Waking the Dead (2000–…): Season 7, Episode 1 - Missing Persons: Part 1 - full transcript

Dept. Supt. Boyd and his team investigate a 1983 murder when a woman, Lore Carson, saves a man who has fallen on the train tracks and her DNA is matched to that at the old murder scene. The victim remains unidentified as her remains were burned beyond recognition and though her DNA remains intact, they haven't located a match. She was shot through the back of the head however. The evidence would indicate that the woman from the train station may have been chained and held against her will in a cargo container. When the police release her photo asking for anyone to identify her, she panics and tries to flee with her two daughters to her native France. Boyd suspects prostitution in the death but forensic evidence sends them off in a completely different situation. Meanwhile, Boyd appears quite shaken when DNA in another case leads him to someone from his past.

Well, come on, doesn't this feel
like we're cheating?

On who?

On each other. I mean,
you're already in love -

you love your work, you
love your life, and...

It's the same for you, isn't it?
Yes. It's the same.

So you said that you can't
leave your life, and

you're telling me that I
can't change mine, so...

So, that's it.

I wish I'd never met you.

Jeez, I think that's about the nicest thing
anybody's said to me in a long time.

PA: 'Passengers are
reminded that unattended

baggage will be removed
by airport security.'

I don't wanna do the
whole airport gate thing.

Let's just say goodbye here, OK?

Say goodbye here, say it at
the gate, you've still got

to say goodbye. We should
just say goodbye, here.


I'm gonna walk away now,
and nobody looks back, OK?

All right, I'll, er...
I'll call you then.

Just call me if you really
want to, OK?



Give me that!

Daddy! Daddy! You should've seen Mum!

It was amazing!
What's all this? It was no big deal.

She saved a guy's life!

Give me that!

What are you talking about?

Well, this guy, he tried
to take my bag, I

couldn't hear him, cos I
had my headphones in,

but then he just came at me and...
Are you all

right? Yeah, yeah! I'm
fine, but Mum was amazing!

Are you hurt? She was so, so good.

I'm fine.
It wasn't as dramatic as all that.

Did you call the police?

And it was incredible!
She did karate moves like that!

OK, can we stop this now?!

Where did this happen? Leave it.
Leave it? We should call the police.
I said I want to leave it, OK?

There's no need for this.



'Hi, this is Sarah. Leave
a number and I'll get back to you.'

Hi, it's me.

Now, I'm calling you
cos I want to call.

All right, I'm not calling out
of a sense of duty or anything.

All right?

So, give me a ring then
when you land, and...

have a safe trip.


So she jumps onto the tracks,
gives him CPR, saves

his life, then disappears
into the crowd again.

And? Transport police wanted to ID
the mugger, who was unconscious,

so they swabbed his mouth, but they
got two DNA strands from the sample -

his and hers. And hers, because
she gave him mouth-to-mouth, yeah.

Exactly. So they separated
the strands, and hers

flagged up as being linked
to one of our cases.

So what is the link? Her DNA was found on a
murder scene 15 years ago in 1993. Yeah.

So, I've pulled the victim's remains in
evidence bags into the lab. 'Hey, it's me.

'I just got your message
and I've landed in Kennedy...'

Are you OK?

Yes. Patch. Smoker's patch -
I've got to kick the habit.

'..I'm so sorry.

'I miss you.'

Er, let's go into the...

Case Number 27B,
approximately 19 years of age.

She was found by the London Fire
Brigade on the 19th of August 1993,

when they responded to a fire
in a disused container yard.

Most probable cause of death was a
single gunshot to the back of the head.

As you can see, most of the left
side of the face has been destroyed.

Luckily the body's not burnt
to a point beyond DNA retrieval.

A blood-pattern analysis carried
out on the interior of the container

supports the hypothesis that
the victim was killed on site.

It was during the original forensic
sweep that they found the second

DNA sample on chains hanging
from the ceiling of the container.

That's our CPR woman from the train
station yesterday. That's correct.

The original investigation was
handled by the Vice Squad,

because the area's known for
prostitution, but they hit a dead end.

I take it they ran a profile
of 27B through Missing Persons?

Yes, they did but in that
year alone, over 2,000

women under the age of 21
were reported missing...

What an excuse, it's pathetic.

Young runaways who don't want to
be found make the perfect victims.

So the owner of the DNA
on the chains in the

container... And that's
the train station woman?

Yeah. ..is either the killer
or a witness to the murder of 27B.

I'd like to run tests on the material,
this material that was found with 27B.

I'd like to re-run both
DNA's across our database.

I'd like to run single
nucleotide polymorphisms

and carry out some
stable isotope profiling

on the bone marrow.
The bullet was never found.

No. There was no bullet, no casing.

So their intention was
to clean up and destroy

the evidence - they'd
have brought the petrol

and the gun with them,
so it's obviously premeditated.

"Unidentified polyresin."
I was coming to that. This...

formerly "unidentified polyresin",
or plastic,

formerly unidentified because now
it is identified...by me.

I did an enhanced PGC test,

and I can tell you that this
is a piece of videocassette.

Right. They were making movies! It doesn't
necessarily relate to this incident...

Look, a chained girl, torture -
I think we know what kind of movies

they were making, but was it
bondage porn or a snuff movie?

Why would they go make a snuff movie
and then burn it with the victim?

Something went wrong. Maybe they
wanted to make a bondage movie

that went past the point of no return.
Well, they'd have a snuff movie.

The emergency call was
made by a 15-year-old

prostitute called Rose Delaney.

I'll try and track her down.

This is the CCTV.

There's also the mobile phone
footage, but it's being worked on.

So - woman, two kids, right.

Scuffle on the platform...

The mugger ends up on the tracks.
She gives him

mouth-to-mouth, that's
where we get the DNA.

Is this the only camera? You can't
tell whether it's the same woman...

She jumped onto a live track. That's
insane. Anybody would. It's instinct.

The guy robbed a handbag, he doesn't
deserve to die.

But most people would panic -
nobody else jumped down to save him.

She doesn't panic. No, because
she's totally confident.

Call an ambulance!

She knows exactly what she's doing.
She gives

CPR, she puts him in
the recovery position

but then, the strangest
thing is, when she's

made him safe and when
the medics arrive...

She quits the scene.

She's got two kids, maybe she doesn't
want them in the public eye!

She's one of the few people on the
planet who doesn't want to be on TV.

But maybe SHE doesn't want
to be in the public eye.

It's a sex thing. Or she
has something to hide.

Chains, containers... Hello? Do we
have containment?

No, we don't. The local news were already
there when I went to get the tape.

OK. I've located the
1993 witness, Rose Delaney.

All right, bring her in. And we
need this woman, her connection

with 27B, and what they were doing
with those chains.

OK, let's see it again.

There's only so many
options you've got.

Chains is either pleasure or
pain, isn't it? Or both.

Or both, yeah. The Homeless Unit
are trying to identify a young male

found on the streets suffering
from memory loss.

He told them he
didn't know who he was.

When they ran his DNA,
it alerted us.

I couldn't access anything, there's
no Cold Case reference number for it.

Just a note. To contact you.

You OK?


This will get you the file.
If you can just...

find out where they're keeping him.

and what's it in connection with?

Oh, it's a case I was involved with,
way back.

Keep it between us.

Yeah, course.

Dad, did you see it?
I just did a stepover!


All ready?

Boyd? Mm? OK? Yeah, yeah.

This is a good place to die. A good
place to kill.

You could scream your lungs out
here and nobody'd hear you.

I'm assuming snuff movies
have a kind of torture build-up.

They usually follow a pattern -
the victim's tortured, raped,

then the body's mutilated and, during the
process of mutilation, the victim dies.

It's the actual killing that
defines it as a snuff movie, yeah?

Yeah, it's that last little flutter of life
in the eyes and that's the "money shot".

So, she was shot in the head?

Perhaps by that time
she was begging to die.

You ready?

Yes. Go on.

My God.
Poor bastards. It's grotesque.

Look at these. D'you think they killed more
than one person at a time when they...?

Please. Presumably she was hung by
chains from one of these hooks.

Here's the smoke damage
where the body was burnt.

So the method of disposal
would've worked if the fire

engines hadn't been called out
before the evidence was destroyed.

You bring them to a place
that nobody cares about

and then you can do
what you want to them.

They get away with it
because victim and place

share the same social value
- nobody gives a toss.

It begs the question though,
who's worse?

The people that make these movies
or the people who watch 'em? ..Hey!

Hey, come here!
I didn't lock the bloody car!

My bag's in that car!


Are you OK? Did you nick anything
from that car? Did you, eh?

Boyd, for Christ's sake,
she's terrified!

What are you doing here?
She doesn't speak.

What do you mean, she doesn't speak?
She doesn't

wanna speak or she
doesn't speak English?

She just doesn't speak.
Who are you looking for, eh?

I'm not looking for anyone
as it happens. Really?

I can always spot a Dad
looking for his kid.

Police officer.


Hey, come on.

Now you see 'em...

We've got him in interview 1


His name is Andrew Lloyd,
15 years old. Grace

Coming. Anything on him?

No file. he doesn't even have an address.

You can be his appropriate adult.
Right that's me.


Take off that bloody stupid hood.

Take it off!

I'm Detective Superintendent
Boyd and this is Dr Grace

Foley. She'll be acting as
your appropriate adult.

You have a mother and father?

Why? A mother. D'you have a mother?

Yeah. How is she? What d'you mean? I mean,
how's your mother? Is she alive, dead, ill?

Has something happened to my mum?
How the hell do I know if you don't?

When did you last talk to your mother?
Is my mum OK? She doesn't know either.

Why are you talking about my mum?
Why are you out there doing...? Boyd!


OK, let's talk
about the railway station.

Why did you mug that woman?

Of all the women on the platform,
why did you choose her?

I was...

watching the cashpoint
outside the train station.

I saw the girl use it
and I followed her.

So it was the girl you mugged
and not the woman?

Yeah. So how did you end up
on the railway track?

The woman, she pushed me.
She should be done for that.

If you're that feeble, you shouldn't
be mugging people in the first place.

No. She was quick and well strong.

So are you gonna do her? No.

Cos nine out of ten people would've
left you dead on the tracks,

because people don't care,
if you have a mother

who gives a damn, then
you're one lucky boy.

What the hell was that?
He shouldn't be

behaving like that. Well,
neither should you!

This woman then, throwing
him on the tracks, I mean,

what do we make of that?

Well, if she was a prostitute,
she'd live on the

streets, she'd probably
know how to defend herself.


Stella, check the cashpoint nearest
to the train station, the girl used it,

it will have a camera
and the bank will have

the information all right?
OK. Eve wants you

About what? I don't know, she didn't say,

She didn't say because
you probably didn't ask,

I thought being in love was
supposed to make you happy

Uncomplicated casual sex makes you happy.
being in love makes you miserable.

Who said anything about him being in love?

Oh Spence could you organize transportation
for Andrew back to a secure Unit?

OK. And get him a phone,
he wants to ring his mum.

Mum! Mum, you're on the TV!

In what has become known as The Mystery
Mum story, police today confirmed

that the mugger was recovering but that
they want to speak to Mystery Mum.

They have released the
train station mobile

phone footage. If you
have any information....

Look, it's me! Well, only half
the road should recognise

that! I think it's time
you gave them a call.


Pack. What?

I'm going home.

This is so weird,
all my mates are texting me.

Wait, wait. Lore, stop!

You're not serious, are you?

We can't just run off to France.
Just phone the police and explain.

The phone's ringing.
Look, I'll sort this out from home.

And the girls?
The girls' home is wherever I am.

Lore, I want you to stop! Stephen!

Don't turn this into
something that it's not, OK?

Will you answer the phone?

Come on girls, get a move on.


Mr Wilson.

It's the Head.

Yes, we're laughing
about it together here now.

I got an e-mail about that young
male you were trying to locate.

He's going to be transferred
to a psychiatric unit.

There's still no name for him.

Will they let you know
where he's going to be?

Yeah. They said they would.

Will you pass that on to me?


What else have you got?

Oh, yup, 27B.

The material
found on her body was silk.

I've done a microscopy to compare

and a micro spectrophotometry and
chromatography test to compare dyes,

and I'm having a problem
locating its origin.

Where the garment was
manufactured or where the

silk was spun or whatever
it is you do to silk?

Well, both, all of the above.
Which means it's rare.

So where was she wearing it,
this garment? Probably on her head.

Fragments of the material were carried with
the bullet through the core of the brain.

What, so they put it over her
head like a hood? Or a blindfold.

Because the bullet entry wound was
here... Yeah, maybe a blindfold.

Came out through the left eye,
so the blindfold would... Hey.

The girl who was mugged at the
train station, I got her address

and her bank details.
Her name is Terese Carson.

Where is your wife? Look, this whole thing
is ridiculous. Yeah, maybe. Where is she?

She's gone home for a couple of days.
Where's home? She's a very private woman.

Where's home?



Did she take the children with her?

Yes. Yeah? Is this recent?


Have this sent out and
block all points of exit.

Have you tried to contact her?
Have you?

Come on Mr Carson, I could have you
arrested for assisting an offender.

An offender? Excuse me,
she saved someone's life!

She walked away from
the scene of a crime.

I've been doing this job a
long time and I don't think

that her behaviour is
rational right now, do you?

She walks away from the scene of a
crime, she takes the kids with her,

I'd be worried now if I was you, but...
She would

never harm the girls. Are
you sure about that?

Are you?

Look, I tried phoning her.

She's got her phone switched off.
The children, do they have phones?

Terese, my eldest. And is that switched
off too? Yes. No-one upstairs.

So she's French?

Yes. And what was her name before
you got married? Her maiden name?

Dutana. Lore Dutana.

I tried to talk to her but,

you know, she's very highly-strung.

It's in their blood, you know?
Yeah, I know, they're impossible.

Did she take a car?

I had better let my friends know
that I won't be around later.

Don't. You're joking me. No I'm not.
They'll have our phones traced.

Think you've been reading
too many crime books, Mum.

Mum, Mum. What? You're not allowed
to park there. Oh it doesn't matter

And now some good news from London
where a mum not only saved her child

from the attack of a mugger but then
went on to save the mugger's life!

This fuzzy footage was captured by a
member of the public on a mobile phone.

Police have told us that
they have absolutely no

idea who the woman is, so
if you know who she is,

please let us know.

I'm going to look at the
platform first.

Zut, alors!

Come on, let's go this way. I thought
we were getting on the train. We can't!

OK, this way, now!

I've sent her DNA profile
to the French police.

Lore Dutana.

I've got Rose Delaney in my office.

The original witness, 1993?

Are you sure you have the right person?

Yes, why?

She doesn't look like a prostitute

Well that's because she
isn't a prostitute anymore

What is she then? She's a dental assistant.

Well how does she get
from that to.....to this then?

Timely intervention I guess.

What kind of intervention?

I don't really know, but
I imagine, somebody came

along and offered help at a
time that she needed help

Is every thing OK? Yeah. How
do you save someone like that?

Well first, they have to want to be saved.

What if I get it wrong? Sorry? Well
what I mean is I... I don't want

to go in there and do something, you
know, that might, knock her back.

Well good.


You want me to do it? Yeah,
I think that's beat , don't you?. Yeah.

Thanks Grace.... for that.

What's it all about?

It's about August 19th 1993.

You rang the emergency services.

Yes. Why were you down there?

I don't... I don't really
want to talk about it.

But a young girl was killed
in the container that night.

And the fire you saw was
started by the killer

who was trying to
destroy the evidence.

So you see I really do need
your memories of that night.

I hadn't been down there
in the container yard for that long.

A few weeks.

I'd just come down. From home?

You'd run away? Yes.

From Bradford.

So, how did you find that place?

I met someone in Victoria Station.
He told me about it.

It's where they wait.
Train stations, bus stations. Who?


The ones who look for new girls.

So you met a man?


He called himself B-B.

He seemed like a decent guy.

Cute accent.

What sort of an accent?


So he showed me the place.

There were people living there,
you know, in the containers.

Oh, he had this line he'd
spin to all the girls

about how he couldn't
go home and all that.

He was a revolutionist
from the Kasbah.

He was just a dirty little pimp.

Was he around that night?
He was always around.

Did you see him that night?

I saw his car. What were you doing?

I was waiting for my 9 o'clock guy.

So, it must've been
about quarter past eight

when I saw B-B's car drive in.

And it drove off,
then it came back again later.

So my 9 o'clock guy turned up.

We went and did the business.

'Yeah, that's when I saw the flames coming
from one of the containers.' Oh, my God!

I needed to get to a phone.
Mr 9 o'clock thought I was a nut.

But you know I knew people lived in there,
it wasn't just an empty container yard.

Did you tell the police about B-B?


Why not?

Because I was afraid.

It's OK, Rose.

If I was 15 and on my own
I'd have been afraid.

Did you ever see this B-B again?



The cop who was in charge,
he found me a place in a shelter.

I got my act sorted out.

Excuse me,
I'm sorry to interrupt you.

I'm Detective Superintendent Boyd.

I'm heading this investigation, I just
wanted to ask you, if you don't mind...

When you were working
as a prostitute,

did you come across
anyone making tapes?

Tapes? Porn movies?

Well, I was thinking a little more
violent than that, some...

involving torture, you know.


But, it wouldn't surprise me. You know,
most of the faces down there were kids.

Anyone could've done anything
they wanted with them really.

Get on with it.

Close the door.

You seen the news?

I saw it.

She's alive and on the run.

Might turn up here. How would
she find me? Same way I did.

She contacts you,

I want to know about it.


Course, it goes without
saying, it you mess me about,

I'll cut your balls off and
put them in a blender.

Algerian. The only thing we've
got to go on are his initials B-B.

But, he fits the geographical
profile in that the killer

knew the area, chose the
spot, had access to

the victims and presumably
had their trust.

I've done a snip and an
isotopic analysis on 27B's

bones and it's most
likely that she's Arab.


I think the silk hood was,
in fact, a hijab.

Predominantly, the Muslim silk worn
today comes out of India and Pakistan,

but not this one.
This is home-spun.

Meaning? Right, well, the
Silk Route runs, well

starts, in China, then
runs to Pakistan... West.

Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, westwards.

In 1979, this route was
closed when Russia invaded

Afghanistan. Stopped it in the middle.

And this led to a rebirth
of the home-spun industry

in one area that couldn't
access the global market.

So they couldn't buy in or sell out?
No, the trade was

stopped overland, it was
completely sealed off...

And that was? And that was Palestine.

She's Palestinian? Well, most likely
Arab - she's wearing a Muslim

headdress, it's made in Palestine,
there's strong probability...

This changes it for me,
I don't know about you,

but we've got an Algerian
here, a French woman,

we're talking about a Palestinian
who's a practicing Muslim.

Does this say prostitution?

No. No.

The curtains are pulled.




Agh! Sorry.

Mmm. All right?


Look., when are you going
to tell me whats going on?

Not now. I'm afraid. It will be OK.

It will be fine.

Are you saying that the person
that did this to you was Irish?

She definitely had an Irish accent.

And she was looking for your wife?

Did she say why she was
looking for your wife? No.

But I suppose the fact, someone like that's
looking for my wife has implications.

It does, yes.

Whats going on?

How long have you known your wife?

Erm, ten years.

I met her when I was traveling
through France and...

..she was working in a cafe.

She got pregnant,

we moved back here,
set up home and made a family.

Does she work here now?

She's been a nurse
for the past six years.

Does she ever speak
about the time that she

spent here in the UK
before you were married?


No, she was never here, she was
never here before. Sure about that?


We have her DNA on a murder scene dating
back to 1993 here in the United Kingdom.

What? You said you met your wife...

ten years ago.

Yes. One of your daughters, Terese, she
seems a little bit older than that.

Yes, she's 15. Um...

..Lore had Terese before I met her.

Who's the father? The natural.

He's dead. Um, I never really
discussed it much with her.

She's your stepdaughter, that's a
bit odd. Don't you speak about it?

Well, I was...

I thought she'd talk
about it when she was ready.

Are you OK?


My children are in danger and...

..I think you know more
about my wife than I do.

You know, this is so,
so dysfunctional!

I'm trying to think...
We're stuck in a

shit-bucket of a hotel hiding from...
I said...

Well, who are we hiding from?!
The police.

I think they're looking
for me in connection

to something that
happened a long time ago.

Well, how, how long ago?

Before you were born.

So, what is it?

A girl I knew, she was killed.

OK, so what are we gonna do?

Give me a couple of hours.

If I can't sort this out,
then we call the police.

I won't be long.

Lore Dutana was arrested by French
border police in Port de Larrau

on the 16th of October 1992 while
trying to cross into Spain.

OK. She was held for three... Hold
on, hold on. 16th of October 1992.

Does that date mean
anything to anybody?

She was held for three days and
then released without charges.

It she was traveling
with a person of interest.

I said I wanted more details but the
file is with Interpol. I'll get onto it.

Shall I go and do a
CD-FIT of Stephen's attacker?

Please, please. So we've got an Algerian
pimp called B-B, we've got a...

..Palestinian woman burnt
to a crisp, a French woman,

Lore Dutana, who we now know
has a file with Interpol.

And an Irish woman who's particularly
good at improvising explosive devices.

Maybe we should call in MI5.

You think we're out of our depth?
Well, a little.

So what is it with
this attack on Stephen?

Was she expecting Lore to come home,
press the bell and blow him sky high?

Taking a risk if she did,
wasn't she?

What's more interesting is the
fact that she didn't kill him.

She obviously wanted him to suffer,
she inflicted mental cruelty on him.

So you're suggesting there's a history
between Stephen and the Irish woman?

Or between the Irish woman and Lore.
Yeah. Exactly.

Or in fact... Or in fact all three.

..all three.


So what do they have in common,
these people?

What's the connection?

Apart from Lore,

who's French,

all the others come
from parts of the world

that are under military occupation.
Not now.

Ireland. No, no, but 1992.

Yeah, except... Lore.

Who's French.

Turn around...

Turn around.

I can find places for these two,
but this one I don't want.

She is too young.

Get them out of here! OK, let's go.


I am called Alex here.

I need your help.

Why else would you be here?

I need to be smuggled out.

I smuggle girls into
the country, not out.

I know you can do it.

Even under normal circumstances it would
be hard but with the police looking...

You owe me.

I know. I know that.

Look, is there someone else
looking for you?

I don't know.

What have you heard?


..but they could be looking
for you, you know that.


And if they find me, they find you.

I ran some tests on Lore Dutana's
DNA and while her nationality

may well be French, I think her
ethnicity is actually Basque.

You can tell that from her DNA?

To some extent yes, the
Basque DNA is considered

to be a living fossil of
the first Europeans. OK.

And this is where Lore is from.
Bayonne. That to me is France.

It is and it isn't - watch. This is
Euskadi, what we call Pays Basque.

It straddles the border
with France and Spain.

Euskadi ta Askatasuna. Meaning?

Basque Fatherland and Liberty...

ETA, the terrorist organization? Sworn to
achieve independence for their homeland

and for that they're willing to
kill anyone by any means necessary.

The Interpol file on Lore Dutana.

Lore Dutana, who we now
know is Basque, may or may

not have been a member of
the organization... ETA.

ETA, I know, I know, ETA, yeah, OK.

..was arrested crossing the
French/Spanish border 16th October '92

with this person of interest who is... A
man called Brahim Haddou. Brahim Haddou.

A suspected member of an Algerian
terrorist organization, FIS.

FIS. We call it FIS. FIS. Thank you.

An Islamic fundamentalist group.
Now... But the interesting thing

is the FIS actually
won the Algerian

elections in 1991 but
the result was ignored

by the military government and then
FIS embarked on a bombing campaign.

Yeah, cos Brahim was wanted in connection
with the bombing of Algiers airport.

When was that? That was, um... 26th of
August 1992. They had him in October 1992,

why didn't they hold him there?

Because he'd been sentenced
to death in absentia

in Algeria, the French
couldn't send him back.

So where is he now? Here.

That's bloody typical, isn't it?

We get 'em all. Yeah, he was
granted political asylum in '93.

All right, well check with the Home Office
and find out where he is now. Yeah?

So do we think that B-B
and Brahim Haddou

are the same person?


Who were you calling?

I had to make arrangements.

Listen to me.

If you betray me I will get to you.

I know.

It's all arranged.


I can get you on a truck
leaving the UK in a few hours.

Here is the pick-up point.

Don't go back to the hotel.

You're all over the news.


The DNA sweep I carried
out on the Carson home

produced one sample that
must be Stephen's attacker.

We ran it through the
system and got a massive hit.

Who is she? Una Doyle.

Convicted of attempted murder and a member
of the Irish National Liberation Army.

Security forces tried to
arrest Una in Spain in 1992.

'92? Where in Spain? Granada.

It was believed she was traveling
to Granada to plant a car-bomb

outside a building that was to
house a European summit meeting.

Una and her two accomplices, Liam O'Keefe
and Sean Doyle, were intercepted.

Both men were killed in a shoot-out.
Doyle? Her brother.

Una escaped, wounded.


She was arrested in May 1994
in the UK,

and then released in
2000 post-Good Friday.

So she's out now? Yep.

So, when was this shootout?

17th October 1992.

The day after
Lore was arrested.

You see what you've got here, you
see your connections, don't you?

You've got these people fighting for
liberation, the INLA here - Ireland,

FIS - Algeria, and the Basque
separatists, ETA, right?

So what was this, one of
these organizations

was shopping the other or...? No, I
think it's more personal than that.

I think this is the
Irish woman, Una's,

retribution on Lore for
the death of her brother.

TV: It's time for our
competition, it's called...

Mummy? No, wait.

Who are you?

Sit down.

You all alone?

Where's your sister?

In here?

Ow! Run! Hey! Hey!

Let's be a good girl now. OK?


Sit down.

Over there. Come on. Come on.

Come on!

What are you doing?

We're going to wait for your mother.

Sir, Terese's phone has been turned
on, and we have a location. Where?

A hotel in King's Cross.
OK, let's go.

Wait, um...Boyd.
I've got that address you wanted.

Oh, thank you. OK. Thanks.

Clever girl.

Change of plan then.

Boyd. Blood.

Don't touch it. Leave it alone.
Sorry, sorry.


Nothing. All right. Here's her
phone. You know what to do with it.

I got your number from the TV.

Just a minute. ..Lore? Lore?

Tell me...

Has she got my children?

Wherever you are just
please come in. We can help you.

Are my daughters there?

No, but we can help you.
Where are you?


Tell my husband I'm sorry.


She hung up.
OK, let's search the hotel.

Get Eve in, all right, and, you know,
trace that call.

Hello? Is she there? No.

She's gonna come looking for you.
She finds you, you call me.

What if she calls in her people?

She doesn't have any people any more.
She won't harm

you, she needs you alive
to make contact with me.

Why would she want to contact you?

Because I have her children.


Yeah, no, nothing, it's just a little
difficult for me to talk right now.

D'you mind if I call you back?
'Oh, um...all right.'

I'm in the middle of
something with, um, Luke.

'With...with Luke?' Yeah.
'Do-do you know where he is?'

Maybe. Can I call you back? I mean,
I want to speak to you but I just...

Please, let me call you back. 'Yes,
yes, of course. Call me later.' Thanks.

Dad! Did you see it?

I just did a stepover!


Hi. Detective Superintendent Boyd.

You have an unidentified
male youth here.

He's in there? Yeah. Thanks.

Go away!

Get out!

Get out!! I hate you!!

I hate you!

I have discovered that
your wife is not French.