Voice (2017–2019): Season 1, Episode 11 - Episode #1.11 - full transcript

-Why can't we leave?
-Let go of me.

What are you doing?

-I want to talk to the supervisor.
-Calm down, sir.

What is this?

-My goodness.
-What do you think you're doing?

I am Chief Jang
of Sungun's Violent Crimes Unit.

There has been a murder
in a room on the third floor.

We'd like to request
everyone's cooperation.

-We have nothing to do with that.
-What are you saying?

-Fine, then make it quick.
-Hurry up.

I think I heard footsteps.

When did the footsteps stop?

One, two, three, four.

I couldn't hear them after ten seconds.
And then 13 seconds,

I thought I couldn't hear them
because of the police officers' footsteps.

But actually,
he just didn't go down any further.

The Sulim-dong culprit
must have murdered Manager Jang

and hid somewhere downstairs.

What is this?

What are you doing?

-Where did all the customers go?

I told you that everyone should
have their identities confirmed.

They were VIPs
and had urgent business.

They're not involved.

That is nonsense.

A murder has likely been
committed in here.

If you don't tell me right now--

Chief Jang, some customers
have left through the parking lot exit.

They were in the room on the third floor.
It's connected to the emergency exit.

One of them could be the suspect.

Okay, I'll head over.

Jung-gi, take over.
I'm going to the parking lot.

-Hyeong-jun, Gwang-su. Follow me.
-Yes, sir.

Move out of the way.

It's just a parking lot.

Step aside, now.

What is this?

Step aside.

I'm the chief of Sungun Police Agency.
Do you think this is a joke?

You better step aside.

Goodbye, sir.

I'm sorry this had to happen.

You didn't know this would happen.

Why did this suddenly happen?

-Stop right there!

-Go get them!

-What are you doing? Step aside.
-Who are you?

You can't go there.

-Who are they?
-I think the police are onto us.

What? Can't you get a job done quietly?

Sorry, sir.

Let's get out of here.

-Get the chairman to come out.
-You can't go in.

-Step back.
-Tell him to come here.

-Step aside.
-Get out of my way.

What are you guys doing?

How could you let the suspect go?

Get your boss to come back here!

You better step aside
while I'm being nice.


What? The CEO of Sungun Express
and the Minister of Land Planning?

So you're saying they didn't
run away because of Manager Jang,

but because they were afraid to get caught
for their dirty business?

Look what happened to Manager Jang.

Why would we protect him
if he was suspicious?

You know what Sungun Group is like.

It's Chairman Mo Gi-beom
and Minister Kim Jun-tae.

We had no choice.

What about the other two?

We saw four people
getting into three cars.

That was Chairman Mo's son, CEO Mo Tae-gu

and Director Kwon Chang-tae
of the Land Planning Department.


it's not a big deal
for witnesses to refuse to be questioned.

You know that better than me.

It doesn't make sense
for them to do such a thing.

Are you kidding me?

Are you trying to protect your clients?
Do you want me to investigate you, too?

Gosh, Chief Jang.

You know how these high-ups
are careful to avoid rumors.

The status of a suspect should not matter.

The suspect was able to get away
in a heartbeat.

because they were in a room
close to the emergency exit.

Golden Time Team will cooperate

until the suspect is found.

Jang Gyu-a told me
that she saw Nam Sang-tae.

I'll get going.


Check the second-floor security camera.
Find the waiter that served them.

Yes, sir.


-Yes, Ms. Kang.
-Officer Oh. Sorry to call you so late,

but I need you to find something for me.

That's fine. Go ahead and tell me.

I need you to look up John 9:41.
Tell me what it means.

Also, Sungun Group's Mo Gi-beom,
his son Mo Tae-gu,

Kim Jun-tae and Kwon Chang-tae
of Land Planning.

Get their personal information
and relationship to Manager Jang.

Sungun Express?
They're the richest company in the city.

Don't worry. I'll call you
as soon as I find something.


Detective Shim, it's Gwon-ju.

Did you find Mr. Mu?

I've been looking,

but I can't find him.

I can hear people fighting
at the construction site.

I'll contact you later.

The next shot will count.

If you don't want a hole in your head,
put that knife down.

You look down on Korean cops?

I said, put it down!



-Dae-sik. Put it down.

This scumbag tried to hurt my son.

I'm going to get him.

Put it down now.

You're smiling?

You scum.

Let's see how long you can smile.



We don't have time for this.

I got a call from 112 on my way here.

I think that psycho Nam Sang-tae
killed Manager Jang at Fantasia.

Ms. Kang and the Violent Crimes Unit
are over there.

They haven't found her body yet,

It's pretty clear she was murdered.

According to Ms. Kang,

the incident happened

after Manager Jang called
and said she saw Nam Sang-tae.

Nam Sang-tae, that dog.

He sent this man to kidnap Dong-u.

He got caught by Manager Jang
when he was at Fantasia to meet someone.

That's why he killed her.

This is Team Two. Mr. Mu is safe.

The unidentified assailant
has also been caught.

Hey, is Dong-u really all right?

Finish up here.

I'm now at Fantasia in Yeongin-dong.
I just found Jang Gyu-a's phone,

parts of a human body,
and a lot of blood.

Requesting for backup.

-Step aside.
-Get out of my way.

Move out of the way.


we met.

Around 10:30 p.m. today,

the owner of the biggest night club
in Sungun, Fantasia,

Ms. Jang was presumably murdered...

Sang-tae, are you on the run?

Hot springs in Japan are great.

00:11:42,451 --> 00:11:45,830
Manager Jang must have seen you there
since she called the cops.

That's why I took care of her.
You take care of the rest.

Mo Tae-gu, that scum.

That bastard.

What happened to the guy we hired, Ghost?

He's not picking up the phone.

I think the plan failed.

What? That's impossible.

You couldn't even handle that?

Boss, there's no time for this.

We need to find a way to survive.

Why do you care so much

about what Chairman Mo says?

My father was a gangster with a pedigree.

However, he lost favor with Chairman Mo

He got thrown out, his limbs chopped off.

Do you know
what got on Chairman Mo's nerves?

What was it, sir?

Mo Tae-gu.

It was Tae-gu.

As a proud gangster,

my father tried to bring down Tae-gu,
but brought himself down instead.

I didn't want to end up like my father.

I served them like a dog for 20 years.

Tae-gu isn't human.

He's inhumane.



I was so scared.

I'm so sorry, Mr. Mu.

My daughter was here
so I went out to see her.

I'm so sorry.

It's okay.


I arrested the bad guy and locked him up.

Don't worry, Dong-u.
It will never happen again.


I'm sorry.

It's okay.

You fight with bad guys every day.

Mom told me

that the world needs a man like you

because there are too many bad guys.

She told me that no matter
how many bad guys there are,

you will arrest every one of them.

Did it hurt?

If I weren't sick
and stuck in the hospital,

that man wouldn't have come here.


what did I tell you?

A man has to always stay strong.

Don't think like that.

That bad guy will never come back.

Dong-u, my son.

I'm so very sorry for today.

All right?


Come here.


Mr. Mu.

Stay here for a second.

-Can you look after him?


I'm so sorry.
We should have been more careful.

There was nothing wrong with the gift
you talked about.

It's a normal toy robot.
You don't have to worry about it.

However, this gift is not
from the welfare center.

They said they give out stuffed animals,
not robots.

And I checked the security camera footage
just in case,

but he must have been in a blind spot.
I didn't see anyone coming in.

By the way, how's injured man doing?
Is he okay?

Yes, he just went through surgery.
He is resting right now.

Anyhow, my security team will be
on guard 24 hours a day.

Don't worry.

Thank you.

Bye, then.

Mr. Mu, I heard everything
from Detective Shim.

Is Dong-u all right?

Yes, he is fine.

By the way, I heard
Manager Jang was murdered.

That's why I am in the hospital lobby.
I'd like to talk to you.


So you think
the Sulim-dong culprit is behind this?

It's very similar to the Sulim-dong case.
The body was removed quickly.

Blood was spread everywhere,
The eyes left behind.

In Sulim-dong, it was a cross.

This time,
it was a laughing sound on the phone

and a verse from the Bible on the wall.

"If you were blind,

you would not be guilty of sin.
But now that you claim you can see,

your guilt remains."

It's from John 9:41.

That crazy bastard. He is a total psycho.

But what did Manager Jang see
that got her killed?

When I was on the phone with her,

she told me that Nam Sang-tae
was there to meet someone.

And when I was about to end the call,
I heard footsteps approaching her.

This is Jang Gyu-a.

Nam Sang-tae is here at our bar.

Nam Sang-tae is there?

Yes. I think he's here to meet someone.

He must have been watching her
and listening in.

I think he was running away
when I arrived at the scene.

The footsteps were last heard
near a room on the second floor.

The guests in that room
were VIPs.

They refused to cooperate
with the investigation and left.

Who are they?

The chairman and CEO of Sungun Express,
the Land Planning Minister and Director.

I couldn't find anything suspicious yet,

but I'll look into it.

Isn't Sungun Express the one
that started off as a bus company

and became a major corporation?

Anyhow, he's clever.

The way he approaches us.

Like placing the mirror
in front of a dead body,

Visiting my son as a warning.

The hitman Nam Sang Tae sent
was just an underling.

Ms. Kang, I will catch him no matter what.

When I do, I'll rip that scumbag
into pieces.


-Start talking right now!
-He went to abduct Jin-hyeok's son?

Yes, sir. That poor kid...

These bastards sent a foreign gangster
to make sure they'd get him.

They can't be human. They're crazy.

I will make sure
you will never get out of prison again.

-How's Dong-u?
-Hey, stop.

Jin-hyeok arrived just in time,
and he is fine.

Is he at Dong-u's hospital?

Yes. He must be really concerned.

After what happened to his wife,
now, Dong-u.

Jang Gyu-a was killed

right after she told Ms. Kang
that she saw Nam Sang-tae.

It must have been
Nam Sang-tae's doing again.

And this isn't the strangest part.

What else?

While investigating at Fantasia,

I fount out there is a girl named Su-ji.
They can't get a hold of her.

Her coworkers said
she has been missing work without notice.

Where are you going, Chief?

Do I have to report to you
where I am going?

He must be concerned
after what happened to Jin-hyeok.

I heard he really looked out for Jin-hyeok
back in the day.

Then what about me? Do I not care?

Pick up, will you?

This call cannot be reached...

I fount out there is a girl named Su-ji.
They can't get a hold of her.

Her coworkers said
she has been missing work without notice.

Who are you?

Listen to me carefully.

I am the chief of the Violent Crimes Unit.

You think I'm going to let
scum like you play me?

You are a police officer at work,
but at home,

you are a husband who cheated on his wife
with a barmaid.

Aren't you an embarrassment as a father?
I have no choice but to send the video.

Do whatever you want, scumbag.

I'd rather hand in my resignation

than to be your prey.

You don't even know where I'm sending it.


The email address
of your daughter in Australia,

which has the initials
of her father's name.

It won't be that bad.

She must be more open-minded
living abroad.

She might understand.

Darn it!

Jang Kyeong-hak.

Go kill yourself.

Yes, Dad.

I have some questions.

Answer me honestly.

When you were at Fantasia with me,
what did you do after you got that text?

I met Sang-tae.

He came to visit.

Sang-tae came to Fantasia?


With an underling.

I guess he needed more money.

He was waiting for me
by the emergency exit.

Are you sure?
Then, did Sang-tae kill her?

I don't know. He kept talking about money.

I didn't get to talk about other things.

Tell Sang-tae

not to say anything
even if he gets caught.

We're strangers now.
He won't listen to me.

Bye, Dad.

I saw her for the first time
in three years.

It was interesting.

She went through a lot,

yet she still works hard.

It also looked like...

her superb hearing ability
is still intact.


No, you can't die! Wake up.

Who are you, really?

Why are you slaughtering

innocent people?

NOVEMBER 25, 2014,


The number you have dialed
is not in service.

The chairman and CEO of Sungun Express,

the Land Planning Minister
and Director.

I'll look into it.

Hey, did you look into it?

Of course. You know how I am.

I found out that Chairman Mo
and Minister Kim Jun-tae

both belong to Brothers,
a social club gathering powerful figures

like the CEO of a broadcasting company,
and the owner of an airline,

The members are the eyes, ears, and limbs
of the city of Sungun.

And Chairman Mo
is the most influential of them all.

In other words,
he's the king of the kings.

That North Korean-born old man,
Chairman Mo,

started his business with only two buses.

He bought all the land
where the bus routes pass through

and made a killing.

Rumor has it that he owns
half of the most valuable land in Korea.

Well, I heard that he has a son.

Right, his name is Mo Tae-gu.

He went to an Ivy League college.

He's also very good-looking.
He looks like he could be an actor.

People love to gossip
about corporate heirs these days,

so I tried to dig up dirt on him
a while ago.

But, my goodness.
I couldn't find any dirt on him.

He may be just like his dad,
even though he seems very different.

All right.

That man.

I don't remember his face.

He just said,

"Your dad must've been very surprised.
Be good to him."

Who are you?

How dare you tease me like this?

I'll be sure to make you cry blood

at all costs.

You found out
where Nam Sang Tae is hiding?

Yes, I told you.

Early this morning,

we found Ji Chun-bae's burner phone number
in that Southeast Asian guy's phone.

Violent Crimes Team One is getting ready
to go to the harbor without us.


So you know where Nam Sang-tae is.
Are you really going without me?

I didn't tell you because I thought
you'd be preoccupied with Dong-u.

Don't try to pick a fight.
Hey, fill him in on it.

What is it? Tell me.

We found a record on his phone.

As you can see, all the names
of his contacts are saved in English

except for this one, Scar.

We were wondering who it might be.

Then I remembered that Ji Chun-bae
has a knife scar on his face.

So we traced his location

and found out
that he was within a two-kilometer radius

of Container A-7
on the east side of the port.

These days, even burner phones
are traceable through cell towers.

That's where Japan-bound
freight containers are loaded.

The only ship scheduled for departure
leaves today.

We asked all the currency exchange places
in the area.

Someone tried to exchange one million won
this morning.

And he had a scar on his face.

We've got to go now.
Hop in if you want to.

-It's not like we can stop you.


-What are you doing? What about 112?
-What are you talking about?

I'm going to catch that scum with you.

What if we get a Code Zero?
Start the car. Let's go.

Jin-hyeok, wait.


Gosh, seriously.

What happened here?

That's right. There was a power outage
in this building

around that time.

Was it caused by mice?

What's the matter? Did something happen?


"11 a.m.: Heo Ji-hye
arrived at the shelter.

7 p.m.: Left with two social workers,
Lee Min-ju and Kim Soon-yeong."

She was looking for a homeless man,

Gong Cheol-hwan,
who had been missing for a month.



I searched for the owner of the phone,
but it's a burner phone.

Have you heard?

The perpetrator used a verse
from John at Fantasia, too.

What? What do you mean?

In the Sulim-dong case,

A verse from Luke was found by the body.

I shouldn't have said that he used
the mirror to pick his next target.

I had no idea that it meant
Ms. Kang and Mr. Mu.

Don't worry about it.
You didn't mean to scare them.

Anyway, until they catch that scum,

I'm going to do everything
in my power to help them.

With you, Officer Park.

I hope we can be helpful.


This is the place.


-You sure he's getting the money there?
-Yes, he's coming at 1 p.m.

It won't be for a small amount.
They'll exchange it all and run.

-What time is it now?
-It's 12:42 p.m.

Violent Crimes Team Two, let's stop
embarrassing ourselves and get him.

-Yes, sir.
-Yes, sir.

-You keep watch.
-Yes, sir.

Goodness, have you been scammed a lot?

That's right.

We offer the best exchange rate.

I'll see you later then.

Thank you very much.

Thank you for using our service.

Stop right there. Halt.

-Hold on.
-Stay seated.

-Sit down.
-Who are you?

Guess who. Guess who we are.

Gosh, Detective Mu.

I heard you got demoted
to a patrol division.

What are you doing here?

You talk too much. Do you want to die?

Someone is coming to exchange
yen at 1 p.m., right?

A big guy with a scar on his face.

If I rat him out,
I'd be dead right away.

You know that, don't you?

We do.


Do you want to die?
Do you want a shot through your head?

You should know what to be afraid of.

-Do you need me to--
-I remember now.

That's right. He's going to come at 1 p.m.

He should be here soon.

Hey. Look at me.

We have to get those two punks today.

You better cooperate. Do your best.

Just focus on this. All right?


You two monitor.
Jin-hyeok and I will man the hallway.

-Yes, sir.
-Don't make a mistake.

Don't get too crazy. I can't cover you
if you make another mistake.

I never asked you to cover me.

My reason for being a detective
is totally different from yours.

This is Team One.
Nam Sang-tae is going up.

We're following him.

Stand by until we signal you, okay?

Gosh, you're here.

-Hey, stop. Put that down.
-Stop right there.


You punk.


Who are you?

Where is Nam Sang-tae?

-Don't you move.

-Stay still.
-You jerk!

-Are you all right?

Where is Nam Sang-tae?

-He came alone.
-Stay still.

-Take over from here.

I said, stay still.

Stay down.




Did anyone see Nam Sang-tae come out?

This is Team One.

We missed Nam Sang Tae
at Block 28,Youngdong Complex.

However, I found a bag
that could be evidence.

I'll return to the station.


Mr. Mu, how did it go?

I missed Nam Sang-tae,
but found a bag that could be evidence.

That's great. Are you hurt anywhere?

I should have caught him.

It's okay. We got Ji Chun Bae and the bag.

I'm sure we can catch him soon.

Yes. I'm sure there will be
something in here.

Also, Mr. Mu.

-What is it?

It's nothing.

Hey, Chun-bae, Keeping your mouth shut
won't do you any good.

Where is Nam Sang-tae?

We have a bagful of things
that can prove all that he did.

What do you want?

Take all the blame and rot in prison?

He's very stubborn.

A criminal before questioning
is different from after.

Just wait and see.

-What's up, Dae-sik?
-I heard you lost Nam Sang-tae.

What do we do?

You should have taken me.

We would have caught him.
Look at what happened.

You've got too much on your hands?
Get to the point.

I heard you found key evidence.

You'll get him soon
and find out who's behind him.

Yes. We found evidence

and caught his right-hand man.

He'll show up soon.

I'm hanging up.

Why do you look so concerned?

We practically have him arrested.

He's not caught until we catch him.

112 Emergency Call Center.

Pardon? Yes, I understand.

Could you provide more details?

Where are you again?
Nackwon Welfare Center?

I'm going to kill myself!

Let me go.

Baek Jin-gu, please stop.

Don't come close. I'll kill him.

Hello? Police?

I feel really dizzy.

Call the special forces for me. Okay?


You put poison in my food,

and you released nerve gas
while I was sleeping.

That's why I'm so dizzy!

I can't stand it anymore.

I've had enough!

Sir, what did you just say?

What is it?

I don't think the caller is sane.

It could be a prank call.

Help me.

Help me!

Hello? Is someone next to you?

He beat me up on the rooftop,

and now he wants to jump off with me.

Ms. Kang, a man just reported
from Nackwon Welfare Center

that he will commit suicide
with another person.

-Forward it to me.

Help me.

Officer Park, find out whose phone it is.
Officer Oh, check the GPS coordinates.

Yes, ma'am.

This is Kang Gwon-ju from 112 Call Center.
Can you hear me?

Baek Jin-gu, please calm down.

Calm down, and let's talk it out.

Don't come. Don't come near me.

If you do, I'll jump off with him. Okay?

Why are you doing this to me? Why me?

I said I don't want those pills.

You jerks. I'm going to report you.

Why do you always want to kill me?

Hey, police.

If you don't come here right away,
I'm going to jump from the rooftop!

-Officer Oh.
-Ms. Kang.

The owner blocked
the GPS tracking program.

I found the base station near it:
Nackwon Welfare Center

at 28 Bangha, Bangha-dong.

The owner of the phone
is Kim Gyu-hwan, 31 years old.

He works as a teacher
at Nackwon Welfare Center.

Mr. Baek. Please stop.

He beat me up on the rooftop
and now he wants to jump off with me.

Ms. Kang, I think the man he is
holding hostage is Kim Gyu-hwan.

Code Zero.

A teacher named Kim Gyu-hwan
is being held hostage 

at Nackwon Welfare Center
at 28 Bangha, Bangha-dong.

Golden Time Team and Patrol Officers,
please go to the scene now.

This is Team Two. We're on the way.

Call Nackwon Welfare Center
Get the status.

Yes, ma'am.

This is Team One.
Dae-sik, are you on the way?

I'm near Bangha-dong.
I'm setting out from here.

Okay. I'll be there in three minutes.

-Hey, stop the car.

-Are you serious?
-Stop the car.

You can just leave it to Dae-sik.

I'm worried about you.

You little punk.

You've become quite bold. Hey.

I'm working with this team just for today.

This is what I do regularly.
Stop the car now.

-Drop him at the scene.
-Yes, sir.

Sir, thanks for helping out earlier.

If you're so grateful,
take care of that guy.

"The girl without any coat on

sold the matches, shivering.

The girl cried, 'Please buy some matches.'

She approached people,

but they just glanced at her

and left.

It grew dark,
but she couldn't sell any matches."


Sae-bom, you read very well.

You could be a good actress in the future.

Yes, I'm the director, Byeon Sang-an.

This is Kang Gwon-ju from 112.

-We just got a report saying--
-Excuse me?

Sir, we've got a problem.

Baek Jin-gu got himself in trouble.

It seems like something did happen
at our welfare center.

His name is Baek Jin-gu.

We will go up to the rooftop right away.

Sir, could you stay on the phone
on the way up?

I need to know more about Baek Jin-gu.

Sure, I will.

Sae-bom, let's continue reading later.


Hello, Ms. Kang.

Yes, Mr. Byeon,
does Mr. Baek have a mental illness?

Yes, he does.

Actually, he's been causing troubles
now and then

due to severe schizophrenia.

When you become delusional,
it's hard to control yourself.

He has schizophrenia?

That's why he could find things suspicious

that are not suspicious to normal people.

That's why he attacked Kim Gyu-hwan
with no reason.

It's important to calm him down
since he has schizophrenia.

Hey, police! What are you doing?

Come and save me!

They didn't let me sleep the whole night.

They harassed me
and now they're trying to kill me!

Hurry up!

Sir, your name is Baek Jin-gu, right?

Is the person threatening you
Kim Gyu-hwan?


How did she know that?

Yes, he's the most terrible one.

How did you know my name?

You're not a cop, are you?
You're one of them, aren't you?

You're going to poke my eyes
with your fingers?

Did you insert a camera in my eyes?

Don't come closer.

I will really jump.

Like this.

If I jump,

the special forces will catch me.
Do you get it?

If I jump...

Stay away from me.

Actually, he's cause a lot of trouble
at our center.

Tell me all about his odd behaviors.

And how he ended up in this situation.

Tell me everything you know.

Baek Jin-gu has been homeless
for a long time.

He was diagnosed with a mental disorder

and sent to this welfare center
a year ago.

Because of severe schizophrenia
and alcoholism,

he's always caused trouble.

-What are you doing?
-Get away.

-Let's go for a walk.
-Go away.

-Let's go for a walk.
-Go away!

-Go away!
-What's wrong?

-Put that down. Why is he holding a rock?
-Be careful.

-Stay away from me.
-What's going on?

-Go away!
-Put it down.

-Please calm down.
-Go away!

-My goodness.
-Mr. Baek.

Mr. Baek, calm down.

-Get off of me!
-Stop it!

Please stop!

-Please stop.
-Don't do this.

Grab his arms!

Hold him tight!

Let me go!

-What's wrong?
-Have you seen Baek Jin-gu?

-He said his meal was poisoned.

He puked then disappeared.

Maybe he's hiding somewhere
getting drunk?

I have no idea.
His medications are not working.

I think he kept it under his tongue again.
I can't find him.

Okay, let me look for him here.

-You search upstairs.

Mr. Baek.

Mr. Baek.

Where are you?

Mr. Baek.

I looked everywhere for you.

Stop biting.

-Let's go.

My hand is bleeding because of you.

-It's your fault!
-He had problems living in a group

since he had been homeless
for a long time.

-Tell me!
-And now this happened.

Ms. Kang, I read a bit
about schizophrenia.

The most common symptom
is having delusions of people hurting you.

You see and hear things,
so you have word salad.



This is Team Two.

We arrived at Nackwon Welfare Center.

We're going upstairs now.

Update me on what has been happening.

Let's go.

The caller has schizophrenia.

He doesn't listen to anyone.

It's important not to upset him
while restraining him.

Are you listening to me?

Don't come closer!

Sir, the police will be there soon.

Please come down from there now.

No! You're one of them, aren't you?

I know you guys put a bugging device
in my ears.

You're going to kill me
and eat me up tonight, aren't you?

Mr. Baek, please calm down.

Am I wrong?

You're always looking for a chance
to kill me!

Stay away!

Mr. Cheon, where are the firefighters?

They're on the way now,

but it's taking a while because
of all the parked cars.

Mr. Baek.

What's wrong?

I'm sorry.

We haven't been considerate enough so far.

So please calm down.

Stay away from me.

I don't need any help.
If you come any closer, I'm going to jump.

-No, Mr. Kim!
-Don't jump.

-Mr. Baek.
-Don't get closer!

Mr. Baek!

Everyone, step aside.

-We're the police. Move.
-Step aside.

Come down.

Who are you?

Mr. Baek, stop it and come down.

We're the police.

You said you'd talk to the police.

We're here now. Let's talk.

Why are you doing this?
Calm down. Let him go.

Are you really the police?
Are you sure they didn't send you?

We know how to deal with this.
Leave it to us.

Hey, just stay still.
We can't afford to upset him. All right?

Look here, Mr. Baek.

You see this? It's a police ID card.
I'm a police officer, aren't I?

We're here today to speak with you.

Calm down and let's have a talk.

You're really a cop, right?
Are you a good cop?

Something's not right.

Baek Jin-gu's voice rises
whenever he speaks the word "police".

Most schizophrenia patients
experience hallucinations.

They usually don't get
worked up over one word.


if he really tried to commit suicide,
why would he call the 112 Call Center?

It's as though he was waiting
for the police to come.

We'll talk to you, so come down quickly.
Put down the weapon and come down.

You jerks. I'm jumping off.

Let go!

-Are you all right, Mr. Kim?
-Are you all right?

Mr. Kim. Are you all right?

I told you all to stay still!

Hey, Mr. Baek. Are you all right?

Hurry and restrain him. Come here.

-Yes, sir.
-You're leaving me here?

You can't let them get away.
They will kill me.

They tried to kill me earlier
with a knife.

Who on earth is trying to kill you?
Get a hold of yourself.

They're all caregivers here.

Look here. His pupils are dilated.

My goodness.

I would like to apologize.
Thank you for your help.

This is all my fault.

Since this happened at our welfare center,

we'll send him to Nackwon Mental Hospital.

No, I won't go. I don't want to go.

-I won't go.
-Why is he so strong?

You will like the clinic.

The pretty doctor you like
is waiting for you there.

Are you all right?

-Yes, I'm okay.
-I don't want to go! Let go!

I don't want to go.

Do you think he'll be all right?

They're sending him to a clinic.
I'm sure he'll be fine.

Nackwon Welfare Center.
Baek Jin-gu's case has been closed.

He's currently in bad condition
and being transferred to a hospital.

Let's go.

-Stay still.

No. I don't want to go.

Get a hold of him.

I'm not going.

-Get in.
-I don't want to go.

-Sit here.
-I don't want to go.

This is why you have to be
in your right mind.

These are all measures taken
to keep Mr. Baek safe.

It breaks our hearts.

But if we don't do all that,
he could hurt himself.

What if he gets up all of a sudden
while the vehicle is moving?

What will we do then?


Thank you...

for your understanding.

Don't mention it.

Anyhow, is it lunchtime now?

Because of the incident

with Mr. Baek on the rooftop,
we didn't get a chance to eat.

Why is everyone
wearing a pain relief patch?

Well, many patients here
have severe illnesses or injuries,

so patches and painkillers
are common.


Are you going to have lunch?


Let's read together again later, alright?


There are a lot of children here.

We also take care of the kids
who have trouble getting adopted.

Oh, dear.

Hello, Sae-bom.

How old are you? You're a pretty girl.

I'm not a bad guy. Don't worry.

Sae-bom. You're pretty like a princess.

Sae-bom. He's not a scary person at all.

Sae-bom. Do you like puppies?

Puppies love him.

Watch what you say, stupid.


Go eat lunch.


She should be playing outside at that age.


Well, we should get going now.

-Let's go.
-Thank you for your help.

-Thank you.

Let's go.

It still feels like something is wrong.

And what's this sound I keep hearing?

It can't be, could it?

-No. Let go of me.
-Stay still.

-No. Stop.
-You're such a nuisance, you idiot.

You sure gave us a scare.

You woke up in the operating room
and ran away.

just when we were about to finish the job.

You must have been startled.

They say that even dogs know
when they're getting slaughtered.

We should've used stronger anesthetics.
They always wake up.

I'm getting part of the bonus
you'll be getting, right?

Be quiet, you idiot.

You always make me drive.
It really hurts my feelings.

Hey, hold tight.

Look at this guy wriggle.

Doesn't he move like a fish?

What on earth are they talking about?

He woke up in the operating room
and ran away?

Officer Oh, check Mr. Kim's
cell phone GPS immediately.

Yes, ma'am.

Give me the syringe. Now.

Don't. No.

Hold him down.

This punk.

Please, don't.

Stay still.

Listen, struggling won't change
a thing for you.

You're going to die anyway.

You're doing a good deed.

That's more like it. He's quiet now.

His GPS is still untraceable.

Mr. Mu. I heard a strange conversation
in the ambulance.

What do you mean?

I believe Mr. Baek is in the vehicle
with Mr. Kim's cell phone.

The staff that are with him
said he woke up in an operating room

and ran away.

There was a big commotion in the room.

And something about finishing a job.

What are you talking about?
Operating room?


Mr. Baek was actually telling the truth
earlier on the rooftop.

We have to track down the ambulance
before it gets to the hospital.

You need to hurry.


Mr. Mu, I think it has begun.


The crimes you've committed
are beyond labels.

-Let go of me!

Tae-gu. Please help me.

Do you want me to kill him?

Sang-tae has more connections
than you can imagine, Detective.

There's something I wanted to tell you.
It's very important.

It has to do with the real reason

why your wife was murdered.