Voltron Force (2011–2012): Season 1, Episode 4 - Coran Coran - full transcript

When Pidge shows off the new tail-weapon upgrades, the Voltron Force receives a distress call from Coran who warns them of a moon-base factory on Tarvos that will be manufacturing an invincible army for Sky Marshall Wade. But when they try to rescue him, they fall into a trap set by Wade as the real Coran is trapped inside and must search for him while battling Wade's own experimental versions of the Lions. Meanwhile, the cadets soon learn it's a Coran imposter that's actually a robot strapped with a time bomb and must face it in a fight.

All right, we've got a few major developments
to unveil for today's science briefing.


Is this the kind of science that can
smash, burn, and/or explode things?


Eyes on Pidge, cadets.

This is the good stuff.

Hey, it's all good stuff!

No, no, no, of course.


Please, please, continue.

Hunk and I have been working

to enhance the lions' combat capabilities

with a round of pretty sweet upgrades.

By tying each of our Voltcom
powers into the lions themselves,

we've been able to customize a
weapon for each lion's tail.

In your case, Keith, a tail
shock for the black lion.

For Allura, we've got a
freeze ray in the blue lion.

Precision laser for Lance in red.

Demolition tail for Hunk in yellow,

and for me in green...

Boomer Blades.


Oh. Yes, well, for now,

we're focusing on original
lion force Voltcoms only.

Honestly, we haven't even fully tested the...

I volunteer to test mine.

Now's good for me.

We've got an incoming fractal!

Activating external castle defences.

If you want to test the hardware, Lance,

you may need to hurry before...

Wait, I'm getting...

A distress call?


Pidge? Lasers?

What? Whoa!

Coran, what's happened?



Evil is back.

The Drule King Lotor

has returned with a dark energy
that can destroy the galaxy.

Our only hope...

The Voltron Force...

A team of five heroic pilots

that control five awesome robot lions.

When Lotor's monstrous Robeasts attack,

the lions come together to form
Voltron, defender of the universe!


It's a miracle he even survived that crash.

Let's not break him on the rescue.

Lucky for you,

the alliance builds a pretty sturdy ship.

We'll get you to medical for
a full check-up, but I...

No, you will take me to the
control room, immediately.

Absolutely not.
Debriefing can wait.

Your health is too important to risk it.

Princess, I'm afraid there are far
more lives at stake here than my own.

It's Wade.

Not only did he survive the Robeast attack,

he's taken control of the alliance

and is already preparing his next assault.

Fortunately, his army is still small,

but if we're to keep it that way,

Wade's secret base on
Tarvos must be destroyed.

If not, he'll be able to
create a force so numerous,

I fear Voltron itself may
be powerless against it.

Ha! I'd like to see that.

Or... I wouldn't?

Which is why we should, you know...

Stop it.

All right, thanks to Coran's early warning,

this should be a straightforward job.


Then I'd like to bring the cadets along.

With a threat as evil as
Lotor lurking out there,

they could use a soft
mission to get up to speed.

Actually, I don't think the cadets are the
only ones who could use the training.

It's been a while since we've
worked as a five-some.

I suggest we take this opportunity
to shake the rust off.

Pidge is right.

We go original lion force on this one.

I've been inside Wade's base
before, so I'll take the lead.

Whoa, I know you're out of
practice at this, Keith,

but cutting off discussion
isn't really a team thing.

Then I guess that proves we
need some team building.

It proves that one of us does.

What does bickering like
teenage boys prove we need?

She's good.

Team re-bonding it is.

Don't worry about us.

I'm sure we can find ways to keep busy.

Nice try, but I'd like the castle
to still be here when we get back.

Coran's in charge.

Assuming he's feeling up to it.

Much better already, actually.

Huh, it's quiet.

Still, no reason to take chances.

No reason to be subtle either.

Might as well make this team bonding official.

Activate interlocks!

Dyno-therms connected!

Infra-cells up!

Mega-thrusters are go!

Let's go! Voltron Force!

Form feet and legs!

Form arms and body!

And I'll form the head!

Let's shake off some rust.

Guess it stopped being quiet.

I thought this place was
supposed to be abandoned.

It must be an automated defense system.

So, it's got defenses.

We'll just need a stronger offense.

Form blazing sword!

Ah, hacking up a moon base with a sword.

This is the stuff I missed.

I'm not saying our room isn't great.

It's just not exactly Private, you know?

Especially if the fab-five are
never going to leave us alone

without a royal babysitter.

You want to trade problems?

At least you've got a working Voltcom.

I'm thinking we need a secret H.Q.
Kind of like the Den,

but cooler.

Uh... "The Cave."

No, better, "The Lair!"

We could even have our own logo!

Only you can save them.


I-I don't...

Behold, my friend.

The unbelievable coolness that is...

"The lair."


What are you...






I-I'm so sorry.

I don't know what happened.

It's all right,

but perhaps you boys

should confine your rough-and-tumble games

to your own room.

I've had enough injuries for one day.


Yeah, sorry.

See, this is exactly why we need the lair.

I'm in.

Really? That was easy.

I guess there's a few things
I'd like to keep secret, too.

We could really use Larmina on his one.

She knows this castle's secret passages

better than anyone.

Think she'd be up for it?


You know that's incredibly creepy, right?

Creepy like a ninja.

I'm always honing my stealthy stalking skills.

Gotta stay sharp.

So now you're stalking me?

Ah, the way the ladies just
throw themselves at me,

kind of sad, really.

Just give me a minute to grab my
Voltcom before we hit the catacombs.

Expecting trouble?

You two are gonna be there, right?

Well, if she's bringing hers...

The lunar core is destabilizing.

If we leave it alone,

the entire moon should collapse on itself.

Couldn't we give it a few more whacks anyway?

I wouldn't advise it.

Unless you're in a hurry to
seal your dear friend's fate.


Trapped in the belly of
the base, you might say.

If only there were some
foolishly brave souls nearby

to attempt a dangerous,
possibly suicidal rescue.


This was a set-up from the beginning.

You were never coming back to this base.

You wanted us here!

So, the great Commander Keith's sharp
military wit is just figuring that out now?

You'll have to be quicker than that

if you don't want Coran's
demise on your hands.

I don't know h ow much
longer that moon has, Keith.

We'll have to split up and go inside.

We'll be walking right into Wade's trap,

but I don't see any other option.


Whatever's in there, I'm not abandoning Coran.

Hey, you know I'm game for deadly danger,

but I've got one question.

How do we know that's the real Coran in there?

Um, I've got another one.

If that is the real Coran,

who did we leave back at the castle?

Hey, Larmina, slow down!

We didn't all grow up in this place!

What, Mr. speedy-pants can't keep up?



You shouldn't be down here.
It isn't safe.

Out for an adventure?

I strongly suggest you
return to the main castle.

You have no business down
here in the catacombs.

O-of course.

We're sorry.

Never happen again.

So, what's your business down here?


You're crossing a line, cadet.

Coran has earned the respect we give him.

No, I'm honestly curious.

A couple of hours ago,

you were so weak you
couldn't even stay conscious

at the controls of a fractal, and
now you're exploring the catacombs?

Yeah, it's a little weird.


but of course, there's a
very simple explanation.

Who are you, you freak?

Larmina, darling.

Is that any way to speak to
your dearest royal advisor?

Don't you speak with his voice!





I can't reach the cadets.

If we left them alone with one
of Wade's twisted machines...

They're tough kids. They can
handle themselves in a fight.

We've got our own Wade problems.

Anybody else feel like we're being stalked?

A well-chosen word, tech Sergeant.

That's not on the monitors.

Where is he?

This Den is mine, lions.

You've entered my hunting grounds,

and I can already smell my prey.

He's controlling the base remotely.

Straight forward job, huh?

Maintain constant contact!

Wade has the element of surprise here,

so we're going to have to
watch each other's backs.


My hunt,

my rules.


Didn't this used to be easier?

This is crazy!

Who'd send a robot to kill us?

Nobody, you thick-wit!

He must have some other mission,
and we're just in the way!

I've got an idea!

Try to hold him!

Try to hold him?

You call that an idea?



He's got some kind of bomb!

If he plants it in the right detonation spot,

he can bring down the whole castle!


You heard the boy.



Vince, come on!

Only you can save them.


Not exactly.

Pidge, can you get a fix
on Lance or Allura's position?

The planetary convulsions

are wreaking havoc with
longer-range communications,

but they're both still moving.

Good, keep a tight formation.

Don't let Wade pick off anyone else.

What are these things?

I've seen them before.

Leftovers from Wade's
experiments on the black lion.

Pidge, your upgrades better
be as good as advertised.

Try it.

Guess I'm still pretty good
at this teamwork thing.

Me too.

Just like old times, right?

Ah, teamwork is so touching,

but don't you have more urgent business?

I don't think this base has much
longer, and neither does Coran.

I guess we're splitting up again.

You still okay, Allura?

I'm fine.

Just worry about Coran.


Why me?

Because you were born to do it.

I hate robots!


Because you know we pilot a giant...

You know what I mean!

King Alfor?

There is much to teach you,

much power to unlock,

but I fear the danger to the castle of lions

leaves us little time.

I already know about the robot and his bomb.

What do I do to stop...

No, you misunderstand.

The robot is the bomb.


What is it doing?

I'm pretty sure something bad.


If anyone can hear me, I have a
visual on Coran and am inbound!

Negative, Keith.

I am already approaching.

Ease back, Lance.

I'm almost there.

He's got a mutated lion on him, Keith.

I need cover fire!

Then fire away!

I am right on him!

Almost there...

Are you all right?

I'm fine.

I was never Wade's target. You
shouldn't have come for me.

Nah, we're actually pretty
spectacular rescuers,

or we would be,

if some of us were as good at taking
orders as we are at giving them.

When I tell you I'm closer, I mean...

Right, trapped under debris.
Inside a wrecked base.

On a moon that's about to implode.

You-and-me stuff can probably wait, huh?

The robot is the bomb.

He's getting ready to detonate!



I don't understand.

This power you're talking about?

All I'm getting so far are headaches

and Voltcom freak-outs.

How is that supposed to
stop a robotic Coran-bomb?

I can't show you everything.

This journey is yours alone,

but I can help you onto the path.


Looks like time's almost up.

I'll blast an opening in the rubble.

If you time your jump right,

you can slip out with Coran in your lion

before the debris collapses back in.

On you!

Leaving you stuck in here
when the moon rips apart.

You have any other ideas?

Same idea,

except I shoot, you jump with Coran.

My tail upgrade has a faster rate of fire.

Faster won't matter.

My taser tail's got more raw power...

Argh, are we really going to argue

over who makes the noble sacrifice?

Only if you don't let me do it.

- What is...
- Allura!

It's okay!

We've got your back.


You're not going to make it, lions!

I can feel Tarvos cracking!



Hang on, buddy!


Team bonding.


That felt good.

You were right, Lance.

It was a spectacular rescue,

but how did you know I was in there?

We have to get back to the castle.

We can't stop it!


Where have you been?

Only I can save them.

We have to take cover!





What did you do?

I'm not sure.

But it was awesome!

What's that?

I-I don't know.

I've never seen that door,

or that room before.

Secret room, huh?


Daniel! Vince!

Hey there.

How was your day?

My, that's... unsettling.


I don't believe we've
been properly introduced.


Nice to meet, uh, the you you.

So you got a little training after all, huh?

Oh, we learned all kinds of new things.