being charged with slander.

It's not morally right so the falling network image is serious.

We'll consider it. You can leave now.

Ah, Ms. Jeong Hye In. I'm Lawyer Kim Sang Ok from the Oh Seong law firm.

There is something you should know. Starting from today, you need to reveal the script of the show beforehand.

Hold on. There wasn't such a condition before.

Following our advice, it's the President's policy.

Thus far while you were away from the broadcast team, you did things on your own,

or you made unexpected remarks on the show.

Taking over UCN was arbitrarily decided by you.


From now on, please refrain from doing anything unexpected without our permission.

At times, you must accept and follow our requested contents.

If you do that, does the possibility of finding Hyeon Woo increase?

It's not that. If you handed over the TV station to us, you should follow our policies.

It'll be difficult to promise you that.

You take care of management issues on your end.

Are the preparations for the show going well?

Where did you go?

I had something to do.

The evidence that Hyeon Woo is alive has arrived.

Hyeon Woo, I said not to watch this show.

It's not good. Your mom won't like it either.

Bo Yeon.

I have something to talk with you about.

Ah, ok.

Let's have the meeting when we come back.

If there's something you're hiding...

I'll tell you everything that's needed for the show.

I won't stab you in the back like you calling in the audience yesterday.

I didn't have a chance to tell you. Also, it was the most effective way to air...

If you can do a close-up right away of an audience member's picture of a corpse,

didn't you plan things out in detail?

I'll be back later.

But why are we in the editing room? Is there something you have to check?

Play this for me.

I don't really know how to do these things...

What is this?

Let me confirm the content first then I'll tell you.

You can't tell other people about it just yet.

Yes. I'll do that.

You just have to press this.

- Bo Yeon.


I didn't know you would come here again.

I was thinking you didn't have to do that.

No. I'm doing it because I want to.

Don't be too burdened.

Thank you.

Can I just sit like this?

Just a moment.

Starting from 2006

At SG Chemical's management support team,

I'm Lee Yong Han who worked in the administration department.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.


But I really don't know

if I can do this.

Starting from 2008

at Hangook University...

I was part of Professor Kim Woo Jin's research team and was in charge of managing the research.

At the time, that reasearch

was related to our product's legal response.

Oh Seong Law Firm was in charge of providing legal advice.

Between Oh Seong and the research team,

I was in charge of the communication.

That research was put on standby until the results came out.

Besides direct communication, we did not use emails or the phone.

The legal team and SG Chemical,

and also between the research team, we gave our opinions.

A lot of the research results were modified.

I also personally went to the research lab

and took the research results

on an USB. The money too,

was not transferred into the university bank account from the company bank account.

But they deposited the money into my personal bank account

and then into the personal bank accounts of the research team.

Files or instructions from Oh Seong...

files or instructions from Oh Sung.

Park Bo Yeon, what did Jeong Hye In want?

She was just telling me she felt sorry and asked me if it's okay to continue to do the broadcast.

I think Bo Yeon continuing to do this show...

It's her own choice. Let her be.

Now we have no time to discuss how to do the show.

What do we have to do to bring Choi Pil Gyu on the show?

Is that possible?

Like the time we featured Ha Dong Min, do we have anything to make a deal with?

Really, that was possible because we found evidence of Ha Dong Min's crimes.

On top of that now, there isn't even a possibility that we can meet him and persuade him.

SG also said we can't put the target of the mission on the show.

Wouldn't Choi Pil Gyu have a connection to the Na Jae Hyeon and Ham Tae Yeong case from 7 years ago?

Since the thing that the culprit wants to reveal now is that case.

Since both of them died, there's no way for us to find out.

I'm sorry

To bear this with a clear head is very difficult.

One day, I brought over some files from Oh Seong.

A memo was mistakenly brought over.

It's this.

It was written on July 16.

There's the signature of someone named Choi Pil Gyu on it.

I've solved the problem cleanly.

The issue with the third son will not be discussed any further.

We silenced Mr. Na as well.

We obtained the identity of the troublemaker.

For now, we shall watch him closely.

I solved the problem. The three siblings will not be discussed any further.

We silenced Mr. Na as well...

...solved the problem.

The three siblings will not be discussed any further.

We silenced Mr. Na as well.

We obtained the identity of the troublemaker.

For now, we shall watch him closely.

Oh... Hye In was also here.

What is it? Did something happen?

- Sunbae...
- Yes?

How did you bear it, Sunbae?

You wife died so suddenly...

When I found out that person was in an accident,

it was hard for me to endure.

I barely made it through because of Hyeon Woo.

But Sunbae...

You didn't even find out the cause.


Bearable? How is that bearable?

I'm sorry, because I can't do anything for you.

In 2009, you said you were getting your doctorate, right?

Is it true that you participated with Professor Kim Woo Jin in research sponsored by SG Group?

I found your name under the list of researchers.

Yes, that's right... But why are you asking?

If we look at the email you sent from SG Group

you asked for legal advice.

Also, it looks like you asked them to modify the research results.

Was the content of your thesis affected by that as well?

You're right. Na Young Hyeon, six years old.

She died while she was being treated at our hospital nine years ago.

Patient - Na Young Hyeon, Doctor - Ha Dong Min

Patient being treated for dyspnea (shortness of breath) of unknown origin for several months ...

Na Yeong Hyeon's doctor was Ha Dong Min?

Ah, that's right. Doctor Ha Dong Min worked here.

I don't know because I started working here not too long ago,

I heard a lot of things when he appeared on WANTED.

I heard he became very famous when he transferred to Soo Jeong Hospital seven years ago.


where did you get this video from?

Lee Yong Hwan died a long time ago and his wife is dead, too. Who is your source?

It's difficult for me to tell you that. I'm sorry.

If we were to summarize this

Choi Pil Gyu was working for SG Group at the time and

ordered Ham Tae Young and Na Jae Hyeon's murder, right?

Then the character that Jo Nam Cheol was talking about is SG.

The reason that Tae Yeong and Na Jae Hyeon met

might be connected to that.

So, what the culprit tried to reveal in the end is...

SG, going as far as killing people...

There was something they're trying to hide.

SG must've known about this already.

The fact that an accident occurred when Jo Nam Cheol was being arrested...

They tried to silence him by killing him for real.

Througn Ham Tae Yeong's accident and

the mission to look for Na Jae Hyeon's body, things became more clear.

But... When the CEO said to stop the broadcast, why did they agree to help?

They even took over the broadcasting station at Sunbae Hye In's suggestion.

They probably did that so they could control the show however they wanted to.

When they want to stop it, they can stop it with more certainty.

Choi Pil Gyu has to come onto the show no matter what.

We will be able to do the show with this.

We are not a current events program that is obligated to show accurate evidence.

The mission was for him to receive his punishment.

It's best to get his confession using that.

That is true, but... is there a way?

We should play on his anxiety.

Making him believe something worse will happen unless he appears on our show.

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For now, I found out the culprit's motive. But how can we find him with this?

My brother, Yeong Eul, found so many of those bastards

In the end, he died too.

The detective who was looking for him died too.

I... even though... I lost everything...

It was so painful...

No... it was too hard...

I was going to forgive everything.

But I couldn't forgive them.

There wasn't anyone who asked for forgiveness.

There wasn't anyone that said they did wrong.

We should find someone around him who might have the motive.

Let's eat first, Sunbaenim. What if we faint while catching the criminal?

It doesn't matter.

Let's go.

But don't we have to do today's broadcast first? For Hyeon Woo to be safe.

It never happened. Police chief stopped it. Choi Pil Gyu told me to go into business and gave me money. Go Hyeong Joon.

What's that?

The note Na Soo Hyeon made Go Hyeong Joon sign.

Where did you get this?

Choi Pil Gyu told me to go into business and gave me money?

He probably received an order to do so from SG Group.

But Go Hyeong Joon didn't say anything about this, did he?

He told me to look for Lee Myeong Soon, but he escaped to the Philippines.

It looked like something bad might happen if I kept digging into this. So I quit being a detective.

My life got messed up because of Na Jae Hyeon.

The current mission is about making Choi Pil Gyu pay for what he did seven years ago.

The reason Na Soo Hyeon sent me this note is...

Aren't you about to say go to Go Hyeong Joon's detective agency again?

So that we can either hear him out again or take him to be a witness on the show.

Aren't you going to work?

05 Keo 8672

Yong Gwan.


I think Go Hyeong Joon is in a dangerous situation right now.

They're people from SG Group.

Yes, Chief. It's the third floor of the Jeil building in Ilsandong. Detective Go Hyeong Joon's office.

There's a chance someone has been kidnapped, imprisoned or even murdered.

We're going into the building.

I will go in first.

That bastard tried to kill me!

What are you going to do? It seems like I will kill you this time.

I didn't say anything about Attorney Choi Pil Gyu. No one knows.

But what can I do? The problem is it seems as if you'll have something to do in the future.

What wrong have I done?

I was just in charge of the case,

I took my hands off the case as instructed and quit being a detective. That was it.

When they offered you money, I heard you played hard to get saying it wasn't enough.

That was the price of your life.

Follow me quietly.

- Stay right there!
- Sunbae!


Who are you?

UCN Broadcast's PD Sin Dong Wook. There's something I have to say to you.

Please give me 10 minutes.

Didn't you hear me say don't let anyone from the TV station come around here? Why are you so lax?

Just a moment. Let's talk here.

The video with this scene will play on today's show.

Then either SG or Oh Seong will try to cut off their tail.

It was a deviant behavior of an individual. You never ordered such a deed?

That video will not be aired.

Alright. Let's say so because our stations UCN belongs to SG.

Then I'll have to send this to another broadcasting station or news station.

- What?
- Then, you will be abandoned by both SG and Oh Seong.

That they just did as they were told.

I'm sure SG Group is hearing about this now.

They will try to quickly back out of this situation.

Wouldn't you feel wronged? Without giving you a a change to explain, you will become the culprit.

Lawyer Choi Pil Gyu has to come out on today's broadcast.

He needs to either confess or quickly get arrested so that if he doesn't die or don't get hurt,

one can say that he was punished for his sins.

I would appreciate it if you can follow the legal advice.

Try and find another way.

I thought you wanted to find Hyeon Woo.

You wanted to find out the exact reason for which my husband died too.

Sister-in-law, you said you'd help out with UCN becoming an asset of SG's media industry.

You promised me.

I'm doing this, so I can keep that promise.

You must let me have Attorney Choi Pil Gyu.

Whether you make a deal or cut him off... it's up to you to decide.

I don't get what you're saying.

There is enough evidence that Lawyer Choi Pil Gyu

committed murder for SG Group.

If the case really isn't revealed by confession but by us

all of that will be revealed.

It's something I don't know about.

We also need an opportunity to explain the facts.

Put Attorney Kim Sang Won, who is in charge of public affairs, on the show.

He'll prepare for Attorney Choi Pil Gyu to receive legal consequences.

I'll order that.

Thank you.

Have a seat.

Didn't you say you'd be guaranteed management rights?

That's right. Is there a problem with that?

SG started meddling with the content of the show.

This will interfere with carrying out the mission.

Don't you think that the Legal team is doing what you were supposed to do in the first place?

You said you'd maintain a balance, so the show doesn't go off the deep end.

But up until now, not even once...

have you stopped anything PD Sin tried to do.

Yesterday, Lee Ji Eun was right next to you.

Whether someone took her or she ran away on her own, you didn't feel her move at all. Does that make sense?

Because I was caught in the middle of the broadcasting accident, I panicked, too.

There's no reason Jeong Hye In would take Lee Ji Eun.

When something happens, you call Cha Seung In rather than the task force. Why?

Do you really want to find Hyeon Woo?

That's what I want to ask you.

Was there any progress in your investigation?

What is it?

When he quit working on Na Jae Hyeon's case seven years ago, he received money from Choi Pil Gyu.

If necessary, he'll testify on the show.

Did you decide to quit being a detective and work for the show?

This is not your case why do you keep on interfering?

We must guarantee Hyeon Woo's safety first.

I'll take care of this so go do your work.

I found out the reason why the culprit did all this.

Your first husband...

Na Jae Hyeon... why they met...

why they had to die...

In the end...

Because of that incident...

my Hyeon Woo got kidnapped, right?

Because I wanted to know.

Even like this, I get to find out...

Are you okay?

Subtitles brought to you by The Wanted @ Viki

Are you worried about Na Soo Hyeon?

I just spoke with Detective Cha. Na Soo Hyeon...

was killed... by those people.

There's something wrong here.

You didn't want things to end up this way.

Even after we find Hyeon Woo, you can reveal what you want to.

If you still can't say who the culprit is... just tell us who that woman was.

That woman that's currently with Hyeon Woo.

I don't know. I really don't know.

Day 8 of the show. Due to last night's breakdown of the show, pay special attention to future changes on the show.

Currently working on additional report on personal lives of individuals on the broadcasting team.

When the culprit is satisfied, would he return Hyeon Woo?

There's no guarantee. The show still has two more episodes left.

Seeing that he went as far as killing people...

He wasn't going to stop at just letting people know.

Here are meetings and work records Lee Yong Hwan kept while working for SG. They can be used as evidence.

Thank you.

Emails Professor Kim Woo Jin exchanged with his research team.


After this show is over, look up the shows Hyung worked on while he worked as a PD.

When you watch the shows he worked on while he worked for Legend, you'll find out that he did things I could never do.

Something PD Sin Dong Wook can never do...

A completely different type of show...

I need something...

Here... files I organized.

Oh, right. Thank you.


- Huh?
- Will this broadcast be okay?

Let's try doing it first..

As much as we can.


What are you doing, Hyung?

Don't even think about bringing in the audience all of a sudden today.

I won't. That's not the concept for today's show.

What's wrong? You're being paranoid.

I heard a lawyer from Oh Seong is appearing today.

So what?

You'll need this.

Content of accomplice Lee Ji Eun's mother trying to blackmail SG Group.

What relevance does this have with Choi Pil Gyu's case?

When the lawyer starts to talk, just play it in a timely manner.

The viewers will enjoy it, too.

I must know exactly what will be said and what their purpose is.

Swaying the public opinion and riding the wave... don't you know?

You were doing good... using this and that method.

Geez... the crap we have to deal with...

I'll review it then decide if it's useful or not.

Sin Dong Wook!

Just a second.

Don't get upset. I'll decide what goes on the show.


You investigated the broadcasting team quite well all this time, right?

- Why do you ask?
- If the culprit was among the broadcasting team,

who do you think it would be?

Do you have a hunch?

No. Just wondering if I'm missing anything.

Your stubborness is something.

There is no one who clearly deserves criminal charges, so I can arrest and investigate.

Considering motives, behaviors, and circumstances, it's highly probably that it's either PD Sin or Press Director Choi.

Among the family members of the staff...

did anyone possibly die suddenly or is anyone ill?

Writer Yeon is an unmarried mother. Her daughter is weak.

So they seem to frequent the hospital.

Press Director Choi's wife died eight years ago.

Why are you asking this?

Nothing. I just wanted to confirm something.

Tell me if you have a hunch. I'm sharing this info with you just in case.

Now there's really no time left.


There must be some type of misunderstanding but...

misunderstanding? What misunderstanding? I sent my husband (to heaven) like that.

I struggled barely able to bring food on the table.

My daughter became like this.

How do you want me to live?!

Nothing will come of your blackmailing over something that hasn't been confirmed.

Since you're a family member of our former employee,

as part of taking care of our employees...

It does seem as if Lee Ji Eun's mom came wanting money.

It does seem like she received money and left quietly.


I know that it was edited.

Will you air it?

After I think about it.

The culprit used the phrase, "make him pay for his crime."

Something bigger than the blackout from last night might happen at tonight's live show.

Everyone, be sure to secure the area tightly.

Especially the route from the studio to outside... please block it completely.


Ham Tae Yeong

If our Tae Yeong died unfairly, I have to set it straight right now.

We finished it cleanly.

The third son will no longer be a problem.

Ham Tae Yeong

Everything that happens on this show is real.

As directed by my son Hyeon Woo's kidnapper,

we are doing this broadcast.

Jeong Hye In's WANTED, starts now.

First of all, about the broadcasting accident that happened yesterday...

I apologize sincerely to our viewers.

I want to let you know that the police are doing everything to find

the accomplice Ms. Lee who disappeared during the blackout.

Make this person receive punishment for his sins from 7 years ago.

Last night we received the 8th mission.

The person of interest in the mission, Choi Pil Gyu...

was discovered unconscious after he was kidnapped and fainted

so we immediately took him to the hospital and he was treated.

Let's take care of today's mission clean and simple.

The point is what SG is trying to hide behind the scenes.

I told you while I was checking the script earlier. We must draw out a battle between the two while carrying out the mission.

I told you our show isn't a current affairs investigative documentary. I don't care what the culprit wants to do.

If the mission is successful, then Hyeon Woo's safety is guaranteed.

For now, we will talk after the mission continues because we don't know how the situation will unleash.

I'm not sure how the situation will turn out. I'm afraid you'll drive the show to be more provocative like last time.

I won't let you do things on your whim again.

I can't predict what will happen here either. Don't get upset over things that haven't happened yet. Get to work.

The crime committed by Attorney Choi Pil Gyu seven years ago...

What do you think that was?

This morning, we received a video from an anonymous source.

It was written on July 16.

It is signed by Choi Pil Gyu.

I cleanly solved it.

The third son will no longer be a problem.

Mr. Na will also be quiet.

I have obtained the identity of the hired hand. I'll keep a close watch on him for awhile.

In the video, the message that someone tried to report

Surprisingly, the thing that we revealed while doing the culprit's mission is that

my husband,

Ham Tae Yeong's questionable accident

is connected to the death of Na Jae Hyeon whose skeleton was found.

If the testimony you just saw is true...

Also, if it was confirmed that handwritten memo was written by Attorney Choi Pil Gyu,

back in 2009 going back seven years, Attorney Choi Pil Gyu

can be charged for ordering murders of Ham Tae Young and Na Jae Hyeon.

The killer who was hired for murder is...

Jo Nam Cheol who was listed on the Wanted list publicly for our third mission of the show and

Lee Myeong Soon who was murdered by him.

Subtitles brought to you by The Wanted @ Viki

Excuse me...

You have to go in now.

What is Choi Pil Gyu supposed to say?

We have evidence he can't deny.

He won't be able to deny completely.

He will admit that SG ordered the murder

and say he didn't order the murder directly

but he only delivered the outcome as directed by someone from SG internally. That's what we decided.

And Oh Seong will deny that, right?

Oh Seong must save SG as well as save itself. So, they're cutting off their own tail.

They'll deny that they never received that report due to extreme personal loyalty.

Then, SG gets to escape unscathed, right?

There's a second round for SG.

First, Choi Pil Gyu must get arrested for us to complete the mission.

To more precisely and fairly relay the truth,

we decided to give Attorney Choi Pil Gyu a chance to plead his case.

However, since Attorney Choi Pil Gyu is directly accused of the crime,

there's a chance he'll lie in order to escape the charges.

Coincidentally, Law Firm Oh Seong which Attorney Choi Pil Gyu belongs to

has volunteered to appear on the show in order to explain what happened.

Ask Choi Pil Gyu first.

Prepare your heart, a question is coming.

Mr. Choi Pil Gyu.

do you admit to the murder accusations contained in the video?


Then could you explain what that was about?

The memo from the video was set up and is fake.

My client SG Group and the Law Firm Oh Seong never ordered murder.

I also have never been a part of such a deed.

Don't listen to Choi Pil Gyu any further. Go over to Oh Seong.

Oh Seong mentioned that you can reveal exact background of this case.

Is Choi Pil Gyu telling the truth?


The person testifying in that video clip is Lee Yong Hwan.

He has a record of working for SG Chemical's Management Support Team from 2006 to 2009.

His testimony is not reliable.

Why do you say that?

From 2007 to 2009, Lee Yong Hwan did not have a good track record of work attendance.

Especially in 2009, it was impossible for him to work normally due to his alcoholism and depression.

In the end, he was fired.

He became angry about his dismissal and started spreading rumors like that at the time and

he tried to extort money from SG employees by blackmailing them.

Considering Lee Yong Hwan was mentally unstable, SG did not pursue legal actions at the time.

Can you testify to that truth?

Records remain from the preparation of a law suit against Lee Yong Hwan from that time.

If you need it, I can show it to you.

- Oh and also...
- What else is there?

There's one more clip you should keep in mind. I submitted it to the broadcasting team before the show started.

With the video clip left by Lee Yong Hwan, his wife

tried to blackmail us for money. It's a clip of that. Would you please play that?

- You can't turn it on.
- Turn it on.

Sin Dong Wook!

This punk.

One more thing, Lee Young Hwan is the father of

Miss Lee Ji Eun, one of Song Hyeon Woo's kidnapper's accomplices.

So, the woman in the video is the one who committed suicide yesterday on the rooftop,

Miss Lee Ji Eun's mother.

Could you really believe what someone like her says?

I'm going to turn on a video recording.

It was suggested by Oh Seong.

What does this have to do with Choi Pil Gyu's incident?

When the lawyer starts to talk, just play it in a timely manner.

The viewers will like it too.

I have to find out exactly what they're going to say and what their motives are.

Swaying the public opinion and going with the flow... don't you know?

The video recording that you all just heard was recorded today just before this broadcast.

It was the conversation between our CEO Song Jeong Ho who was delivering a message from Oh Seong Law Firm

and PD Sin Dong Wook from our broadcast team.

That was not requested by us...

Since a different argument from the evidences we retrieved has been presented to us,

I'll bring another person who is related to this case.

It's better to show exactly what SG has done.

It shows their side...

as well as proving that they were lying.

Was this something you were thinking about from the start?

Why didn't you discuss this with us?

It was only needed if Oh Seong didn't move according to plan.

Mr. Go Hyeong Joon.


Under Hyeon Woo's kidnapper, Na Soo Hyeon's threats

you delivered the 5th mission to me.

Yes, that is correct.

Seven years ago, you worked as a detective in Song Pa Police Station.

I heard that you were in charge of Na Jae Hyeon's missing case at the time.


Under the instruction of ex-Police Commissioner Lee Tae Gyeon,

you stopped the investigation and

quit being a detective. Is that correct?

That is correct.

Is there another story behind the relation between this truth and this case?

At the time, being able to quit being a detective...

At the time, being able to quit being a detective

was because the lawyer here came and visited me

and gave me a hundred thousand dollars.

Is it the man sitting right there?

Yes, that is correct.

It was the time when I was tired of being a detective

I didn't have a will to investigate as well.

To be honest, I was also greedy for the money.

I thought about it a lot.

If I had investigated properly at that time,

if I felt responsible for the victim, this wouldn't have happened.

I'm sorry.

I am sincerely sorry.

If I were to say it in Go Hyeong Joon's words, at the time Lawyer Choi Pil Gyu

bribed the detective to block the investigation of Na Jae Hyeon's case.

- Get up.
- Let go!

Let go! Let go!

The investigation team is waiting outside right now.

Choi Pil Gyu has been arrested right here and will be thoroughly investigated.

Why are you like this? What are you doing?

You should get out now.

Choi Pil Gyu.

You're under arrest for ordering Ham Tae Young and Na Jae Hyeon's murder and bribery.

Make Lawyer Choi Pil Gyu receive punishment for his sin from 7 years ago...

The 8th mission has been completed like this.

As we complete the 8th mission,

we were able to see the truth that the culprit wanted us to see through this broadcast.

But to us...

we still have a few questions left.

I'm going to go to the bathroom.

Exactly why did SG Group

kill their own family, Ham Tae Yeong

and Na Jae Hyeon?

On the night of July 10th, 2009

what did Ham Tae Yeong and Na Jae Hyeon meet for?

Also, what do Professor Kim Woo Jin and Ha Dong Min

from the 1st and 2nd mission, have to do with this incident?

After receiving help from the investigation team,

we chased after the motives behind Hyeon Woo's kidnapper.

Na Soo Hyeon who wanted to get revenge for his brother and sister,

and feeling unfair about her father's death,

Lee Ji Eun who wanted to tell the world the truth.

Just like the accomplices that we already know, it is possible

that the perpetrator is trying to get revenge for his family...

It's me. I'm with Oh Mi Ok right now.

I don't know the exact location. Jeong Hye In and Detective Cha know as well.

They say Oppa Soo Hyeon is dead.

By people sent from SG Group.

Oh Sunbae, did something happen?

Yes, Lee Ji Eun called the culprit's phone.

Even though I called, he didn't answer, and we probably won't be able to track his location.

I'm sorry, it was my mistake.

If the culprit knows that Lee Ji Eun is with us,

and Na Soo Hyeon is dead... He could explode.

- Why is Jeong Hye In like that?
- What is it?

Park Bo Yeon, is there something going on?

Where did Choi Joon Goo go?

He went to answer a call...

The Culprit?

The Culprit?

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