Voice (2017–2019): Season 1, Episode 2 - Episode #1.2 - full transcript

Emergency Call Center.


I've been kidnapped by a crazy man.
Please come quickly.

Hey, mister. I'm going home.

Her name is Park Bok-nim.
She's 17 years old.

She went to Eunhyeong Station
to meet a guy and was kidnapped.

He has a lot of knives

in his bag.

Code Zero. There's been a kidnapping.
Sergeant Mu from Seogu Patrol Division

is being dispatched
from the Golden Time Team.

Who are you to order me around?

When are the police coming?

Please help me.

She asked for our help.

She cried,

begging for her life.

I saw something with colors.

What could it be?

This is Division One.
We found the location of the suspect.

There's a wall painted with flowers.
It used to be a daycare center.

What should I do? I think he's back.

Hide somewhere. Hurry.

It's made of iron.

What is it? Is it an iron pipe?

No. It's something with a round edge.

Let me hear a bit more.

This is the Call Center.
It's an emergency.

The abductor is in the building
with the victim.

Hurry up.

Bok-nim, get out of there! Now!

There you are.

-That's not the place.

He's a murder suspect.


I think I heard that before.

A dragging sound.

Is it...

Sergeant Mu, I know what it is.

The colors and the sound.

It's a barber pole.

What are you saying?

Bok-nim is being held in a building
with a babershop.

The abductor
has a stone hammer with him.

Any piece of misinformation can confuse us
and lead to the victim's death.

I know it's hard to believe,
but you should trust me.

You know the victim
in the Gojeong-dong case

was murdered
with a round-edge hammer.

We lost the Gojeong-dong suspect.
We're in trouble.

People are shocked at how
the victim's head was cracked open.

It's a total mess.

I'm sure it is a barber pole.

I do not want to see
another person die on my watch.

Not again.

Yes. It's the barber pole.

That has to be it.
Those are the colors thing she saw.

We're running out of time. Hurry!



Don't kill me.

You're awake?

How do you want to die?

This is Division One.
Locate nearby patrol cars.

Request backup.

Please... don't kill me.

I have to go home too.

I'll make it quick.

Keep dodging, Bok-nim.

Keep fighting. Don't give up.

What is she hearing exactly?

I'm not sure.


Here goes.

Are you okay?


Hurry, get out.


This is the Call Center. Sergeant Mu
is fighting with the suspect.

Everyone near Eunhyeong-dong,
go to the barbershop at 18 Eunhyeong-dong.

Sergeant Mu.

Miss, calm down.

It's okay, calm down.

We're the police.

That crazy bastard...

is trying to kill a policeman
with a hammer.

-Take her to the ambulance.
-Yes, sir.

The victim is safe.
We're going in the building now.


You scumbag.

Your life is worthless.

-Let's put an end to it.
-No, Sergeant.

You can't kill him.

It won't change anything.

The people who died...

will never come back.

Please don't.

This is Division One.
We've successfully arrested the suspect.

Sergeant Mu is safe. The victim
is being transferred to the hospital.



I think it's over.

Now that you've heard people in agony,
do you feel better?

Are you crazy?

I warned you.

Nothing matters after the victim is dead.

The Golden Time Team's purpose
and duty

is to save victims
while they're still alive.

It seems like the Golden Time Team
is necessary.

-I'll select the team members.
-Ms. Kang!


She has a point.

Go ahead, create the Golden Time Team.
However, I'll give you six months

to prove that the team is necessary.

And, Ms. Kang, how did you know
the suspect was at the barbershop?

I read the report
of the Gojeong-dong incident

as soon as I arrived here.

The voice profiling skills
I learned in the US helped too.

I will keep an eye
on your team's progress. Let's go.

Yes, sir.

By the way, Ms. Kang has amazing skills.

How did she know that he was here?


Sergeant, do you see any signs there?

The colors and the sound.

It's a barber pole.

The sound.

She's always talking about sounds,
just like she did three years ago.

Does she really hear sounds

that we can't hear?

Ms. Kang has unyielding tenacity.

How can she come back to the Center
after causing so much trouble?

Her father died in a hit-and-run
about three years ago.

She said the suspect
of the Eunhyung-dong case killed him.

There were rumors
that she received money from the suspect.

It gets worse by the minute.

Why didn't you catch
the Gojeong-dong suspect?

Because of you,
I have to endure her arrogance.

I'm sorry.

Find out why Ms. Kang
wants to form a new team

and who she wants on her team.

Yes, sir.

Good night.

The Gojeong-dong suspect
that made us tremble in fear

with his grotesque murders
was finally caught this afternoon.

He was arrested today,
while trying to murder another victim,

by an officer who was dispatched
after an emergency call was made.

We think he hit the victims' heads
with a stone hammer,

usually used to butcher animals,

chopped the body into pieces,

and threw them in a black bag.

Is it true that an officer
arrested the suspect

after receiving a call from the victim

while the Violent Crimes Unit
was chasing another suspect?

Yes, that's true.

-Can we interview the officer?
-More information

will be revealed in a press conference
after the investigation is complete.

One word, please.

-Just one word.

-Tell us more.

How did you find the suspect?

-Tell us!
-What was his motive?

Did you arrest the Gojeong-dong suspect?
Can we get an interview?

What a superstar.

How did you locate him
in such a short period of time?

-Are there any more victims?
-Can you tell us anything?

So you're the Sungun Police hero!

You did...  a very good job this time.

What's wrong?

What? Did something happen?

What happened? Tell me.


Pretend there's a barber pole
at the end of the hallway.

Do you think you would hear it?
Tell me.

What are you talking about?
Did you bang your head or something?

Just answer.
Do you think you would hear it?

I can hear your voice fine.

She cannot have heard it either.


What's wrong with him?

Did she say she heard something again?


Did Jin-hyeok go talk to Ms. Kang?

Poor Jin-hyeok.
He better not be fooled again.

What do you mean?



Where's the manager?

She went the hospital to see the victim
of the Eunhyeong-dong case.

All right.


Thank you.

Thank you. I don't know how
I can repay you for saving her.

Don't worry. I just did my job.

If Bok-nim didn't hang tight,
it would've been hard for us.

You raised your daughter
to be a brave girl.

That's not true. This is all my fault.

I was so busy working
that I had no idea what was on her mind.

This all happened

because of me.
I'm a very incompetent mother.

What are you saying?

You're embarrassing me.
Why are you wearing an apron?

If something happens to you,
I'll have no reason to live.

Stop it. That's so lame.

Excuse me, but I'm afraid
I must go back to the Center.

I understand. You should go, of course.

Thank you for coming here.

Thank you so much.

You're welcome. I'll get going.

Thanks, Ms. Kang.

You were the first person
who ever told me to hang on...

and live.

I hope your mistake...

also turns out okay.

Thanks, Bok-nim.


Why are you here?

-If you're here to see Bok--

Follow me.


how did you know the suspect
was hiding in the barbershop?

Before that,

I thought he was in the daycare center,
why did you ask if I'd seen any signs?

Tell me.

There must be a reason. What is it?

I told you

three years ago.

-My ears are--
-Stop talking nonsense.

Are you a psychic? Don't give me that crap
that you hear strange sounds.

Tell me the truth. Come on.

I don't understand why you're so upset.

Why do you refuse to believe?

-How can I believe what you're saying?
-I told you.

I heard the sound
of the barber pole over the phone.

That's also why I tried to explain
what I heard three years ago.

Gosh. Will you really...

Will you--

Dae-sik, I can't talk now.

Jin-hyeok, you're with Ms. Kang, right?

-Listen to me.

Whatever she says, do not believe her.

Jung-gi just told me
she knew where the guy was

because of the data
she got from the analysis unit.

I checked the data myself

and it says the suspect
could be a wanderer and a serial killer.

My goodness.

You're unbelievable.

-What's so funny?

You're unbelievable. Your lies never end.

Do you think you're a police officer
and can give us orders over the phone?

Watch what you say.

You told the commissioner you located
the criminal because of the data you read.

So why do you keep telling me
it's because of what you heard?

Why are you lying to me?

I can explain.

-Please listen--
-I don't care.

I don't care what you do with your life.

However, if are really human,

If you ever truly felt sorry

for me and my son,

forget about making the Golden Time Team.
Just leave.

This is my last warning.
Please respect your father's memory.

He died while trying to go after
the hit-and-run suspect.

I feel sorry for him. Shame on you.


Did she really say that?


Is she mythomaniac or what?

I've met all kinds of people,

but no one as shameless as her. I can't
believe she asked you to believe her.

She should've understood
what I was trying to say, right?

Exactly. Don't mind her.

Unless she's completely crazy,
she should leave the city.

You silly bastards.
Do you still get beaten up?

Come on, old lady.
These are scars of glory.

Did you hear the news
about the Gojeong-dong murderer?

He caught that bastard
with his own hands.

You idiot.

That's totally useless.
You should take care of yourself.

I don't know how
she always says the right thing.

By the way,

have you ever wondered?

What if Ms. Kang is telling the truth?

Shut up. I've had enough.

It's just that I saw a documentary.

If you hurt your frontal lobe,

the nerve cells
can develop supernatural powers.

Who knows?

There could be a Uri Geller in Korea too.

Damn it, you bastard.
You're ruining the mood.

I'm just kidding.

It's not funny.

I'm not in the mood for jokes.


-I'll leave the money here.
-All right.



Please respect your father's memory.

He died while trying to go after
the hit-and-run suspect.

I feel sorry for him. Shame on you.


Please don't kill me.

I have a baby at home.

Please let me live.

That's why

you shouldn't have run.

That's why

you shouldn't have run.

That's why

you shouldn't have run.

That's why... you shouldn't have run.

Don't worry, Dad.

No matter what others say,

I'll never falter again.

I'll make him pay

for what he did,

no matter what.


I need your help to do that.

I told you.

I heard the sound of the barber pole
over the phone.

I saw a documentary.

The nerve cells
can develop supernatural powers.

Who knows?

There could be a Uri Geller in Korea too.

Frontal lobe, my ass.

You caught the murder suspect
of the Gojeong-dong case.

Tell us, how did you find him
in such a short period of time?

Are there more victims?

-Hi, sweetie.

How was your day?

Do you know how much I missed you today?

I just saw you on the news.

You looked so cool.

-I did?
-What happened to your face?

Did the bad guy hit you?

No, of course not.

I just got a little scratch

while I was chasing the bad guy.

You know my fists
are made of steel, right?

I'm very strong.

Close your eyes, come on.



I've wanted this for so long.

That's why I bought it for you.

-I guess you're doing well at work.
-I am.

The Korean police
can't do anything without me.

Dong-u, your birthday is coming up.

What do you want for your present?

Don't worry. This is enough. I know
we can barely afford my hospital bill.

I want to eat Mom's mushroom japchae.
Grandma's isn't as good as hers.

-Oh, Dad.

I saw Mom in my dream last night.

She was smiling,
but she looked very sad.


remember what I told you?

A man should stay strong at all times.

Don't worry.

I'll catch the bad guy, no matter what.

Then your mom will smile every day.

I always follow through when I say
I'm going to do something. Right?

Hang on.

What is it? I'm with Dong-u.

-Jin-hyeok, we're screwed.
-What do you mean?

I just got a call from Human Resources.
Kang Gwon-ju, that witch.

We've been transferred
to the 112 Emergency Call Center.

What are you saying?

-The Golden Time Team?

We called you here, Mr. Oh Hyeon-ho,
to offer you a position on a new team.

Thank you for calling me,

but I have no idea what position
you're offering me.

Is it a customer service position?

To tell you the truth,
I can't do a desk job for over an hour.

I have difficulty breathing
in closed areas.

I'm sorry for being late.

Did you call me?

Yes. You're next, Ms. Park Eun-su.
Mr. Oh Hyeon-ho, 29 years old.

You're from the Shinheung Patrol Division
in Sungun.

While studying aboard,
you won the Hacking Olympics

as "King Knife."
You were a white hat hacker

for quite a while
after you came back to Korea.


I was quite popular back then.

I left that out on purpose.
How did you find out?

-You'll start working today.

I'm not ready to work here.

Ms. Park Eun-su, you work
as an international airport officer.

You speak English, French, Mandarin,
Japanese, and Russian, right?

We get a lot of calls from foreigners
at the Call Center.

I'm sorry, but I believe
I should be totally honest with you.

I want to be a spokeswoman.
I'm studying for the promotion exam.

I've never been interested
in the 112 Emergency Call Center.

Finding another person for the job
will be a better option for you.

Now, excuse me, ma'am.

The Golden Time Team

is one that gets to the scene
before anyone else,

not a call center
nor a customer service team.

I heard you've been living
with your grandmother and sister

since your parents died.

Considering what your grandmother's
been through, think about this carefully.

I'll wait until tomorrow
for you to decide.

Mr. Oh, welcome to the team.

Mr. Cheon will give you details
about your job.

Excuse me, ma'am.

Do I have a choice in this matter?

If you decline to join our team,

tomorrow you will start working
in Customer Service.

I understand, ma'am.

I might as well try and enjoy it.
I tend to give up easily.

I'm impressed by her charisma.

Whatever. Officer Park.

You look stunning today.

How do you say "you're hot" in Russian?

Get out of my face
before I sue you for sexual harassment.

Do you think Ms. Park will join the team?
She's perfectly suited for the job.

We'll leave it up to her.

Please start training Mr. Oh.

Yes, ma'am.




How dare you transfer me
to another team?

Did you forget what I said yesterday, huh?

I'm coming to you right now.

Stay put, all right?

Stay put.

I'm busy right now.

And I'm your senior. Please refrain
from speaking to me that way.

Are you kidding me?

Your desk is in the Violent Crimes Unit,
so you can stay there.


Gosh, she just hung up.

She hung up on me.


This is driving me nuts.

They said...
that's our workspace from now on.


I asked Human Resources.

We can't move to another team
for six months.

That crazy woman.
Is this some kind of joke?

We must report to our new posts
at ten o'clock.

"Take it or leave it,"
that's what they said!

Congratulations on your promotion.
You're now a team leader.

That's actually a big promotion.

Will we ever have a chance
for a promotion like that

if we suck up to Ms. Kang?


Right now...

I'm in a really bad mood.
Stop, okay?

What? Did I say something wrong?

I'm just wondering what happened.

You're going to work with the person
responsible for your wife's death?

I wonder what your wife

would think about that.

Are you done talking?

What a brat.

That punk.

I told you to stop, Jung-gi.

-You want me to stop?

-Okay, I'll stop.
-You think this is a joke?

-Don't do this!

Let go of me!.

What's going on?


Let him go!

You must have too much free time.

Jin-hyeok, come with me.

Get back to work!

I told you to behave.
Why are you getting on everyone's nerves?

I told you to lay low
until I get you reinstated.

Why did you tell them you'll work there?

I didn't.

I found out last night
after Dae-sik called me.

I'm not crazy.
Why would I work with her?

-No way!
-Why is Ms. Kang so set on having you?

You led her on. That's why
she wants you transferred there.

Don't you know they're trying to stomp us?

How can you help them?

Hey, Kyeong-hak.

I told you that's not it.
I didn't volunteer to work there!

Why are you yelling?

Because it isn't true!

You're really driving me crazy.

Yes, 112 Emergency Call Center.

Ms. Kang, a seven-year-old boy
has been stabbed by his mother at home.

The phone doesn't have a SIM card.

It's an unbelievable story,
so it could be a prank.

-Please transfer the call.

-Hello? Have you been stabbed?


Did your mom stab you?

Yes, she did.

Mommy is trying

to kill me.

A little while ago, she stabbed me

with a knife.

Like this...

It went in...  deep.


We have no records.

Code Zero.

Within a two-kilometer radius
of 43 Burim-dong,

a child has been injured.
The mother is the suspect.

She stabbed the child with a knife.
It's likely that he is bleeding a lot.

Burim Patrol Division and action team,
depart right away.

Burim Patrol Division and action team,
depart right away.

How dare you give me orders?
Things are a mess here because of you.

Come here and explain the situation first!

Can't you hear the alarm?

Go now, or you'll lose your badge today.

My police badge?
Is that what you want?

Fine, take it.

Starting today, I'm not a cop.
Should I take my badge off?

I'd rather take it off than work with you.
I'm not a cop anymore, okay?

I'm sure you know
that we don't have time for this.

The longer you take,
the bigger the danger. You don't want

the kid to die because of you, right?


Jin-hyeok, let's go for now.
Let's save the kid first.

I'll wait outside. Hurry up.




He's running out again.

Where were you stabbed?

In the stomach. I'm dizzy.

You're so brave. You're not even crying.
Where is your mother now?

I don't know.

Mommy is...

I can hear her... looking for me.

You better come out.

One, two,


Hurry up and come out!

Where are you?


A-ram! My goodness. A-ram!

Kid? Hello?

Kid, are you okay?


I'm okay.

Are you really okay?
Where are you now?

I'm... in the washing machine.

Mommy... just went out the front door.

Good. You're very brave.
Now, will you tell me your name and age?

-Give me your mom's name too.
-I'm seven.

Son A-ram.

I don't know... Mommy's name.

The victim is Son A-ram.
He's seven.

Find out who's phone this is
and track its location.

A-ram, can you tell me exactly
where you were stabbed?

Below my belly button.

Below the...
It could have damaged his intestines.

A-ram, listen carefully to me.

If you bleed too much, it can be bad
for you, so let's do some magic.

Can you take your hand
and press hard on the cut?

I'm pressing.

Good job.

The police are on their way,
so don't worry.

Can you tell us the exact address?

I'm always in the room,

so I don't know.

Think hard. Do you remember seeing
anything out the window?

I remember seeing buildings.
They all look the same.

-Brick buildings.

Red brick buildings.

Officer Oh, check for red brick buildings

in a  two-kilometer radius
of 43 Burim-dong.


All right. Officer Lee,
could we use your computer?

Sure. Use this one.


The only red brick building
is Dabok Villa.

A-ram, was it a tall building?

Compared to other buildings,

it was small.


it was taller than the trees.


I'm very tired.

A-ram, you must not sleep.

If you fall asleep,
the police won't find you.

Let's tell some jokes, okay?

Have you found anything?

There's no SIM card,
so it's taking a while.

This is the Call Center.

We think the victim
lives at Dabok Villa, Burim-dong.

The boy was stabbed in the stomach
by his mom.

He is hiding in the washing machine.

He was confined and harassed,
so he might be attacked again.

Please identify yourselves
as Team One over the radio.

It seems like this time
we got an intelligent sociopath.

If he's seven years old...

isn't he younger than Dong-u?

Just go.

Where is he?

He's driving me crazy. I can't get caught.

What should I do?

My goodness!

Jae-eun's mom?

Why didn't you answer the phone?

The phone?

I noticed someone threw out the trash
but didn't recycle.

I was taking care of that.
I didn't notice my phone ringing. Sorry.

Gosh, you're so kind.

You don't have to do that, you know.

Actually, we were going
to file a complaint.

-A complaint?
-The woman in unit 5-104.

She never throws out her trash.
It's unbelievable.

Look at this.

This is her kid's vomit
and clothes covered with blood.

My goodness.

There are rumors
that she beats her son every night.

We're going to try and get her
kicked out of here. Come with us.

It's okay.

I'm need to take my kid
to the doctor today. I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry.

She's very shy.
She seems nice though.

You're right. She never comes
to the neighborhood meetings.

Oh, we can't worry about her now.
Our property value may drop. Let's go.

Where is he?

He's not here.
What am I going to do? He's not here.

I was working,

and he ran away.

He took my cell phone.
What should I do?

What if he calls the police?

Please help me.


Over there.



You got a radio, right?

Let's search the areas
surrounding Dabok Villa.

Since it's a big area,
half of you go that way.

The other half search that side.
We'll cover the back.

-What should we do?

Let's go to the security office first.

A-ram, the police are nearby.

You said the front door is open, right?
Do you know what floor you're on?

I can't remember.

It was very bright. I got scared.

-Because it was bright?
-It's normally dark at home.

Jin-gu also told me

that I'm cold and sick
because it's dark here.

-A-ram, who is Jin-gu?
-A boy I met here.

My mom and dad told me

that my brother and I eat too much

and we'll make our family go poor.

Are you with Jin-gu right now?


He's always sick, so he went

to his grandmother's house.

I heard he doesn't want to come back,

because he likes it there, more than here.

Jin-gu told me

there was another girl here

before I came.

But she also got really sick,

so she's in the hospital.

A-ram, can you tell me...

what happened today?

My mom...

told me to take a bath...

so we could go on a picnic
at the lake with Dad.

Get in! Come on!

Go on!

Go back in.

Now. Listen to me while I'm being nice.

-Mom, please don't kill me.
-Go back in.

Sit down. Come on!

That's it.

A-ram, it's all right.
Don't talk if it's hard, okay?

Take some deep breaths. Slowly.

Attention everyone.

The Burim-dong Dabok Villa injury case
is now raised to a murder case.

Apparently, there were more kids confined
and abused by the suspect.

Come on.

Okay, sir.

-Oh, you're here already.

I was told you're coming.

Seems like child abuse.

Do you have any idea
of who it could be?

Actually, a weird thing happened today.

What weird thing?

Go ahead, tell them.

Detectives, I heard a child in our complex
made a report about his mom.

It must be the one in unit 5-104.

Building five, apartment 104?

Did you see the child being beaten?

We didn't need to see it.


All this is from that apartment.

Go on, look. It's suspicious, isn't it?

Actually, I saw something
while I was on patrol last night.

The woman seemed very upset
and was beating the child.

Can we see the resident's information?



Here you go.

Team One. We found a resident
that could be the suspect.

Hwang Ji-suk in apartment 5-104.

Her ID number is 860714-2364712.

Find out what you can on Hwang Ji-suk.
We are heading there now.

Jin-hyeok, that way.

A-ram, the police officers
are there now.

-Hang on a little longer.

Even if you hear something,
don't be scared.

Promise me
you'll stay where you are, okay?

I also heard

the sound of a xylophone.

Whenever Dad comes home,

I hear the sound of a xylophone.

Then my mom

always cries.


Not yet.

But the police out there.

I think the kid called them.
What if they come here?

This is hard for me too!

Why do you always blame me?

I just heard something.




You're supposed to go on a picnic with me.

I'm not angry.

Come on out now.

What should I do?

I think my mom figured out
that I'm home.

I think she's going to find me.

I'm scared.

Don't worry.
The police officers are on the way.

The suspect is approaching the victim.

It's an emergency. I repeat.

The suspect is approaching the victim.
It's an emergency.

ID number 860724-2364712. Hwang Ji-suk.
She's got divorced three years ago.

She lives with an eight-year-old boy
in apartment 5-104 at Dabok Villa.

She's been reported
for child abuse before.

The Residential Association
has confirmed she's on probation.

What? An eight-year-old boy?

Hang on a second. Are you sure?
He's not seven years old?

-Yes, it says he's a first-grader.
-Wait a second.

He's goes to elementary school?
A-ram said he's never been outside.

He must be confused.

Check his birth date again.

He may've started school a bit early.
We'll check apartment 5-104 anyway.

A-ram, the police officers
are almost there.

Please hang in there.

Something's not right.

A-ram said his building
is taller than the trees.

You can't see the top of the trees
from the first floor.

It also doesn't make sense

that she abused him on purpose.

Where is he?

Whenever Dad comes home,

I hear the sound of a xylophone.

A xylophone?


No. The sound doesn't come
from striking the bars.

It might not be an instrument.
It sounds...

like a bell or something.
I've never heard this before.

What is it?

Come out quickly!

Mr. Mu, something doesn't feel right.

Come out!

Where are you?

I don't think he's there.
But I have no idea where he is.

Hey, listen carefully.

You're the only one here
who can see the big picture.

There's a woman yelling here.


until we check inside.

A-ram, don't give up, okay?

Promise me you will not give up, okay?

Can you tap on the phone,
so I can hear you?

-What were you thinking?
-Don't move.

Are you...

Who are you?


are the police there yet?

I don't know.

This is Team One.
We were at the wrong place.

It wasn't apartment 5-104.

My sweet A-ram...

you were hiding in here.

You should come to Mommy.

-Mommy, I'm sorry.
-Come here!


It's building three!

-Come out!
-Mommy, I'm sorry!

We're headed to building three.
Stall them as long as possible. Okay?

I don't know.
It's something I've never heard.

If you locate him,
I'll save him no matter what.


We can save him.
No, we have to save him.

A-ram isn't there?

Mr. Mu.