Wanted (2016–…): Season 1, Episode 13 - Episode #1.13 - full transcript

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Episode 13

The Culprit?

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I think Sunbae Joon Goo might be the culprit.

Eight years ago, his wife died.

She was seven months pregnant and the cause of death was unknown.

If this case is entangled with the case from 7 years ago, everything makes sense.

Also he knows broadcasting the best and he can closely watch over me.

Lee Ji Eun called the culprit.

Immediately thereafter, Chief Choi disappeared.

Why didn't I know? He was right next me...

Why? Why couldn't I figure it out?

I suspected him when Jo Nam Cheol died but...

Jeong Hye In...

It's not your fault.

No. It is my fault.

I lost him...

Hyeon Woo.

We found out who the culprit is.

We just have to find him as soon as possible now.

I will find Hyeon Woo.

I promised you.

I will find him.

We have to get Jeong Hye In here.

I'll call her first.


Hyung? You're Hyung Joon Goo?

What's wrong? Did something happen with Chief?

Writer Yeon, play the highlights for the time being. I'll be right back.

Where are you going?

You two knew about it?

Hyeong taking Hyeon Woo...

How did you know?

I got a phone call from Joon Goo just now.

What did he say?

He said to continue the show.

On today's broadcast, he wants you to reveal that Na Soo Hyeon's death was plotted by SG group.

If not, he said he doesn't know what he will do.

I can't do this anymore. How can I stand in front of the camera right now?

Hyeon Woo. We need to go look for him right away.

Let's go to find Hyeon Woo.

Jeong Hye In.

Jeong Hye In, look at me.

You have to do it no matter what. Hyung will be watching the show.

In order to do whatever he wants with the final episodes, he will definitely keep his word.

Hye In.

PD Sin is right.

You have to do the broadcast.

Right now, Chief Choi is running away because of Na Soo Hyeon's death.

The broadcast has to be done, to find Hyeon Woo safely.

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Soo Hyeon was killed.

By the hands of those SG people.

Soo Hyeon!

Soo Hyeon!

You know me.

We've met somewhere.

Where would we meet?

You came with Detective Kim Sang Sik last time.

I don't know what you're talking about.

It's true.

I searched for people many times with just a photo.

It's a natural gift of mine, remembering your face.

After you checked to see that Kim Sang Sik was alone, I thought it was suspicious that you waited in the car outside.

If the detectives didn't suddenly barge in, you would also be--.

What are you talking about?

This is interesting.

Jeong Hye In's kidnapper also brought up Detective Kim Sang Sik's case.

Did you kidnap him?

If I say that... what would happen?

Cellphone. Since you can't report this.

Stand right here so I can see your feet from under the door.

Jo Nam Cheol is in the UCN waiting room of set "I".

Relationship with Detective Sang Sik has been discovered. I need to take him out.

We can't take him out. We have to take care of him.

- Are you okay?
- He knows my face.

-Is something wrong?
- No, I'm fine.

It won't be difficult for the police to make me be on the run.

Oh... you have to go into the broadcast now.

They said you will film a pre-interview segment.

I will put the microphone on you.


One moment.

Who? You, who are you?

I'm the brother of Na Jae Hyeon whom you killed.

- Soo Hyeon...
- Killing him is letting him off easy.

What will you do?

Ahjussi you can't be caught yet.

If I get exposed on CCTV or if the production team recognizes my face,

Confirm that you did see me.

I shouldn't have dragged you into this.

Ahjussi... I want to see the end

of all your plans.

Even if I can't see it, it would be nice if other people could see it.

Once this ends, I was going to turn myself in and receive punishment for my sins anyway.

It's okay.


I got revenge for my brother.

Be careful. Don't contact me. Go fast.


Ahjussi, I'm sorry. We have to do this so you don't get suspected.

It wasn't something for you to be dragged into.

It wasn't enough to get blood on your hands...

I made you get killed by those bastards as well.

What is this situation?

- I'll tell you later.
-Tell me now.

Why did Jeong Hye In run out and where did Chief go?

What was his phone call earlie about?

Hyung Joon Goo is the culprit.

Why would he?

Why would he do this?

Is it because of his relationship with President Song?

His wife suddenly died eight years ago.

She was pregnant and the baby wasn't saved. I think there's a connection to Na Yeong Hyeon's death.

There are still 2 episodes left.

The accomplices are either dead or missing, if he himself is revealed...

won't Hyeon Woo be in danger?

He won't harm Hyeon Woo.

This isn't a normal situation.

We need to reveal this wanted criminal to the public and at the very least get a tip.

That is likely to provoke him even more.

Immediately before, we were contacted by the culprit.

The culprit said we have to reveal one fact on today's show.

Accomplice Na Soo Hyeon was stabbed to death today.

We believe that SG group plotted the murder.

Yes? Did you find out what's going on?

Choi Joon Goo disappeared.

The police are pursuing him.

Thoroughly search those close to Choi Joon Goo and find out where he could possibly go.

Report to me often.

Previously we told you that we discovered the fact the culprit wanted to reveal.

This case started from the deaths of Na Soo Hyeon's and Na Jae Hyeon's sister, Na Yeong Hyeon.

In 2007, Na Yeong Hyeon who was 6 years old

died from acute interstitial pneumonia.

At the time the cause of death was unknown.

Kim Woo Jin who was the target of the 1st mission.

He was a veterinary medicine professor at Korea University.

From 2008 to 2009

Professor Kim's research was used to conceal Na Yeong Hyeon's cause of death.

The target of the 2nd mission, Ha Dong Min. He was the doctor of Na Yeong Hyeon in 2007.

Even though he knew, he deliberately falsified the cause of Na Yeong Hyeon's illness.

Thereafter the two of them, with SG Group's support,

became hugely successful as the leading experts in their field.

Na Jae Hyeon, Na Yeong Hyeon's older brother
Ham Tae Young, Director of SG Chemical

Now the most important question is left.

Why did Na Jae Hyeon and Ham Tae Yeong meet?

The cause of Na Yeong Hyeon's death that Na Jae Hyeon personally discovered,

as Ham Tae Young was newly appointed as Director, we speculate that

there is a connection with a certain product of SG Chemical, an affiliate of SG Group.

Start by finding Hyeon Woo immediately.

Bring Lee Ji Eun to me as well.

Ham Tae Yeong recognized SG Chemical's responsibility, and wanted to fix the situation.

It appears that SG Group killed these 2 people in order to conceal the truth.

Today's broadcast ends here. We end by revealing the connections between the people related to the case.

Finally, to the person who took Hyeon Woo, I ask this of you.

Hyeon Woo...

please return him now.

Even if it weren't for Hyeon Woo, I'll reveal everything about this case to the end.

So please...

please return

Hyeon Woo now.

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Exactly what is going on? You said they'd never come here.

I'm sorry. Things didn't work out as well as I planned.

I think I have to use the final solution.

What do you mean final solution? What is it?

What are you doing right now? Hyeon Woo...

Stop here. It's enough if you've done this much.

In order to tell everyone the unfair things that happened to my daughter, to that young child...

You don't know how much I regret accepting him when you came here.

Has that young child committed any sins? Return him to his mother now...


What sins did Seon Yeong commit?

Then what sins did our child who didn't even get to open his eyes commit?

How about Soo Hyeon and his sibling who got killed one by one by the same bastards?!!

what sins did they commit for them to die like that?


Where did Chief Choi Joon Goo go?

He would probably move Hyeon Woo first. We need to find him before he moves.

I thought about it while doing the show. This person.

Hyeon Woo, I said not to watch this show.

It's not a good thing. Your mom won't like it either.

Chief Choi's mother passed away.

Someone who would actively help him out like this,

Someone who was saddened over Joon Goo sunbae's wife death just as much as he was,

That person would be her mother. She's probably Choi Joon Goo's Mother-in-law.

Let's go.

Everything will end tomorrow.


Please eat first.

If SG Group's thugs know about this place and find us, then everything will end right now.

We'll all die.

Yes, Lieutenant. We are on the way to Chief Choi Joon Goo's Mother-in-law's house.

Yeoido Kuma Apt No. 509.

We'll arrive soon. There's a possibility that Hyeon Woo is there.

A hostage situation may arise. Request additional backup.

Yes, I got it.

Getting Hyeon Woo safely is unconditionally the highest priority, you know right?

Things keep getting twisted.

Since we found out the culprit's identity, we shall get him no matter what.

Regarding the Na Soo Yeon incident, to avoid any troubles, I shall take care of it well--.

At this point, don't you think what the police administration needs is innovation?


Detectives kidnap the culprit and keep them hidden.

They disobey orders.

They go around here and there doing unofficial investigations.

I don't know how this is possible.

I'll talk to Lieutenant Cha Seung In...

Take care of it immediately.

Hands and feet that can't be controlled should be cut off.

I got it.

I told you not to come out.

Chief Choi Joon Goo doesn't seem like someone who would harm a child.

He already kidnapped Hyeon Woo. For the things he wanted.

Bear it for a little longer, alright Hyeon Woo?

Keep watch here.

Hye In, it's over here.

He didn't come down, I'm going up now.

Hyeon Woo!

We're late.

Yes, Chief. They're gone already.

Looks like the officers arrived. I will ask them to search the area.

They couldn't have gone far. Yes.

I will go out and report the current situation.

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Is Detective Cha Seung In here?

He just went out to a scene.

What scene are you talking about?

Police Internal Affairs

What's happening?

I think he has to come back immediately.

I will contact him.

Cha Seung In

Internal affairs is looking for you. Did you cause trouble or--

Is this Cha Seung In?

What is the matter?

I understand. I'll return right now.

Internal Affairs is looking for me.

If I think about it logically, they have many reasons.

They could be pressured by SG.

I have to go for now.

If SG is involved, like they were with the missing Na Jae Hyeon case,

It will be difficult to find Hyeon Woo with these.

Is it okay for the broadcasting team to take this?

I'll pretend I didn't discover this.


There should be at least one sane person in this crazy show.

Does that have to be you?

If everything falls apart, you need to hold someone responsible.

Chief Choi concerns me.

If he keeps nitpicking over everything like an ethics professor, wouldn't we use up too much of our energy?

I need that.

I'm not going to think about whether this is right or wrong.

It's nice to have someone think for you.

To me, you're an accelerator and Hyeong is the brake.

That bastard who killed Na Soo Hyeon, will be released soon.

The culprit is released. Detectives who desperately catch them gets locked up. What is this?

Exactly how amazing is SG for them to do this?

I will find the culprit no matter what.

Go quickly. I'll see you later.

Then I will bring Hye In. I'll see you at the meeting.

But thanks to our show, it's a relief that we can save them now.

Let's not get too worked up.

Although the culprit is making us do the show,

Don't forget that we had no choice in order to find Hyeon Woo.


Hurry and eat. Do you know this? If you eat well, you're endure well.

Everything would've been unfamiliar and difficult today. You worked hard.

Thank you, Chief.

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Sh-She's alive.

Where are you Sin PD?


Yes. I'll go right now.

Let's go to SG Life.

- It would be better if you didn't go now. Besides, you're alone.
- No. I have to go.

After seeing today's broadcast, I need to find out what SG is planning to do.

If they were going to do something to me, they would've done it without making a sound.

Like they did with my husband.

I got it.

It seems like there was a misunderstanding.

Is that so?

The issue regarding Attorney Choi Pil Gyu, let's say he showed excessive loyalty I never knew he had.

But doing a story on Tae Young and SG Chemical's products

in that way, that was a bit of a shock.

You forcibly put together what the culprit wanted and presented your suspicion as if it were a fact.

Whether it's the truth or not, we'll know if we keep checking.

Are you going to continue doing the broadcast?

Why are you asking that?

I heard that Chief Choi Joon Goo suddenly disappeared today.

The police are looking for him. Isn't he the culprit?

As long as Hyeon Woo is not found we have to continue the broadcast.

Especially since the culprit has run away.

It's a relief.

I was worried you would quit the show since you found the culprit.

It is so different from what I imagined.


What are you talking about?

We are looking for Hyeon Woo right now.

Using all of our power.

Since we know who the culprit is, we think we can find him faster than the police.

We requested more secret cooperation than before.

If SG Group and Jeong Hye In collaborate,

we can find Hyeon Woo and end the show beautifully.

So that we're justified in taking over UCN.

If Hyeon Woo can be found, I would be grateful.

I made a promise to you.

It's a relief that we agree.

I'll trust that you'll correct what you said on today's episode next time.

I'll think about it.

Did I.. Did I not say this?

Whether the police find him or we find him,

Hyeon Woo will come to us first.

I thought that you should know.

Detective Cha Seung In, you caused the blackout at UCN and snuck out Lee Ji Eun.

Did you participate from the beginning or were you notified later and did not report it?

Think about it carefully. Did you participate or did you fail to report?

The two deadweights are extremely different. Are you aware?

How did we find out?

That bastard you caught at the detective agency...

He witnessed that you were next to Na Soo Hyeon when he died.

Is that vague also? Why would you be there?

He saw that Lee Ji Eun and Jeong Hye In escaped in your car and that you told them to do so.

Why aren't you answering?

Detective Cha Seung In. If you drag this on, it will only get more difficult.

We want to help you.

Did you bring a warrant?

Should we bring a warrant?

You'll go under investigation for a few days and come to a compromise. You won't benefit by sticking to procedure.

Unless you want to quit being a detective. Can you cooperate?

This was found at the house of Joon Goo's Mother-in-law.

This was planned for a very long time.

He was preparing for the show.

He probably had to stop because of pressure from higher ups.

Joon Goo came to the TV station in 2009.

- Now everything is connected.
- We've only scratched the surface.

Kim Woo Jin, Ha Dong Min, Lee Myeong Soon, Jo Nam Cheol, Go Hyeong Joon

Police commissioner, Choi Pil Gyu

Let's find out how these people lived and what sins were committed from 2009 until now.

There are files reported by the detective agency as well.

We should look at this quickly. We need to find out why Hyung Joon Goo wanted to do this show,

and what he wanted to do at the final 10th episode.

Since he was identified as the culprit, he will think this is his last chance.

Sunbae Joon Goo's plan... whether we find out first and bypass him or negotiate...

- Then we can use the show to do anything.
- What if...

What happens if we find out what Chief Choi wants and we can't fulfill it?

No. What if it's something we shouldn't fulfill?

We still have to do it. Hyeon Woo is in more danger.

SG is looking for Hyeon Woo.

Choi Joon Goo, Revenge for the wrongful death of his family.

This is awesome. The culprit may be on the production team.

When Jeong Hye In ran off earlier during the show, she suspected it, right?

Seeing that the entire broadcasting team is sitting in a corner somewhere, they must know already.

Looks like it. The police probably know, too.

Earlier... Detective Cha Seung In came in running and asked where that guy was.

Should I take a guess?

It's Press Director Choi Joon Goo, right?

How did you know?

I did a separate investigation on my own.

Geez, it's very hot, huh?

Well, I have nothing to say to you. I came out since you begged me to come so much.

I went through a lot for me to get permission to write this article. Please help me.

As a mother-in-law, I want to find out what type of man your son-in-law is.

You're the only family member he has left.

How can we be family? After all this time, we're strangers.

He should forget everything and live a good life. It's been so long since my child died.

Please tell me what kind of family member he was before your daughter passed away.

I'm sorry. I'm not feeling well.

Please go. I said I don't have anything to say.

Don't come find me again.

Well... Ma'am!

You recorded what took place during the filming, right? Please email me the voice transcript file.

But you know... what you promised me... when will you...

Let me listen to it first and determine if it's useful. Let's talk then.

Wait, wait... what kind of deal is this?

That's what I mean... Make it count during tomorrow's filming. I beg you... high class information please.

I mean... they already know who the culprit is already. You think they'll do the show tomorrow?

They should! They still haven't found Hyeon Woo.

They have to find out what kind of conclusion the culprit wants. That's what's interesting.

See you tomorrow.


Reporter Jang Jin Woong?

This is Choi Joon Goo. I have a favour to ask you.

Then, I'll do an exclusive interview with you after all this is wrapped up.

First, give me one more great story. I should get a taste of it to see if it's worth putting my life on the line.

I must've made a mistake in calling you.

That can't be helped. Let's hang up now.

Wait, wait!

You didn't hang up, did you?

You were like that last time you broke my phone. You don't tend to listen to people to the end.

You should converse and persuade. How can you be so forcefully...

What is your request?

Interrogation Room 1

Hey, I think they'll tie him up like that until the show is over.

At the least, we can keep our eyes on them here. But who knows if they change the location...

Are they really from Internal Affairs?

They're real, but...

I think they're connected to SG, not the police department.

Hey, you haven't heard from Oh Mi Ok at all? How come I don't see her around at all?

Oh... I'm not sure either.

I worry about her, too.

She didn't even report to the higher ups and coming here during her time off...

You think they'll go after Seung In only? You really don't know anything?

No, I really don't know anything.


Sunbae, where are you? I know you're with Lee Ji Eun.

Sunbaae Seung In is being tied up by the Internal Affairs.

Can you handle it alone, Sunbae? I'll be there. I have to do something.

354 Goorodong. We're being chased inside the building.

Ah, seriously... I'm so hot.

Ahjumma, let's not sweat it unnecessarily. Let's go quietly.

Hey, come here.

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If your sunbae got killed running rampant, you should've learned your lesson.

You can be buried quietly if you keep this up, got it?

Let's live in fear where fear is due.

Let go of me! Let go of me!

Police, hands up!

Let go of that woman.

This bastard.

Take this.

Go tell Detective Cha Seung In.

You getting hurt like this... it's all Cha Seung In's fault.

Lee Yeong Gwan! Yeong Gwan!

Lee Yeong Gwan!

Lee Yeong Gwan!

Yeong Gwan!

The phone is turned off. You'll be connected to the voicemail.

After the beep, there will be a charge for the call.

Press number one to record your message, press two to page another phone...

Captain, this is Jeong Hye In. How can I get in touch with Detective Cha Seung In...

I got it.



I just thought I should ignore it...

Just... telling myself the world is like that...

I should've lived thinking that.

But... I couldn't ignore it.

With a tube stuck on the neck with a picket...

When I saw a girl around Ji Eun's age...

If that girl was my daughter, what would I have done?

I felt as though it was my fault that the girl was like that.

Ji Eun... I'm sorry...

Honey, I'm sorry.

I don't even have any power to protect my family or any ability ...

I got sucked into something like this...

Are you okay, Writer?


I have that product at home. I used it, too, continuously.

I'm sure there are lots of people who are still using it not knowing about this.

Did you find out something?

I think the Press Director's goal was to reveal this to the people.

He used the viewer rating as a condition, so many people can see it.

That's not it. He didn't start just to let people know about this.

Among the people with whom SG tried to bury this fact all this time...

Everyone investigated by Hyung Joon Goo ended up dying.

If he tries to complete his revenge using the same method...

The person from SG who ordered everything at the time...

He may try to kill CEO Ham Tae Seop.

Ah... no way!

Would Press Director have gone that far?

He could've done it because Na Soo Hyeon or Lee Ji Eun wanted him to.

Excuse me... This is the WANTED team, right?

Yes, that's right? What brings you here?

I came because I was so shocked after watching the show.

The product produced by SG Chemicals...

You're talking about humidifier fungicide, right?

How did you know about that?

That child, Na Young Hyeon...

I knew it when I heard that she died of acute interstitial pneumonia.

My daughter died that way as well.

Did you know it was because of the humidifier fungicide?


I didn't know at first.

Few years ago, a PD visited me and told me.

People with symptoms like me and my daughter...

People who are suffering...

People who became ill by using the humidifier fungicide...

He said there are many.

Perhaps that PD...

He'll know more in detail. I wanted to let you know.

What was that PD's name?

You never know, so I kept it.
SBC, Choi Joon Goo

Choi Joon Goo.

When he visited me...

He said it wouldn't be easy to reveal this fact.

I got fearful for no reason...

I told him I wouldn't do an interview.

He came to see me for several days.

One day, he talked about himself.

I'll be back.

- You're leaving now?
- Yes.

I wonder why you keep coughing.

Don't you think we should go to the hospital?

It's okay. I can withstand a cold

I can't take cold medicine.

Turn this on. Dry air isn't good.

You can't even eat.

What to do?

Mom said she'd come by later. Don't worry and go.

I should go to the hospital with you. But I'm so busy.

It's nothing new. Hurry up and go.

Okay, I'll be back. Oh, yeah.

Baby! Baby, Daddy will be back. Have fun with Mommy.

He says see you later. I'll be back.

What? Should I pick up something yummy on my way home?

Hello? Why aren't you saying anything?


What is it? Did something happen?

I can't... I can't breathe...

Honey! Sun Yeong!

- Sun Yeong, what's wrong?
- And after exactly a week...

He lost both his wife and baby.

At the time, PD...

Humidifier fungicide...

He couldn't even imagine that in his dreams.

Super Cleaner, Humidifier Fungicide

I tried to tell you about my daughter and me in detail.

I'm not sure if it will be helpful.

It was very helpful.

Thank you... for coming to us.

If you ever have something you're curious about, please contact me.

There are more people like me around me.

Thank you.

Jeong Hye In...

I... even if only one person like me helped out that PD at that time...

So, if this fact was revealed to everyone...

Would the kidnapping of Hyeon Woo and the deaths of those people

not have happened?

No.. No... Don't say such things.

Hyeon Woo... I hope you would definitely find him.

Please eat. You'll get tired being interrogated all day long.

Is there still more?

You know better yourself.

Most of the things you asked about earlier, I was already disciplined for or ...

was found innocent.

The circumstances have changed.

After Jeong Hye In's WANTED started,

your movements were incredible.

You're also being interrogated now as one of the suspects of Song Hyeon Woo's kidnapper.

So, it's worth retracing the last seven years.

Let's stop here. Unless you submit a letter of resignation, we'll see you again real soon.

Hurry up and go to the hospital.

What are you saying?

A rookie cop met the wrong mentor and learned all the wrong things.

He tried to catch a four man gang and got beat up.

Where is patient Lee Yeong Gwan?

Come this way.


Who is it?

Who did this?

Lee Ji Eun...


Lee Ji Eun...

those people took her.

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Hye In... it's me.

Where's my Hyeon Woo?

Where's Hyeon Woo, you bastard?!