Vinyl (2016): Season 1, Episode 6 - Cyclone - full transcript

Andrea Zito joins American Century; Kip has an uncommon choice for lead guitar; Zak's raw emotions surface; Richie confronts the future of his relationship with Devon and something rather odd and disturbing surfaces about Ernst.


All night long

Hey, now, now, now, now

Hey, little baby

You been on my mind

Look in my dreams

Your taste is all I find

Hey, now, darling

Where you stay out
all night long

I wanna tell you

You know
your daddy's home

All night long


All night long



- Tequila!

Where all the best songs have gone


Well, the little things you say and do

Make me want to be with you

Rave on, it's a crazy feeling

And I know it's got me reeling

When you say I love you

Rave on

Hey! Hey!

Turn that fucking shit off!

Rave on, it's a...


Leave it open, would you?

This room smells like a brewery.

- You sound like my mother.
-lt's been three days.

We should consider bathing at some point.

This is why Warhol told her not to marry you.

He knew it would come to this.

Fuck that fucking freak.

What day is it today?

It's, uh...

I mean, it's like forever, right?

- Like days.
- She's your wife,

but she's a spoiled little bitch.


Leaving me here with the house and the kids.

Who gives a shit? Let's party.

You think she's with Ingrid?

Yeah, she is. I fucking know she is.

Our maid said that she said
that she was with a friend in New York.

I mean, who else could it be, right?

They could be rubbing their pussies together.



Devon prefers dick, believe me.

Then a man. Perhaps a nigger.

My mother was half black, okay?

The other children would tease you?

I should freeze my accounts.

You should fuck.

- The little blond from the office.
- Uh-uh.

Or the receptionist.

Why haven't you poked her yet?

It's your turn now.

You're free.

Right, man. Right, man.

- Fuck Devon, right?
- Yeah.



Come in, it's open.

Mr. Richie, we are going now
for lunch at the park.

Yeah, fine, fine, fine, fine.

Put some clothes out for me.
I'm going to the office.

- Why?

How are my babies doing, huh?

Come here, come here, come here.

Come here. Come here.

Oh, you know you're my perfect girl.
You know that.

Who's Daddy's angel?

You! You're my angel.

And where's that handsome prince, huh?

(GASPS) There he is!

There's the Romeo. Come on, my little Romeo.

Come here. Come here. Give me a hug.

I love you guys so much.

Could they be any more beautiful, these two?

I do not see how.

Okay, okay, we let Daddy work now, si'?

Come on. Vamos.

- RICHIE: Okay, go ahead. Go.
- Come on, baby. Come with me.

RICHIE: Okay, Daddy's gonna be
right here, okay?

- Daddy's got to work.



You hear that shit, man?

Fucking leche?

Do they think that's their mother, man?
That is not cool.

She cannot do that to my kids!

- You should find her.

Drag her back by the hair if you have to.



Chelsea Hotel. How can I help you?

Look at this. He tore it.

- You were pulling off my skin.
- Where is she?

We need to start over
before we lose the whole day.

I'm here. I've got it. I've got it.

- He's not going to do it again.
- He has to.

It should be a woman anyway. I told you that.

The piece is already sold.
He's expecting what we discussed.

Since when do you give a shit
about the patron?

It's a dialog with George Segal.

If I don't evolve the conversation...

A woman halts the evolution of the art form?

Then she's the subject of the piece.

Is that the worst thing in the world?


Fine, you sit in.

I almost passed out the last time
you put me in that shit.

- Well, if you breathe slowly...
- Stop it.

Get a man from the lobby.

Make it another Paul Bezak piece
about men and men and men.


You sure it's okay?

Feels like old times.

PAUL: Give me a minute to work with her.

- You handed me the cream.
- Mmm-hmm.


Let's give him some space, everybody.

Move down a foot.

Turn away.

She seems happy.


She isn't.


She wants to be conventional
in an unconventional paradigm.

You think she wants to marry you?

That's one way to look at it.

She says you shared all the boys
when you were young and wild.

We had a good time.

You share the boys with her now?


Who do you think will hurt her more,

you or me?


INGRID: That's beautiful.

Can you admit for a single moment
that it's moving?



Skip, Scott, Zak,
all they talk about is percentages

and ratios and nickels and fucking dimes,

as if any of that matters
if the music we're making is fucking shit.

Tell you what, I dodged a bullet.

That fucking building, man.

ERNST: That's the one I was thinking of.

God saved me. He wants me to make a mark.
I'm gonna do it, too.

We're gonna make music,
change the fucking world.

- Thank me for it later.
- What?

- What?
- What are we thanking you for?

I wasn't talking to you.

Does surrounding yourself with idiots
make you feel superior?

How will you break new ground
if this is who executes your vision?

Fucking recipe for failure.

You can't rest now.
The process has just begun.

Two coffees. He likes his black, black, black.



Keep on knocking, but you can't come in

Okay, I'll stay here, put the dodos in a row.

You go downtown,
find out where the fuck she is.


Don't freak her out.

I shouldn't spank her for her behavior?

Just locate her.

Come back here, we move into phase two.

- Right?
- Of course, right.

You got ketchup on your pants.

Right there. Fucking slob.

I wanted to get a hot dog from Nathan's,

but some asshole wouldn't let me.


You're never gonna let that go, are you? Cece!

Coffee's brewing.

Call Leo. Tell him to bring the car around.

Ernst is coming down.
I want him to give him a ride to the Village.

You can't come in

Come back tomorrow night and try it again


I want legal pads with the white, if they have,
not the yellow,

and some Flair pens.

Then I want manila folders and labels
and large envelopes.


- Holy shit. What a trip.

Look at you. You look great.

And you called a meeting already.

There's the bull by the horns.

Yeah, you know,
I figured I'd get all the names down.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I usually run the Friday,

but good to have
someone else take the wheel.

- You sure?
- Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Come on, come on. It's a relief.

My kid's bat mitzvah is tomorrow,
so my mind's not even here.

- Wait, is this Karen?
- Yeah.

No, she's a baby.

You were a baby. Huh?

Look at you.

Jesus, it's good to see you.

All right, come on. It's gonna be here.

ANDREA: All right, what do I need to know
before I walk in there?



SKIP: Whoa! Look at that.

- Hey!
- The prodigal daughter.

(LAUGHS) What, nobody feeds you?
You're all hair and mustache.

- Yeah.
- Zito! (LAUGHS)

Ah. you!

I hear you finally passed the bar exam.

SCOTT: Twelfth time's the charm.

(SINGING) Well, my heart went boom

When I crossed that room

And I held her hand in mine

- Somewhere Paul McCartney is cringing.

Where you been all week?
You still work here?

Yeah, well, see, that's the difference
between you and me, okay?

It's that I don't consider this work.

Oh, someone tell accounting
to freeze his paycheck.

Andy Z, huh? Come on.

Jackie Jervis is gonna
slit his wrists without her.

- Christ, get him a Valium.
- Okay, that's it. That's it.

I got my coffee.

Take it away. I'm done.

I really just want to say hi
and I'm excited as shit to be here.

I feel like I'm home. I love you guys.

Tell them what you're gonna do.

- Come on, on a Friday?
- RICHIE: Go ahead.

Guys, guys, she's gonna modernize us, okay?

Reduce redundancies and shit.

You... Go ahead.

It's nothing, really.
Gonna spruce up the offices a little.

- Spruce up.
- ANDREA: Give the place a shot in the ass.

ZAK: Decorating. Okay, here we go.

ANDREA: The space has a classic feel

that was really cool
when you guys first started out, but now...

Yeah, well, we got a budget situation,
so decorating...

Artists come in here, they think you're square.

That and the logo.

Uh, what's wrong with the logo?

The toilet thing, enough already.

I can't be the first person
ever mention it to your face.

The logo looks like a toilet.

PENNY: Holy shit, it looks like a toilet.

SKIP: With a turd?
CASPER: Just a bowl.

SCOTT: Fuck, now it's like
the duck and the rabbit.

Once you see it, you can't unsee it.

Maybe it's not a priority right now,
but we are in the image business.

We look like a toilet, it's a fucking priority.

Hal, you never saw this?

- Nobody saw it.
- Apparently, everybody but us saw it.

Look, easy to fix.

Get a little color in here, new shape,

put the sublabel front and center,
have your college reps plug it.

Yeah, we don't have college reps.

We'll get that going.

You working with Corso?

- What?
- ANDREA: Joe Corso.

We got to get him
to start talking up Grand Funk.

I think we're leaving spins on the table.

Tell Heather I want to see her.

- Where's Julie?
- We got a new band.

He's helping them replace their lead guitar.

- You one of his guys?
-l'm one of his guys.

Oh. Fantastic.
You know about the Biafra benefit?

What, is that a disease?

- It's a country.
- Biafrica?

It's in Africa. Biafra.

- What did I just say?
- SCOTT: Biafrica.

- All right. Fuck you.
- Fourteen artists will be performing.

Jackie landed the soundtrack,
but he did the whole thing on a handshake,

and a handshake's not a deal, turns out.

- We could lock down Melanie for a set.
- Yeah.

- Yeah.
- ANDREA: That's great.

I was gonna talk to David Bowie.

He doesn't like Jackie,
so if it's not him, he might jump in.

I met him, David Bowie,
at Leon Schneider's thing last year.

I could probably get a phone call
in to his manager.

Oh, yeah, David's in town tonight.

I was just gonna stop by his rehearsal,
take him out for a bite before the show.

Oh. Yeah, that'll work.

You want to come? He'd love you.

Look at this fucking chick.

Ain't she a kick in the ass?



There's so many things
that I want to do to you.

Yeah. Now. There's so many...

Oh, yeah. Oh, that feels good.

Yeah, play with it. Yeah.

Yeah. Oh, God.

(MUFFLED) I like that, too.


-I'm so ready for you.
- Yeah?

Are you ready for me? Oh, yeah, yeah.

Yes, she's straight

Just won't wait

Everybody likes my Rocket 88

Baby, we'll ride in style

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Give me some of that, yeah.

Give it to me, yeah.

Oh, tear me open.

Are you okay?

Can I suck on you? Yeah?

You know what? I got to go.

- No. What?
- Work.

We'll try again another time, okay?

You're fucking beautiful.

You just storm out? What the fuck was that?

I do what I want.

Anyway, I already heard Andrea's spiel.

- That was for you.
- For me?


We're paying through the nose for her.

All her ideas are gonna
cost us an arm and a leg.

You remember math?
I mean, I love Andrea, but...

I know you do. You're a lover.


How about she steals back Hannibal,
she's so valuable?

- No.
- Why not?

Because he tried to shove
his dick inside my wife.

Any other questions?

(SNORTS) on!


I came up with that college idea months ago.

You said we didn't have the money.

Put on a dress next time.
Maybe I'll listen better.


- Coke dick. Didn't happen.
- Yeah.

You know, I don't even know where Devon is.

She fucking left.


Julie in the studio.

- You look like shit.
- Thank you. (SNORTS)

- Speak.
- I need you to make an appearance.

RICHIE: What? Why?

Twelve guys.
Mr. Nasty Shits doesn't like anybody.

I was gonna close my eyes for a minute.

You kissed this frog, not me.

Fine, fine, fine. I'll be right there.



The way you dance and hold me tight

The way you kiss and say good night

Rave on, it's a crazy feeling

And I know it's got me reeling

Where is he?

There he is.

Fucking tidal wave.

This kid's gonna blow the house down.

- You fall in love yet?
- I said no hippies.

See all the hairballs out there
holding up the wall?

Lester wrote it on the ad. It said,
"No fucking hippies." This is who showed up.

JULIE: You want guitar players
or you want people who look like you?

Look's part of the act. Don't pretend it ain't.

Go get me a pair of scissors.

Hey, you pick the guy,
I'll chop his fucking hair off.

They're all flat. They're bland toast.

- Bland toast?
- I can't carry the whole thing myself,

and I'm not gonna.

OTTO: Oh, so we're just window dressing?

Oh, don't fucking start.

I liked the guy with the hat.

Why don't you ask him for a pint?

Maybe he'll let you tap his winkie.

(LAUGHS) Hey, none of these guys
had any energy?

It's about him feeling it.

Some guys got hands,
but I ain't got to play with them.

Yeah, he don't and I won't.

So maybe we're done.

Okay, look at me.

I love you.

Nonetheless, you don't pick a guy
in the next five minutes,

I'm gonna rip your head off your neck

and put my own fucking guitarist on top of it.

Get the fuck off, you cunt.


OTTO: Whoa.

That's fucking perfect.

Muscle the artist.
Don't know why I didn't think of that.

Yeah, I don't know why either, frankly.

You can't blow him off. It's lead guitar.

The whole act is about raw emotion.

- If there's no chemistry, how's it gonna work?
- Who's this?

Duck may have been bland onstage,
but he made Kip feel like something special.

These guys come in, they got fancy licks,
they're showing him up.

Maybe we pick a simpler song.
Chuck Berry or something.

Not fucking Buddy Holly.


Let me deal with this guy.

Did you find them?

Yes, but you should just forget it.


She's letting off a little steam.

- What's that supposed to mean?
- What is this shithole?

- You don't have enough money to...
- Fuck that, man.

Tell me what she's doing.

They're downtown. Really high.

Some guys were with them.
I think they were fucking.

What? Why didn't you stop her?

Because if she wants to fuck another man,
who am I to interfere?

Just because you never managed
to get yourself laid doesn't mean...

- Fuck you, man.
- Richie.

No, shut up!


I heard them say they'd be at Max's tonight.

We can retrieve her.

So, let's go.

I need a drink first.

And a toot.

That's a good idea.

If you could just sit and talk to him calmly...

What are you doing?

How about you just ask?

ERNST: She's wonderful.

- Careful with this one.

You fuck her, she'll show up pregnant

asking you to buy her a cottage by the sea.


Look, I'm gonna need more cash
if you're taking everything I have.


See? That's how it starts.

- Hey, wait for me, asshole.
- Richie!

- Where the fuck are you going?


(SINGING) Hey, man

Oh, leave me alone, you know

Hey, man

Henry, get off the phone, I got

Hey, man

I got to straighten my face

This mellow thighed chick
just put my spine out of place

Hey, man

My school day's insane

Hey, man

My work's down the drain

Hey, man

Well, she's a total blam-blam

She said she had to squeeze it
But she, and then she

Don't lean on me, man, 'cause you can't...

Hang on. Hang on. Hang on. Hang on.

Sorry. What was that?

Oh, that was us. Sorry.
Artie was playing with the levels.

Once we hit the chorus,
it sounded like I was singing alone.

Won't happen again.

Donny, all I got on the wedge
is myself and Trevor.

- Ronno might as well go home.
-l'll bump up Ronno.

Well, just turn down me and Trevor.

ANDREA: He's a professional.

Let him do his job.

Is that Andy fucking Zito?

Play the fucking song.

Not very well-mannered, is she?

Back it up to the end of the verse.


(SINGING) Hey, man

Well, she's a total blam-blam

She said she had to squeeze it
But she, and then she

Don't lean on me, man
'cause you can't afford the ticket

I'm back from Suffragette City

Don't lean on me, man
'cause you ain't got time to check it

You know my Suffragette City...

Kid's gonna make something
of himself one day.

Oh, hit me

Don't lean on me, man
'cause you ain't got time to check it

You know my Suffragette City

ls out of sight

It's all right

My Suffragette City

Oh, wham, bam, thank you, ma'am

My Suffragette City

My Suffragette City

My Suffragette City

When are you gonna write a song about me?

- They're all about you.
- Liar.

They should be.

ANDREA: Say hi to Zak.

- Isn't he cute?
- Hey, hi.

- Fantastic.
- Are you good to her?

Men are horrible to her. That Jackie Jervis.

I moved to American Century.

- What? Why?
- We'll talk about it later.

- Hey, baby.
- Mick, hey. (CHUCKLES)

So is this a Ziggy tour or just you?

"Just you." Sounds disappointing.

No, no, no, no. I'm a Hunky Dory fan. l...

Don't get me wrong, I like Spider from Mars
as much as the next guy,

but I feel like you let us in the door
with Hunky Dory.


Ziggy’s retiring,

- Moving back to Mars?

Something like that.

Well, we got a benefit thing
we want to pitch you,

and if Ziggy can't make it,
maybe you come in his place.

I don't think we...

ls he not your boyfriend?

This is Zak Yankovich from American Century.

Should we get a bite to eat?

Or maybe we could bring something in.
There's a great...

I should have a nap before the show.

- Maybe dinner. Just the two of us.
- Perfect.

- Great meeting you.
- Yeah, yeah.

See you later.

Did I ruin that?

I brought it up kind of early.

Not at all.



Where the fuck did you go, man?
I turn around, you disappear.

I went to Nathan's to get a hot dog.


- Hey, man. Who's in there?

Richie Finestra, American Century.

Really? Cool, man.

We're full. Let me see what I can do.

Dynamite. Me and my friend.

Excuse us. Shift thyselves.

It's fantastic. So great.


Richie, hi.

- Where is she?
- Uh, what?

- She must be inside.
- Are you fucking hiding her from me?

This is very exciting.
Who are we talking about?

Fucking smart-ass.

Told you, this is why
I don't really want to come here.

- Don't fucking touch me.
- Let go of me!

- What are you doing?
- Fuck you, man!

- Get the fuck off me, man!
- Get the fuck out of here!

- What the fuck?
- Call the cops.

- RICHIE: You shit!
- Fucking animal.

I told you this was a bad idea.

Come on, come on.


This fucking place is beat, man.

Max's. It's fucking over!

- Fucking hear me?
- Christ.

- Let's take a walk.
- Get the fuck off me.

- Let's take a walk.
- Better not fucking call the cops.

ERNST: They're not.
RICHIE: The fucking...

Fucking cops are after me.

Fucking cops showing up everywhere I turn.

You're freaking out. Get hold of yourself.

You'll end up bashing
someone's head in again.

Like Buck Rogers.

Who told you that?

You did.

It's why you're running amok. You feel guilty.

What am I guilty about?

The last honest man.

This is the car.


Shall we?

Are you fucking nuts?

Rave on, daddy-o.



Act casual.


ERNST: Maybe this isn't such a great idea.

Let's call your chauffeur.


Hop in.



When I first met Paul,

he was blowing men in...

The bus terminal, what's it called?

- Port Authority?
- Port Authority.


So he could buy a piece of marble.

I told him plaster would be cheaper.


And less labor-intensive.


I hope I'm not getting in your hair, you two.


This place, it's like a youth hostel.

DEVON: Yeah.

INGRID: I deserve
a guest of my own now and again.

Is he, um...

You know, I was gonna say
he seems like a handful,

but you love that, so...

Do I love it?

I don't know anymore.

Is that Ernst?

You took it.

Did I?

We should sell it.

It's probably worth something.

Yeah, he was more of a handful than this one.



Paul peacocks about, but he's very loving.

Cries when I go out alone.


Ernst could be so merciless.

Richie softened him.


We were all better together than separately.

That's probably true.

Richie's a good man.

Don't make me burn you
with this perfectly good joint.

One bender.

He'll stop like he did before.

You shouldn't go down this road.

Unless it's not him.

Unless you've fallen out of love
with the pastoral fucking idyll.

Day after day in that house,

I hear this creaking back and forth.

It's the sound of me

hanging myself from the rafters.

- I don't want you going back there.

I mean it.

Go to the fucking innkeeper, Stanley.

Convince him you're an artist.
He'll give you a place.

I'm not an artist.

Here we go again.

You are an artist
when you say you're an artist.

Shit on a canvas.

Sing that song you did with Nico.

- The one that sounded like a cow giving birth.


Oh, my love.

I wish I could.

Your children can grow up here.

Yeah, they'll wander the halls.

They'll learn German
from the balalaika player upstairs.


I'm so lonely.

It's pathetic.

I'm not myself anymore.

My girl.

I'll come see you all the time.

- I'm sorry I didn't.

I was afraid I'd be eaten by the deer.




One less


Bell to answer

One less

Egg to fry

This guy only eats one egg?

ERNST: What?

This song.

"One less egg to fry."

What is he, a fucking midget?

You know, if that's the case,
how much picking up after could there be?

What bell is she answering? The doorbell?

The phone, I guess.

Then it should be
one less phone to answer, right?

Shut the fuck up.

You're the one who brought this up.


- Fuck!
- ERNST: What's the matter?

Fuck! It's fucking Saturday, man.

It's fucking Zak's kid's bat mitzvah.

- Fuck! Fuck!

Hey, man, this come with a rosewood neck?

- Huh?
- You got this in rosewood?

Uh, let me check in back. Give me a minute.

You hear what he just said?

Yeah, that he'd check in the back.

Nah, he said, "Rob me."

But don't let me go

No fun

To be alone


I said be alone

I said be alone

No fun

But I say, but I say, come on, Ron

I say, I say, come on, Ron

I say, come on, Ron, and let me

I say, come on, Ron, let me hear you tell 'em

Let me hear you tell 'em how I

Tell 'em how I, tell 'em how I...

What the fuck are you doing?

What do you want?

You want to be in a band?

Tell 'em, tell 'em how I feel






JENNA: Come on!
RONNIE: I just wanna play.

JENNA: Give it, Ronnie, now!



Yeah, Brandy used to watch his eyes

When he told his sailor stories

But he had always told the truth

Lord, he was an honest man

MAN: Good night, now.
It was good seeing you.

When the bars close down

Brandy walks through a silent town

And loves a man who's not around


I lost track of the time.

- Are you okay?
- Look at this, huh!

Jesus Christ, it's beautiful.

Yeah, yeah, sure is. We had a good time.

Look at you! Huh? You fucking heartbreaker.

- Okay.
- What a fucking day.

What is that?

Is that... ls that Karen?

ZAK: Yeah. Well, it looked more like her
six hours ago when we started.

But she's pretty much over now.

She can feel the ocean fall and rise

She saw its raging glory

Beautiful, huh, huh?

Look at this. Huh?

You're a genius.
You're a genius for this kind of thing.

Somebody hands you an idea
and you execute like nobody's business.

Yeah, that's right.

- That's right.
- Look at this.


I wish I had a family like this.

You do. Jenna turns 13...

I got you. right?

Hey, you're my soul brother.

- Can I tell you something?
- Yeah. All right.

Are you okay? You want to sit? Sit down.

Don't do that. I'm talking to you here.

I'm trying to apologize.

Look, I know it's been a lot,

but, fuck, man, if you just trust me,
I can take us there.

Even if you can't see it
right now yourself, okay?

I'm finding the sound.
Andrea's gonna find the look.

The sublabel, that's a new start, right?

Alibi Records, baby.
We're gonna shoot right back to the top.

Okay, you're gonna find the sound

and Athena from heaven,
she's gonna find the look, right?

- Yeah.
- What am I, huh?

- What am I, the party planner?
- No.

You come in here, you're six hours late
for my kid's bat mitzvah.

You're high out of your brain.

But you want to apologize.
Okay, that's about time.

And then there you go.

There you go. You're the visionary.

And I'm the bagman.

Don't fucking twist my words.

You ruined my life and my family's life.

- MAN: What's going on?
- Okay? I got a sweet family.

Yeah, they're fucked!



(SINGING) Cherish is the word

That more than applies

I'm not your brother. I'm not a salesman.

- I'm a record man!
- I know that.

What's going on here?

Don't come in here telling me to double down!

Go. Go ruin your family.

Oh, wait, you did that already.

And mine, too. Go, go jump off the bridge.

- See if you can fly.
- Zak, you button it.

I'm gonna bring us back, Zak.

I promise! Moira, I swear.

- Is he high?
- Don't even look at him, okay?

- It's enough!
- You, shut up!

- Get him the hell out of here.
- Moira.

- Out!

Zak, I'm not gonna ruin it.

I promise. Get off me.

Wow, here it comes

Here comes the night

Whoa, yeah

I could see right out my window

Walking down the street my girl

With another guy

Yeah, yeah, yeah, well, here it comes

Here comes the night



I'm done.

I'm spent.

Zak's right. I got nothing left.

You try too hard.

You care too much. Disengage.

Are you even fucking listening to me?

I destroyed my family.

Everything I love.

I just...




Get out.

Get the fuck out.

When'd you get back?

Just a little while ago.


I'm gonna stop.

No more drugs, okay?

I want to fix this.

I love you so much.


What did you get yourself into?

Nothing. Nothing. No, hey.

It's okay.

I was just hanging out with Ernst.



Me and Ernst.

I spend three days away
and I come home to this?

To what?

Please tell me this isn't happening.

I've been reinventing my fucking company

while you've been downtown
having a rod shoved up your ass

with a bunch of glitter queens.

You have no idea what I've been doing.

You know what?
I've been very fucking patient

with your little breakdown.

That's enough already!

You're a mother! You run out on your kids?

You're right. I'm gonna stay with my kids.





It's a god-awful small affair

To the girl with the mousy hair

But her mommy is yelling no

And her daddy is told to go

But her friend is nowhere to be seen

Now she walks through her sunken dream

To the seat with the clearest view

And she's hooked to the silver screen

But the film is a saddening bore

For she's lived it 10 times or more

She could spit in the eyes of fools

As they asked her to focus on

Sailors fighting in the dance hall

Oh, man, look at those cavemen go

- It's the freakiest show

Take a look at the lawman

Beating up the wrong guy

Oh, man, wonder if he'll ever know

He's in the best-selling show

ls there life on Mars?

It's on America's tortured brow

Mickey Mouse has grown up a cow

Now the workers have struck for fame

'Cause Lennon's on sale again

But the film is a saddening bore

'Cause I wrote it 10 times or more

It's about to be writ again

As I ask you to focus on

Sailors fighting in the dance hall

Oh, man, look at those cavemen go

He's in the best-selling show

ls there life on Mars?


ERNST: You live like a king.

I told you to go away!

You did, but you didn't mean it.

Her car is gone. She took the kids.

- Where?
- I don't know!

Call the police.

I tried to apologize.



We'll find them.

I'm starving.

We'll stop first at Nathan's and get a hot dog.


It's nothing to cry about.

I know it's got me reeling

When you say I love you

Rave on

The way you dance and hold me tight

The way you kiss and say good night

Rave on, it's a crazy feeling

And I know it's got me reeling

When you say I love you

Rave on


Man, this thing is beat. Refill it.

- I want a hot dog.
- RICHIE: No, Cyclone.

Cyclone, fucker. Wait till you see this thing.

I got you. I got you.

- Hey!
- They're very cozy back there.

- Hey, not without me.
- She loves me more.

Is she carrying your baby? No.

- My fingers can't do this now.

I'm coming back.
You can resume fondling each other.

- Whoa!

- Hey, eyes ahead, cowboy.

Nathan's! You're passing it.

- I need a hot dog.
- What?



The things you say and do

Make me want to be with you






RICHIE: Devon.



Rave on, it's a crazy feeling

And I know it's got me reeling

So glad that you're revealing

Your love for me

Rave on, rave on and tell me

Tell me not to be lonely

Tell me you love me only

Rave on to me


(SINGING) Well, rave on, it's a crazy feeling

And I know it's got me reeling

I'm so glad that you're revealing

Your love for me

Rave on, rave on and tell me

Tell me not to be lonely

Tell me you love me only

Rave on to me