Walker (2021–…): Season 2, Episode 7 - Where Do We Go From Here - full transcript

AUGUST: Y'all want to see a magic trick?

AUGUST: I can make this pen disappear.

Close your eyes for ten seconds.

STELLA: That was great.

STELLA: That was really great.
AUGUST: Thank you, thank you so much.

ABELINE: So do your classmates
think you're funny?

AUGUST: No. [laughs]

You do crack me up.
I don't know if you crack

anyone else up, but you crack me up.

Hey, that's what matters.

- I'll help you with this.
- No, no, no, no, no.

Not with your shoulder. Liam?

♪ Same days, same days forever... ♪

AUGUST: Smells amazing.

Hey, behind you.

Oh, come on!

STELLA: I'll grab another plate.

No, no, no, no, he's a big boy.
He can do it himself.

It's a bowl, Cordell.

Yeah, it's a bowl. It wasa bowl.

Hey, y'all have been acting weird

since the party at Sacred Heart.

What's going on?

You don't have to.

- The kids don't need to know.
- No, you know what?

It's fine.

No secrets, Mama.

Great. Please.

Augie, get back here.

Okay, now you're scaring me.
Wh-What are you talking about?

When your father and I
went up north last Friday,

Dan Miller was there.

While we were investigating a hijacking

of a bunch of evidence, I thought that Dan

might have been connected to that crime.

- But we cleared him.
- That's a good thing, right?

I wasn't convinced.

I just... I had a feeling.

"A feeling."

Well, because I had those doubts,

I filed a false police report,

and Dan was pulled over and arrested.

That's not good.

WALKER: Oh, that's not just
"not good," Stel.

Uh, that's a misdemeanor

Your uncle here could be disbarred.

Thank you, Cordell.

I know that.

I just...

Hey, hey, where you going?

Well, okay. That's enough.

[door opens, closes]

He's gonna come back, though, right?

No. I know that look. He's not coming back.

At least not tonight.

Wouldn't you say, Cordell?

No, uh, not tonight.

[distant siren wailing]

Hey, Walker.

My office, please.


- Whoa.
- Hey.

- Uh, a lot of paperwork.
- Uh, yeah.

Recruits. Actually, we can
take a look at it later.

So, I got a call from our D.A.

Serano's lawyers are saying that

because your brother filed
a false police report

during a Serano investigation,

they can't be sure he didn't

- tamper with any evidence.
- Right. Of course.

- Yeah. One misdeed begets another.
- Yep.

So they got a continuance.

They... They are launching an investigation

into the D.A.'s office, including Liam,

and they want Serano to get the bail

he was previously denied.

What kind of judge would
grant Thomas Serano bail?

The ones that still have
connection to Northside Nation.

We didn't get 'em all yet, man.

Bottom line is

Serano's pulling out
all the stops to make sure

he stays out of prison.

Liam return your calls yet?


It's been, like, three weeks.

He's sent some short texts to Mom and Dad,

- the kids... Yeah.
- [groans]

Well, one more thing.
A little cherry on top.

You're not allowed on any case
involving Serano

- or Northside Nation.
- Wow.

Uh, I thought Denise was better than that.

- No, Cordi, it's...[stammers]
- I'm saying I realize

that Liam called in a false report

on her husband.

I'm saying I never expected her to go

full retaliation.

It doesn't read retaliation to me.

I think she's just a good D.A.
whose highest-profile case

is in jeopardy.

Either way, I'm handling
the Serano stuff from now on,

personally, all right? Do me a favor.

Call your brother.

I'm gonna keep trying him, too.

Serano's lawyers are gonna
be after him for a statement.

I don't want him getting caught off guard,

saying the wrong thing.

You know, I can't have him
blowing this case up

- more than he already has.
- Okay, well, like I said,

he's not taking my calls.

And if Liam doesn't want to talk to me,

then I'm done trying.

No, you're not.

This is Liam

that we're talking about.

You owe him, Cordell.

♪ Ooh-ooh-ooh

♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh...

Maybe you should be a welder.

STELLA: [laughs] I'm not 100% awesome

around an open flame.

What about you? What future calls?

Maybe something inside
involving music production.

STUDENT [distorted]:
I decided to take a gap year.

[distorted]: Looking forward to
getting on board.

STUDENT 2: Maybe travel in Europe.

STUDENT 3: I've got a full ride
to North Texas.

STUDENT 4: I know exactly where I'm going.

STUDENT 5: I know exactly what I'm doing.

STUDENT 6: I know exactly where I'm going.

Ever think you'd move outside of Texas?

Hey, can I maybe catch up
to you after school?

Uh, yeah.

♪ You can do it, too, oh...

- Coach? You okay?
- Hey.

Yeah. Yeah, yeah, I'm good.

I'm good, I just...

I didn't think I'd be
in my 30s asking myself

- the same questions as you guys.
- Huh?

What's next?

It's literally everywhere.

Yeah. Right?

Like, how am I supposed to
think about what's next

when I can't even deal with
what happened three weeks ago?

When your uncle left?

It just feels like something to add

to the list of bad things.

Uncle Liam, he was always
there when we needed him.

It doesn't feel right
not to return the favor.

Yeah. Yeah, I hear that.

With everything that happened
on the ranch last year, it's...

- Right.
- Yeah.

When everyone else was
figuring out

who they were going to be
or where they were going to go,

I was figuring out how
to cauterize a wound.

Mm. Yeah, that's a lot
for one kid to handle.

I wish I had some advice
for you, Stel, I really do.

I'm on the same boat as you.

A boat full of happy salmon.


See all the happy salmon?

Oh, my God, yeah.

They're extremely happy. Yeah.

♪ In the darkest hour
I am rising ♪

♪ At the break of dawn
I am moving ♪

[phone ringing]
♪ Think you've got the glory

♪ You don't see me

♪ You don't see me, you don't see me ♪

[phone continues ringing]
♪I'm coming up fire

♪ You're fanning my flame

♪ You're looking for lightning

♪ But, baby, I'm a hurricane... ♪


- The continuance was approved.
- Hi, Larry.

Hi. Thank you so much for asking.

I've been better.

- How are you doing?
- Oh, I'm sorry. Hello, Liam.

Thank you for finally answering your phone.

The continuance was approved.

You know, Serano's folks are gonna want

- a statement from you, right?
- And you know

that in a continuance,
any statement that I make

is voluntary.

Look, I don't want to
talk about this anymore, okay?

It was bad enough that
I had to tell the kids,

and I can't see myself talking
to any lawyers right now.

- I just feel like I've already...
- No, no.

There's no time for feelings.

Key people involved
in this case have gone missing,

Liam... do you understand that?

Look, Serano's lawyers
are nasty,

but I talked them into taking your statement

at Ranger HQ. Today.

Will Cordi be there?

Are you...

Which answer's gonna get
your ass in my office?

Look, I'm not trying to be glib here, okay?

These people are dangerous.

Now, once we get you on the record,

there's no question about what the truth is.

Yeah, but legally, I don't have to...

I know you don't have to do it.
I'm trying to protect you.

You know, no one knows where I am right now.

I'm safer here than at Ranger HQ.

You sure about that?


I need to think.

♪ If the fight drags on, I'll go all night ♪

[phone chimes]

♪ Think you've got the glory,
you don't see me ♪

[school bell rings]

♪ You don't see me.

WALKER: Stella Blue.


Trey, uh, called me.

Said maybe you could use
some support this afternoon.

Okay, well, I'm fine.


Maybe not.

It's all right. Do you want to
talk to me about today?

About what happened at school?

[sighs] Not at the moment.

All right.

I'll tell you what.

I'll give you a pass if you

give me a plan.

Where do we want to go from here?

I have a theory I think

you might be able to help me with.

I don't think you actually
have a stomachache.

But just because you don't

doesn't mean you're
feeling your best. Thoughts?

We were switching classes,
and it was like everybody else

was already used
to everything.

But I'm not.

Your first year of high
school is a real transition.

It's okay if you don't
have it yet.

Well, listen, I had
to take off from work

to come and get you,
so I guess this means...

- A you and me day?
- A we day.


A we day.

- A...
- Mom's thing.

Like a me day,
but when being alone

isn't exactly the answer.

Yeah. Of course.
So you want to...

You want to go to the movies?

No, the point is, you have to be
able to talk. Yeah, of course.

What do you need
to talk about?

Dad, you are so awkward.

All right, well,
just-just give me something.

You know, give me a little.

Okay. How did you know

what you wanted to do
after high school?

Let-Let's, uh... let's walk.

Um, so, for me,
I didn't really have

much time
to think about it.

You know,
I-I considered the ranch

or going into coaching.

And then 9/11 happened,

and that was pretty much it
for me; I enlisted.


Did you ever feel like
you missed out,

- not going to college?
- Sometimes.

Sure. I mean, your mom loved it.

But I also know many
successful and happy people

that didn't go to college.

I mean, look at your Gramps.


And even Mom. She still
stayed in Austin for school.


So it must have been
a big deal for Uncle Liam

to go east, then, right?

Yeah, your uncle has
a long history

of making surprising choices.

He must have really known
what he wanted to do

to go all that way and
stay out there for so long.


Hey, you know what.

You know who else
went to college?

- Hmm?
- Uh, your mom's mom, Granny Nancy.

Boccie ball champion.

Shall we honor your mom's roots
on this we day?

- Oh, we shall.
- Well, your chariot awaits.

Thank you.

[music playing faintly]



What part of "broken clavicle"
do you not understand?


However, you can still hold
a water can,

so come on.

- We're having outside time.
- All right.

Hey, when does Gramps get back
from his calving thing?


Why? Are you hoping someone else
will distract me?


Have you heard from Uncle Liam?

Yesterday I asked him
if he was still alive,

and he sent me an emoji
of an amoeba.

I didn't even know
they made emojis of amoebas.

I think
it's technically a microbe.



Can I help you? Afternoon, Mrs. Walker.

I was just checking to see
if Stella was home.

Uh, she seemed
a little off earlier.

She's with her dad right now.

Um, but I can tell her
that you stopped by.

- Okay.
- Hey, wait, man,

do you want to help me
with this track I'm working on?

- Well, did you update GarageBand?
- Duh.

It was insane.
Oh, Mawline,

can we go up to the ranch house
to the piano?

I promise I won't
move my arm.

Colton, do you really think

that your parents
would want you over here?

Well, I didn't plan
on telling them.

AUGUST: It'd be, like,
ten minutes.



Thank you.

[August sighs, mutters]

[car alarm beeps]



- Hey. What's up, Cap?
- Hey, now.

Uh, don't mind the décor.

I'm still figuring
some things out.

No, hey, no, I can imagine.

You know who drives the,
the gray car in the alley?

Gray car?


Uh-uh. Uh,

I was looking over
Micki's undercover logs.

Um, a day or two
before she met with Serano,

you went down to Del Rio
to see her?

She put that I visited her
in her logs?

Honest to a fault.

Yeah, eventually.

Hey, you good, Cap?

Yeah, I'm-I'm sure
it's nothing.

Can I take a look
at your doorbell cam footage?

Is that thing connected?

Yeah. Yeah. Uh...

Hey, is there anything I
need to be worried about?

No, probably not.
I'm-I'm just...

I'm overly cautious
these days.

You know,
with the Serano case?

If any of his guys
saw you,

I just want to make sure
you're safe.

I'm safe, Cap.

I've done three tours.

I... I think
I can handle myself.

But, hey, listen,
you want a-a beer

or a jus grenadia?


I don't drink on the job,
so I guess that second thing.

The second thing

is jus grenadia.

It's a Haitian juice
that I grew up drinking.


Hey, man,
you know, Micki leaving...

doesn't mean you have to, right?

Not right now.

I still got to
finish up our lease.

My lease.

She signed it over
to me, so...

Well, whatever happens
with the lease,

I hope you stay in Austin.

I would hate to think that
Micki leaving drove you away.

You know what I mean?

Yeah. Hey,
I-I appreciate that, Cap.


- Mm-hmm!
- Yeah?

What's this called?

Jus grenadia.

I'll take your word on that. [laughs]

Oh, hey.

You got the old-school.

I used to play
that with DJ.

- Yeah?
- Oh, yeah.

You want to go a round?

Oh, no, no, no.

I'm a very busy man.

Yeah, no, I-I get it.

Which means I'm gonna have
to whup your ass quickly.

Let's do this.

Ooh-hoo-hoo, my man!

Let's go! Let's go.

Hey, stranger.


- What are you doing here?
- Hey, hey.

- I wasn't supposed to see you
- I know.

- until I came up next month.
- I know, I know.

- And then your text...
- Yeah, Stella called me

a few days ago.

She said
she was a little worried

that you'd be chopping wood
in a cabin alone.

[chuckles softly]

Well, that's good.
Otherwise I'd still be there.

Yeah, wow, you're...

- pretty bad at feeding yourself, huh?
- Okay.

How about we get
some old people dinner?

Okay. Come on.

♪ I'm-a tell you today

♪- I'm-a tell you tomorrow... ♪
- Thank you.


how's the campaign going?

Oh, not bad.

We, uh, had a few days off
from events.

It was good timing
to see you.

- Mm-hmm.
- But you're burying the lede.

"The Barn Burner"?

Is this a new dish here?

Oh, it's the Davidson one,

The... It's a little
on the nose, don't you think?

[phone vibrating]

Answer it.

Uh, it's probably
a telemarketer.

[vibrating continues]

You really expect me
to believe that?

With everything going on?
Come on, pick it up.


Bret Nam speaking.

I need to speak

to William Walker.

I have questions
about Thomas Serano.

[phone beeps]Serano's legal team.

[phone beeps]

Uh, is this about
the continuance?

Yes. We had an appointment

for you to give your statement
at Ranger Headquarters.

You're not here.

Right, because
I didn't set that up.

Okay? And legally I don't need
to submit to questioning

during a continuance,
so I need you

to back off.

Works for me, Mr. Walker.

I've done my due diligence.


is this your official recusal?



I have more to say.

[phone beeps]

[sets down phone]

[frustrated groan]It was weird, right?

Something about it being an
officialrecusal sounded off.

Well, yeah, a lawyer
never says "official"

unless there's
an ulterior motive.

I mean, seriously,
why would they

want you to not
make a statement?

Either way, I'm gonna get
a bar complaint against me.

♪ Another man
with an open book ♪

♪ He laughs at your every move
[sets glass down]

I don't want to talk about this.

♪ He's reciting chosen verse

♪ Of some
Robert Johnson tune... ♪

What's going on
in there, huh?

I don't know.

Part of me feels like
I could change the system,

but it feels like

the system changed me,

it changed Micki.

Hell, Stan.

I thought that
I was better than him,

but it turns out
I'm just like him.

Okay, well,
h-hold on a second.

The continuance.

Remind me again.

What is the point
of requesting one?

Usually, it's more beneficial
for the prosecution.

I mean, so if
Serano's defense

wants one,
it could be to reassess a bail

that was previously denied
or set too high,

or if the arresting officer
did something wrong,

they could get the whole trial
thrown out.

Well, who arrested Serano?

James, Micki and Cordi.

I mean,

I... filed the false report

when we went up
north together

for the Serano case.
But he has nothing to do

with your false report, right?

♪ Whoa, the sun has gone
to burnin'... ♪

So stupid.


I just kept replaying
what I did wrong,

but if I don't make
that statement,

they're gonna use
Cordi's past misconduct

to say that he is lying.

And then they can throw out
Serano's whole case.

- Okay, you have to take me to Ranger HQ.
- You're blitzed.

- I'm not taking you anywhere.
- They... they have coffee

at HQ.

James will be there.
He set up my statement

for today.


Otherwise, I got
to call a ride.

Give me a break.


All right, fine.

Okay, but you are driving.

Pallino thrown!

Let's go, Stella Blue!

Nice job with the lingo, Dad.

You know, honestly,
I am at a disadvantage

because this was
your mom's game.

I'll do my best,
but you might have to go easy on me.

It's a game... it's
supposed to be relaxing.

- Relaxing?
- Mm-hmm.

Your mother was cutthroat.

[laughs]: Yeah.

So, because your ball is closer

to the little ball there,
the pallino...

I get to go next.

And, you know,
you want to get your guys

as close to it as possible,


you also want
to make sure

that your opponent

stays far away.

Mom, that is so mean.

Well, as your Granny Nancy
used to say,

it's not mean, it's strategic.

Okay, so, now...

you want to look
at all the pieces on the court,

and you decide
how you want to play.

So, your mom taught you
all that, huh?

Smart lady.

She always said it was about
how it all worked together.

And maybe...

don't make
a bad choice

just to spite the other person.

Are you trying to, uh, double-
meaning a round of boccie?

Well, if I were...

[electronic ding]... whatever could it
possible relate to

in our own lives?


[clears throat]

All right, I get it,

Stella, I do.

I mean, everyone wants me
to talk with Uncle Liam,

and it's not
like I haven't tried.


- Stel...
- Yes.

I hope you know
how much it matters to me,

what's going on in your world.

I know.

I just, I don't know how to say
what's up sometimes,

but... spending time with
you actually helped.

I mean,

you made me feel better, and...

all you did was lose.

Yeah, it was close.[laughs]


where do we go from here?

Well, that was Bret
who just texted me.

He said that he and Liam
are headed to Ranger HQ.

I guess we'll start
with going there.

Come on.

Okay, folks,

it all comes down to this.

I live for these moments.
Let's go.

I'm about to catch
this interception!

- No, no, no, no, no! Oh!
- Oh!

Beautiful, beautiful.

I'm not even gonna lie, bro,
that was a masterful play.



Magic thumbs, huh?

We gonna talk about Micki
or what, man?


I don't know what to say.

Right. So we're
on the same page.

I, uh...

I keep running

what I could
have changed.

Yeah. I recruited her,
you know.

Yeah, I know.

And I don't know,
I just keep coming back to...

I think this is what she needed.

She was taking care

of herself, even though it hurt.

[phone ringing]

Just a sec.

Sorry, this is HQ.

What took you so long?

Got it. Thanks.

We need to go on a beer run.

Cap, I got plenty of beer.


We got to go.

[laughing] You thought you had me, man.
I'm the comeback kid.

Man, it was 14-nothing
at the half.

Right, and I came back.
That's what I'm saying.

- Unbelievable, dude.
- It was unbelievable,

now that you mention it.

All right, what's the situation, Cap?

I ran the plates
on that car.

You are being watched
by one of Serano's guys.

Are you serious?

I'm taking you to HQ.

All right.

♪ I'd move the heavens
for you ♪

♪ My sweet one

♪ My sweet one.

Whoa, y-you know this song?

I didn't think
that was a thing.

My mom used to
sing that to me.

That makes sense.
Marv used...

uh, your grandfather
used to sing it.

Must be a family song.

Can you say anything more
about that?

I mean, I didn't
hear too much

about y'all until we talked
about moving here.

And once Austin came up,

all I heard about
were the Walkers.

Kind of made you guys
sound like

super villains,
if I'm being real.

Like, my dad hadn't
even met you guys,

and he was amped to hate you.

Yeah, what...
what was up with that?

Well, his...

his family was crap,

from what I hear.

It's part of why
they adopted me.

They just wanted to do
right by someone else.

Hmm. I didn't know that.

I mean, I'm sure you guys
think my dad's a di... well,

a jerk or whatever.

Um, look,

it's just been a little
rough, moving.

And when we got here,

my parents had started
talking divorce.

I can't imagine it's been easy.


whatever has passed
between our families,

it's clear that your parents
are good people,

judging how you turned out.

Thank you, Mrs. Walker.


What do you think they want with
me? Nah, it's too early to tell.

We're gonna figure it out,
though, don't worry about it.

Hey, Captain James.
Good to see you. Uh, Bret Nam.

I'm not sure if
you guys remember.

Yeah, no, Bret,
yeah, of course.

Liam's here to give
his statement.

Uh, maybe in a little bit.

Got it. Um...

Serano's lawyers are
actually already here.

Noted. Roger that.

[engine shuts off]

You look worried.

- Are you worried?
- No.

No, I'm n...
I'm, um...

Funny enough,
I'm-I'm thinking about a time

Liam and I got called
into the principal office.

And what happened?

Your uncle, uh...

The kids at school,

they-they put him
through the wringer.

You know, he knew who he was,

and not everyone loved that.

So kids came after him.


so, one day I...
picked a fight with him.

A fight I was gonna make sure
he won. Know what I mean?

You mean he beat you up.

I mean, we-we beat
each other up.

But that shut everyone else up.

I know it probably
doesn't make any sense.

- Guys are weird.
- Yeah. [clears throat]

Okay, but why are you
thinking about it now?

Because I think
I might be the person

who taught him to do
something stupid

in the name
of doing something right.

You know who I hear has the best
coffee over here in Austin?

HQ, baby.

So, uh... Yes, that is true.
By the way,

do we still consider this
the holidays?

Because I could go
for a peppermint Woo Woo.

Okay, that's fantastic.
Let's go this way, guys.

- Yeah, I could.
- William Walker?

Good of you to come by.

Okay, we'll let you guys know
when we're ready

to make a statement, all right?

Ah, no need to waste time.

It's pretty cut and dry,
isn't it? You filed

a false report...
end of story.

We can discuss this
in a more official capacity.

Can I actually ask you...

- Let's...
- where you come off being that smug.

Seriously, do you know
who you represent?

We do. And do you know that
despite your leave of absence,

you still work for
the District Attorney's Office?

All the more reason that

I want to bring
closure to this case.

You're a joke, William Walker.

- Your outfit is a joke.
- Okay.

- No, no, no, no, no.
- You know weneeded that statement.

- Whoa, whoa, whoa.
- That's enough.

- That's enough.
- And this is how you show up?

We're not doing this. Just hold on a minute.

[voices shouting inside]

You don't intimidate me, okay?

[continues indistinctly]

Cowards, you're hiding
behind a criminal.

What, is Serano
here right now?

Okay. Pallino thrown.

I know my rights!

[door shuts]

Okay, first of all,

I shouldn't have
to say any of this.

- Well, you don't have to.
- Apparently I do.

I can't believe
you showed up here

in the state that
you're in right now.

- You told me to come.
- I didn't think that

Grizzly Adams was gonna go on
a bender before he showed up.

It wasn't a bender,
Larry, okay?

Look, this isn't great...

- You think?
- I just wanted

so much to be right,
and to be

so spectacularly wrong
is embarrassing.

- We're past that.
- Okay.

Okay. And I'm thinking
maybe there's something more

going on here.

It just seems like...


It seems like ever since
you lost the D.A. race,

you've been spinning.

I lost D.A. to a man

who killed
my sister-in-law, so...

I know. I know.
I just need you to

really think about
what it is that you want.

Do you really want
to be A.D.A.?

'Cause there are other places
you can do good, Liam.

But it would be a damn shame
to lose you altogether.

You hear me?

I know.

All right, listen.

You stay the hell away
from Serano's lawyers

until you sober up,
all right?


- Okay?
- Okay. Yes.

- Go home, man.
- All right.

I should have made Uncle Liam

talk to me.

I should have seen it coming.

Hey, hey, that's
not your job.

I swear, you got
more compassion

than some folks
twice your age.

I could tell you right now
there's been plenty of stuff

that I should have seen coming,

and I just stepped
right out of the way.

Are you talking about Micki?

I'm sorry, I just...

I know my dad misses her.

I do, too.

She made me appreciate
the mental health benefits

of target practice.

Of course she did.

- Ah.
- I just...

I wish there was something
I could do to fix it or...

Hey, hey, you can't do anything.
And that's okay.

You know, I think maybe

you panicked earlier
because you feel like

you don't have the right
to think about your own future.

Something that's just for you.

But you do.

- Hey.
- Hey.

I kind of made
a mess of things,

and then you came all
this way to clean it up.

Oh, please.
I came all this way

for migas from Veracruz.

What are we doing?

I am not entirely
sure, Liam.

- You know, I miss you every day.
- Me, too.

So, what are we doing?

Well, I think that
we are waiting for me

to be a person who's worth
making a promise to.

And I'm waiting for you
to see that

you are worth being
that person, okay?

So we're on the same page
here, all right?

Hey, Bret.

- Sorry. Yeah.
- It's okay.

- Good to see you.
- It's been a while.

- You mind if I take over from here?
- Yeah, yeah.

Of course, of course.

- Uh, you want me to take Stella home?
- That'd be great.

Thank you.

Legend has it
that the troubles

with the Walkers
and the Davidsons

date back all the way
to the 1870s.

What, for real?

- Oh, yeah.
- Apparently,

for real, but
believe it or not,

Gale and I used to be friends.

Which I think is missing
from the family history.

No, it's-it's not missing.

My gammy did mention that once.

She also mentioned that you
and Gramps used to talk

after you called off
the engagement.

Well, I don't want you
to get any wrong ideas.

He loved your gammy.

Oh, she just said
you guys kept in touch.

I'm sorry you never got
to meet him, Colton.

I truly am.

He was... human.

It sounds like
a simple thing to say,

but to be human...
is a gift.

Aren't y'all supposed
to be working on a song?

Yeah, it's been longer
than ten minutes.

You know, you play your song,
and I'll make more nachos.

Thank you.

Your grandma's amazing.


Nobody ever talks to me
about Grandpa Marv.

Yeah, for real.

Hey, um...

don't say anything,
but I, um,

I found something
at the burnt-out barn.

Oh. What do you mean?

I found a lantern
with my family's brand.

Well, why would it be
in there?

Should I put on extra jalapeños?

- Yeah, sure.
- Please, God, don't.

- Eek.
- Sure, yeah, sure.

It's gonna... heartburn...
it's whatever.

♪ Moonlight
in the pouring rain ♪

♪ Lay down 'cause it's 4:00
in the morning... ♪


- Hey.
- Huh?

I, um, I'm sorry.

I-I didn't realize I, uh,

I hit your ball
out of the way.



Stella and I, we-we
had a, a we day.

You remember
Emily's "we days"?

- You know?
- Oh, yeah.

You remember how much Em
always seemed to know everything

and see everything?

And she definitely saw
all the-the problems

between you and me.

Come on, man, we're good.

No, no, we're-we're not.
We're not good.

You know we're not.

Losing Micki,

um, it hurt.

You know, it's still a hole
that I'm grappling with.

I mean, she-she was the partner
I didn't realize I needed

after everything.

But you are my partner, too.
You're my brother.

And I guess I realized today
that sometimes, when

I'm too close to it,
I-I-I can't see the fall.

So you think I'm falling?

I don't, I don't
think you've fallen.

But I think you're slipping.

♪ This fire's burning down

♪ These ashes,
they don't fade, no... ♪

[sighs heavily]

My God, I'm so far away
from who I...

...who I want to be.

From who I am to you.

And when I saw what Serano's
lawyers were trying to do,

I saw my chance at absolution.


I get it.

Hey, um, you know...

facing up to your problems
and owning up to your mistakes,

that takes courage

and that-that takes heart.

By the way, um...
[clears throat]

Whenever you want to give
your official statement...

I'll be there.

Yeah. Thanks.

That'd be great.

That'd be great, man,
thank you. That's all I...

that's all I need from you.

Come here.

There you go.

Okay! Ha, ha, all right.

All right. So, listen,

I-I know today didn't go exactly

as planned.

Including your hand.

- Ooh.
- Sad.

Wow. Stella Blue.


What I was gonna say is,
I know today

didn't go exactly
as planned,

but look at us now.
Here we are, having fun...

It's not fun if you
call attention to us having fun.

Mm-hmm. Totally right.

Don't gang up on me.

- Yeah, they-they do that.
- Yeah!

Hey, but, for real, today
wasn't a total waste.

I mean, I slayed Dad in boccie,

and I'm about to
in hearts, so...

All right, we'll suit the action
to the word,

- and the word to the action.
- What?

Ah, he's quoting
Shakespeare again.

Right. Okay, well,

I started my first
application today.

- Yeah?
- To Colby College.

Colby? Oh, awesome.

Where is that?


Mom applied there,
almost went, too.

They recruited her for soccer.

Yeah, right. Uh, Maine?

I know it's far, but,

I don't know,
Uncle Liam went east,

and he seems all right.


I wouldn't say all right, but

it's definitely not
the Eastern Seaboard's fault.

BRET: Well, hey, that's cool, Stella.

If you end up there,
I can check in on you.

So, so, so, Maine?

P-People go to college in Maine?

I thought, I thought they just,
you know, caught lobsters and

lived in the woods.

Hey, it contains multitudes.

Okay, well, multitudes

of, uh... of goats...


...that stand on people?

Is that what they do in Maine?

Just, what...? It's goga.

- Go... I'm sorry?
- Goat yoga.

♪ Love of mine

♪ We'll all be, we'll all be,
we'll all be all right... ♪

All right. HQ completed
the first sweep.

I called APD, got you a
security detail for the night.

I'll wait around till
they get here, though.

Hey, thanks, Cap.

You know, maybe I should just
move closer to Sacred Heart.

Laying roots, then?

Yeah. Yeah.

I think maybe, uh,
my purpose might be

helping kids find theirs.

All right, man.

I guess you didn't ruin
my life after all, Cap.

That's good to know.[both laugh]

Hey, you get your
new place set up,

I'll, uh, I'll stop
by for one of them

"jus gramma Lindas."

We're gonna have to work
on your Creole.

But I'm excited
for that rematch.

Yeah, why,
so you can lose again?

Hey, I don't lose twice, brother.
[both laugh]


Trey, get down!

[cries out]