Walker (2021–…): Season 2, Episode 2 - The One Who Got Away - full transcript

Walker has concerns over Micki going too deep undercover. Captain James and the new District Attorney work together to close the case to bring Micki home. Stella and Colton team up to solve a mystery while under the watchful eye of Trey.

There's the boss
himself, Serano.

Hey, who's the other guy?

Uh, Micki, who is that?

Who's that other guy?

It's the one that got away.

There she is.


Been hearing about
you for so long,

it kind of feels like...

like I know you.

Spider-- rest in peace--

he spoke very highly of you.

I'm sorry, who are you?

GM here helps with
personnel decisions.

Among other things.

All right, Walker,

keep your eye
on our two bodyguards.

If there is any sign

of trouble...Yep.

On it, Cap.

We heard all about
your little stunt

getting Spider's car back.

And it's a good thing you did.

Yeah? It wasn't for Spider.

Well, reputation's one thing.

Meeting you face-to-face--
that's another.

I was glad you finally called.

You seem pretty eager to work

your way up the crew,
huh, Yvette?

Hey, Cap.
Noting a "sign of trouble."

I need to make some real money.

And I like a challenge.

Micki, I want you
to get out of there right now.

That's why you joined
the military.

Spider was an over-sharer.

Yeah, I know the type.

I had a real
wild childhood.

Always ran with
the wrong crew.

Was hoping the military could
help me channel that energy

in the right way,
Crime pays.

It sure does.

What other jobs
you do before you...

rolled into Del Rio?

Don't worry about them.

It's just a little game
they like to play.

Robbery crew in Dallas.

Some wheel work in OKC.

Did time in Hilltop...

Who was the warden then?


He's a real bastard.

She's not wrong.

I don't get it.

A girl as pretty as you--

you must be breaking hearts
all across this state.

Are you dating anybody?

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Micki, what the hell
are you doing?

Maybe the two of you

should keep your eyes
on your boss

instead of playing
with your squirt guns.

We got a live one here, boss.

Where have you been?

'Cause we could've used you
a couple of months ago.

Yeah? What was
a couple months ago?

Ah, a little problem
we're still cleaning up.

Well, I'm your girl.

GM, why don't you
show her around?

But you stay
in touch.

I might need
the both of you later. Let's go.

Let's get you up to speed,

On the move, Cap.

Micki, we'll be watching.

And here comes the heartburn.

I just want to point out
that I'm here in detention

because I got punched
in the face.

What? No, no, no.

You almost ran over my sister
with your car.

No, no-- she accused me of
doing something I didn't do.

And that was
your response?

I was wrong. But so were you
for what you said.

Can we just skip to the end
of The Breakfast Club?

You know, where all the
archetypes start to get along?


You know, the cool girl...

The film geek...Music is-is more my jam now.

The beautiful idiot...

Okay, you have got to stop
calling yourself that.

The beautiful,
misunderstood idiot.


The one who shouldn't be here.

Okay, fine, Walker.

I get it.
But I need you to call me.

All right?


There seems to be some
communication issues

that we need to...


Eyes on me.

There seems to be some
communication issues

that we need to deal with.

So, change in plans.

Field trip?

No, Todd.

We're going to do
a training exercise.

Something I picked up
in the military.

On your feet. Let's go!

Micki, we lost visual.

Wouldn't mind you looping us
in on your location.



Who was this, uh,
this-this "GM"?

You ever hear about him
in your meet-ups?

Not once, no.

Sent Ranger HQ some snapshots
of his smug mug, though.

- He was smug, wasn't he?
- Very smug.

Very s...I mean, what was
this thing about

the... "the one that got away"?

Actually, she said,
"the one who got away."

The one-- Are we doing
- this right now?
- I'm just saying what she said.

You lose Micki

- and we're doing this?
- I lost Micki?

You, uh, want to
listen to some music?

There's a mix CD in here
I think you'd...


Your little friends in your ear,
they can't hear us in here.

Micki Ramirez.

It's been a long time, right?

why am I not surprised

that you're somehow
wrapped up in all this?

You always said that I was
destined for a life of crime.

I didn't really want
to disappoint you.

Well, you did.
14 years ago.

Always was one last job,

and it didn't matter
how dangerous or selfish.

You know that's why I left.

Funny how life brought you
right back here, huh?

- Together again.
- Hilarious.

Why didn't you give me up
back there with Serano?

You want out, don't you?

When my girlfriend...


That's right. When
my ex-girlfriend

turns out to be a Texas Ranger
who's about to take down Serano,

yeah, I-I saw an opportunity.

Well, if you're willing to talk,

I'm guessing it's because
you want a deal.

You still get me.

Maybe she went radio silence

for a reason.
She's a good Ranger.

No, I know she's a good Ranger.
Okay? But

going undercover...
it's a different beast.

Let's just trust her a beat,
- all right?
- I do trust her.

All right, look.

Well, why didn't you trust me?

- What are you talking about?
- About your theory

on the sniper in Austin.
I was a target, too.

So help me understand
why you didn't trust me.

I had a protective
detail on you.
I know you did.

I-I know that now.

But why didn't you
tell me before?

Because I didn't want you
spiraling out again, all right?

That lone wolf, blinders on
to the world routine is done.

We can't have it anymore.

Yeah, I get it.
And I don't want that either.

And that's-that's why
I'm here, Cap.

I don't want to see the same
damn thing happen to Micki.


Captain James.
You copy?

Ramirez, where the hell are you?
We lost comms.

I'm with Serano's advisor.

Hey, Micki, who is this guy?

This, uh, this GM?
What's his deal?

I can't tell yet, but...

he's been working
with Serano for years.

He knows the operation. And...

I think he wants out.

Might even be willing to talk.

You want to make him a CI
after one meeting?

- That's a little risky.
- I understand

your concern, Cap,
but this is why I'm here.

I think I can
work him for intel.

Maybe even about

Serano ordering
that hit in Austin.

I just need more time
to see if he can be trusted.

Trust me?

No, no, no.
I need to trust you.

Hey, Micki, where are you now?

I'll touch base later.

No, Ramirez. Wait. Ramir..

She's hiding something.

I did, when I was under.

I am about to knock that smile
off your face.

This isn't a game.

I need actionable intel
or I'm going to arrest

- your ass right now.
- Okay.

Hand to God,

I'm about to perform a miracle.

You gotta be kidding me.


Yet again, things come
full circle.

You're under arrest.

No, I'm not.

Plus, you don't have
cuffs or a gun.

But I have combat skills
and unfinished business.

Oh, okay, Yvette.

The key to everything that
you want is just inside, though.

Inside the same church

we were supposed
to be married in?

Same church you left me waiting.

A heartbroken
young man of 19

stood right here,
pining for his one true love.

Why are we really here?

Like I said.

The key's inside.

...and I stole a squirt gun
when I was a kid

and I blamed it
on my brother.

Garrison, we don't
have time for this.

Patience is a virtue,
Micki. Okay.

Fine, I'll skip ahead.

Listen, I never hurt anybody.

Okay, listen, I never
hurt anybody physically.

But I feel like

I need to be forgiven

for the emotional damage
- that I've caused.
- Huh.

Not to mention
the physical damage I'll cause

if you don't start
giving me answers.

You think that
this is a trap?

You really always have
had trust issues.

We are in
the Lord's house, Micki.

We are safe and sound.

My God.

Nothing's changed.

Some people never move on,
I guess.

Micki, I meant what I said.

I am sorry.

I'm sorry for everything
that I did to you.

And I'm sorry about
the life that I've led.

But you can save me.

I can try.

But you gotta give me something.

Okay, okay. I will.

Listen, just imagine

the big warehouse at
the end of Indiana Jones.

Last chance.

Okay. Okay.
Why are we here?

I have evidence of every crime
Serano committed.

Money laundering,
drug trafficking,

and ordering that hit in Austin.

Wait, so you do know about that.

Of course I do.
I advised him against it.

I thought it
would just bring

too much heat on us,
but he was paranoid.

He said that the whole operation
was about to get taken down,

and now look.

I am in confession
with a Texas Ranger.

And you can prove all of this?


And I can prove
Serano killed Spider.

Micki, he was
my friend, too.

I should've been
there that night.

And if Serano had him killed,

then it's...
then it's only a matter of time



How can you prove all this?

You are about
to find out.

Are you two here for Pre-Cana?


Yes, Father, we are.


Trey. Again.

He is asking for updates.

- What do I tell him?
- Nothing. Yet.

We should loop Liam in
on all this, though.

Yeah. Uh... probably best
to cover our bases

and get the new DA
up to speed, as well.

What, you're a team player now?

There's still some lingering

yeah, but I--
but I figure

we should try and
work together on this.

See it from all angles.
Lessons learned,


All right, here we go.

Well, that's a warm welcome,
you keeping me up to speed.

So, where are we at?

Ramirez made contact
with Serano.

She's working a CI right now.
We sent some

surveillance to Ranger HQ.

Hey, Denise-- uh,

DA Davidson--

has Liam

brought you
up to speed on Serano?

Oh, I am well aware
of Thomas Serano.

His drug ops

caused plenty of havoc
up in Thalia

where I last worked.
Managed to avoid prosecution

on any felony charges.

Do we have any admission
of guilt on a wire?

Anything to tie him
to the Austin sniper?

Not yet, no.

So, where is Ranger Ramirez now?

She's...She's with the potential CI.

Uh, she's currently off comms.

I feel I need to point out

that my brother
may have been a target

in the shooting
three months ago,

so his presence in Del Rio
is a concern.

Yeah, uh...

Okay, while I appreciate
your concern, Counselor,

but having spent a considerable
amount of time undercover,

Ranger Walker has
a unique perspective

on undercover operations.

I have to say
he's our best shot.

One thing I think
we can all agree on:

we need to identify
who this informant is

and find out
if he can be trusted.

We're on it.


Smug mug.

It's all about trust,

a failure to communicate.


we're gonna work on
a little team building.

Oh, no.

All right,
all right, all right.

Calm down. All right?

August, Todd, you're gonna
be in locker room one.

Stella and Colton,
locker room two.

You like those signs?
I made 'em.

Now, each room has
several doors.

Obviously, these doors
right here are already unlocked.

But there's gonna be

one door on the inside
that is locked.

And the key is hidden
in your respective rooms.

- So it's like an escape room.

But one built on trust.


Now, look,
you're more than welcome

to just walk right outside
these open doors

and go back to detention
for the next six hours.

you find the key,

unlock the door

and you're free to go home.

Are there any more clues?

Only that the history with
your partner holds the key.


All right, let's go.

Come on, you two.

Get a little bit more
pep in your step! Let's go!

Best of luck.
I'll be waiting.

We intended to tie the
knot a long time ago

and after 12...

...14 years,

we are finally
ready to do it.

Well, the Lord works
in mysterious ways.

Oh, I bet that's
not the first time

you've used that one, Father.


let me see our availability.

Okay, Mondays
look good.

And Tuesday

Church bookkeeper cooks
the books for Serano.

Long story.

Trust me?


Yeah, but you're
getting there. Right?

- Ready?
- What?

- Where are we going?
- My place.

I have something
to show you.

This is your place?

Don't act so surprised.

Nah, this is
just my face.

No, this is your face looking
at my tasteful digs.

Hah. And you
ruined it.


Nice place, Garrison.


Well, heya, Micki.

We have a couple of questions.

Is there any reason

why you didn't feel the need
to share the fact that

you knew each other?

If I told you
before I questioned him myself,

you would've stopped me
before I even had a chance.

Questioned him?
That's what you're calling

- your little joyride around town?
- Oh, I'm sorry.

Am I being lectured
by the poster boy

of withholding information?

Excuse me, third graders.

Can we keep this
about him, please?

Listen, if I'm calling the DA
and asking for protection,

you're gonna need
to tell me exactly

- what evidence you have.
- I have a key,

right here,

that will tie Serano
to a laundry list

of crimes
he has committed statewide.

- You have a key?
- Mm-hmm.

Hey, Walker, he has a key.

- Oh, he has a key.
- Yes, he has a key.

Oh, great.
What's it a key to?

Here's the thing:
I... I can't tell you that

until you get me immunity.

Are we really
talking about

cutting a deal with this guy?

You really don't have to.

But Serano is closing
the circle.

Which means he's
destroying evidence.

Which means
the clock is ticking.

Okay, how do you know this?

Bumping off his own people is

a sure-as-shinola sign
that Serano thinks

the walls are
closing in.

But it started
way before that.

Since Austin.

Felt like I...
just got the sky

all wrong.

I miss our
drink and ink nights.

Hey. Go back.

What about Austin?

That's when Serano started
getting paranoid.

After you arrested Stan.

That's why he wanted
to take you out.

You were a thorn in his side
and all of Northside Nation.

What does Northside Nation
have to do with it?

Serano runs the Northside.

Stan Morrison worked for him.

I guess I gave you
that one for free.


You can prove all of this?

- Yeah.

If you can get me...

All right, all right. All right.

He could've told
Serano who I was.

I'm calling the DA's office.

Mr. Murphy, we'd be willing
to make you a deal

if you tell me one thing:
Who was the Austin sniper?

Matt Phillips. Aka Spider.

What? No. That's not possible.


Didn't you suspect him yourself?

Yeah, early on,
but he wasn't a killer.

And he was trying
to get out.

And he had problems
with his vision.

That's probably
why he missed.

Another botched job

in a growing list of screw-ups.

It's probably why
Serano killed him.

Look, I-I liked Spider, too.
I did.

But... it's the truth.


Where is the evidence
that can prove any of this?

Uh, there's a key

that is to an accounting
office downtown.

They have all
the financial records

of Northside's operations.

They laundered
all of Serano's funny money.

And I can tell you
about the offshore accounts.

But I'm gonna need that deal.

Okay. If Serano is
closing up shop,

then time is of the essence.

Mr. Murphy,
you have yourself a deal.

But if any of this turns
into a wild goose chase,

I will make sure that you are

put away forever.

That's something
I'd like to avoid.

- Stay in touch, Captain.
- Yeah.

I'm sorry,
you've been here a week,

you're already making
a deal with a CI

who had a previous relationship
with Ranger Ramirez?

- You don't trust her?
- She's in too deep.

And I've seen firsthand
what happens

to someone when they've
been under for too long.

Fair point.

Any other concerns?

Del Rio is in
Val Verde County.

It's not even
our jurisdiction.

Which is why
I'm headed there right now.

To loop in their DA.

Wait. What?

You're going to Del Rio?

Liam, I share
your concerns.

Which is why
I want to be there,

to make sure that nobody
screws this up.

But we have
the chance

to take down the head
of Northside Nation.

So I hope that's a goal
that we can work together on.


I wonder how long
we'll smell like socks.

is this key?

So, uh,
what's with Colton?

His family and yours
don't get along?

Yeah. My grandma broke up
with their grandpa

and then they blamed us
for some fire

that happened, like,
decades ago.

Oh. Abby the heartbreaker, huh?

Guess it runs in the family.

Spirit week last year.

You know
she ditched me for you, right?

Yeah. I'm... I'm really
sorry about that, dude

Ah, no. Not your fault, man.

We were all better
when we were friends.

Heads up.

Oh, dude.


You know, Coach Trey said that

"your history with your partner
holds the key."

Maybe that's why
he paired us together.

To talk about Ruby?

Yeah, I...

I don't know, maybe--

maybe it can help us
find the key somehow.


- We met in the A/
- V club.

And the-the three of us
filmed those games, remember?



There's hundreds of 'em.


What was
the first one we filmed?


I hooked up with one
of their cheerleaders.

It was memorable.

Uh, good to know.


- Let's go!
- Let's go, baby.

Congratulations. You're free.

Thank you.

- Hey, thank you as well.
- Let's go.

How you doing in there?

Ooh, how do you think?

I think you need to work
on your communication skills.

Maybe with your cellmate?

We may as well try and find
the stupid key together.

Oh, fine.

Why are you so angry?

Oh, probably my parents' divorce
and general anxiety issues.

I'm sorry.
Not having

your parents together--
it's hard. I get it.

No, no, no. I...
I don't want them together.

That's-that's the point.

They'd be happier apart,

and now they're gonna put me
in the middle of it all.

Have you tried talking
to them about it?

Look, can we not do this part?


Okay, so the top floor

is like a data farm.
You're gonna need a zip drive.

If they haven't wiped
the files already.

The search warrant is
to obtain all the files

for companies
affiliated with Serano.

And that means
we're gonna need the names

of all the shell companies
Northside Nation was using.

And this?

Bottom floor, archives.

There's windows
on the side of the building.

It opens up
to an old-school records room.

Kind of like the room
at the end of Indiana Jones.

Where do I look?

- Austin Eyes and Ears, Inc.
- Yeah.

Yeah, let's go.

Well, hey, hey, what?

You're not going in.

I'm a Ranger with a warrant.

Northside had people
in the hospital

when I got Carlos Mendoza.

He could have people there now,
and if they see a Ranger

flash a badge, it...

Not good. I agree.

Shut up.
You're both going in, all right?

Walker, by the books.

Micki, you get to be
- Yvette one last time.
- Okay, Cap,

- are you sure about this?
- Listen.

Everybody gets one last time,
all right?

whatever she finds

is admissible as
part of the search.

- Yes, sir.
- All right, let's do it.

Be careful.


How can I help you?

Cordell Walker, Texas Rangers.

Uh, I have a warrant for you
to hand over any e-files

in connection with a suspect
currently under investigation.

Texas Rangers.

Yes, ma'am.

Which files?

Austin Eyes and Ears, Inc.

- Follow me.
- You got it.


What are you doing here?

Serano sent me.

No, he didn't.

- Cuffs! Cuffs!
- I got it. I got it. I got it.

I got it.
We got to get out of here.

Come on.

Come on!

- We got to go!
- Let's go.

A fire's spreading
to the top floor.

Send all units in the area.

Is Cordell in there?
Are they both in there?

Serano sent someone
to destroy the evidence.

We got to get in there
right now.

Just stay where you are.

You need to do something!

I'm going in.

You were, uh, talking
about your mom earlier, right?

You know about that?

Well, our parents
grew up together, so...

Anyway, um...

I'm-I'm sorry.

I shouldn't complain
about living parents

who fight over idiotic crap.


What I wouldn't give for a fight

about who takes out the trash.

That's reductive, but thanks.

Wait, Barnett knows

our folks know each other,

Shared history.

Try locker 101.

It's the military call code
for poor communication.


Coach Trey is a vet and a dork.

- Music theory?
- Well, I-I told

the principal I was interested
when I transferred.

It's-it's whatever.


Okay, that's just creepy
you're standing right there.

I'm literally not supposed
to be doing anything else

but watching you guys.

It's detention.

But, hey, looks
like it's over.

Go on. Enjoy your lives. Go.

Damn it.

Okay. What else do we have?

You have me.

Walker, come on, y...You know it's true, Micki.

And I'm down here. I'm not
letting you go this solo.

If Serano is taking
out his own people,

chances are
he still wants me dead.

And I'm here now, on his turf.
More of a threat.

So you want to put a
target on yourself?

When I came down here
to prevent exactly that?

Hey, Micki's right.

The last three months
are a waste

if we just put you
in the crosshairs.

It's not a waste if it works.

We need to get this done.

Hey, Micki?

You should take a look at this.

We're gonna have

to move forward
without that evidence.

It's shot.

I'm open to any ideas.

I'm your huckleberry.


I'm the man for the job.

Yeah, Garrison, you don't really
get a say in this.

I think that I do get a say

when my life is on the line.

My cover isn't blown yet, right?

You give me my phone back, I bet
there's a couple missed calls

from Serano. He expects me.

So I use that, try to set up

a meeting. I tell him
it didn't work out

with Yvette,
and we see what he wants.

I'll wear a wire.

I don't know.

That's taking a hell of a risk.

I know.

And if I do make it,

I will very much enjoy
my anonymous life in Maui.

Thank you for offering.

Look, I'm his right hand.

He talks to me, and the fact is

he loves to talk,
and I can get him

to own up to the Austin job.

And Spider.

Micki, I owe it to Spider.

Why's everybody got to be
a damn maverick on my watch?

Dad didn't pick you up?

Well, my mom took my car.
After everything.

Get in the car, Davidson.

All right, I'll
be right back.

You want me to bring you
back a beer or popcorn

or...?Okay, can you not
undersell this?

Relax. I waited half my life

for you to come back. You
can wait a half an hour for me.

You know what's a great
way to pass the time?

Mm. What?

- A mix CD.
- Oh, my God.

Come on, I'm walking
into the abyss.

You can't even listen to
my last sonic love letter?

Don't pull that.
You did not make this for me.

I made it thinking of you.

Does that count?

Just go. And be safe, okay?

Now she wants me to go.
And she's worried about me.


I-I'm sure you got somebody
waiting for you back in Austin.

And I'm happy for you.

And who knows? Maybe...

Maybe I'll finally do
something right with my life.

Or I'm just gonna keep losing
the girl, you know?


He was there.

This is Ramirez.
Anyone got eyes on Garrison?

Garrison, you copy?

Garrison, you copy?

Walker, you got a visual?

I do.

He's heading up the stairs
in the back.

All right.

Vehicle parked out front.

It's the same one Serano and
his bodyguards drove earlier.

Garrison, can you hear us?

Garrison, check in.

Micki, give him a sec.

Maybe he went dark for a reason.

Let's go. Let's go.


Thanks for coming.
Glad you could make it.

You see, there's this thing

I wanted to talk to you about.

Wire went dead.
Anybody have eyes

on Garrison?

How'd you know?

Earl and Horace, of course.

Tipped me off

about a certain
Ranger Ramirez.

Or is it Ranger Yvette?

Now, there's only
one way out of this.

Or I'm gonna kill you

and that pretty little lady
of yours, too.

Anybody have eyes on Garrison
or Serano? Anyone?

Moving in for a closer look.

Walker, wait.

This might be a trap. Wait!

What are you talking about?

Garrison was at the bar
the night Spider was killed.

Look, he might've
killed Spider himself.

Or this is all a setup.

I'm going in.

Got a visual on Serano.

I'm gonna take him down.

Walker, you stand down.

You hear me? Stand down.

This is the head of it all.

We're not gonna get
another chance.


Why did you lie this whole time?

Spider was hired
to kill Stan Morrison

and any other Ranger
who got in the way.

And you were right.

Spider was getting soft.

He got cold feet,

so I took the job for him.

If I didn't,
somebody else would,

and they wouldn't miss.

Did you miss on purpose?


But I can't do that
this time.

Serano said he'd kill you

if I didn't go through
with this.

You're gonna have
to stop me, Micki.

Next shot won't miss!


No. No!

Garrison! Hold on.


No. No, come on.

Serano's on the move.

He's on the move.

No. No.

Out of the car with your hands
behind your head right now.

Let's go. Let's go.



Hold on! Hold on!

I'm losing you. Come on!


- No!
- Micki.


Come on. Come on.


- It's not your fault.
- No.


Hey. Flor.

What do you need?

I need to drive.

Thanks. I'll
- take him from here.
- Is she gonna be okay?

Uh, yeah.
I'm gonna keep an eye on her.


And what about you?

I mean, w-watching
you walk out of that fire...


Probably not a great memory.


Maybe something
we should, uh, deal with.

Hey, Cordell.

I'll be seeing you.

Ah, two roads diverged.

Uh, I can walk from here.

- Don't be weird.
- We've been sitting

on our asses all day.
I need to walk.


- Is that yours?
- No.

It must be yours.

No, we don't have horses.

Well, what do we do with it?

We help it.

I like this song.

Me, too.