Walker (2021–…): Season 2, Episode 6 - Douglas Fir - full transcript

Micki tells Trey about her past and they question their future together. Walker and Liam put aside their difference to work a new case.

♪ On a one-horse open sleigh

♪ O'er the fields we go

♪ Laughing all the way

♪ Bells on bob-tail ring

♪ Making spirits bright

♪ What fun it is
to laugh and sing ♪

♪ A sleighing song tonight

♪ Oh

♪ Jingle bells, jingle bells

♪ Jingle all the way

♪ Oh, what fun
it is to ride... ♪

♪ One-horse open sleigh

♪ Hey.

Henry Dobson.

293 Riverview Place,
Wichita Falls.

Open up the truck or
that's gonna be our next stop.

We know your family's
there. Tick-tock.

Merry Christmas, Thomas Serano.

Ow. Ow. Okay.
All right, let's go.

Slow down, Augie.
Wait for me.Let's set it down.

Come on. It hurts.


All right, is it bad that
I can't rotate it that way,

or, like, hell,
any way, anymore?

Maybe Dad should take you
to the doctors.

Smart, Stel.
Then he finds out

we were trespassing
at the Davidsons.

Not if you come up with
an alternate cause of injury.

Yeah, because
we're all as fluent

in lying to Dad
as you are? Right.

You're right. He always
somehow knows with you.

It's just me? Really?

I could use one last night
of freedom,

is all, especially after exams.

You sure you'll be okay?

Yeah, yeah, no, I'm sure.

You know, I've got
to play piano tonight.Okay.

And Faye's gonna be at the
Sacred Heart holiday thing,

so, you know...

One text from a girl,
and this guy is willing

to risk bodily harm.

Okay, whoa, whoa, whoa.
One text from a girl?

All right, I heard that,
and who is

this girl we speak of?

Augie's new crush.Ooh. Yeah?

Hey, Lothario, you check
that thing for sap before

you dragged it in here?Is that a thing?

Send a boy
to do a man's job.

All right, Daddy, pop quiz.

You, uh, remember this record?


Someone found their
Christmas spirit early.Well...

Does anyone else
hear it skipping?

Please hide that vinyl before

Mawline has it on repeat
until New Years.

What's up
with Bah-Humbug Bonham, eh?

Maybe it's the sap, son.

Cordell, could you go in there
and see if you can convince

your railroad baron brother
if he can go out and rustle up

a proper Douglas fir?

I don't know what the hell
that thing is.

Yeah, yeah, yeah,
I'm on it, Daddy.

We got this.


All right. I like it. Oh.

Uh, all right.

Real talk. Where is
Ebenezer headed this year?

We totally got to get Mom.
You know that.

Hey, where did we hide 'em
that year

that we-we stumped her
on Christmas Eve?

Oh, yeah. That was, uh... that
was the butcher shop, right?

It was '93, same
year as the Light War.

The-the Light War?

Right. I think you're right.
That-that was the year that

the power went out, right?
What a Christmas.

That's what happens
when you follow the rules.

You and the rules.

I'm just saying that it was
agreed upon and stipulated

by the Davidsons
not to use a generator,

especially not for an
up-lit Nativity scene.Okay, okay.

But, you know.Okay, may-maybe

we give the Davidsons
a-a pass this year.

You know what I mean?
I mean, not like

we could use another war
right now.

I told you, I can be civil
with the neighbors.

It's all good.Yeah, that's great.

No, I... Civil, it's all
in the past, in the rearview.

Um, and...

and we, uh--
you and me-- we're good?

Yeah, man, we're-we're good.



Denise. Hey.

Come in.Nice. Nice.

Uh, yeah. Oh.

Well, this brings me back.

Oh, yeah. We are going all-out
this year. How about y'all?

Uh, no, I don't think it's in
the cards for me this year.

I mean, I'd need a whole family
of volunteers.

And nobody's available, so...

Besides, the morning
I just had,

I don't even think I'm gonna do
the holidays at all this year.


just got a flurry
of phone calls from North Texas.

An evidence transport vehicle
was hijacked

by a group
of holly jolly jackasses.

Roughed up the driver,
took off with the van.

Tons of evidence
from the Serano case was inside.

Only identifier

is that the hijackers

were wearing reindeer masks.

Reindeer masks?Yeah.

Where are we talking?

Up in Thalia,
my old stomping grounds.


Okay, so-so you know
all the local players.

That's-that's perfect.

I'll get my stuff,
we'll go to your place,

grab your stuff, and head out.Uh...

I can't believe
I'm saying this, but, um,

Liam should go
with you.

Town that small,
all the locals just clam up

as soon as they see me.

And Liam knows the contents

of the evidence
van, so...

Great. Yeah. We'll get on it.Okay.

You should answer.

If it's Walker,
it's probably important.

This is important.

Oh, Mick, I got a big
day ahead of me, and I...

And I came home to a big
Post-it note last night.

Please let me explain
about him, about everything.

I never should have
let it get this far,

and I've been up all night
trying to figure out

how to explain all this to you.

Garrison was someone who worked
with Yvette in Del Rio.

But he also knew the younger me

from before, from San Antonio.

He was my ex.

But we weren't

a couple who went mini golfing.

We were a couple
of 18-year-olds

we would knock back 30 racks

before the streetlights came on.

So he was your messy ex.

Everybody has one.

And he paints.
Okay, good for him.

But what I can't understand
is why you...

I kept it from you?No.

Why you lied and
why you kept lying.

He wasn't just my ex.

He was my fiancé.

You were engaged?

Did you know he was in Del Rio
when you went down there?

No. No, I-I thought he was dead

until he stepped out
of the car with Serano.

And for hours, I...

I had him.

Hey, Mick, please.

You can trust me.

I had him...

and then he slipped.

Right out of my hands.

He just slipped.

You ever have the...

fork-in-the-road moment

where you shake up fate?

I lost Garrison the first time
because I couldn't save him.

So I left.
And then, losing him again

just forced me to...

reexamine that fork.

I don't even know
who I am anymore.

Hey, hey, hey, hey,
hey, hey, Mick.

Hey, look at me.


I'm sorry that
you went through that,

and I'm even more sorry
that I wasn't there

to help you through that.

You are now, I hope.

That's the truth
about... Del Rio.

And that is a lot for 8:00 a.m.

Yeah. A little bit.

But I'm glad that you told me.

Are we okay?

I didn't light this entire thing
on fire, did I?

Come on. It's us.

It's tricky.

You remember, huh?

And it's a painting.

Look, I wasn't gonna
say nothing, but...

it's not that good.It sucks.

Yeah, it really does.

We are solid, yeah.

I'm so glad.

Because, um,

I'm off duty today,

and I heard there may be
a party at Sacred Heart.

You trying to
turn up? Huh?

♪ Christmas time is coming

♪ Santa's almost here

♪ Maybe he can help me...

Look at this.

The Brothers Walker
take to the field

to find the perfect
Christmas tree.

And question
a prolific hijacker.

Question a prolific hijacker.
Yes, I know that.

Obviously. I'm just
saying, though,

Daddy was none too pleased
with what the kids brought in.

We could be heroes, you know?
We could be holiday heroes.

Okay, well, let's just focus
on the task at hand first.

Yeah, yeah.Okay?

Excuse me.
You must be Boyd McNeil.

Oh, lookat that.

One of Texas' finest.

What's your business with Boyd?

There was
a pretty brazen robbery

this morning
just down the road a spell.Huh?

What's that got to do with us?

Well, this file
right here suggests

that Boyd "Hot Rod" McNeil
is a prolific hijacker.

Might know a thing
or two about, uh,

freelance work for bigger fish,
maybe like Thomas Serano?

You're a bit young.
You don't fit the profile.

Maybe I'll pull your file and...

Good luck finding one.

Y'all excuse my nephew.
He's, uh,

still growing
into his manners.


You know, busy day.
Let's save some time.

Now, I have receipts to prove
my whereabouts this morning,

even a Yelp review.

I had nothing to do with
this highway robbery.

Now, Dan Miller,
on the other hand...

Dan Miller? Dan...

Dan Miller-- he, uh,
he a friend of yours?

Well, you could say so.

We dabbled in vehicle
relocation back in the day.

Dan's who gave me
the "Hot Rod" nickname.

He's also gave me this scar
from a ricochet,

messing around
with some cola cans.

Just saying.You see...

there's a problem.

Dan Miller lives
in Austin now.

Well, I hate to do your
job for you, Ranger,

but that is
outdated information.

He is right here in Thalia,

chauffeuring that old
mother-in-law of his around.

Curious timing, right?

Or it could just
be someone trying

to cast suspicion
off themselves.

Oh, I like to
see just desserts

go to folks who
deserve it, is all.

Here. As I said, have at it.

We will, don't you worry.
And, uh,

you know, hopefully,
the only reason we return

is to grab one of those
Douglas firs off you.

♪ She will know
it's Christmas time ♪

♪ And we will know

♪ 'Cause we won't be able

♪ To hide it

♪ And then we'll know
it's Christmas time ♪

♪ And we will know
it's Christmas time... ♪

Hey, man, you, uh...
you sing or play?

Oh, no, not yet, no, no.

My grandma says
I have an ear, but...

I don't know. Always thought
it could be cool. Uh, you?

I usually do the keys
for carols.

It's actually kind of cool.

Oh, so-so you're-you're kind of

like, a big deal around here?

I'll let the keys
speak for themselves.


What, was that supposed
to be impressive?

I may have had a slight mishap
involving a, uh, a hard fall,

and a-a bum shoulder, and
a, uh, a girl named Faye.

I, uh, I'm gonna try this again.

Wait, you-you can
read sheet music?

No. But, uh, I can read a room.

How about I help you out,

and you teach me a little?

I get a free piano lesson,

and you don't, like, face-plant
in front of a whole school?

Uh, all right.

You know you didn't have
to do all this, right?

I know, but wanted to
see your life here.

And I'm pretty sure the
only Sacred Heart event

I've been to was
a bomb scare.

D.A. Davidson
Miller. Hi.

Ranger Ramirez.
And Mr. Barnett, right?

Yeah, yeah.I believe our first meeting

was actually
in the principal's office.

Not at all.

But I was hoping
to run into you tonight.

Oh, yeah? Is everything okay?Yeah, of course.

I just... I wanted to thank you.

Colton's been telling me
about these, um, escape rooms

Oh.that you're doing,
and I just wish

that anyone would have cared
that much in Thalia.

So, thank you.

He's a star pupil,
this counselor.

Thank you.

Mr. Barnett,
can I see you for a second?

Yeah, yeah, of course.
Hey, listen, I got to go,

but you make sure
you get all good

and eggnogged-up, okay?Right.

I'll be here.All right.

When you need a breather.Of course.

♪ Joy to the world

♪ The Lord has come

♪ Let earth ♪ Let earth♪

♪ Receive ♪ Receive♪

♪ Her King ♪ Receive her King...♪

♪ Let every heart

♪ Prepare Him room

♪ And Heaven...

Good to see you,
Danny Boy.

What do you guys want?

♪ And nature sing.

You're a long way
from Walker Ranch.

Yeah. Haven't seen you
in a while, Dan.

Yeah, great fences
make great neighbors.

I didn't think we'd,
uh, run into you up here.

I know this is where you
and Denise met, but, uh,

you know, obviously,
she told us

to come up here and
check some stuff out.

Didn't expect to run into you.

Yeah, well, I just thought
I'd surprise her

with some decorations
that we left behind.

You always keep your, uh,

your shotgun next
to your "decorations"?

Oh, yeah. It's right next
to my second amendment.

I got nothing to hide.

And in case you forgot,
um, I had a little run-in

with, uh, a member
of Serano's crew,

saving your baby brother.

I'm just trying
to protect our families,

that's all.Boyd McNeil says otherwise.

You're gonna take advice
from a local felon?Everything else he told us

checks out. And now,

here we find you,
loaded for bear.

Just help us
understand that, Dan.

You two will stop at nothing
to defame my family.

See, what I'm thinking is

maybe Denise leaves her
work laptop unattended,

you see the routes
for the evidence van,

and you think to yourself,

"Maybe I'll have some fun

like I used to with Boyd."

Are you-are you
hearing yourself?

Or maybe it is about
paying off Serano.

I mean, like you said, you did

kill one of his lieutenants.

Is Northside Nation
squeezing you?

You can tell us, Dan.

I just can't figure you out.

Must be that perfect hair.

Well, you just got
to put in the time

and find the right product.

You'll get there.

Now, am I under arrest,
or am I free to go?

Free to go.

Yeah. Please, enjoy
the rest... Liam.

Excuse me.

Uh, uh, uh,
excuse me,

ladies, mind if I steal
this queso queen over here?

You saved me.
I was one step away

from volunteering
to take the kids

to Barton Springs
to hunt polliwogs.

Is that even a thing?Yeah.

Cornered by the
science teachers, huh?Ugh.

Guess you are really
trying to get a taste

of my life here
at Sacred Heart.

and all I keep hearing about

is my badass boyfriend Barnett.

Hey, it's hard to argue
with the fans.

How exactly did you become
big counselor on campus

in only one semester?

Honestly, uh... I just said yes

to every request
when you were under.

Exam proctor,
parking lot attendant, you know?

Wow, you really threw
yourself in it, huh?

Yeah. Anything to get my mind
off what you had done.

I'm sorry. I mean, what you...
what you were doing.

What I had done?No, no, no, no.

Mick, that's not what I meant.

Trey, no. Today is about
finally being honest.

If that's something
you're holding in,

I need you to
trust me with it.

Trey, do you blame me
for going under?

Of course not.
But look, how am I not supposed

to overthink the timing?

I-I don't know what that means.


Mom Brunch.

Talking about kids.

Things got real, Mick.

And-and-and, look, I know

you've always said that
you were new to commitment.

But then I find out
that you were engaged.

So maybe it's more about
c-commitment to me.

I...You understand
chain of command, Trey.

I took an order
from my captain.

Oh, he ordered it?

N... He...

Well, he thought
I'd be good for it.Yeah.

So you decided.

That fork in the road
that you mentioned--

you know
I'm on the wrong side of it.

I need some air.


Gentlemen. Sure.

Great, thank you.


biggest burger you got. And?

The same, please.Two.

You got it.
Coming up.All right,

I guess we should probably
loop in Denise.

Maybe we should
get on the same page first.

Okay. Yeah, sure, great.

Uh, yeah, everything...

Everything is not good, okay?

I've been trying
to stay calm about this,


but what?

Look, I understand all that

that family has been through,
but it is hard to walk away

from that conversation with Dan
and not feel like...

Oh, thank you.Thanks.

Not feel like what?

Like we are living
next to a criminal.

A violent one, at that.

Okay, I think we're still a few
steps away from knowing that.

You heard Boyd.Ah.

Dan Miller gave him that scar
when they were teens,

just like the one
Clint West gave me.Okay.

I understand your concern that
Dan Miller is living next door

to us all of a sudden...Don't do that.

Don't do that. Not when it comes
to the safety of our family.Yeah, but...

I get what you're going through.

No, you don't.

Because when I hear
a gunshot now, Cordell,

I look down to see

where the bullet is in me.

Well, um...

...I'm sorry.

I-I had no idea. I'm sorry.

Um, I think you should
talk to someone.

I think it could help.

I just need you
to trust me here.

I have a bad feeling about this.

I-I trust you.

But I need you to trust me.

I am not gonna let Serano walk

because of some evidence truck.

We are going to find it.

And if Dan Miller is involved,

any way,
shape or form,

we are gonna put him away

for a long, long time. Okay?WAITRESS: Hey, Gale.


Heads up.



I'm glad you boys made it
to my favorite place in town.

Yeah.You absolutely cannot leave

without trying a piece
of the pecan pumpkin pie.

Megan back there
is an absolute wonder.

Oh, great.Yeah.

Um, Cordell, could-could
we have a word? Alone?

Sure, of course. Yeah, just...You know what?

Let me...
I-I need some air anyway.


Safety first.

Never know
if anyone shady's around.


Here you go.Um, so...

Dan, um, told me about your
and William's quest here.

This-this theory. Right?

Yeah, yeah, it's not a,
not a quest or a theory,

we're investigating a crime.

Just following facts.
You know... A-A crime, mind you,

that your daughter Denise
asked us to look into.

Well, the good news
is you're done.

This is the address

of a hardware store
down the street.

Now, the, uh, clerk there
said he sold

blowtorches to three meth heads


How does this clear Dan?
I mean, I got to say,

your son-in-law, uh,

stiff-armed every single
one of our questions.

He's-he's hiding something.

From us, obviously, but,

you know, maybe from you, too?Okay,

I think you'll find
that Dan doesn't really cavort

with these sort of meth heads.All right,

call it neighborly intuition,

but I-I get the feeling
that's only half true.

Can you help me
understand why

you are up here
with your son-in-law right now?

Dan screwed up last week,
with Denise.

All right? He-he missed
a counseling session

with some bonehead excuse.

My daughter was not happy,

and Colton heard, you know, the
whole fight and-and I just...

The poor boy.
So Dan comes up here

for, you know,
"decorations," but...

really, it was just
to-to sleep here.

Blow off some steam
at the pool hall.

Maybe talk to old friends.

Denise thinks he's staying
at the Driskill.


I-Is that supposed
to be an alibi?

It's just the full truth.


Got to say, Gale,
I-I feel like you're...

you're driving towards
an ask here.

Just towards your discretion.

Cordell, it took a lot
for Denise to go to counseling.

Right.To try to bring up
all that with Dan.

That's the problem
with your generation,

you know, just...

always ready to toss in
the towel, you know?

Separation, divorce.

I bet even you and Emily
considered it,

God rest her soul.

We're talking about
you and yours here, Gale.

I know.

It's just, it's...

it's a easy out, is all.

Sure. Sure.


and if this checks out...

I could find my way to keeping

Dan's bachelor weekend
between us, but,


if you screw me over on this,

then my whole peacemaker bit
is over.

And you won't like
what comes next.

Good day.

All damn day.

This poor excuse of a lighter
just ain't cutting it.Dude,

that's what happens when you
make us ball on a budget, Barry.

Don't blame us
if Serano's unhappy.

Barry McNeil! Texas
Rangers. Open up.

Got some questions for you.
And a warrant.

Hey! Don't move!



Drop it.

You first.

What? You afraid?

Am I afraid?

All right. Bring it.

You know...

...you could've just
dropped the torch.

All right.

Come on! Here
we go. Come on.

Smart enough to steal it,

but not smart enough
to get inside.

That is the real
Christmas miracle.

Is it ever.

Can't believe I'm about
to say this, but, uh,

how about Gale Davidson?

Her information checks out.

Yeah, it did.

Uh, good thing we took
our blinders off, yeah?

But I think

we may owe Dan Miller
an apology.

Let's not get too charitable.

Hey. Uh, if we leave now,

we can get one of them
Douglas firs.

Make it home
in time for caroling?

I know you want to hear me
sing. I've been practicing.

Hang on.

What the hell?

Is that the Davidsons?

That's the Davidsons.

Hang tight. I'll be right back.

Just gonna go see what
this is all about.

Cordi, just g... keep driving.

Y... What?Please drive.

Well... What's going on here?

Nothing's going on. Just...

I m-I made a call,
but you-you just k...

if you just keep driving,
because...Wait, wait, okay, hold on.

Back up, back up. What
are you talking about?

You called someone?You have to understand

that Dan was dangerous.

He was a threat.
And you said it yourself,

you agreed with me,
that we just needed more, right?

I-I said, I said you should
talk to someone.

Dan is innocent.Right. I know that now.

Okay, Liam,
w-w... hold on.

Please tell me you-you didn't...

I was safe, okay?

There were no cameras.

What does that mean?

I can't believe
I'm about to ask you this. Um...

Don't lie to me.

Did you

call in a false report
on Dan's car

to get around a warrant?

Because if you did...

Yes, I did.

You did.


That's bad. I mean, this is bad.
This is real bad.

No, I can, I can f...
I can fix...No, you can't fix this.

I can fix this.Don't try and...

This is not something
you come back from.

This is a line you do not cross.

This is the end of a
career, Liam. Your career.

So don't fix this.

You can't fix this,
so please don't try. Okay?

You've done enough.


I think I got this whole
"being your literal

right hand" thing down pat.

Yeah?You ready to show
'em what we got?

H-How are you so calm?

We're gonna own the stage.

Hey, don't worry.

I'll make you look good.

Hey-hey, dude,
before you go out.

About that, uh, haymaker
earlier this year.

I misjudged you, man.

It was actually fun
hitting the keys today.

How about this--
tomorrow we, uh,

upgrade from neighbors
to friends?

Uh, maybe we see
how tonight goes first,

you know, but, um,

Yeah, I could be into that.

Let's rockLet's do this.

some holiday carols!

Hey, Denise, can I steal you
for a sec?Yeah.

You seeing those two up there?

The kids are finally making
an example for our families.

'Tis the season.

Look, I heard the good news
about the truck,

but, um, Colton's still playing.
Can this wait?

No, it can't.

Can I talk to you privately?


I ran a warrant

on Dan, okay?On Dan?

Look, 'cause Gale...Why did you...

Why would you do that?Because I thought...

They're about to
light the tree.Hey. Yeah, yeah, of course.

Yeah, yeah, I-I wouldn't
miss it for the world.

Merry Christmas, y'all!


Here comes Santa Claus!

Oh, my God.

Who wants presents?

I know y'all do.

But first--
are you ready?

Are you ready?

Light 'em up!

♪ Let every heart prepare...

I did that.

Dad, did you know about this?Did I...

did I know about
the-the Salty Santa bit?

Yeah, of course.

Your granddaddy-- he knew

that it was a hard semester,
and, uh,

you know, he and I
wanted to surprise you.

And, frankly, I-I wanted
to see him in that wig.

Well, since you're, uh,

you're feeling real festive
right now,

maybe, um,

what I want for Christmas
is a-a pass.

You want, you want

a-a pass, for what?

I might have

fallen through
the-the Davidsons' barn.

Uh... the Davidsons' barn?


Why did you go
to the Davidsons' barn?

Well, I had to see about a girl.

Right. Yeah.
Yeah, yeah. All right.

Yeah, we'll figure it out.Okay.

Okay, that hurts.

♪ Oh, yeah.

Wasn't supposed to
snow tonight, was it?

Lot of stuff wasn't supposed
to happen tonight, I think.

Look, hey.

I know I stepped in it today.

But I've been thinking, and...

...I'm glad I did it.

That I stepped in it.

Too much has been unsaid
between us lately, Mick.

Are you glad
I told you the truth?

I-I think it raised as many
questions as it answered, but...

yeah, I'm glad.

You totally should
have picked up

when Walker called.

I really should have.Yeah.



...now I know
how you really feel.

♪ Always got someone...

Still don't know
what to do with it.

Or how we move forward.

I think we do

Maybe. And...

neither of us wants to say it.

♪ If true love is meant to be

♪ Don't you

♪ Want to be happy?

The church painting.

That was where Garrison and I

were supposed to get married.

You've got to know you
were telling me something

the minute that you
hung that up in our home.

I think you're right.

About what you said before.

Neither of us wanting to say it?

But we should.

We should say it.

♪ Would you?

It wasn't supposed
to snow tonight.

A lot of things weren't
supposed to happen tonight.


I need to go home.

Back to San Antonio.

I need to figure out
how I got here.

Otherwise I don't think
I can make it back.

♪ Don't you

♪ Want to be happy?

♪ I do

♪ But not if it's free...

I love you.

Oh, God.

Please tell me
there's something I can say

to make you change your mind.

Have you ever spent so much time
trying to prove you could

do what everyone says
you couldn't...

...you just lost track

of why you're doing it at all?

You've done it, Ramirez.
You're doing it.

It's not easy,
but you're doing it.


Cap. Hey.

Thought I might
find you here. Uh...

I-I talked to Trey.

And, uh...

If-if this is, uh... happening,

then I-I think I should say...

We don't need
to say goodbye.

We don't need to do that.

Well, I need to say this. Uh...

♪ Will I see you...

When you met me...

...I had just come back
from being under, and...

...that takes a toll.

I know.

You helped me, Micki.

You helped me m-more
than I can explain.

And I...

should have reached out
to you more.

No. I'm trying to look
at the positive here.

Everything that happened...

...it gave me this clarity.

I want to love my job,
this place.

I used to.

♪ Close in mine?

Gentles, do not reprehend.

If you pardon,

we will mend.

Give me your hands
if we be friends.

Okay, I-I don't know
what y'all are doing right now.

Thank you for taking
a chance on me, sir.

It wasn't a chance, Micki,
it was...

one of the smartest things
I ever did.


I just hope I wasn't
a disappointment...

Don't even finish that sentence.

Door's always open, all right?

♪ The story sounds the same...

And you'll...

you'll always
be my family, Beau.

♪ But I could sit here...

Back at you, Flor.

♪ One last flash of color

♪ Before we're done

♪ Ooh

♪ Every day we start again...

It's a privilege.

♪ Ooh

♪ One less thing to keep

♪ One less thing to hide away

♪ Ooh

♪ Every day we start again

♪ Ooh

♪ One less thing to keep

♪ One less thing to hide away.

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