Waking the Dead (2000–…): Season 7, Episode 4 - Sins: Part 2 - full transcript

When Sociopathic-sadistic serial killer convict Kelleher, who is dying of cancer, escapes from prison, he takes prison psychiatrist Dr. Hooper with him for unclear reasons.

This is the skull of James Reading.
Remember him?

Governor on landing!

Governor of Horton Prison? Exactly.

His daughter, Cathy Reading,
found him like this.

There were two suspects -
Terry Ryan...

What d'you want?!
Whoa, whoa. Police. DI Jordan.

..and Michael Kelleher.

You give. I give.

Have you found his head?

I know who killed him.

Old Pikey.

Top screw. Aargh! You bastard!

Reading was a monster.
I don't mean someone who just liked
to dish out punishment.

Who are you? Dr Damien Hooper,
he prison psychologist.

Do you believe in God? I believe
that there is a life-force,

because I've seen it
when it leaves people.

They took Kelleher to hospital.

Sweet dreams, you bastard!

He's escaped from there with
a prison officer, Linda Cummings.

Oh, she's very pretty, isn't she?

Hooper's gone missing.

Where's Kelleher?

He's gone, Ryan's with him.
They've got Dr Hooper. How long
have they been gone? A few hours.

Oh, God.

Wait, wait, Spence. Stop.

There's more.
You see those areas of bushy growth?

The dark green bits? Meaning what?

Dead bodies.

I can show you...

if you want.

As you can see, his throat's
been cut, but he's also got this
blunt-force trauma wound to the head

which, we can assume,
was delivered first.

Owing to the level
of exsanguination -
the degree of blood flow -

I think the cut was
a perimortal injury

inflicted in situ.

What? So they hit him, put him
in here, and cut his throat? Yeah.

OK? Thanks, Eve.

So, what do you make of that?

Great deal of care
to cover their tracks.

There's nothing hurried
about all this.


There's no sign of defence wounds

probably wasn't a struggle.

Very similar to Reading, isn't it?

Mm. Knew his killer,
unexpected attack,

a blow to the head, and then...
killed while unconscious.

So it's the same person
or same people?

It's the same MO. And why is
Ryan in here and not Hooper?

Can you tell me that one?

Come on, Doc... Talk to me,
will you? Talk to me.

Why? You should know why.

But I don't know why. Oh, brilliant.

All those hours and hours of therapy,
and you don't know.

I think you have a psychopathic...


Is that what you wanted to hear?

What do you think?

What I think doesn't really matter.

Well, that disappoints me.

Michael, you could've killed
me by now, but you haven't,

so there must be a reason.


And what is it?

I want to hurt you.

I've wanted to hurt you from the
very first moment that I saw you.

And all those hours and hours that
we spent together in your office...

..all I could do...

..was think of the ways
that I could hurt you.

Do you understand me now?

You'll remember to bag all the soil.

You have got some? Yeah, you have.
For small bones and...

Overall, what have we got?

Thanks. Overall, what have we got?

We've got seven corpses, adult,
almost certainly all male,

all in various stages
of decomposition,

the time-frame ranging from
several years ago,

the oldest one is over there,
to approximately a year ago,

to the present day...
well, yesterday.


You all right? Yeah, fine.

You got everything you need?

Yep. Thank you.

See you later. Yeah. Bye.

All right, then, this field, from a
geographical-profile point of view.

Well, clearly it's a ritual site,
significant to the killer

and, clearly, Kelleher led us there.

You're suggesting Kelleher killed
all these people?

I suppose the time-frame is right -

2000 he was released,
2007 he goes back into prison.

Yeah, also he's a dying man,
he wouldn't want his work
to go unnoticed.

What's Hooper's connection, then?
Did he spring Kelleher from prison

so that the world can see
Kelleher's achievements?

Or maybe he got Kelleher
to kill Reading.

That's your "two person" theory.

Yeah. And now, it's payback time.

you do this for me.

Maybe he didn't have a choice.

I'd like to know more about...

..Cathy's relationship with Hooper.

So are they all males?

Hi, Spence. Hold that thought,
I'll get back to you.

Want coffee? Yes, please.
Thank you very much.

Cheers. Cheers.


How did you spot them so quickly?

Because I'd seen it before.

Where? In Bosnia.

I volunteered for the excavation
of mass graves, '95.

That must've been a nightmare.
For the families.

I meant for you.


It's your dog.

Dog's barking.

Cup of tea?

Yes, I think that's what we need.

So, Doc.

What is going on with me?

Come on mate, you're the professional
here, I need to know.

And I don't want any bullshit.
You can give it to me straight.

You're, er...

you're acting out
a sadistic fantasy.


To prove the illness is stronger
than the cure.

Stronger than the system,
stronger than me.

Go on, carry on.

It's stronger than you,
certainly stronger than you.


had your illness so long,
you've become it, it's consumed you.

You are the illness right now.

It's manifested itself in you,
and wants to show the world
how powerful it is.


You are good, Doc,
I'll give you that.

But... Ah. There's another me,
isn't there?


There's a good me,

and that "good me"
is being consumed by the "bad me".

It wasn't always like this.

There was a time...

..when you were a boy,
before your father died,

before... That's cheating, Doc.

The only reason you know about
my dad is because I told you.

I know. But I lied.

I never knew my father,

so all these years you've been
analysing somebody who doesn't exist.

I'm not a man of words, Doc.

I don't have the education that
you did, but I do know this much.

Actions speak louder than words.



Boyd. Looks like the dog's
picked up Kelleher's scent.

Thanks, Spence.

Well, just keep me posted,
all right?


OK, bye.

We're just going to be next door.
OK, Julie, see you in a minute.

We have some colouring-in to do. Hi.

Has the man who kidnapped Damien
been in contact and made demands?

Well, we're not certain
that Damien has been kidnapped.

What? Well, as far as we know,
he got into the car willingly.

Did he make any phone calls
before he left the house?

Yes, he phoned work to tell them
he wouldn't be in
for the rest of the day.

Did he tell anyone he'd pick up
Julie from school? Um...

maybe, I can't remember.
Did he often pick her up from school?

No. And what's his relationship
with her?

I mean...is he Julie's father?

in love with an older man, you know.
I'm not saying that.

What did your father think about it?
You were 18, he was 39.

I'm...I don't know.
Did he know you were pregnant?

Yes. And what did he feel about it?

I...I don't know. He knew, but you
don't know what he thought about it?

He must've had an opinion.

Why did you stop me?
You've got to push her.

She's vulnerable - she's lost her
mother, father and the only man she
trusts. What d'you want me to do?

The records on the missing prisoners
are on Spencer's desk. Thanks.

She's here, what are my options?
You want me to go to Hooper's office
and trawl through his paperwork?

That would be preferable.
Yeah? For you maybe!

Are you busy?
I've got seven corpses to examine.

Yeah. And a penguin.

Thank you. And...

a penguin.


You know, it never ceases
to amaze me, the different ways
in which people handle pain.

I bet you'd like some of this,
wouldn't you, eh?

But you don't know pain, Doc.

Not real pain.

The pain I have
would swallow you whole in seconds.

It's all right, it's all right.
I've done with all that now.

OK, we're going to send
a little message on this.

Is that all right?


Oh, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry. All right, ssh, ssh!

Come on now, are you ready?

It's OK, this won't hurt.

Well done.


I want them to know about you -
the real you, the you that I know.

I want them to know about
our special bond.


You don't have to kill me.

As soon as I knew I was going to die,
I became obsessed with how
and where I was going to go.

Well, that's normal. Is it?

Well, there you go.

But, the point is, I focused and,
when I did that, I realised I didn't
have to think about it at all.

I already knew the exact spot
that I wanted to go to, to die.

Where do you want to die, Damien?

Not here.

Funny! Come on, serious now.

Let's say that you've been told
you've got, ooh...hours to live.


By the sea.

What a coincidence.

Armed police!

Sir. Yeah, there's some
fresh tyre marks here.

they've acquired transport.

You know what to do, Spence,
right? Sure.

Get anything from Hooper's files?
Just going through it now. OK.

OK. See you back at HQ.

These are all medical reports.

Have you got a key to this?
I don't know. We wouldn't have it.

We're going to be some time doing
this. You don't need to hang around.

OK, I'll be just outside the door.
Thanks very much.

What do you want? Do your magic.

Please. You have such faith in me,
don't you?

What makes you think I've ever
done this kind of thing before?
No, you need to do that...

sliding thing. That's good.

Do you need help?


Oh, shit!

Are you all right? Yeah.

Thank you.



Well, the Ks are here,
but there's no Kelleher.

These are all medical records,
do I need to go through all these?
Yeah. File's missing.

Summary form.

Suicide risk summary form.

Oh, my God!

Listen to this.

"I began to realise there are
machines that can't be fixed,

"the factory was corrupt,
it wouldn't accept this fact.
Instead, it was finding ways

"to hide the machine flaws
and send them back out."
What are you reading?

It's a manuscript called "Bad
Machines", no name attached,

"dedicated to the victims
of violent and abusive crimes."

"I was central to it - every time
I let a bad machine out early
I facilitated a new murder,

"a new atrocity.

"When the machine came back in,
I was part of their new crime.

"I took control with
Paul Jackson in 2001..."

Paul Jackson.

"He killed a young boy
in a New Forest meadow.

on my hands because of my part
in letting him out.

"I put Jackson in that same meadow.

"Then came Albert Luckhurst in 2002.

"A rapist who laughed and joked
about his crimes when he thought
I couldn't hear him.

"I put him in the meadow next.

"In 2003, it was Tony Shaw -
murderer, rapist.

"I worried they might be missed,
but no-one cared or noticed.

"I realised I couldn't stop them all,
but I could stop some of them.

"I chose carefully.

"2004, Jack Furby, a rapist.

"2005, Harry Griffin,
paedophile rapist.

"2006, David Hyall, rapist."

The remains in the field
match our records
for all the missing prisoners.

Is Reading mentioned in there?

Well, see what you think -

"There was one bad machine who was
in the factory, but he wasn't here
to be fixed - he was running it.

"His head didn't work.

"I took it off him.
He was my first." Nice(!)

Could Hooper have written this?
It doesn't sound like the work
of an academic, more an adolescent.

Well, yes, if Hooper is suffering
from Dissociative Identity Disorder.

The illness is usually triggered
by some traumatic event,

and if, in Hooper's case, that event
happened during his adolescence,

then his alter ego
would lock at that age.

I mean, the killing Hooper
isn't the Hooper we know.

The killing Hooper is hurt,
he's vengeful.

This is a contradiction to me,
because Reading's murder is
controlled, clinical, intelligent.

Now you're talking about the work
of a troubled teenager.

Could he have more than
one personality? Yes, many.

The stress at the moment
of the killing could've unleashed
these other alter egos.

And don't forget, Hooper may not
even be aware of the actions
of his other personalities.

So it's feasible Hooper
did commit the murders,

perhaps with the help of Kelleher.
There's certainly consistency
in the killings. Which is?

A blunt-force trauma to the skull.

Well, you'd better have that, I'm
afraid. Yeah, we've both touched it.

I'm sorry. Thank you very much.

Hooper isn't the only person
to have known all these victims?

Every single one of them
made a complaint against Pike.

He's already a suspect
for the Reading murder.

Pike could've told Kelleher
where to find Hooper.

Kelleher could've killed him
in the toilets. He had the blade.

But he left him alive. Yeah.

OK. So where is he now?
Still in the hospital. Yeah?

Bring him in. OK. Yeah?

What? OK.

Hooper's phone's just been switched
on. They're getting a fix on it now.

Rutland House. That's Owens' place.

What's he doing there?

Don't know.

You get over there.
I'll bring in Pike.


Ooh! Fresh air!

Not a soul about.

So romantic! Come on.

Go on. Down you go.

What do you want?

Police! Open up!
Come on, open up now!

Where's Hooper and Kelleher?
Why would...? Where are they?

Why would they be here?

Move! Move, move, move!

'It was me.

'And him.

'Wasn't it? Yes.'

Back off! 'We did it.

'We killed old Pigface Reading.

'But you want to know who did all
the others up in the meadow, right?

'Well, guess what?

'It was him.

'Imagine that.

'Doc Hooper, serial killer.

'Well, got to go now.

'Got places to go, things to do.

'Say bye-bye.


Owens claims he had no idea
how the phone got into his office.

And you believe him?

Well, the back door
was wide open, so...


Do you believe that confession?
No. Hooper's definitely a hostage.

He's not in control
of the situation.

There's an intelligence behind this,
and not just Kelleher, someone else.

Someone else is to close the book
on Hooper.

The fact that this guy is
still alive is what makes me
more and more suspicious.

We've got to rule him in or out.
What do you think?

Sorry. What?

Is he in or out? Oh, well, due to
circumstantial factors, he's in.

OK. Let's do it.

I'm not happy. Dragging me out
of hospital... Shut up. What amazes
me is that you're still alive.

How do you mean? You should be dead.
Kelleher should've killed you,
all the beatings you dished out.

I don't know what you're
talking about. You don't?

Paul Jackson
made a complaint against you.

Yes. A false complaint.

False complaint. Hm.

Albert Luckhurst, Anthony Shaw, Jack
Furby, Harry Griffin, David Hyall.

They also issued complaints -
false, I presume?

Course they were. Course.

Right, well, all these men are dead.

I found them in a field,
buried in a field, the same field.

The interesting thing is that
the complaints made against you
and Governor Reading

aren't exactly the same -
they're just slightly different.

The ones against you are for
beating the prisoners,

the ones against
Governor Reading are for
"cruel and unusual punishment".

I can only guess what that means.

I presume that you got these men
in, softened them up by beating them

and that Governor Reading
then tortured them sexually.

Were you revolted by that?

Did that repulse you?
Did you want to take revenge
on Governor Reading and kill him?

Or did you sit there,
watch and masturbate?

I don't have to listen to this.

Where are you going?

I'm not a prisoner! You are now.

Where are you taking me?
To a cell. That's what happens,
prisoners go to cells.

Get your filthy hands off me!
Shut up, toe-rag! Simple system
for simple people.

Don't you dare shut that door!

It's not him.


Boyd, let me out!


You resisted.

Yes, I like that. That's good.

I've had some guys who...

you know, when they see
the finishing-line,

they try to pacify me.

No, no, no. But you...

..you...were my best.

Well, it should be some consolation
for you to know that you made
a dying man very, very happy.

Oh, well,

the tide is coming in.

There's work to be done.

Oh, my God!


I got the DNA back from Julie's
penguin. Hooper's not the father?

No, but there's something much more
important. Cathy's not the mother?

No, she is,
but she's also her sister.

Cathy is Julie's mother
and her sister.

If you don't do it, I will.

Would you like to sit there
please, Cathy?

Have you found Damien?

No, no, not yet.

Cathy, I want to talk to you
about your father.

You see, we know.



We...found some of your daughter's
hair and tested it for DNA. Stop.

No, we have to talk about this.

No, we don't.

All of this started with you
wanting to find the killer
of my father, correct?


Well, you can stop.

I killed him.

Cathy, I need you to tell me
what happened.

I was home from school
for the weekend.

It was my time of the month,
but I'd missed it, so I...

did one of those home tests
and it was positive.


I'll have it dealt with.

We'll say no more about it.

'I told him I was keeping it

'and he just...

'he just turned away.'

I realised...

that I meant nothing to him.

And then...

And then?


he told me to get ready for bed...

have an early night.

I understand.

But I wasn't going to let him
touch me again,

or my baby...

so I...

grabbed the nearest thing to me
and I...


I didn't mean to kill him,
I only wanted to...

Stop him?


Does that sound right?

Well, it fits with the first blow,
yeah, but...

What about the other blows, Grace?
You've got to mention the head.

Then what happened?


..then he was dead.

No, Cathy.

You didn't decapitate your father -
someone else was involved.

Someone who came along and made it
look like a revenge killing.

I need to know who that was.

Why? All they did was help me.

Who was it?




What about Hooper?
His DNA's all over the manuscript.

Of course it is - he read it.

It doesn't matter who it was.

Can you...get me the skull?

I was the one who killed him.

Yeah. Cathy, look, I know how hard
this is for you, but it's...

Hello, Cathy.

I want to ask you some questions.

You said you killed your father
with a blow to the head.

Yes. What implement did you use?

A trophy. Was he facing you
when you hit him? No.

So you hit him from behind? Yes.
How many times did you hit him?

Once. Are you sure about that? Yes.

Oh, God!

This is your blow to the head,
the first blow.

It's a severe blow, it fractured
the skull, but didn't kill him.
It did. No, it didn't.

These two blows to the front of
the skull, administered while he was
on his back, are the fatal blows.

So did you kneel over him and hit
him two more times with the trophy?
No. No. You didn't.

So you thought this blow killed him?
So in your panic and confusion,

which is understandable, you called
someone to help you, a friend,

who came over
and suggested you go bowling
so you'd have a credible alibi.

Then, by the time you'd come home,
it'd all be dealt with.

This person that you called,

this "friend",

they let you believe for years
that you killed your father.

But you didn't kill your father,

they killed your father.

Who was it?


Cathy, if we're to have any hope
of finding Damien alive...

..you have to tell us who it is.

Linda Cummings.

What happened?

You need to get out of here.

Is there somewhere you can go?
Somewhere public?

Yes. Go.

But... Go. And when you come home,
you'll find your father
and call the police.

You understand what
I'm saying to you?



I left! Yes, I went round -
I never harmed him.

I told Cathy to go, I broke
the lock on the front door, I made
it look like a burglary, I left.

So you used to babysit Cathy
when she was young?

Yeah, when she was 12. Why didn't
you tell the original investigation
that you were at the scene?

Isn't it obvious?
I was protecting Cathy.

No, that's not obvious.

Father left home when you were five,
mother died when you were 11,

five different foster homes
between your mother's death
until you were 16.

Unmarried, no children.

IQ of 170.

Why would somebody
with an IQ that high

become a prison officer and choose
to work in a sex offenders' unit?

I mean, why? Is it because you feel
at home there? You feel comfortable
among those people? Or...

..or do you want to be
close to your prey?

You know, the people
that you toy with. Hm?


Eight bodies.

Six, seven, eight bodies.

Seven in the field, plus Reading.

You play chess, don't you?

You do? Yeah. Eight pawns.

And the manuscript here,
I mean, you're intelligent enough
to have written this.

It incriminates Hooper,
but somehow it just doesn't...

It doesn't work for me.
It's like unfinished business.
Did the discovery of Reading's head

make you change your game,
improvise a variation?

You could sacrifice
whoever you wanted -
you got eight of them, right?

It didn't matter as long as you get
Kelleher to the end of the board
to checkmate Hooper.

I have no idea
what you're talking about!

And Ryan. Ryan is Kelleher's
alibi for Reading's murder,
so, did you take out Ryan?

Or did you watch
as Kelleher took him out?

It doesn't matter as long as he's
taken out...he had to go, didn't he?

Didn't he?

And the phone. What phone?

The phone. We got a text from Ryan's
phone, saying it was from Kelleher,
at 16.32.

We know that the dog tracked
the scent from Kelleher

from the field,
never came back to the cabin.

I don't know anything about a phone.
The phone was in the cabin. I was
tied up and locked in a room.

I have no idea how a phone got
in there. I suppose not.

And somebody could've come in
and used Ryan's phone, pretended
it was Kelleher and texted.

Or...you did it.

You could've gone out of the door,
padlocked it from the outside,

walked round the building, climbed
through the window, gagged yourself,
cuffed yourself to the bed.

Are you seriously
accusing me of this?

How are you communicating
with Kelleher?

How are you manipulating him
to play your game?

I want to talk to a lawyer.

I'm sure you do.

Sir, sorry to interrupt.

We've found Hooper.



I haven't finished with you yet.

Got it. Thanks. Let's go.

West Wittering, south coast.

Next right.

A36 south.

You want to know, don't you?

You want to know why
I'm taking you with me. Yes.

Well, you see...

..I know.

All that time you spent listening
to me, I know that you enjoyed it.

Don't lie to me now.

I'm sorry.

It's OK.

Don't apologise. It's OK.

I know what's happened to you.

So many years of listening
to people like me,

it's polluted your brain,
the sewage has seeped into your soul,
and you've become...

..you've become one of us.

I have a child who depends on me.

And I'm supposed to care?



How long do you think it's going
to be, before it washes over you?

I don't know.

I love you...so much.

Mm, I love you so much!

Forget it, just go and look
for Hooper. Where's Hooper?!

Where's Hooper?! Come on, wake up!

Get him in the ambulance, I want
him talking, all right? Wake him up!

Mind yourself! Mind!

Where's Hooper?! Come on, wake up!

Tried to kill himself on this stuff.
Morphine. Yeah.

Do you think he's out there
somewhere? I don't know.

Keep looking. OK.

Give me five minutes.

Out! Get out!

Close the doors.

Aaaargh! Oh, my God!

Where's Hooper?
Hooper? Where's Hooper?

Tell me, where is he? Ohh!

Pain. In pain?

See this? Give it to me.

You want this?

You give,

I give. Where's Hooper?

Dead. Buried.

On the beach?
You buried him on the beach? Yes.

How did Linda get hold of
Hooper for you?

How did she deliver Hooper to you?

She always wins.


Why can't I beat you?

It's not complicated.

You see, you're playing the game
in stages, you've got your opening
moves, your middle moves,

and you're hoping that
by the time it comes to the crunch,
there'll be some opportunity

for you to take advantage of.

That's how everyone plays. Not me.

You see, I know my endgame
before I make my first move.

So every move I make, simply
moves me closer to my final move.

You never take any of my pieces.

I give them to you.

To move you out of my way so that
I can get to where I need to be -

my last move.


I see your endgame.

It's not very pretty. Huh,
tell me something I don't know.

I watched my mother die of cancer.

She was twisting in hell for days.

Oh. Morphine didn't work?

I'm sure it would've worked
if I'd given it to her.

You think there won't be someone
happy to see you die in agony?

There might be one or two.

I could sell tickets
to your deathbed. Oh, really?

What did you hear?

Enough to know that
you won't go for the Big Sleep
in the arms of Morpheus.

And who's going to do it? Pike.

Course, that's if you decide
to go that route. Oh.

Do I have a choice?

What if you could imagine your own
perfect endgame and make it happen?

You have no idea what mine...

Oh, I think I do.

You see, I know why you kill
the men you rape.

But he doesn't, does he?

Who? Don't do that.

Not with me.

I see how you look at him,

when you think no-one else
is looking at you.

It's OK.

Like I said,

I understand the desire to take
someone, to take them completely.

Who are you?

I am the other way, Mick.

I'm the person
to give you the end you dream of.

To have the man you desire...

..to take him...

..take him slowly...

..to take his life...

..and then, take your own.

On your own terms.

She needed my help to set up Hooper.

She planned it all.
She gave me the blade.

She planted the manuscript.

She told me where to find Hooper.

All I had to do was
to get his confession.

Please give it to me now, please.

You want some of this now, do you?

You're going to have to tell me
who killed Ryan.

Who killed Ryan?

Linda. Linda killed Ryan.
How did she kill him?

With the shovel.

She hit him? With the shovel?

She hit him with the shovel.
Where is it now?

What do you think? Give me some,
please. Where is it now?

Please. Where is it now?!

It's on the beach!

It's on the beach? Yes. Please give
it to me. You want some of this now?

Yes. It hurts. You want this?

Oh, no!

No! No!

You bastard!

Go get that shovel.


Her DNA was on the shovel with
Ryan's blood. Which only implies
she's an accessory.

What about Kelleher's statement?
Hardly a reliable witness.

She admitted being at the scene
of Reading's murder. So,
forensically, we can't prove

she killed Reading or Ryan? No.

So the best we've got is
perverting the course of justice,
assisting the escape of a convict.

What's that going to get her?
Ten years? How can we tie her
into the others?

Ego. Huh? Well, it's a waste of time
trying to tap into her conscience.

She hasn't got one. No.

Every killing's she's done has been
for herself. And she's proud of them.
Oh, yes, very proud.

Gives her a great sense
of achievement.

Do you believe you're performing
some kind of public service?

What do you mean?

Ridding the world of murderers,
rapists, sex offenders?

Do you care about them?

Hooper, Cathy, Julie -
you've involved Cathy in your game,
so she's going to go to prison,

so you've deprived a little girl
of her mother.

So Julie will grow up
in a string of foster homes like...

you did. Do you care?

You don't feel compassion for her
or...anybody else, you don't
have the capability, do you?

What is it that moves you?

It's this, isn't it?

Your manuscript.

You're only going to be remembered
for helping a rapist to escape.

The story will have a sort of
sad mother and daughter ending,

but that's what you'll be
sitting in prison for, not this.

The perfect game.

You wrote it, planned it,
executed it.

That's why you did it, isn't it?

We're not so different, you know.

You and me? I've met enough killers
to know one when I see one.

My signed confession.

Thank you.

Can you take Julie out, please?

Where are you taking her?

Julie, look, here's Penguin.

Just give us a minute.

Sit down.

What's going to happen
to me and Julie?

We have insufficient evidence to
contradict your original alibi on
the night of your father's death.

Do you understand what I'm saying?

The case is closed.

So you can go home.

Thank you.

Bye, Julie.


'Stop playing games with me, Luke.'

Get up! Get up!

No! No! Help me! No!

Help me, no!






Subtitles by Red Bee Media Ltd