Voice (2017–2019): Season 1, Episode 3 - Episode #1.3 - full transcript

-What were you thinking?
-Don't move.

Are you...

Who are you?


are the police there yet?

I don't know.

This is Team One.
We went to the wrong place.

It wasn't apartment 5-104.

My sweet A-ram...

you were hiding in here.

You should come to Mommy.


-Come here.


-Mommy, I'm sorry.
-Get out of there!

-Mommy, I'm sorry.
-Come with me!

You are a bad boy.

-I won't do it again.
-Come here! Hurry!

Why don't you listen to me? Why?

We don't have much time.
Tell me everything you heard.

-You mentioned a xylophone.
-I did hear something,

But I don't know what it was.

Well, you told me
you identify everything by sound.

So listen carefully.

If you locate him,

I'll save him no matter what.

So concentrate.

I don't know.
It's something I've never heard.

-I'm sorry.
-Stop crying.

-Stop crying. Stop!
-I'm sorry.

-Be quiet.
-Please don't kill me.

Talk to her on the phone

and buy as much time as possible.

-I'm sorry, Mom.

Please don't kill me.

It's too late for that.

No, it's not.

What was that?

Who are you?

I'm Kang Gwon-ju
from the Emergency Call Center.

The police are headed your way.


You don't know where I am.

-Don't be ridiculous!
-We've tracked your phone.

It's not too late.

If you turn yourself in,
there will be extenuation.


For A-ram's sake...

act wisely.

Look for something
that sounds like a xylophone.

A rattle? A music box?

Isn't there a toy
that sounds like a xylophone?

Be more specific.

Something you hear in a kid's house.

You should know, you have a kid.
How should I know?

And you are a cop.

Dae-sik, do you remember
that time we went undercover

in Myeonghwa-dong?

I thought the wind chime
was a xylophone.

Yes, I remember.

You made a huge fuss about it.

Ah, no way.

Follow me.


Can you tell me something?

Does a seven-year-old boy
live in apartment 3-406?

Apartment 406, building three.

That's where Jae-eun's mom lives.

They only have a daughter.

She's been hospitalized
for a while due to meningitis.

-They only have a daughter?

Thank you for your cooperation.

Jin-gu told me

there was another girl here before I came.

But she's also really sick,

so she's in the hospital.

We found the phone's owner.

Choe Byeong-uk, a 30-year-old male.
Five years ago,

his restaurant in Burim-dong
went out of business.

He currently works as a chef
in a restaurant.

He adopted three children.

One died
and one is hospitalized.

Now, he just lives with a boy
he adopted last year.

What's his address?

It's apartment 3-406 in Dabok Villa.

His wife's name is Oh Su-jin.

Ms. Kang.

-Send it to the action team.

Come on.

Guys, this way!

Building three. Hurry up!

We're headed to building three.
Stall them as long as possible.

This way.

Ms. Oh Su-jin,

please calm down. Let's talk.

You're being very cruel to A-ram.

I'm sure you're aware of that.

Do you...

really want him to die?

Shut your mouth!

What do you know?
How can you say that?

What did I do wrong?

The old man was much worse.

At least I fed the kids,

gave them clothes to wear,
and let them sleep!

Mom, it hurts.

Don't make her upset.

Ms. Oh.

By any chance,
have you been in a situation like this?

I'm asking... if you've been abused.

Shut up! Don't act like you know me.

Find out all you can
about her family and childhood. 

See if she was adopted.

Ms. Oh...

I think I know now...

why you sound so anxious.

You're extremely distressed, aren't you?

A-ram told me

that when your husband comes home
he hears a xylophone

and then you start crying.

You must also be... in pain.

Stop talking nonsense!

This is how children should be raised.

Kids are loud and messy!

They're a nuisance!


Dad, I'm sorry.

Dad, I won't do it again. Please, Dad.

She was adopted. I haven't found anything
on her adoptive parents.

She got caught trying to run away
from home in 1997, 1998, and 1999.

In 1999, she was sent back home
even though she was seriously injured.

Ms. Oh, I don't think
your life has been easy.

You've experienced things
that most people can't even imagine.

I'm sure you've asked yourself

why you had to go through so much pain
when other people have a happy life.

It must've upset you.

I told you to shut your mouth.

Her voice's wavelength
is drastically shorter.

She's losing confidence.

A-ram told me earlier

that he couldn't leave
even though the door was open.

Why couldn't he leave? I think...

you know the answer to that.

Dad, don't kill me. Forgive me, please.

I'm so sorry!

Let me live. Forgive me, please.
I'm sorry!

All the pain you felt...

A-ram feels it too.

The misery you cannot escape,
no matter how hard you try...

A-ram is feeling it too.

The police will arrive soon.
If anything happens to A-ram,

you'll have to spend
the rest of your life in prison.

Please. Let him go out the door.

If you turn yourself in,
I'll do my best to help you,

so you can live a normal life.




I'm sorry.

Even if you hurt me,

I won't complain.

I'm so sorry, Mommy.

Help me.


Please help me.


Good job, Ms. Oh.

The police will arrive shortly.

I will keep my promise

and do my best to help you.

What's going on? Are they there?

Over there.

We're at apartment 3-406.

-We're going in.

Oh Su-jin!

Where's the boy?

-Find the boy. Hurry!
-Where is he?

Ms. Oh, you're under arrest
for child abuse and attempted murder.

You have the right to hire an attorney
and anything you say

may be used against you
in a court of law.

-Jin-hyeok, I can't find the boy.
-What are you talking about?

-Look everywhere!
-He's not here.

Same here. He's not here.

A-ram isn't there?

That can't be.

Someone took him
before you guys got there.

Ms. Oh, where's the boy?

Your husband took him, right?

Where is he?

Tell me!

He got stabbed in the stomach.

I told him to press the wound,
but he must've bled a lot.

We must find him
before he bleeds to death.

Take her.

-Find out where her husband is.
-This is Team One.

Find out where Choe Byeong-uk is!

Who's calling?


-What is it?

Jin-hyeok, Choe Byeong-uk hasn't gone
to the restaurant for over a month.

This is Team One.

Choe Byeong-uk, age 39.

He's a suspect of child abuse
and kidnapping. We must find him.

I repeat. He's a suspect
of child abuse and kidnapping.

Close all roads in the Burim-dong area
and inspect all cars. Come on.

We're on our way.
Block all the roads!

Mr. Mu, something is not right.


-What now?
-You remember Ms. Oh saying

-that the old man was cruel, right?
-So what?

She said "old man."
It doesn't sound right.

I saw a photo of her husband.
He looked young and healthy.

It's odd that she called him
an old man.

Also, the footsteps I heard didn't sound
like those of a healthy young man.

Hey, we found records
that say Choe Byeong-uk

and Oh Su-jin adopted three kids.

I bet he's hiding the kid
because he's scared to be caught.

-Hey, the call got disconnected.

Just standby.

We'll handle the rest. Start the car.

That doesn't mean the case is closed,

nor that my job is done.

I'm the only one
who heard his footsteps.

-And we haven't found A-ram yet.
-Are you the only one working on this?

It's a battlefield out here!
Come here then and find him!

-What are you waiting for? Let's go.
-Mr. Mu.

I found information
on Ms. Oh's adoptive parents.

She was adopted by Dr. Baek Seong-hak
in 1993.

He abandoned her in 2000
when she was 16.

I wondered why
I couldn't find any records.

I found out the adoption agency
sealed them because he abused her.

A doctor?

-Look at her.

-What did she do?
-He's not even her son!

-Where's her kid?
-I can't believe it!

Patrol One, may I speak with Ms. Oh?

Ms. Oh, this is Kang Gwon-ju
from the Emergency Call Center.

Was it really your husband
Choe Byeong-uk who took A-ram?

I don't know.

I said I don't know.

Choe Byeong-uk is tall,
but that man had short strides,

and he was dragging one foot.

It was as if he had arthritis.

Who was he?

How did you know that?

I don't know anything.
Don't ask me.

He's the one
who did this to you, isn't he?

-Is he your adoptive father?


This is the last chance for both you
and A-ram. You're still young.

You should receive your punishment
and start fresh.

You don't have to be afraid
of someone like him.

Ms. Oh.

I don't know anything.

Please stop asking me.

Is he near you? Can you see him?

Officer Oh, get the address
of her adoptive parents.

Those footsteps
were not Choe Byeong-uk's.

I'm certain.

Are you saying
it might not have been Choe Byeong-uk?

I looked into it.

Oh Su-jin was adopted
and was abused by her adoptive father.

-She was abused?

Her adoptive father used to be
a famous pediatric dentist in Uijeongbu.

He fell into debt after making
some bad investments.

He started to abuse adoptees
to get insurance money.

He was caught,
and his wife divorced him.

He's currently missing.

He was a dentist?

A man ran away while being questioned
at the Burim-dong Intersection.

-We're chasing him.
-They got him.

Dae-sik, pull over.

-Just do it!

I'm going to go to the villa.

Go to the Burim Intersection.

Where are you going?
We have to arrest him.

Ms. Oh, don't be scared
and tell me the truth.

Does your adoptive father live near you?

Stop it!

It was very hard for me too.

Every night in my dreams,

the kids came crying to me.

Listen to me.

That man is no longer
your adoptive father.

He abused you when you were young.
Now he's committing retaliatory offenses.

He's a disgusting criminal.

Do you want to get blamed
for his crimes as well?


this is your only chance to punish him.


Gosh, it's cold. My goodness.

Is that you, Detective?

-Did you find the boy?

No, not yet.

That's a pity.

I wanted to check something.


Has someone ever visited Oh Su-jin

claiming to be her father?

I heard he's a dentist.

I'm not sure. There are a lot of visitors.

I can't recall.

That's true.

I noticed you were making something.
Did you put it away?

I get so bored. That's my hobby.

Gosh, look at me. I have a guest.


This lowers your cholesterol.
It's mulberry extract.


-You just came back from somewhere?

-I went to the machine room.
-What's in there?

Could there be any space
for a kid to hide?

It's just full of machinery.
People can't go in there.

-Can I take a look?
-Of course.

Drink up and follow me.


Is that true, Su-jin?


Mr. Mu, we found her accomplice.

Mr. Mu?

Where are you? Mr. Mu?

This is Team One, Ms. Kang.

Mr. Mu went back to the villa.
Is he not answering?

The villa?

The security guard is the accomplice.
Turn around right now.

Mr. Mu is in danger.

What? What are you saying?

Oh Su-jin's adoptive father
is security guard Baek Seong-hak.

That man,

he abused children
in order to get insurance money.

He got caught by Su-jin.

That's why he came back
to avenge her. He's a criminal.

Su-jin has borderline
personality disorder,

which is common
in victims of child abuse.

She had no choice
but to follow Baek Seong-hak's orders.

He's a crazy bastard.

This is Team One. We found the accomplice
of the Burim-dong Dabok Villa case.

It's the Dabok Villa security guard,
Baek Seong-hak.

He's Oh Su-jin's adoptive father.
He's the one behind everything.

Everyone go back to Dabok Villa.

The complex is old.

We're constantly doing maintenance
to keep it in good shape.

There isn't much here.

No one can come in here.

-Mr. Mu.

Mr. Mu, get out of there.

-You have to get out.
-What? I can't hear you.

Why can't he hear me?

It seems like he has no signal.

Mr. Mu.

Where are you?

Can you hear me, Mr. Mu?

Are you with the security guard?

He's the accomplice.

We're in the basement,
there's no reception.

Why is everyone making so much fuss

over just a kid?

"Just a kid"?

Oh, boy.

That's not what I meant.
It's the parents' fault.

Parents these days

are too soft on their children.

They say children have personalities,

but it's all nonsense.


there are times when kids
are better than adults.

They're honest and innocent.

Don't you think?

You don't know what you're talking about.
Kids need to be disciplined by adults

in order to learn.
That's how they become decent adults.

I have a daughter.

She's such a headache.

-You have a daughter?
-Oh, right.

Didn't you meet her earlier?

You searched the whole neighborhood
to find her.

You should never drink something
a stranger gives you.

That juice had midazolam.


You're Oh Su-jin's...

Do you get it now?

What's the big deal
about some kids dying?

It'll be over soon.

One shot of this

can easily put a pig down.

How many kids did you kill?


They were going to be thrown away
like garbage.

They were able to live like humans
for a while all thanks to me.

They should be grateful.

If it weren't for me, they would've died
as soon as they were born.

Oh Su-jin...

you're the one who threatened her, right?

Why did you do it? Why?

She reported me.

I couldn't let her live happily.

It wasn't fair.

Don't tell me you killed...

Choe Byeong-uk too.

He was such a pain in the butt.

He thought

he was a knight in shining armor.
He fought until the end.

Anyway, enough of this nonsense.
It's time for you

to go where the kids went.

Hold on.



Let this go.

You confessed, right?

Let's see. Gosh.

Why are you so surprised?

You held out for so long,
so I played along.

How was my acting? Was it good?

Hey, I hate mulberry.
It has a nasty smell.


You... You punk.

Where are you going? Come here.

You should have met me earlier.

I would've done something
your stinking personality.

Thank goodness we finally met.

This is use of excessive force.
I want a lawyer!

A lawyer? Sure. I'll get you
the best lawyer on the planet.

Is that okay?

In order for me to do that,
you must stay alive.

How dare you abuse and kill children?

-Where is A-ram?
-Do you think

I will tell you?


Hey, listen carefully. 

I'll keep hitting the same spot.

I'll only aim for where I've hit before.

Think about where you hid the kid.

I'll count to three. One...

two, three.

Mr. Mu!

Mr. Mu...

are you all right?

You don't have time to waste on him.


A-ram is in there somewhere.
You must find him.

What are you saying?

I think I just heard A-ram in there.

-Please turn the volume up,

so I can hear better.
I'll locate him.


All right. Fine, but you have to be quick.

Which way?

Which way?


No, your right.

Which way should I go?

A-ram, don't ever give up.

You promise
you'll never give up, right?

Can you tap on the phone

so I can hear you?

If you want to call me,

keep tapping like that.

No matter how low the sound is,
I will hear you.

I was right.

It's definitely A-ram.

-I'm sure of it.
-Which way?


No, go right.

Go straight.

-Keep going.
-Do I keep going straight?

Go a bit more.

To your right.

-Keep going.
-There's a wall. Are you sure?

Keep going.

-There. Right there. Stop.
-Where do I go?

Go straight.

There's nowhere to go.
Are you sure?

Go a bit more.

I'm in front of a wall.
I can't go any further.


I hear the sound from behind the wall.

He's in there.






A-ram, I'm a policeman. Are you okay?

I found him. A-ram, hang on!

A-ram, are you okay?

I'm a policeman.


Where is the police lady?

A-ram wants to talk to you.

Talk to him. Here, A-ram. Talk into this.

I kept my promise.


told me to.

You said...

you could hear me

no matter how low the sound.

That's right.

It's over.

Thank you.

I'm sleepy.


This is Team One.
The boy is bleeding a lot.

I need an ambulance. Hurry up!



The case is closed.

Great work.

Now focus on your calls.

Ms. Kang is really amazing.

She studied voice profiling in the US.

Voice profiling?

That's really hot.

Ms. Oh.

A-ram is safe.

Baek Seong-hak was arrested.

I guess he will live a long life.

Maybe that's why...

I was bothered by him so much.

He was annoyingly friendly.

What should I say... to A-ram?

Tell him I abandoned him.

I won't get to see him again anyway.

Sir, could you open the window, please?

I want to throw this out.


Jin-hyeok, are you okay?

My goodness! The security guard!

-Is it the security guard?
-Was it him?

I never imagined
he could be the accomplice.

By the way...

how did you find out?

You told me to.

You said...

you could hear me

no matter how low the sound.

Hey, Gwon-ju.

-Good job. Thanks to you--
-Spare me.


When did you start hearing strange sounds?

And besides me, who else knows
you can hear those sounds?

Tell me.

When I was 12.

I had an accident

and I couldn't see for almost two years.

I think that's when

I started hearing sounds
others couldn't hear.

Only my father knew.


you know too.

We are the only ones who know.


you're saying you started hearing
sounds back then?

I hope you understand.

It's hard to believe that story.
Don't you think?

Now, tell me.

What's the truth about that day?

What was missing

from the recording?

And why did you want me
to be a part of this?

Tell me.

Friday, November 25, 2014.

It was

the week after I was transferred

to the Emergency Call Center.

We usually get lots of calls on Fridays...

so I was really busy.

I had an argument with my dad that morning

about his second marriage.

Code zero.

A robbery report at the house
of a party delegate in Songjin-dong.

It could be a terrorist attack.

There was a robbery report
at the house of a party delegate.

Everyone in the Center
was extremely tense.

-Is our team going?
-Yes, sir.

Where are they now?

They're on the way,
but there's heavy traffic.

Are you kidding me?

Send a chopper then!

Yes, sir.

At that moment,
I had no idea that one phone call

would change our lives forever.

112 Emergency Call Center.

Someone is trying to kill me.
Please help.

Could you repeat that please?
Someone's trying to kill you?

Yes, someone is trying to kill me.

Where are you right now?

I'm not sure.

Stairs. I see some narrow stairs.

What is it?

She may be hurt. It's hard to understand,
and she doesn't know where she is.

-Put her through.

Hello. Please stay calm.

We need an address,
so we can dispatch a team.

Church. There is a church.

Banseok... I'm beside Banseok Church.

Please come quickly. Please help me.



-She got disconnected. Call her back.
-Yes, sir.

What are you doing? Go on, call her.

Please help me.

I'm sorry, ma'am. We got disconnected.

I know it's hard,
but can you tell me again?

I see Banseok Church.

Help me, please.


Hello? Are you there?

Please don't kill me.

I have a baby at home.

Please let me live.

That's why

you shouldn't have run.



-Hello, Ma'am?
-What? What is it?

A woman was assaulted
near 36 Eunhyeong-dong.

The assailant has a weapon.
Eunhyeong Patrol Division, mobilize.

So it wasn't a burglar?

A dog bit a cable
and caused the power outage

and the wife reported it to the police?

Gosh. Is this a joke or what?

What are you doing?
Get back to work.

Yes, sir.

Sir, this doesn't look good.

Ms. Kang, are you there?


-It's me.
-Gwon-ju, are you all right?

-I'm near the scene.

What do you mean?

Out of all places,
it was my father's patrol area.

I heard everything over the radio.

I'm in the area,
so I'm on my way to the scene.

-It's the 24th block, right?
-Dad, wait!

You shouldn't go alone.
Where's Officer Jang?


is his mother's 70th birthday.


Dad, the Patrol Division
has been dispatched.

Just wait there.

Please do as I say, okay?

Hey! Stop right there!

-You bastard!

Stop right there!


Are you okay?

Hey, stop now!

Hey, you bastard!

Stop right there!

The Patrol Division is on the way.

Stay where you are, please!


I need to catch him.
He's right in front of me.

What are the police for?

To catch the bad guys, right?

Hey, stop right there!

Come here. Come on!

Damn it, you bastard!

-My goodness.
-Dad, are you okay?

I'm out of breath.

I think I lost him.

You remember his voice, right?

The Patrol Division will be there soon.
Please listen to me, okay?

Did you... hear anything else?

You should've been more careful.

Dad, what are you doing?

Don't go towards him.

Excuse me.

Why do you have so much blood
on your hands?


I used to be known
as the Kang Ho-dong of our station.

You're under arrest for murder.

You're laughing?

You think this is funny?



Dad, no.





Dad. No.





Who'd have known?

-His daughter's also a cop?
-Who are you?

You're the killer, aren't you?

I heard the cracking noise
you make when you talk.

I heard it loud and clear.
Turn yourself in now.

That's funny.

You can hear that?


-He's still alive.
-Don't kill him!

My father...

will retire soon.

He's just a weak, old man.

It's too late.

Please don't kill him.

-He saw my face.

No. You...

Do you think you'll get away with this?
Don't you dare lay a hand on him!

I'll to hunt you down and kill you!





Was the Patrol Division dispatched?

-Why did you call back?

Don't you know that doing that
before ensuring the caller's safety

exposes the location of the caller?

Actually, it wasn't me.

It was Ms. Kang.

Amazing work.

The suspect of the Eunhyeong-dong murder

was arrested five hours
after the incident occurred.

He has committed similar crimes before,

and clothes with the victim's blood
were found in his house.

The police found clear evidence.

-And the fingerprints that were found?
-Stop asking!

-Why did you do it?
-Tell us something!

Stop filming me! Just stop!

Please look over here!


That's why you shouldn't have run.

It's too late.

He saw my face.

Stop filming me! Just stop!

That's not the voice I heard.

How can it be?

The victim is Sergeant Kang
of the Eunhyeong Patrol Division.

It's been said that he died
while chasing a hit-and-run vehicle.

Fellow officers are saddened
by the death of their colleague,

who was days away from retirement.

You know what happened after that.

I said my father

was killed by the same guy
who killed Heo Ji-hye,

but no one believed me.

There should be a recording of me talking
to my father through the walkie-talkie.

This is the recording the police sent us.

It can't be!
Something must have gone wrong.

I talked to the killer.

I heard his voice clearly!

After the trial,

I was summoned by Commissioner Cha.

Cha Myeong-cheol?

Now, he's the Commissioner of Seoul.

Three years ago,
he was the Commissioner of Sungun.

So I should change my testimony?

Is that it, sir?

I understand
you can become impatient out of guilt,

but how could you say such nonsense?

Sir, it's not nonsense.
I heard it clearly--

Officer Kang!

Don't you know how much trouble
this case is causing us?

And you have the nerve to say that?
If you cause more trouble,

I'll take it that you don't want to be
a police officer

and say your father didn't die on duty.

If you want him to be buried
in the Police Cemetery...

watch your behavior.

This is your last warning.

I realized it then.

The people trying to cover up
for the suspect

were in the Police Department.

This is not a simple murder case.

Some people are using their power

to violate justice and break the law.

I decided to go to the United States
because I was determined to get stronger,

so I could catch the real murderer.

So what you're saying

is that the man that killed my wife
also killed your father

and got rid of the recording?


Listen carefully.

Everything you just said

is pure speculation.

I still think the man who killed my wife
is Ko Dong-cheol.

To me...

he's the murderer.

That's all there is to it.

The suspect and Ko Dong-cheol

must've made a deal.

That's why he put the clothes
in Dong-cheol's house.

There is a high possibility
that he fled overseas

after Dong-cheol was released
by my unexpected testimony.

So show me proof.

If you bring me concrete evidence
instead of just your story...

I'll believe you.

The man who killed my father
and Heo Ji-hye

is unlike any other murderer.
He's a monster.

His breathing was steady

even when he was committing a crime.

-If he has power and money...

So show me proof of that.

All right?

Bring me proof.

Please bring me proof!

That man and Ko Dong-cheol...

are in Sungun now.

What did you say?



Don't kill me.

You shouldn't have come back.

Ko Dong-cheol and that man
are in Sungun now?

There must've been an issue
with their deal.

He's here to meet the real killer.

-I'm sure of it.
-Ms. Kang,

someone fell off the Yeongdong overpass
in Sungun and died. We got his ID.

The guy's name

is Ko Dong-cheol.

-Ko Dong-cheol.

The Eunhyeong-dong murder suspect
from three years ago.

That's not the voice I heard.

I heard the suspect's voice clearly.

Why did you say
you heard something you didn't?


The abductor has probably committed
a series of crimes.

She cried...

begging for her life.

What is that?

She's always talking about sounds,
just like she did three years ago.

Please help me. I'm scared.

We found a resident
that could be the suspect.

A-ram is in there somewhere.
You have to find him.

Where is he?

When did you

start hearing strange sounds?

-Get over here.


Who said
they could close the case?

I'm not done yet.

I'm not done.

Are you saying
we should investigate in secrecy?

There is definitely someone on the inside
helping the killer.

Eun-byeol? Park Eun-byeol!

Do your best to hold on
until we get there.

The abductee
is 24-year-old Park Eun-byeol.

Min Ji-seok, get out of the car!