Vis a Vis: El Oasis (2020–…): Season 1, Episode 3 - Como te quiere una madre - full transcript

We have a problem. We need the bride.

The safe opens with your eye.

We came to relax.

We are rich!

- Did you sell yourself to the police, partner? - I'm pregnant.

There are three arrow players,

- a family - Leave the fucking phone!

and a hen night.

A bad marriage is better than a good funeral.

Mr. Ramala, you can't be here.

- Mr. Ramala will pass.
- Sorry but...

I don't want to know about the protocol. I want to know if my daughter is here.

It is not a question of protocol, Mr. Ramala.

I have been working for 20 years and have never seen anything so terrible.

My head is full of shitty memories and I'm still here.

Look for my daughter!

Have you seen my daughter?

Did you see Kati?

Have you seen my daughter?

no, no!

Don't you know it's bad luck to see the bride before the wedding?

Lower your weapons now!

Put your weapons down.

Put them down.

Boys, boys ...

Go to your cousins ​​and all go home now.

Very well. The time has come to call Mr. Ramala, hasn't it?


No, I'm not Kati, Mr. Ramala.

First, I must tell you that you have a beautiful home.

Where is my daughter?

Second, I kidnapped your daughter.

Initially, we wanted to go and let the marriage continue.

For that I need you to control your guard dogs.

Don't hurt her.

It depends on if.

What what do you want?

Ask for anything.

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Translation and revision: Anton

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Are you in line to commune or what?

We are in the garden. Going.

- Don't look at me. - Let's go.

It was an unforgettable ceremony.

Thank you.

Now get on your knees and grab the plates.

Let's go!

- Zulema, come on.
- No hurry.

bad education go out before the dance.

Play anything.

Play anything!


What are you doing?

They say that happy people live another 20 years, don't they?

So let us be happy.

Play something joyful.


Are you crazy?

What's the matter with you?

I'm completely crazy.

It's sanding everything.

Zulema, come on.

It was a long time ago, Blondie!

Zulema ...

Let's go.

Mr. Ramala, Kati is not among the victims.

What happened? Where is my daughter?

The police think they kidnapped her.

You have to find her. Ask the boys for help.

Offers a reward.

Do what you have to do, but find it!

One more thing.

This is not done without help from someone inside.

Find the traitor.

When I was little, there was a contest on television.

They would call you home and ask

"Want to be a millionaire"?

They spent 15 years waiting for that call.

But nothing.

- Love.
- What?

- Do you want to be a millionaire?
- Of course!

Now you're done! Four million in diamonds!


I thought it wasn't that much!

If we share the Flaca part, yes.

I'm sure you're going to die.

If she will survive it will be worse because we have to carry her like that to Morocco.

And what do you want to do?

Do we shoot her and undo the corpse?


No need in thanks, you have to pay me!

You owe me a pair of mojitos on the beach.



My friend is bleeding, what are you waiting for to stop Zulema?

I made your job easier. You are tanning in the pool as if you were on vacation.

And it's furious

You're on a hen night.

Who are you?

Did you see TV, Maca?

It's time ... How do I say?

Troubled times.

What is true today, no longer tomorrow.

We have to talk.

Flaca will keep its share.

And we will get rid of someone, it would be you.

What do you say?

I did everything you asked of me.
I want my share of the diamonds now.

Zule, this time.

What are we waiting for to share?

Oh my.


Who of the 3 had the idea to bring the bride?


You know what you have to do.

Take her.

Take her ... Shoot her ...

and enter the desert.

That's not what we agreed, Zulema.

You promised me that nothing would happen to her.

We have all the Mexican cartel after us

Having the bride is like having a locator in the ass.

But she is not to blame.

No, it's your fault.

You are the one who got us into the wedding.

And you sneaked.

You said you were going to run. Do you remember?

You could save her, but you didn't.

Deep down you always wanted her to die.

Get happy!

I searched for you on Google, Zulema.

Do you know what Google says about you?

That you were a dangerous delinquent.

That you were in the past. Do you understand?

Like those great successes singers you buy CDs of

Because they are finished. Do you understand?

Enough, shit!

You want to be alone.

Zulema Zahir.

- With h? - With interspersed h.

With interspersed h. Zahir.

- a foreigner? - Yes.

Very beautiful.

I'm Paco. Also a foreigner, because I'm from Carabanchel.

So good morning, Paco de Carabanchel.

Good morning, Zulema.


You and I are going to work hard to start your working life.

I'll help you start over.

How lucky I am, Paco. My guardian angel.

Well ... what can you do?


I use utensils.

Of all kinds.

I like to deal with people.

to deal...

with people.

Very well. You?

You're better than you think.


Don't worry.

We'll find something for you, Zulema.

The most exciting thing that happened to me today?

Well, I think the most exciting thing is that I fell asleep on my shift.

And I had a very strange dream.

Live on the edge, huh?

Dreams express our deepest desires.

They help to discover what we want or what makes us afraid.

Can you tell the dream?

I don't remember anymore.

Where are the other operatives?

Inspector Perez?

Perez died.


What happened?

We kill him.

Do you know how much a policeman earns in a year?

No, I'm not from the union and I don't want to know.

A misery.

We cannot afford a week in August in Benidorm.

- Isn't it true, Mati?
- Yes.

- And we risk our skin every day.
- Yes.

And we're done with it.

So no one comes here.

There will be no police intervention.

Officially, this case does not exist.

We had an agreement.

- You are leaving me abandoned in the desert.
- Yes.

And you're expecting a child, aren't you?

That's why you made the deal with the police.

So you can start a new life with the baby.

Macarena, you're in a shit situation.

But it can end well ...

if you bring us to the diamonds

and split it by the three of us.

I don't have them.

Talk to your partner and tell her that you are now the boss.

And what do I get?

Maybe you didn't understand well.

It's not about what you get.

This is an order.

Talk to Zulema

and bring the diamonds ...

or you don't see the baby's face.

Sorry, Kati.

Sorry about all this.

What did you do, M nica?

Why did you do it? We are sisters.

For the money?

Did you do it for the money?

If so, you could ask my dad to give it to you as usual.


He's always taken care of you and Diego since you were little.

- Since your parents' accident ...
- It wasn't an accident.

We both know that Ramala killed them.

Even if you're right, we can't go back.

Let's go. Move that ass.

We have to go.

What are you going to do with me, Mónica?

I like you very much, Kati.


- Come on, come on. - Monica!

- Shut up! - Monica! Mônica!


- Dieguito! - Where are you, Mônica?

I am fine.

Run away. It was horrible.

Do you know who did it?

Just tell me if she is alive.

Who? What are you talking about?


As my sister ...

I will always defend you, but I have to know if Kati is alive.

Because if you killed her, I can't do anything for you.

Does Ramala know?

Not yet, but it's a matter of time.

Yes brother.

Kati is alive.

- I want to see her, Monica. - I can't.

End this please.

When Ramala finds out, he won't give back.

Monica, please ...


Here it is.


Tell me the story again when I was little.

Again, Little?

- Again. - Okay.

When you were born,

I knew right away that you were a boy ...


You spent all the time looking up,

as if you were watching television.

Am I going for it?


I just want you to try ...

the same pain that caused us, son.

I'm killing her, clear?

When we get there, go 200 meters away and I'll call you when it's over.

- I'm not a child.
- No, but you never killed anyone.

Thats not to shoot bottles or cards.

Why don't she want to share the diamonds?

- I don't trust Zulema.
- No one trusts Zulema.

- It is better not to annoy her.
- We're all scared.

I remember you being gay

created a wepon with chicken bones and stuck me here.

In the belly.

- You saw a scar.
- You know or did I tell you? I am not afraid.

If you fool me, I'll drown you in that fucking pool.

Get out of the car.

- What? - Get out of the car now.

What are you saying?

What are you doing? What is up?

You don't know what annoy Zulema.

She will kill you because you are a stupid little child.

Go home and don't go back to the hotel.

I go wherever I want!

Don't fuck with me.

Open it.

Goya, open up.

Don't fuck me!

Open now or I swear you'll never see me again in your life.

Open it!

Open it, fat shit!

Don't you realize that I do this because I love you?

I love you ... I don't want anything to happen to you.

Do you love me ...


Open it.



Because nobody loved me as much as you do.

Can i?



You have a big room, but that's fine.

They are real.

Why did you bring us to this hotel?

Because I like cowboy movies.


Because tomorrow a helicopter will take us to Morocco, you already know.

When icame here i was upset with you.

I have known the owner for years.

It's a strange type.


Or better...


Since when did any of you feel sorry, Zulema?

I had a son who died.

And now, at the age of 80, you wonder ...

who will take care of the other child when dog is not there.

The others say you don't want to share the diamonds.

We will divide in Morocco.

I am not going to Morocco.

I want my share now.

And get out of here.

Go away.

Where are the diamonds?


I'm asking you well.

Or what?

You sold me, you bastard?

Who did you promise the loot to?

How many are there?

Are the bags in your car?

No, I will not stay. I'm looking for a person.

Laura Ros.

Laura Ros?

They call it Flaca. I think he's here with some friends.

Ah, the bachelorette girls.

- Yes, they are. - Yes Yes Yes.

She is brunette, with short hair and very thin.

The one who was smoking.

He stained the car seat with blood.

Blood is not drawn with anything.

Not even with hydrogen peroxide.

3 more and we vacuumed the car.

I vacuum the car for another 3 .

For another 3 we vacuum the car.

Hey you! For today, move your car!

Do I vacuum your car?

I'm talking to you.

Here I am.

Do you want me to vacuum your car for 3 ?

Dont you see im talking on the phone?

Now, you wait!

Yes sorry. Tell me.

Okay, send me an email.

Are you sure you don't need us to vacuum the car?

Sorry, but you didn't rate me.

What do you say?

From 1 to 3, how was my service?

1 little satisfied and 3 totally satisfied.

Don't feel pressured.

Totally satisfied.

I don't think so.

I don't think so.

Get out of the car.

We are all victims of ourselves.

As much as we strive to change,

to adapt,

doing what is expected of us. At the end...

always wins our most authentic part.

The most animal.

I don't need a dream to tell me what I really am.

I know who I am.

So you want us to be a pair.

Like Bonnie and Clyde?

Or Thelma and Louise?

I don't want to be your partner.

Not in dreams.

You and me.

As a Limited Company.

Zulema e Macarena LDA.

It's absurd.

It is absurd that you come here to propose that we be serious.

I remember ...

than in Cruz del Sur

you tried to kill me a few times.

And you put air in my veins to destroy my heart.

I miscarried because of you.

Your family killed my boyfriend like he was a hound dog.

You killed my father and niece.

You surrounded me in the locker room while peeing.


We have no reason to be serious.

We both hate each other.

That's why.

The audio is the largest of the engines.

We also have another option.

We don't see each other anymore

and we met on a direct bus to Pe scola.


I guess ...

we have nothing to lose.

And then it's been a long time that I did't take a gun ...

From the altar to the tomb.

It sucks, but you have to understand ...

Not personal.


- Let's go. - Hear me.

- What? - This is for money, right?

A little.

So why do you just settle for diamonds?

I can make you win more.

Do you know how much my father makes?

Yes, you know.

Now I'll take care of it.

Let's go.

Let's go.

Let's go.

On your knees.

- My dad gives you 20 times more. - Shut up.

- I can prove it. - Shut up!

You would be free and rich.


How much do you want?

50 Millions? 100 Millions?

You know how difficult it is to sell diamonds.

My father can deposit the money in an account in Panama.

I don't want to hear you!

I can make you even richer, I swear.

- Enough. - Wait, Goya.

- Maybe sh is right. - Yes.

I would also say that I had fucked a Martian.

And when we get back to the hotel and Zulema betrays us then what do we do?

We cannot trust Zulema. She doesn't think about dividing the diamonds.

Now we are her puppets. You trust her too!

No. If Zulema wanted to kill us, it would have done so already.




No, don't come.

I told you.

I've told you many times. Otherwise, it annoys me!

When are we going to see Mum?

You get it.

But you have to promise me

don't leave the room, okay?

- Can I make drawings? - Of course!

But you have to clean up first.

No professional player leaves the arrows here.

Next time ...

be more careful.

There are two options.

Come calm to the room with us ...

or we fire already.

What do you prefer?

- Come on. - Okay, fuck it.

Let's go.

Fuck it!


Let's go.


Wake up! Shit.