Wanted (2016–…): Season 1, Episode 15 - Episode #1.15 - full transcript

With the kidnapper subdued, the hunt for Hyun Woo is on, but Jung Hye is up against SG Group. Later, Dong Wook must decide whether or not to grant one last favor.

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Episode 15

If Sunbae doesn't wake up, how will we find my Hyeon Woo?

And Lee Ji Eun... bring her out to the bus terminal exactly at midnight tonight.

So that... you can receive the proof that Hyeon Woo is still alive.

Detective Cha, we have to bring Lee Ji Eun.

That call... he said midnight, right? Bring her to the bus terminal?

Yes, we don't even have an hour left.

Just tell me where Lee Ji Eun is. I'll bring her with me. Since we're running out of time, let's move separately.

Go to the terminal first. I'll call you.

Is it acceptable for Wanted to do from kidnapping all the way to murder?

Mother-in-law, bring Hyeon Woo to the Seoul bus terminal by midnight.

I probably won't be able to get him myself.

I didn't leave the TV on purpose, so don't watch the show. Pack lightly.

You and Lee Ji Eun need to escape.

If I don't call you by midnight, hide well and call Jeong Hye In.

Aren't you hungry? You must be sleepy.

Hyeon Woo. I'm not trying to take you somewhere else.

I told you, right? You're going to meet your mom now.

There are too many bad people, so we're supposed to meet her here secretly.

I'm sorry.

23:15, Pusan 22:30, Pohang 24:00, Daegu 24:10, South Pusan 24:10, Ulsan 24:30, Yeongcheon 24:30

The reason he asked us to bring Lee Ji Eun is probably to have her escape with his mother-in-law.

If this was really Press Director Choi's plan to wrap this up, do you think he was going to return Hyeon Woo here?

The proof that he's still alive... could it be Hyeon Woo himself?

For that, there are too many people here. What is he trying to do here?

That's why he brought us here. So, he can hide them somewhere and get them on the bus amidst all these people.

- Hi Sunbae.
- We arrived at the terminal.

Take a look at the situation and call me if you need my help.

I got it. Be careful.


I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

The kid looks very familiar.

That... that! I think I just saw him.

Why is a grandma hiding here at this hour with a child?

Are you running away or something?

Wow! I just hit the jackpot!

Let him go! No!

- What?
- Hyeon Woo, run away!

Run to where lots of people are! Ask for help!

Ask them to take you to your mom!

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Detective Cha!


- Jeong Hye In?
- Where are you right now?

Where's Hyeon Woo?

Hyeon Woo just ran away by himself.

At the Seoul bus terminal. Toward Gyeongbu line gate!

You must find him! A homeless man went after him!

I'm sorry.

I was going to return him to you safely.

Hyeon Woo! Hyeon Woo!

Help me! Help me!

Could you be... Right!

Wow, I just hit the jackpot!

I'm sorry. Are you okay?

Wait a minute. Wait.

- Isn't that Jeong Hye In?
- Jeong Hye In!

What's going on? What's going on?

Everyone. I'm Jeong Hye In.

Right here... my son Hyeon Woo is here.

Right now my son is somewhere here.

Everyone please help.

The culprit has been stabbed and is hospitalized.

And the accomplice has been attacked by someone while trying to return Hyeon Woo.

And Hyeon Woo is being chased by that someone by himself.

I just saw him.

Thank you. Everyone, everyone please look for Hyeon Woo.

Hyeon Woo is seven years old.

He's wandering around here alone. Please find Hyeon Woo.

Please look for him.

- We'll look for him!
- Please look for him!

So that I can find Hyeon Woo, not anyone else. Please find him!

I'm making an announcement to customers who are at the Seoul bus terminal.

Actress Jeong Hye In's son Song Hyeon Woo is currently at the bus terminal.

Anyone who finds Song Hyeon Woo, please bring him safely to the announcement center immediately.

Jeong Hye In and Cha Seung In aren't answering the phone.

Is Press Director going to be okay?

They can be at the hospital with him. I'll find out first if Press Director Choi made it to any of the hospitals.

I don't know what to do.

First, let's figure out today's show. The viewers watched everything live.

PD, Writer, this is ...

SG will try to find Hyeon Woo first after seeing this.

We must stop it. Take the camera.

Goseok Terminal?

Yes, I've sent out a few good men.

I ordered them to find him first quietly and bring him here.

Hyeong Woo! Hyeon Woo!

They're SG people. You have to watch them closely. If any dangerous situations arise, you must record. Can you do it?

I can do it.

They can try to break the camera after everything's been recorded. So, be careful when there's no one around.

Hyeon Woo! Hyeon Woo!

I'll announce it once more. If anyone finds Song Hyeon Woo...

Please bring him safely to the announcement center.

Hyeon Woo!

Hyeon Woo!

Hyeon Woo!

- Hyeon Woo!
- Mom!


Detective Cha! Detective Cha!

Sunbae, we found Hyeon Woo, but SG people are after him.

I'm escorting them out now.

Hye In, we need to rush out. SG people are here.

You can run, right?

Jeong Hye In!


Arrest me, Mr. Detective.

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Where are you going now?

For now, we should go home.

I'll secure your home.

I have things to take care of. Will you be okay going home with the broadcasting team?

Thank you.

You found him, Jeong Hye In.

Jeong Hye In took the child.

As for the bodyguards... because the broadcasting team was recording...

I'm sorry.

Don't mess with the child until I order you otherwise.


- How about Father's matters?
- He's meeting with the President.

PR Team, SG Chemicals' director, Oh Sung's strategic management director.

Tell these people to come here. Right now.


I'm going back to the TV station to wrap things up. Rest up.

They're retired detectives and they're great at security.

Even if I want to place cops, I don't know who's connected to SG.

These guys are trustworthy. We'll secure this place.

Go home. Hurry home.

Thank you!

Let's go.

You know I can't let you in.

Please. I want to hear for myself what he has to say in the end.

People have watched this show thus far. Don't you think we need the last word?

We found Hyeon Woo.

Hyung is not just an ordinary kidnapper.

You saw, too, Detective Park.

Hurry up and finish it.

I'm here for the show. To record your last words.

Was he found? Did Hye In meet him?

It's all over.

Forget it. What can I say?

Everything. Everything you want to say, Hyung.

The last thing I wanted to say is for Hye In.

Should I call Hye In?

She wouldn't want to come... Hye In...

Besides the things you found out... do you have any other evidence?


I'm not saying I'll put it on the show.

I don't think you originally wanted to do a show like today's.

I wanted to confirm it.

There's a doctor who researched and wrote up a report on his own after doing experiments.

I have other evidence, too.

I was supposed to meet him three days ago, but he went into hiding.

It's not like he committed a crime.

I didn't want to place him in danger.

A doctor?

Around 9 p.m. tonight, at a reservoir located in the town of Bongdam in Hwaseong...

- What's this?
- Mr. Kim, age 46, was found dead...

A local resident found him and reported to the police.
Mr. Kim who disappeared seven years ago, found dead in a reservoir.

The police and the firemen tried to bring Mr. Kim up the surface...

- Is that him?
- ... but he was alread dead.

What on earth is that?

The police suspect Mr. Kim committed suicide...

and are looking into the exact cause of his death.
[Mr. Kim who disappeared seven years ago, found dead in a reservoir.]

According to the police, seven years ago, Mr. Kim...

was working at a hospital in Seoul...

and went missing all of a sudden and could not be located until now.

His family had already had him declared dead.
Resident ID - Kim Bong Joon

Dong Wook, let me make a final request.


The tape I gave you... did you watch it?

- Here.
- What's this?

You'll know when you see it.

This... when you get to make a show about this case on your own...

Be sure to use it.

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I watched it.

I made a mistake.

About what?

Awhile ago, I said if there's something that shouldn't be aired...

I asked you to do me a favor. You remember?

I remember.

That tape. Don't play it on the air in the future.

You asked me to play it.

That's what I thought, but I don't think that's right.

How come?

After watching that, if people feel even slightly sorry for me...

If they think I was justified...

As a result, I shouldn't be pardoned.

Forget others...

but not for Hyeon Woo... what I did...

So, why...

You won't play it, right?


But later... if I get to make something...

I can possibly use it.

This is all I can do for you, Hyung.


It's not that he was stabbed on purpose.

They were fighting and got cuts.

Then, will he be okay?

Yes, being treated for a few days will take care of it.

As for issues regarding Choi Joon Goo's injuries, anyone can reach a clear conclusion.

You can get enough rest and just go through some questioning for procedural sake when you're feeling better.

Please wrap it up as soon as possible.

Yes, I understand.

Come in.

- You can leave now.
- Yes.

That doctor... did he have anything?

According to our investigation...

we're sure Kim Bong Joon had a report that was to be a crucial evidence.

On top of that, he had the proof that SG Chemicals was aware that

a PHMG toxicity test was necessary.

So? Where is that evidence now?


If it goes into the hands of the police or the broadcasting team, can you take care of it?

We'll be sure that doesn't ever happen.

Is this it?

Are there any other plans which haven't been carried out or other accomplices?

About a year ago...

All of a sudden, he couldn't sleep day or night...

He stayed in his room saying he'll make a bomb.

He burned his wrist in the end and quit doing that.

The bomb Park Se Yeong made a year ago... does that have any connection with this plan?

Park Se Yeong...

Park Se Yeong found out about the ahjussi for the first time then.

He found out that his mom got sick because of the humidifier disinfectant.

He got so upset and threw a fit wanting to make a bomb.

He failed at that.

Ahjussi explained to him his plans for this show and persuaded him. So that's why he quit.

How did you get involved in this in the beginning?

Did you find out about all this after Park Se Yeong kidnapped you?

You looked truly fearful on screen.


I planned things with Oppa Soo Hyeon and Ahjussi for a long time.

As for kidnapping... even though I knew about it,

I was so scared at that very moment.

I became doubtful of Ahjussi and Park Se Yeong both.

I thought, "Is this the actual beginning?"

How do you feel now?

Do you regret it?

I'm not sure.

I feel bad toward Hyeon Woo and Oppa Soo Hyeon ...


Can you let me meet Ahjussi once?

That will be difficult.

Hey, crazy punk! Why are you here at this hour?

I'm okay.

I'm sorry for not doing my job well.

I'll kill you if you get beat up again.


Press Director Choi's mother-in-law has been transferred to the task force.

The case is closed and we shouldn't keep Lee Ji Eun any longer.

I know, but... I think Lee Ji Eun will be safer here. As long as we can watch her continuously.

I don't know how much longer we can do that.

It will be complicated to explain that later.

For today, please watch her, Sunbae. I have to go somewhere.

To where?

Let me go with you, Sunbae.

It's personal.

By chance... is this about Sunbae Sang Shik?

You can walk, right?

You just have to go through a few exams.


Please change into this here and come out that way.

Why did you come here?

I have some questions for Press Director Choi.

About Detective Kim Sang Shik's case... isn't it over? Let go of this case now.

Take care of your body and think of others as well.

The door to the changing room is locked inside and patient Choi Joon Goo isn't coming out.

Men's changing room

Choi Joon Goo ran away through the window of the first floor exam room.

Ask for assistance from the police station and search him quickly. I'm sure he's not far.

Why Press Director targeted you, Hye In...

From Press Director Choi's perspective, what is your sin, Hye In...

Think about it carefully.

Mommy is sorry...

Mommy is sorry...

Detective Cha Seung In

- Enjoy.
- Thank you.

Look at how swollen your eyes are. If you're going to cry that much, why start the fight?

Who's the one who called all night asking all kinds of questions?

Come over here.

What are you doing?

Helping your swelling go down.

So cold.

You have to eat all this. You said you're recording until late at night.


- Let's get married.
- Yeah.


I said let's just get married.

Not on the phone at night. Let's fight face to face.

But... what kind of proposal while eating is this?


Go to the sky lounge with the orchestra. Kneel with a diamond ring?

- You want something like that?
- Yeah.

That's not it. I hate that.

Just like we're eating like this...

Let's live simply and naturally together.

You and I both... it would be hard to live that way. But we want that more than anyone else.

Hurry up and eat. I'll drop you off.

But Tae Young... you say embarrassing things quite well.

I didn't know you were like that.

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Jeong Hye In.

Han Ji Yeon is here to see you.

There's something I really want to say to you.

There's something I really want to say.


Hyeon Woo, come here.

Why did you wake up? You should sleep more.

I didn't see you, Mom.

Is someone here?

No, no. Sleep more.

Let's go inside with me. Just a minute.

I'm sorry, please go.

Hyeon Woo is very anxious right now.

Hyeon Woo is my priority right now.

I know.

How you must feel, Jeong Hye In.

But I couldn't help it, so I came.

Please meet me just once.


Hyeon Woo. They're people who are protecting us.

It's okay. I'll come in soon. Go ahead.

Choi Joon Goo ran away.

Detective Cha called you, but he couldn't reach you.

I thought you should know, Jeong Hye In.

I'll be right in the front. Call me whenever.

Thank you.

Not long ago, my daughter's primary doctor called me.

Six patients from the same room that doctor used to look after...

They all had the same symptoms.

Except for me, they all died.

Han Ji Yeon.

Even when I asked him to meet me, he didn't tell me where he was.

He seemed nervous as though he was being chased.

But this morning, he was found dead in a reservoir.

After I saw that you found Hyeon Woo...

I thought it was all over.

I struggled to find out where your home is and I came.

Han Ji Yeon, listen to me.

Please do the final show just one more time.

You can do it, Hye In.

You found Hyeon Woo thanks to other people.

People who died...

People in hiding...

People who don't even know they're victims...

You can help those people, Hye In.

I... I can't do it.

I did it all this time because of Hyeon Woo.

I'm scared, too. I'm tired and am struggling.

I'm sorry.

I have to protect Hyeon Woo now.

I'm going to leave.

Jeong Hye In.

I'm sorry.

How are you going to go up against the PR?

I'm thinking of gathering all the issues regarding Choi Joon Goo as much as possible.

Delusional, kidnapping, murder, and escape on top of that?

I'm planning on blowing this out of proportion to say he's been full of complaints against society and has been planning terrorist acts.

Then even last night's incident will be tied in as the terrorist act against SG.

Under the circumstances, we shouldn't face the disinfectant issue head on yet

but keep quiet for now, right?

That's right.

This strategy... be aggressive in pursuing this on the corporate level.

I got it.

The unique criminal Mr. Kim who sent Korea into a state of shock for the last ten days

was arrested yesterday.

While committing the crime, he injured himself and was being treated at a hospital.
Terror danger?

But he escaped the hospital.

The police suspect that Mr. Kim was pessimistic about his situation and had complaints against society...
( Mr. Choi escapes from hospital during treatment )

and believes he committed terrorist acts against a top star and conglomerate.

The police also suspect that it is highly probable that Mr. Choi escaped in order to commit additional terrorist acts.

They plan to investigate full force.

Choi Joon Goo... where did he go?

What did you two talk about?

Our conversation is recorded on the camera.

I don't know where he went.

Mr. Choi escapes the hospital during treatment

Mr. Choi escapes the hospital during treatment

He should, of course, be arrested by the police, but...

I'm sure SG won't leave the Press Director alone. This is major.

What's Press Director up to?

Since he's been stabbed, if he doesn't get proper treatment... that's bad, too.

Anything about Press Director Choi?

No. By chance, is there any file that didn't get used on the show among the files Press Director gathered?

If we want to find out why he escaped, I think that's the only way.

There are lots of files that didn't get used, but they're all very similar.

Most of them are victims' interview recordings for the documentary he was working on.

There are whistle blowers and other helpers, too, but...

Detective Kim Sang Shik

Have you seen this tape before?

No, I haven't seen that yet.

There is so much of it and the content is all so different.

Can I see this right now?

When we go to France, let's stay together like this everyday.

- Hye In.
- Huh?


Wait a moment.

What's this?

You're in such a hurry. It will take a long time to put these on her.

And what if it's a boy?

So... tada!

They're so cute!

Our daughter... be sure to put these on her first birthday.

You have to tell her that her daddy bought these for her for the first time.

What the heck?

You can put these on her and tell her yourself.

Ah... right...

I can do that.

And why do you keep saying it's a girl?

Will you be disappointed if it's a boy?

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What's the point of recording this?

Ah, move it. You're confusing me.

I have to leave everything as a record.

If something happens to me, there's no one who can publish this.

I'll drop you off somewhere. Go back.

- How can I send you there alone?
- Aigoo...

You'll be in the way. Those punks... they're very scary.

You said Go Yeong Joon and Lee Myeong Soon are informants.

They didn't go because they don't want to touch this case?

That's right.

That bastard is quick with calculation.

According to your investigation, Lee Myeong Soon is Jo Nam Cheol's accomplice?

There's a site called "Hunting." It's a site where you abet murder.

Lee Myeong Soon made that site.

At first, I'm sure he made it to scam people. But since it's big money...

he ordered Jo Nam Cheol to actually carry it out.

The two didn't know each other at first?


But after actually witnessing the murder...

he thought he might get eliminated, too, and got scared.

So, he gave me information to flee out of the country.

You said SG sent people and warned you, Detective.

Even if it wasn't for SG, things like that happen a lot.

Then this can be a trap, too.

Even if it's a trap, I couldn't catch them if it wasn't for this chance. That's why I'm going.

Then, let's call your team and go together.

If Seung In find out, that will be bad. He's reckless.

Even if I catch them, it'll be a long fight.

A newbie... I don't want to get in the way of his future.

How about you, Detective?

I already know. It's already been done, so I can't help it.

I'm a detective.

I'm the one who has to do these things.

Are you going somewhere?

To the TV station.

There's something I have to do.

It'll be dangerous if you move now. Must you go?

I started it...

so, I must wrap it up.

I'll take you there.

Hyeon Woo. I'll be out for a moment.

Can you stay here with these aunties from the station for a moment?

Can't I go with you?

Sorry. I'll be right back.

I'm scared.

The policemen you like so much are right outside.

Stay here with aunties. I'll be right back.

Yeah, stay here with me.

It's okay here. It's safe.

Hurry up and go. You won't take long, right?

Of course not. I'll talk at the first floor cafe for about ten minutes.

Please take care of him.

Hyeon Woo.

Hye In.

I'm sorry.

How is Hyeon Woo?

Don't even bring up Hyeon Woo's name.

I'm really sorry. Really sorry.

After you kidnapped Hyeon Woo like that...

everyday, every hour, every minute, I thought about it.

Why me?

Why my Hyeon Woo?

Why is this happening to us?

Did I really do something wrong?

Did I commit a bigger sin than the people who appeared on the show and got killed?

I was... cruel... but...

I couldn't help it.

You were the only one who could do it.

After thinking like that...

I realized my sin.

My sin.

Why does it have to be you?

You promised me.

When I get pregnant, we were going to leave for France without telling your family.

Our child, lonely like you...

You didn't want to raise him among monsters.

I didn't say that to you. You said that to me.

Hye In.

I've been acting since I was seven.

There's no one who doesn't know me in Korea.

That kind of life... leave behind everything familiar to us up to now and

you said let's lead a life we really want.

You said I've been living a fake life. That it was all wrong.

You made me think that way, Tae Young. How can you do this to me now?

We were supposed to meet, Tae Young.

You know that you're the only one, Ham Tae Young!

The only person who can do this. Someone who can investigate this properly and apologize...

You're the only one, Ham Tae Young.

People who know nothing and are dying away. You're the one who can rescue them.

Please? Ham Tae Young, you can do this. Please?

To me... You said you'd do that. You promised to me.

There's no proof. It's not like everything has been revealed.

You don't know what's true and what's false from what those people say. Maybe you're being deceived.

If that's what it is... I should at least find out.

Hye In, just three months will do it. What I promised you...

Living happily in France.

We'll do that, Hye In.

Then, tell me at least what this is about.

Help me do this with you. Make me understand.

No. This is my business.

Something I should be responsible for.

Make a choice. Is it me and our baby or all those strangers?


Tae Young. I'm scared.

I'm afraid that something will happen to you, Tae Young.

I understand.


Ham Tae Young who was supposed to help us on our side...

He had come to me with all the files.

He said he'd take responsibility and

investigate properly and reveal the truth.

I'm sorry.

I thought wrong.

My wife is pregnant.

If something happens to me, she's...

My family who doesn't even consider her human...

will take the child as hostage or take the child away from her.

One of the two things.

Tae Young.

You just have to do this well. Also...

think of the people who lost their children unfairly.

You're responsible, too, Ham Tae Young.

I know, but still...

I'm sorry. I can't let them do that.

I can't tell my wife about this or drag her into this.

My wife is extremely nervous.

Ham Tae Young.

This is all I can do.

Please tell Na Jae Hyeon that I'm sorry.

I didn't know Tae Young did that.

And he met Na Jae Hyeon right away.

Then he died.

I had no idea this is what Tae Young wanted to reveal.

It's because you were connected to it.


He wanted to protect you.

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- Wait.
- Jeong Hye In!

I have something to say! You must listen to me, Jeong Hye In!

It's about Ham Tae Young's death.

You're the only one, Jeong Hye In!

The person who can reveal this... who must reveal this...

You're the only one, Jeong Hye In!

Jeong Hye In! Jeong Hye In!

I have something to say! Please! Please listen!

Driver, let's hurry. We'll be late for the flight.


Please? Please listen to me!

You're the only one, Jeong Hye In! Jeong Hye In! Jeong Hye In!

That person then...

was that Na Soo Hyeon?

Even if I know what I did wrong...


went through enough, Hye In. I was cruel.

It wasn't only about your sin.

I needed you.

What Ham Tae Young was going to do...

I wanted you to do it.

I have no intention of apologizing to you, Sunbae.

No intention to ask for forgiveness.

When I think of what you did to my Hyeon Woo...

I won't forgive you until I die.

Sunbae... you pay for your crime now.

As for me I'm going to do what I can do now.