Voice (2017–2019): Season 1, Episode 1 - Episode #1.1 - full transcript



NOVEMBER 25, 2014


I hate stakeouts. I also hate
that we can't keep the engine running.

I'm freezing.

-What's that smell?
-My stomach...

You punk!

-Go to the bathroom.


That's gross.

Hey! I think the White Shark Gang is here.

Are they serious?
How can those murderers smile like that? 

Detective Ku, where's our backup?

At the Sungun Bridge.
They told us to wait.

Is that a joke?
We'll get them on our own.

-Excuse me?

-They told us to standby.
-If we wait, their boat will sail away.

Don't miss a single one.

Catch them all.
We'll go out for a meal after this, okay?

-Yes, sir.
-Let's go.

-All right.
-Let's do this!



Hello, 112 Emergency.

Someone is trying to kill me.
Please help.

Can you repeat that, please?

-Someone wants to kill you?
-Yes. Someone is trying to kill me.

Where are you right now?

I'm not sure.

Stairs. I see some narrow stairs.

What is it?

I think she's hurt. It's hard to hear.
She doesn't know where she is.

Put her through.

Hello. Please stay calm.

We need an address
to dispatch a team.


There is a church. Banseok...
I'm beside the Banseok Church.

Please help me.

Please help me.



-She got disconnected. Go on, call her.
-Yes, sir.

What are you doing? Call her.

Please help me.

I'm sorry, ma'am. We got disconnected.

I know it's hard,

-but can you repeat what you said?
-I see the Banseok Church.

Help me, please.

Help me.


Hello? Are you there?

Please don't kill me.

I have a baby at home.

Please let me live.

That's is why

you shouldn't have run.




Hello, ma'am?

White Sharks! Come here.

-Come on.

-Stop them.
-Go on. Now!

Come here.

It's your lucky day.

Don't come any closer!

I have nothing to lose.

When I put those handcuffs on him,

the sound of metal made me so happy.

Let's drink to that.



Are you guys the only ones
who catch bad guys in Korea?

Yes, ma'am. Our team
has the best record this year.

We're always the best. It's boring.

Sir, answer that. You're getting a call.

Who could it be?

It's Dae-sik. Gosh, Dae-sik is calling me.

Dae-sik from Unit Two again?
Why does he always call you?

Goodness, what a punk.


Dae-sik! Where are you?
Hurry up and join us!

-We're at the old lady's place.

-Have you spoken to your wife?

Why are you asking about my wife?

I think she called me earlier. Why?


there was a murder in Eunhyeong-dong.

-I came here with Chief Jang.
-Oh, so you can't join us.

You'll regret it.
We're going for another round!

Some guy...

murdered a woman after trying to rape her.

In her wallet...

we found your wife's ID.

Oh, come on.

Try calling her right now.

For now,

-we got her fingerprint just in case.
-Hey, is today April Fools?

What am I saying? Is today April Fools?

-What are you talking about?
-Why are you lying to me? 

You'd know if you saw her face.
Just take a look!

You're not making any sense.

The thing is...
her face is severely damaged.

-We can't identify the person.

If she picks up, you're dead.
Hang up now.

He says my wife's dead.

How is that possible?

It's a joke. Don't take it seriously.

You scared me.

Let me call her.

What is she doing? Is she busy?

Let's have another drink. Go on. 

No, I'm good.

-My glass is empty.
-Pour him some more.

What's wrong?

Why isn't she picking up?


Did you call him?

You punk.

Jin-hyeok, are you drunk?

Jin-hyeok, how did you get here?

-Get out of my way.

Listen to me. Go home.
I'll take care of things here.

-Go home.
-Get out of my way!

What is this?



-No, Jin-hyeok.

Was she acting up
because I didn't come home?


no one would eat that.
Why were you bringing it to me?

Let's go home!



No! No, please!


What's this?

Oh, gosh!

It's cold.

Let's go.

Last night at 10 p.m.,
in a residential area of Eunhyung-dong,

a woman was brutally murdered.

The victim was Ms. Heo,
the wife of Sergeant Mu Jin-hyeok

from Sungun Police's
Violent Crimes Unit One.

Sergeant Mu Jin-hyeok has been  awarded
many national merit badges.

Since he was busy on another case

and couldn't come home,
Ms. Heo was taking him some food

when she was attacked.
This is nothing but a tragedy.

The victim did call 112 Emergency,

but the agent's incompetency
led her to be murdered.

Harsh criticisms
are being made against the police.

The Sungun Metropolitan Police
said they will punish

the person responsible for the attack

and fire the director
of the 112 Emergency Call Center.

-I have decided to resign.
-Do you admit to your mistake?

Did you fail to do your job?

Thank you. Take care.

Take care of him.



They captured the guy this morning.

His name is Ko Dong-cheol.
He was a bouncer at the Rambada Club.

He has a huge rap sheet.

We found bloody clothes in his house.
The blood was tested.

The results proved...

it's your wife's blood.

The trial will start soon.
It was the Call Center's mistake.

The higher-ups want to end this fast.
He'll definitely get a life sentence.

-Get a hold of yourself.


I hadn't been home for so long.

That fool was trying to make me eat
and this is what happened.

I became a detective
so we could have plenty to eat.

This is ridiculous.

Let me say one thing.

Ko Dong-cheol...

put him behind bars for me.

Make sure he never gets out.

Let's just say...

If he ever does get out...

I will kill him.

Got that?


On November 25th,

Ko Dong-cheol, the suspect,
found Heo Ji-hye,

who was taking food to her husband.

While the suspect dragged the victim
to an alley and sexually assaulted her,

the victim protested vigorously.

Then, the suspect hit her 30 times
with his weapon,

making dents in her skull
and destroying her myelencephalon.

Moreover, the defendant
committed this heinous crime

while the victim was still alive.

The defendant has already said

he was drunk that night
and remembers nothing.

The defendant is insulting the court

with his statement
in an attempt to reduce his sentence.

The prosecution calls
Ms. Kang Gwon-ju

from the Emergency Call Center
who answered the victim's call.

Miss, step forward.

Did you talk to the suspect
who killed Heo Ji-hye that night?

Yes, I did.

So you must clearly remember
the suspect's voice.


what is your name?


It's Ko Dong-cheol.

Is this the voice you heard?

When you received the phone call,

-the defendant was drunk and...
-That's not the voice I heard.


what is she saying?


there's a rumor
that she's been saying

Ko Dong-cheol did not kill your wife

and the actual suspect
also killed her father.

But it was proven that her father's death
was a hit-and-run accident.

I think she's scheming
to cover up her mistake

because she's desperate.


Are you saying that the suspect
and the defendant have different voices?


You will know I'm telling the truth

if you listen to the recording.

Are you saying there are more recordings
besides the ones submitted to the court?

Yes, from 10:18 to 10:21 p.m.,

of the suspect talking to my father,
who was patrolling the area

and had a walkie-talkie,
right after the crime.

He also killed my father.

He's in his late 20s to mid-30s.
The suspect's voice...

was lower than the defendant's.

I also heard tiny cracking noises
from his jaw.

I'd like to have a word with the witness.

What are you doing? Are you crazy?

I told you from the start
that the voice was different.

You were the one who chose to ignore it.

Yeah. And you still insist
on that nonsense?

You're screwing with me.
You can't have heard that.

Your Honor, the defendant
is not the attacker.

Please play the recording...
of the day of the murder.


Let's listen to the recording.

Please don't kill me.

I have a baby at home.

Please let me live.

There should be...

more of me talking to my father
through the walkie-talkie.

This is all the police sent us.

It can't be.
Something must've gone wrong.

I talked to the attacker.

-I heard his voice!

if you keep doing this,
you'll be charged with perjury.

Do something. She's saying I'm innocent.


Say something

to reduce my sentence.


Tell the truth.


Let go of me.

They found evidence in his house.

Did he bribe you?

Will you tell the truth if I pay you?
Here you go.

Take this and tell the truth.

-Stop it.

-Back off!

I'll hold you in contempt!

Your Honor, she shouldn't give
false testimony in court!

This is a warning. One more outburst
and you'll be asked to leave.

They found evidence in his...

He just smiled.


What's so funny? Tell me, huh?

-Let go.

-What's so funny?
-Calm down.

Is this funny?

Sergeant, settle down!

-Get him out of here!
-What's so funny?

-Calm down!
-Jin-hyeok, please.

-Come here.
-Court is adjourned.

Hey, you!

The witness from the Call Center testified

the defendant's voice doesn't match
the attacker's voice.

So the defendant, Ko Dong-cheol,
changed his testimony.

But the police say
the recording of the voice

the witness claims to have heard
does not exist at all.

The police expressed their confusion,

and there are a lot of rumors
as to whether the witness

has any connection to Ko Dong-cheol.



Hello, 112 Emergency.

You can be fined
for making prank calls.

You found clothes covered with blood?

Yes. What does the man look like?

Okay, short hair.

-I'll send them right away.
-Sam-dong Patrol Division.

The assailant is chasing the victim.

He is on the Sam-dong overpass,
500 feet from the Green Library.


My grandfather received
a phishing call while I was at work.

They called and said
his grandson had been kidnapped!

We'll play the recording
of the heinous voice phishing suspect.

You don't care if your grandson dies?

If you don't send the money,
he will die.

Yes, 112 Emergency.

I have information about a case.
Please turn on the CTC news.

Pardon? What do you mean?

I can help. Just turn on the news.

What is it?

She says I should turn on the news.

Really? Turn on the TV.

How can someone do this?
It's driving me crazy.

Oh, gosh! The suspect will pay for this!

My grandfather worked really hard
to look after me after my parents died.

The suspect of the phishing call
on the news

-is the grandson who's being interviewed.

How can you be sure?

He tried to change his voice
with a modulator.

But the recorded voice matches
the grandson's breathing, speech pattern,

and accent.
A person's voice is like a fingerprint.

There's a 99% chance
that the grandson did this.

-Check him out.


It's a sad case of a grandfather
who made a living by collecting trash.

Next, the case of Ms. Yu

who was found dead a month ago
in Gojeong-dong.

Mr. Jang, her ex-boyfriend,
was listed as a suspect

and should've been questioned
by the police.

However, we found out
that the police failed to locate

the suspect's whereabouts.

My name is Kang Gwon-ju.

I have special talents
that others don't know about.

I see the world with my ears,

not my eyes.

You lent him the money?

After recovering from an eye injury
when I was young, I can hear

and see

all the noises...

with my ears.


You'll pay me 100,000 won
if I talk to you?

I'll call you from Eunhyeong Station.

Listen to me!
Don't suspects have rights?

-Be quiet!

The police is attacking people,
not protecting them.

-Sir, please listen to me.

I don't deserve to be beaten just because
I'm the manager of an escort agency.

-I told you to be quiet.
-I swear! They beat me hard.

I'd like some beef-bone soup.
I'm starving.

Jin-hyeok, what's wrong with you?

You wanted to catch this punk,
and we lost the suspect

of the Gojeong-dong case.
We're in trouble now.

People can't believe the victim's head
was cracked open. It's a total mess!

-You know that, right?
-You scum.

That's why you should've told us
where he was

while I was in a good mood.

My goodness!
Don't you understand what I'm saying?

How many times must I say
I haven't seen Dong-cheol in years?

-Sit down, come on.
-Okay, fine.

-What a jerk.

This is a Patrol Division.
Act accordingly.

I understand how you feel,

but it's been three years.
How long will you do this?

It's been long enough!

Damn. That punk is a loudmouth.

I nearly went deaf.

That little...

Goodness! You're working so hard.

What on earth is going on here?

Hey, you look fine.
You don't deserve this.


Can't you be a little nicer?
We got him.

Relax. It'd make everyone happy.

Stop saying nonsense.

So, is that thing in order now?

It was quite a lot of work
for me to take care of.

So what?

Fine. I don't care anymore.
Just write the report for Chief Jang.

How long...

are you going to do things
for that crazy bastard?

Gosh, it tastes good!


-Let's go.
-All right, then.

See you later.

Look at him being shy.

Goodness gracious.

Hang on.

Are you that guy? You are.

You're the husband of the lady
who was killed by Dong-cheol.

-Jin-hyeok, let's go.
-That's why...

That's why you beat me like crazy.
That explains a lot.

-Shut it already.
-Hang on.

Let's go.

This guy's persistent, isn't he?

It's been ages since Dong-cheol's trial
went awry, you crazy jerk!



-Don't listen to him. Let's go.

No wonder she got stabbed to death.
Her husband's an idiot.

How dare you?

This is funny.

You're so brave, aren't you?
What did you just say? Say it again.

You want me to say it again?

You have cameras here, right?
Are you going to hit me?

-Shut up.

Look at how he's staring at me.

-Come here.
-You can't beat me here. Are you scared?

You won't just be suspended this time!

Goodness. Suspended?

You're right. How scary.

I should just quit.

Let's go.

I'm leaving. Bye.

-Back to work.

Hey, Jin-hyeok!

Stop him!

Put the chair down!

-What the heck? Stop him!
-Cover the cameras!

Stop that!

Stop him!

What are you doing?
Cover the cameras!

-We're screwed now.

I'll get going now. Come on.

Don't look at me.
You guys take care of him.

-I don't know what to do.

Go on.

Get rid of him.

Golden Time Team?

You want me to support
the Golden Time Team?

That's a bit...


All right. Let me think about it.

Three, five , and ten minutes after
an incident occurs

is the golden time frame where you
can save a victim before they die.

Acting within this time frame
is our team's goal.

We will try to be at the scene
three minutes after the call

and arrest the criminal
within ten minutes.

The Golden Time Team will be dispatched
before any other team. That's all.

Basically, you're saying...

the Violent Crimes Unit
will work under the control

of the Emergency Call Center?
Is that it?

Not work under.

We'd be cooperating
to get to the scene faster.

Ms. Kang...

I'm glad you've learned
how things are done in America,

but you know nothing
about the Korean police.

-Besides, this is against the hierarchy.

what are you going to do
about the cases 

where you failed to arrest the criminals
because of the after-report system?

Especially the Sungun Metropolitan Police
who has an very low callback rate.

-Isn't that criminal negligence?

You should know what I mean.
The Songshin-dong case in February.

The Hwami-dong case last October.

The callers died
because of the system and the rules.

Even the phishing call case
in Buwol-dong.

It could've been solved in a minute
if the voice was properly analyzed.

Ms. Kang!

You're making a big deal out of nothing.

Why should we go against each other?

-Rules are rules.
-I'm just saying

we should maximize
the Emergency Call Center's function

by changing the rules
and creating a team

that acts promptly.



You were demoted recently.

How could you beat him like that?


You must stop this.

Ko Dong-cheol is nowhere to be seen.
He must be dead, okay?

Come on.

Get a hold of yourself
so Dong-u can get better.

If your wife saw this...

she'd be heartbroken.



Let's eat. I'm hungry.

The lady who testified
at your wife's trial...

was sent here
as the Call Center manager.

She volunteered... to be sent here.

What did you say?

-That's the only station we see.
-Thank you.

Go on. The reporter doesn't speak Korean.
What should I do?

Kid, don't make prank calls.


We're busy enough catching criminals.
Let's go in.

We watched the presentation
and visited the Call Center.

I think we did the best we could.

-Don't you think so?
-Yes, sir.

You know our Call Center
has the lowest callback rate in Korea.

She said she'd make it the highest
within six months,

and asked headquarters
to let her work here.

Since she solved a big case in the US,
they seem to be very supportive.

I can't believe
she asked to come back here.

She must be out of her mind.

Anyway, I think the rumor

that she studied abroad with the money
that Ko Dong-cheol paid her...

is true.

We have another meeting soon.
Let's go.

-Chief Jang.

Catch the Gojeong-dong criminal.
All those reporters

are making
my blood pressure pills useless.

Please don't worry.
Our team is staking out the area.

We will arrest him today.

Ms. Kang, don't waste
the Commissioner Bae's time again.

You won't like what you see.
Understood? Let's go, sir.

You should see
if this is a waste of time or not.

-Am I wrong?

You were here for ten minutes.
I'm surprised you made a decision.

Ms. Kang!

Kang Gwon-ju, come here.

Kang Gwon-ju!

-Kang Gwon-ju!
-You can't do this. Please leave.

Kang Gwon-ju!

-Kang Gwon-ju!
-Excuse me.

It really is her. Hey, come here.

-Come here.
-You can't do this.

No. Let me go.

-Let me go.
-It's fine.

Let him go.

-Nice to see you.
-It's been a while, Sergeant Mu.

Let's talk over there.

Hey.... we're not going anywhere.

You have such thick skin.

How dare you come here?

You took a bribe from a criminal

and made a huge mess in court.
How dare you come back?

Do you think we're idiots?

Do you think Korean police officers
are pushovers? Is that it?

What's going on?
Isn't that Mu Jin-hyeok?


Now that I think of it,
Ms. Kang is the officer

who took the call from the victim
of the Eunhyeong-dong case.

A case from three years ago
where Jin-hyeok's wife was killed.

Given the Call Center agent's testimony,
the defendant walked away free.


Why did she come back?

I heard you were a total wreck,
but you're worse than I thought.

I was going to ask you
to be our team leader,

but maybe I shouldn't.

Team leader?

Wow! Thank you so much
for thinking of me.

I should be grateful, right?

Right. You even used your father's death

to keep your position.

You managed to survive, of course.

Do you even pay tribute to your dad
on his death anniversary?

Think whatever you like.
You can blame and curse me.

You won't believe me...

whatever I say.

I think you still need more time...

to accept my apology.


I knew it.

Why are you just standing there?

Jin-hyeok, I understand.

Please put your hand down, okay?

The commissioner is looking.

Just back off, Dae-sik.

Back off.

Tell me. Why did you do that
three years ago?

Why did you disappear after lying?

Why did you say
you heard something you never did?


Did you really want to use
your father's death

and take the bastard's money
to study abroad?

Is that it?

Tell me.


Hi, 112 Emergency.

Okay. May I have your name?

A kidnapping report
from Eunhyeong-dong T-junction.


Please calm down. Can you...

If I tell you

the truth...

will you believe me?

Ms. Kang, there's a kidnapping report
from Eunhyeong-dong.

-Answer me.
-We cannot afford to lose the victim.

Let's talk more... after I take the call.

Her name is Park Bok-nim.
She's 17 years old.

She went to Eunhyeong Station
to meet a guy from a chatting app

and got kidnapped five minutes ago.

Hello, this is Kang Gwon-ju.
Can you please tell me what happened?

I told you many times.

I've been kidnapped by a crazy man.

Come quickly, please.

The man... is completely insane.

He has...

a lot of knives in his bag.

-Track her phone. Find out where she is.
-Yes, ma'am.

I met him on a chatting app.

He said he'd pay me 100,000 won
just for small talk.

So we agreed to meet
at Eunhyeong Station.

Is 5885 your last four digits?

Come with me.

Do you have the money?

-I'll give it to you later.
-Show me first.

Just follow me.

What the heck?

This way.

Hey, mister.

I'm going home. Look for another girl.

All right.

Oh, how annoying.

We tracked the phone.

It's within a two-mile radius
of Eunhyeong-dong Station.

It's a prepaid phone, so getting
GPS coordinates will take a while.


What do you see around you?

There's a plastic tarp
on the floor, bricks,

wood, and sand.
It looks like a construction site.

Plastic tarp on the floor may mean
he didn't kidnap her just to rape her.

Where is he now?

I threw a brick out the window.

He went out, thinking I got out.

Good job, Bok-nim.

Since it's an emergency,

-I'll speak casually, okay?

Code Zero. A kidnapping has occurred.

The abductor has weapons
and is possibly a murder suspect.

The victim is in a building
within a two-mile radius

of 36 Eunhyeong-dong, Youngdong-gu.
Nearby patrol division should help.

Sergeant Mu
from the Seogu Patrol Division

is dispatched from the Golden Time Team.

You can't go inside.

Are you insane?

Who are you to order me around?

Can you hear me?

This is an emergency.

If we don't act within ten minutes,
the victim's life will be at risk.

-You know that very well.

So what?

When are the police coming?

I'm so scared.

Please help me.


Someone is trying to kill me.
Help me, please.

I said someone is trying to kill me.

All right.

I'll talk to you later.


Look at him just leaving like that.

What is she doing?

Ms. Kang, since when
is there a Golden Time Team?

Don't you know just contacting
the patrol division is enough?

-What if it's just a pervert?
-If it's just a pervert,

he wouldn't have so many knives
and a plastic tarp.

That's what you think.

Our team can't act on such a small case.

I don't care.

I figured things hadn't changed
in the past three years.

Where are you going?

She's just provoking you
to make herself look competent.

That's where your wife died!


the girl asked for our help.

She cried...

begging for her life.

You said they're on their way.
Where are they?

When on earth will they arrive?

You don't mind people like me dying?

What a lame life...

I must have led.

Well, even my name sucks.

How about we go get
a new name later?

Excuse me?

My name sucks too.

It means "offer someone a drink."

My dad

was always drunk,
even on the day I was born.

That's how he chose my name.

I got bullied a lot because of my name
when I was in school.

A good-for-nothing dad, huh?

Your father is a jerk just like mine.

Zoom in.

Bok-nim, I know how you feel.

But you'll get on with a better life

when you get out of there.

If I listen to you,
I'll get out of this place, right?

I promise.



For the police to get there fast,
we really need your help.

Think hard. Do you remember anything
about the area you're in?

The streets, something you heard.
Anything will help.

I think I saw a playground.

A playground?


At the playground,
he dragged me to the left.

This is the Call Center.
The abductor moved from the playground

to the redevelopment area,
left of the T-junction. I repeat.

The abductor moved from
the playground to the redevelopment area.

Oh, jeez. I can't believe
that you're out here for backup.

I heard you've become a total wreck,
but you're worse than I thought.

I was going to ask you
to be our team leader,

-but maybe I shouldn't.
-What a nut case.

And I saw something with colors.

Something with colors.

He turned left at the T-junction.
Something with colors.

What could it be?


I'm from the Myunhak Patrol Division.

It's just you guys?

All the others were sent
to a marathon for support.

The Burim Patrol Division
will join us shortly.

-It's strange.
-This is crazy.

Backup from the Myunhak Patrol Division
arrived at the site.

Here's a list of people
in the area with criminal records.

Bok-nim, the police have arrived
at Eunhyeong-dong T-junction.

They'll find you soon.
Hang on a bit longer.

What's that?
Where's that sound coming from?

You two...

start at the alley there

and search all the way down here.
Radio me if anything comes up.

-You come with me.

Yes, sir.

Sergeant Mu,
I don't feel good about this.

-Do you think she's here?
-See the camera?

We're running out of time.
Keep searching.

Something with colors.

Hey, go that way.


I'm going downstairs.

What do you mean?

Go back and stay put.
The police will arrive soon.

I don't think he's around.

I'm going out.

Don't, Bok-nim.
He'll be back any minute.

-Stay put.
-I'm sure there isn't anyone here.

What should I do?

I think he's back.

Hide somewhere. Hurry.

Where did she go?

Bok-nim, are you okay?


I think he's going up to the third floor.

This is the Call Center.
It's an emergency.

The abductor is in the building
with the victim. Please hurry.

-What did you find?
-Nothing, sir.


Do you know any place
in the neighborhood

with colorful paintings or signs?

Do you know any place
with colorful paintings?

Do you know any place around here
with colorful murals or signs?

This way.

Excuse me, ma'am. Tell me.

Do you know any place in this area
with colorful murals or signs?

-Colorful murals?
-Yes. With a lot of colors.

There is a daycare center in the alley

that went out of business recently.

It has flowers painted on the walls.

Painted flowers?

I feel sorry for the director
of the center.

He hired inexperienced drivers
to save money.

One of them sexually assaulted
the kids at the center.

That's why it went out of business.

Which direction is it?

This is Division One.
We know where the suspect is.

We got additional information
about the location.

It has a mural with flowers.
It was a daycare center.

We're heading there now.

Sergeant Mu, do you see any signs?
Any outdoor LED signs?

Jeez! Stop talking nonsense.
What kind of daycare center has that?

He's right.
There's no way it would have that.

What's wrong with me?

Bok-nim, the police seem
to have found out where you are.

-It's almost over. Hang on, okay?
-Are you sure?

I'm sorry.

I should've listened to you.
My mom always told me

to stay out of trouble and behave.

That something...

I'd regret could happen someday.

She was absolutely right.

It's okay, Bok-nim.

We all make mistakes.

I've also made a huge mistake
in the past.

No matter how scared and hurt you are,
don't give up or run away.

You can get a second chance.

Ask for forgiveness and start over.

You should never give up.



It's something made of iron.

What is it? Is it an iron pipe?
No. It's something with a round edge.

Let me hear a bit more.



Are you okay?

I think he's gone now.

Sergeant Mu, is that it?

Is there a mural with flowers?


Bok-nim, did he go downstairs?
The police officers are on their way.

Yes. It seems like he's downstairs.

Great. I'm relieved.

The abductor is on the first floor.
Make sure to arrest him.

Things are going too smooth.

The abductor has probably committed
a series of other crimes.

He's tenaciously chasing
the victim who ran away.

And he has a weapon.

Oh! I remember now.

You has asked me earlier
if he was carrying something.

It wasn't a bag.

He had a long wooden stick
with something attached to it.

A long wooden stick...
with something attached to it?

It looked like a bat or something.

Is it possibly a stone hammer?

Butchers use those to kill animals.

She was found a month ago
with a dented skull in Gojeong-dong,

I was right.

-What the...

-Why are they here?
-That's not the place.

He's a murder suspect.

He's not the one who sexually
abused kids at the daycare center.

Bok-nim, get out of there right now!



There you are.





Be quiet!

-Go that way.
-Yes, sir.

This is an update.

The suspect attacked the victim.
He's moving her.

I repeat. The victim
is being moved somewhere.

He may be the suspect
of other serial crimes.

-Be on your guard.

What are you talking about?

My guess was right.
What the suspect swung

is a stone hammer that's used

by butchers to kill animals.

The Gojeong-dong murder

-was also committed by a stone hammer.
-What are you talking about?

My team is out there to catch the killer!

The suspect isn't a first-time offender.

The suspect couldn't have
dismembered the body otherwise.

Listen, Ms. Kang.

If you do things like this,
you can lose your job.

This is why I'm against
the Golden Time Team!

It's me.


All right.

Sir, the suspect of the Gojeong-dong case,
Jang Cheol-su, was arrested.

The thing is, he has an alibi.

What? Send backup right now!

Send all members to the scene
right now.

Send them out now!

He had the audacity to kill people
with a hammer.

Maybe he was trying to find empty places
covered in a blind spot,

not the redevelopment area
where many workers come and go.

A place where the he can easily
kill people, take his time,

and dismember the bodies.

I saw something with colors.

Something with colors.

What could it be?

And what's that sound?

What is it? I think I heard it before.

A dragging sound.



Is it...

Sergeant Mu, I know what it is.

The colors and the sound.

It's a barber pole.

What are you saying?

Bok-nim is in a building
that has a barbershop.

The abductor has a stone hammer.

Any piece of misinformation can confuse us
and lead to the victim's death.

I know it's hard to believe,
but you should trust me.

You know that the victim
of the Gojeong-dong case

was murdered with a round-edge weapon.

We lost the suspect
of the Gojeong-dong case.

People can't believe the victim's head
was cracked open. It's a total mess.

I'm sure the sound
was from a barber pole.

I do not want to see
another person die on my watch.

Not again.

Yes. It's the barber pole.

That's what she saw.

-Those are the colors she saw.

There's no time. Hurry!


Don't kill me.

You're awake?

How do you want to die?

Please... don't kill me.

I have to go home too.

I'll make it quick.




What's that sound?

She's always talking about sounds,
just like she did three years ago.

Help me.

I'm so scared.

We found a possible suspect.

A-ram is in there somewhere.
You have to find him.

Where is it?

It's the wrong place.

Help me.

Mr. Mu is in danger.