Wanted (2016–…): Season 1, Episode 1 - Episode #1.1 - full transcript

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Get up.

Okay, cut! You worked hard!

You've worked hard.

Director, you've worked hard.

Episode 1


- Hello
- Hello

Oh there are people there too!

- Hello.
- Congratulations.


Hey, they're waving their hands.

Here, I'm filming. Please congratulate them on their 7th anniversary.

- Congrats on your 7th year anniversary!
- Yes.

Oh, oh! Station manager, how are you?

- What, what is this?
- It's for the anniversary congratulations.

- Congratulations.
- Yes.

Oh! Who could be the owner of that cool backside?


Hey Jeong Ho! Thoughts, thoughts, thoughts?

Hey, hey. Film it later. Film it later.

Ah, this brat.

Who are all these old geezers?

How can you say they are old geezers?

They're board members. They invested in Hye In's programs.

It will be going out to Japan, China and East Asia.

That reality program?

Oh, the scale of this couple is getting bigger.

You're already living so well, can you take it easy?

Have some cream.

Comments! Comments! Comments!

Jeong Hye In plays a mother who loses her son and gets revenge in the new movie.

The film set of ''Mother' is open to the public on the last day of filming.

This movie is from Cannes' much-loved director Kim Eun Joong.

Jeong Hye In is in the spotlight for whether or not this film will crown her as the queen of Cannes.

Please move aside. We need to take some pictures.

We'll take it again.

Please look over here.

Look over here.


How did you come here?

Blow these out.

Thank you.

Star's moment


Wow, so cool.

- I'm jealous.
- Wait just a second.



He's good-looking.


Did you make this yourself?

I'm still learning.

It's good. Wow!

Hyeon Woo, go to Mom's car.

I will come really quickly, so be in the car with Hyung Gyeong Hoon.

Hyeon Woo. Give Mom a kiss.

- Hurry.
- Yes.

Because Mom really needs it.

- Go.
- Okay.

Mom, do this today. Cheer up!


(Wait a minute)

Yes, we wrote the scenario with Ms. Jeong Hye In in mind.

She's an actress whose acting is as precise as a knife.

Well sometimes, to the point where you get goosebumps.

I'm more thankful that usual because she showed better acting than I expected.

Director, during the movie filming, there must have been some interesting episodes?

Uh... If you watch our movie, you'll know

There was a scene where Hye In is in a 5 minute long monologue.

It was a scene that couldn't have been done by anyone other than Hye In.

This question may seem too early to ask, but

Director, do you have any thoughts of doing your next project with Jeong Hye In?

Yes, I do. Well, if Hye In is willing to.

Then, what does Jeong Hye In think?

I don't think I'll be able to do it, Director.

No, is it that you can't do it, or you won't do it?

Is it because of the new reality show that will be broadcasted by UCN?


Today in this spot

there is something that I'd like to say to everyone.

For 20 years, I've continuously received undeserved love.

Now I'd like to say farewell to the greatest role of my life as an "actress"

and as a normal mom, normal wife,

and normal neighbour,

I'd like to live like that.

With this movie as my last,

I am retiring.

Thank you.

Just now, during the interview on the last day of filming the movie 'Mother', actress Jeong Hye In

announced that she will be retiring.



What is she saying?

This can't be true.

I explained the situation and appeased them for now.

Who's company do you work for?

Are you that person's employee?

Are you that person's employee or my manager?

I'm sorry.

I thought that all talks were finished.

Don't you know that today's recording will be broadcast everywhere repeatedly?

You even recorded Hyeon Woo on tape...

You're awake?

I'm hungry.

You're hungry.

Noona, I need to return the borrowed clothing.

Drink some water first.

Mom, are you angry that I came without telling you?

Is that why you said you're not doing it anymore?


I did that because I want to be stuck with Hyeon Woo all the time.

Hyeon Woo.

Should we go and live in France together?

Hyeon Woo's Dad

Are we immigrating? Did Dad say that?

What if we go just the two of us, without Dad?

Jeong Ho. Jeong Ho.

Later when they come home. Let's talk calmly with Hye In.

That's why I told you that you should persuade Hye In first.

You're too noisy.

This project is going to keep going the same way. No matter how we get there.

She's not a pushover. She lost her temper because we've pushed her into a corner.

Do you think I don't know her? I knew she was going to backstab us at least once.

On the day of my high school graduation, my father sat me down and said this.

Now you will find out, too. Life will continue betraying me. The world as well as people.

Then how can I live?

There are two possible ways.

First, despite everything trust until the end. Then make sure you get repaid for that trust.

The second: betray first.

Gather people's weaknesses.

What would you do?

I would choose to trust.

Right. You would choose to trust.

No. You have trusted. Every master plan you thought of is a pretext, right?

Even though you knew they will have hard time, you tried your best to persuade others. Also, you thought that I would trust you.

I'm sorry.

There's nothing to be sorry for.

I thought that I should live by betraying first. I followed this exactly.

Hyung, this is not the time to worry about Hye In.

The money we recklessly poured into your program, money we need to recover, overdue wages, court and litigation costs,

company loss...which is why the company is in a volatile state.

As much as I can take responsibility, I will try somehow—

Oh, will you do that?

Take full responsibility for the lawsuit.

I've already set it up with the legal team before we began.

You will be framed for establishing your company.

The company won't be charged with any liability issues regarding the contract.

Therefore you will naturally be responsible for the overdue wages and also be charged for embezzlement.

Jeong Ho.

Now you got it, right? In the end, Hye In, too,

will have no choice but to do what I want her to.

Take a taxi.

Hyeon Woo's Dad

Why did you not answer the call?

Do you want me to eat this?


You said you wanted to see how fake blood is made right?


It's ok to take him with me for a while, isn't it?

Go with Uncle Gyeong Hoon. Wait, take your phone.

Gyeong Hoon, bring him back within 20 minutes. I'm going to close my eyes for a bit.

Please take good care of him.

Hyeon Woo's Dad

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♡Hyeon Woo♡

Hyeon Woo! Hyeon Woo, let's go!

Where are you? Are you together with Hyeon Woo?

I came to the set to pick up Hyeon Woo.

Is Hyeon Woo not here?

You said you were going to watch him and you left with him.

Well, reporter Kim was trying to drown me with questions.

Even so I made sure that he came in here.

Hey, are you done with cleaning up?

Excuse me, have you seen Hyeon Woo?

He was with one of the producers who had a large scar on his arm.

He's a part-time worker. We sent the part-timers off earlier.

I haven't seen him after that.

Hey, haven't you seen Hyeon Woo?!

Haven't you seen him?!

I didn't see him!

Didn't you see Hyeon Woo?!

No, I didn't see him.

- Hyeon Woo!
- Hyeon Woo!

Hyeon Woo!

Hyeon Woo! Where are you?!

Hyeon Woo!

Mom, Hyung wants to go take me somewhere...

If you don't want your child to get hurt, watch it alone.

Noona, he doesn't seem to be here either.

Ah, Hyeon Woo lost his phone, so he asked me to find it for him.

Apparently, Hyeon Woo's dad came and picked him up.

Apologize to the staff, and take care of the company dinner.

I'll drive away.

Yes. Will you be okay?

Of course.

Wait there. Go.

If you don't want your child to get hurt, watch it alone.

If you report this to the police, Hyeon Woo will die right away.

The child already died. Right on the day when she went missing.

Hi, this is BJ Ji Eun.
[BJ: Broadcasting Jockey/streamer.]
♫ Cheer up baby, Cheer up. ♫

Today, I prepared a lot of food for everyone here watching me.
♫ Women shouldn’t easily hand over their hearts♫
♫That’s how you will like me a even more ♫

So, why didn't the child's mother report it to the police right away when she went missing?
♫ I will act like nothing’s up ♫

Because she doesn't come home to sleep often, so she thought it was normal.
♫ So that you won’t know that ♫

She was playing online games while watching streams, and it happened to be her daughter.
♫ I have feelings for you. Just get it together. ♫

It got so messy because the sauce is dripping everywhere.
♫ It’s normal that I read the message and not go in and check. ♫

I'll have to take a shower when the broadcast is over.
♫ Uh oh was I too harsh boy. ♫

What is it? There's no one in my house right now.

What is this? You're making fun of me now, right?

Don't do that. I'm scared.


- Now, tell me.
- What?

The reason why she probably died right away.


Usually when it's been 3 days since they've been kidnapped...

There are many people who have come back alive after 1 week, 1 month or 1 year.

He checked that she was doing an internet broadcast first, then kidnapped her.

However, he didn't ask for any ransom nor did he make a big show in front of the viewers.

That means, the percentage of the victim dying due to accidental crime is—

Aigoo, you're great.

Am I right?

Right in my ass. Why are you working so hard to fit all the pieces together? What if the child is still alive?

Um, maybe she staged it to make her channel popular—

There's no dead body. In my eyes, if we don't see a dead body, the person is still alive.

Ah, what is that—

What are you looking at? Go.

Ah, yes.

That guy is also crazy. Why would he beg to join the idiot's team?

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Hyeon Woo's dad.

I know that you're having it hard. So go to the hospital for a few days.

You can postpone the production announcement event.

That's not it. Our Hyeon Woo—

Don't use Hyeon Woo as an excuse.

Today, do you not know how important this day is to our company?

To the point that you would use the child?

If you didn't send Hyeon Woo here

Hyeon Woo. I can use him more if I wish to.

Do what I say. Without Hyeon Woo, your life is just a shell.

If you don't want to lose even that.
Also, your ex-husband's family...

What do you think will happen if Hyeon Woo finds out that he shares the same blood with them?

Let go!

- Where are we going?
- Where do you think?

- First of all we should go to Coconut TV...
-We are going to her house.

I guess we can request that later.

Sunbae, I nagged a lot to become your partner.

Are you not asking why?

Because I'm good at catching culprits.

Aigoo, Sunbae. Coach-nim! Do you really not remember me?

The guy who was learning boxing at the neighborhood arena 7 years ago.

It's right. That outcast, the loser.

I was getting bitten up really bad on first day, and I head bumped you accidentally and made 2 teeth fall out.

Was that right? But how are you still living?

Because of you, I ended up hanging out with the street gangs, and tried my best to become a police man.

I have even sent you a Christmas card every year. Do you really not remember?

I tend to not remember unimportant things.

Wow. If you don't remember something like this, then what on earth do you remember while living?

The victim's face. And the culprit's face.

The culprit...

Have you ever seen your daughter's boyfriend?

No. She was very excited.

She told me the boyfriend has connections at broadcasting stations and she was going to debut as a talent.

She only meets lowlife thugs. That's why she's gone crazy for fame.

Ah, seriously.

That kind of kid didn't come home for 3 days, and you still didn't report it?

Is there anyone around you who has this type of burn scar? Among family, neighbors or anyone you know?

Did she ever tell you where her boyfriend lives? His contact info?

Was it this bastard?

Do you have any contact number of her friends?
Places she goes to when she runs away from home?

Usually she's at a PC room.

But this time, they said she wasn't there either.

Even her friends told me they haven't seen her lately.

May 22nd. Lap Chat
Newly wed 300k

If someone contacts you or you remember something, please contact us immediately.

- Take the hard drive
- Yes.

- You can't park there.
- Um.

Aren't you Jeong Hye In?

Why did you go to the police station? If you report, Hyeon Woo will die. Go home and wait.

Are you okay?

I'm okay.

I'll come back later.

Who are you?

Who are you?! Stop there!



As she sits beside the director, she falls into deep thought.

She prepares her heart for her upcoming retirement announcement as she never told anyone about it.

Should she choose to confess everything at the end?

Or should she choose to wrap it up with sugar coated words? She worries with two possible answers in her hand.

As the director is talking, his voice becomes distant,

and she can't decide which of the two papers to use.

The reporters are asking questions.
Hye In: I don't think I'll be able to do it, Director.

Then, the scene with the audience's sad face.

Hye In announces her retirement.

Hye In announces her retirement.

You said you wanted to see how fake blood is made right?

Bring him back within 20 minutes.

Make the live reality show that will be run by Jeong Hye In.

Every night at 10pm, 10 episodes

a mission will be given every episode.

If Jung Hye In succeeds in performing the mission,

I will send evidence that Hyeon Woo is safe.

When the 10 episodes end, Hyeon Woo will be sent back safely.


1. Two days later on Saturday, broadcasting the first broadcast.

1. Two days later on Saturday, broadcasting the first broadcast.

2. No matter what, succeed in the mission.

3. If you don't do the broadcast, if you fail the mission, Hyeon Woo wil die.

4. If the viewers rating drops below 20%, Hyeon Woo will get hurt.

First, make a trailer.

I will send the first mission when the trailer airs on TV.


She prepares her heart for her upcoming retirement announcement as she never told anyone about it.

Should she choose to confess everything at the end?

Or should she choose to wrap it up with sugar coated words? She worries with two possible answers in her hand.

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- Unnie!
- Hello!

Hyeon Woo...

You should call the police.

I can't.

Everything's being watched.

They knew everything that would happen yesterday including my plan to make a retirement announcement.

Jeong Ho... What did Jeong Ho say about this?

Even so, he's the kid's dad.

Hyeon Woo, I can use him more if I wish to. Do what I say.

Without Hyeon Woo, your life is just a shell.

If you don't want to lose even that.

your ex-husband's family...

What do you think will happen if Hyeon Woo finds out that he shares the same blood with them?

Even if other people don't know, you know that person.

Hye In, I'm sorry, but I can't do this.

I am just this type of a guy.

Sunbae... I-

Hye In. Even if I want to do it,

I don't have power.

Hey, there is one person who can do it.

Hyung, hyung! We're in the middle of a rehearsal, what will we do if you just walk in?

We'll start after resting for 10 minutes.

I'm sorry, we'll have a 10 minute break first.

Sunbae, I'm dying here. Please let it go.

Why would you die?

If you took over this popular program, you should be flying around in joy.

Why did you come?

The day before filming, I received a notice that I was fired,


never got to say good bye to my hoobae,

my family-like studio staffs, nor to my lovely viewers.

That's why.

Ah that.

If he explodes, you can't take responsibility.



You like eating it raw.
["Eating it raw" can also mean taking something great without putting in effort.]

Did I steal this program from you on purpose? The higher ups-

I know, that there was nothing you could do.

Even so, we are colleagues.

Even if I was a son of a bitch,

you could have given me a call in advance.

That idiot.

Do well, since you are destined to takeover.

I didn't know, but it's really small.

The world that was my everything.

I did not come here due to my personal feelings.

I have a favor to ask.

Hyeon Woo has been kidnapped.

The kidnapper sent this.

Then you have to report it to the police, why are you coming to me?

Read it.

What is your husband doing?

The only person that can do this broadcast is you, Dong Wook.

I can't do it either.

You said this back in the day...

rather than broadcasting something that makes you laugh and is loud,

you said you wanted to do a very influential broadcast that can make those who watch want to take their own life.

That was years ago.

I heard that you quit broadcasting.

I heard you can't produce because you are so hated. With this, you can make a comeback.

Look elsewhere.

I will do all that you ask of me.

If you tell me to laugh, I'll laugh and if you tell me to cry, I'll cry.

If you tell me to take off my clothes, I will take clothes off. If you tell me to dance, I'll dance,

and if you tell me to die, I'll die.

Get up.

I will make this broadcast the best.

I will help you get premium advertisements. I will make you have the highest ratings.

Weren't you just talking about your son?

That's why!

If you can find Hyeon Woo, I can do whatever. So

I'm just asking you to make this broadcast.

Please... Please.

Please help me.

Save my Hyeon Woo.

Hey, how can we match with just the three of us?

Should we put down a deposit?

It will take too long. Let's just meet up and pay the security deposit in advance.

You can't do that... if you do that, you'll just get ripped off.

What is that?

That startled me.

I'm looking for kids who ripped off our kid's money. Have you guys ever been ripped off?

You know... at first he's nice, then when you go on dates, wasn't there a guy that got violent?

There's a burn mark on the arm.


This jerk is a repeat offender. Let me know if you got ripped off. I'll help you out also.

His name is Ji Woon... He is my friend's boyfriend.

At first, he met with me, but those two hit it off.

We're just going to take a picture of this.

Do you know his name? What about his number?

The ID...

is this it?

I don't remember for sure, but I think so.

Ahjussi, you're the police, right?


Subtitles brought to you by The Wanted @ Viki

Report it to the police.

If we broadcast, the police will find out anyways.

Hyeon Woo...

do you think that he is still alive?

He will be safe

because while I broadcast, they have to give me evidence that he is alive.

I'll do it.

I'm not doing it because of you.

I'm curious to see if this broadcast is really possible.

Only UCN is able to do the broadcast. President Song Jeong Ho... is Hyeon Woo's father.

Tell me why I have to invest in this broadcast.

Not as Hyeon Woo's dad, but as the president.

Is being Hyeon Woo's dad not enough?

The drama that Hye In is cast in had a highest viewership rating of 38 percent.

The program I produced had the highest viewership rating, even though it aired at midnight.

That's just public television.

What can a retired actress and fired director do?

The situation at UCN is not good either.

You are being sued for unpaid wages, your stock price dropped, and you're under investigation for tax evasion.

Isn't this a golden opportunity for you?

Tell station manager Choi to come in.

That is a problem that will be solved on it's own. There's a solution as well.

Come in.

This broadcast... will make money.

There are four ad times. If you shorten the programs airing before and after the broadcast, you can add more advertising.

With re-runs and continuous ads, there is a significant amount of time.

The viewers will wonder if we can find the child, and what the next mission will be.

The viewership will continue to grow.

PPL is possible. The substantial financial crisis that UCN is facing right now--
(PPL = Product Placement)

Ok. Let' do this like an independent broadcast.

Let's do it.

Find your own team. All freelancers.

From Saturday at 10pm every night,

we'll start the special broadcast.

Is that it?

I'll be the producer who takes responsibility.

I'm fine with that.

Do you think the situation would work out?

Find someone else for the lawsuit.

There has to be one sane person in this crazy broadcast.

What is the reason that it has to be you?

If this all gets destroyed,

you'll also need someone to take responsibility.

You grab opportunities better than I thought.


Even if you lied that you'd do the broadcast for Hyeon Woo, you could have gained other things.

Is it because you're not his real father?

Words you see... are powerful.

You will follow your goals if you say them out loud.

Also masks... are used for when I am weak.

I think I understand now.


Why Jeong Hye In did not tell Hyeon Woo's dad first.

♫ Please don't see. Just a boy caught up in dreams and fantasies.♫

I put in 3 shots.

Oh, why are you doing such pretty things? Were you doing fine?

Work on something with me.



I don't work there. Aren't they being sued for not paying their employees?

Did they give you permission to start a new program?

Nowadays, how many broadcasts do you do?

- Four.
- Do you sleep?

About a few times a day for 30 minutes or 1 hour.

If you combine all that together, how much do you earn?

Why do you want to know? Are you going to give me that much?

More than that. Even including penalties for breach of contract.

In return, you have to stop everything else and only work on this.

Wow, it's a tempting offer. My heart is fluttering more than when you proposed to make a movie together 2 years ago.

Let's do it.

I don't want to work right away with you.

It was okay with me.

It's because there was nothing I was expecting as a person.

That's why I want to do it together, for your good.

What is it? I want to hear about it.

Then I'll bring Hye In here, I'll see you at the meeting.

Park Bo Yeon.

26...The college was... where was this?

It's in Gangneung.

Is Gangneung your hometown?

No, it's Seoul.

Then why here?

Ah, because I couldn't study.

You don't look like you're not smart.

High School Sophomore, placed first place in nationals for technology.

Why don't you go to an IT company?

That was a hobby. Since I resigned, I don't know the new techniques.

VJ at GomTV, Experience with making short films.

- You can film too?
- Yes. Although I'm an amateur.

I'll do my best.

You know what kind of broadcast this is, don't you?

Yes. With a strong sense of duty, I will try best to make sure we find Hyeon Woo.

Looking for Hyeon Woo is the job of the police. We have to do what the culprit tells us.

A good broadcast—

This is my job.

I don't expect much. Just do what you're told and follow instructions well.


I'll see you later at the meeting.

See you later.

Live Broadcast Reality Show

It will be crazy hectic once the program airs and we'll receive a lot of pressure from the investigation.

President Song Jeong Ho will take care of that immediately.

There is specific limitation. Looking for Hyeon Woo together with the entire nation is the scenario we must create.

A child's life is on the line. We can't ignore the general public's opinion.

Viewer rating of 20%...

We need to sell the first episode and draw attention. Do you have the video from the suspect? The one with Hyeon Woo?

What do you think about putting that on Twitter and Facebook? Wouldn't it be shocking and attract viewers?

You do Facebook, right?

Sin Dong Wook.


You're doing this by using my kid.

What do you mean put it on? Attracting viewer?

You said you would do whatever I said? Why did you kneel in front of me if you weren't going to at least do this much promoting?

If you can't restrain your emotions, you don't have to join the meetings.

We'll do it on our own. I'll give you the script later, so get out.

Do it moderately.

Hyung, just stop. If she's like this starting now, it'll be even more difficult later on.

Subtitles brought to you by The Wanted @ Viki

Hye In, Sin PD didn't mean it that way.

Anything comes up during meetings.

If you were there, it might have been difficult for you, that's why he did that.

You know that.

It's okay, Sunbae.

I'll come back later.

- I heard that Kim Ji Hoon is coming out on Kiss and Talk today.
- Oh, really?

Kim Ji Hoon is coming out today?

But these days, out of the variety programs, isn't Kiss and Talk the most fun?

No, but why would they do a talk show for a live broadcast?

Risky questions are asked on purpose.

Well, it's more severe in the US.

If you can help me. If you can forgive me for being happy.

If you can forgive me for being happy...

If you can forgive me for being happy...

Mom, don't go. Sleep with me.

I'm sorry, I have a shooting today.

Then don't turn the light off. I get scary dreams.

If I don't turn the light off, you won't be able to sleep well.

Then let's do it like this. Hyeon Woo, who is the strongest among them?

Iron Man!

Ding Dong Daeng! Look under your pillow. There's a present.


It's Iron Man! Yes!

Here. I'll help you.

Hurry, hurry.

It will protect you instead of me.

Now you can sleep well, right?


Kiss and Talk

Open number two. Two cut..

Please take a seat.

Wow we were so surprised. Kim Ji Hoon didn't know either right?

Yes, I didn't know.

When Hye In heard that Kim Ji Hoon is going to be here, she contacted us first.


Okay, I got it.

Hye In, a while ago you suddenly announced your retirement.

Why did you come here today?

Because I heard this program has the highest viewer ratings.

I guess it wasn't a retirement announcement, but you wanted to switch into variety.

Jeong Hye In? Jeong Hye In?


The night that I announced my retirement,

there was something I wanted to say to everyone, that's why I came out.

That day...

My son, Hyeon Woo was kidnapped.