Wanted (2016–…): Season 1, Episode 7 - Episode #1.7 - full transcript

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Episode 7

Hyeon Woo!

Mom... It's me, Hyeon Woo.

Mom, are you listening?

Come quickly!!

I don't have battery. I only have 5% left.

Hyeon Woo.

I'll come.

Hyeon Woo, get out from there. Get out first.

The door is locked. There's a lock on the door, Mom.

Are you with someone? How many people are there?

One. He always comes at night.

Where is that person?

Are you hiding right now?

Hyeon Woo.

Hyeon Woo, find a place and hide.

Don't hang up for now.

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Hyeon Woo.

It's okay. Come out.

Hyeon Woo escaped. He's on the phone right now.

Mom. On the second floor, there's a really big swimming pool.

There are no lights and there's a pile of trash.

And? What else is there, Hyeon Woo?

To the window.

Is there a window?

Look for places that you can go out of.

It's too high. I can't get out.

Hyeon Woo, no matter what, find a window and get out.

If it's locked, break it. If you get out, ask for help.

Jeong Reung Blue Swimming Pool

- Hyeon Woo, what is it?
- It says Jeong Reung Blue Swimming Pool.

On the placard.

Hye... Hyeon Woo!

Hyeon Woo.

Hyeon Woo.

Hyeon Woo escaped and called us.

He's still in the same building as the kidnapper,

It's a place called Jeong Reung Blue Sports Centre.

We're leaving soon.

I'll do it.

Go in.

I can't see anything.

Second floor swimming pool.

- Hyeon Woo!
- Song Hyeon Woo!

Hyeon Woo!

Let's go to a different place. Let's separate.

- Will you be alright on your own?
- Go quickly.

I'm going to the basement. If anything happens, call me.

Hyeon Woo!

Hyeon Woo! Hyeon Woo!

Hyeon Woo.

Hyeon Woo!

Yeong Gwan.


Jeong Hye In, where are you right now?

Are you alone?

Keep the phone on, if anything happens, shout and let me know your position.

Hyeon Woo!

The third floor, opposite of the stairs. I heard something.

Hyeon Woo!

Hyeon Woo!


Let me see. Are you hurt anywhere?

Does it hurt anywhere?

Mom! Mom!

Mom! Mom!

Mom! Mom!



Jeong Hye In! Jeong Hye In!

Lee Yeong Gwan, the kidnapper ran away with Hyeon Woo through the window across the stairs to the third floor.

Jeong Hye In is injured. Tell the support staff to put up road blocks.

Jeong Hye In. Jeong Hye In! Jeong Hye In!

Are you awake?

Our Hyeon Woo, over there.

The police are searching right now.

I'm sure they're not far.

Blocked Number

Jeong Hye In. Let's say you succeeded in the 4th mission.

You confirmed that Hyeon Woo is alive right? Go back and wait for the next mission.


His name is Na Soo Hyeon, 29 years old. Around 6:45 p.m. last night...

he was recorded on the UCN CCTV after the Jo Nam Cheol's murder.

It's been confirmed that it was also Na Soo Hyeon whom Jeong Hye In saw during Hyeon Woo's escape attempt yesterday.

We found the person who took Hyeon Woo.

Na Soo Hyeon.

I guess it wasn't planned for Na Soo Hyeon to be revealed right now.

It was also Na Soo Hyeon who killed Han Sol's dad, right?

You, Na Soo Hyeon, Park Se Yeong.

What relationship do you guys have?

You started meeting Park Se Yeong a month before Hyeon Woo's kidnapping.

Na Soo Hyeon started working part time at the cafe next to UCN,

two months before Hyeon Woo was kidnapped.

These plans, when did they start?

Did you find out where he lives?

Due to unidentifiable residence, his ID has been blotted out.

What about family?

He doesn't have any family for now.

His parents died in an accident when Na Soo Hyeon was 16 years old.

Nine years ago when he enlisted in the army, his six year old sister died of an illness.

His brother who is four years older than him was reported missing seven years ago.

The case is still left unsolved.

I'm sorry. Only if I had caught him, we could've gotten Jo Nam Cheol's testimony and Hyeon Woo also...

Is it okay for you to be discharged so soon?

It's okay. They just stitched my side a few times. They told me to be careful moving around.

How could that be?


Na Soo Hyeon jumped on Jo Nam Cheol to kill him...

and if you tried to stop him or at the least witness it...

how can you be injured so slightly? So convenient.

- Jeong Hye In.
- No, no.

From her perspective, that could happen.

But everything happened so fast. Well...

There's no reason why Na Soo Hyeon would want to kill Hyung.

As long as he wasn't interfering with killing Jo Nam Cheol.

I'm sorry.

We have to put a show together. Get some rest. We'll go out and prepare for the show. Take your time.

There's no need for that. Let's go out together. He said to wait for the mission.

The mission isn't always given to you alone.

Don't move on your own, and just contact us immediately.

Yes, PD Sin. I have to go out. There's been a lead on the silver ring.

There seems to be something. But it can also be false information, so I'll go check myself.

I'll film everything said and contact you immediately.

Sorry I couldn't tell you ahead of time.


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This is the shop I used to run.

I don't run the business anymore. I'm a native from this neighborhood.

Now there are so many young people here. Old fashioned ways don't work.

My son over there changed everything.

Ah, I see.

But about the silver ring you called me about...

I can tell right away.

Yeong Hyeon's older brothers came to buy it for her fifth birthday.

Yeong Hyeon?


She was a girl who lived in this neighborhood.

She had two older brothers who were much older than her.

Oh, there's a picture... There...

Here, this picture. It's this picture.

They were cute... all of them...

Without any parents, the two boys took care of the baby...

After they went out to work, Yeong Hyeon came here to play.

Do you possibly know the names of those oppas?

Sure. Their surname was Na. The older boy was named Chae Hyeon

and the younger one was named Soo Hyeon.

Na Soo Hyeon?


Thank you. I'm going to call someone.


Excuse me. About this... we gave you crucial information, right?

Yes. Thank you so much.

Then how much are you giving us...


Last time, you gave 5 billion dollars.

Ah, that isn't something that I can decide.

There's nothing?

No, the police also give bounty rewards.

Doing this kind of broadcast to find her son, and she didn't think of bounty rewards?

Thank you for the information. I'll find out about the thing you were talking about, and contact you again.

The silver ring that was featured last night's show... I found its owner.

The three siblings made it on the youngest's birthday.

Hyung, Na Jae Hyeon is J. Na Soo Hyeon is S. The younger one, Na Yeon is Y.

The bracelet is the baby's. Then the ring from the container box last time...

Na Jae Hyeon is missing, so the possibility that it is his is high.

If Jo Nam Cheol killed Na Jae Hyeon...Na Soo Hyeon killing Jo Nam Cheol is revenge for his brother.

Will this help the investigation a bit?

Of course. Thank you.

But why didn't you go to the broadcast team first, and came to us first?

I wanted to get your permission on whether this can be broadcasted.

If it's better for catching the criminal if it isn't broadcasted, I won't tell the broadcast team.


Our broadcast, is slowly becoming scary.

Even if I try to think that this is for saving Hyeon Woo,

more people are dying, it's getting more dangerous for the broadcast team...

But everyone wants to make it more provocative.

I'm worried.


Yes, it's Yeon Woo Sin.

You're the writer of WANTED right?

That's right.

You murderers. You guys are murderers.

I'm hanging up.

You want to make money by raising the rating, so you make a show that kills people?

If you don't end this broadcast immediately, I'm going to kill you all.


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This is UCN's Sin Dong Wook.

How can you do a show like this?

You're aware someone died because of your show. Yet you still move forward. Isn't that criminal?

What are you saying?

There's an article. An email was sent out to our hotel.

When the kidnapper sent you the mission, you showed someone getting killed.

You guys are hiding it.


Yes, WANTED team-

Real-time Issue
1. WANTED Encourages Killing
(all about the program)

What is this?

Highest ratings in cable TV, Devil's show, Wanted, still airs the show after predicting serial murder?

UCN Jeong Hye In's producers are assisting murders. Video evidence...

The last broadcast was really cool.

Well... a woman and child who were cruelly abused...

if Jeong Hye In saves them...

According to the kidnapper's theory of punishing the criminal, Jeong Hye In's Wanted team...

knew that the people who appear on the show would be murdered,

but still moved forward with the show hiding the fact sending a shockwave.

Who wrote this?

Star Life Reporter Jang Jin Woong

Star Life's Reporter Jang Jin Woong.

Wow, now our PD Sin contacts me.

I said I would contact you.


You used up all the information I gave you on Detective Cha Seung In and I never heard from you again.

I thought it meant that I could do it the way I wanted to.

The video... where did you get it from?

I can't tell you my source.

The last broadcast was really cool.

Well... a woman and child who were cruelly abused...

if Jeong Hye In saves them...

Starting from today, join the team.

How can I join the team after writing an accusing article?

It's not like I'm a schizo.

Publish a correction and turn the focus to something else, so we can air normally.

How can I correct the facts?

You can just change the reason.

I'll air saying that our decision was unavoidable due to police's decision to save Hyeon Woo.

The broadcast team internal interview will support that viewpoint.


Shift the viewers' focus from our broadcast team's ethics to the kidnapper.

Starting with information that's been released.

The VJ on the video clip... Lee Ji Eun?

You're something.

What about you? Wasn't this your goal from the start?

Whichever way it went, I wasn't going to lose out.

I gambled.

If you asked for a favor, you shouldn't have caused trouble for me at the least.

How can you take care of business like that?

I'm sorry.

Help me once more.

That murder clip... please announce that you didn't air it as part of your investigative strategy.

Are you... asking us to take the hit?

For the police... that'd put you in a better light.

Shouldn't you explain why you kept quiet even after knowing about the clip?

We'll take care of our side.



It's an order that came directly from the Commissioner.

Starting from now, we will not be moving together with the broadcast team.


Since our team was in charge of taking care of the broadcasting team, I'll take the hit. For making the wrong decision.

Why, Chief?

They're cutting the tail off. At one point, he told us to assist them and not get in the way of the show.

Then, what's going to happen to us?

I probably should take my hands off the case completely.

You guys, the way you are now... work with the new task force the National Police Agency will pair you up with.

Due to the serial murders on "Wanted," the broadcasting team will also be up for investigation.

It turned out well. I'm happy with it.

This is the right direction.

The kidnapping case became a murder case.

It's not the job of the police to be controlled by the criminal.

I'm not being involved in this.

I won't join the task force.

You, come out. Come out and talk.

Just let me do what I've been doing, and stick with the broadcast team.

Why? You're catching the same criminal.

The guy you're trying to catch is the same guy the task force is trying to catch.

I know...


If they don't succeed in a mission, Hyeon Woo dies.

Without the police, they can't solve it in one day and on top of that ...

What else?

Jeong Hye In is in a state of isolation.

She can't trust her husband, her manager and the broadcast team...

She was abducted, got Hyeon Woo taken away from her again...

She's experiencing all that alone.

Officially, I can't. I definitely told you.


If you're not going to join the task force, take care of all the backed up incidents.

There are tons of reports you haven't turned in.

Right now, those words...

No, I'm not giving you time.

If you go to the task force, I can't even cover for you...

I'm taking you out because I'm scared you'll cause trouble and get fired.

Yes, I understand.

For now, I'm sure I'll be suspended or be disciplined somehow...

If you need anything, tell me.


What's with you now?

How did you finish the talk?

I'm scared he'll cause trouble, so I took him out of the task force.


Then, I...

You're obviously going into the task force.


Is this true?

Geez, where can I send this baby? Without a mentor...

Be sure to train him well this time around.


Today's article can be taken care of like this somewhat. But how come the mission hasn't arrived yet?

Why don't we prepare what we can before then?

For the preview, I think this one will work better than a mission related one.

We have to make a reason for people to watch.

Jeong Hye In. Let's say you succeeded in the fourth mission.

You confirmed that Hyeon Woo is alive right? Go back and wait for the next mission.

Let's hire a voice actor, record that, and use it. I didn't have a chance to do that yet.

You're going to place "Reenactment" in the subtitle, right?

That can't be.

The purpose of this preview is to have the viewers' emotions get tied into Jeong Hye In.

The criminal and Jeong Hye In's two-top drama. That's what you do.

- Such a fabrication...
- Wake up!

You shouldn't have gotten involved in this show if you were going to argue and feel guilty over every little thing.

Why are we doing this show?

If we make people realize that we're doing this show because of Hyeon Woo, there's nothing else they can do.

Talk to Bo Yeon and try to hurry it up. Change up the voice and make it a bit scary.


No, it's nothing.

I thought I had to listen to your opinion too.


Jeong Hye In... I know that you definitely don't cry in front of other people.

But you have to show this appearance,

and if we add the criminal's voice and broadcast it,

we don't know how the criminal will react.

What do you think?

As a writer or as a person?

As a writer.

Today's broadcast, no... because we have to keep doing the broadcasts,

do you think it'll be of help?

It will be somewhat effective in turning the public opinion around.

Then do it that way.

Make the criminal's voice scary, use dark music. Do everything you can.

Not so that Hyeon Woo comes back safely.

There's nothing I have to protect now.

Strangely, you and PD Sin Dong Wook have a lot of similarities.

I get it now.


It's not very convenient right now.

Okay, I'll go now.

There's a place I have to go to urgently. If the mission comes-

I'll contact you immediately.

It would have been nice if you told me first, before I saw it on the broadcast.

I'm sorry.

Are you sure? That our Tae Yeong didn't die in an accident?

Although I'm not sure, there's a possibility.

To save Hyeon Woo, I have to look into that possibility.

That possibility, I want to find it too.

If Tae Yeong died unjustly, I'm going to rectify it even now.

Tae Yeong's son, Hyeon Woo... I haven't even seen his face.

Because of the articles that exploded today, the show could be difficult to do.

Our group will wholeheartedly support the show.

Of course, I'll follow it and if I find something out, I'll let you know,

Tell me right away if you need anything, Sister-in-law.

I have alerted my legal and PR team.

Thank you.


Seven years ago, the detective who investigated Na Jae Hyeon's missing case quit during that time.

What is he doing now?

He opened up a detective agency a year ago.

Before that, he ran a bar but went bankrupt. Looks like he tried his hand in this and that.

- You found out where he is right?
- Yes.

Let's go for now.

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She's here.

What's the status of the broadcast team?

How will you take responsibility for hiding the possibility of murder?

Will you stop the show?

Do you think you can be pardoned by finding Hyeon Woo?

What is the SG Group's stance?

Please say one word!

What is the current situation?

Please tell us!

One word please!

Please... please save me!

Jeong Hye In, you're here. Please save me.

Make it so I can be on the show as soon as possible.

Who are you?

Jeong Hye In. I'm the 5th mission.

The victim of the missing case I investigated seven years ago...

Please have Na Jae Hyeon appear on Wanted today.

Get on.

Jeong Hye In, please say something!

Doesn't he have to go to the hospital first?

I know right.

No, I'm okay. Let's finish talking first.

Please tell me what happened from the beginning.

I didn't think that guy would come find me again.

Because of that guy, my life is in a shambles!

We provide banking services such as paying bills.

2 hours ago

Write it down yourself.

Who made you drop Yeong Soo's case and made you quit being a detective.

There was nothing like that

Ah, you're quite injured.


But... do you think you can stop it next time, too?


Your name.

Go Hyeong Joon

Starting from now,

if you do what I say, I'll spare your life.

If you run away or call the police...

If you run away or call the police, I'll show you the pain of losing your family.

Because not knowing that, is your crime.

Who's the person who made you like this and made you deliver the mission?

The missing Na Jae Hyeon's brother, Na Soo Hyeon.

Na Soo Hyeon?

- Park Bo Yeon.
- Yes.

Call Detective Cha and explain the situation. There's not much time until the broadcast.


What was the reason that Na Soo Hyeon did this to you?

He said I didn't search for his hyung properly.

Seven years passed already... now he comes and...

What was the situation under which Na Jae Hyeon disappeared?

Uh that...

Seven years ago, Na Soo Hyeon reported that Na Jae Hyeon was missing.

That was mid-September.

But he said that no one could contact Na Jae Hyeon two months before that.

Seven years ago... What was the last day that someone could be in contact with him?

July 12th. It was confirmed that he went to work that day.

July 12th?

If it's July 12...

You're right.

The day before my ex-husband died in a car accident.

September 2009

So he couldn't be contacted after July 12th and didn't come to work?


Was there anything weird when you last saw him?

Usually, he comes to work on a bicycle,

I saw him when I got off work. He got into an expensive foreign car in front of our health center.

I think someone came to pick him up.

Did you see who was in the driver's seat?

No because the tint on the car was dark.

What about the car, do you think you know the car?

Black Rolls Royce.

Black Rolls Royce. Tae Yeong used to drive it.

That car... there's not that many in the country, right?

So, Na Jae Hyeon met Han Tae Yeong. And Han Tae Yeong died in the accident next day.

After that, Na Jae Hyeon was missing?

Other owners of black Rolls Royce checked out to be in different locations.

Why didn't the investigation move forward after finding that out?

Detective Cha, I think you have to come here quickly.

Yes, he says he was the detective in charge of Na Jae Hyeon's missing person case.

Yes, I'll go immediately.

I'm close by, so it won't take long.

Met Detective Go Hyeong Joon. Stopped Na Jae Hyeon's missing case due to pressure from superiors. He's hiding something...

He already turned in his resignation. How far does the connection go? Need to approach this more carefully. Kim Sang Sik

What is that?

"Exactly why was Detective Kim Sang Sik following my hyung's case? "

"Also what did he find out that he was killed by Jo Nam Cheol? Detective, please reveal this before it's too late."

It's Na Soo Hyeon.

Why are you like this?

Exactly why was Detective Kim Sang Sik following my hyung's case?

Also, what did he find out for him to die at Jo Nam Cheol's hands?

Detective, please reveal it before it's too late.

Did Detective Kim Sang Sik go to see you?

Let go of this. Who is Kim Sang Sik?

Seven years ago. I'm talking about the detective who followed Na Jae Hyeon's disappearance.

I don't know that person.


You know.

You definitely remember.

Talk. What did he say?

What did he find out, that he died, you bastard?

Sunbae, you'll get in trouble.

Sunbae, you'll seriously get in trouble. Sunbae.

There's no much time until the broadcast. Whether you kill him or not, do it later. After the broadcast ends.

I just stopped investigating because I got an order from above to stop the investigation.

That's it. Also,

there wasn't any more evidence.

Lee Myeong Soon who was killed by Jo Nam Cheol... He contacted me to give me information.

that's when I took hands off the case. A detective named Kim San Sik

was going around asking for details. All I did was tell him the location, so the two of them can meet.

Drink quickly.

- Ah seriously, I said I don't drink.
- I said not to lie.

- I said I don't drink.
- Detectives have to live properly.

I don't drink alcohol-

Sunbae, where are you going again? You're acting weird these days...

Are you meeting someone without us knowing?

I'm going to buy cigarettes. Because of you guys, I can't meet any girls.


I didn't know he would die there.

I was looking for Lee Myeong Soon, but he had already ran away to Philippines.

I felt something might happen to me if I continued on.

I quit being a detective.

My life is a mess thanks to Na Jae Hyeon.

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Let's start by finding Na Jae Hyeon.

About Detective Kim... Even though it may be hard, our Hyeon Woo...

There is no way that Hyeon Woo will get hurt.

Then, what do we have to do to start?

Na Jae Hyeon, from the day he met Ham Tae Yeong, he disappeared or went into hiding.

That day, Ham Tae Yeong died in an accident.

He wouldn't have gone into hiding.

If he voluntarily went into hiding, he would have found a way to get in contact with Na Soo Hyeon.

It seems that Na Soo Hyeon truly started this terrible thing in order to find Na Jae Hyeon.

Detective Go stopped looking for Na Jae Hyeon because of the pressure from his superiors.

Jo Nam Cheol said yesterday that there was someone behind the scenes.

Hold on.

Something's weird.

The container box from the first mission, Jo Nam Cheol, and Lee Myeong Soon...

If all these incidents are connected and there is someone behind the scenes...

Why would Na Soo Hyeon have killed Jo Nam Cheol?

Jo Nam Chul tried to reveal that.

If Jo Nam Cheol killed Na Jae Hyeon,

wouldn't Na Soo Hyeon killing Jo Nam Cheol be revenge for his brother?

Na Soo Hyeon already knew everything,

he didn't want Jo Nam Cheol to get out of it without getting punished.

Because he knew that Jo Nam Cheol killed his brother,

Perhaps he wanted to get to the bottom of his brother's death that remained an unsolved case.

Then... saying have him appear on the show doesn't mean bring Na Jae Hyeon on the show.

I forgot this.

The corpse that Park Gwang Yeong took care of at the request of Jo Nam Cheol...

Seven years ago, I went in and was asked a favor.

He told me to get rid of a corpse.

A corpse?

He said it's in a junkyard in Incheon.

I got asked on an errand to get rid of it.

I was told that if the person that killed him found out, there would be chaos.

Did Jo Nam Cheol go to jail for killing him?

He didn't say that, and I didn't ask about it.

The corpse that Jo Nam Cheol asked you to get rid of, where did you bury it?

Ah, wow.


My mouth caused trouble.

I told you that trusting you.

Only if i hadn't owed my life to you then, Detective Cha...

This time, I'll owe you one. I'll let you go next time.

That body...where is it?

Stop the show!

Stop, stop!

UCN, repent!

Repent! Repent!

End the murderous show!

End it! End it!

Don´t worry.

The corpse that gangster buried would be all bones by now.

There's no way to prove if that was Na Jae Hyeon or not for today's show.

There aren't any other ways.

You only need to think about two things during this broadcast.

Changing the viewer's feelings to sympathy for Hyeon Woo.

And have them on the edge of their seats as if they're watching a thriller.

Dong Wook, you need to remember one thing. Hyeon Woo's safety.

Park Bo Yeon.


Press Director went to see the detectives with a camera director.

Continue to be on the phone, do what I tell you to do, and control the time well.



I'll shoot the video right away as soon as we find it. So, control the timing there.

Do not forget that the mission´s success and Hyeon Woo´s safety are the priorities.


You have to go to that side. That's right.

I took out the scene where the detectives were fighting.

Check it, I changed the screen too.

Yes, okay.

When you find something, call me.

We're starting.

Do not forget what we discussed earlier.

Everything on this show is real.

We're making this show according to the request of the kidnapper who took my son, Hyeon Woo.

Jeong Hye In's WANTED starts now.

Before today´s broadcast, you all saw the preview video.

Last night,

it was an actual footage from the location where Hyeon Woo attempted a dramatic escape.

In the end, in Hyeon Woo's embrace, I was tasered by the criminal and lost consciousness.


Twice, I could not protect my child.

And Hyeon Woo who will turn 7 years old soon,

was caught by the criminal who kidnaps and kills without thought again.


Yes, Commissioner.

I will do as I promised earlier.

The criminal was just a man in his 20s.

Na Soo Hyeon.

Hyeon Woo's kidnapper and confirmed murderer of Professor Kim that was reported today.

And most probable murder suspect of Jo Nam Cheol.

Na Soo Hyeon lost his parents at a young age. With his older brother

and younger sister, he is known to have a close bond.

However, his younger sister died 9 years ago. 7 years ago, his brother dissappeared.

If so, did these incidents turn this young man's life upside down?

While investigating Na Soo Hyeon, we received the fifth mission.

Fifth mission
Bring Na Jae Hyeon who was missing 7 years ago onto the show!

Na Jae Hyeon is Na Soo Hyeon's brother who disappeared 7 years ago.

Do you see the bracelet and ring that we found in Jo Nam Cheol's container box last night?


The younger sister who died 9 years ago, Miss Na Yeon, the older brother who went missing 7 years ago, Na Jae Hyeon,

and Na Soo Hyeon.

Through the testimony of the detective who first investigated Na Jae Hyeon's missing case,

Detective Kim who was murdered by Jo Nam Cheol

was digging into a case unofficially before he was murdered. We confirmed that it was Na Jae Hyeon's case.

The criminal's older brother Na Jae Hyeon's missing case

What is this? What happened to the video of Detective Cha and Detective Gong fighting?

The script changed too.

I changed it.


We used Detective Cha enough on the last episode.

It has nothing to do with Hyeon Woo either.

It changes the entire feeling of the broadcast, yet it has nothing to do with it?

It would have helped the continuity too!

In my judgment, it wasn't important enough to rub salt in someone's wound without their permission.

Writer Yeon!

At the moment, our broadcasting team is searching Na Jae Hyeon's location according to a secret information.

But we still haven't been able to find Na Jae Hyeon.

For Hyeon Woo's safety, before this broadcast ends,

I hope that Na Jae Hyeon can safely appear on this show.

Yeong Gwan!


Detective Cha.

Go in.

Na Jae Hyeon

Okay, they found him.

Act like we just found him, with nervousness.

With just 10 minutes left to the end of the show, we've found Na Jae Hyeon's location.

However unfortunately, Na Jae Hyeon is unable to appear and give testimony alive.

On the day my ex-husband Ham Tae Yeong died in an accident, July 13, 2009, Na Jae Hyeon

was last seen getting on his car.

Today, he has been discovered as a skeleton in a forest.



Now we have completed the fifth mission.

In the beginning, the kidnapper seemed to punish criminals who committed crimes against children.

Now, he has thrown a complicated question at us.

Na Soo Hyeon, Na Jae Hyeon, Detective Kim, and me.

My ex-husband's accident.

Indeed what could be connecting these things together?

What are you doing? Give me a mic.

Before today´s broadcast ends,

As Hyeon Woo's father and UCN's CEO, I have something to say to all of you.

Camera, on President Song.

Jeong Hye In, act like you were expecting this.

Today will be the last episode of WANTED.

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