Walker (2021–…): Season 2, Episode 1 - They Started It - full transcript

Walker realizes his life is at risk and confronts Captain James who confesses to him the real reason Micki went undercover. The Davidsons return home which sets Abeline on edge as there is dark history between the two families.

Last season on Walker...
So, you've been

out of town. Not yourself.

Sounds like undercover.


This is the Nation.

You are involved

with Northside Nation.

How deep do they have
their hooks in you?

We had the product
from a drug bust.

We just needed
the distribution.

That was Northside.

We need a medic.

Del Rio situation.

It's looking like ex-military.

Oh. Yeah, I, uh, I crossed there
when I served, sir.

I know. That's why I'd like
your eyes on this.

If you're interested.

Your friend. Uh, Garrison.
Whatever happened to him?

He's the one that got away.

♪ There's a tide on the rise
if you like it enough ♪

♪ A paradigm shift
and we're caught in the shock ♪

♪ Of a world uncurled...

Come on, boys! What do you got?

♪ The shadow towers over...

Come on!

♪ Which level do you live
in the pyramid game? ♪

♪ Bought your throne...


Oh, who got it? Who got it?

You got lucky.

But a...
a hat shouldn't be for...

for second place.
It should be for first, right?

Hey, second mouse
gets the cheese,

right? Plus, I got

plenty of hats.
I'm here for the show.

All right, stinker.

Drinks on you.

Hey, only three months in,

and we already cut our time
in half, boys.

Give me some.
You got to slow that pace

for when Micki gets back.

I'm always the one
that had to keep up with her.

Yeah. Yeah.

I remember that.

You, uh, you talk to her lately?

No. It's, uh,
it's been almost a month.

Yeah. Hey.

I, uh, I'm meeting up
with James later.

I'll see what I can find out.

Thanks, man.
Yeah, course.

All right.
Oh, hey, did you see

the "sold" sign over the hill
down by the old barn?


I wonder who the new neighbors
are gonna be.

Let's do it.

Hey, Denise,
is that Walker kid in there?
Go. You got to go.

Thank you.

Hey. Where's Trey?
He had

to take off.
He had to go. He had to go home.

You know,

he needs to eat more.

I hope he knows
that he's more than welcome

to stay for breakfast.
He knows.

Mama, we-we've told him.
You've told him.

He starts early
at Sacred Heart.

A guidance counselor
starts this early?
Oh, he...

he's also a parking lot monitor.
That man's

trying to fill a void.
You know,


You really should ask James.

Oh, yeah, yeah, I-I know.

I'm gonna... I'm gonna talk

to James later, Mama.

You know, someone bought
the Andersons' property.

have been there forever.

Who was there before them?

Uh, Davidsons.

Didn't you break off your
engagement to Marv Davidson

after you met Grandpa?
Why, yes,

I did, and it was
the best decision

I ever made.
I really hope

the new neighbors
are cool, you know?

Maybe they have, like,
kids or something.
You mean

a hot daughter you can try
and date since Ruby's gone.

Shut up. Like you're
gonna be single forever.

'cause your love life
is just perfection.

Okay, it's-it's early. Mm.

Oh! Uncle Liam, are you going

to New York this month
to see Bret?

I don't know, I got
to figure that out.

Anyway, I got to go to work.

It's a big day today, too.
You know, they might have

another election
or an interim D.A.

Surely, they're not gonna
make you go through

another election.

I mean, I doubt voters
would make the same decision

if they knew what they know now.

Yeah. All right.

See you. Whoa.

What, y'all-y'all
heading out already?

Trying not to start out
senior year with as many absents

as last year.

Love you.

Love you. I should shower.

Also, I got to get out of here.
Hey, would you please

remember to ask James?
I... Yes.

I will talk to Captain James
about Micki today.

How do you think
she's doing, son?


Uh, she's, uh...

Micki's solid, Daddy.
She always is.

♪ I feel it, boy...

Damn, Yvette.
We got to catch up,

but let's get there
in one piece.

♪ Boy, it's gonna be rough...

There's the baby.

Come on, now.

We got to get Lil Guadalupe.

Then pay your damn
parking ticket.

All right. How we doing this?

On a busy street?

No. Plus,

your hands are shaking.

What, are you losing
your edge, Spider?


You might be aces
behind the wheel,

but you're still the new kid.


♪ Good, good, good,
good, good, good... ♪

There she is.

♪ Good, good, good,
good, good, good ♪

♪ It's gonna feel good,
good, good... ♪

New plan. Keys.

What are you...?

What are you...?

What the hell are you doing?

♪ Yeah

♪ Yeah

♪ Yeah, it's gonna be rough...

♪ We're gonna get down

♪ It's gonna be rough...

Where do you want it?

All right.

♪ It's gonna feel good...

♪ Good, good, good.


Nice work.

Hello, beautiful.

All right.

And here I was thinking
it was grand theft nostalgia.
If I lost

this shipment, it would not
go over well with Serano.

Yeah? Boss wants you
to make a drop?

I can, like, help you out.

You know, like, back you up.

Oh, yeah? You're
still angling

to finally meet the man, huh?

Just trying to help.

Okay. Hey,
where'd you learn

all that? Because they don't
teach it in the military.

Just an old friend.

I've seen that look before.

The one that got away.

Oh, whatever.

All right.

♪ I think I saw your face...

Walkers in the house!Hey,

Todd. See you in homeroom.

Still can't believe
he has to repeat

senior year.

Cautionary tale, huh? I...

Just saying. You don't get
your grades back up, you know...Thanks

for reminding me,
O Sage Sophomore.

It's not like last
year didn't suck.

Hey, dude, go around!

Move!There's spots over
there, all right?

No, come on, move!
Hey, I...

It's fine. I'll just
go park over there.

No. We were here first,
all right?

You're-you're not gonna get a
late slip because of this creep.

Can you go?
Geez, I don't need another year
of Stella drama.

Oh, my gosh.

Who do you think you are?

How you feeling?

Would you tell me
if you weren't?

PSA levels are good.
Meds are working.

I got you by my side.

I learned my lesson.

No more secrets.


Is that...?

Gale Davidson.
Damn it to hell.

Abby. Bonham.

I was hoping you'd be here.

Didn't know
you were back in town.

sure am. Whole family's back.

Funny how life comes
full circle.

Oh. I made you something.

Didn't have to.


All right, then.

I'll, uh,
I'll be seeing you two.

Is this some sort of a joke?

I know. I know. Listen,
DPS and the election board

made up their minds,
man. I can't... This...

So, what?
Look, we're really hoping

that you'll stay on
as A.D.A.

Stay on as A.D.A.?

Do you realize
how humiliating...Liam, you have

to look at the
big picture here.

I'm looking at the big picture.
The situation is

what it is.
Guys, what's going on?

Is this about the, uh,
D.A. appointment?

Tell him.
Yeah, uh...

The position's been filled.


Ranger Walker, I believe
you already know

our new D.A.,
Denise Davidson.

Denise Davidson.
Davidson Miller.

It's been a long time.


Ranger Walker.

Cordi! Daddy!


Didn't realize
you had come back.

Yeah, whole family.

Well, my-my mom and my son.

We bought our old place back.

I don't know if you remember,
but my mother can just be...

Demanding, yeah. You...

Uh, I...
That came out wrong. I-I...

I was gonna say "a real bitch,"
so let's go with "demanding."

I was hoping

you can get her up to speed
on all our cases.

Course, Cap. Yes, sir.

That'd be great.
Whenever you're ready.

What just happened?

Finally, this is
Ranger Ramirez's desk,

who's, uh, currently away
on assignment.

Um, safe to say
she's following up

on the shooting in Austin
since she left the next day.

She's been gone
about three months.

I heard you were
gone about a year.

Did you two get close?


Do-do you mean, did we...?
I-I mean

I'm trying to decide if
you should be involved

in Ranger Ramirez's case

in the event that it
does, in fact, involve

Stan Morrison
and Northside Nation.

Yeah, we got close.
I mean, Micki's my-my partner.

We've been through
a lot together.

And, honestly,
I-I've become really close

with her boyfriend, Trey,
since she left.

I mean, we jog together.
We barbecue together.

We watch...
Wow, I-I remember this.

You. Always the oversharer.

I'm not trying to overshare.

I'm just saying
I'm-I'm keeping an eye on him,

making sure he's all right.
Well, it sounds like

you are close.
We'll have to keep that in mind

if you're gonna continue
to work together.

Fair enough.
Uh, wh-what about us?

We've known each other
since we were kids,

and I imagine the D.A.'s office
and the Rangers

will be
working closely together.

A lot's happened
since we were kids.

So, why don't both of us
just put the past behind us.


Looking forward to working
with you, Ranger Walker.

If you're gonna stay,
things need to change.

No more skipping check-ins.
All right?

And you're gonna have to give me
a little more intel than talking

about stealing
some dude's car back.

What's this guy's name again?

Matt Phillips.

We call him Spider.

Of course you do.

How'd you get close to him?

He's ex-military.
Lover of trivia.

It's a match made
in undercover heaven.
Can you connect him

to the Austin sniper?

No. Uh, not yet.

I'm not even sure
he's the shooter.

Then what do you have, Micki?

You've been down here
three months.

listen, I might not be
in Serano's inner circle yet,

but we both know he's the one
calling the shots down here.

And if I can get Spider
talking me up to him, then I am

one step closer.
Sir, I just need more time.

There it is. You need more time.

I have heard that one before.

Look, I just...

I don't want to make
the same mistake twice, okay?

I don't want to leave you
in play too long.

Yeah, I know.

But you recruited me because
you saw that I didn't give up.

"To know the line
is to toe the line."

That's what you said.

How's he doing?

Who, Walker? He's, uh...

You know, he's Walker.
He's good. He's in a good place.

Well, at least
till this new D.A. came along.

It's... It's a story
for another time.

Don't worry, I'm keeping an eye
on him while you're gone.

He misses you, you know.
Asks about you all the time.

Does he know?

About your theory that he was
the target and not just Stan?

Hell no.

Like I said, I'm keeping an eye
on him while you're gone.

And, Micki...

check in, please.

Yes, sir.
All right.

Hey, do you mind if I pick
the music on the ride home?

I-I think I might
start a music podcast.

What the hell?

Wait, uh, what's
wrong with that?

No, our car.

Hey! You keyed my car

because you didn't get

your precious parking spot?

What is your problem?

Oh, you're Stella, right?
And you're Arlo

or whatever.
Yeah, the Walkers.

Hear you always blame
other people

for the messes they make,
so this tracks.

Now just go home.

Tell your Ranger daddy
to arrest me

and just get out
of my way, okay?

You stalk my family online
or something?

Who are you?

Well, I-I'm Colton.

And I've heard enough about you

to know that you're
an entitled little princess,

so, please, just get out...

Listen, back up.

Hey! No! August.
It's my problem.
Back up. It's mine.

August. No!
Hey, you want to talk

to my sister like that?
Right here.

Right here.
Talk to me right
now. Let's go.

Now that I'm back,

I want them to see
the real Todd, you know?

Fight! Fight! Fight!

Hey! Hey!
This is stupid!

Break it up. Break it up!
Hey, stop it!

They started it.
What? No, no, no.
He's lying!

He almost ran over my sister...
You practically drove into
our car this morning...

Enough! August,

did you punch him?

No, I got this on my own.

Is this guy
really a Texas Ranger?

Colton Davidson,

zip that mouth,

or you're going to
military school.

Yeah, I...

I-I-I punched him,
but only because

he was...Stop.


A-Are you serious?


You know what? I'm sorry.

I'm sorry that I beat you up.
You know what I mean?

You know what I mean?

Yeah, what'd
you say to her?

Clearly, he's sticking up

for his sister,
so what'd you say?

Well, I just said
she's an entitled princess

and their family
blamed other people

for their problems.

What, am I wrong?

He has been talking
to his grandmother again.

I'm so sorry.
So, your families
know each other?

We-we-we... We-we did.
Uh, do. Did. Did.
Yeah, uh, kind of.

Yeah, uh...
Uh, yeah, we did.

We, um, we're neighbors.
It was, uh...

a long time ago.

Right. Okay, but,

for now,
is this gonna be a problem

while your kids
are in school together?

No, sir. It will not

be a problem.

Well, there's still the matter

of an appropriate punishment.

Uh, yeah.

That's usually my arena.
How about detention?

For all three of them.

What did I do?

Sounds fair.

But your son should
pay for the damages.

Mom, I-I didn't do it.


Uh, no witnesses,

but we'll split the repairs.


I'm glad
that could be worked out.

But let me end by saying this.

Whatever history you all have?

Work it out. Now.

Before this gets any worse.

All right?

Thank you, Principal.

All right, what 1992 film
did Marisa Tomei win

for Best Supporting Actress?
My Cousin Vinny.

My Cousin Vinny.
Aw, that's too easy.

You know, the, uh, the rumor is

that the presenter, Jack
Palance, read the wrong name.

Well, that rumor sucks.

Because Marisa Tomei
is perfection in that movie.

Agreed. I'm just saying.

Yo, whoever thought, uh,
Morgan was a trivia buff?

Two-dollar beers, Yvette.

Hmm. I got
a trivia question for you.


Who was the one that got away?

This again?

Oh, come on,
just indulge me.

I saw the look.
I know you're hiding something.

♪ Rise up ♪ Rise up...♪

You, uh,
you make that drop earlier?

Or did you manage
to mess that up, too?

♪ Get low...

Yo, a couple years ago,

I would've had you
shaking in your boots.

Maybe I am getting soft.

♪ Rise up, rise up...

All right, the
king beckons.

♪ Anytime I come around...

All right.


♪ Anytime I come around...

I like that you didn't ask.

For me

to put in a good word
with Serano.

So I'm going to.

♪ Every time we...

You're on your way up.
Be careful.

♪ Let's rise up

♪ Oh, together,
we'll rise on up. ♪

I knew a girl
with a smile like yours once.

Yeah? Is that so?
That is so.

It's funny, I never imagined
I'd see that smile on a stranger

in some random bar
on a trivia night.

So, what made you choose
this one?

I love trivia.

So did she.

Been looking
for the right trivia night

for a couple weeks now.

Since that girl
stopped calling.


Wherever she went,
I just hope that she's okay.

I really hope
that girl of yours comes home.

I really do.

I love you. But leave.

Leave now.

Oh, damn.


Come on.

Hey, Cordi.

Hey.Hey. Uh, what's the policy

about 86'ing a
co-owner of the bar?

Hey. Come on, stinker.

Let's, uh,
let's call it a night.

Oh, don't treat me
like a kid. Okay?

You know, she did that
to me earlier.

Denise. It was just
like elementary school.

She's telling me to get lost

while you're off
catching fireflies

or wishing on stars
or whatever you're doing.

All righty.

And now

she stole my job.

She stole it.

Who am I? Am I Rudolph?

I can't play any reindeer games?
I-I-I get it.

Why don't we, uh, you
know, just take a breath,

give it a chance,

try and keep the peace.
Keep the peace?

With the Davidsons?

Good luck.

Are you on his team now?
I remember you telling me

stories when I first moved here.

About Denise Davidson,

who wouldn't invite Hoyt
to her birthday parties

because he lived
on Rundberg Lane.
Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. Yeah.

What is that? Or what about
Marv? Marv Davidson,

who stole
your family's ranch hands.


didn't Gale Davidson blame you
for the fire

that night?

you're obviously
a-an incredible listener.

I'll remember that.

But my point is
I-I don't want to, uh,

just, you know, kick up the dust
on some old family feud.

I am finally ready

to keep the past

in the past.
It's too late for that.

Hey.Well, you guys
weren't just talking

about my wife's family
by any chance, were you?

We-we, uh...

We can go somewhere else.
No, no,

no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

It's fine.
Is it?

Yes. Uh, hey.

Cordell Walker.

This is my friend Geraldine

and my brother Liam.

I'm Dan Miller.

Oh, so, you're Liam Walker.

I heard about the election.
That's-that's wild.

I mean, you lost to a guy
who was on trial for murder?

Okay, let's just go
find another bar, please.

No, no, no.
No. Please. Know what? It's
all right. Coming a little hot,

but why don't you guys
have a seat.

Drinks on me.
Drinks on the house.

Oh, this-this is your bar.

And you own

the land that was once ours.

Oh, a-and you.

You think

you won the D.A.'s office
that no one wanted you in

to begin with.

That's not really your fight.

And not really appropriate here.

Do you know who that is?

Okay, Liam, let's just...

That... That is Denise.
Let's just sit down. Come on.

Denise the deer.

Named after
our Travis County D.A.

You think that's funny?
Is that a joke? Take it down.
No, no, it's not...

It's not f... It
was an inside joke.
Do you think that's funny?

Take it down.
It was a long time ago.

Okay, all right. Can you keep
your voice down, please?

Her father died

in a fire
trying to save your ass.
Okay. Okay, calm down.

Please calm down.
So show some respect
and take it down.

Would you please calm
down. You don't know

what you're talking about.
Your father died

because of them!
Just-just let it go.


Oh, my God!
Come on.

Liam! Hey, hey, hey, hey!
Come on.

Hey! No! No!
Whoa, whoa. Hey! Hey! Hey!

That's enough!
Just... Come on!

They started it.

Okay! Then let's end it.
Let's go. Let's go. Calm down.

Don't go anywhere.

Stay here, please.

Have a good night.

Good night.


Yeah. He certainly takes pride

in the Davidson name, huh?

Yeah, well,
he doesn't come from much,

so family
means a lot to him.

And Denise the deer,

which is a boar.

I... That's subjective.

We were drinking.
It was a long time ago.


I'm sorry.

Of all the honky-tonk bars

in all the towns
in all the world...Yeah.
Yeah, yeah, I know.

I know. Uh, first, uh,
with the kids at school before

and now this,

doesn't seem like
anybody's too eager

to fly the peace flag
anytime soon, does it?

Not as such.

Not as such.I...

What does your brother

even know about that night?

About the fire?

I'm not sure. I mean,
he-he was, what, eight, nine?

I mean, honestly,
I don't...

even know what I remember.


I remember what I was told.


You know what?

Why don't we try
and get ahead

of all this. You know,
like, the-the problems,

the issues between
our families.

Um, you know, try and move
on. Maybe we can meet.

Uh, a peace summit.
Meet on neutral ground and...

Yeah. Uh, why not The Side Step.

The... Really?

Sure. We could erase
some bad memories.

Make some new ones.

Let's do it.

Okay. I'll tell my family.
And see you then.
Okay, great.



Sure this isn't

how you wanted to
run a business.

Ah.Uh, sorry. Um...

Hey, you're not actually
taking Denise down?

Oh, God, no.

No, no, no, no.
She was a gift from Emily,

so Denise stays.

Yeah. Good.

will you lock up for me?

Of course.
Thank you.

Thank you.
Good night.

Good night, Geri.


My bodyguard.

Hey, thank you for earlier.
I-I think I would have ended up

with a nice shiner
if it weren't for you.

Yeah. Yeah.

You all right?

I saw her.

You saw her-her, who?

Micki? You...
You went to her?

I know. I know,
but she's been MIA.

And, look, I've been
in the trenches with her,

and this...

Th-This what?

You don't know this.

You can't know this.

Okay. Clear. Clear.
All right?

But she's down there
because of you.

To save you.

That sniper
wasn't just targeting Stan.

You were the first shot.

How long you known this?
It-it doesn't matter.

What matters is that you help
get her out of this.



All right.

Well, I didn't make

your power greens chia whatnot
because I thought

hash browns and diesel oil
might sit better.

You didn't have to do that.

there's a couple things
you didn't have to do, either.

Why don't you help me understand
a couple things.

Okay? That fire.
Denise and Cordi

were there. Everybody
has a different version

of what happened.
Son, it was an accident.

Yeah, but they blamed us for it.

If I remember, I feel
like they tried to sue us?

Yes. And it was

all settled in court.

And I seem to remember
the whole experience

sparking the young lawyer
in you.

Yeah, I haven't thought
about that in a long time.

Neither have I.

Well, now they're back, and...

Like we said,

it was settled.

Yeah, but, Mom, Dad,

clearly, it wasn't.

I mean, Dan was
screaming that Marv

died saving Cordell.

So they still blame us
for his death.

I mean, do you ever wonder
if there was more to it?

Is that painting
a little sideways?
Your drunken brain

is sideways!

You're right.

Excuse me.

How you feeling this morning?



I am getting things
in order around here.

And as far as cases go,

I'm gonna need you off Del Rio.

Because of what happened
last night?

I didn't need last night
to tell me

anything I didn't already know.

I mean, you covering Del Rio,

your brother's partner...

It's just a conflict
of interest.

Or it's a case
that I have a lot of intel on.

Which I will gratefully accept.

But I'm trying
to clean things up around here,

and I can't be dirtying it
with the Brothers Walker

and your murky life choices.

Um, do you think
that we should pull Ramirez?

Are you kicking me off the case,
or are you asking my opinion?

I'm allowed to do both.


Cap. Uh, saw I missed your call.

Just checking in.
Yeah. Um...

You talk to Trey lately?

Yeah. Uh, you know, little bit.

Uh, running buddies and whatnot.

Right. Cool.

Did he say anything

about Micki?
Just the usual.

Uh, misses her.
Wishes he knew more.

And then, frankly,
I-I wish we could tell him more,

but I get it, you know?
Uh, it is what it is.


Where you heading now?


my, uh...

My old man requested ribs.

All right. Well,

better feed that man, then.
Yes, sir.

Will do. Talk soon.


Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey, hey.

What the hell?Oh, hey,
whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

I'm here to save you.

Look, um, bad news, all right?
I think I was followed here.

Or-or maybe you.
Yeah, let's go with you.

Yeah.I hate you.

I missed you too, Flor.

Whoever followed me, whoever's
out there could be the killer

who took out Spider.

Or, uh...

killers. Plural.

I got another guy
coming up the south side.

You think they made me?
I think we should get.


Let's go.

Wait, wait, wait, wait.



Hey! What...

You... Wait, you're...

You're a-a-a Ranger now?
When did that happen?

Yeah. Two weeks ago.

Yeah. There was a barbecue?

The bar...
The barbecue was for you?

Dude, good on you.

Um, what are, what are, what
are... what are you doing here?

James got me following your ass.

It's a good thing.
We got company.

Guys. Morgan's out there.
Del Rio.

He might have made me,

and I think he's here
to clean up shop.

But I think
I still might have a chance.

I need to get back out there.
No, no,

no, no, no. Wait, wait, what?
I'm close

to connecting with Serano,

proving he's behind
the Austin shooting

and shutting
this whole damn thing down.

Look, Morgan was back at the bar
when Spider was killed.

If my cover was blown,

he would have
taken me down then.

Trust me on this.Uh...

I am too close to turn back.

Or maybe you're just too close.

Okay, look, now's a good time
to call the play.

Okay. This will only hurt
for a minute.


On him! I'm on him! I'm on him!

Stop right there!

Don't move.

Side Step.

Hey, Geri. It's Bonham Walker.

Yeah, listen,

I'm guessing there's a
whole flock of Davidsons

sitting there right now looking
pretty gloomy at the bar.

Yes, sir.
Well, we're supposed

to have some kind
of a family summit per Cordell.

Hmm. And let me guess.

He's-he's a no-show.
There it is.


would you please
give the Davidsons a round,

put some food
in that boy of theirs

and, well, hell,
put it on our tab?

We're gonna put this whole thing
to rest for the night.

Of course, sir.

You know I'm a Walker
through and through.

Thank you, darling.

Morgan tailed you here.
And now

he's in custody.
Thank you for that.

Yeah, I mean, that bought you
a couple hours, right?

Couple days, maybe?

But when he gets out, you
don't think he's gonna tell them

Yvette de la Cruz's escape?

Or what about the fact

that Serano
clearly has no trouble

picking off his own people?

I considered all
of this, Walker.

Believe it or not,
I've trained for it,

the same as you,
and I am telling you I'm close.

Serano's suspicious, fine.

One of his men just disappeared.

Morgan is gonna smell
like a big, fat traitor to him.

Until he gets out
and talks.
Or I get

to Serano first, which is what
I've been trying to do. For you.

Yeah, I know.
I figured.

Figured. And you're pissed.

But guess what? We did it

because we know
what you would have done.

No. You don't know me.
No? No?

No, you don't...I actually

hate how much I know.

The way you were
when you came back.

All dark and rogue and unhinged,

you name it. I know.

And maybe worse, I get it.

Which is why
I can't let it happen again.

Exactly. And I can't, either.

So why the hell would I let you

do the same damn thing
to yourself?


it's on.

Serano just asked me to dance.

Me and Micki
are both in Del Rio now.
I don't know.

Keeping you in sounds like
too much of a risk, Micki.
They'll have

a 72-hour hold on Morgan, maybe.

What if he talks?

If he talks,
he still doesn't know my name.

I kicked Walker's ass,

and I ran.

Uh, that was a plan
we made together.

We had talked
about it beforehand.

Which was smart.

I think Ramirez stays in.

Okay. Then I'm in, too.

Uh, only if...

weclose this together.

Just don't start
any fires, Cordi.


I'm sorry, Coach.

Man, do I wish
you were still my star player.

What're you getting yourself
into, Little Walker?

I think I'm still messed-up

about stuff
that happened last year.

That's fair.
And when it comes

to family,
it's just like I get aggro now.

I just... I don't want
something to happen again.

Yeah, I-I get that.

And, also, I'm
supposed to think

about college and decide
my entire, like, life path?

How do I do that?

Well, there are steps.

It's a process, Stella.

Yeah, but people
have been processing this

for a very long time
and have jobs lined up

for, like, 2026.

Oh, that's intense.


there are always
people like that.

Doesn't mean
that's the correct answer

on the quiz of life.

Not to sound cheesy.

It did, though.

Just a little bit.

it did.


I went through three jobs
in the past year alone.

It's okay to take a minute
to figure things out.


I'm just...
I'm freaking a little

because my dad didn't come home

last night,
which never feels great.

Stella, don't worry.

It's a casecase,
not a Duke case, all right?

He's coming back.
Who's Duke?

I don't really want
to talk about Dad.
Yeah, I don't want

to talk about Mom.
Awesome. Let's not talk
about either of them.

We'll all be better off.


I admire it so much.

I really do.
How you care for the land.

I'll have to ask your advice

when we're really up
and running.

I-I'm sorry.
I'm really sorry

that we weren't able to make it.

It's all good.


you're really taking it all
back on again, huh?

Well, we've been gone
from here too long.

It matters to family.

You understand.

Yeah. Yeah.
Certainly a lot of work to do.


There was, uh,
chaos around here,

I heard.

That never looks good.

And the barn.


No one ever did rebuild
that barn.


I will give you a call

when I start the gardens.

Yeah, you...

You know what you're doing.

Knee-deep in dirt.

Here they come.

There's the boss himself,

Hey, who's the other guy?

Micki? You okay?

Micki, who is that?

Who's the other guy?

It's the one that got away.

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