Vis a Vis: El Oasis (2020–…): Season 1, Episode 4 - Iguales o nada - full transcript

Who wanted to bring the bride here?

If you killed her, I can't do anything for you.

Shoot her a shot and bury her in the desert.

We can't trust Zulema, she doesn't want to split the diamonds.

- Where are the other agents? - This case does not officially exist.

Who did you promise the loot to?

- Will you hurt her? - It'll make her feel pain ...

that she made us try.

Everyone stop!

Put your hands like this, behind your head.

We don't repeat it!

Money. I'll take care of the cashier.


You take care of them.

Why? Why do you have to take care of the money?

- Is there any problem? - The problem is your attitude

Do we really want to start our first robbery together?

to always override me.
Do we really want to start our first robbery together?

to always override me.

We will do half and half.

It is not a question of money.

It is a matter of attitude.

Either stop looking at me from above, or we'll finish it here.

Do you really want to talk about it here, now?

We are equal. Yes or no?

Can I put the money in here or ...

- Yes. - No.

- We have to leave. - I do not care.

We must first make it clear.

Either we are the same or nothing.

The choice is yours.

All right. We are equal.

In health and sickness, until death separates us. Amen.

Okay, you said it.

What a pity, lady. He had made bingo.

He had made bingo.

So began our life together.

We were an impossible couple, like the ones everyone thinks about

who will kill themselves.

What do you say?
who will kill themselves.

who will kill themselves.


With the money we made, we bought our first home.

But there is a condition.

Neither dogs nor cats.

Nothing alive.

When this story ends,

it will end forever and will not feel pain.

Ah, no scorpions. I know you...

The knife?

We soon discovered the secret to married life.

Mutual trust.

We weren't friends,

we didn't share anything.

Even if it bothered us,

together we were the best.

We were the perfect couple because ...

we didn't love each other.

Your panties.

We were far enough away not to kill ourselves.

Not too close ...

not too far away.

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Translation and proofreading: Anton

Vis a vis: El oasis - 1x04 Equals or Nothing

Who are we really when nobody sees us?

When do we give free rein to our imagination?

When we are not ashamed

and afraid of what they think of us?

The human being ...

fascinating when you take off your mask

and look in the mirror.

Don't you think, Julian?

I know this feeling of guilt.

It keeps me company every day.

Don't forget that this fault is a ...

invention of our mind.

That's all.

We are all voyeurs.

We love to watch

what others are doing.

of fruit.

Don't kill her.

I'll give you my share of the money if you don't kill her.

Zulema said to kill her and I don't want to risk it.

- I'm not afraid of Zulema. - Me neither.

And then she tricked us, she still hasn't given us diamonds.


she like a sister to me.

Are you really capable of killing in cold blood?


And what do we say to Zulema?

We must not give any explanation to the crazy one.

Do you remember what happened to the wedding?

Ma'am, stop crying.

Stop crying.

Holy shit! There is always someone who takes advantage of it to bring down the tears.

There is always someone who does it.

Someone at "yes, I want it", someone else when it comes to rice ...

on leaving the church, but I cry when we dance.

Music is love is too much for me.

It is the moment of the spouses.

Play something.
It is the moment of the spouses.

Play something.

Play something for the newlyweds.

Here it is. Very well.


Get up.

Dance together.

Long live the newlyweds!

I want to hear it. Long live the newlyweds!

Long live the newlyweds!

Come on come on. Power.

Come on come on. Cos.

Follow the music. Come on come on.

See how she cries.

And a moment ago he was running away.

Tell her, tell her.

Long live love.

A little kiss.

A kiss, a kiss.

It was Zulema who screwed everything up, how can you trust her?

Do whatever the fuck you want with the bride, I'm leaving.

Honey, don't do this.

We haven't been fucking in three days.


It's over.


It is not over.

How strange!

I say this because noises and music are heard.

It doesn't look like a bachelorette party.

It is not going very well.

I'm curious.

What is a woman of her age doing,


in the desert of Almeria?



I ran a hotel in Mendoza,

a very beautiful city in Argentina.

I was there with my older son

until one day they called him to offer him ...

a job...

to Madrid.

And we all came here.


A mother would do anything to stay close to her children.

We were very close.

We were?

It's true, Zulema had told me that your eldest son ...

he was dead.


I remember...

and I have it in my mind every moment of my life.

My son was a good man.

He was so good ...

who dedicated his life ...

to deal with degenerate people.

Degenerate ... just like you.

And who came up with the idea of ​​spying on guests?

And who came up with the idea of ​​spying on guests?


or Sandoval?

What do you want from me?

I can't do anything to get my son back,

but I can do something ...

to make you suffer ...

how much he suffered.

yes, yes, yes, yes. yes.

Where are the Ramala Diamonds?

You better not know it.

Money spoils mediocre people.

And you are a mediocre man.

You would waste them for a villa and for a red or white Ferrari.

And then also to fuck ...

- to exaggerate with viagra and ... - Mati.

Wait up.

You're a tough woman, Zulema.

It is also witty.

Here we go.

What an ugly wax!

I was better half an hour ago while sunbathing, I admit it.

Will you say where the diamonds are or do you want to get killed?

I hid the diamonds in the desert.

40 minutes from here by car.

Why in the desert?

I didn't trust ...

of my companions.

And it seems that I had good reasons ...

You know what will happen

if there is nothing in the desert?

What am I supposed to imagine?

Let's hear how the story ends.

flaca, flaca.




flaca, flaca.

What are you doing here?

I came looking for you.

Who would have thought that we would see each other in Almeria!

If they see you here, they'll kill you.

wheres Hugo?

In a safe place.

Do not worry.

We will be rich, love.

Fuck the diamonds!

You did not see...

what are you going to die?

I'll take you away from this fucking hotel with the good guys or the bad guys.

Come on let's go.

Here we go.

Pap? Dad, where are you?

Why did you think of bringing the baby here?

I was worried about you, Flacita.

Your portal.

Your portal.
Your portal.

Your portal.

Listen to me.

Listen to me there is no one outside, he will come to pick you up.

" Daddy!" - Sneak.

Zulema Zahir and Macarena Ferreiro. Beautiful couple of motherfuckers!

How come you didn't kill yourself before?


He spent the morning sunbathing by the pool.

Then I never saw her again.

And Macarena, the blonde one?

Haven't you seen cars leave here? Nothing?

A half hour ago a car went away.

Your friends are all gone

from bachelorette party.

Why are we here?

Because we are alone.

My brother Diego wants to talk to you.

Kati, are you okay?

Kati, please tell me something.


Yes, I'm fine.

They treat me like I'm one of them.

Lets run , Kati.

And then what will we do?


we will do what we planned.

Let's take the car ...

and let's go far,

in a place near the sea.

The neighbors will point to our house and say


"Those who never stop touching each other live there."

And you're going to put that horrible eighties music.

And you will say "You have tastes of shit".

"I don't want to dance, you know I don't like it."

And then you'll be angry.

Everything will be fine.

Why are you so sure?

we deserve it.

We deserve it, Diego.

Don't take too long.

I promise you.

If you want to go with Kati, you're worse off than me.

Ramala will never let you.

You only have one option, Diego.

You have to kill him.

Live, please, open the door.

- Clean towels. - Thanks.

- What happened? - Hey, hey, hey.

It is an epileptic crisis.

Elena, give me the pillow.

- Am I calling an ambulance? - No use.

He will recover.

Get up.


It is better not to touch him.

- Will he die? - No, it's an epileptic crisis, that's all.

Here, here, here.

It is already passing him.

Elena, come here. Help me, we have to turn him.

All right.

we put it on the side.

When I tell you ...
we put it on the side.

When I tell you ...

Wait, get up.
When I tell you ...

Wait, get up.




Hold it, please.

It's over, honey.

Honey, it's over. Do not be afraid.

It's over, honey.

Honey, it's over, it's over.

Did you get scared?

Don't worry, he'll recover.

So, good. How I taught you.

What happened to me?

I have an headache.

What happened? You were cleaning the pool,

you had a crisis and you fell into the water.

I don't want to have crises anymore.

Okay, but about this ...

we already talked about it, we already talked about it, huh?

They come to you because you are special.

Right, little brother?

You are special too?


There may be one per family and you are ours.



I am...

an ordinary person.

Here it is.

You woke up, don't worry.

You will feel ...

a little stunned for a few minutes, but you'll recover.

It is chloroform.

Lasts few time,

but it stuns you.

I make you listen to something to make you wake up.


April 9, 2015.

Two weeks in Cruz del Sur.

We can say that you are now a veteran, Macarena.

Well, tell me how you are.


It makes me feel comfortable coming to talk to you, doctor.

Sometimes life in prison ...

Difficult ...


here I feel safe.

I understand you. I told you that you can come whenever you want.

Like me you are safe.

You seduced my son.


- Your son was a monster. - No! I won't let you!

Whore! Whore!

My son chose you.

He loved you.

Hey! You almost took my arm off.

You are much stronger than me.

yes! I am the strongest.

I am the strongest.

Let's see if there is a prize. Let's see.

Let's see. It seems to me so.

Here, it's for you.

Let's see what's inside, open it.

Cos'? Cos'?

Let's put.

Here it is. This you have to keep it that way if you have one of your seizures

and fall ...

you don't hurt your head.

You look like a cyclist.

I'm going to get the bike, I'm going to get the bike.

Thank you, Carlito.

- Imagine. - This is a gift.

A little thought.

It doesn't help much, but it will do him good.

- Very well. - Yes.

- I'm sorry I can't be here with you. - We're sorry too.

I know.

Stay here with you ...

and especially...

drink your therapeutic mates ...

- This is a gift. - What's going on, Carlos?

Something wrong? You are sad?

- I know you. - I? Sad?

We feel.

What's up?

I'm scared, mom.

Why are you scared?

I think I'm in love.

He left his wife because of you.

He lost custody of his daughters because of you.

He has lost his mind.
He lost custody of his daughters because of you.

He lost custody of his daughters because of you.

He cried for you.
He lost custody of his daughters because of you.

He cried for you.

He suffered because of you.

I haven't seen my granddaughters anymore.

Because of you.
I haven't seen my granddaughters anymore.

Because of you.

My son has never been the same again.

It's not fair.

It's not fair for you to live in a world where my son ...

no it is.

How do you see me?

Like the fuck.

Well, actually ...

There is no trace of the diamonds.

Look, flaca. You...

do you know anything about the boss?


Have you heard anything?



I told you.

Holy shit!

Zulema always puts his face on it, he never hides.

Do you want to stop defending her once and for all?

Diego, where the fuck are you going?

Ehi you!

Go back to your seat!

With permission, Mr. Ramala.

They stopped in a service area to refuel during the escape.

These are the images of the cameras.

We recognized Goya Fern ndez and his girlfriend, Triana Azcoitia.

They were part of the catering service.

In two, they have more than ten charges behind them for murder and theft.

We will soon know where they were headed.

We are checking speed cameras.
We will soon know where they were headed.

We will soon know where they were headed.

We also identified a third robber.


riconoscer .

bring me Dieguito.

- It's here, it's here. - Here where?

Hurry up, we don't have time.


- Here it is. - Get off.

Move away.

Disappear, move away.

Standing. Standing.

Turn around.

Do not move. Turn around.

What the fuck is it?

Go on, go on.

Go on, go on.


We have the bride, much better than diamonds.

We do it our way.

Let's call Ramala.

We have bank accounts opened in Switzerland.

What do you say?

We tell him we have his daughter.

- We'll deliver it. - Don't worry, flacita.

And then we make the good life.
- We'll deliver it. - Don't worry, flacita.

- We'll deliver it. - Don't worry, flacita.

And we shouldn't endure Zulema, Macarena ...

and no one else.

What do you say?




Who are you?

I don't know what to do with you.

You are right.

I'm responsible for your son's death.

I was there ...

and I didn't do anything.

- Because you are cruel. - No.

He deserved it.

Your son was a rapist.

By the way...

- Do you know her? - Who?

Your other granddaughter.

Didn't he tell you?

Yeah, he wasn't proud of it.

He drugged a prisoner.

Saray Vargas.

He got her pregnant.

He raped her ...

and got pregnant.

He raped,

humiliated ...

and killed many women.

It was so your son.

I've always wondered ...

where Sandoval got that evil out of.


then cos ?

Eh, gi�.

then cos .

He was a cruel child.

He was a monster as a child.


He liked to humiliate the girls at school.

Did he mistreat you, Ama?

It is impossible!

You did nothing.

It is impossible!

- it's impossible! - Sure.

You did nothing because he was your son, it is logical.

He was a psychopath.

You knew it.

But you didn't do anything.



I will free you from guilt, not even kill me.



he caused a lot of pain.

My God!

You did nothing.

Come on, come on, let's go.

We leave, we leave.


We are leaving.

Turn off the machine.

He is four years old, Zulema.


It is not a kindergarten.

Good luck.

Be careful. Go.

Let's go to Almeria.

We have to look for my daughter

and kill your sister.

sorry for the delay