Waking the Dead (2000–…): Season 7, Episode 2 - Missing Persons: Part 2 - full transcript

With her daughters now being held prisoner by onetime IRA terrorist Una Doyle, Lore Carson tries to locate them but not before Boyd and his team arrest her. The police also learn of her connection to ETA and the conflict with Doyle that led to the present situation. They also learn the identity of the dead woman from 1993. Lore's account of events has been skilfully crafted however and it is revealed that Una Doyle doesn't have all of the facts either but that doesn't prevent her from seeking her revenge against Lore by using one of her children.

She was found by the London Fire
Brigade on the 19th of August
1993 in a disused container yard.

So the owner of the DNA on
the chains in the container...

And that's the train station woman?

Is either the killer or a
witness to the murder of 27B.

Pack. What?

My children are in danger and...
I think you know more
about my wife than I do.

She's alive and on the run.
He called himself "BB".

So we've got this pimp,
Algerian, BB.

I need your help.
Why else would you be here?

You've got these people fighting for
the liberation of their countries,

you've got the INLA here, Ireland,
FIS - Algeria, and the Basque
separatists - ETA, right?

Who are you?
Has she got my children?

I think this is the Irish woman,
Una's retribution on Lore
for the death of her brother.


That young male you were
trying to locate, he's going to be
transferred to a psychiatric unit.

I have discovered that
your wife is not French.

What do you mean? She's Basque.
French Basque, from Bayonne.

I told you. Yeah. Right.
And I think that she was involved
with an organisation called ETA.

ETA? ETA, yes, ETA. I'm presuming
you know what ETA is, yes?

It's a terrorist organisation
with links to the IRA. They've been
responsible for atrocities -

bombings, assassinations.
Car bombs are their speciality.

I don't believe this.

You don't?

I just don't think you're
telling me the truth, you know,
I just don't trust you.

We tell you, we have DNA evidence,
that your wife was here in the

United Kingdom in 1993, and you have
no idea, you have no memory of that?

An Irish woman comes to your house,
she targets you and your wife,

and you claim you haven't
got a clue who she is?!

Your wife was involved in terrorist
activity and you're telling me you

didn't know, you didn't even
have the slightest suspicion?!
I know about her past.

She took me
to the place where she was born,
where she grew up, I met her family.

I told you she was a waitress
when I met her.

You say she's been in England before.
I had no idea.

She was a waitress in Bayonne, and
now she's a nurse here and a wife
and a mother, a fantastic mother.

We are happily married.

You're lying to me. I swear.

I swear on the lives of my kids,
I know nothing about what
you've just told me.

I think he's telling the truth.

Well, then maybe we're wrong and she
never ever was a terrorist at all.
No, I think she probably was.

What, and he didn't know anything
about it?

I don't know
how you can be with someone

for years and not know they're
living a complete lie, not know
them at all. I don't buy that.

Well, I've known you for years but
there's lots I don't know about you.
We don't live together.

Well, as good as.

Listen, you don't have to tell me,
I mean, far be it from me

to pry into your private life but,
is everything OK?

Everything's fine. Yeah.


Should we run for it? No. Why not?

Can you run faster than a bullet?

No. Well then, be quiet.

What are you doing?

I said be quiet.

Out. I want to go home.

Just do as she says. You'll be OK.

Listen to your sister.

that Terese is not Lore's daughter.

Only Linda is Lore's daughter.
Terese and Linda are not related
in any way, they're not sisters.

And the blood on the towel in the
hotel you confirm belongs to
Una Doyle? Yeah.

This confuses me because we've
assumed that Una is taking revenge
on Lore by kidnapping her children.

Does she know that Terese is not
Lore's kid? It doesn't make any
difference whether she knows.

The family have bonded,
they've been a unit for ten years.

So she's taking retribution on
what she believes to be the family?

Yes, she tried to blow up the
family home with Stephen in it.

We've got an address for Brahim
Haddou. I'll be with you in a minute.

But my fear is, if they're still
alive... Oh, please, don't go there.

That the older girl may try
and protect the younger girl by
taking control of the situation.

She may become volatile,
unpredictable. Hot-headed like
her mother... Not like her mother.

it's nature/nurture,
it doesn't make any difference.

The thing that matters is that
there's two kids in the hands of
a ruthless terrorist, right? Mm.

So we need to discover who
is the real mother of Terese.

Hold it there.
I don't want to have to kill you.

Drop it, Lore, I mean it!

Why didn't you tell me about the
children? You knew what you needed
to know. The same old routine.

Look, you came to me for help.
And you betrayed me. No, I didn't.
You told her about the hotel.

I told you not to go back to
the hotel. I didn't know you had
children there, you... Snake!

Hold her!


Tie her to the chair!

You're not a princess revolutionary
any more, you're not in control,

and you have put everyone in danger,
even your own children! Call Una
and tell her you have me here.

If she comes here, everyone dies.
You don't have to be here.
Leave me here with the gun.

You can go. Go where?
You'd mess it up and I would
be a dead man walking. Tie her!

Give me the rope! Give it to me!

This is not your fight.
You don't have to die here. Get out!!

You think I won't kill you? You think
I won't kill you for my children?

Sit down!

Where has she got them? Tell me! It's
Lore. I don't know, I don't know.
Yeah. Let's call for back-up.

Well, get in there and get
the gun off her. Get out! Police.

I want my girls. He knows.

You kill him and the information
about where your girls are has gone
with him. You know, don't you?

Lore, Look at me! Now,
all you're guilty of is
trying to defend your children, OK?

I want my girls.

You kill him and that's gonna change
cos when we get your girls back...
Stay back!

You won't be around for them. You
want your children or you want to
kill him? Stay back!

OK, shoot me, fine!

What are you? Think about it.

A mother or a killer? Now give him
the gun. Find my girls. I want my
girls. Are you a mother or a killer?

You're a mother, aren't you?

Thank you. Now sit down.

Stella, I'll deal with him. Come on!

Back off! And now you've got
control of him, get hold of her,
all right? Let's go.

Come on.

'I do not need a cigarette.'

I do not need a cigarette.

'My body is a temple.'

My body is a temple.

'It is a holy place. Let the
power of Guru Dalka flow through...'
Oh, shut up. Tosser.

No. No.

Why are you trying
to kill my mother?

Why are you here?

You kidnapped me. No.

You could've got away at
the hotel but you didn't.

You stayed to be with your sister,

so you're here
out of your own choice.

Is that supposed to be
an answer to my question?
If I kill Linda now,

and I walk out of here,

then you see me in 15 years time,

Kill you.
That's the answer to your question.

My mother killed your sister?

Worse than that.
What could be worse than that?

She killed her own sister.

OK, well, even if she did, I mean,
what's that to you?

Her sister was my sister too.

Oh, you stupid, stupid cow!

Need help? No.

Yes. Look, just leave it.
Hey you! Come on!

It's OK. Just continue.

If I don't stop the blood,
you won't be able to make it. Yeah?

Yes. Go on, then.


Guess what? He wants a lawyer.
Better than that. He's claiming
immunity under international law.

For running a lap dancing club?

Hi, Rose. Come on in.
Do you recognise this man?

Yes. Do you know his name?

That's BB.

That's BB.

You sure?

There are some people
you don't ever forget.

Thank you. I'll take you out.

Just come here, here a second.

Do you recognise this woman?

No. Who is she?

That's a very good question.

This one. This is the weak one.

She'll kneel. Get out of it.

Shut up! Your turn will come!

'You are nothing but a whore.'

You think because your daddy was
shot that makes you something. Kneel!

Maybe your mama slept with
Franco's pigs. Don't let him in!

Your mama's a soft spot.

Lock it out!

And Papa?

He was a coward who didn't
mind her sleeping with the pigs.

She's down.

Are you OK? I'm so sorry, Fatima.

That's OK, just get up.
So this woman...


So she's not my mother's real sister?

What does real mean?

You can't choose the family you're
born with no more than you can
choose the world you're born into.

So what are you,
IRA or something like that?

Something like that.

Yeah, I read about you lot in history
class. Did I have nice big horns on
my head and a tail out me arse?

Yeah, you did. Good.

So, have you killed people?


How many?

Too many.

Well, why?

Because every person, even you,
reaches a point in their life
when they take responsibility

for the world they live in, and they
have to make a decision - endure it,

or you oppose it, change it.

So what were you trying to change?

The same thing as
your mother and Fatima.

The occupation of our
lands by foreign armies,

the rights of our indigenous
peoples to self-determination.
But not any more.

Now you're just out for
revenge, right?

Pass me the screwdriver, will you?


What screwdriver?

The one up your sleeve.


Looks like you've a
decision to make, doesn't it?

If you could act now and kill me,
you could end it.

Or could you? And what if you miss?

Let me give you some advice.

If you attack me now with that,
you'll lose.

And not because
I'm right and you're wrong,

but because I'm stronger
and better-trained.

I'll kill you and your sister will
be left alone.

You plunge it straight
into the ear canal. What?

And if you can't get the ear,
go through the eye.

Thanks, I'll remember that.

Aye, I know you will.

But knowledge is nothing
without the conviction to use it.

We've got two files here, which
one would you like to start with?

This one is the Domestic Crime
file from the Algerian police.

It says here that you worked your
way up from petty crime as a child

before you went on to
smuggling goods and then...people.


And this is your Interpol file.

So, Brahim Haddou, you're a
member of an Algerian terrorist

group, FIS, known as Feece, and
you were sentenced to death in
absentia for bombing an airport.

Why did the Algerian
government do you that favour?

What favour? They must've known when
they sentenced you to death that no
European country

would've been able to extradite
you back to Algeria,

so the death sentence was a free
ticket for you to live anywhere
in Europe. I don't know.

You don't know.

You don't know. 16th of October 1992
you were arrested at 1100 hours
with Lore Dutana.

You were held for three days,
then released.

Yes. Why did they release you?

They couldn't prove anything. Where
did you go when you were released?

Why am I here?
Oh God, take your pick.

People trafficking, pimping, child
prostitution, does it matter?

You're mainly here, Brahim, to give
me information which, so far, you
have completely failed to do.

I have nothing more to say.

Nothing more to say.


Why is she here?

She has something personal that
she wants to sort out with you and,
as you're no longer any use to me,

Brahim Haddou, she can have you.

All yours.

On your feet.

So you have a psychological profile
on her? I have two. I only want one.

Well, there are two people
sitting in that room.

The first one was a young girl
of ten, who saw her father

killed by a paramilitary
death squad, because
he was a member of ETA.

So he was a terrorist as well?

I imagine her father's comrades
took her under their wing.

With all that grief and anger,
it would've been easy for them
to groom her as a terrorist.

So when she was active as a
terrorist, what sort of atrocities
was she responsible for?

Well, not quite what you'd expect.

Spanish police sent me
this file and...

there she is.

This is the Spanish diplomat,
who was kidnapped and murdered.

Now, the police believe
that she had an affair with him
to enable her to get him alone.

So they used her as a honey trap?

Yes. Of course,
that's who she was then.

And now everybody
knows her as a nurse. Yes.

A middle-class housewife
with children -

children she is desperate to save.

So what face do you think
she's going to present to us today?

Stephen wants to talk to Lore.
Is that a good idea or a bad idea?

That is NOT a good idea.
That's a bad idea.

She has spent literally the last
15 years running away from her past.

She's not going to want to
revisit it, and especially not
in the company of her husband.

But I want to talk to her
as a terrorist and find out
the connection with 27B.

I need to revisit that.
How am I going to do that? Well,
with delicacy and tact.

Shouldn't you be finding my girls?

We are, but I wanna know what
happened... We were waiting
for a train,

and a guy jumped on Terese.
There's not much to it.
Forget the train station!

I wanna know what happened
on the 19th of August, 1993! 1993.
What has that got to do with this?

between you and Una Doyle. Why?

Because Una Doyle has your kids
and she didn't take them
because you're best friends!

She's driving me insane!

Lore, we have to measure her
level of propensity to kill.

We know she's a trained killer,
but when she killed in the past,
she was acting under orders.

Yes. This is different.

This is interpersonal.

We have to know the details of
the conflict between the two of you,

so that we can negotiate
for the release of your girls.

It's complicated.





What happened in 1993 is about
what happened in 1992.

16th of October, 1992.

Yes. So you know.

Well, I know that you were arrested
crossing from France into Spain.

I know that you were travelling
with Brahim Haddou.

I know that the day after that
arrest, Una and her accomplices
were ambushed in Granada.


I know that her brother
was killed in that shoot-out.

I think that Una suspects you
of informing on her.



And what I want to know is,
what was the connection
between the two of you?

Lore, we know you're a member
of ETA. I WAS. Not any more?

No. So what stopped
you believing in "the cause"?

I still believe in our cause.

I don't believe in violence.

We're a legitimate race. We can
have our homeland by peaceful means.

That sounds like it comes
right out of a textbook.

Well, Mr Boyd, I'll give you the
non-textbook answer. Just for you.

I don't have the ability to bomb
and kill innocent civilians.

So I can't cut it as a terrorist.

That's not what you did. We know
what you did for the cause, Lore.

You lay on your back
and opened your legs!

Well, maybe I got tired
of opening my legs.

We're wasting our time, you know.
She's just going to sit there.

Look at her,

dying or...


Sir? Can you bring Stephen in?

I'd like to introduce him to someone
he hasn't met. Not a good idea!

He should know who he married.
Don't do that. Why not?

He has a right to know he married
a terrorist and a prostitute,

who's sitting tight-lipped,
while her kids die at the hands

I met Una in Libya, OK?!

Good. When?

1991, in one of Qaddafi's
training camps.

He let the IRA train there.

Because ETA and the IRA had links.
That's right.

Um...they invited us to train

The PLO and the Hezbollah
were already there.

All women trained together
alongside Qaddafi's guards.

They trained us by trying to
break us, physically and mentally.

They were tough, but Una, she...

..she was tougher than them all.



End it.

So, being one of Qaddafi's guard...

..do you have to go down on him,
or what?

I'll kill you.

Enough! You lost!

If I make you kill me,
you don't get any information.

D'you think I overdid it?

Lie still.

Just breathe. We won! We won!


They couldn't break her down.

She took it all night.

Just to be stubborn.

You don't seem to have many
negative memories of her.

I loved her like a sister.
So what went wrong?

I ask you once again, Lore.

What was the connection
between you and Una Doyle?

We formed a cell.

Let your enemy hate you.

Let his hate for you
be a cancer in his soul.

But don't let yourself have hate
in your heart for your enemy.

It will destroy you.

When you kill, don't kill
for revenge, kill for love.

The love of your people,
your cause, your comrades.

Let our bond be one of love,

as sisters.

Your enemies are my enemies,
your hopes are my hopes.

We each went back to where we came
from but, from time to time,

if one of us needed help
that the other could give,
we would get in touch.

October, 1992?

Una contacted me.

I was living in Bayonne and she
needed a car brought to Granada,

and I contacted Brahim.
How did you know Brahim Haddou?

He used to drive us.

If we are stopped and questioned,
keep your answers short and simple.
Don't be elaborate.

Remember, after a week
without sleep, it's easier
to remember the truth than lies.

So, for this trip, then,
you thought, "That's a good idea.
I'll contact this Brahim Haddou."

No, actually,
he already got in touch with me.

I mean, he was broke and needed money
and so on, and I arranged it for him.

OK, so the journey
was 16th of October?

Yes. 1992, yeah? Tell me about it.

You know about it. I...

We got a car and set off to Granada.

We got arrested and released.

It was only when we learnt that Una
had been ambushed that we realised
our cell had been compromised.

But why did she think that you
informed on her? Brahim didn't know
where we were going.

I instructed him as we went.
Wait a minute. You get a driver.
He didn't know where he was going?

It's procedure with people
outside of the circle of trust.
Una would know that.

England. Summer of '93.

August. You came here. Why?

The third member of our cell was here
and needed my help.

This one.

What was her name?



Fatima Yacif.

Were you with her when she died? No.

Tell us what happened.

Why does it matter?

You know why
Una is trying to kill me.

Fatima has nothing to do with this.

Fatima's completely part of this.
Her death is why we're here.

Your DNA was at her murder scene,
so you're here.

Her death is my case,
and closing the case is my priority.

Saving your children,
I would've thought,
would be your priority, Lore.

Lore, we know you have closed
the door on your past,

and we understand the reasons
for that, but we have to know!

It's vital.

OK. Um...

When I got here,

it was Una who met me.

Pull over.

Open the passenger door.

Brahim! What's up? Shut up! Go!

'She took me at gunpoint
to this horrible place.'

Tell Fatima I have her here.

We're supposed to bring her
to the safe house.

Well, I brought her here instead.
Now go.

At this point I just assumed
it was all a trap set by Una.

But it wasn't.

She held me there...

..chained me...

..like a lump of meat...

..trying to make me
confess to betraying her.

You know why.

How did you get away?


What are you doing?

She betrayed us. No.

Free her.

She should die.

You want to kill your sister?

Then you will have
to kill both of your sisters!

Right here.

So are you going to kill me?

But it was Una who let you go?

Yes. I left the two of them alone.

And was that the last time
that you saw Fatima alive?

Yes, it was.

Why did Fatima ask you
to come to the UK?

Well, I can't tell you, er...

Whatever the reason,
I never found out because...

She was killed.


What was the tape about?

What tape? I don't...

A tape.

We found a...

piece of video cassette

at the scene of the crime
in a container.

I've no idea.

Sorry, I can't help you there.
I've no idea.

Boyd? Boyd, sorry. Can I interrupt?

Wait there.

Hi. What?

I've got a DNA hit
on Terese's mother.

And it's 27B. Case 27B!


If that's her name, yeah.
Yes, yeah, it is.

So Lore came to England in '93
and left with Fatima's baby.

That's what she was protecting...
She's lying. No, she's not telling
the whole truth.

She's lying! No, she's protecting
the truth. The difference is?

It's more sophisticated than that.
Because if you lie,

you have to expand on the details,
there's more to remember,

but if you conceal, you minimise
the details. What a load of...
At some point in her past,

she's been trained
in anti-interrogation techniques.

Are you suggesting that
I'm a piece of cake to her?

Well, yes, probably.

Kneel! Kneel! Kneel!

Is that what I think it is?
What do you think it is?

A suicide belt.

Clever girl.

Why have I been moved to here?
I'm going to do things to you.

Painful things and I want you
to know why. You can't do this.

Look around you. I'm doing it.

Let me out of here. Too late.

When you bombed Algiers
Airport, one of the 128 people
you maimed was my cousin.

She was eight years old,
and she lost her face.

Now some things are worse than death,

and I'm going to prove it to you.

No! No, let me out of here!

Let me out of here!
Let me out of here!


Nice story.

How do you know it was a story?

So, Brahim, you want to talk to me?

The French police took me
to the port and gave me
a one-way ticket to the UK.

I have an eye-witness that places
you at the scene of a murder
on the 19th of August 1993.

That Basque witch is lying.
It's not her, it's someone
who knows you as BB.

I was just a driver.
You were given a free ticket
to the United Kingdom,

an opportunity to start all over
again and what do you do, Brahim?
You turned yourself into a pimp!


What about the baby?

There was a baby.

Baby? Did Lore - that's the Basque
one - did she leave...with a baby?

No baby.

Are you sure...

there wasn't a baby?


You can't do this!

I'm running out of everything.
Out of time and patience, all right?

Now I need to find Una, the Irish
one, and I think you know where
she is. I don't know where she is.

I want you to tell me
where I can find her.

Now if you don't do that,
I'm going to get Stella in here,

and she's still upset about
what you did at Algiers Airport.

Now she's going to rub your
face off and I'm going to
make sure that you don't move...

while she does it. OK?

I want to go home! I know.
I know you do, OK? It's gonna be OK.

I'm going to sort this out.
I want to see mum!

Will you shut up with that crying?
Just leave her alone.

Shut up!

Yes? 'She's here.'

On my way.

Your mummy. You want to see her?


Right. Let's go.

You OK? Don't worry.

Because I need you
to be in control to do this.

Calm. I know.

Look, I'm OK.

Just make sure you are.




Boyd, they've just pulled up outside.

Out you get.

That's it.

Just stay there.

They're both unrestrained.

Mum! Go on.

Terese. No, not her.

Terese, just come over here. No.

You stay here.
Terese, come here. I can't.

Oh, my god! I have the detonator.

Una! Please! Just stay where you are.

What do you want?

Tell us what it is that you want.


I want you to tell the truth.
About your betrayal.

And then everyone will leave and you
and I will do what we have to do.

The truth?
Look, listen to me, will you?

Look, you tell your wingman,
to come into the room, put his gun
on the table, and then I'll listen.

Spencer. Sir! Come on in. Gun down.

Gun down!

You sure? Gun down.


Now, get over there.

Go on.

In the corner!

Are you happy now? Una?

Are you?

You talk about betrayal.

The truth is that the group that
you started all those years ago,

that was compromised
from the very beginning.

What are you talking about? Brahim.

Brahim, come on!

I was picked up
in the 1980s by the CIA.

Go on, Brahim, please.

After a few minutes of interrogation
they knew they didn't have
a revolutionist in the room. And?

Come on, I'll squeeze it

The FIS were using me,
I was a gofer.

They want everything for nothing,
but the Americans are different -
they want something, they pay.

And tell them
what you sold to the CIA.

When Qaddafi started bringing you
people in and out from my country
and they used me as a driver,

all I had to do was keep records.

I sold them the information.

What they did with it I don't know.

They passed it on to other
security services, including MI5,

who identified you
and put you under surveillance.

I see. Yeah, so when you were
ambushed in Spain in October '92,

it had nothing to do with Lore,
right? Nothing to do with her.

You got away, and they thought
it was a good idea that
you continued to believe it was her.

And you played
right into their hands.

Looks like I was wrong, then.
God, yes, Una,
you were wrong, very wrong.

What about Fatima?

I left her with you alive.
What happened?

So are you going to kill me?


Then go.

Where? Away.

You are not part of this one.

You're not the one I need.

I can't use you for this.

You are putting us in danger.

What? What?!

Will I see you again?

Go with love.

Tell me what happened,

or I will use this.

If you loved Fatima so much,

why did you put a suicide belt
around her child?


Una, please.

Fatima? Fatima, yes.

All right.

All right.

Take it.

Go on.

Take it.

It's all yours.

It's time. Drop your weapon.

It is time. It's your time, Una.
It's over.

The war is over. Even your own
organisation has told you to stop.

You might not like it
but it has, all right?

So you pull that trigger
and you're nothing but a dead
criminal, just a common criminal.

That's not the way you want
to go out though, is it?

Well, you're not going to get
a warrior's death, all right?

D'you hear me? So put that
gun down right now and stop!!

Put it down! And if she doesn't
put the gun down you have my full
permission to blow her brains out.

You clear? Clear.

Thank you. Put the gun down.

Put it down.

You're finished.

Thank you.

No! Now you back off, you back off!
Terese. Terese.

Or I'll use it, OK?
I'll use it. Terese, please.

Now, no more lies. I'm sorry.

Is it true?
Is Fatima my real mother?

Yes, it is. You killed my mother?

Tell her the truth. Shut up.

Tell her. Tell me what?
If you don't tell her, I will.

Shut it!
Well, what's he talking about?

she wanted to give me
something very valuable to her.


Come help me here.


Are you all right? I think so.

Get the baby.

I need you.

I have something
I want you to deliver for me.

She's mine.

She was going to go on a mission.

This was her last mission.

I won't be back.

I am boarding a plane
to Tel Aviv tonight

and that plane
is not going to make it.

A suicide bombing?

But I want people to know,
to know why.

But you'll never get
on that plane with a bomb.

Take this.

It explains.

A tape? Yes.

You want me to take the tape. Yes.

Not the baby?

No. She will come with me.

To heaven.

She had a bomb strapped to her body

and she was determined

to blow up a plane with you in it.

Not the baby. Yes.

Not the baby, please let me take her
to your mother. There is no-one left.

She told us that her family,

all of her family had been killed
six days earlier in a bombing raid.

There was only you and her left
and I begged her.

Please don't do this.
My decision is made.

How can you? You know how.

No, I don't.

I don't know how you can hate
your enemies more than you love
your child. I don't hate them.

I don't believe you, Fatima.

I think hate has consumed you.


Let me have your baby. No.

I'm taking her with me because
I love her. I would not have her
in this world without me.

Accept that
and give me your blessing.

I can't.


Did you speak? I said no.

You have nothing to say here.

I won't be a part of it. Fine.

Don't be.

Kill him.

You can drive me to the airport.

Kill him!


Get out. Go.

Take the baby.
Take the car.

Go home to Bayonne,
and stay there forever.


Go. I'll sort things here.

I had no choice, Terese.

I did have to choose.

I had to choose

between my friend and you.

I chose you.

It's OK, my darling.

It's OK.


I'll call you Terese,
after my mother.

I had to kill her.

Do you understand that?

I'm sorry.

Do you know how to
take that off her? I can do it.

You stay away from her!
Get her out of here.

Is it safe now?

It's safe.

It's OK.


It's OK.

Let's go.


Detective Superintendent Boyd
to see Luke.

Thank you.

I know where it is.


Where's the boy who was in here?
He's gone. Gone where?

Walked out, soon after you left.

He's allowed to do that?
Yeah. Discharged himself.

Why are you looking for him?

He's my son.

'Hey, it's me.

'Is everything OK there?
I haven't heard from you.
Could you please call me?

'And I also want you to know
that I've come to a decision.'

'I love you.'

'Dad, pass the ball!'
In front of me.

'I said in front of me, Dad.

'Dad, pass the ball.'