Walker (2021–…): Season 2, Episode 4 - It's Not What You Think - full transcript

First a shout out to the music in this Walker episode. They always make great choices, but this was an ep where the music was a special joy all its own.The script was flawless.Jokes hit. Action made sense. Easter eggs popped at the right moments.AND THE CHARACTERS GREW.Directing and editing was seamless. I honestly couldn't find a flaw.If anything, I'm falling too much in love with Todd (Stella) and Denise (Cordell). WHO KNEW I could be a romantic if the right pairs came along.Maybe it's in anticipation of Trey and Micki unraveling. Maybe it's too long without Brett.But Todd is growing on me to the point that I'm rooting for him over all others. And Denise deserves a clean divorce and a fresh start with her FIRST LOVE, Cordell.(Worrisome, however: If I like them will that mean they die like Hoyt did? Writers. I beg of you, no.)All around, well deserved TEN.

[floor creaks]

[keypad beeps]


Rise and shine.


[sighs] Damn, son.

You trying to get yourself shot?

Of course not, Daddy.

Morning, Mama. Morning.

Uh, you ever notice
Daddy's a touch melodramatic

before he gets his morning joe?

I have noticed that.

And I don't know why.

Since his, uh,
alarm is set to...

[country music plays]
To this song, yes!

It's a f--
it's a fun song.

I mean,
who-who wouldn't wake up

on the right side of the bed
to this song?

Well, I didn't wake up

on the right side of the bed
to that song.

I woke up to a six-foot-four
grinning busybody.

Okay, is that how we greet
the morning, Bon?

I-I came to let y'all know,

uh, we are having breakfast
at The Side Step.

And y'all are coming.

Uh, Liam's already on his way.

That's a nice idea.

Is it a special occasion?

WALKER: No, not a one.
[Earl groans]

Other than the fact that
your refrigerator is broken.


How'd you break my fridge?

Miss anything good?

[chatter on monitor continues]

No, not since last night

when Cordell said
the fire was his fault.

That the kind of dirt you're
looking for on the Walkers?

Who started a barn fire?

Think that's gonna give you
the upper hand

in your family feud,

impress your wife,
fix your marriage?

You got cameras
on my family now?

Uh, breakfast means a lot...

Appointment with
Dr. Crockett and Denise.

3:00 p.m.

Unless you take your wife
with you for bloodwork,

sounds like you're going
to marriage counseling.

Maybe don't leave
your phone lying around.

Yeah. All right, get dressed.

His heart's in the right place.

Aw, well, hell.

We got to go all the way
to The Side Step to eat?

ABELINE: He's your son.
BONHAM: Yeah, I know he's my son.


Hey, whoa.

I just came to say bye

before I head to the school.
Are you...

Are you okay?

I'm just running late, again,

but I'm-I'm fine,
I'm fine.

You forgetting something?


I'll be home,
uh, later.

[door opens]

[door closes]

All right, here's the,
uh, here's the bacon.
Put it here.

I have something, uh,
very important to share

with y'all.
I'm gonna wait until...

Uncle Liam gets here.

That doesn't sound ominous.

Ooh, "ominous." Yeah. Someone's
SAT prep courses are paying off.

Hey, I utilized "ominous"

prior to prep.
[door opens]

Liam, hey!

Hope y'all didn't wait
for me to start eating.

I already got
my green juice, though.

Luckily, Saturday is
my cheat day, so...

Hey! Bacon isn't a cheat.

It's a lifestyle.


So, what's the big news,
big brother?

There-There's a camera hidden
in our home.

It's like a...
like a scavenger hunt?

Did you put in
a security system?

I don't need a stinking
security system...

You brought me down here
for a scavenger hunt.

[overlapping chatter]

Okay, okay, okay.
Stop, stop, stop, stop.

Stop, please.
Please, please.


What I'm saying is that...

somebody or-or-or "somebodies,"

um, broke into the ranch

and hid a surveillance camera--

uh, likely more than one--

in our home, to spy on us.

When did you learn this?

Last night, after-after...

You let us sleep at home

after you found
a spy camera?

The day I take my SATs?

I needed to make sure
you were all safe.

And now I'm a step ahead of

whoever's watching our home,

a-and I can get
to the bottom of this.

Plus, I have a decent idea
of who is responsible.

I hope the Davidsons are
on your list of suspects.

The Davidsons?

Gale Davidson stood right there.

She made us out as jerks

in front of the entire community
at the chili cook-off

last night.

So it would stand to reason

that she would want
more dirt on us.

What better way to do that
than to hide cameras

in our home?

Hey, Liam. Can I,
can I chat with you for a sec?

[mutters] Okay.


[Walker chuckles]

LIAM: What?

I don't need you to add fuel
to this dumpster fire

of a family feud
in front of my kids.

Besides, the person
behind this is Serano.

Oh, really? You know, we never
found anything in his warehouse

that would suggest that he's
using hidden surveillance, okay?

That's not his M.O.,
but it could be

the Davidsons' M.O.
WALKER: They're
our neighbors, Liam.

They're not
some crime syndicate.

Oh, you know what, you know
what, you always do this.

Do what?
You always

give Denise
the benefit of the doubt.

I'm not giving...Never me.

[overlapping arguing]



Yeah, Mama. Of course, yeah.
Yeah. [clears throat]

Um, here's
what needs to happen, um...

We all have to stay away
from the ranch

until I figure this out.


And I will figure this out.

I'll-I'll figure this out
by going after the people

actually responsible.
[clears throat]

Great, great.

Eat up.

You know, this-this prep course
that you took i-is great.

It helped me ace my verbal,

You know what, don't-don't
think about anything

that we talked about
at breakfast

today, just try and focus

on that test.

Keen choice of words.

I'm-I'm sorry.

I didn't mean to make you
think about the cameras.

Good luck.

[students chattering]

Whoo! I got a real good feeling
about today.

Or should I say I got
a real well feeling?

How about you, Stel?

Um, I feel like
I'm going to fail,

and ruin my life, and be
stuck on a cursed ranch

where the sky's falling,
and I can't even say why

'cause it's, like,

Wow, I literally went through
that exact thing

first time I took the SATs.

Just take it
one problem at a time.

You can't get
every question right,

but I promise you'll get some.

Hey, how quick you think you can
wipe down those tables?

Gramps, come on,
I'm not a kid anymore.

You can just ask me to clean.

Two minutes.


Everything all right?


I just saw the mock-up
for the new menu.

Gale Davidson's
Barn Burner Chili.

I can't believe he put that
on there.

You're not letting this get
under your skin, are you?

Well, it aggravates
the hell out of me.

It's not just that.
It's everything.

It's... [sighs]

I don't know, Liam getting shot,
Hoyt's death.

I'm lucky to be standing here

after the whole health scare.

Then maybe it's time we take
a hard look at

what's tying us to the ranch.

What are you saying?

The ranch is our legacy.

And it's a beautiful one.

But do we really
want to spend

our golden years someplace

that's under surveillance?

Or attack?


Or with neighbors
who are trying to tear us apart?

Don't we owe it to ourselves
to, at least,

consider something different?

What about the boys?

Well, they have lives
of their own.

And have they ever shown

even the slightest bit
of interest?

Done! [chuckles]

Were you timing that?

Did I, uh...

Did I get that in time?

Of course you did.

[chuckles] Still got it.

My office is struggling

with charges against Serano
that'll stick.


Welcome back, Ramirez.

Can you, uh...

D.A. Miller was
just filling me in

on the case
against Thomas Serano.

In short, it's thin.

Our criminal informant
Garrison Murphy

was going to testify,

but his death leaves us

little to go on.

I know we haven't
had much luck

flipping Serano's enforcers

that I identified
while undercover,

but Walker might
have something.

Something that gets us
RICO charges

on Serano?

I want life behind bars.
WALKER: Yeah, well, uh,

last night,
I-I discovered

a surveillance camera
hidden in our home.

Not mine.

Is your family okay?
They're safe, Cap.


Okay, uh, what makes you think
that Serano's behind it?

The way he addressed me.

Uh, i-it felt like
a little too familiar,

considering we had never met.

That and the way

Stan Morrison said
I was being watched.

Okay, so all roads lead
to Serano.

Hopefully the way you played it
still leaves us

a step ahead of him,

wherever his guys
are watching from.

I'll confirm,
but that transmission is

probably encrypted.

Right, so there's
no way to track the signal

to whoever's watching.

but we could lure them out.

And if it is one of
Serano's guys, then...

We can pressure him to testify
against Serano. Yeah.


Yeah, that all
sounds great,

but exactly how do we
lure them out?

I have an idea.

It's a little twist on
something I read you two did

while you were partners.

The Bodie...

Bodie-- Bodie Gambit?
Bodie Gambit.

The Bodie Gambit.

Bodie Gambit.
Bodie Gambit.

Yes. [chuckles]

D.A. Miller,

I like the way you think.

I'm sure I do, too.

But can someone please

explain to me
the Bodie Gambit?




[clears throat]


WALKER: Hello.
♪ Last one standing...


Uh, what-what are you
doing here?

Are you alone?

Uh, just-just-just me.

[imitating Walker] "Denise,
what are you doing here?"


My partner's definitely not
winning an Oscar anytime soon.

She's good, though.

You're gonna want to see this.

Uh, I always do. [chuckles]

I know. Not yet.

Look, we recovered

this hard drive
from Serano's safe house,

and I'm the only one
who's seen what's on it.

I know you've been searching
for a smoking gun

to link Serano
to Northside Nation.

Is that it?

There's enough evidence on here

to put him away
for 15 life sentences.

I'll get the champagne.

Keep the drone high
so it's not spotted.

All right. Thanks, guys.

We always do.

Okay, just cool it there, Romeo.


There's still
the outstanding matter

of everything else
that you and I did in Del Rio

that could come
to light at trial.

This is the Bodie Gambit?

You and Walker pretended
to have an affair?


We acted like crooked cops.

We lured a drug dealer
out of hiding

to steal some meth from us.

Well, then why are they
laying on the chemistry

so thick in there?

You got to sell the performance.
You know that.

Look, these two, they have--
they got history.

They have familiarity.
They're just using it.

I thought you, um,

I-I thought you...

covered our trail
with-with a search warrant.

I did, I had my friend

at the courthouse
forge the signature

so that it'll be
legit in court...

Get me another SSD card
to back this up.


Hey. Come here.


I got lost thinking how Serano's
gonna reward me

for getting his criminal charges

But I forgot you're watching
your wife cuckold you.

Watch your mouth.

[inhales sharply]
Word of advice, Danny.

Some men talk, others act.

Walker knows which
your wife responds to.

Do you?

I do.

It'll get a little too warm.

[chatter continues]

[clears throat]
What is...

Who are those two?

Two DPS drone surveillance

No, they're not,
because DPS doesn't authorize

eyes in the sky that quickly...

Nah, I'm just covering
all our bases.

Sara over there,
she runs DPS drone ops,

and she was in my Army unit.

And I called and asked
for a favor.

I'm sorry,
why are you celebrating?

I'm celebrating
because your wife

will be disbarred for everything
she's admitted on camera

and won't be able to prosecute
my boss.

It sounds like any prosecutor
is gonna be able to use

the evidence on that hard drive
to prosecute your boss.

And that would leave you
in the lurch, now, wouldn't it?

You've lost the thread, Danny.

'Cause when the Ranger sneaks
to the bedroom with your wife,

I sneak in and steal
that hard drive.

But, hey,
there's a silver lining.

You finally got
more dirt on Walker.

He's banging your wife.


[Walker speaking indistinctly,

How would you feel about ironing
out the last of the details

at the Driskill Hotel?

Well, um... [chuckles]

You didn't waste any time
getting back in gear.

I'm impressed.

Thank you, Cap.

We got a problem.

It's a vehicle headed

toward Walker Ranch.

We can't intervene
without blowing our cover.

Or Walker and Denise's cover.
Best we can do is warn them.

Hey, heads up, guys.

Y'all got a visitor.

Are you expecting company?

Wait in the kitchen.


[chuckles] Hey. Hey.
GERI: Hey!

WALKER: Hey. Uh...
GERI: Abby know you're doing

handiwork around here?

Yeah.Yeah, 'cause the last time
I saw you wearing that,

The Side Step's walls collapsed.

Okay, yeah, no, no.
We, uh...

We just...Hey, by the way,

what was up with Gale Davison's
insane victory speech

at the chili cook-off?

It was fine, you know...Oh, oh.

By the way,

new record.

Six phone numbers
for you in the tip jar.

I mean...

Hey, uh...

[stammers] I got a lot
going on right now.

Uh, not a good time.

You mind if I come back
by the bar later,

and we chat, catch up?

Oh, uh...



You know what?

I'm just gonna say something.

I'm gonna say it because I,

you know... [stammers]

this is something that
I've been wanting to say

for a little while,
and, you know.

Uh, maybe-maybe I'm off on this.

Can we sit down for a second?

Well, um, you know, I...Geraldine?

Good to see you.

How are you?

You, uh...
You-you know, uh,

Denise and, um, you know...

Thank you so much

for working the cook-off.

That was really great.
Um, what are you...

What are you doing here?

[stammers, chuckles]

I'm so sorry.

I did not mean to interrupt...

Oh, no....whatever's going on.

There's no-nothing going on.

No, no.
She's right, she's right.

I mean, this is a--
it's a private moment.

Cordell, you dog.

Okay, um, I'll see you later.

WALKER: Yeah, yeah.
DENISE: I'll get my things.
I'll see you later.

Bye.GERI: Bye.

There's an explanation, okay?
Yeah, you don't have to
explain anything.

You don't owe me

I-I know, but I-I want to have
that conversation.

Get her out of there.

That was awkward.
[stammers] Geri, that's not...

The hard drive is inside.

Use this opportunity
to get out of there now.

Um...I'm gonna go. I'm gonna go.


DENISE: Cordi?

LBJ Suite's waiting.

Okay. Uh... [clears throat]

Great. [chuckles]

Let's get to it.

Let's go. Okay.



What a performance.

I mean, I feel like
we pulled that off, right?

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

That-that, uh,
felt pretty good.

Um... [clears throat]

What you got there, Mick?

JAMES: Ah, first day back,
your partner's setting records

for fastest DPS
surveillance drone setup.

Yeah. [laughs]

Definitely feels good to have
Micki back in the field.

Yeah, I figured it could
give us a jump on our watcher.

I ran with Serano's crew
for three months,

so whoever this guy is,
he'll be ruthless.

He will not hesitate to drop
anyone who gets in his way,

so we need to be prepared
for anything.

All right.

Ten minutes left
on this section.

You know, putting on that
little act in there made me

kind of nostalgic for when
we used to play house

when we were kids.

Wait. [laughs]
I don't remember playing house.

I remember playing
astronaut, you know.
What? You were an astronaut

at home on Earth with his wife,

which is commonly referred to
as playing house.

Oh, mm...

Yeah. Uh-huh.
[phone ringing]

Oh, sorry.
One second.

This is my office.
Yeah, of course.

This is Denise. Yes...


Do you... do you want me to
ask James to talk to her?

She doesn't need to be here
if she's a distraction.

Is there some reason
you don't want her here?

I just thought it could
help you focus.

Help us all focus.

Do I not seem focused?

You know, confined area.

I can't help but overhear...

Playing house...

Listen, I-I'm sympathetic
to what you went through.

I am. And I imagine

it must be difficult
to see me reconnecting

with someone from my past.

Well, are you kidding me
with this?

This has nothing to do
with Garrison.

Listen, I just came over to say

we've got a good shot
at pulling this off,

and I don't want anything
that could put us in danger

by distracting us.

That's all.


You look upset.

Stel, what's wrong?

Nothing's wrong.

I'm just...
I'm coming to terms

with my crap life
stuck on a crap ranch

where-where crap happens that
I can't even talk about.

I know what it's like
to feel like

you can't talk about something
that's bothering you.

I'm dating a Ranger, remember?

I'm familiar with the whole
"confidential" thing.

Ah, I'm acing this.
How about...

I gotta go to the bathroom.

Listen, Stel,

even when it feels like
all is lost,

and even the people closest
to you can't help,

you just have to
give it time.

Time washes away
even the worst setbacks.

[water spraying]

What the hell?

Time and sprinklers,

[excited chatter]

TREY: Leave your papers
on your desk.

Liam. Hey!

No one thought to
give me a call?

No one thought to invite me
to this party?

What a way to make
a guy feel wanted.

It's not a party.
I'm kidding, of course.

Connie filled me in.

Great.And a good afternoon
to you, Liam.

Hey, Captain James.

Micki, good to see you back.

Liam, we were just trying to

keep our stakeout
footprint small.

We weren't trying
to leave you out.
Oh, that's fine.

We're all good.
Uh, Cordell,

can I talk to you for a second?

Yeah, of course.

Just a sec.
Hey, what's up?

I've been researching
these surveillance cameras,

like the ones at our
ranch. Cams that

can transmit over
encrypted feeds.

If these cameras aren't
transmitting over Wi-Fi--

and I already checked,
they're not--

it means that they're

over a local receiver,
which means

whoever's watching us is close.

Okay, there's no other

I mean, there is
one other possibility,

but the tech said
that it's unlikely.

That the cameras could relay

to another surveillance
setup nearby,

but the same principle
would have to apply.

It would have to be close.

Are you saying that
there's another

surveillance setup nearby?

It's a-- It's a scenario
that we're

kind of working with.

It's unlikely,
but...Wait. Wait, wait, wait.

If Serano is keeping tabs
on your family,

wouldn't he want to do
the same thing

to the D.A. that's
prosecuting him?

Wouldn't he be keeping tabs
on me, too?

Uh, that is--
That's why I'm here,

is that we have to...
we have to check your home.

Okay, but wouldn't that
tip off whoever's watching

if we just walk in
and start looking around?
Okay, then we perform.

Like we just did at my place.

You know, we-we act like
we're catching up while

discreetly looking
for hidden cameras.

Well, time is of the essence.

We may have already given them
a head start

clearing cameras
from your ranch.

All right.
But I should go in first.

It'll be too suspicious

if we arrive at the same time.
Fine. That's fine, yeah. Great.

I'll come in later,

you know,
I'll just act like,

you know, I'm stopping by
[phone vibrating]

on the way home from work.
You know?

Look, we gotta move on this.

Now. Denise, are you sure
you're good?

It's our only option.

Yeah. Fine.

All right, I'm taking off.

Whoa. Whoa!

I know how to get out of here
without being seen.

I know. I'm just wondering
where you're going.

The bank, I hope.

You still owe me for
my streaming service.

I'll get you your money,
all right?

Tell me you're not
meeting your wife

for marriage counseling.

After she was just
with that Ranger?

If I were you, I wouldn't listen
to a word out of her mouth.

I'd plug it and pull the trigger.
I'm leaving.


Your wife's meeting you there,

Call her. Act like
you're checking in

to make sure
she'll be there.

Call her now.

[phone ringing]


Oh, my God.

I am so sorry.
I forgot our appointment today.

It was so crazy.

Uh, it-it's fine.

Um, where are you?

I'm pulling up at home.

But don't come here, okay?

I can't go into details
right now, but

the Walkers have
surveillance on them,

and I think we might, too.


She's just driving to
the appointment; she's late.

Where's Walker?

Have you, uh,
have you seen Walker today?

Yeah. He's helping me.

Look, I gotta go.

All right. Well,
thanks for letting me know.

No, Dr. Crockett won't mind.
Don't rush.

Okay, I'll see you there.

She just left Walker
at the office.

What I'm hearing is

I got Walker Ranch
to myself,

and you got something to
discuss at marriage counseling.

Your wife's affair.

Wait a minute. Hold it.

The ranch is all clear,
so I'm going in now.

But we can't leave the shed
at the same time.

Raises the odds someone
spots us.

So you gotta hang back.

♪ Whoa-oh-oh-oh-oh,
whoa-oh-oh-oh-oh ♪

♪ Whoa-oh-oh-oh-oh

♪ Whoa-oh-oh, oh-oh

♪ Whoa-oh-oh-oh-oh,
whoa-oh-oh-oh-oh ♪

♪ Whoa-oh-oh-oh-oh

♪ Whoa-oh-oh, oh-oh

♪ Hey

♪ I am the thunder...

Maybe don't leave your phone
lying around.

♪ I am another

♪ Kind of slum overseas

♪ I am the nothing

♪ That you hear in the night

♪ I am the voice
you hear inside ♪

♪ When you ain't
doing it right ♪

♪ I am the trouble

♪ That you feel underneath

♪ I'm leaving rubble

♪ Where there used to
be streets ♪

♪ I am the truth

♪ In the paper you read

♪ I am the quaking
in your boots ♪

♪ That you haven't felt yet...

Denise. Hey, it's me.Hey.

I thought you might be home.

Yeah, um, we're still
settling in, so...

Okay, yeah.

This is great.

Why'd Walker go in so soon?

I don't know.
That could look so suspicious

to anyone who was watching.

He must have a good reason.

I thought you were
coming by later.

Yeah, just, I haven't
seen this place

since I was a kid, you know?

A lot's changed.
Still beautiful.

Yeah, a lot's changed
all right.

Um, look, you are not
selling this very well.

What's up with you?

Is there something going on?

I mean, anything you
want to tell me?

MICKI: [over comm] Spotted
a perp coming out of the woods,

headed towards Walker Ranch.
We need to move now.

♪ Shake.

Micki, what are you doing?
We wait for Walker,

and then we surround the ranch;
that's the plan.

Our perp will have already
taken the hard drive.

We can't delay.
That's how people get killed.

Ramirez, what--

Hey, don't let what happened
in Del Rio affect

what we're doing here. Stay put.

Who the hell is that?

[engine starts]


Oh, no.

Our perp must have
started a fire.

Stay here.
It's too dangerous.

[cries out]


♪ Take my throne,
make me rag and bone ♪

♪ Is that all you got?

♪ Scream and moan, yeah,
but I stay strong, yeah ♪

♪ Is that all you got?

♪ It's not your day

♪ Ain't going your way

♪ That hurricane

♪ It don't obey

♪ Here it comes

♪ Here
it comes ♪

♪ Here it comes

Hold on.
[distant gunshots]

♪ Take my throne,
make me rag and bone... ♪

That's my warning shot.

♪ Is that all you got?

Leave me.

Go. Help them. Go!

♪ Is that all you got?

Come out with your hands up.

This place is surrounded
by Texas Rangers.

[doorknob rattles]

♪ Yeah, I may bleed

♪ But it won't break me

♪ That hail and sleet

♪ I stay on my feet

♪ Take my throne,
make me rag and bone ♪

♪ Is that all you got?

♪ Scream and moan, yeah,
but I stay strong, yeah ♪

♪ Is that all you got?

♪ Take my throne,
make me rag and bone ♪

Liam, behind you!

♪ Scream and moan, yeah,
but I stay strong, yeah ♪

♪ Is that all you got?

Uh, I saw the fire
on the Walker property,

and I was worried that
it was gonna spread.

And that's when
I saw that man.

And I realized that
he must have started the fire.

He had a gun, and he was

breaking into the house.

So I, um...

I followed him.

That's when I heard
the gunshot, and I hid.

I'm not proud of it.
The shot was so loud.

And then I heard Liam
yell a warning,

and I wanted to help him
so I, uh, I came out,

and that's when I saw him
about to shoot him.

I wasn't gonna
let that happen.

I had to, um...

I had to act.

The deceased was a known
felon from Serano's crew.

You were right, man.

Shame we couldn't arrest him,
have him testify against Serano.

Yeah, well,
you know, uh...

it's fortunate no one else
had to die, you know.

Thank you.


I was impressed everything
you did today, to a point.

I tried.

Did everything I could.

It just kind of seemed like

you didn't want the past
to repeat itself.

You know, like, uh...

You got to Garrison too late.

You didn't want it
to happen again.

Cap, I di-I didn't
have a choice.

Not in Del Rio, no, but today
you did, and today you rushed.

You rushed back to work,
you rushed in the field,

and I-I just...

I'm beginning to think
that you...

I need to take a step back.

Working in the field

isn't the only way
to make a difference.

All right?


Uh, you, uh...

You did a-a...

really good thing today
for-for my family.

And I'm-I'm sorry
that I ever doubted you.

I hope we can, uh...

put any sort
of bad blood behind us.

You think they'll be able
to salvage the footage?

Because that way I could prove
that I did not eat

that last piece of cheesecake
last week, all right?


What's it gonna take
to get people to stop

coming after this family?

I swear to...

We found something
when we opened up the walls.

Appears unrelated to
the surveillance equipment.

Does this belong to you?

Well, that's the emblem
this family's used

for generations.

I believe it must belong to us.

Thank you very much.


My goodness, look at that.

What is that?
This looks like a map.

It's a map of our property.

"Walker Ranch, belonging
to E.B. Walker."

How about that.

Look at how east looked.
Look at that.

♪ In the back of the shop
I've been talking a lot ♪

♪ Maybe you'll overhear

♪ Throw my lips in a lock
[school bell rings]

♪ Maybe I should pretend
that I'm doing all right... ♪

Thank you for your help earlier.

Huh? What are you
talking about?

Oh, please.
You see me upset in the hall,

seconds later
the sprinklers go off,

and the SATs are cancelled?

Yeah, this sounds
like a word problem.

Um, "C," plead the fifth.

Try "D," all of the above.

Hey, I know
what you sacrificed

just to make me feel better.

You ruined your own test
even though you were doing good.

Well, I think it's, well,
"doing well," but...

♪ So don't ask me

Thank you.Bye.

♪ What do you mean...

They, uh, really make you sweat
it out on those tests, huh?

[laughs] Uncle Liam, that's
really, really terrible.

Yeah. I heard about
the sprinklers, though.

Sorry, that's a tough
break, kiddo.

I'll just take a rain check.

Eh? Yeah? Yeah?

♪ Sorry, this is what
I wanna say. ♪


Babe, what happened?

I'm fine.Hey, no, no, no.
Let me take a look.

It's already cleaned and dressed.
I just...Let me just...

You don't have to do that.

You need time.

I know.


I've just--
I've had a lot on my mind.


It's okay, Mick,
I understand.

It's not.

No, it's not.

We're not.

But we can be.

There's just a lot...

that I haven't dealt with.

And I just

pushed it down and...

pushed you away, and...

just threw myself
back into my job, but...

I'm taking a step back
from work.

It's what's best for me.

Best for us.

Come here.

I'm sorry.It's okay.

You know, uh, Micki seemed okay.

Yeah, once they
stitched her up.

Yeah. But, I mean,
could've been worse, you know?

Look at this.
Cou-could've been much worse.

For you, too.
That was close, Liam.

That was too close.
And, uh...

you know, Dan Miller...

Don't start

about Dan Miller being a hero.

He saved your life.


What was he doing on our
property in the first place?
He... [scoffs]

He was trying to
put out a fire.

And you don't think
that was just

a little bit too convenient?
I think

he was trying to help.

Okay, Liam, I understand.
I really do.

You're-you're jealous
of Denise...

I'm not jealous. I have valid
doubts about that fam...

About Dan? About Denise?

Dan and Denise are not
the bad guys here.

Serano is the bad guy.
Yeah, and

the Davidsons
are just blameless.

Today, yes.
I mean, have they

made mistakes at
some point in their life?

I'm sure they have, obviously.

But maybe it's time we took
a long, hard look in the mirror

and start considering
our own faults.Faults?

You want to talk about faults?

What fault do I have

in what happened today? Hmm?

[short chuckle]

Okay, sure. Yeah, let's.

Um... you thought
all along that Denise

was behind the cameras.

And you got me starting
to believe it, too.

And I never should have
listened to you.

There. There it is.
There what is?


Your own brother.


[clears throat]

Hey. Thanks
for fixing

our fence.
Yeah, yeah.

Me and, uh, Liam.
The least we could do. Uh...

[door closes]

Hey, Dan-- he uh...

did a good thing.


and I want to
talk to you about something.
Hey, Cordell, don't.

Okay? coming back here was
not to reopen old wounds.

And it was really
nice to reminisce,

but you actually thought
that my family could

put cameras in your home.

I didn't, okay?
Uh, stop. I saw it.

You suspected me.

How are we supposed to
work together after that?

How are we supposed to anything
after that betrayal?

I mean, I came
back to Austin

for a lot of reasons.

To heal.

To begin again.

that just-that
starts with my family,

not with you.


♪ I begged you please
to marry me ♪

♪ Laughing in the fall

♪ I laid you down

♪ In the needles
on the ground ♪

♪ And said kids will
take it all the way... ♪

Hey, um, so, uh, there's
this comet, and it only comes

every 25 years.

Will you watch it
with me tomorrow night?

You always have your
head in the clouds

or outer space.

It's just, we're not
supposed to hang out.

And I don't want my
parents any more pissed

than they already are.

They're fighting again?

A lot.

And I saw my dad go talk
to your mom today.

Which is just
kind of messed-up,

if you think about their past.

They don't have to know
we're hanging out.

I mean, we can watch
from your barn's hayloft.

Only once every 25 years--

I mean, I know you wouldn't
want to miss that.

I like the way you see me.

I guess I just believe in you.

♪ Kids have got...

Well, I'll think about it. Okay?

♪ Kids have got a way.