Voice (2017–2019): Season 1, Episode 14 - Episode #1.14 - full transcript

NOVEMBER 25, 2014


But she could not make it back home.

-Three years ago,
-Please don't kill me.

on November 25, 2014.

My baby is at home.

This is why

you shouldn't make wave.

Jin-hyeok's wife, Heo Ji-hye,
had to die

before she could tell someone
what she uncovered.

Who said the case is closed?


I'm going to catch him no matter what.

Watch me.

I'll catch him at all costs.

Hey! Stop right there!

Hey, you jerk.

The Patrol Division is on their way,
so wait there.

Please stay where you are.

He's right in front of me.

-I have to get him.

Kang Gwon-ju's father,
Kang Guk-hwan was also killed

-because he witnessed the murder.


What is this?
Your daughter's a cop too?

Who are you?

You're the killer from earlier?

I heard the cracking noise you make
when you talk.

So turn yourself in immediately.

That's funny.

You could hear that?

Mo Tae-gu is a cold-blooded monster

-with no sense of guilt.

-He's still alive.
-Please don't kill him.

Jin-hyeok and Gwon-ju's grief
meant nothing to him.


However, Mo Tae-gu's Pandora's Box

-has been opened.

I saw her for the first time
in three years.

It was interesting.

She still works so hard.

And her superb hearing ability
is still intact.

Who are you really?

Why are you slaughtering innocent people?

Three years of torment have passed.

Please don't kill me.

Hiding behind the flawless
and graceful mask,

CEO of Sungun Express,

Mo Tae-gu, is still a murderer
who takes pleasure in killing.

Please don't kill me.

Who on earth are you?

Say it.

"Help me."

Do you actually think...

I'll beg you to let me live?

You'll pay for your sins.

You talk as though
someone exists up there.

It's not for you to decide.

You're living because you were born.

I'm the one who decides.

The vibration he feels from his fingertips
whenever he strikes with the iron ball,

the smell of blood
that makes his heart race...

What is this?

...the fact that he manipulated
the investigation to confuse the police:

all of those things
brought him excitement.

This is Jang Gyu-a.

Nam Sang-tae is here at our bar.

Come quickly.

Mr. Mo, what brings you here?

Mr. Mo.

I'm at Fantasia,
11 Yeongin-ro, Yeongin-dong.

Something is wrong.

I'm supposed to meet Manager Jang here,
but all the lights are off.

Ko Dong-cheol begged for mercy,

Shim Chun-ok cursed him until she died,

and Jang Gyu-a trembled in fear.

They were all toys for him.


your dad must've been very surprised.v

As time passes by,

Mo Tae-gu becomes bolder
as if he's mocking Gwon-ju and Jin-hyeok.



Who are you?

However, Gwon-ju and Jin-hyeok
are also getting close to him.

I'll be sure make you cry blood
at any cost.

Mr. Mu,

the murderer is playing with us.

"If you were blind,
you would not be guilty of sin.

But now that you claim you can see,
your guilt remains."

Finally, we met.


Perfect timing.

Shouldn't you be more flexible
and not wear out your superiors?

You even issued a summon
to Mr. Mo about what happened at Fantasia?


I told you they were not involved.

Are you crazy?

How dare you summon the CEO
of Sungun Express?

It's okay.

Don't yell at them.
You're making me uncomfortable.

Hello. I'm Mo Tae-gu of Sungun Express.

Mr. Mu Jin-hyeok?

Detective Mu Jin-hyeok,
Golden Time Team.

And you are?

Ms. Kang Gwon-ju?

I guess you don't shake hands with people.

You had questions for you?

Please ask away.

This is why you shouldn't make wave.

-You shouldn't.
-Please ask away.

-You shouldn't.
-Please ask away.

I'm sorry about what happened at Fantasia.

We were having
an important meeting there.

Right, you said the Violent Crimes Unit
is responsible for this case.

-Excuse me then.

I'll leave you three to talk.

I don't know what to say, Mr. Mo.

I'm sorry you came here for nothing.

Mo Tae-gu, CEO of Sungun Express?

Mr. Mu.

-That's him.

-His voice...

is the same
as the Eunhyeong-dong killer's.

Are you sure?


That lunatic.

That lunatic.

You can't go out now.

He's toying with us right now.

That's why he framed Ji-hye
and put on a show.

I don't know anything about that.

But he committed a crime
and should be persecuted.

If the law can't do that,

I will do it myself.

Mr. Mu.

You don't need to visit
the Violent Crimes Unit.

I can talk to them and take care of it.

It's okay. It's what I should be doing:

participating in society.

-The detectives are waiting for you.
-Well, in that case...

Let's have dinner with Chairman Mo soon.
Have a good day.

Hey, scumbag!

What are you...

Was it you?

The cracking noise.

It was you, wasn't it?

Grabbing an innocent civilian
like this

can get any police officer
in deep trouble.

You scumbag.

I hold a lot of grudges against you.
You must know that.

We have time.

I'll gather all the evidence

and rip you to pieces.

Mr. Mu.
You're obviously a talker, not a doer.

You've never ripped anyone to pieces.

You have no idea.

I've ripped so many criminals
like to pieces

I've become worn out.

What? Shall I tear you into shreds now?

What are you doing?

If you keep this up,
we'll have to respond accordingly.

Go ahead, you jerk.
I have nothing left to lose.

You monster.

Does brandishing your little iron ball

and harming people who are weaker than you

arouse and electrify you?168
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Tell me, you perverted scum.

You pathetic psychopath.

What is it? Are you getting riled up?

Then do what you normally do.


You coward. You can't do anything

when the stage is all set up for you.
Am I wrong?

Do you want a bullet in your head? Do you?

Mu Jin-hyeok, have you lost your mind?

Put it down. Now!

Mr. Mo, are you all right?

I'm fine. The notorious crazy dog
of Sungun Metropolitan Police Agency.

Witnessing his lunacy has been fun.

Mr. Mo.

I'll see you again soon.

The next time I see you,
you won't be able to walk out of here.

Mr. Mu and Ms. Kang.

What are you two doing?

Anyway, you got the official memo, right?

Golden Time Team will be disbanded.
Consider yourselves informed.

-Commissioner Bae.

What you did today,

you'll come to regret it one day.

Go ahead, you jerk.
I have nothing left to lose.

Does brandishing your little iron ball

and harming people who are weaker than you

arouse and electrify you?

You pathetic psychopath.

You're the CEO of Sungun Express, right?

You're here to testify?
I'm Detective Park Jung-gi,

-Violent Crimes Team 1.
-I'm Mo Tae-gu.

Nice to meet you.

Oh, right. Your guys can't come in.

This way, please.

All right. Let's begin.

-That disgusting scumbag.
-Please calm down.

Getting worked up won't help.

The murderer who killed my wife

is walking around freely
in the police station.

I'm shocked too.

His level of confidence.

He's probably never had to conceal
his bloodlust.

Plus, he volunteered to come here.

That means he's confident

he'd never be seen as a suspect
for any of the murders he's committed.

Look at this. He has no criminal record.

It means that he's protected

by someone very powerful.

Someone rich and influential
like Chairman Mo.

Name: Mo Tae-gu.

Resident identification number: 811107...

Please cut to the chase.
We're all busy people.

You want to know if I killed Jang Gyu-a
or saw someone doing it.

Isn't that all you want to know?

Shall we get right into it?
Jang Gyu-a is presumed

to have been killed at 9:30 p.m. that day.

Where were you?

What were you doing at that time?
She was last seen

in the room you were in that night,
according to our investigation.

That day, the talk about a 100-billion-won
bus terminal project

kept all of us preoccupied.

She's a tactful host.

She served our drinks
and left the room quickly.

Between 9:20 and 9:30 p.m.,

did you hear anyone

in the hallway
or near the emergency stairway?

I'm not sure.
I don't recall any loud noise.

I heard that Nam Sang-tae
of GP Development

went there to see you that day.

You know him, right?

Nam Sang-tae, GP Development.

Oh, right. I've met him a few times
when I needed to hire workers.

We hired many of our bus drivers
through his company.

He doesn't know Nam Sang-tae?

Without his father's protection
and Nam Sang-tae doing the dirty work,

he wouldn't even be in one piece now.

That's why he's never been caught.

I think he uses excerpts from the Bible
as if he sees himself as the almighty.

but I think it's all a game
he's playing to confuse us.

I think he's a power/control killer.

At Solhyang Resort, he enjoyed
getting you all puzzled.


He's especially brutal to people
trying to stop him from killing.

He provoked this vicious crazy dog here.

I'm going to latch onto his neck

and chew him up
until he can no longer breathe.

So you're saying you have
nothing else to tell us, right?

I told you everything I know truthfully.

This information is enough for now.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Thank you very much for your cooperation.

He seems very normal.

Hey, have you met any psychopath

that admits they're insane?

Still, why would he volunteer
to come to a police station

if he were guilty?

So many rich people don't even bother wit
witness interviews

I don't find him suspicious.

Are you all right, sir?

It was fun. I saw people I wanted to see.

Just one moment, sir.
Chairman Mo is calling.

Yes, sir. The police interview is done.

I looked into it as you asked.

Kang Gwon-ju is looking for
her dad's killer.

and Mu Jin-hyeok is trying
to find his wife's.

That's why they formed
the Golden Time Team.

I heard that crazy dog
was talking gibberish.

-How many people heard him?
-Only Commissioner Bae heard it.

The case has already been closed
with Nam Sang-tae as the culprit.

Those two are the only people
suspicious of your son.

Reaching out to Prosecutor Park
was a good call.

All right. Thanks.

Yes, Chairman Mo.

Pardon me? Prosecutor Park
is on his way here?

My secretary just told me

about Mu Jin-hyeok,
the detective who lost his wife.

I heard he's a total lunatic.

I guess he is trying to earn some money
off our Tae Gu.

That's why I sent Prosecutor Park.
He'll take care of everything,

so just let him do his thing.
He'll be there shortly.

Hello. I'm Mo Tae-gu.

Mr. Mu Jin-hyeok

and Ms. Kang Gwon-ju.

Between the two,

who should I pick first?

I'm so torn.



Dad. No!

What is this? Your daughter's a cop too?

Who are you? You're the killer
from before, aren't you?

I heard the cracking noises
you make when you talk.

I heard it loud and clear.
So turn yourself in immediately.

That's funny. You can actually hear that?

That one should go first.

Mr. Mo. I'm really sorry,

but I'm wondering if we could postpone
the contract-signing ceremony

in Sulim-dong by a few days.
Things are pretty rocky now as you know,

but more importantly,
we have a few concerns

after a careful review
of the business plan.

Please put in a good word for me
with Chairman Mo.

Director Kwon.

It's Mo Tae-gu.

Dae-sik heard me talking on the phone?

Yes, two days ago on his way out.

He heard you talking to someone
about Fantasia.

He said you seemed very upset.

You're saying that they found out, right?

Enough with the nonsense.

Don't even mention Fantasia.

Nothing will stop me now. Got it?

I was on the phone with him two days ago?

According to Dae-sik.

Two days ago?

He walked in here on his two feet

and walked out on his two feet.
Damn this world.

We won't be able to get him
through witness investigation.

He knows that, too.
That's why he used it to his advantage.

Mr. Mu, we need to be calm
especially at a time like this.

Mo Tae-gu will use
his money and power again

to make all of his charges disappear.

-Pack it all up.
-Yes, sir.

What's going on?

What are you doing?

Who are you? What are you doing?

Special Task Unit.
We're investigating Mu Jin-hyeok

for assaulting the suspect
and accepting bribery.


I said put it down!

-Don't touch it. Put down the case files!
-What are you doing?

Who's in charge? You? Who are you?

Mr. Mu Jin-hyeok of Golden Time Team?

-Yes, what is it?
-Here's the warrant.


Is this a warrant?

It was a life-threatening situation.
The victims were dying before our eyes.

Were we supposed to talk to them instead?

Who put you up to this?
Which jerk did this?

Who is it?

You're so difficult.

It's because you messed up.

Why else would we do this.
Don't try to blame others.

What is that smell?

You need to ventilate.

Is it because there are corrupt cops here?

I'm prosecutor Park Eun-cheol.


What did you say?

How ridiculous.

How can a mere detective speak so rudely
to a prosecutor?

Can't a detective be rude

to a prosecutor, punk?

Is this funny?

-Jin-hyeok, let's go.
-Is this funny?

-Come on.
-Excuse me.

What did our boys do so wrong
that they sent in Special Task Unit?

-Hurry up and seize everything!
-Yes, sir.

Golden Time Team is disbanded
as of today.

-Also, Mr. Mu Jin-hyeok.

-You're on probation.

You must be Kang Gwon-ju.

Why couldn't you stick with
answering phone calls

instead making things snowball
into this mess?

If my job is only answering calls,
then what is your job right now?

Being a gangster?

One more word, and I won't go easy on you.

You're lucky you're also
a graduate of the police academy.

What are you doing?

-Hurry up and pack!
-Yes, sir.

Golden Time Team is in trouble.

The Prosecutor's Special Task Unit
is here.

They said we coerced and attacked
a suspect.

They're here with a warrant.

-What did you say?
-What do we do?

We better go and check.

Put it down!

-Hey. Put it down!

-All right.

-Let's go if we're done.
-Yes, sir.

We'll be leaving.


Detective Mu. I'll see you again
after we review the evidence.

Get out of here, jerk.


-Let's go.
-Calm down, Jin-hyeok.

Glory, glory, hallelujah

-Go on without me.
-Yes, sir.

Gosh. We'll get going.

I'm not sure what it is,

but Chairman Mo seems furious.

I'm picking up the mess after you, right?

You should buy me a drink.

Also, Chairman Mo
wants to go golfing with you.

Oh, but I'm not sure
if there is a spot left for you.

Glory, glory, hallelujah

Commissioner Bae.

You're being too harsh.

Even if we are a thorn in your side,
we still work under you.

You should have stopped them
for making a fuss out of nothing.

This is not what I had in mind
when I first joined the force.

That's why...

I told the two of you to be careful.

If you heeded my warning,

this wouldn't have happened.

Commissioner Bae.

Was it wrong of us to catch criminals?
Isn't that our job?

As my dad was being beaten to death,
he told me

that police exists to catch the bad guys.

I'm ashamed to be a police officer.

Just tell us to quit.

Just tell us to give up
catching the bad guys.

I think that will be easier for you
than to explain what happened.

Chairman Mo Gi-beom
of Sungun Express sent them?

He must be afraid we'll find out
what his son did.

Hold on.

You know I believer everything you say,

But this is hard to believe.

He's a strange man

obsessed with all the bizarre murder cases
out there.

So you're saying that a murderer
is roaming freely out there

while the detective chasing after him
got fired overnight?

This is the country we live in?

Don't worry.

Even with those higher-up jerks
doing whatever they want,

I'll catch that scum
and the rat helping him

and put them behind bars.

Can you give Jin-hyeok and me
some privacy?


I'll going to find a way
to get you off probation.

Hang in there. I'm not as powerful
as a prosecutor, but you can count on me.

Also, Commissioner Bae is definitely
connected to Sungun Express.

They wanted you to go under.

It's better to quit
than to keep my eyes and ears shut.

Then I'll be free to do whatever I want.
That would be easier.

Make them regret
messing with the Crazy Dog.

By the way, Jin-hyeok.
About what you said before...

That Dae-sik heard my talking
to an inside man in the stairwell.

-What about it?
-I never called anyone that day.

I know it's not the best time
to bring this up,

but I'm no longer that bastard's lackey.

I didn't call him that day.

It was a hectic day.
We were trying to catch Nam Sang-tae.

Hello, sir.

It's been a tough day.
We deserve some time at the sauna.

Gosh, Chief Jang.

You're a master of carrot-and-stick.

After that, we went straight to the sauna.

How could I have had the time
to talk to that rat?

I was with the boys all day.
Do you want to see my call records?

Are you saying Dae-sik lied to me?

Okay, that's enough.

Jin-hyeok. I know how you feel,

but denial won't change anything.

There's something else.

We got that bag from Nam Sang-tae
that day.

Welcome back.

Get ready to be questioned.

Take the bag
to the Evidence Analysis Room.

Yes, sir.

Hey, I can take it.

You want to go?

You guys had fun without me, didn't you?

I feel left out.

Dae-sik offered to take it himself.

I thought he was being nice.

But come to think of it,
wasn't his dad a bus driver?

Maybe he worked for Sungun Express.

There aren't many bus companies in Sungun.

What is this?

What is up with this secret chat?
I'm curious.

It's nothing. We're done.
Keep that in mind.

Jin-hyeok, did something happen
to Chief Jang?

Dae-sik, have a seat.

Chief Jang says he didn't talk
to that inside man two days ago.

Are you sure he did?
You said you saw him on your way in.

What? I'm sure of it.

Wait, did I get the dates mixed up.

You know how busy I've been working
outside with you.

Maybe it was a different day.
Does it really matter right now?



Keep your eyes on Sungun Express.

Mr. Kim, bring me a box.

About the size of a cake box,
with a ribbon that ladies will like.

-This is Mo Tae-gu.
-Hello, Mr. Mo.

You crazy psychopath.

Mr. Mu?

Your father had
the Special Task Unit come over

and brought chaos to my team.

Tell your father

he shouldn't have raised a son like that.

Mr. Mu, you are talking nonsense.
I don't understand a word you are saying.

-Ask your father then.
-I don't know what you mean,

If my father had upset you,
I apologize on his behalf.

I mean, you're protecting
this country all by yourself.

Psychopaths like you are always so polite.

This funny to you?

Laugh all you want while you can.

You don't even deserve a room
in the psychiatric ward or prison.

But no matter what it takes,
I'll find evidence on you

and make you spend the rest of your life
in solitary confinement.

On top of that,

I will find the mole
you planted at our agency

and lock him up in a room next to yours.

You should look forward to it, scumbag.

That's right. You are an expert
at finding people.

The old sayings are all true.
Like husband, like wife.

Your wife, Heo Ji-hye, used to be
an expert at finding things.

Did you enjoy the nostalgic event

I prepared for you?

You scumbag.

Act up as much as you want
before I get to you.

But when I get to you,
I'll rip you into pieces.

Look forward to it.

I like men like you, Detective.

You're driven... and strong.

I'd love to play with you more,
but I have something else to do.

Let's play later.

I need to return a photo

and leave a present.

And don't go after the rat.

You'll only get hurt.


You didn't even call.
What brings you here?

I don't need to call ahead
to come see you.

I brought red bean bread, which you like,
for when you get hungry.

-What are you reading?
-I'm reading the Bible.

Reading it calms my mind.

I'm sorry for not visiting you often
when I'm your only child.

I should at least call often.

Are you busy these days?

You look tired.

Well, that's my line of work.

I know. But if that's what it takes
to keep people away from harm,

I couldn't ask for more.


Do you still wake up at night
because of the coughs?

There's no hope for my ruined lungs.

Just look after yourself.

By the way, I should visit Mr. Mu someday.

Why do you want to see him?
Do you have something to say to him?

I must be nearing my death.
I keep thinking of the old days.

Remember that hit-and-run case?

Thanks to Mr. Mu, my name was cleared.

I never thanked him properly.

I have this nice room to myself
because of him, too.

Jin-hyeok's busy. Don't worry about it.

But still...

I should express my gratitude.

I will call him one day.

I told you it's unnecessary.


Don't forget to take your pills.

After this case gets closed,
I'll visit more often.

This is to cover your medical expenses.
And some allowance.

I should go.

Chief Jang says he didn't talk
to that inside man two days ago.

Are you sure he did?
You said you saw him on your way in.


keep your eyes on Sungun Express.

I told you not to call this number.

I said many times that I'll call you
when Jin-hyeok finds evidence.


Don't forget you promised
you wont hurt Jin-hyeok.

Mr. Mu.
You're obviously a talker, not a doer.

I know that you haven't
actually ripped anyone to pieces.

I need evidence to catch him.

A solid piece of evidence.

Cheol-hwan said that he's going
to work for the chairman

instead of driving buses.

It's clear now that Mo Tae-gu was the one
that killed Gong Cheol-hwan.

He thought he was going to drive a bus,
but ended up a bodyguard

and a sparring partner.

Why would Mo Tae-gu
need a sparring partner?

He needed a safe channel
to release his blood lust.

Gong Cheol-hwan must have found out
his horrible secret and run away.

-He must have contacted Ji-hye...
-Please. Please save me.

to tell her what happened.
And he got caught.

Nam Sang-tae was the one that recruited
homeless people for him.

And Mo Tae-gu was enjoyed killing them.

If I can find the place he uses
for murdering people,

I could prove the murders.

Officer Oh, I need a favor.

That GP Development we investigated.

I need transaction details
between Sungun Express and GP Development

-or Nam Sang-tae.
-Yes, ma'am.

Earlier I didn't get a chance
to ask if you're okay.

I don't believe this is the end
for Golden Time Team.

Okay. Don't worry.
We'll be a team again soon.

All right.

Don't go after the rat.
You'll only get hurt.

And yesterday, someone,
likely the Eunhyeong-dong culprit,

came into my house when I wasn't home.

He took the photo that I took with my dad
right after I became a police officer.

I'd love to play with you some more
but I have something else to do.

Let's play play.

I need to return a photo
and leave a present.

Yes, Mr. Mu.

Ms. Kang, leave now.
That scum is heading to your house.

I just talked to him on the phone.
He said he had to return a picture.

-I think

it's that missing picture of yours.

Get out of there now!

Mr. Mu. I hear someone approaching.

The person is about 180 cm.

He is carrying something.

I'll head over there right away.
Just stay there, okay?

Please don't kill him!

He will be retiring soon.

He's just a weak old man.


Do you think you'll get away with this?

Don't you dare hurt my father.
I will hunt you down and kill you!


I can hear my voice.
The missing portion of the recording.

Ms. Kang, don't get emotional,
Don't attack him first.

Wait until I get there. Understand?

Hwaseol Patrol Division,
there's a trespasser at 920 Hwaseol-dong.

Please go there now.

I'm trying to buy some time
so we can catch him in action.

Stay calm.

I've never been calmer in my life.

Don't fall into his trap!

Ms. Kang!

Are you all right?

Mr. Mu.

What is that? It looks like a present.

Wait! Don't touch it.

What the hell?


It looks like someone's hair.

-Give it to the Violent Crimes Unit.
-Yes, sir.

This is Team One. We found something
that looks like human hair.

We're going to preserve the scene

We will send the evidence to the station.

I'll make a report and ask for
more officers to guard this place.

Let's talk more about the intruder later.

-I'm going.

It must be Mo Tae-gu.

He has been warning me.

He wants to play with me.

That lunatic.

By the way, is there another place
you can stay?

I'll be more careful.

There's something I need to tell you
about Mo Tae-gu.

-Is this an anechoic chamber?
-I can't sleep...


...for more than five minutes with noise.

Life is not easy, isn't it?

Anyway, what did you find?

I went through
all the hypotheses I created.

It's likely that Mo Tae-gu bought
young and healthy homeless men

to quench his thirst for murder.
It probably went on for some time

considering his relationship
with Nam Sang-tae.

Once we find Mo Tae-gu's killing place,
we'll have the evidence to catch him.

But I have no idea where it could be.

That sneaky scum would have made sure
it's hard to find.

Maybe Ji-hye was murdered
because she was trying to find that place.

Or maybe she found it.

That place...

The recorder Ji-hye used
to record what happened

while she was looking for Gong Cheol-hwan.

Maybe the recordings can offer some clues.

I miss Gong Cheol-hwan.

I'll get punished one day.

I'll end up in hell when I die.

Jin-hyeok, I'm sorry.

I think something is wrong.

Was it his fault?

Do you hear anything?

I turned up the volume to the max,
but the audio quality is very poor.

That's too bad.

There's something else I can try.
I can mute her voice.

-What's the sound in the background?
-I miss Gong Cheol-hwan.

It's the sound of waves. Hang on.

It sounds like
she's going inside somewhere.

She just started recording again.

Why is her voice still there?

I muted it. This must be...

It's an echo.

That's right.

Mr. Mu, I found it.
It's an enclosed space near the ocean.

A space with echoes.

-Like a container.
-A container?

An enclosed space near water,
likely a container?

I remember when we were going through
the books from GP Development,

someone said they spent a lot of money
on container rental.

What if there's still evidence
that could prove his guilt?

It's possible if he kept using
the same place.

It's a murder scene.

It's possible to find traces
from the victims and maybe the murderer.

I'll check the books tomorrow
and look for the place.

You're flattering me.

Anyway, thank you for taking care
of the article

about this contract-signing ceremony.

Yes, Dad. I'll be down in a minute.

Director Kwon, that cowardly fool.
He is giving me such a headache.

Tae-gu, let me tell you something.

People need roads
so that they can go to work,

to sell things, or even to steal things.


Where did you go yesterday

in the middle of work?

You've never done that before.

I forgot I had an appointment
to attend to.

Well, I already took care
of those annoying cops

that were getting on our nerves.

You can focus on work now.

If anything happens,
discuss with Prosecutor Park.

-Let's go.
-Yes, sir.

They say the vehicle is fine.

Why is it still on the repair list?
You're annoying me.

Well, the brakes haven't been working well
since a few days ago.

I was just afraid
it might cause an accident.

And I don't feel comfortable
with recapped tires.

So was there an accident?

-There wasn't.
-That's my point.

Mr. Park. Watch what you say.

Who do you think you are to complain
about a vehicle

that's already
gone through maintenance?

We had pity on you and gave you a job.

Be grateful.

I am grateful for that.

But I'm saying anything for me.

So just drive the bus more carefully
and take good care of it.

Stop talking rubbish!

My goodness.

Sign this.

What is this?

It's an insurance policy.
What else could it be?

Everyone else signed it already.
You're the only one left.

All right.

You won't understand it anyway.
Just sign it.


Here you are, sir.

Everyone else is much smarter than you
in this company.

I feel bad for the company

getting a useless person
like yourself insured.

Get your bus on schedule.
You're damn slow!

Get out!


Here you are.

There's a land survey in Sulim-dong today.
You need to make a detour.

Hey, this road is unpaved.

There's no other way.

They're trying to start construction
in Sungun now.

-All right.

Gosh. When will they add more buses
to this route?

I wonder the same.

Watching you go to work
with our baby inside

and watching you work at the factory

breaks my heart.

-I should get promoted soon.
-You've said that before.

I said I'm fine.
I must like being pregnant.

What's wrong with you?
I said I have to go work.

I'm late. I need to get on the bus soon.

I'm going to follow you. I hate my tutor.

I won't bother you there.
I'll just sit there and stay quiet.

-Go home!

My goodness. Hello. How embarrassing.

No wonder people hate her.

It's coming.

My goodness.

-Get on the bus then.
-Really? Yes!



-Hello. Welcome.


Be careful.



He's here.

The chairman is here.

Hello, Chairman Mo.

Minister, what a pleasure.
I hope I'm not too late.

No, you're not.

I was so excited
you'd be helping Sungun grow

I got here early.

Mr. Mo, congratulations.

It's all thanks to you.

Everyone is trying to help our city grow.

I can't thank you enough.

I am the chairman of Sungun Express,

but I'm also a citizen of Sungun

and a citizen of Korea.


Ms. Kang. Here's what you asked for.

All the records of Nam Sang-tae's expenses
related to warehouses or containers.

-Were you up all night?
-Yes, the whole night.

Good work.

-Mr. Mu, how is it going there?

I'm starting with the closest containers
on the list.

-Thank you for your hard work.
-I'll call you if I find anything.

Don't worry.
We are going to get him.

I don't think this is the one.
Let's go to 27.

-Ms. Park?
-Where are you?

Are you worried about me?

I bought some coffee
since you looked tired,

but you're not here.

Actually, I couldn't sleep
last night, so...

-Is everything okay?

It's fine. It's waterproof.
I'll get there as soon as possible.

I know you get restless
when I'm not there.

What are you talking about?

It's because I'll have to do
more work if you doze off.


Excuse me, isn't this the long way around?

I apologize for the inconvenience.

Due to road constructions in Sulim-dong,

I couldn't take the regular route.

It was unexpected.
I apologize for the late notice.

Was there no sign at the bus station?

No, there wasn't.

Gosh. This is so annoying.

Cho In-jun. This is all because of you.
You know that?

Mom. I feel nauseous.

Honey, are you all right?


This is the only bus
that passes the factory at this time.

Why are we going on an unpaved road?

Stop it. It's not the driver's fault.

I apologize.

Ladies and gentlemen,
people believe

we make lots of money
off privately funded roads.

After the roads are built,

the ownership goes to the government
and the city of Sungun.

I only hold management rights.

With the regulations and all,

there is no profit to speak of.

So why am I still trying
to pave new roads?

I would like to give back
all the good fortune

that has come my way...

before I die.

That's my biggest hope.

It takes people behind the scene
and their tireless efforts

to keep our nation and the whole world
up and running.

That's how I've lived my life

and how I will continue to live.

Thank you.



I'm so sorry.

-My goodness.

-Hold on tight.

-What's wrong?
-What's happening?

Hold on tight!


Hey, stop the bus!

Help me!

This isn't it either.

-Let's check this one and go home.

Is it that way?

Yes. That's right.

Are we really still alive?


Someone please save my husband.

I'll call 119 for help.

Jung-eun, call 112 Emergency.

Excuse me?
Where did you say you've fallen?

We've fallen to the ground.

Please save us.

Ms. Kang, the caller just keeps saying
that she's fallen.

-Forward it to me.
-Yes, ma'am.

-Please help us.

Ma'am, please stay calm.
What do you see around you?

I don't know.

I'm on a bus.
Everyone is bleeding.

Please help us.

You're on a bus?
You've been in an accident?

Yes. My husband and I

are on the bus that was headed
to Sungun Industrial Complex.

We're on Bus 1020.

It flipped over.

Do you know what the closest bus stop
to you is?

I don't know.

We were told
there's construction going on.

The driver didn't take the regular route.

Do you know
where there's a field of reeds?

We were entering that area...

My stomach...

Ma'am? Are you pregnant?

I'm seven months pregnant.

My stomach hurts so much.

Officer Oh. Track the location.

GPS shows she's
at 5 Ugyeong 3-gil, Dongpo-eup.

The owner of the phone is Na Jung-eun.

This is Code Zero.

At 5 Ugyeong 3-gil, Dongpo-eup,
Bus number 1020 has been turned over.

We don't have more details yet.
Mobilize immediately.

Ugyeong-ri Patrol Division
and firefighters, we need your assistance.

My baby...

Ms. Na. You're currently
in Ugyeong-ri, Dongpo-eup.

In the outskirts of Sulim-dong.
We've found your location.

Our team is on their way.
Please remain calm.

Jung-eun. Try taking a deep breath.

After me.

Do you feel a bit better?
Could you possibly explain the situation?

How many passengers are on the bus
and what condition are they in?

They're all severely injured,

including my husband.

Honey, open your eyes.

My husband isn't moving.

He's not going to die, is he?

Everyone else is also seriously injured.

Please hurry and save us.

Please hurry.

My son's dying.

What's that smell?

Ms. Kang, I think I found it.

I'm at 42 of Zone G.

Hurry and bring the forensic team.

I'll go to the contract-signing ceremony
in Sulim-dong and try to find out more.

I got you now, you scum.

This will conclude
the contract-signing ceremony, 

which marks the beginning
of bus terminal complex

and private highway in Sulim-dong.

Go ahead.

An accident?

Chairman Mo.

Our Bus 1020 has apparently
rolled over in Ugyeong-ri.

What? How could you have let
something like that happen?

How serious is it?

We don't have the details yet.
The rescue operaion is in progress.

What's all the fuss
over such a small accident?

It can't ruin this wonderful day for us.

It's very good news indeed.

I appreciate your help, sir.

I'm a police officer.

Mr. Mo Tae-gu,

I have a personal question for you.

Do you mind?

-Excuse me.
-Of course.

He's my guest. Please step aside.

Mr. Mu. I don't recall ever inviting you.

It's rude to show up uninvited.

Shut it, you maniac.

Do you intend on
smashing everyone's skulls

with your metal toy
if things don't go your way?

Why don't we talk somewhere else?

Let's do that.

What on earth is this sound?

It can't be.

Mr. Cheon,
where are the Dongpo-eup Firefighters?

They're blocked by illegally parked car.

It'll take four minutes to move the car,
ten minutes to around.

And the ambulance?

They took a shortcut
and will arrive in four to five minutes.

The patrol division in the vicinity
must arrive within three minutes.

Most of the passengers have been injured.
It's urgent. They can't open the doors.

We can't get there in three minutes.
All the roads are unpaved

and one-way roads.

Officer Park. Where is the other
closest patrol division located?

It's in Sulim-dong.

-Contact them.
-Yes, ma'am.

Hey. So where is it?

Where's the toy your daddy bought you?

Is it in your house? Or is it in there?

Did you hide it there?

What are you talking about?

Don't pretend you don't know.

Remember what I said yesterday?

I will find evidence on you no matter what

and make you rot in solitary confinement
for the rest of your life.

Mr. Mu,

I like your spirit,
but I'm afraid you care too much.

If you are able to see less, hear less,

and take just enough,

you'd have a much easier life.
It's not like you're getting any praise.

I want to play with you more,
but I'm busy today.

I'll see you around.


What do you think this is?
The key to the container.

You know what that means, right?
I'm saying that you're done for.

I'll say it once again.


are done for.

The engine sound has been there
from the start.

But this faint sound.

What is it?

The gas is leaking.

The bus is rolled over.
If the bus catches on fire,

everyone inside will die.

The nearest Patrol Division
is in Sulim-dong.

I'll go to the contract-signing ceremoney
in Sulim-dong and try to find out more.

-Mr. Mu, are you in Sulim-dong right now?

A Sungun Express bus from Gojeong-dong

to Sungun Industrial Complex
turned over in Ugyeong-ri.

Most passengers are severely injured.

-What do you mean?
-And I hear the gas leaking

from the fuel tank.

The engine is idling.

Even the smallest spark
could cause a fire.

Paramedics will be there soon.

But if further support gets delayed,
the worst scenario could happen.



We can't open the door.

Hey, scumbag!

Was it you? It was you, wasn't it?

I'll rip you to pieces.

I know that you haven't actually
ripped anyone to pieces.

Jin-hyeok, about what you said before,
that Dae-sik heard my talking...

Dae-sik lied to me?

Don't go after the rat.
You'll only get hurt.

Don't forget the promise
about not hurting Jin-hyeok.

Between the two,
who should I pick first?

Ms. Kang. Leave right now.
That scum is heading to your house.

Get away from there!

I need evidence to catch him.
A solid piece of evidence.

I think I found it.

I got you now, you scum.

You are done for.

He provoked this vicious crazy dog here.

I'll chew him up
until he can no longer breathe.