Voltron Force (2011–2012): Season 1, Episode 3 - Defenders of the Universe - full transcript

After the previous events, Wade goes insane and kidnaps the Alliance and replaces its soldiers with robots, while additionally holding Coran hostage. Meanwhile Lotor and Maahox plot to send a new Robeast to Arus to destroy Voltron as it is powered by a combination of Kala, the Drule commander that Maahox terminated and Haggarium, the substance that Kala's energy apparently stabilized and was used to resurrect Lotor. As the Lions fight the Kala Spider Robeast (with Daniel piloting the Red Lion along with Lance due to an injury he sustained), Keith and Larmina fend off Wade's robots on the ground and Vince works on fixing the Black Lion, Wade (on another planet with Coran as his hostage) sends a massive Robot Lion to battle both the Voltron Force and Kala. At one point the Kala Robeast absorbs the power of Wade's Lion, severing the connection between Wade and the Lion, and forms a Mega Spider Robeast. Vince informs the team that he has completed the repairs of the Black Lion which sends Daniel back to the Castle using his "Speed Claws" Voltcom ability to retrieve it. Keith and Larmina board the Black Lion and upon Keith's command, the Lions unite to form Voltron. During the skrimish, they learn that their attacks aren't working and all but the Black Lion are too weak to form the Blazing Sword since it's surrounded by Haggarium-laced webs. But, after a boost from Vince's Voltcom, Voltron goes to full power, forms the Blazing Sword and defeats Kala.

My dear members of the
galaxy alliance council,

by reactivating the lions,

the Voltron Force has shown a clear
disregard for your authority.

After all, it was you who voted

to decommission that unpredictable
and destructive weapon.

I move we take all members of
the Voltron Force into custody

and immediately destroy the lions!

Sky Marshal Wade, I protest.

You've been dismissing our evidence

of a growing evil threat
in our galaxy as rumour,

but these rumours manifested
themselves as a frightening reality

when that Robeast attacked
my home planet of Arus.

Voltron is needed now more than ever.

I see you have been busy in my absence.

Our dear Kala was able
to train your soldiers,

but they will only follow
you into battle, my Lord.


Loyalty is a powerful weapon.

True, but fear is the most
powerful weapon of all.

And easily spread...

You witnessed its devastating
terror with your own eyes.

Voltron is an outdated, dangerous force.

My expensive new defence system,
which you funded, is far superior!

This is a new era.

Meet the future.

Once they see what we can do, the
galaxy will be in a state of panic.

It will be ours for the taking.

We'll show them something
they'll never forget...

You, along with the rest of the world,

are about to witness...

Voltron's destruction!

how is it?

Definitely broken...

And definitely better when
no one's touching it...



We all knew something was
brewing on planet Doom,

but a Robeast suggests bigger than we thought.

Then there's Wade.

We can handle Wade.

It's the Drule threat we need to worry about.

We should organize a recon mission...

I disagree.

Now that we've recovered all the lions,

we'll regroup and wait to...

Whoa, whoa.

Just because you've been back for five minutes

doesn't mean you're suddenly in charge.

I'm not saying I am, but
you're being reckless.

- We need to...
- Oh, here we go with

the reckless talk again...

Boys, boys.

I think the one thing we can all agree on

is that we need to work as a team.

That's where we've always found our strength.


Now, we also need to figure out

how our new cadets factor into our team.

They can't possibly be ready
for something like this.

You may remember, not too long ago,

when the same was said of another group
of inexperienced young hooligans?

Just as destiny once called
upon you to save Arus,

it has brought these cadets to us.

- And where are our new heroes now?
- Studying Arusian history

until we figure out their situation.

Then why are their Voltcoms missing

from the charging station?

Come on, Daniel.

Team mischief isn't any fun
if you're just gonna...



I'm not allowed to get the hang of my Voltcom

just because yours is busted?


I wish Pidge would fix mine already,
or at least let me have a crack at it.

I'm weaponless.

Do you think we should...

Of course we should.


These look like royal tombs.

We must be in some sort of catacomb.




King... Alfor?

Hey, buddy. I'm starting to think
maybe we shouldn't be down here...

Who dares to trespass on
these hallowed grounds?

How dare you breathe your earthling
breath in this place of Arusian royalty.

Now you'll pay with your...
Pride, dignity.


You should see your dweeb faces.

I totally knew it was you.

Look, I respect your attempt at mischief,

but we're a team now, so I want in!

Though the tombs of my elders
are not a place to goof off.

You want to find some cool passages?

Follow someone who grew up here.

Tell me you don't think she's cool.

It's good to see you two working together

on something.

This doesn't mean our debate over
a mission to planet Doom is over.

Oh, I believe it does.

You have committed crimes
against the galaxy alliance,

crimes punishable by...

Whatever I want.

I suggest you come quietly.

And why would we do that?

So I don't hurt your friend...

Don't listen to him...


Now, where are tech sergeants Pidge and Hunk?

You know we're not going to tell you,

so let's just get to the part
where you start to hit us.

I was hoping you'd say that.


Well, that's the last of the heavy lifting.

He's back in one piece.

Yeah, he looks great, but he's
still entirely inoperative.

I can't believe how much damage the
programming sustained from Wade's research...

And that crash landing.

Ugh, this is going to take a while.

Well, I don't know how long you have.

Wade's here!

Well, sort of...

He's got Keith, Lance, and Allura.

I'll go with these guys
to free the our pals

while you keep at the lion.

And since my Voltcom is busted,

I'll stay here and help Pidge.

Um, you know your aunt's a hostage, right?

Yeah, and we're going to rescue her!

You have no idea how slow
things were around here

before you guys showed up.

Yeah, but now they're
definitely picking up speed...

A broken lion,

a hostile takeover,

and a rescue operation with a fugitive.

Could this get any more intense?

I want Pidge and Hunk's location.

I want all five lions.

I want their keys.

And I want them now.

You're an only child, aren't you?

Lance, stop!

Yes, maybe if we involve her, you'll
take this a bit more seriously.

Let's try this again.

Where are Pidge and Hunk?

Time to try my stealthy speed

in action.

Or not...

Wade, why are you doing this?

You know there's a real threat out there.

We want the same thing...

The safety of the alliance.

The alliance?

I don't care about the alliance.

I care about power,


and as long as Voltron is out there,

my profit margin is unacceptable.

Now, where are Pidge and Hunk?

I'm right...

- What?
- Here!

This speed thing is going to come
in handy at some point, right?

Larmina, look out!

That was pretty handy.

The Drule army?

What are they doing here?

We've been warning you about this.

Shut up, old man.

Please, Wade.

I beg of you.

Let Voltron help defend our planet.

I don't need Voltron or your planet!

My people!

He's back.

What are the alliance forces doing here?

You're still too weak, my Lord.

The alliance presence is
unexpected, but of no concern.

It's why I suggested

we bring your loyal troops, for any...

I didn't want anything to interfere

with our main event,

once I taunted the kitties
to come out and play.

Well, then...

Release the Catnip.

We need Voltron!

Yeah, but how?

Pidge is still having
problems with the black lion,

and Lance can't
fly with one arm.

This is about to get much worse.

Man, did Wade ever mess this thing up!

It looks like he tried to dissect this
guy to figure out its technology.


But even if he understood all of
the mechanics and programming,

Voltron is bigger than those simple things.

It involves...


Something like that.

We need to get to the lions...

The black lion's still out of commission,

so I'll make myself useful on the battlefield.

Keith, wait.

You're part of our...

I've been fighting on my
own for a long time now.

I'm used to it.

He'll be okay

all right,

you guys need to tell Pidge

to drop what he's doing and
get to the green lion.

As for the red, I have an idea.

What about Larmina?

She's a tough girl.

I'm sure she's fine.

Don't worry, you'll be all right.

You have some pretty
impressive moves, cadet.

Commander Keith.

Wade, please.

Arus is being destroyed by your
detached, soulless machines!

What is going on over there?

Pidge, we got a Robeast.

I'll meet you in the canyon.

Hey, Pidge, what should I...

What's wrong with you?


Ahh, please stop enjoying this so much.

Now, ease that thruster.

Daniel, this isn't a race.

We don't know what we're dealing with.

Well, we'll be the first to find out...

Nice, hotshot.

Little help here?

What's causing this?


That's messed up.

Let's go for its underside...
It should be weaker.

No, wait!

I take it you understand a bit
more than we do, little buddy.

Yeah, it's the...


It's like anti-matter

to the mystic power behind Voltron.

Their lions will be weakened by
our Robeast's mere presence,

and Kala seems to be taking
quite well to her new form.

Is that a Robeast the lions are fighting?

That's perfect.

Now I'll get to destroy them both
with my special side project.

This isn't a game, Wade!

You're right.

It's more of a riddle.

What's the only thing that preys on lions?

Okay, I'll tell you.

A bigger lion.


Whoa, thanks.


We're loose.

Fire her up!

We can slip away in the castle,
follow me!

What a wonderful
mess this is turning into...

The Earthlings and the Arusians
are destroying each other.

I hope the rest of the galaxy
is a bit more of a challenge.

What's that thing doing, Pidge?

The spider seems to be cocooning
itself of Wade's lion

That was a good thing, right?

Come on.

We'd better go help the others.

Should we poke it?


What is this nonsense?

A nap?


They're getting a chance to regroup.

They'll need it.

Okay, poke it.

Aw, snart.

Yeah... um, let's...


Guys! Guys!

Uh, Vince, we're all a little busy right now,

- so unless you're calling to say...
- The black lion's working!


Keith, we could use you.

How quick can you get the castle?

Not quick at all.

But we're not far from you.

Vince, can you fly the black
lion to the battle site?

Uh... I... I don't know if I...

I think I can handle evasion.

Vince, I'll be right there.


I'll be fast...

Really fast!

That seems handy.

Let's hope it's not too late...


They won't break!

We forgot about a minor detail...

Your Voltcoms won't work against it.

What are we supposed to
do, throw rocks at it?


Get in!

Hold on.

How can it...?

I don't know.

We've need to form Voltron!

It's time.

Form feet and legs.

Form arms and body.

And I'll form the...


Let's go kick some abdomen.

Where is it?

Hey, Keith, why don't we do some
landscaping so we can see in here?

Good idea.

Form blazing sword.

It's not working.

It must be all these webs.

They're weakening Voltron.

Then let's do it the old-fashioned way.

I don't know how much more of this

we can take!

Pack some more in your punch.

I'm trying, but they seem weak!

Even though we're all working together,

it seems like the black lion

is the only one not experiencing the effects

of the Robeast's power.

Not the most noble move, but pretty effective.

We're being ripped apart!

Fight it. Come on!

We can...

This thing's gonna eat us alive!




Form blazing sword!

Maahox, your ineptitude has made a
mockery of my return. You will pay.

Guess they didn't want their turn.

You all right, man?

What was that?

I... I don't really know.

That stuff is super unstable!

We need to get it off of Arus!

Hopefully now galaxy alliance Rule

will return to a just hand.

There is a new and powerful evil in the galaxy

that we don't yet understand,

but there is a new and
powerful addition to our team

that we are still learning about as well.

You are all here for a reason...
To use your unique skills,

to play your part in Voltron's legacy.

The future will be full of surprises...