Voice (2017–2019): Season 1, Episode 12 - Episode #1.12 - full transcript



JOHN 9:41


What do you mean?

They have something of mine?

I told you.

Because of Mu Jin-hyeok, that bastard,

I lost my books and USB drive
along with other things

to the police.

Some of them...

belonged to you.

If you keep saying this nonsense,

I will cut your remaining
Achilles tendon, too.

Do you understand?
I'll hang up now. I have a meeting.

I knew you and your father
would abandon me like a dog.

So I set up a back-up plan.

You should come get me right now.

You'll regret it if you don't.

You filthy animal.

He's bleeding.

Do you have anything to stop it?

Mr. Mu, I heard a strange conversation
in the ambulance.

What do you mean?

I believe Mr. Baek is in the vehicle
with Mr. Kim's cell phone.

The staff that are with him
said he woke up in the operating room

and ran away.

There was a big commotion
in the operating room.

And something about finishing a job.

What are you talking about?
Operating room?

You can't let them get away.
They will kill me.

They tried to kill me earlier
with a knife.


Mr. Baek was actually telling the truth
earlier on the rooftop.

We must track down the ambulance
before it gets to the hospital.

-You need to hurry.
-Okay. Dae-sik.

Officer Park,

check the surveillance footage
to locate the ambulance.

Officer Oh, find out all you can

on Nackwon Welfare Center
and Nackwon Mental Hospital.

-See if they've ever abused patients.
-Yes, ma'am.

They are heading to the main road.

Jin-hyeok, maybe the caretakers
were trying to scare Mr. Baek

so he would calm down.

No, I won't go. I don't want to go.

We know how to deal with this.
Leave it to us.

That's what I thought as well.

But there was something weird.

I saw scars on his hands and stomach

They could be from being tied up and cut.

Tied up and cut?

I don't see any ambulance here.
Let's head to the hospital.


Ms. Kang, update me if you get
any new information on Mr. Baek.

Got it?

Darn it. Hey, tell him to step on it.

Hey, let's hurry!

Is he dead?

They are heading
towards an underground parking garage.


I found out that Nackwon Mental Hospital
has a partnership

with Nackwon Welfare Center.

The director is Do Yeong-mi.
She is 47 years old.

She must have founded the hospital
after getting her PhD in Japan.

We have arrived. We're going up now.

I think they are here now.

They are carrying Mr. Baek
on a stretcher.

Nackwon Mental Hospital has a partnership
with Nackwon Welfare Center,

run by Do Yeong-mi.

Ms. Kang, we found the ambulance.

We'll go upstairs and see what's going on.


I told you. Because of Mu Jin-hyeok,

I lost my books and USB drive
along with other things

to the police.

I knew you and your father
would abandon me like a dog.

So I set up a back-up plan.

which was inside that bag, you scumbag.

Are you intimidated

by Mu Jin-hyeok?

You seem to have forgotten
who your master is.

How disappointing.


Do you have a patient
named Baek Jin-gu here

from Nackwon Welfare Center?

With a scar on his stomach
and suffering from schizophrenia.v

-Yes. Mr. Baek Jin-gu, right?

He just went into the treatment room.

The injuries on his abdomen
need to be treated.

Excuse me.

We need to speak
to Mr. Baek Jin-gu in there.

May we go in?

I'm Mu Jin-hyeok
from Sungun Metropolitan Police Agency.

Yes. Well, Mr. Baek comes
to our hospital often

due to self-harm and hallucinations.

You can check on him,

but the situation is urgent.
We need to treat him first.

I see.

All right, then.

Thank you.

I think that was Mr. Baek.
He was wearing prayer beads earlier, too.

Mr. Baek, are you all right?

Mr. Mu, what happened?

Did you find Mr. Baek?

He went inside the treatment room,
so I couldn't see his face.

But I think it was him.
He wore the same prayer beads from before.

So is everything okay?

He will come out
after the treatment is over.

I'll wait and check. Please be on standby.

I know it's a mental hospital,
but it is too empty.

Are they making any profit?

Ms. Kang, I looked into
Nackwon Welfare Center.

But nothing looks suspicious.
Nothing suspicious about Director Byeon.


Put him there.

Hold him up.


Metal tools being laid down
on a metal tray.

He must be in surgery.

But how could he bring the phone
into the operating room?

He should have left it outside.

I told you to use better anesthetic.

Sorry, sir. I was in a hurry.

What is this sound?


Doesn't the name on the license
seem a bit strange?



It does. This is...

Ms. Kang, I have something
on the director.

The name listed on the license is
Lee Sang-man.

He's a doctor who filed for bankruptcy.

And Do Yeong-mi is not registered
with the Korean Medical Association.

Most of the income
of Nackwon Mental Hospital

comes from patients
from Nackwon Welfare Center.

Mr. Mu, something is wrong.
You said he was being treated,

But I can hear them preparing for surgery
over the cell phone.

Cell phones aren't allowed
inside the operating room.

And according to Officer Oh,
the director of Nackwon Mental Hospital

only has a therapists license.
She's not a doctor.

Hey, this is a mental hospital.
There can't be an operating room.

Are you sure?

Dae-sik, come here.


Where is Baek Jin-gu?
What is this?

Is he in here?


Everyone, freeze!

Hey, who are you?

Who are you? Why did you lie
and say Baek Jin-gu is here?

Patrol Division, I need backup.
I think it's an illegal medical facility.

Where is Baek Jin-gu?
Where are you hiding him?

Tell me.

Jin-hyeok, it wasn't Baek Jin-gu.

Mr. Baek!

-Ask the patrol division for support.
-Yes, ma'am.

Hami-dong Patrol Division,
we need backup.

13 Hami-ro, 52 Hami-dong,
Nackwon Mental Hospital.

What on earth is going on?

I heard something
inside the treatment room.

Listen, struggling
won't change a thing for you.

You'll die anyway.

What is this music?

Are you having a team dinner?
Actually, he's a very tricky one.

Officer Park, check the recordings
between 2:30 and 2:45 p.m.

This is strange.

Ms. Kang,

I'm looking at CCTV footage
near the roads to the hospital,

but I can't find a single ambulance.

I was right.

They went down a side street
connected to the back door

of the welfare center.

Mr. Baek.

Mr. Mu, I think the ambulance
headed back to the welfare center.

We lost track of the ambulance
as of 2:30 p.m.

Are you sure?

They have to go through downtown
to go to the Hospital.

I think they went back to the center.

I heard the music that was playing
at the welfare center getting louder.

They tricked us.

Right now,

Mr. Baek is at the welfare center.

I think the welfare center
is keeping a secret.

The mental hospital is a front.

Things we can't even imagine
are happening at that welfare center.

All right. We'll head back
to the welfare center.

-Ask the local patrol division for backup.

Officer Oh, send backup
to the Nackwon Welfare Center.

Yes, ma'am.

They're taking advantage of the fact
that the victims used to be homeless.

We must...

save Mr. Baek.

-Okay, let's begin.
-Yes, sir.

Yes, it's me.

He's barely alive.

His body was already a mess
by the time he got here.

He's suffering from severe side-effects.

Others lasted a month.
But this guy...

He's screaming for mercy
after only two weeks.

I decided to get rid of him.
He's getting harder to control.

Firstly, the cornea.

Then, the kidneys.

I'll be sending
his Adam's apple to the US.

One of my friends in the US says

I could make some money

selling Adam's apples
to dispatched soldiers.

Yes, all right.

I found what you asked me for.

All three workers at the welfare center
are elites.

Choe Gu-seong
graduated from medical school

and worked as a doctor.
Yang Min-nam worked as a butcher.

And Kim Gyu-hwan used to be
a researcher at a pesticide company.

All three of them started working
at the center in 2014.

It seemed strange that they would suddenly
go work for a small-time welfare center.

Then I found out they all had
huge amount of debts.

Find a photo of the director
of Pureun Welfare Center.

-Yes, ma'am.



Mr. Mu, Byeon Sang-an is the same person

from Pureun Welfare Center.

There was a case there 15 years ago.

His name is Kang Hyeon-pal. 61 years old
20 prior criminal records:

embezzlement and insurance fraud.

And he was caught organ trafficking
five years ago.

He fled to China but returned recently
with a fabricated identity.

Moreover, the workers
at Nackwon Welfare Center

all used to work at Pureun.

He's not here. We'll go inside first.


Is anyone here?

Is anyone here?


What happened?

Did all those people vanish into thin air?

This doesn't make sense.

Follow me.


It's locked.

Is anyone in there?

Can you hear us?

Is anyone inside?


I think I hear someone.


Can you hear me?
Get something to open this.

Hang in there for a second!

Move aside.

Who told you to stay here?


We're the police.

Is everyone all right?

Where did the director and the workers go?

Tell us.

Ms. Kang,

they're not just organ traffickers.

What do you mean?

If they were,

they wouldn't need this many people.

The director must have
something else up his sleeve.

for having all these people here.


-Look at this.


It's some kind of medicine.

Why do they have so much of it?
What is this?

What is all this?

Ms. Kang, there's a pharmaceutical company
named Sotrel, right?

Find out what kind of drugs they make.

Something doesn't seem right.
I can feel it.

Were you given painkillers
and injected every day?

Were you given those pills here?


Since when? When did it all start?

It was given to us once a week at first.

But it soon became twice a week.

And suddenly, more people became ill.

We had headaches,
and we started to see things.

Those scumbags.

Ms. Kang, they built this center
to get subsidies from the government

and conduct experiments on people.

I need backup
from the patrol division right now!

This is 112. Bangha Patrol Division,
please go to 28 Bangha-ro, Bangha-dong,

Nackwon Welfare Center.

Everyone, get up.

-Get up.
-Get up quickly.

-It's okay now.

-Follow the person in front of you.
-Slowly. Get up.

-It's okay. Get up.


Get started.

Mr. Mu.

-I think the surgery has started.

It's some kind of a secret room.
I hear something echoing.

-I think it's the basement.


Sotrel has been developing
a drug to cure obesity:

ATS 4018, also called Light Thin.

The last time anybody heard about it,
side effects were reported during trials.

Some pharmaceutical companies

with foreign affiliation conduct
illegal tests abroad for stability

and legal clinical trials
in their own countries.

What is this?

What the...


He was on the phone with 112.

Darn it.

This scumbag is driving me crazy.

We don't have time for this.
The police must be here.

Gosh, what is that sound?

Sometimes, when you're preparing
the ingredients,

things you didn't order
ended up getting in the mix.

Hurry and clean up. Get ready.

-Yes, sir.

Get inside!

You crazy scumbags.

Wake up, Mr. Baek!

Mr. Baek has a severe
abdominal hemorrhage. Hurry!

Mr. Baek, wake up.

The ambulance is almost here.
Hang in there.

Are you really the police?

Yes, we looked everywhere for you.

It's okay now, you're safe.

-Patrol division!

-Over here!

Come. Hurry. Take him.

Are you all right?

They're inhuman.

Hang in there.

-This way.
-This side?

Hang in there. In one, two...


Hold on.

Those lunatics!

What is this?




Are you even human?

Have you all lost your minds

Are humans worth less than dogs
to you, you scumbags?

What can you do about it?

It's their fate.

Listen, Detective.
What's the point of taking us?

We won't be behind bars for long
thanks to our lawyers.

Don't bother, Detective.

You're trash.


Why aren't you talking?

Why aren't you talking?

Jin-hyeok. That's enough.


Please just stop!

A broker our director knows
gave us this gig.

Anti-obesity drugs are popular these days.

However, those drugs
mess with hormones and brain cells.

The side effects can be severe.

Hyperactivity, hallucinations...
You could die from shock.

Who in the right mind

would volunteer to go through
clinical trials for these drugs?

That's why we test it
on the homeless.

It was hard at first,
but the money's good.

We get rid of annoying ones
like Baek Jin-gu this way.

Those organs...

if we send them
to the organ traders in China

we get paid well.

Gosh. You are really amazing.

You all are really something.

You are worse than cockroaches.

You're not humans.

The crimes you have committed
are so horrendous they are beyond labels.

How much are you getting to go this far?
The director made you do it?


Here. Don't move your head.


Let go. Let me go!

No, Jin-hyeok.

The director promised to pay us
if we did as he said.

Shut your mouth.

He promised to pay off all our debts.

Shut your mouth, you moron.

Just one hit.


Where is your director?

He must still be in the building.

Ms. Kang, the director is totally insane.

He'd do anything for money.

He conducted clinical experiments
not only on homeless people

but on children, too.

That's why Sae-bom
showed similar symptoms.

Also, he forced the kids he locked up
years ago to work for him as doctors.

They helped tie down the victims
during the clinical trials.


What is this? Did he go outside?

This is Team Two.

Tighten the security
around the welfare center.



You're Sae-bom, right?

He must be in here.


Those people who hurt you
and treated you badly,

I'll teach them a lesson.

Look at my hand.

My fist is made of iron.

Do you know about iron fists?

If I teach them a lesson,

they won't talk back.

It'll be a hard lesson.

My son is your age.

He gets to play with his friends.

Let's get out of here.

Then we can play
with my son and his friends.

How about that?

In order to do that,

I need to find the director first.

Where is he?

You have to tell me
so that I can get you out of here.



This guy here will take you
to a safe, fun place.

Go with him, okay?

Take her and get out of here.


Shall we go?

I'll help you up.

Good girl.

Let's go.


Those scumbags...



You worthless piece of shit.

How dare you stab a police officer?

Everything I do from now on

will be considered self-defense.

Go inside.

Since when do you guys care

so much about homeless people?

They're going to die
on the street anyway.

Whether they live or die,

they have already been abandoned
by their family and society.

All I did was put their bodies to use.

What's wrong with it?

Are you done blabbing?

Now I have real bullets loaded.
You got that?

You piece of shit.

Listen up.

All the people you used as lab rats
and then tossed aside,

Baek Jin-gu and everyone else
in the fridge,

they were husbands and wives,

someone's son or daughter or parent.

You completely ruined
their lives, you scum.

You took advantage of a girl who had
nowhere to go by acting like her family.

You toyed with people's lives
and their hearts.

Give up your worthless life

to pay for at least a little
of what you have done. Okay?

I'm a cop.

A pathetic cop.

I'm just going to take you with me today

and lock you in a jail worse than hell,

so you can spend the rest of your life
in pain and misery.

Kang Hyeon-pal.

You're under arrest
for illegal confinement and murder.

You have the right to an attorney.

Anything you say can and will be used
against you in a court of law.

This is Team One.

Kang Hyeon-pal of Nackwon Welfare Center
has been arrested.

Good work.

Thank you for calling
the 112 Emergency Call Center.


-This is the 112 Emergency Call Center.
-Please speak slowly.

It's shocking to think

that they conducted experiments on people
in a welfare center in Sungun.

Today around 2 p.m.,

Sungun's Golden Time Team got a call
from someone attempting suicide.

There they found that the center was
conducting illegal experiments on people

and arrested the director
as well as a number of social workers.

During the trials,
subjects' organs were removed

and sold to organ traders in China.

One of the victims, Baek Jin Gu,
used a worker's phone

to call the emergency call center,

allowing the police to capture
the culprits in action.


-Please make way.

Excuse us. Please make way.

We need to take him to a hospital.

Why did you do such a thing for money?

Did you think

this would make Song-yi and I happy?

Oh, gosh.

I heard

that Mr. Baek Jin-gu

actually used to own
a large clothing factory.

But because of the recession,
his company went bankrupt

and went into huge debt.

He didn't want to be a burden
to his wife and daughter.

That was why he had been
living on the street.

This world...

is full of scumbags.

And I'm one of them.


Detective Shim.

By any chance, is there someone
named Gong Cheol-hwan

among the homeless people
at Nackwon Welfare Center?

Gong Cheol-hwan?


I'm not sure.

Let's see.

I don't see it on the list.

Just a second. Hold on.

Who exactly are you looking for?

Do you know a homeless person?

Attention, everyone. Just for a second.

Attention, please.

If your name is Gong Cheol-hwan

or if you know someone by that name,
raise your hand.

Do you know Gong Cheol-hwan?

You don't? Do you know Gong Cheol-hwan?

Gong Cheol-hwan.

I don't think he's here.

Have you checked the list of the deceased?

The list I checked included the deceased.

I see.

Thank you.

-Who was that?
-Ms. Kang.

Why did she call?

I'm not too sure.
She's looking for someone here.

-His name is Gong Cheol-hwan.

-I don't think he's here though.
-Gong Cheol-hwan?

Gong Cheol-hwan.


Arrest everyone connected
to the pharmaceutical company.

And cooperate with the other team, okay?




How could they do such a thing.

It's so horrible.

I thought it was just an outrageous rumor.

What if we'd just let Mr. Baek
go with them like that?

I can't even imagine.

Were you surprise?

Yes. When I heard Mr. Baek's voice
over the phone,

I was reminded of when Eun-byeol
was kidnapped.

It made me nervous.

I wouldn't have been able to do
anything if it were the old me.

That's good to hear.

To celebrate the good news: T.I.S.P.

What does that stand for?


Give me the letters one at a time.


-I want to eat

-Sandwich with

-Officer Park Eun-su.

It goes something like that.

There's a new sandwich shop
across the street.

What do you think?

That was corny.

I'm just paying you back.
You bought me a sandwich last time.

What's wrong with that?

It's delicious. It tastes even better
because we're eating together.

This is the new shop you mentioned?

I bought your sandwich here.

This is the same sandwich?

No wonder I had a good feeling
about this place.

That's right. We should get one
for Ms. Kang.

It's packed and ready to go.

That's impressive.

I know I am.

My childhood nickname
was Impressive Oh.

That's how impressive I was.

If I could, I'd give everyone
at the welfare center 

Then do it.

I guess it can be done.

Does it have to be a combo meal?

A sandwich alone is enough, right?

My guest will arrive soon.
We'll need some privacy.

Yes, sir.

You're here.

For someone on the run,
you don't look too bad.

I'm not in the mood for jokes.

You haven't eaten, have you?
I ordered for you.


thanks for seeing me.

You don't need to thank me.

But that sound...

seems louder today.

Are you nervous?

You think I called the cops?

You wouldn't do that.

Everyone's looking for me.
I have no place to run.

The Sang-tae I know
wouldn't be concerned about that.

You must be getting old.

Tae-gu, please help me.

If I go to prison now,
I won't even get out when I turn 60.

Send me somewhere far away.

Not a hard thing
for someone in your position.

None of my things are in the bag...

that cop took?

Do you want me to kill him?

Tae-gu. If you could do that for me--

Sang-tae. The steak here is amazing.

Since you hurt your hand,

I'm cutting it for you.

You have to eat to survive.

I guess you really want to live.

I'd love to meet Mr. Mu,

the man who makes you shake in fear.

That useless emotion you feel right now,

do you know how wake it makes you?

Once you get rid of it,

you become stronger,
far beyond what anyone can imagine.

Now, listen carefully.

You have two options.

Your life will change

based on your choice.

Come on. Start talking!

Where's Nam Sang-tae?

The loyalty to your gang
won't do you any good.

You need to talk and give us information

so we can help you.

-I'm back, sir.
-Good job.

You listen to me carefully.

I know Nam Sang-tae didn't kill my wife.

There you go.
Now you're interested, huh?

Who is it?

Who's the guy hiding behind Nam Sang-tae?

You know who it is.

Do you really want to rot in prison
for someone who's done nothing for you?

Give me the name.

I said I don't know.

Chun-bae. Lowly thus like you
can't afford to be loyal.

Nam Sang-tae has nowhere to run now.

Are you willing to take the blame
and serve his sentence for him?

Even if you do, this isn't going to end.

Spit it out.

According to Sang-tae,

there are lot of people here
that will help him,

Sang-tae has more connections
than you can imagine, Detective.


You're quite stupid, aren't you?

Do you really believe that?

That scumbag is stubborn.

Do you think he really has
all these connections with the police?

Don't be absurd. Focus.

Chief Jang sure seems on edge these days.


Yeo-ul, it's Dad.

What were you up to?
What do you mean why did I call?

I just wanted to hear your voice.

Yeo-ul, should I go there?

Never mind. It's okay. I understand.

All right. Eat well. Bye,

How long have you been there?

Yeo-ul said...

she wanted to hear my voice
all of a sudden.

She's such a girl.

Chief Jang.

Don't you have anything to tell me?

-What are you talking about?
-Follow me.

You have two options.

Your life will change

based on your choice.

Kill Mu Jin-hyeok,

and I'll do whatever I can for you.

You were going to kill him anyway,
weren't you?

You scum.
I see you're trying to destroy me.

Do you actually think
I can kill not just any officer,

but the Crazy Dog in my condition?

That's why I'm going to tell you how.

Use my name as bait
and lure Mu Jin-hyeok out.

He'll gladly show up.

The rest is up to you.

If you succeed,

you'll be able to live wherever you want
as a free man,

no longer
at the Mo family's beck and call.

The other option?

You end up like your father.

Why did you bring me here?
We could've talked inside.

Go ahead. What is it?

Is this how all the chiefs are?

Chief Yuk and Chief Yang were the same.

Not to mention Chief Jang.

They all used to be great.

-What are you trying to say?
-Who is it?

You know what I'm trying to say.
You're just pretending you don't.

Who is the scum threatening you?

you must be embarrassed in front of me.

Stay out of it.

I don't like this either.


Forget it. I'm sorry.

I know this wouldn't change anything,
but I'm sorry.


Did something happen? Are you all right?

There's something that bothers me.

What is it?

At the welfare center, the detective asked
if anyone knows Gong Cheol-hwan.

The person who saved my life

is looking for that man.

I'm the only person who knows his name.

I think I should tell him.

But I don't know much about him either,

just a few things I heard
from other people.

That's why you asked the detective
for his name.

Even though you don't know much,
it's still better than nothing.


They saved my life.

Ms. Kang. A man named Baek Jin-gu
wants to talk to you.

-The man who was rescued today.

-He has something important to tell you.
-Transfer the call to me.

Yes, ma'am.

Hello, Kang Gwon-ju speaking.

Hello, this is Baek Jin-gu.

Thank you

for saving my life.

I'm alive thanks to you.

I'm glad you're okay.

I heard

that you were looking for Gong Cheol-hwan
at the welfare center.

Do you know him?

I used to stay at the Sunshine Shelter
with him.

I'm not close with him,

but I know someone who is.

Do you know his name
or contact information?

No, I don't know his name.

I just called him Mr. Park.

He's now a bus driver

at Sungun Express.

-Sungun Express?

I see.

Thank you for telling me.

I keep hearing about Sungun Express.

There is something more to it.

It's also connected
to the Fantasia case.

-Ms. Kang.

Please take a break and have some of this.

Thank you. Maybe later.

Not eating is bad for your stomach
and brain.

It's time to take a short break.
What do you say?

-Thank you.
-You're welcome.

-Enjoy it.
-Cheer up.

Mr. Mu, I have something to tell you.

You know Granny's Diner, right?
Let's meet there.

So you have nothing to do
with my wife's case

but were blackmailed recently?


I get the feeling it's someone
in our police agency.

He called me on the phone once
with his voice modulated.

He knew every little thing about me,

even which case I was working on.

He knew my schedule inside and out.

-Are you sure?
-Actually, I was considering resigning.

I can't live like this. I'm sorry.

Stop being ridiculous.

You're not going to resign.
Just catch that scum.

And I'll be watching you

live in guilt as a police officer.

The first half is over.
Just do your best in the second half.

Let's go.

Hey, Jin-hyeok.


trust Ms. Kang, right?

When she first got here, Commissioner Bae
asked us to keep an eye on her.

I did a little digging

and found out Ms. Kang
was prying into your wife's personal life.

That could be because she was
working on the Eunhyung-dong case.

-Don't you think?
-I don't know,

but she was said your wife's case

involved another man.

You should talk to Ms. Kang directly.

Is there a problem? Are you all right?

Have a drink.

I wanted to ask you something.

Why did you run a background check
on Ji-hye?

Actually, I have something
to tell you as well.

It's very important.
It has to do with the real reason

why your wife was murdered.

Mr. Mu.

Did you know

your wife was looking for a homeless man

before she died?

Honey, listen to me.
Another one disappeared.

This time, it was Gong Cheol-hwan.

It's not the first time.

Last time, you said it was a big deal
so I found the person for you.

You let him run away,
and I had to find him again and again.

Ji-hye, your husband is deadly tired.

-I really need to sleep.
-So you're not helping me this time?

As a Korean police officer and my husband,
How could you ignore your wife's request?

I'm an American.

I really need to sleep.
I have to leave in an hour.

-I'm going to sleep.
-I'm disappointed in you.

This isn't why I married you.


It's easier for you to locate someone.

Someone from the shelter said
it was strange Ji-hye was so obsessed

with Gong Cheol-hwan's disappearance
as an experienced social worker.

What are you trying to say?

What's he doing here?

Going somewhere?

I have a few questions.

Okay, let me check.

-Thank you.
-Thank you.

After Ji-hye died,

I met every single person
at the shelter.

That's just how she was.

She always wanted to help those in need.

But I think there was something more
about Gong Cheol-hwan.

So what you're saying is,
because she kept looking

for Gong Cheol-hwan when he went missing,

so the Eunhyeong-dong scum
killed her?

Tell me.

Tell me what you haven't told me.

Tell me what you've been keeping from me.

What is it?

Just tell me!

A few days before Ji-hye died,

Gong Cheol-hwan left a note
and left the shelter.

After reading the note he left,

Ji-hye desperately looked
for him for days.



Are you trying to say they were
in a relationship or something?

This is the message I got last night.

I tracked the number down.
It was from a burner phone.


Do you think this makes sense?

Don't be ridiculous. Ji-hye?

This is...

I need to go to the bathroom.



Mu Jin-hyeok. Why don't just
the two of us have a talk?

Don't bother tracking down this number.

The information I have for you
is far more valuable than my number.

We can skip the pleasantries.

Is it okay to talk now?

Go on, scumbag.

Simply put, I want to make a deal.

You scum. Don't you get it?

Once we catch you, you're done for.

Why would we make any deal?

Is that right?

I'll help you catch
the real Eunhyeong-dong killer.

Also, I will hand over the evidence
on all past murders and wrongdoings

he has committed.

In return,

you let me go.

What if I refuse?


you'll have to live the rest of your life

wondering why your wife got murdered.


should I trust you?

Do you remember the resort in Solhyang?

I'm sure you do
since you spent time with your wife there.

Let's meet there.

What do you say? Do you trust me now?

What did you say?

Hello. This is Mo Tae-gu,
CEO of Sungun Express.

Officer Kang, if it's okay with you,
could we meet?

Where is Baek Jin-gu?
Where did you hide him?

They're going to die on the street anyway.

What can you do about it. It's their fate.

Those lunatics.

Are you intimidated?

I'd love to meet Mr. Mu,
the man who makes you shake in fear.

I get the feeling it's someone
in our police agency.

You trust Ms. Kang, right?

Ms. Kang was prying into
your wife's personal life.

I have something to tell you.

It has to do with the real reason
why your wife was murdered.

I want to make a deal. I'll help you catch
the real Eunhyeong-dong killer.

What did you say?

Officer Kang, if it's okay with you,
could we meet?