Walker (2021–…): Season 2, Episode 3 - Barn Burner - full transcript

Walker invites Gale Davidson to participate in the chili cookoff to try and make amends after years of their families feuding. Micki and Trey work on reconciling their relationship when she comes home after her deep undercover operation.

We got to go.
We got to go.

Come on.

♪ ♪

And-and I think that I should
have pieces for it.

They're just not there.

I don't want that one.

Night, Cordi.

Night, Ger.

♪ ♪

All right, back to Serano.

Convoy's en route to Austin now.

So we should be able
to question him tomorrow.

Talk soon. Bye.

Done? Good. Let's get to it.
Hey, hey, hey, Earl.

Check this out.

All right, back to Serano.

Convoy's en route to Austin now.

So we should be able
to question him tomorrow.

Am I hearing
what I think I'm hearing?
The boss is toast.

We need to get
out of here, Horace.

We don't know
if we've been burned.

And the NSA wouldn't even
be able to find the cameras.

This op has been perfect.

A guy like Serano goes down,

someone's always waiting
to take over.

Starting with tying off
any loose ends.

Let's go.

Not necessarily, Earl.

Spit it out.

If not, I'm pulling
the kill switch, wiping it all.

We were sent here to make sure
this Ranger wasn't onto us.

Don't need a mission recap.

A live feed into the home
of not only a Texas Ranger

but also
an assistant district attorney.

Serano's not
the only kind of guy

that could benefit
from this sort of access.

And you heard it yourself,

this family collects enemies
like trading cards.

Great, so we put out a wanted ad
for an illegal surveillance op?

I already have a buyer in mind.

♪ ♪

don't we have enough?

Uh-oh. Here we go.

I'll you know
when there's enough.

Less talking, more chopping.

Come on, Mawline.

We do this chili contest,
like, every year.

Yeah, Mom, you've
never been this tense.

Okay, well, this year is

The winner gets
their chili on the menu,

so it's
a whole different ball game.
Oh, yeah.

This is the first time
we're using

Gran's original recipe, right?


Well, let's get to it.

You know, I heard there was
a, uh, a $10,000 prize.

Maybe we can, like,
split it three ways

since I'm helping
you out here.

Nice try, but if we win...

Uh, when, when you win.

Thank you.
Okay, well, when we win,

it'll just be a thrill to see
Mama's recipe on the menu.

Oh, we can
just put it on there.

We own it, right?

Oh, it is much more savory

if it's earned, kiddo.

Right, okay.
Uh, Trey's grabbing the brisket.

Oh, good, 'cause I can't really
do anything without it.

Yeah, I know, I know, I know.

Hey, hey, hey!

Oh, I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry.
What's wrong with you?

You trying to burn
the damn house down?

It was just an honest mistake.

You got to be careful.


It's fine.

When did your nightmares
come back?

Uh, about a week ago...
two weeks.

Damn Davidsons.
No, I'm just standing there.

Daddy, I...

I-I can't move.
I-I can't... focus.

I can hear him screaming.

You know, uh, crying for help.

Until he's not.

These nightmares...

That's just your brain trying
to make sense of it all.

No. No,
it's not just like that.

I-It's like I'm-I'm missing

But you did nothing wrong.

We spent a fortune
on lawyers

when Gale tried
to say differently.

Okay, but the Davidsons,

the Davidsons lost everything

because of that fire.

And-and they just tried
to come home and-and rebuild

and regroup.

And there's-there's a world
of hurt in their family.

In ours. Between us.

You know, I...
No, I-I think
we should invite them

to the chili cook-off.

The least we could do.

Look, I want The Side Step
to-to-to be...

uh, friendly and home
to all of us.

And, you know,
this could help them mingle back

into Austin.

Oh, you're trying to give
your mama a coronary.

You don't know that family
anymore, Cordell.

Now, you listen to me.

You give Gale an inch,

she'll take 50 damn miles.

♪ I don't know
what the future... ♪


it's the right thing to do.


If that's gonna clear your
conscience, go right on ahead,

but you make sure...

...that this does not
blow up on our faces.

And I don't want anything
like that brawl the other day.

This is supposed to be fun,
for crying out loud.

Yes, sir.

Now go talk to your boy.

Watch your hands.

You'll want to do
a quick-release knot.

I got it. Eagle Scout.

So, what now?

Oh, lunch, probably hay.

Lots, lots of hay.

Not exactly what I meant.

Did you get to talk to your dad
about keeping him?

How'd that go?

Ah, he said, "I work
in real estate, not zoology."

Then some kind of
"grumble, grumble, sorry."

So then I asked my grandma,
and she said no, too.

Well, what about you?

Um, well, with rehab
for the injury

and other expenses,

my family thinks it's better
if we give him up.

Well, didn't you say you sprung
an alpaca on them, no problem?

That didn't really help
my case.

There also may have been
some concern about us,

given the whole

feud thing.

So, this horse has to pay

because of your stupid family,

I'm sorry, what?

Anyways, focus.

Grandpa says he can stay here
for a day or two.

Well, and then what?

I've seen enough derbies to know
what happens to injured horses.

Come on, we-we have
to figure something out.


You answered, uh...

Are you okay?

Yeah. Of course, I'm just, uh...

finishing up some paperwork
from the case.


Yeah, you know,

I-I keep thinking
about that guy Spider.

I've seen some horrible stuff
but never stateside.

I can't even imagine
how you felt.

Did you ever figure out
what happened?


They found out he wanted
to turn over a new leaf, so...

Damn, that's...

That's awful, Mick.
I'm-I'm sorry.

Well, just so you know,

you are talking
to Sacred Heart's

newest guidance counselor.

And I have a coffee cup
to prove it.

Oh, yeah?

Well, I look forward
to stealing that,

since you broke my favorite mug.

Yeah, that's not
how I remember it,

but I will get you a mug,

as soon as you come home.

Uh, I know it's only been
a day, but...

when are you coming home?

Yeah, I don't know.

Maybe I'll just pop in
when you least expect it.

Mick, listen, I...

Listen, I got to finish this,
okay? Bye.

All right, bye.

Ah, thank you.
There you go.


How's, uh, Colton
handling all this?

Well, what do you mean,
the move or the divorce?

Mm. You can pick one.

You know,

I think he's rolling
with the punches.

He's looking for something
to fixate on.

I think he found it.
Oh, yeah?

Fixating? What's her name?

Whoa, hang on.

Should I say his or theirs?

I'm-I'm still playing
catch-up with these kids.


What can we do
for you, Cordell?

Welcome back.

Oh, thank you.

Of course. Yeah.

Uh, look, I-- the
other day, when I,

when I set up that
meeting, and I...

Oh, the meeting where
you-you left us high and dry?

That was a nice touch,

paying for our bill, though.

I-I hope you didn't come all
this way to apologize for that.

No. No.

O-Or not-not just that.

I-I wanted to extend an
invite to the Harvest Fest

and Chili Cook-Off competition

tonight at Side Step.

We'd all love it if your
family could-could join.

There are games, uh...

chili of course.

Well, thank you, but I just...

It-It's just good,
clean family fun.

My mom is joining the chili
cook-off competition.

She does every year.

This year,

the winner gets their recipe
on the Side Step menu.


It'll be a good time, uh...

You know what?
We'll be there.

Yeah. Sounds like
a perfect opportunity

for us to reestablish

Great. Yeah.

And-and I think I'll even
enter the cook-off.

Yeah, give everyone
a run for their money. Right?


Yeah. I mean,

entries are closed,
but I might know a guy

with some connections.

All right. Thank you.

Yeah. Uh, well, we'll
see y'all later.

Yeah, yeah.

Yeah, uh, Cordell.

Yeah, you know, this, uh...

This won't make up
for what you did.

You know, I don't, I don't know
you, and you don't know me,

but this family is
everything to me.

Family is everything.

So maybe you and I
aren't so different.

Now we hurry up and wait.

Do I have time to
finish my legal brief?

Can you do it in six hours?
I don't know.

Our new district attorney
demands thoroughness.

You two are like
bathtubs and toasters.


You don't mix.

So, is she, uh, is she going
to the Harvest Fest?

No, thank God.

She's down in Del Rio
wrapping up a case.

All I'm saying is that,
you know,

if you are no longer happy
at the D.A.'s office,

maybe it's time for a change.

Maybe you're right.

On the other hand,
I've been shot,

branded, nearly blown up.

I didn't go through all that
to have Denise Davidson

run me out of town.

Smells good, Mama.

Well, it would smell even better

if you remembered
to bring the...

Yeah, that's my boy.

Hey, uh, uh...

Gale Davidson has decided
to enter the cook-off.


Why would she do that?
I invited her.

Not on purpose.
I invited her

to bring her family
to the Harvest Fest,

and she decided she wants to
throw her chili in the ring.

I mean, I'm sure
it'll be fine.

Oh? No, it won't.

The only thing that
Gale Davidson knows

how to cook up is trouble,

and she's only entering
to stir the pot.

All I'm saying

is that she has always
blamed you

for her husband's death.

And-and contrary to
popular belief, I do not

hate her family.
I mean, hell,

I still place flowers
on Marv's grave.

But that does not mean
that I will allow her

to go after my boy again.

And so help me God, Cordi...

She won't. She won't,
Mama, she won't.

I'll see to it.

Well, I hope you do, son.
Or I will.

Guess we got ourselves
a competition.


Hey, for both our sake,

I hope you got
my mama's brisket.

That I did.
My man. Thank you.

Yeah, of course.

Ooh, toasty.
It's hot.

Yeah, it is.

Uh, hey, um...

Can I ask you about Micki?

Yeah. Of course.

Uh, anything.

What's up?

Do you know why she
hasn't come home yet?

Well, it-it's only been a day.

She's got to debrief,
paperwork and, uh...

Yeah. No, no, no.

Of course.
I, I get it.

Um, you know, is there something

I need to be worried about?

You know, being undercover
is a different beast.

It-it takes a-a second
to, to shake that, you know.

Totally normal.

Look, I-I hear that.

I just...

When we came back from
our last deployment, Micki...

Micki made us go
directly from the hangar

to the nearest Tex-Mex.

Yeah, I believe that.

But I-I hope you don't
think anything's wrong

'cause she doesn't want tacos.
No, no, no.

It's just, um, I know Micki.

I think something
is bothering her

beyond being undercover.


I would really love to be
your wingman on this.

You know I would,
but... it's not my place.

Here, I think you two
should talk.

You know, maybe someplace
with food.

Maybe chili,
and-and maybe someplace

with family and friends,
like the Walker family.

You mean the festival.
I mean the festival.

Uh, hey, I got to stop by
Ranger headquarters on the way,

so I'll float the idea
to Micki,

and, yeah,
I'll-I'll guilt-trip her

about missing
Mawline's famous dish.

Whoa, you-you think
that's a good idea?

I think it's worth a shot.

All right.
All right. Hey, thank you.

I appreciate you, thank you.
I appreciate you.

Good news.

We may have a new buyer
who hates the Walkers

as much as Serano does.

This interested party
give a price?

Oh, yeah. A high one, too.

How high?

Let's just say
they want to ensure

that the surveillance op

I set up a meeting
for tonight.

Glad you convinced me to stay.

Only, there's just
one problem.

Don't know what that could be.

Or, uh, Ranger Ramirez.


How's the report coming along?

Good. Great.

Uh, not-not good, not great.

It sucks. I'm sorry.

Uh, but don't fret.


Do not. For I have
come to save you

from your writer's block.


Why don't you come
join everyone

at the Harvest Festival
and Chili Cook-Off... today?

Uh, it's good eating,
and you know,

the picadillo
waits for no one.

Whoa, you truly
are a gringo.

It's picadillo.

Yeah, that's what I said.

Um, you know,
Trey's gonna be there and...

Ah, there it is.

What is?

That what?
Don't do that.

Don't do what?
Don't act like your invite
is anything more

than you meddling.

Uh, I hate it
when you're right.

Um, okay.

Uh, I want to be honest.

Um, I-I probably know
more than anyone

what you're going through
right now.

You know, Yvette and Duke.

You go undercover,
and then, when you come back,

the mission's completed,
but it doesn't make the loss

any easier.

And I kind of have a...

sense of that,

but please--

I speak from experience here--

don't blame yourself.

Do not blame yourself.

Because then you'll lose sight
of who you are.

I hate it when you're right.

Doesn't happen often.

You know, a broken clock
is right twice a day.

You know what I mean?

I'll, uh, see you
at the chili cook-off.


You're gonna miss!

That's a shot. Look at that.

How you guys doing?

All right, man, cool.

All right, have a good time.

Hello, hello!

Welcome to the TX Whiskey
Harvest Festival

and Chili Cook-Off!

Here is Graham Wilkinson.
♪ Let it go, let it fly ♪

♪ Let it be, let it glide ♪

♪ Let it go, yeah, let it be ♪

♪ Let it see, let it grow ♪

♪ Let it go, let it fly ♪

♪ Let it be, let it glide ♪

♪ Let it go, yeah, let it be ♪

♪ Let it see, let it grow ♪

♪ Pushin' out the foyer ♪

♪ Dime store, nickel bag ♪

♪ Watch it all slip
out of reach ♪

♪ Out of time, lose grip ♪

♪ Fall down, jiggle it ♪

♪ Do the dance, sing the song ♪

♪ Laugh until life makes sense,
come on ♪

♪ Go on and laugh ♪

♪ Until life makes sense ♪

♪ Go on and laugh ♪

♪ Until life makes sense ♪


For you, ma'am.
Mawline's very own.

Uh, because you shouldn't
be doing anything

other than eating right now.

Someone's got to keep
the whiskey flowing, right?

Here you go.
Fair enough.

I'll drink to that.


Wow, that is a big bowl
of chili. Want to share?

Love to, uh, but I can't.

As the judge, I have to
blind-taste the final two.

Oh. Got it. All right.
Well, then, I will eat,

as you suggested,
and you talk.

Sounds like every date
Em and I ever went on.

Go on, taste it.
Let me know.

♪ Turn around,
you're bound to forget... ♪


That is delicious.
Abby missed her calling.

Oh, my gosh!

Are you sure you don't
want a taste?

I would love to, but
that would be cheating.

Well, then I will
go at it alone.

You will never have to go at it
alone, Geraldine Broussard.

You have my word.

Uh, but, hey, I should probably
check up on everybody.

Keep hosting.
Uh, keep this safe for me?

I'll drink it.

Hey, do you know
if he's available?

I am sorry, ladies,
but he-he is married.

Damn. Told you.

Yeah, do the longhorns
look good?

Actually, I'm sorry.

He's-he's not...

He's not married anymore.

♪ Open up the package
with your teeth ♪

Thanks, my man.

♪ Tear into the platter
like a beast ♪

Is that for me?

♪ If they told you that
there's nothing left to eat ♪

♪ That's a dirty lie... ♪

Mick, uh, listen, I, uh...

I know the past three months
must have been unbearable.

Oh, Trey...
And I also know

the last thing you
probably need right now

is everybody wondering
if you're okay.

But I'm not everybody.

I'm the man who's literally
been to war with you.

That's how deep this goes.

So for now...

I'm gonna shut up.

But just so that you know,

I love you, Micki Ramirez,

and there's nothing that's
gonna come between us.

S-So, uh, are we good?

Yep. I mean, I think we are.

At least after I
kick your ass in darts... again.

Oh, wow!

And what do I get
when I win?

Oh, you know.

Oh, let's go.


Everything's well?

I-I would love some chili.
I can't.

All right,
it smells great.

You know I got to blind-taste,
but, uh...

you let me know
what y'all need, all right?

Okay, the next two teams
being eliminated are

the Dripping Springs
Fire Department chili

and The "Hole" Thing
Chili Cheese Donuts.

Let's give everybody
a round of applause.

We are getting down
to the wire, folks.

There are only a few teams left
in this competition.

Let's go!

All right, y'all ready?

Yeah, yeah.


That's what you get.
That just ain't funny.


♪ The devil and me ♪

♪ The devil
and me... ♪

Why don't you line up
right here...

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

Thanks so much.

Oh, my God.

I'm such a klutz.

I'm so sorry, William.
What the hell?

I must've tripped.
I'm sorry.

You know what, I would
accept that if it was
actually an accident.

Excuse me?

Are you suggesting that
I did that on purpose?

Oh, I'm suggesting, Daniel, that
you watch where you're walking.

Or else did you forget
what happened last time?

Oh, no, I remember
your cheap shot.

And I'm happy to go outside

and I finish what you started.
Hey, hey!

Why don't you take
a run at me, Jethro,

see how that works out
for you.

Daddy, Dad, Dad.
No, don't "Dad" me, damn it.

They started it,
and I ain't having it.

Okay, boys, settle down.
This is supposed to be

a friendly event.

Until you entered.

Okay, how about this?

Uh, in order to resolve
this squabble,

let's, uh, let's spice it up

by upping the ante.

Good. You can start by paying

for Liam's dry cleaning.

Look, clearly we are
the front-runners,

so what would you say to, I
don't know, 5,000 more dollars?

You Walkers have
more than enough.

Okay, Gale, you're on.

All right.


You forgot about
my skills, huh?

Ah, okay.

Wait, so...

the goal is to hit
the bull's-eye,

not just the wall, right?

Okay, watch and learn,
young grasshopper.

You know, if you ever
need to talk about

Del Rio or anything,

I'm ready.

I'm ready to listen.




Okay. I didn't like that
you came down to Del Rio.

Mick, I went...
No, no, please.

I've had this talk a dozen
times in my head already,

so please just let me
get it out. Okay?

Yes, it was chivalrous and
sweet but also careless.

You jeopardized the entire op,
and not only put my life

at risk, but yours in danger,

And having said that,

I know your heart was
in the right place,

and at the end of
the day that's...

It's what matters
to me the most.

You're absolutely right.

It was reckless, and,

look, hey, I'm sorry.

Babe, I was just worried
about you.

I know, but you don't
have to be.

We're okay.

♪ Don't be sad,
I know you will ♪

♪ Don't give up until ♪

♪ True love will find you
in the end... ♪

I got to go.

Mick, what?

Is she, uh...

Is she all right?

Are you sure there's nothing
that you want to tell me?

Trey, listen to me...
I-I can't...

Yeah. Mm.

Man, you got one
hell of a talent for

calling out a problem
but not coming up with

one single solution.


♪ True love will find you ♪

♪ In the end. ♪

♪ Woke up this morning ♪

♪ Feelin' a horrible pain... ♪

Looks like you needed
a break, too.

You saw that.

Love is a battlefield.

And please don't ask me
to explain that reference.

What's his name?


You can't talk to Walker,
you can't talk to Trey.

You hear a song
and you bail.

Who is he?

After 40 years of
dealing with men,

you develop a sort of
sixth sense.

His name was Garrison.

And we definitely had
a history.

And now he's...

making me question my future.


Can I give you
a bit of advice?

How do people normally respond
when you ask that question?

I don't know if I've
ever given 'em a chance.

At the very least,

be completely honest
with yourself.

Because if you're not,
the truth finds a way

to rear its ugly head.

Case in point, my son is

wearing my chili.

So that's all about you?

It's all about the past.

A complicated one.

But I wonder if there'd be
any bad blood

between our families
at all

if I had handled things
better in the past.

Do what's right for you,

and the rest will fall in line.

♪ Hands of destruction ♪

♪ Hold me by the collar ♪

♪ I take a sip to slip away ♪

♪ The spell of illusion ♪

♪ Looks like how I want it ♪

♪ But when I reach out,
there's... ♪

You must be the buyer.

I understand you're interested

in taking over the operation.

Well, depends what you show me.

I know you.

What assurances do I have
this won't become pillow talk

with the district attorney?

The same
assurances I have

that you won't shoot me
in the back

once I give you my money.

It's an elaborate setup,

completely ready
for new management.

There's more footage
back at the shop.

The Ranger's been on the phone
with quite a few people.

With your wife being
one of them.

All right, folks, listen up.

We are down to just
two chilis.

We've got Abby Walker's...


...and Gale Davidson's.

So, this is gonna be
a blind tasting.

Winner takes all.

All right. Ready?

Mmm, mmm.

And the winner is Gale Davidson
and her chili,

the Barn Burner.


Oh, thank you.

Oh, thank you. Ah!

Thank you, y'all.
Hey, thank...

Um, hang on.
Just hang on one second.

Just gonna put that here.

Here we go. Ooh!


Ah, I would like
to thank my opponent

for making this such
a stiff competition.

Yeah, right there.

I would also like to thank
the Walker family as a whole.

Truth is, you are the reason
I stand before you tonight.

You know, when my late husband
Marvin was taken from us

and, um, we had to leave town,

I, uh... I never thought
I'd see Austin again.

My life stopped
for a minute there,

but here we are.

A grand return
if I do say so myself.

Yeah. Oh, thank you.


and so, um,
in the spirit of giving,

our family has decided
to reinvest our winnings

back into the community
by building a horse rescue

for any beautiful stallion
or strong mare

in need of a home.

Yeah. Yeah.

Thank you.
My grandson has single-handedly

been caring for a wounded horse.

I-I have no idea what
she's talking about.

At least the horse
found a home.

Right. It's what we wanted.

Where others have turned
this animal away,

we will see that
it is delivered to the rescue

and sheltered for
the rest of its days.

Thank you.

Now that the Davidsons
are back,

I promise you we will not
fault this city.

Thank you.


So, Gale won, huh?


I know you handed her the win.

I just want to know why.

It was the,

it was the right thing to do.

I mean, the Davidsons,
they, uh,

lost everything

because of that night.

You know, Gale lost her husband.

Uh, Denise lost her father.


The-the-the loss,
the-the-the pain that it...

It-it cuts you so deep.

It makes you sick.

It's something you can't
really understand

if, uh, if you haven't
experienced it.

But their losses
didn't stop that night.

You know,
their financial troubles.

Or-or their legal problems.

And-and everyone
took our side, Mama. Everyone.

So even if you can put aside
the-the public humiliation

a-and shame,

they lost Marv.

And they lost their friends,

they lost their home,
their-their land.

And here we come,

swooping up their real estate
for pennies on the dollar.

So then, they have to leave town

with a, with a dark cloud
of shame

and grief hanging
over their heads.

I'm starting to think
that maybe, uh...

you know, maybe-maybe
we're the bad guys.

It was complicated back then.

I know. I get it,
yeah. It was.

But it's not now.
It's really not.

These, uh...

...these nightmares
I've been having,


they're more than that.

They're memories.

I remember...

...taking a lantern
into the barn...

...and leaving it there.

I know I did.

I know I did it.

So, the fire, the barn,

Marv's death.

It's my fault.

No, baby.

♪ The clouds coming ♪

♪ When the sun disappeared,
the shadows moved... ♪

It was an accident.

♪ On the wall... ♪

It was an accident.

♪ There's never a good time ♪

♪ There's never
a good time ♪

♪ There's never a good time ♪

♪ Is what they say... ♪


Uh, welcome home.


Uh, I'll get you a beer.

♪ Time was never called... ♪

♪ Oh, we made a vow... ♪

Babe, you just got home.

Have a drink, relax.

Do you really need
to be doing this right now?

I don't see why not.

It's got mad skills.
Who's the artist?

Can we not?

Can we just not?

Okay. Micki.

Do you want to tell me about
what happened earlier today?


I promise.



Trey, I love you.


'Cause I love you, too.

♪ Roots buried in the sand... ♪

And I miss you.

♪ The call was a gale ♪

♪ It blew cold to our bones ♪

♪ We saw the clouds coming ♪

♪ When the sun disappeared ♪

♪ The shadows moved something ♪

♪ On the wall. ♪