Voltron Force (2011–2012): Season 1, Episode 6 - The Hunkyard - full transcript

Hunk takes the cadets on a bonding mission to his secret junkyard called The Hunkyard to learn teamwork and to build "crush cars" so they can have their own vehicles. However, cadet bonding day comes to a halt when an army of Waderoids powered by Haggarium attack them and form together to make a massive scrap monster out of junk. When the rest of the Voltron Force arrives, they take the beast down by taking on a new form that makes Yellow Lion the body and head of Voltron and forms "Rock Wrecking Maces" as his battle weapon.

Mm. Hah.

Uh... Pidge? Would you tell
the cadets the BBQ is off?

Aww! They're going to be bummed.

I told you not to cook with jet fuel!

Yeah... but you should see
this gnarly grill. It's...

On our radar screen.

Well, at least now we know that our
gristle defense system is working.

"Gristle defense."

You always know how to
cheer me up, little buddy.

♪ Gristle defense! Gristle defense! ♪

♪ gristle defense!
Gristle defense! ♪

Pidge, I've got that Haggarium
sample for us to analyze.

♪ gristle defense!

I'll come back.

♪ Gristle defense! ♪

Evil is back.

The Drule King Lotor has returned

with a dark energy that
can destroy the galaxy.

Our only hope? The Voltron Force...

A team of five heroic pilots that
control five awesome robot lions.

When Lotor's monstrous Robeasts attack,
the lions come together to form

Voltron, defender of the universe!

let's not waste time here.
Let's just form Voltron.

Aww. Is someone a little grumpy
because he didn't get his barbecue?

Yeah. Obviously.

Well, no one wants to see Hunk angry.

Activate interlocks!



Mega-thrusters are... go!

Let's go, Voltron Force!

Form feet and legs!

Form arms and body!

And I'll form the head!

Form blazing sword!

Nice work, team.

Let's finish him!

That was thoroughly enjoyable.

It is a beautiful thing
when we are all in sync.

Aw, more Robeasts?

It's a good thing the teamwork
is firing on all cylinders

because it's time to test Voltron's
new reconfiguration power.

You ready, Vince?

I'll try...

Just give in to your instincts, Vince.

I'm sure you'll do just fine.

You can do this.

Aw, man, it's working!

Voltron's gonna reconfigure!

Vince, you were so close! Try
to get back in that zone.

I can't! I don't know how! I...

Calling castle control room.

Daniel, Larmina,

what are Voltron's power levels reading?

Come in?

Hello? Guys?

There's another one!

I told you there'd be Waderoids out here.

I had to fight a sick amount of
them when Wade invaded Arus.

It's just so weird that
their busted-up carcasses

are still scurrying around like vermin.

I guess that means our little
game here makes us exterminators.


What's the score again?

All tied up.

Daniel! Larmina! Where are you two?



Uh... nothing.

You two... are supposed to
be assisting the battle

by monitoring it from the control room!

Watching is boring.

Besides, why do you need us if
you have your magic man Vince?

And I'm sick of all the
lion-y/vehicle-y stuff.

I just want to fight the old-fashioned way.

I can't believe you two.

What? It's not like this
battle matters anyway.

End Voltron simulation.

Castle control room. Now!

If you want to be part of this team, you
need to master all forms of combat.

Before you make decisions
that affect the team,

you need to learn to be a team player.

Yeah, man...

It's like you gotta be groovin' with the
whole band before you bust into your...

♪ Solo! ♪

Uh, valiant attempt, big guy, but
I think we'll take it from here.

Daniel, I try to make training
fun, but this isn't a game.

Hey! Pidge, pal.

Whatchoo guys...

Sorry, Hunk. Give me a second here.

Vince and I are trying to see
if we can triple-alternate

the current in his Voltcom circuitry.

Maybe if we take this diode and...

Sometimes, my
aunt can be so annoying.

I can't believe Lance and Keith are
giving me lectures on "teamwork."

Those two are always arguing.

Well, at least we have a secret
place to complain about them.

Yeah, but I feel like we
should be using the lair

for something more important
than our whine-hole.


I'm gonna be spending a lot of time down here

trying to figure out how to control my powers.

Man, I can't believe I
let everyone down today.

Must be tough, being their golden-boy.

Jealousy doesn't look good on you.

I'm not jealous. I just...

Look, Daniel.

I didn't choose this power, it chose me.

And you're sounding more
and more like my aunt.

Hunk, is everything all right?



It's just that everyone

seems to have a bond-thing
going with a cadet, except me.

Hmm. You know, maybe we can remedy that.

Why don't you try teaching
their class for a day?

Teach, huh?

I can do that.

You have your role, "magic man,"

but where do Larmina and
I fit into this puzzle?

Destiny's unfolding.

We need patience.


There you go again, "Auntie Allura."



Power of lions!

I mean, just 'cause you
have "Auntie" issues...

All of our issues boil
down to one simple fact...

Five lions and eight pilots.

Sometimes, I just think it would be
easier if we had our own vehicles.

All right, that's enough, you cranky cadets.

We're going on a field trip.

So, after a lifetime on Arus,

I still need to ask, where are we?

It's a secret little place

I like to call "the Hunk yard."


And bonus points for the name, Sir.

I haven't been here in ages...
My galactic scrap collection.

And just what might we be doing in your...
Hunk yard...

With your trash?


And we're gonna do what I used to do
when I was full of youthful rage.

Build stuff... then break it.

Go on.

Start looking for vehicle parts that call out

to your inner demolition-derby racer.

We're gonna make some crush cars!

Whoopee. More vehicles.

Over here. This one. This one!

Oh, man, this thing's awesome!


Once I've run this molecular
analysis on the Haggarium sample,

we'll have cracked its signature reading,
so I can program our defense system

to detect it.

Well, in these times, Haggarium
detection is a great start.

Daniel! You sure that bike
is really ready for action?

Of course it is!


Kid's gonna learn the hard way.

Loose axle, huh?

I'd like to revise my answer.

This reminds me of the time

I spent on the crush-car derby circuit.

You were a crush-car racer?

One of the best...

With that beauty.


Wait, did you just...?

Ah, must've been the sun.

I can't believe you were on the circuit!

Yeah, but it was my time in the pits

I loved the most.

I spent years as a boy, working
with my dad's pit crew,

buildin' and fixin'...

Takin' it all in.

By the time I was actually behind the
wheel, I knew the sport from top to bottom.

If I had just become I driver from the get-go,

I wouldn't have realized
what a team effort it was...

Probably would've been crushed.

I see what you're doing here.

I'm tightening this bolt?


Just tightening the bolt.

Thanks for putting everything
into perspective, Hunk.

Uh, sure thing.

Hey, Vince.

How's it goin' over there?

Thanks, Hunk. I would've
never thought of that.


Hey, Larmina. You picked one of my favorites.

Larmina? Larmina!

How's it goin' over here?

I want to part of the Voltron
force to defend Arus,

but why do I always have to be
piloting some stupid vehicle?

Because vehicles are awesome.

We are not currently bonding, are we?

Things must be going well
with Hunk and the cadets.

They've been gone for hours.

Do you know where they went?

Ha. Hunk probably took them
to his "secret" place.

Oh, yeah!

The Hunk yard.

"Hunk yard?"

Yeah. You gotta love

that the big guy thinks a
pile of scrap that huge

wouldn't be picked up on our sensors.

Come on! I took you cadets
to my super-secret place

that none of the other guys know about.

That's gotta be worth something.

It is.

That's why I'm bothering
to participate at all.

So, if we could just get to the part

where we start breaking stuff,

I'd be thrilled to get this over with.

I think I know how to make
you like vehicles more.

How would you know what I like?

Is that "stereolactic" you're listening to?

No. But that's who I was
influenced by when I wrote it.

You wrote that? No way!

Wanna hear something I wrote?

Are we bonding now?

Yeah. I believe we are.

Ready to get crushed?

I think you'll find my
armor quite uncrushable.

The question is, you fast
enough to outrun the turret?

No. The question is, which
one of you wants to be my first victim?

What is that?

Hunk saw that my strong distaste in vehicles

was caused by confinement of the cockpits,

so he solved that with a few alterations.

Free... range... of...


All right, cadets.
Hand over the voltcoms!

This is gonna be a friendly match
of destroy-or-be-destroyed...

And the only rules are...
That there are no rules.


Don't kill each other.

How we gonna score this game?

Easy! Me, one. You...


I hope you're up for some
serious refereeing, old yellow.

We're gonna have our paws full.


Aw, come on.

This isn't because I called you "old" is it?

You don't act up like this unless
someone's using Haggarium...

On... us.

Well, this is certainly gonna put
a cramp in cadet-bonding day.

What's the matter?

Can't hit me without your magic?

Um, boys...

I can hit you!


You said there'd be more of
these, but I had no idea.

Neither did I!

And it looks like, somehow, they're
being powered by Haggarium...

Which is so not awesome.

Any suggestions here?

Yeah. Let's kick some...


Ha! He totally stepped on your line.

And on that waderoid!

Hunk, did you call
this attack back into base?

Call this in?

And let them share all the fun?

No way! This is our day to
bond, and I ain't sharing!

Ooh, yeah! Who owns
the Hunk yard?

What are you waitin' for, cadets?

Let's rock these bots out!

He's lost it.

He's nuts!

He's rad.

Let's show him what we got!

It's getting really late.
Shouldn't they be back by now?

Well, the yellow lion is
still at the Hunk yard.

They've probably just lost track of time

because they're havin' too much fun.

Daniel, you've got
five more coming on your left!

- Make that three!
- On it.

Larmina, you're up.

Time to see if Hunk's buildin' skills

can keep up with my fightin' skills.


This is almost like a video game!

You mean because we keep
blasting these things,

but we aren't making a
dent in their numbers?

I think it's time to go back to the lion.

Are you kidding?

We're just getting started.

I've lost control! I think this
is running on Haggarium power!

Thanks, buddy.

We're stuck!

We need to work together!

Go right...

Uh, east, go east.

Now south!

That can't be good.

I think it's time to get
back to the yellow fella.

Ha-hah. Bingo! Got your
signature, Haggarium.

Well done, Pidge!

Let's upload it to the detection system.

We can test your work by running a
diagnostic on the Arusian surface.

Perhaps there are trace amounts of fallout

from your previous battles
against this dark power.

Good idea.

You thought you could elude me,
but I got you, you vile...

Whoa. That's odd.

What is it?

I must've entered something incorrectly

because it says there are massive
traces of Haggarium on our surface...

Located in...

Oh, no!

Do your thing, Vince!

I'm sorry, man. This is your role on the team

and, right now, I appreciate
it more than ever.

Thanks. I'm glad you...

This is sweet, guys,

but save your man-hugs for later.
Scrap monster!


Yellow lion powered up!


You want to call this in now?

No need!

Pidgette! How did you...

I'm a genius. Remember?

What is that thing?

My stuff... but it's evil now.

Well, what do you say you come up
here and we form our mighty friend?

I'm so in!

Activate interlocks!




Let's go, Voltron Force.

Form feet and legs!

Form arms and...


Something's happening.

Here we go again!

We're forming the head!

Vince, how are you doing this?

I'm not doing anything!

I wonder if that means...

These transformations

must be programmed into
Voltron's core somehow.

Secretly locked within.

And Vince is the key!

The implications of this are... are... pow!

Yeah, yeah. Programs, core implications...

Who cares? What's my weapon?

"Form blazing..." Something!

Oh, yes!

I have wrecking balls.

Make that "wrecking maces!"

Told you we'd be breaking stuff.

Hey, Daniel!

Now this is how you play your... solo!


You got that out of your system?

I'll never have that out of my system!


But I'm good for now.


Let's neutralize this thing.

Form black center!

Form blazing sword!

Hey, guys, how was that for a bonding...


Hey, Hunk. Can you
keep a secret?

We've also got a secret place... "The lair."

And we could use your help
on making something awesome.