Wanted (2016–…): Season 1, Episode 8 - Episode #1.8 - full transcript

After Song Jun Ho's bombshell cancellation, the production crew scrambles to stay on course. Despite all this, a new mission comes in.

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Episode 8

What's the reason?

I asked, what's the reason?

An investment offer came in under the condition that I finish off "Wanted."

It's a Chinese source. I'm guaranteed the management rights.

So in the end it's about money?

This broadcast is getting enough as you wanted.

Yes, until now it's been fine.

But this show will be over in five days.

The show already started receiving criticism for ethical issues.

There are going to be many more legal liabilities.

Was this what you were thinking from the start?

Getting out of this now is the right timing.

Thus far, the show received police cooperation. So, there won't be much of an issue.

If the police announce that they'll take their hands off tomorrow,

this broadcast too will be investigated.

The problem will get bigger.

Doesn't what happens to Hyeon Woo matter to you?

Are you still a person?

You can't say it like that.

From the start, I made possible an impossible show.

It's impossible to air the show on another broadcasting station tomorrow.

What about an internet broadcast?

Are you okay?

How did the talk go?

From the start my husband was just going to get what he wanted and stop in the middle.

No matter what, I'm going to do this broadcast in UCN.


I'll use his method.

First of all, I'll have to find his weakness. Whether I have to blackmail or persuade him.

Will that work?

He's good at calculating his profit and loss.

If I can come up with a situation where I can take away what he wants to keep most, it may be possible.

If it's the thing he doesn't want to get taken away from him...

It would be the broadcasting station.

The lawsuit... you take responsibility, Hyung.

Even before the show started, I set it up with my legal team.

As though you set up an outside company to produce the show. My company didn't break the contract terms and conditions.

As a result, you bear the liability for unpaid wages.

You'll be charged with embezzlement and breach of fiduciary duty.

Will it be possible to find that kind of weakness?

Because he is a person who will do anything which benefits him,

we have to look and find out.

The customer's voicemail is temporarily locked.

The customer's voicemail is temporarily locked.

To: Kwon Gyeong Hoon

Gyeong Hoon, where are you right now?

You saw last night's broadcast right?

Help me. There's something only you can do.

Contact me as soon as possible.

Hyeon Woo!


Hyeon Woo, let me see. Are you injured anywhere?

Are you hurt?

Shouldn't we at least try to negotiate with the kidnapper?

We don't have any way of contacting the criminal.

UCN has no reason to let us release a preview or special broadcast.

The criminal must have seen the broadcast, I'm worried about Hyeon Woo.

If the criminal is provoked...

What is it?

We were told to use this room starting today.

Our team is using it right now.

WANTED was stopped.

How can you push your way in like this all of a sudden?

- We were told from above...
- I gave instructions personally.

I said to do that.

We have to hurry if we're to start a new show.

To fit the taste of the new investor.

With just the words that the show is ending today,

the criminal could be provoked.

Even though Hyeon Woo's not his real son, how gutsy do you have to be to do that?

It could be a good decision.

The kidnapper can't kill Hyeon Woo rashly.

There must be some other goal that he planned everything in such detail.

How is the task force atmosphere? Do they want you to join in right away?

Yes. Before the show airs tomorrow, they're hoping they'll come across the tail end of some clue.

But it feels like they've given up on the kid... it's just...

Chief, are you okay?

Oh, I'm okay.

I didn't even get suspended. They'll dock my pay for three months.

They're treating me more generously than I imagined. Is that such a big deal?

We have to find that kid.

Wow, you have a big heart.

Chief, I have a favour to ask.

What is it?

Make it so Cha Seung In doesn't get involved for no reason.

If you have something to say, say it to me directly.

If you're going to get out of this case, get out of it completely.

Sure. Don't mind me.

Are you saying you refuse to listen to me?

What about Mi Ok Sunbae?

Oh Mi Ok... I'll check to see if she comes around here again.

Before you receive discipline for abusing your authority while on vacation, tell her to get out of it, too.

I'll take care of things, so don't mind it.

Hey, hey. Stop it.

Mi Ok is over there...

We'll go out for a second.

What are you doing? Not emptying the room?

What are you? What are you?!

Earlier at the broadcast I thought of this.

I'm sorry for making society insecure in order to find my son.

I'm not listening to the criminal anymore.

It was amazing. The leader who's taking responsibility for society.

Isn't he cool?

Stop with the nonsense and get out.

But in actuality, you received a huge sum of investments and

put on a show using your son's life as collateral in order to fit the taste of the investor?

- Is it because he isn't actually your son?
- What's this?

You began the show over money. And now that the show is about to lose its sweet appeal, you end the show over money.

No interest in saving your son's life. A despicable father.

It's a character that people love.

Even for people who hate or like a show. There's something to curse about.

Get out.

Geez, I don't want to be a dog barking up the wrong tree.

I should turn this into a breaking story.

If you don't like that, please give the broadcast team a chance too.

The program is there to save the kid's life. Even if they must give up later, shouldn't they at least give their all now?

To me, that is a more interesting story.

Isn't it more interesting to work hard when there's no chance for them?

Clean up this room by tomorrow noon.

Na Soo Hyeon being with Hyeon Woo worries me the most.


He had keepsakes from Jo Nam Cheol, Nam Jae Hyeon and Ham Tae Yeong.

Seeing that he asked Park Gwang Yeong to get rid of Na Jae Hyeon's body...

There's a high possibility that Jo Nam Cheol killed Na Jae Hyeon, but...


Na Soo Hyeon has already revealed his identity leaving five episodes of the show.

Revenge for his browther wasn't even the final mission.

He probably got into this to take revenge for his brother's death. But he's probably an accomplice.

If there's the central criminal mind, he must've planned this very carefully.

It probably wasn't a mere plan meant to end at punishing Jo Nam Cheol.

That's right. But the moment Jo Nam Cheol didn't get caught by the police, but escaped...

something started going wrong with the plan.

Jo Nam Cheol came to the broadcasting station and was killed. He revealed his face a bit.

Sing that song, to your mom.

He didn't change his voice anymore.

Especially losing Hyeon Woo would have been a mistake.

Of course to Jeong Hye In, making it seem like he was giving her evidence that Hyeon Woo was still alive,

he multiplied her fear. But it was a critical moment for Na Soo Hyeon.

Then are you saying that he made a mistake and pretended he didn't?

- What's the proof of that?
- The last mission...

She wasn't supposed to reveal that her ex-husband didn't die in an accident, it was to find out how he died.

So Jeong Hye In didn't succeed at that mission.

But to make it seem like he purposely lost Hyeon Woo,

he didn't put out any type of condition or request and said that she succeeded.

That means his plan keeps going awry.

Just like the way he left a note on my car, he continues to reveal himself and moves too fast.

You even checked the dead body today.

If we're not able to continue the show, you don't know what unexpected situation would occur.

- Let's go.
- Where?

He'll contact Jeong Hye In no matter what.

Whether to force her to do the show or to act impulsively.

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Noona. I'm Gyeong Hoon.

Oh Gyeong Hoon, can you come to the house?

I saw the hidden camera in my library.

I need the video clip or voice transcription the camera recorded.

No I won't go home.

What do I do if there are police?

Noona, you deceived me once last time.

Come alone to the place where I told you to come out.

If you want to obtain the video clip or voice transcription.

It's me. You have to forgive me.

Did you bring it?

I guess you aren't curious as to how I've been.

I don't have the time for this.

You're just using me right?

You said you'd find Hyeon Woo for me.

Hyeon Woo is in so much danger right now. If you keep asking these questions,

would I be able to believe you?


The reason the President installed the hidden camera in the library is...

It's okay I don't have to hear it.

I'll contact you.

Wait, wait. Talk to me for a minute...

Kwon Gyeong Hoon!

#Sixth Mission
What relationship could CEO Song Jeong Ho have with this woman?

Make Song Jeong Ho appear on the show and tell us with his own mouth.

I...really just... some man told me to pass it to her.

I gave it to her because I thought it was some sort of event.

Was it this person?

He was wearing a hat and a mask, so I'm not sure,

I think that's correct. His eyes are similar.

He asked you to deliver an envelope to Jeong Hye In. Didn't you think it was strange?

Don't you watch TV?

Ah, I watch that program too. It's really interesting.

That was something on TV, so in reality I wasn't really thinking...

Where did this person go?

He went that that way, up the stairs. I think it's been about 10 minutes.

There's no reason to go out and check.

Wow, so you're that Detective from Jo Nam Cheol's mission?

It's you! The action you showed during the hostage situation... you were so cool!

Let's go.

Voice Transcription

Did you find anything from President Song's voice transcription?

There's less than I thought.

He's just talking to her in the library, bedroom, or bathroom.

About the important things, he says to meet in person to talk. He only talks about daily mundane stuff.

Well, how would you know the nuances of lingo used by those types of people?

Don't leave out anything. Type out everything and get it to me as soon as possible.


Will this method work?

Up to now, the few things I found are some things he can cunningly escape by the enforcement of law.

All I need is to make the broadcasting station take their hands off for the next five days.

Sunbae, you know something right?

Hyung, when we started this show

I'll be the producer responsible for this.

I'm good with that.

Would you be able to?

You find someone else for the lawsuit.

You grab onto an opportunity better than I thought, Hyung.


What was he talking about?


Paper company?

It'll be difficult. Especially if he set it up with his legal team.

It'll be difficult to commence the investigation in five days.

You know what the law is, it can even help the people with power

in there favor.

Even so, let's start from there.


I'll look into it.

2009 (seven years ago), 7/12/2009, Na Jae Hyeon, Ham Tae Yeong meet

Everything the kidnapper is trying to reveal on the show is all moving toward this day.

July 12th, 2009, Na Jae Hyeon and Ham Tae Yeong meet at night.

Next day, at 3am on July 13, 2009, Ham Tae Yeong dies on scene after a car accident.,

Na Jae Hyeon was missing after that day,

and was found as a skeleton yesterday.

The criminal's motivation definitely started from Na Jae Hyeon's case.

That's right.

He said to do the broadcast on the day of Jo Nam Cheol's parole.

At the scene of the 1st mission, Na Jae Hyeon and Ham Tae Yeong's keepsakes were found.

It was all planned from the start.

Then if we organize these cases by time,

Jo Nam Cheol killed Ham Tae Yeong and Na Jae Hyeon. He buried one and disguised the other as an accident.

Two months later, Na Soo Hyeon went to the police station and reported him missing.

Detective Go Hyeong Joon was in charge of this case,

but he found out Ham Tae Yeong and Na Jae Hyeon met.

I got an order from above to stop the investigation, so I stopped it.

That's all. Also,

I had no evidence or leads.

The guy that Jo Nam Cheol killed, Im Hyeong Soon,

called me saying he had a tip for me, but at that time I already had dropped the case.

A detective called Kim Sang Sik

kept asking questions, so all I did was tell him where they could meet.

Jo Nam Cheol was at the place that Im Hyeong Soon provided,

and there Sunbae Sang Sik ...


Since that time, Im Hyeong Soon ran away to Philippines.

And three months ago, he came back to Korea.

You started meeting Park Se Young a month before Hyeon Woo was kidnapped,

Na Soo Hyeon started working part time at the cafe in front of UCN

two months before Hyeon Woo was kidnapped.

This plan, from when did it start?

Also, three days before Hyeon Woo was kidnapped, Park Se Young kidnapped Lee Ji Eun.

That's right.

Han Sol's dad from the first mission,

and Doctor Ha Dong Min from the second mission, they have no connection to the case from 7 years ago.

Accomplices Park Se Young, Lee Ji Eun, Han Sol's dad and Ha Dong Min, these four people ...

we have to start by investigating whatever happened between them 7 years ago.

Is she his lover?

She looks young though.

But if they're in a relationship where she goes to his house, probably...

Why would that person suddenly become the criminal's target?

After seeing Song Jeong Ho say that the program is finished, the reason for giving a mission of making Song Jeong Ho appear on the show is...

There would have been a reason for the criminal to make it a 10 episode broadcast.

That's right.

But he suddenly said the broadcast is ending,

wouldn't he be making us do it again?

But he only sent us the mission. Not a picture or threat.

To find Han Sol,

he revealed Professor Kim Woo Jin's child abuse.

If we reveal the relationship between these two people,

we could find a way to do the broadcast again.

Where are you going?

I think I know where this woman is.

I'll go on my own for now.

Be sure to record an absolutely necessary situation.

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Hello, good day.

My husband left the car key inside the car.

It's done.

Thank you.

Apartment, apartment... middle of the city or a new town...

Sang Am Dong 495-81
Seoul Mapogu Sang Am Dong

If it's 7 years ago...

it was the time where my Se Yeong had difficulties.


His dad passed away early,

I raised him by running the restaurant on my own.

At that time, my health got really bad.

Se Yeong had to go to school

and work at part time jobs. He had a hard time.

Before the incident,

did he suddenly become weird?

Around a year before the incident,

suddenly, night or day, he didn't sleep,

locked himself in his room and said he was going to make a bomb or something in his room.

Ultimately, he burned his wrist and stopped doing that.

1 year ago?

Did he tell you why he was making it?

He said that it was the world's fault that we were living so unfortunately.

He said he was going to use it on bad guys.

But starting then, he was good to me.

He wasn't originally a bad kid.

When he was young, he said he wanted to be a movie director,

all he did was stay home and watch movies. He was really a mild tempered kid.

Can we look at Park Se Yeong's room?

I left it the way it was.

Because I couldn't go in.

Didn't the investigations team take a look at this room when Park Se Yeong committed suicide?

It isn't because I don't want to work.


Additional file.

This is good. Now that you're not working on the show, you're all gathered here.

it'll be comfortable, the investigation.

What are you saying?

Today we didn't come to help the show, we came as the WANTED case investigation team.

Now, the broadcast team has been included in the investigation.

Why are we included in the investigation?

Take a look at the motive.

You have something to gain through the show and all of you are personally connected to Jeong Hye In...

or have dire circumstances, isn't that right?

We, the police... for the last five days, the show that aired on UCN
[Press Conference Regarding 'Jeong Hye In's Wanted']

Jeong Hye In's WANTED, will no longer

be used as part of Song Hyeon Woo's kidnapping case investigations.

During the airing of the show, murders, kidnappings

or hostage situations continue to occur.

Not only that, the show has heightened the anxiety level within our society by airing the show without discretion.

The show glorifies and distorts the kidnapper's viewpoint in carrying out his personal vendetta by portraying it as justice.

We're concerned about copycat crimes and it has become a serious societal issue.

So, today you won't be able to avoid us by using as the excuse of working on the broadcast.

You'll have to cooperate with our investigation.

PD Shin Dong Wook.

Shall we begin with you, PD?

Let's do that.

Chief, talk with me.


Why are you like that?

It's hidden camera recording of Jeong Hye In by her manager.

Then are you saying that the manager gave this to Park Se Yeong?

The kidnapper did use the hidden camera recording by the manager.

We need to look further into whether the manager is an accomplice...

or gave or sold to Park Se Yeong the clip without knowing the purpose.

In any case, Park Se Yeong was also a Jeong Hye In stalker.


It's not the manager's ID.

If this is an ID, Park Se Yeong might have given the video to this person too.

If we can get that, we find the kidnapper's ID.

Cyber Crime Investigation Team

I was wondering if you can find something that's relevant to this word on Park Se Yeong's hard drive.

What is this? Is it an ID?

We're not sure, but we thought there was a possibility.

In any case, there is a record of chatting on an international site.

It's not easy to find the content or whom he was chatting with.

They're huge on keeping user privacy. The server is located in central Europe.

Basically, if the user doesn't confirm

it's set up to erase all of its content. It will take time.

The episode from two days ago. Video clip of Jo Nam Cheol's murder scene... who recorded that?

I filmed it.

Aren't you close to Press Director Choi Joon Goo?

A close friend is found unconscious at the crime scene...

Yet you record the body? Ah, I can't understand it with my logic.

I called the ambulance right away. Until they arrived, there's nothing I could do.

The fact that Jo Nam Cheol died had to be aired.

So we needed that scene, that's why I filmed it.

You didn't kill him to begin with in order to air that scene?

At the time Jo Nam Cheol was killed, you were with him right?


That day I already heard that you lost consciousness before Jo Nam Cheol was killed,

While he was suppressing you, Press Director Choi, Jo Nam Cheol could've easily run away or

attacked Na Soo Hyeon, don't you think?

I didn't see the situation clearly so I wouldn't know...

If you and Na Soo Hyeon are accomplices, everything falls into place.

You let him know of the location and circumstances. You helped Na Soo Hyeon to get inside.

Let's supposed you two attacked Jo Nam Cheol together.

I understand the circumstances are quite puzzling, Detective.

I really don't know Na Soo Hyeon. There's no reason for me to kill Jo Nam Cheol, is there?

Can I see your cell phone?

Let's see.

PD, they're taking down our set.

What the.

Why did you come?

Everything that happens on this show is real.

As directed by Hyeon Woo's kidnapper,

we are doing this broadcast.

Jeong Hye In's WANTED, starts now.

Put CEO Song Jeong Ho's comment from yesterday on the screen.


What are you doing? Bring me a mic. Before this broadcast ends today,

as Hyeon Woo's father and UCN's CEO, I have something to say to everyone.

Jeong Hye In's WANTED ends today.

Yesterday, UCN's CEO, my husband,

and Hyeon Woo's father, Song Jeong Ho.

suddenly announced the ending our show during our live broadcast all of a sudden.

It was something that the broadcast team and I could not have imagined.

The criminal, Na Soo Hyeon who has been revealed now,

is together with my Hyeon Woo.

If I can't do the broadcast, Hyeon Woo will be in danger.

On the day Hyeon Woo was kidnapped,

From President Song Jeong Ho...

you heard that you're liable for damages to the company.

You were notified of that, right?

Yes. But the day that Hyeon Woo was kidnapped is something that we already talked about,

I really don't know why we're talking about it again.

At first, we had to investigate the alibis at the time of his kidnapping,

Now, we're going over the show.

This isn't something only you are doing.

The broadcast team, everyone, will be investigated.

Let's talk slowly. It feels like we'll be talking all night.

Song Jeong Ho's resolution to discontinue the show is firm.

To a lot of the viewers,

you'll probably be making guesses that it's because Hyeon Woo isn't his biological son.

But for the past 7 years,

Song Jeong Ho was a father who loved Hyeon Woo more than anyone else.

He was a strong fortress for me.

CEO Song still hasn't come?

Bo Yeon is supposed to contact me.

But why did Song Jeong Ho end this program

that holds Hyeon Woo's life in its hands without discussing it with me?

Unexpectedly, while carrying out the sixth mission from the kidnapper...

I found out the reason that Mr. Song Jeong Ho had to do that.

6th mission
What relationship could Song Jeong Ho have with this woman?

10 hours ago

What are you doing?

You thought I was with Song Jeong Ho?

What relationship do you have with him?

A married man buys an apartment for a woman and comes around.

He pays for her living expenses. Isn't it obvious?

Didn't you come knowing everything?

In the picture that the criminal sent, this woman Miss Kim,

is she really my husband, Song Jeong Ho's mistress?

Was the mission succeeded like this?

But while I met with Miss Kim,

someone from our broadcast team was investigating Miss Kim separately,

and found something strange.

9 hours ago

Jeong Hye In? It's not the phony company Director Choi talked about but another paper company.

It's a company which is supposed to make movies and dramas but

they've never produced anything. We don't know what they do in actuality.

but that woman, Kim So Yeon is on the list of directors.

Even though the paper company that CEO Song Jeong Ho made

does not bring in any money,

the same sum of money was being regularly deposited into the account of Ms. Kim

who is listed as one of the directors.

You should've recorded the process of finding that out.

Forget it.

I don't want to make an appearance. Besides, I don't want to advertise my illegal actions.


Coming in here during the show isn't right.

Just join our discussions.

This is the real thing. You won't give me the real thing, but only give me what you can say in public?

This is different from our promise.

- I'm going to go to the bathroom.
- Come back quickly.

I'm sorry.

Geez, seriously... you're being so petty.

I'm going. I'll go.

There's a favour I want to ask of you.

- What?
- Well I'm not telling you to do it for free.

What was this paper company?

We investigated everyone registered as employees.

Surprisingly, excluding Miss Kim,

they were all people that were related to one person.

And that person, was not CEO Song Jeong Ho.

(8 hours 30 minutes before)
I found it.

Yes, Commissioner.

We'll do as promised earlier.

This was recorded the night before yesterday's live broadcast.

Then the cancelling of the show has to do with the commissioner?

No wonder the police were helping us so much and turned on us so quickly.

If the police commissioner told us to be quiet,

and this woman is related to it, the police commissioner is the target of the mission this time.

6 hours ago
Other than Kim So Yeon, all the other people who are connected to the paper company

have a connection to the police commissioner.

Niece. In-law. Cousin.

Even a high school classmate.

Then is Kim So Yeon having an affair with the commissioner

and not CEO Song?

The pattern is a bit different.

Child abuse. Illegal clinical trials. Murder.

The difference between them and a slush fund and an affair is big.

Like Jeong Hye In said, if the target of this mission is the commissioner and not Song Jeong Ho,

the commissioner will also have some connection with what happened 7 years ago.

If he tried to end the show going to the extent of providing President Song with an investor...

there's something he wants to hide.

Let's start by investigating the things the commissioner and Kim So Yeon did 7 years ago.


This b*stard. How could you dare to do this?

You should choose your words carefully.

You definitely said you would cancel the show!

The talk about the paper company

that... what is that being aired?!

I'm sorry. I have an appointment right now.

I'll be back soon. Would you stay here and watch the show? We have to finish our talk.

The person that all the directors of the paper company are related to

is none other then the person who is nicknamed "Mr. Clean",

someone who has been nicknamed the icon of integrity and reformation, Police Commissioner Lee Tae Gyoon.

UCN's CEO Song Jeong Ho. Police Commissioner Lee Tae Gyoon.

The young Miss Kim So Yeon.

What could be the relationship between these three people?

The criminal had one more condition on the mission.

For Song Jeong Ho to personally reveal his relationship with Miss Kim.

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Mr. Song Jeong Ho.

Please start by revealing your relationship with Miss Kim.

First, there's something I would like to make clear.

I love my wife,

and I never did anything to betray my wife.

Earlier, Miss Kim personally said things

that basically admitted to having an affair.

She's still a young child in her earlier twenties.

Due to various problematic circumstances, she possesses a rebellious side to her personality.

I think she's acting out purposely because she doesn't want to be misunderstood.

Then how will you explain you buying an apartment for her

and paying for her living expenses?

Ms. Kim is...

Is the person I respect no

Someone whom I used to respect... due to unavoidable circumstances,

a hidden child out of wedlock.

Four years ago, the mother of his daughter whom he had lost contact with...

called him right before she died of cancer.

The paper company that pays for her living expenses in the form of a salary

was formed as a result of a request from the person who couldn't reveal his identity.

I had prepared it for his daughter's future.

Who is that person you respect?

I'm sure you've probably guessed already

but it is Police Commissioner Lee Tae Gyoon.

So you did express that it was someone you respect but

if you create an illegal paper company and

take care of his child out of wedlock,

then can't we consider that back scratching between government and business or having a tight relationship?

You're ready right?

If you don't want to do this, you don't have to do it.

It's okay.

Although I respected him,

Kim So Yeon will appear in three minutes. Wrap up your comments.

He used his power and authority.

I definitely told you. That I'm against putting Kim So Yeon on camera.

- She came voluntarily.
- You're going to regret it.

Until when will you be like this, Writer Yeon? If I knew you were going to be like this, I wouldn't have asked to work together.

I'm doing my work properly.

I'm just trying to make a proper show.

A proper show? What is that?

You're okay with Song Jeong Ho pretending to be a good guy and lying on camera,

we're even revealing the secret that the police commissioner wanted to hide.

What do you mean that woman can't go on?

She lived in difficultly everyday because of something she didn't want.

But she has to go out there and have people point fingers at her again.

Do you have to go that far?

There are tons of people who want to go that far.

Don't worry about other people's lives, worry about tomorrow's viewer ratings that Hyeon Woo's life depends on.

Camera 2.

Last night's decision to end the show also as you might expect

was ordered by the Commissioner who was pressured by the public opinion.

I couldn't do anything else.

our son Hyeon Woo...


Like this, we've completed the 6th mission.

We've brought someone who can confirm the truthfulness of Mr. Song Jeong Ho's words.

Miss Kim So Yeon.

Is everything that Mr. Song Jeong Ho said up until this point true?


It is true.

Song Jeong Ho!

What is that? Why is there a phone call during the live broadcast?

We apologize to the viewers.

We apologize to the viewers.

Yes. Commissioner.

Close up on Song Jeong Ho. Zoom in.

Don't get mad there.

Come here and talk directly to the nation.

Lee Tae Gyoon, Born 10/14/1964, 2/2009 – 10/2010, Chief of Song Pa Police Station

If the commissioner is at the broadcasting station right now, we have to go there.

We should.

But we can't investigate Hyeon Woo's case.

He's the one who stopped the investigation on Na Jae Hyeon's case.

He's the only one who knows what happened between Ham Tae Yeong and Na Jae Hyeon.

Let's move.

In this place, I'm telling the nation's citizens clearly

everything that CEO Song Jeong Ho said today

is definitely not true.

To me, I have the honour as a police officer that I have to protect

and as the head of a family, I have a family I have to protect.

I declare that I will strongly stand against this plot.

The woman next to me

is not my daughter.


You aren't my father.

What kind of father in the world is like this?

You locked me in the apartment, you didn't let me go out so you could go into politics,

you made me live like a shadow!

Even so...

I trusted you as my father.

4 hours ago

How is it living like this?

Like your father's shadow, hiding for your father's life

living comfortably with money that you don't even want.

I can't tell you to go on air.

If the viewer rating doesn't go up,

my son will be in danger,

after the declaration of the end of the show yesterday, we couldn't even release a preview.

Although we have to use whatever method we can,

Miss So Yeon, you choose.

How you want to live,

and what method you will use.

Jeong Hye In's WANTED

Jeong Hye In's WANTED, SG Group

3 hours ago

While raising Hyeon Woo, I guess you didn't find him lovely at all.

That's not it.

I... want to hug my nephew once.

5 hours ago

I'll be straightforward.

This broadcast, please help me so I can do it again.

Even if you didn't ask, I looked into it. There is a very aggressive investor.

You promised your full support yesterday.

Please acquire UCN for a higher price.

That's the only method.

I meant I would help in anyway I could personally,

but this is something that needs approval from the group. It'll be hard for me to promise you immediately.

I know that you have that much power.

I also know that you are the most forward-looking and broadminded in SG Group.

UCN is actually in a situation where they are living on a life-support ventilator.

That ventilator was WANTED. I gave it to them.

I heard that you've been preparing a media and content company for a long time.

I also know it took a while against your older brother's objection.

I thought you were an actress, but you have good business instincts.

As far as SG Group is concerned, the last blood relative of the youngest son who died regretfully...

The group sacrificed to save him.

That would be the trigger for starting a new type of business.

It was awesome. I saw the face of the WANTED criminal yesterday.

I was doing my part-time job, but someone dressed in black asked me to deliver an envelope to a woman.

And asked me to deliver it to a woman.

It turned out to be Jeong Hye In.

I was dressed as a clown, so I gave the mission to Jeong Hye In while smiling.

I also saw the detective who caught Jo Nam Cheol.

6th mission – What relationship could Song Jeong Ho have with this woman?

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Do you still have something to say?

You... why did you do that?

Why did you ruin my life

- and to that young girl...
- I didn't do that to your daughter.

It was your choice.