Wanted (2016–…): Season 1, Episode 6 - Episode #1.6 - full transcript

With Jung Hye In kidnapped, her entire team scrambles to get the show ready without her. Meanwhile, Jo Nam Chul is on the run, but he has his own agenda.

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Episode 6

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[Shower, Sleeping Hye In]

What are you doing here?

Gyeong Hoon

Noona, you need to understand this.

You know that I'm in love with you.

You like that I am by your side.

You trust me more than Jeong Ho.

Yes, Gyeon Hoon. I understand how you feel.

For now let's go out and talk.

Can you let go of me first? It hurts.

I will definitely find Hyeon Woo for you.

The detectives keep talking about the stalkers.

Besides the person who died, there is something more among them.

That's why yesterday, I went looking for them and asked about every detail.

- W-what's wrong?
- My stomach hurts.

Gyeong Hoon, you know where my medicine is, right?

Can you bring it to me? I think it's because I was suddenly surprised.

Ow...my stomach.

[Detective Cha Seung In]

(Jeong Hye In)

Are you okay?

How is Yeong Gwan?

He's more hurt than you are and he's receiving treatment over there.

Is he badly hurt?

No. He had a CT scan and they said it's nothing serious.

How about Jo Nam Cheol? What happened to him?

He escaped.

Hey! Seung In!

Hey, what happened?

What about the car that was in the accident with us?

It's a hit-and-run.

Did you verify what car it was?

There is no CCTV, black box, or witnesses. I'm looking into it.

How about Kim Yang Hee or her house?

Detective Park and Detective Yoo are over there right now. There's nothing there also.

Hey, punk! Take a breath!

This was a big accident. You should check to see if you are okay.

Is that important right now?!

Jo Nam Cheol's face was shown to the entire nation on the broadcast yesterday.

He won't be able to hold out much longer.

[Missed Call, Jeong Hye In]

This person's phone is turned off...

Lieutenant. Who's with the broadcast team right now?

Nobody is there right now. We are to receive a call if they receive a mission.

How can you leave that place empty?

[Jeong Hye In's Manager]

This person's phone is turned off...

No, I can't reach her also.

President Song said he didn't go home so he doesn't know.

Ms. Jeong Hye In.

Ms. Jeong Hye In.

The hidden camera found in my car, was also found in my house.

Do you think that your husband did it?

At first, that's what I thought. But my manager...

[Sleeping Hye In - Makeup before the filming]

I told you to keep tab on Hye In's location.

I'm sorry.

Is this the first time she disappeared by herself?

Isn't it your fault for not being able to convince her to report to you whenever something is wrong?

This is Hye In's email account.

There was no email from the culprit.

Is there a possibility that the manager is the one who kidnapped Hyeon Woo?

It's not certain yet.

He may be an accomplice just like Lee Ji Eun,

or he may have acted on his own due to personal reasons.

If it's not the culprit who took Jeong Hye In, the mission should arrive today.

If we can't find Hye In before 10pm, we can't do the broadcast.

Hyeon Woo might be in danger.

We need to find a way to tell the culprit that Hye In is missing.

Don't take any actions before we contact you first.

We need to have a plan. Or we need to get more time.

Securing Jeong Hye In's safety comes first.

Doing things to irritate the culprit or doing things unplanned have to be controlled.

Yes Chief,

The manager came at dawn to get his stuff and left.

When we checked CCTV, he didn't get here by Jeong Hye In's car.

Even though you tricked me, I understand you.

You must have felt confused.

Because you don't know what you are feeling.

That's why you are in confusion.

I'll find Hyeon Woo myself, and go back to you.

When that happens, you'll know that I am the most needed person in your life.

Yes. Keep tracking him, and report to me.

What did he say?

It is certain that the manager is on the run,

but if he took Jeong Hye In, he hid her already, or...

Jeong Hye In's car was found.

Where? What about Jeong Hye In?

So, you kept your car here since yesterday?

Yes. It's been here since around 9pm.

I'll be checking the video.


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Jeong Hye In is missing

Jeong Hye In, where are you?

PD Sin Dong Wook

Who are you?

What do you want?

There's something I have to say on the show.

On the show?

Lee Myeong Soon and the video from 7 years ago.

I didn't kill him alone. I was hired.

Why didn't you say this 7 years ago?

Do you know who those people are?

Even the prosecutor didn't listened to me and tried to cover it.

But because you guys put a spot light on this case again,

those guys are trying to kill me.

Whether I get caught by police or run away, I'll get killed by those guys.

Even the car accident yesterday was caused by those guys.

I'll tell everything about those guys on the show and I'll make people stare at them.

So, even if I end up in prison, I can at least stay alive.

Even if I die, I can at least throw a punch at them.

I will do it.

I'll do the show, so let Jeong Hye In go.

How can I believe that?

Then, how can I be sure that Hye In is alive right now?

If you don't believe, there's nothing I can do about that.

Okey, just pretend like she's dead.

Then, she'll be trapped in a place where nobody knows, and slowly greet the death.

Even if she's found later on,

If there is no show at 10pm, her son will die anyway.

It's funny.

How can you assure me that you'll let Hye In go after the show?

You have no rights to choose. You'll just have to trust me.

No. I can get you arrested by the cops and look for Hye In afterwards.

Jeong Hye In is not alone.

She will die before the police arrives.

Among Jo Nam Cheol's prison mates, who's the one closest to him?

If he had to go to someone, it should be a guy named Park Gwang Yeong.

If it's Park Gwang Yeong, the 2nd in command for Snow Clan?


Park Gwang Yeong is inside, right?

What are you?

I have something to check.

He's not here at the moment. Step away.

Hey! Break him!

You bastard.

What is this?

All of you get out. I didn't come here to capture you. It'll end quietly,

so don't make a useless ruckus.

It's been a while.

Where's Jo Nam Cheol?


Yes, Hyungnim.

Even I don't know where he is now.

When was the last time you contacted him?

He contacted me a week ago saying he'll be released

and he asked me to give him Lee Myeong Soon's phone number.

I didn't know he'll kill him.

Is there anything you heard from him about Lee Myeong Soon or anyone else in the prison?

Seven years ago, they went in together.

When I told him I'm with the gang, he gave me a huge amount of prison spending money.

So, I was like "What is this?" and he said he had a favor to ask.

He asked me to get rid of a corpse.

A corpse?

He said there's a corpse at the Incheon wasteplant,

and he couldn't get rid of the corpse.

If the person knows, he'll be in a big trouble he said.

So, Jo Nam Cheol was the killer?

He didn't say that, and I didn't ask.

Get your head on straight.

You are looking for Jeong Hye In, who has been kidnapped.

If you can't find her by today, even Hyeon Woo will be in danger.

What do you mean?

Sunbae Sang Shik's case and Jo Nam Cheol's parole...

Even if there's a new evidence, it's for later.

I'm telling you to focus on the case.

The kidnapper gave us Jo Nam Cheol as our mission.

Jo Nam Cheol, Lee Myeong Soon... perhaps Hyung and that nameless corpse...

They may all be related to Hyeon Woo's case.

That sounds correct but

you're now thinking that the corpse is relevant to Sunbae Sang Shik's case.

I'll look into that.

But first, simply focus on finding Jeong Hye In now. Okay?

Changing room A (Male)

I can let you do the show, and lower the penalty,

if you tell us where Hye In is.

I'll tell you after you let me do the broadcast and lower my penalty.

Do you know what I hate the most?

When someone damages my property.

When someone steals my property.

Even if you succeed in the show,

If Hye In returns hurt, you'll die by my hands.

I'll cancel the 7pm News, so run the show live.


Until the show starts, everyone must remain where I can see you.

You asked us to put the show together. What do you want us to do if you hold all of us hostage here?

Then, one of you must stay with me.

The minute the police barges in...

Think of that person as dead.


I can't make the show without the writer.

I'll stay here. You guys go produce the show.

We have to save Hyeon Woo.

Here's your coffee. Would you like a carrier?


I'm sorry.

It's okay.

Excuse me, you should take your coffee with you.

Ah... thank you.

Sorry... are you okay?


It seems like something's wrong.

No. I'm okay.

What are you doing?

Hye In will be in bigger danger.

Because she is in danger, we should do something. We can't just leave her like that.

We don't know whether that guy's telling us the truth or not.

We don't know. But it may be true...


Is this about making this show a daebak?

- Writer Yeon!
- Our show reached 30% ratings already yesterday.

In any case, this program will be a record breaker.

But such a freebie fell on your lap?

Do you think the show is a mere blog or IM?

What is it?

You air a show holding people's lives as collateral.

You want us to cancel the news for the day? Does that make sense?

You guys are no different from the criminals

The mission came.

I set it up so I can see Hye In sunbae's email or messenger.

It came to her email.

I enjoyed last night's show.

Since Jeong Hye In asked to reveal her own crimes first,

I'll accept her request especially as the fourth mission.

Jeong Hye In's ex-husband did not die from a car accident.

Find out how he died.

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- Hyeon Woo!
- It's so dark!

Hyeon Woo!

First Mission, What do you think is inside this car trunk? Reveal on the broadcast.

Jeong Hye In

Who is it?

You're alive.

I'll come back again.

Wait! Wait, don't go.

Please open the door! I must get out!

Please save me.

Jo Nam Cheol, Im Hyeong Soon, Kim Yang Hee, Park Gwang Yeong. Another request to find a corpse?

Jeong Hye In kidnapped.

Sunbaenim. Kim Yang Hee disappeared.

Did you track her location?

Her cell phone is turned off.

Get Kim Yang Hee's cell phone and credit card records.

Yeah, Hyung. I'm on my way back from the cyber investigation team.

As soon as Jo Nam Cheol disappeared,

they seized the hardware and reviewed his emails.

There's no mention of a hiding place or his future plans.

No photos of any location.

Here are the records.

Nothing in his emails or hard drive.

Was there any other cell phone during his home search?

That means they didn't contact each other to run away...

There could be a place they talked about during one of the visitations.

Before Jo Nam Cheol was paroled, Kim Yang Hee could've sought out a place beforehand...

Or promised to meet somewhere if anything happened...

If she saw the news of his escape, she could've gone there on her own.

There are many incidents of credit card usage in last six months in Incheon. Many taxi and bus fares.

- Incheon?
- For now, I'll go to Incheon and follow along the locations of her credit card usage.

You're not well. You'll get in the way. Stay here as my backup.

I'm okay.

Ham Tae Yeong car accident

Please... let there be just one suspicious news item.
SG Group's youngest son Ham Tae Yeong dies in a car accident in Incheon

What's wrong with you today? I thought you worked well without getting emotionally worked up.

Don't worry about me. You're just as weird,, PD.

Wouldn't it be more strange if I acted normal under these circumstances?

We have to finish the show in 30 minutes.

As soon as the live show begins, you call the police, Writer Yeon.

I got it.

I'll put a show together somehow...

Let's focus on finding Hye In safely.

Hyung's not answering his phone.

I'll go and bring Jo Nam Cheol.

Jo Nam Cheol.

Jo Nam Cheol.

Hyung Joon Goo!


Hyung. Hyung!


Are you okay?

I'm really hurt.

I can't stop the bleeding. I can't move.

For real?


Did you bring me here?

No. My boyfriend...

I'm sorry.

As long as the TV station does what he asks,

he said he'd let you go free.

I'll listen to everything you want. Whatever that is.

I can do everything you want.

The TV station staff will listen to me.

I'm sorry.

Once Oppa comes on TV, I was really going to release you.

It's past 7 p.m., but the show's not on. I think something went wrong.

Open the door for now.

Listen to me and let's talk. I'm not running away.

Let's talk. Let's just talk.

Drop the knife.

I'll do everything you ask.

I won't run away.

I can't even move.

I'm sorry.

I'm really sorry. I... my boyfriend is falsely accused...

He was falsely accused seven years ago and went to prison for murder.

He said they accused him again this time.

He said no one would listen to him.

The prosecutor nor his own attorney...

Is it... Jo Nam Cheol?

There's a secret place only two of us know.

Oppa had written a letter and put it there.

He said he'd say all that on the show.

That's why he said he took you.

The TV station must have not listened to him.

I... I will take care of it.

I'll look into it and will ask them to do that for sure.

You're holding me hostage.

You're holding a knife, too.

And I can't move.

Just let me have one phone call.

I won't tell them where we are.

You said you were going to release me after the show.

The goal isn't to kill me.

Your priority is to relieve Jo Nam Cheol of his injustice.



I'm Jeong Hye In.

Where are you Ms. Jeong Hye In? Are you okay?

I'm okay. I'm fine.

As Jo Nam Cheol requested, will he appear on the show?

Keep on talking. I'm currently at Incheon.

Do you know where you are?

Is it the place where we found Han Sol last time?

That's right.

South Port in Incheon.

The place where we found a kid inside the trunk last time.

We'll go in first. Please send in back-up as soon as possible.

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Police. Drop the knife.

Did you receive evidence that Hyeon Woo is alive?

There must be a definite reason why the kidnapper had us come to this container on our first mission.

Since we found Jo Nam Cheol while working on a mission he gave us.

Jo Nam Cheol.

Maybe Jo Nam Cheol committed murder and

collected victims' things.

They'll be evidences against him. Why...

They're either seized goods or if someone is connected to them...

it would be insurance for him.

(J ♡ S♡ Y forever)

GRAND Airline

[Ham Tae Yung]

[Jeong Hye In]

Did you say these are belongings of Jo Nam Cheol's victims?

There's no way. My husband died in a car accident...

Perhaps, the kidnapper already targeted people to place as missions

before the show aired.

With seemingly unrelated three people and you. You must come up with how you're all connected, Hye In.

Nambu Police Station, Detective Lee Myeong Cheol, 010-0753-1598

Yes. You're working hard.

I'd like to ask you something. I heard you were on a car accident case seven years ago.

I'd like to know about the accident at the time.

How is Press Director Choi doing?

He's not hurt greatly. He's still in shock, so he's not awake yet.

The detectives are standing by for his testimony.

If he was stabbed, that means there must've been a struggle.

Press Director must've seen the culprit.

That may be true.

We may be able to catch the kidnapper sooner than we anticipated.

Tonight's the show is the problem.

Hye In will arrive right about the time the live show begins.

At the time of the accident or for the last seven years, there was no reason for suspicion whatsoever.

I researched everywhere, but not even a gossip column.

What did Bo Yeon find out?

I contacted the detective and his doctor at the time.

They're all saying the same thing.

We don't have time.

After Hye In provoked him to reveal her crime,

he said he'd accept her request and gave us the mission.

Hye In may have the key to this mission.

Five seconds to go. Five four three two one.


Everything that happens on this show is real.

We are putting the show together according to my son Hyeon Woo's kidnapper's request.

Jeong Hye In's WANTED starts right now.

I will explain later why I'm standing in front of the camera today looking like this.

The culprit promised me one thing in the request for us to create this show.

He said he'd send us the proof that Hyeon Woo is still alive once we accomplish the mission at hand.

However, since last night's show we have yet to receive some evidence.

At this rate, we can't proceed with the show.

I request that he keep his promise right away.

Will this work?

We can try. If Hyeon Woo is dead, there is no need for this show.

If he's alive, the kidnapper will approach us however he can.

This is the right way to start the show tonight.

We must have confirmation that we're talking to the kidnapper.

Live Reality Show, Jeong Hye In's Wanted


Sing that song to your mom.

♫ The flower is moving my heart ♫

♫ The flower makes me cry ♫

♫ Beautiful memory ♫

♫ The blue sky... ♫

♫ That's all I see ♫

I kept my promise.

Show Hyeon Woo to the camera.

People should know.

♫ Kiddo... ♫

♫ Don't be weak ♫

♫ Don't live your life alone with sadness ♫

♫ Daddy, where should you go ♫

♫ To live the way you want to ♫

♫ The biggest star... ♫

The kidnapper didn't manipulate his voice.

Whether Jeong Hye In's provocation from last night is effective or

it's intentional...

I'll go to the TV station. I have to see Jo Nam Cheol's crime scene anyway.

Seung In.

Other cops are already investigating there.

Try to trust them...

And if you can't rest, go wash up.

If you continue like that, you'll collapse before catching the kidnapper.

It's okay.

I'm not okay.

You're acting just like Sunbae Sang Shik from back then.

I got it.

Stay here.

Now, I will relay the mission.

Fourth Mission, Jeong Hye In's ex-husband did not die in a car accident. Find out how he died.

As many people know, since my first marriage,

I lost my ex-husband in a car accident after one year of marriage.

Since then, I met my current husband and got married.

Today's mission

is to find out that my ex-husband's death was not caused by a car accident.

Fourth Mission, Jeong Hye In's ex-husband did not die in a car accident. Find out how he died.

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Are you watching the show?

Within an hour gather the Public Relations and Legal Team.

Also yesterday, Jo Nam Cheol who kidnapped and held me hostage

requested the TV station to produce a special episode for him.

Jo Nam Cheol said he was hired by someone to kill a detective seven years ago

and even though he confessed that, he said the Prosecutors' Office covered up that fact.

Lee Myeong Soon also said he was hired by the same person.

However, unexpectedly, when that incident gained attention through our show,

Jo Nam Cheol said the person who hired him is trying to kill him to cover up the truth.

He wanted to reveal the truth in front of the nation.

We didn't prepare video clips to air tonight.

If all Hye In does is talking, people who don't understand what's going on will change the channel.

All they need to see is the result tomorrow.

Don't you know this will only stimulate the viewers' threshold for provocative nature?

How would you handle that in the future?

I can worry about tomorrow's episode tomorrow. I have to make tonight's show a success.

This is detestable!

If you keep going this way, people won't wonder about Hyeon Woo.

They'll watch this program to watch something provocative.

There are only three things I'm thinking of. Completing the mission, 20% ratings, and happy ending.

I don't care why people watch it.


Since I don't expect much from you as a human being...

I told you that's why we're able to work together, right?


I was wrong. I know now.

If I work with someone I can't expect anything humane from,

even if I become a hostage or get stabbed like the Press Director and almost die...

we just become pictures on the screen.

We're not people, but tools, right?

Right before the show, Jo Nam Cheol was found murdered.

At the same time I was trapped without having received the mission.

Inside the container box that Jo Nam Cheol had locked me in...

I found an unexpected clue to carry out the mission.

These plane tickets were known to me and my husband only.

At the time of his accident,


was five weeks pregnant.

My first husband had...

told me to leave everything behind and restart our lives in France after I give birth to our baby.

He was a heir to a conglomerate, but he did not want Hyeon Woo

to grow up in the lonely and empty life he had.

But why...

were these airplane tickets not found among the belongings

in the house I and my husband, who had the car accident, lived in together,

but turned up inside Jo Nam Cheol's container box?

The first mission location, Jo Nam Cheol...

Hye In's ex-husband... they're all connected.

It was very intentional the way he left the corpse to remind us of Sunbae Sang Shik's murder.

What is the one thing that can tie everything together?

I need to look into the unknown dead body that was disposed of by the mob boss first.

Jo Nam Cheol is dead.

What I know is to this extent.

As Hyeon Woo's kidnapper has said,

I also no longer believe that my husband's death was a simple accident.

Jo Nam Cheol could have murdered him or there could've been another incident.

In order to discover accurate data, we need more time.

If this is what Hyeon Woo's kidnapper wants,

we will surely reveal the truth.

These items were in the container box.

In order to find out Jo Nam Cheol's connection with these items,

we shall wait for information from those who know about these items.

Why did you do it? When you were dragged from your room,

that's when you were really kidnapped.

If you are acting, your body can't freeze with terror like that.

After you were kidnapped, you found out that you were kidnapped by Park Se Young.

When you met the person who ordered Park Se Young to do this, what did you hear?

What's it like? Is it bearable?

It might be harder than you think. Do you know that?

Did your mom stop by?

It doesn't matter.

Looks like she didn't come. We told your mom.

You were on TV.

I said it doesn't matter.

Do you hate your mom?

Or do you hate someone else that made you and your mom live this way?

Before your father passed away,

there were records that he was being treated for depression and alcoholism.

By any chance did he ever hit you and your mom?

That's why you said that fathers like Han Seol's father must die

and that you must set Han Seol and her mother free.

You don't even know what your talking about so don't speak carelessly.

My father? My father is not that kind of person.

My father is someone who trusts others easily.

The world made my father that way!

Can you tell me what happened?

Subtitles brought to you by The Wanted @ Viki

Do you know who this person is?

By any chance...is he an employee of this company?

This person...works part-time at the company cafe. I go there often.

Have you ever talked to him?

We just greeted each other and said hello.

I heard that he used to work here.

Oh. It's him.

If you have his resume on file, can I take a look?

Sure. He didn't work that long but he quit all of a sudden.

Looks like he got himself into trouble. Please wait a moment.

Ah, here it is.

[Part-time Job Application]

Na Soo Yeon.

I'm sorry. Please excuse me.

This is all for sucking out all the sweet juice out of you for the show and totally ignoring you.

Just blame this on PD Shin Dong Wook, okay?

Are you okay?

I'm okay.

You should go home and rest.

You should rest and not worry about me.

From now on, wherever you go or however the suspect contacts you, contact me first.

Even if nothing happens, report to me every hour on your whereabouts.

I got it.

Every time we do the broadcast, I don't want to spend time looking for you.

I got it so stop.

Today's mission...

Was it a success?

It needs to be a success.

Hyeon Woo needs to be safe.

He didn't ask for evidence.

The suspect's intent may only be up to here.

My Hyeon Woo...

When Ha Dong Min's Attorney was blocked,

I was supposed to give him up to SG.

If I knew that I was going to say this on today's broadcast, I wouldn't have done that.

I would have protected it to the end.

Saving him was your first priority. You did what you could.

Hyeon Woo.

Mom. It's me, Hyeon Woo.