Voltron Force (2011–2012): Season 1, Episode 5 - Joyride to Doom - full transcript

When the cadets grow impatient with their lack of flight hours in the Lions, Daniel convinces the group to borrow the Lions so they can sneak off to go to Planet Doom, Lotor's home planet to grab a sample of Haggarium. But they soon find themselves abducted by Maahox, who studies Vince's strange energy signature. Meanwhile, Lotor invades the Castle of Lions and takes Allura hostage, and Voltron debuts a new reconfiguration ability during the rescue; Lance's red-center form for Voltron with "Magma Pistols".


Thanks for your very
constructive input, Daniel.

Now, as we can see here, the blue glow was
especially active when our dashes fizzled out.

It appears to be a new form of dark energy

that weakens the power of the lions.

Whatever it is,

I'd love to get my hands
on it to run some tests.

Cool! So, instead of sitting around here

and talking about it, why don't
we just go to planet Doom

and do something about it?

Because we aren't ready yet.

And, perhaps if you cadets
would pay attention,

you might learn a thing or
two about battle strategy.

Oh, but that's just it...

We want to learn,

but this battle strategy is so abstract.

Maybe it would make more
sense to our rookie brains

if you gave us solo time in the lions.

Solo time?

You're lucky your rears

have even touched our pilot seats at all.

But what about all the learning
we're missing out on now?

Well, if you really want to learn so badly,

you can spend the rest of the day
studying your galaxy navigation charts.

Wait! Uh... did I say "learn?"

Consider yourself schooled.

All right, so here 's the route
from Arus to planet Doom...

...and here's the route continuing straight

to planet way-to-go-snartface.

All right. I deserve that...

But someone had to say it.

We're being treated like kids.

We don't go on any missions,

and all we do is study theories

instead of getting hands-on training.

We should be out there
learning to fly the lions

before we learn where we can go in them!

You guys know I don't care
about piloting the lions...

But I care about studying
navigation even less.

Leave the keys to me.

I'm taking black.

Larmina, blue?

I've been feeling a bond with green.

Done and...


Sorry, buddy.

Looks like Pidge has the green key right now.

Hope you can control the heat red's packin'.

Let's go.


Evil is back.

The Drule King Lotor

has returned with a dark energy
that can destroy the galaxy.

Our only hope...

The Voltron Force...

A team of five heroic pilots

that control five awesome robot lions.

When Lotor's monstrous Robeasts attack,

the lions come together

to form Voltron, defender of the universe!

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- addic7ed.C0m -

so what now?




I'd say this is much more productive...

And educational.

As long as we have the lions out,

we should do something that reminds
the other guys to respect us,

to let them know we're ready for anything.

I feel like you already
have something in mind.

We did just learn the way to planet Doom,

so it would almost be a
wasted learning experience

not to go there and find that
dark energy sample for Pidge.

Whaddya say?


I guess, at this point...

I can't believe

you two idiots were "chosen by destiny."

I hope you're right about this, Daniel.

Trust me.

They're gonna throw us a
parade after we pull this off.

Let's set 'em down in that canyon.

We don't want Lotor to see us coming.

The Voltron Force?


I swear to you,

if they eradicate me one more time...

Maahox, m...

My body... what's...

Ahh! What is this?

Clearly, Lotor, my King,

it would seem the Haggarium used to
bring you back to life has some...

Side effects.

What does it feel like?

It feels like I'm ready for the Voltron Force.

How do we get in?


I'll crush them, Maahox!

With my bare hands, I'll crush them all.

I wouldn't advise acting too rashly, my Lord.

Haggarium is remarkably unstable.

Until you understand your limitations,
its effects are entirely unpredictable.

Don't lecture me about limitations.

We have intruders on my planet
and I intend to deal with them.

Well, you need not worry about haste.

I've already sent the concierge
to greet our guests.

Wow. We are really high up.

Just have to get up there, then, it's a
simple four-foot jump to the castle.


Maybe 8. Or 12...?

Are we moving?


I gotcha!

Get on the inside!

I think we're coming down.

It's that blue glow again!

My power is limitless.

This is the end of Voltron, and
the rise of the Drule empire!

Get up!

We've got to get out of here.


Children, Maahox!

They send children to fight me now?

How very interesting.

Just the three of them?

Yes. They were wearing these...

Even more interesting.

Oh, you'll be pleased to know

that we found the same number
of lions in shadow moon canyon,

beyond the castle.

All three are being towed here as we speak.

Now, the question is,

who are you...

And what are you doing here?

If we have three of the lions...

Commander, ready the ground troops.
We depart for Arus at once.

The trip there should be just
enough time for me to recuperate.


Let's run it again.

Well, it's nice to see you two holding hands.

Well played, Sir.

And how may we help you, madame?

I was wondering if you
guys have seen the cadets?

I can't find them anywhere.

Attention! We are on red alert!

Red alert.

Pidge, what is it?

Sensors just detected a huge fleet
of Drule ships approaching.

Then there's no time to waste.

Scramble the lions!

That would be problem "B".

We're three lions short.

What do you mean, "we're three lions short?"

How is that possible?

Daniel. That's how.

Your antics are getting
less and less cute, my man.

How adorable.

Three junior members of the Voltron Force

have come to visit planet Doom.

Do you feel like telling your Uncle Maahox

what you planned to do here?

Let's just have a look at your toys, shall we?

Ooh! These are fancy toys, aren't they?

Based off the same mystical
technology that powers Voltron.

Let's see what happens

when they're exposed to some Haggarium.


That's a very unique spectral signature.

I wonder, my new friend,

what makes you so powerful?

Lotor's got four squads of infantry,

and at least two dozen heavy machines

I haven't seen before.

But where's the Robeast?

I'm not seeing a Robeast on
the any of these readings.

Hunk, Pidge, take your lions,

and see what kind of damage you can do.

Lance and I will have to fight
on foot with our Voltcoms.

Allura, man the castle's defenses.

If Lotor doesn't have a Robeast,

we might be able to pull this off.

We're ready, Sir.

Would you like to lead the charge?


Take your men and decimate their defenses.

If you see any lions, keep
them busy until I return.

I'm going to claim a prize
I've been after for years.

Let's do this.

I'm feelin' frisky.

This might be a little painful.

This is all my fault. We've
got to get out of here.

You so wish you were ninja like me.

Does it really feel like an
appropriate time to gloat?


Just you and me, little buddy.


Careful out there, Hunk!

These things are packing some punch!

Too late for the heads-up!

Trying to avoid the heads off!

If I could break this...

Thanks, princess.


I was wondering when you were gonna stop

showing off with your fists

and start showing off with your guns.

I'm here to entertain.

Behind you!


All right, everybody, keep it up!

We're pushing them back!

Focus on driving the tanks toward the lions.

Roger that.

Hello, princess.


Your biology has traces

of the energies that power these devices

the energies that power Voltron,

which means...

You must be one of them.

I thought they disappeared
from the galaxy long ago,

but... here... you... are.

One of who?

You have a whole host of secrets to unlock,

my little Voltron lab-rat.

But don't worry.

You'll pass out long before

we get to the really painful tests.

What about my friends?

It might be fun to turn them into
Robeasts and send them to Arus.

Can you imagine the look on
the Voltron Force's faces

when they realize they have to fight

their own proteges?

Now... where were we?

We were at the part where
you finally stop talking.

Let's get out of here.

Did I mention this escape might be painful?

Where's our back-up?

The castle's cannons have gone dark!

Sweet princess,

this would be a lot easier if
you would just stay still.

Yeah. Wouldn't it?



Get used to it.

This is the form of your new King!

Pretty heavily guarded.

Pfft! By them?

Is that... Lotor?

Load her onto my ship.

Keith? Lance?

Fighting hand-to-hand?

Where are your lions?

Oh, that's right!

I'm having them destroyed as we speak!

You guys need some help?

Ah! A challenge!

He's charged up with that dark energy.

My lion is down.

I'm here, little buddy.

Looks like it's down to you and me, yellow.

Here, kitty-kitty.

It's the cadets!

Lance, I'm sorry. It's all my...

Later. Get your tails down
here to pick up me and Keith.

-Move over!
-Move over!

Where's Allura?

She's on a shuttle headed to Lotor's flagship.

I'll intercept.

Even I'm impressed.

Uh... rescue mission not going as planned.

I'm on it!

Princess, you can paw at me all you want.

I know...

All present and accounted for.

Welcome back, princess.

Activate interlocks. Dyno-therms, connected.

Infra-cells, up! Mega thrusters are go!

Let's go, Voltron Force.

Form feet and legs!

Form arms and body!

And I'll form the head!

Ah... The whole
force has reunited

and formed your precious Voltron...

For me.

How kind of you.

I've always dreamt of this day...

The day no Robeast fights Voltron...

The day I destroy you with my own hands!

All right, I'm gonna stomp him now.

What? He...

I don't know!


-This can't be happening!

And for my next trick...

Your turn, red.

We have to get out of here, Vince!

Uh, Vince...?


No... no!

Lance, what's happening?


Lance, talk to us!

Um... did you guys know that Vince glows?


I'm forming the head?

I'm forming the head!


No! I'm too close!

Lance, is Vince okay?

I think so.

He's breathing, but he's out cold.

Okay! Let's see what this baby can do!

What are you waiting for? Attack him!

Form blazing...


Not gonna lie to you, guys...
This is really cool!

You'll never defeat me!

Today is the rise of the Drule empire.

Today is the day I...


We did it!

Uh, mainly you, though.

I'm really sorry. I just
wanted to be treated like one of you,

not a kid.

Daniel, you are one of us.

We can't have you going off like you did.

Would it make you slightly less mad if
I told you the mission was a success?

Oh, this was a "mission," now?

Is that...?

They call it "Haggarium."

Destroy Voltron!

Welcome back, King Lotor...



Where... what's happening?

They didn't!


They'll pay!

I swear to you, I'll make them pay!

I need more Haggarium!

I need to be stronger!

Unfortunately, my Lord,

I used what we had left to re-reanimate you.

Pity, because I had such big plans to
incorporate the fascinating technology

from those marvelous toys
into your Haggarium armor...

Well, then... we'll just have
to get more... A lot more,

and I will control it all.

We'll figure out
how to control your power,

and Lotor's defeat can't be far behind.

Just as soon as we
find out what his power is.

Until then, I think Lance
has a job for all of you.

Latrine duty?

No way, bud.

This is a much more adult punishment.

And you get to spend time
alone with the lions!

It's everything you asked for, Danny-boy.

How does it feel?