Vinyl (2016): Season 1, Episode 5 - He in Racist Fire - full transcript

Richie visits a relative; Devon plays the vixen at dinner with Ritche, Hannibal and Cece; Kip faces a dilemma; Clark gets a new job; Richie is inspired to name his new label.


All night long

Hey, now, now
now, now

Hey, little baby

You been on my mind

Look in my dreams

Your taste
is all I find

Hey, now, darling

Where you stay out
all night long

I wanna tell you

You know
your daddy's home

All night long


All night long




(SINGING) Six legs of lamb
four steins of ale

Don't betray
the dragon's tale

Bring your children
to the fair

To bless my beard...

Where'd you find these guys,
fucking Sherwood Forest?

No, they headlined a Renaissance festival
up in Canastota.

The place went apeshit.

No last name
no family plan...

Sort of like BTO meets
Paul Revere & the Raiders.

Their costumes, power chords.

Comic book characters come to life.

Didn't they try that with the Archies?

Yeah, but, come on, these guys are good.

Some boar's head jam...

They got a flute.

WOMAN; The fire!

Shit! Shit!

Wizard Fist.

Make a cool T-shirt.

RICHIE: How many more bands?

JULIE: A lot. Get comfortable, Rich.

You wanted a big showcase, you got it.


(SINGING) Honey, let's get high

We gonna have
a real good time

Honey, let's get high

We gonna have
a real good time

We gonna start out
on whiskey

We'll end up
drinking wine

Let's get real drunk

Let's let it
be our ruin

Whoo, let's start out
on whiskey

Let's let it
be our ruin



Want me to get that?

No, I want you to
let it keep ringing incessantly.


It's your father.

What are you doing up so late?

Spoken like a man
with a functioning prostate.

Go to my doctor, I told you.

I talked to the cops. Told them what you said.

- The alibi.
- Which was what?

What, is this a fucking quiz?

The day of your thing. Your birthday.

Went to that movie.

Enter the Dragon.

Stupid goddamn name for a dragon.

It's not a name, Pop. Forget it.

Bunch of chop-socky bullshit.

I couldn't make head or tail.

What'd they say? How'd it go?

What the hell'd you get yourself mixed up in?

- What do you mean?
- They made me look at pictures, Richard.

Some fucking stiff with a bashed-in skull.

- A Roger... Somebody.

- Fuck me.
- What the hell did you do?

Fucking pills make you screwy?

Listen to me, on Ma's grave,
it was an accident.

The guy's head was bashed in
like a cantaloupe.

- It's complicated.
- What's so fucking complicated?

Stop, okay? Enough. Not on the phone.

We'll talk in person if you want.

Meet me at my office. Okay? Tomorrow.

- We'll talk then.
- Fucking big shot.

You remember where it is?

What, am I an imbecile now?

Let's say 5:30.

Take a shave, wear a suit.

Still telling people I died in the war?

There's more than one way to be dead, Pop.




Fuck this place.


MAN: (SINGING) I recall
once upon a time.

- Just saw Barry.

He looked upset, right?

- He was.
- He get fired?

- He did.
- What did he expect, right?

- With that Leon Russell knockoff...
- Have a seat.

Inside every man

is another version of himself.

What the Germans call a doppelganger.

Perhaps this doppelganger has different hair

or a sense of primordial destiny.

I don't know.

Maybe he holds a scepter.

(STAMMERS) I'm sorry, I don't...
I don't really follow.

You're fired, kid.

Wait, no.

- No, Julie, come on.
- Come on, my ass.

Bunch of Vikings with Stratocasters?
The fuck was that?

Okay, look, they were supposed to be
Teutonic Knights or...

Or something, I don't... l don't know.

- Julie, I had two weeks.
- So did everybody else.

And fucking Marvin
brought us somebody real.

As did Casper and Penny.

I almost signed Alice Cooper.

And I almost fucked Peggy Lee,
but I ended up jacking off instead.

Julie, come on, you...

You can't let me go.

You'll do something else.

There's no shame, kid.


This business ain't for everyone.

My dad thinks
I'm a fucking loser.


Please. Please, I'll do anything.

I just... l can't lose my job. I...

I'm fucking begging you here, please.

Jesus Christ.
Are you completely without pride?

Maybe not completely.

All right. All right. All right, come on.

Schmutz guy, wipe your face.

How about this?

It's a pay cut,

but you can take over for Jamie.

Get the lunches,

help out in the mail room.

- What?
- This way you're still employed.

You'll messenger shit, run errands,
that kind of thing.

I graduated from fucking Yale.

Really? 'Cause you never mentioned that.

You want the job or not?



And about that Yale thing.

I were you, I'd take that Whiffenpoof shit
off my resume.

You're not doing yourself any favors.

- Olive.

MAN: (SINGING) I've got a song
but ain't got no melody

I'm a-gonna sing it
to my friends...

- Heather, there's nobody out front.

Faye is supposed to be covering for me.

- Well, she's not there.
- Richie asked me to handle him.

If you'd like to cover the front, be my guest.

I don't, but Julie has the 400s coming in later.

MAN: Excuse me.

It can't look like nobody works here.

Take it up with Cece.

She usually stumbles in around noon.

- Hannibal again?
- Yesterday she arrived in a limo.

In the morning. It's disgusting.

What's disgusting?

He's in a marketing meeting
with the Nasty Bits.

Mickey Weiss keeps calling,
but Richie doesn't want to talk to him.

And Skip wants 10 minutes
before the 3 o'clock,

but he'd like Richie to look at
yesterday's "Gavin" before they talk.

- He's not going to.
- You can tell that to Skip.

- Are you going back out front?
- Go fuck yourself.

-(SIGHS) Man.
- How's it going?

A lot of late nights in a row.

What, you gonna tell me
how to handle myself?


Richie Finestra's office.

- Photo session?
- ZAK: Yeah, our usual guy.

He did the Wings cover.

We want to do that next week, too, probably.

So, you know, maybe they can shower.

Can also have a hairstylist on the day
if you want.

For what?

What's the plan for airplay?

- We got a call in to Scottso.
- Who?

- Scott Muni at NEW.
- LESTER: What about PLJ?

PLJ, they won't touch them
until they're on the map.

NEW will with a little encouragement.

Then we'll take them out to Cleveland, MMS.

- Maybe KSAN.
- San Francisco.

- Have Todd go with them.
- Todd got let go.

- We're touring?
- No, these are radio stations.

You go, you have a drink
with the music director.

He'll do an on-air interview.

Yeah, with talking. And eye contact.

Not the sullen looks to the floor
like right now.

- Do we have a bio?
- No.

Could you write us, like,
half a page about yourself,

-your background?
- What the fuck is this?

This is what you send into the radio station
and they have it.

- Normal label bullshit. Don't worry.

I ain't flying to Cleveland
to bugger some radio jock.

A fucking bio? (SCOFFS)
Just listen to the music.

- Okay, listen...
- Where's Jamie?

- Who?
- The towhead with the tits.

He's right. He's right.

Why the fuck isn't Jamie in here?

Cece, can you bring Jamie in, please?

I'm Kip Stevens.

Fuck your mom. There's your bio.

That sucks, Clark,
but you're still here with access to A&R.

Maybe you'll find another act.

Don't pretend like
you're not secretly loving this.

Well, you have been a giant asshole.

Clark Morelle, sandwich maven.

Wait, does sandwiches just mean food

or does that also mean that I provide

weed and blow for the executive branch?

Just food.

How much do you pocket
every week off the skag?

Fifty bucks?

'Cause I'm gonna need that part of the gig.
My salary just dropped...

To exactly the same as mine.

Jamie, if I'm not the supplier,
then I can't pay my rent.

It's not gonna happen, Clark.

Jamie, they need you in the conference room.

You know what, next time you're drowning,
be sure to give me a call

'cause I'll throw you a fucking cinder block.

There she is.

Have a seat, babe.

They want to march us around
like it's a bloody beauty contest.

- We need a bio.
- Write your own fucking bio.

I'm Horatio Meatsack, a fat, sad wanker.

- L'll write it. You don't have to.
- Good, moving on.

Send her to knob the DJs,
'cause I ain't doing that either.

I can come with you,
but that's the whole game.

They'll only send you to rock stations.
And the guys are cool.

You go in, you smoke a joint,
you talk about nothing.

- See? Easy.
- Where's the rest of the band?

That's what I want to know.
Fucking alley-jumped here.

- We wanted a minute with Kip.
- The guys should be here.

They're not here because
I don't want them here.

We're a band. We want to cut a fucking album,

not hairstyling and DJ licking.

Shut your fucking mouth for one second.

Look, you got to make
some personnel changes.

- What?
- You got one guitarist too many.

You should be a foursome.

You're stepping all over each other up there.

And your guy on lead, he's got to go.

- Duck? You fucking...
- What the hell you trying to do?

He's a stiff. No stage presence.

And his guitar playing, mediocre at best.

Come on, they're not technicians.

I mean, playing ain't the focus of their vibe.

No, even for them, he's mediocre.

Take all of this and shove it
up your sagging fuckhole.

JAMIE: You signed the band.

What did you think you were getting?

Him and a couple of other guys.

See, this is what happens

when a label picks you up.

We groom you, we work with you,

we turn you into something
that might actually have a life.

Duck is the band. He came up with the name.

- Sizable contribution.
- He's my friend, you fucking leech.

I'll work with Duck. He'll step up.

He says because of his vast experience
developing bands.

You want to shrink the group?

Is that 'cause your label's run out of money?

Is that it? You haven't got enough to pay us?

You know who Frank Barsalona is?

He runs Premier Talent.

Best booking agency in town.

He's also a friend.

And because he's my friend,

he's booking you to open
for the New York Dolls

next month at the Academy.

- Are you serious?
- RICHIE: Yeah.

So you guys do what you want,

but unless there's suddenly four of them

including a replacement for that fucking lump
they think is a guitarist,

I'm canceling the booking.

And if you ever talk to me like that again,

I'll slap you so hard
you'll be singing out of your asshole.


Hey, come on, there's people working here.

I'll come back later.


Jessie Walsh contract.

Heather is a fucking idiot. I wanted a bialy.

I had to draw a picture for her.

Is there a hole, is there not a hole?

The guy from The Voice needs a quote
for Grand Funk's San Diego show.

Bounce it to Zak. Make him happy.

And they're moving your furniture
back in later.

Do I need a new secretary?

Heather's available.

I got to replace you with a black chick.

Makes me look hipper.
Hepper. Hepper. Hepper?

Neither. Just...

He's not gonna put a ring on your finger.

He's already married. You know that, right?


He's giving serious thought
to Koronet Records.

Jackie Jervis took him out
again Tuesday night.

Hannibal likes his PR gal.

Andrea? I taught her everything she knows.

She says she can cross him over,

that you're ghettoizing him in the soul market.

If that twat used the word ghettoizing,
I'll kill her.

She's smart.
She had all sorts of ideas, Richie.

You were there. Why didn't you tell me?

I'm telling you now.

You think I could take you
and your little boyfriend out to eat tonight?

Save this fucking place from going under.

Yeah, I'll see what I can do.


You're gonna bring Devon, right?

I'll see what I can do.

You used to be nicer. You know that?

- Hello?

RICHIE: Hey, it's me!


You Okay?

I'm fine.

You up for some fondue?

If not, we can fon-don't, go somewhere else.


Yeah, I was thinking maybe Chalet Suisse?

Double date.

Who are you trying to impress?

Hannibal's contract's up.

So it's not so much a date
as a business meeting.

No, it's both, okay? It'll be fun, Dev.

Look, he's a big fish, you know that.

We could use a night together, you and me.

Please? It's important.

Fine, I'll bring the harpoon.

All right, 8:30. Wear something sexy.

MAN: (SINGING) In the evening
by your side

Oh, you're hurting
deep inside

Watch your step

Andy, it's me.

What are you doing for lunch?


I'm putting together a list.

Go shopping with fucking Kip.

Buy him these albums
and then tie him to a chair

and make him listen to this shit
till he can recognize

a chord progression
when it bites him on the ass.

Clark said he's taking my job.

Does that... Are you promoting me?

I brought in the Bits.



- No.
- No what?

Clark's doing my job. I signed a band.

Clark was made vice president
in charge of lunch.

You are still vice president
in charge of coffee, correspondence,

and whatever the fuck else you do out there.

So I get nothing for bringing in a band?

No, you work with them
like an A&R person would

and you do your regular job
for which I hired you.

And if you don't fuck it up,

I will note that on my list of naughty and nice.

But, no, there's no promotion.

I just put a bunch of fucking people
out on the street

including support staff.

We're barely hanging on.

Or haven't you noticed?


a Maserati GT.--...

WOMAN: Okay, great. Hold it right there.

ANDREA: The eye lines are fucked up.
Where are they looking?

- Right here, guys.

ANDREA: Carla,
don't be afraid to get in tighter.

- You're shooting the band, not the crane.

I got a closet
full of clothes...

How's that?

Tell her I want some close-ups of Scott.

- How's Devon?
- She's great.

She thought we'd be buying a boat
and sailing to the Caribbean,

so, you know, it took her a minute.

She wants to gut me like a fish.

What's she gonna do?
It's never about the money

until you announce that
you're not backing up a Brink's truck.

Then she's a capitalist.

I'm glad that you're not selling.

See, I knew you'd get it.

You busy tonight?

We got dinner,
but we can meet you before for a drink.

Dev would love to see you.

I got a thing. Lou Reed.

When are you gonna get the fuck over it?

You got the biggest fucking balls.

I'm talking about a real job
like you had with Jackie.

You are habituated to
treating me like a hand towel.

You couldn't do otherwise if you wanted to.

Don't give me that line of shit
about abusing you.

You came to my apartment

with fucking options to sign at 11:00 at night.

I didn't tie you to the bed.

It was my idea to fuck you, sweetheart,

it wasn't my idea to clean your bathroom.

Your new secretary clean your fridge?

- No.
-lmagine that.

She doesn't want to answer your phones,
then get on the train,

go up to your apartment,
scrape gravy off the stove?

The stove? The fucking stove?

That's what you're still mad about?

Okay, you know what? This ain't gonna work.

Fine, sorry. Go ahead.

You walk around with a chip on your shoulder

like some encounter group dick swatter,

-you're never gonna...
- I said go ahead.

- Head of publicity.

What? Why did I buy you a knish?

Your point-of-sale strategies are archaic.

Your marketing makes you look like
a vacuum cleaner company.

- So change it.
- Dark Side of the Moon.

Doesn't have a single on it
and it's a blockbuster.

A prog-rock concept album.

Every mophead in America
can't stop contemplating

the mysteries of that floating fucking triangle.

Pink Floyd doesn't have a face.

Meanwhile, you're still putting head shots
on covers and calling it art.

It makes you look boring.
I can't change that in PR.

That is a revisualization
of the whole company.

Fine, then do it. I'm starting a sublabel, too.
You can run with it.

If you don't have a big idea,
there's not gonna be any difference

between the sublabel and the original.

The idea is new

and not fed through a machine so hard

that you can't feel the fucking intestines
of the artist and the music.


I should put that on a T-shirt.

New and alive is subjective.

It's not a vision for a company.

So help me define the fucking idea.

Does that make me a partner?


Look, I'll match
whatever Jackie was giving you

and I'll up it 20%.

I'm not coming in to be your PR girl.

That's not growth for me. It's a fucking insult.

You'll call the shots on big ideas.

Baby, you couldn't follow through on that
if you wanted to.

You'll have a voice, okay?

I'm different, Andy.

One second.

I love you, babe.

I always have.

I'm meeting Mrs. Fineman.

Oh, yes. Follow me, please.

Sorry I'm late.

Someone threw themselves
in front of the 6 train.


I take veal. You have a soup?

Serving a potato leek soup
and a beef consommé.

I'll have consommé.

Uh, the chicken, please.

Nothing to start.

- And consommé.
- No, I'm fine.

I don't want the consommé.


I'm not gonna go in there again.


No one had alcohol.


I would have cleaned up the cigarette butts,
but you didn't give me a chance.


If I had burned it down,

at least you'd have had the insurance money.

I wouldn't have to hear how the business

-is such a millstone around your neck.

There's your key.


They're musicians.


You didn't need anyone to take care of you.



If I have to hear about you

sucking off the Hitler Youth again,
I'm gonna throw myself...

Close your mouth
before I stab you in the throat.

I got a promotion at work.

There's people who type letters
and bring coffee

and then there's people
who work with the artists.

I will retire one day.
If you cannot take the business...

They fired a bunch of people.

Not only did they keep me,
but they made me a...

You're an embarrassment.



MAN: (SINGING) I dig the hell
in your eyes, baby

I dig the sounds...

PENNY: Wait a minute, Richie was how old?

VINCE: Twelve or thirteen.

- He's got the Philco blasting,

stark naked in front of a mirror

singing, "Josefina, please don't
lean-a on the bell.

"When you smooch-a,
please don't push-a on the bell."



Look who decides to show up.

5:30, we said.

Uh, I got to get home

-to hear the liar address the nation.

- Shit.
- So nice to meet you.

It's a real pleasure.

Oh, beautiful.

- Gonna need to change, so...
- Thank you.

A fucking zoo, Broadway.

The goddamn rush hour.

Panhandlers every three feet.

Drinking bourbon?

The girl said there's no rye.

Bourbon or scotch?

There's gold everywhere.

The lost city of the Incas.

Yes, you made that very same observation
the last time you were here.

Maybe next time
you should cut your pecker off,

hang that on the wall.

They're achievements, Pop.
I'm proud of them.

Mairzy Doats sold three million copies.
What does that prove?

That not everything has to be
Mozart or Thelonious Monk.

I'm changing course,
taking the label in a new direction.

I signed this band, Pop.

They have an energy.

It's electric.

The fuck do I know?

I'm just an old horn player.

How are your fingers? Your arthritis?

The Bufferin now, it's easier on the stomach.

Maybe lay off the rye.

You gonna lecture me now?

No, it runs in families. It's not a lecture.

Your mother's, maybe, not mine.

It's a known fact
mulattos can't hold their liquor.

- That wasn't her problem.
- I'd come home, she'd be soused.

Staring off, listening to Arthur Godfrey.

She was depressed.

By the way,
when the fuck were you ever home?

Since when are you father of the year?

- The dope, the whores.
- I don't run around.

Flying around in jet planes
like Joe fucking Big Shot

and now this trouble with the law.

You love this, don't you?

It's my fault you got mixed up in this shit?

I'm not mixed up with anything.

Ah. Then Why'd you need me for an alibi?

Look, it was a misunderstanding.

Okay, Buck Rogers, the dead guy,

he was a friend of mine

and I'm the last person he called
before they murdered him.

- It's a coincidence.
- Where were you that you needed me to lie?


Doing something that I'm not proud of, okay?

On the phone you said it was an accident.

Well, obviously it was an accident
of some kind.

But it doesn't mean I was involved.

Oh, you got all the answers, don't you?

Big record man, fancy house,
built-in swimming pool.

MY proud papa.

The fuck I give a shit what anybody else has?

Oh, please, Pop. Come on.

Benny Goodman, Artie Shaw.

Artie Shaw was an asshole!

Artie Shaw gave you a career

which you fucking drank away.

It'd be nice...

If I could see my grandchildren
every once in a while.


We'll have you out to the house.

The one with the in-ground pool.

I'm sorry about your friend.

I hope the cops catch who did it.

MAN: (SINGING) It's Saturday night
and I just got paid

Fool about my money
don't try to save

My heart say go, go
have a time

'Cause it's Saturday night
and I'm feeling fine

I'm gonna rock it up
I'm gonna rip it up

I'm gonna shake it up
gonna ball it up

I'm gonna rock it up
and ball tonight

Well, along about 10
I'll be flying high

Walk on out
unto the sky

I don't care
if I spend my dough

Tonight I'm gonna be
one happy soul

I'm gonna rock it up

Rip it up, babe

Gonna shake it up
gonna ball it up

I'm gonna rock it up
and ball tonight

come on...

He's my best mate.

Cooks us fucking rice and beans.

I was gonna call the band the Nips.

Yeah, the Nasty Bits is better.

(SCOFFS) You don't need to tell me that.

I'm sorry.

I'm not doing it.

I mean, losing Billy was one thing.
I hardly knew him.

But Duck.


We'll find another label.

Doesn't seem like you have a choice.


All right, fellas, we're gonna go on four.



Do me a favor, mate.


- Get off your bloody amp.
- Why?

-'Cause I'm asking.
- I always sit on my amp.

I'm keenly aware of that, Duck,
but if you stood,

you might find
you'll be a little more connected.

- Connected to what?
- The music.

The band. The grit in your anus.

- It's a demo, man.
-lt looks fucking lazy.

Shall we go for another one, then?



MAN: (SINGING) Conquistador
your stallion stands

In need of company

And like some angel's
haloed brow

You reek of purity

I see your
armor-plated breast

Has long since lost
its sheen...

RICHIE: So she's playing Cassandra.
DEVON: Ophelia.

And at the end she's supposed to
drown herself in the river, right?

But this is fucking avant-garde theater,

so, you know, the river ain't water

or papier-mache or some shit.

No, it's guys.

- Live men?
-ln blue shirts.

- She's drowning in guys.

- I thought he was gonna kill somebody.
- I was.

I'm playing my death scene,
he's about to rush the stage.

- You could see him?
- Oh, yeah.

He's got that thing with his jaw that he does

and the throbbing vein in his neck.

I had to make sure
nobody was grabbing her tits,

which they were.

- The fucking Canadian.
- He was gay. They all were.

Yeah, a lot of groping around
for a bunch of queers.

I want to be that river.

RICHIE: Right? Nice work if you can get it.

Yeah, when's your next play?

Oh, God, that's ancient history.

I don't know. Got to find you another one.

DEVON: No, I'm done.

Cece's a baby, though.

She should be a star of the stage.

- There we go.
- Uh-uh.

- Come on, Sweet Catch Me.
- Stop it, now.

Sweet Catch Me likes to play shy,
but it's just an act.

Sweet Catch Me, huh?

It's an anagram of my name.

Cece Matthews, Sweet Catch Me.

He can do them in his head. It's amazing.

No shit? Let me see.

Devon Finestra.

Devon I-N or O-N?


- Deaf inventors.
- Holy shit.

In your head?

Finest dove ran.

- RICHIE: Uh-oh.
- Ooh.

RICHIE: What's that supposed to mean?

Means you better hold on tight
before your dove run off.


- Do Richie.
- Yeah, do me.

Terrifies China.

Well, they do hate me
in that noodle place on 57th.

- The anagrams don't lie.

He in racist fire.

Racist fire? Come on, man.

I'm taking out girls of every color
of the rainbow.

That's right. And if that's the fire,

get me out of the frying pan, yeah.



What do you think?

Could cut him out of the mix.

But, really, he's no worse than the others.


Nice work, fellas. That's dinner.

See you in a bit.

You feel like Indian?

I got to run home. Left my notebook.

Your notebook's right there.

I got a new one.

New one's got me quality lyrics in it.

Be back in a bit.


Give us a minute.

What'd you do before the band?

I worked in a bowling alley.

- Can you get that job back?
- I don't know. Probably.

Then you should do that,
'cause I'm afraid this ain't working out.

You fucking firing me?

- You can't do that.
-l'm just the messenger.

- Kip put you up to this?
- No, this is above Kip.

- Goes all the way up the flagpole.
- But why?

You're not in a rec room anymore.

At this level, they are taking pictures.

They are paying money
to put you up in front of a crowd.

Now, you play better than Kip does,

we both know that.

But it don't feel that way because
Kip is the one you want to look at.

We're making music.

Supposed to be about the music.


Fuck you, man.

Mmm. Mmm.

I didn't come here to get off.

Neither did I. My knob's always like this.

Kip Stevens.

An enigma wrapped in dungarees and sweat.

- Just leave it.
- Oh, shut your gob.

Isn't that what you people say?


MAN: (SINGING) Won't you let me
walk you home from school?

Won't you let me
meet you at the pool?

Maybe Friday...

I love that you like this.

It sold about five copies to rock critics.

It's all about the dosh for you, isn't it?

I don't care about the money.

I care about an album doing well enough

for the label to let the band do another album.

They wanted the band to work,
they shouldn't have sacked lead guitar.

You don't need Duck.

You got your deal despite Duck.

And you're gonna blow it
if you don't move on.


I'm up there face-front of all them punters.

To have someone there

take the knocks with you.

You still have that, you dick.

Jamie Vine.

It's nice to meet you.


Not going anywhere.



WOMAN: (SINGING) Hey, baby
let me stay

I don't care
what your friends are about to say...

HANNIBAL: Yeah! Come on!

Cece, get on over there, girl. Come on, now.




Yeah! Love this.

- Sylvia?
- Yeah, Little Sylvia.

Hey, baby
let me stay...

Fucking hot track.

Yeah. Hey, man, we've got to
get you guys onstage together.

- Huh? Duet.
- Yes. Yes.

We got to get this girl back onstage.

- It's a waste of talent.
- Yeah, she's hot.

It can't compete with
this pillow talk of mine

Ooh, you can't find love
on a one-way street

It takes two to tangle

Takes two
to even compete

Oh, yes...

Cece looking cold. Better warm her up.

Oh, come here. He's right.

- He's right. Better warm you up.

I'm pleading
to you now

Hey, baby
let me try...

You know, I'm all right.

To be the one who's
gonna light your fire...

I'm fine.

But it can't compete

With this pillow talk
of mine...


Ooh, I don't want
to see you be no fool

What I'm teaching
you tonight

Boy, you'll never
learn it in school...

You want a bump?

I don't need no bump. I got a bump.

Why, yes, you do, sir.

I'll ask to borrow
them pants on a cold

And lonely night...


Ooh, hey, baby

Let me be

The one who turns you
on from A to Z

Ah, ah

What your friends all say
is fine

But it can't compete...


I'm gonna leave that for you.

Party favor. Dev, we got to run.

- Why?
- Sitter.

Estella's staying the night.

Yeah, she says yes now,
then she's pissed off in the morning.

Takes it out on the kids. You got a coat?

- Rich...
- Let's go. Hey, grab her purse.

And you.

You are a fucking god.


Love you. Come on.

Come on.


You be good.

Take care of Cece, okay?

She's got to work in the morning.

- Come on. Come on.
- I guess we're leaving.

- All right, baby.
- We'll see you soon.

- Mmm-hmm.
- Get the fuck out of here.

- DEVON: That was fun.
- Yeah...

- Fuck.

- No.

You're wet.


You were gonna fuck him.


You were... You were gonna fuck him.

What the fuck are you talking about?

You were thinking all four of us

or me and Cece would play Scrabble
while you two fuck?

You fucking psychopath.

I'm just supposed to
sit there and watch, right?

Get the fuck out of here.

Telling all your favorite
"Devon was a whore when I met her" stories.

You served me up on a goddamn platter.

I brought you to dinner, okay, not to...

I was bait so he'd sign.
Everyone in that room knew that.

So you were gonna fuck him
for the good of the company?

That was your plan?

I was gonna grind on the dance floor
until the song ended

and then suck you off in the bathroom.
That was my plan.

So that maybe for five minutes
you'd remember that you're into me

almost as much as you're into men
who can sell fucking records.

You know what?
Fuck you with "I don't love you enough."

-I'm sick of that shit.
- You just drove our future into the ground.

I was trying to save whatever's left
of your fucking company.

I don't need you to save anything!

You sure as fuck do.
He's one of your biggest artists.

I didn't give you millions of dollars,

so you thought a black cock
was your consolation prize.


Say what you want, your cunt doesn't lie.


MAN: (SINGING) Before you

Slip into

I'd like to have

Another kiss


Flashing chance

At bliss

Another kiss

Another kiss...

Check it out.

I'll call you back.

The latest hit from Richie Finestra

of American Century Records.

RICHIE: I'm not mixed up with anything.

VINCE: Then Why'd you need me for an alibi?

RICHIE: It was a misunderstanding.
Okay, Buck Rogers,

the dead guy, he was a friend of mine

and I'm the last person he called
before they murdered him.

-lt's a coincidence.
- Where were you that you needed me to lie?

RICHIE: Out. Doing something
that I'm not proud of, okay?

VINCE: On the phone
you said it was an accident.

RICHIE: Well, obviously it was
an accident of some kind.

But it doesn't mean I was involved.

VINCE: Oh, you got all the answers,
don't you?

So we got him, right?

- Is that it?
- What, not enough?

For an arrest? I mean, clearly he's involved,

but he doesn't actually say it.

He's like right there.

LEO: So the apartment
or home to Greenwich?

Or I could just drive around.

I'm sure Devon's fine.
She probably caught a cab home.


The fuck are you?

Oh, that's nice of you to ask.

I'm with one of my artists, actually.

RICHIE: What do you want, Jackie?

Nothing. I called to gloat.

I just signed Hannibal.


Yeah, I heard you two had a lovely dinner.

Hey, aren't you gonna congratulate me?

- You miserable piece of shit.
- Miserable?

I'm the happiest piece of shit
in the record business.

Good night, you fucking putz.

MAN: (SINGING) Spend your time
when we get back

I'll drop a line

Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!

Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!
Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!

Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!




(SINGING) White light, white light
going messing up my mind

White light
and don't you know it's gonna

Make me go blind

White heat, aw, white heat
it tickle me down to my toes

White light, ooh
have mercy, white light

Have it, goodness knows

White light, white light
going down to my brain

White light, hey, don't you know
it gonna make me insane

White heat, white heat
tickle me down to my toes

White light, oh, white light
I said, now, goodness knows

Ooh, hah

White light

Ooh, hah

White light, watch that side
watch that side

Don't you know
gonna be dead and in the drive...

They play here next week. I'll get you tickets.


I'll be back in a minute. Don't leave, okay?

- You have to come back.
- Richie.

You have to... Have to come back.

Andy, I'm going down.

You don't pull this shit with me again.

I'm not saving you. I saved you already.

Fucking Christ, this is bigger than that.

Seven years of my life?

This is the shit you always talked about

and I'm giving it to you... Authority, vision.

- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah. Unless that was all bullshit

and you just wanted to get married.

Why would I want to marry
someone who didn't love me?

I loved you, okay? I loved Devon, too.

Sue me, it was fucked up.

You made a decision, though, didn't you?

- Yeah, I did.
- She was easy.

She didn't call you on your shit.

That's why.

You didn't want to be with somebody
who was as smart as you.

It's an unattractive quality in you.

But let me tell you something.
lt helped in the end, seeing that.




- So why?
-lt doesn't fucking matter.

Say why.

You're right. I wanted somebody dumber.

If that is not why, say why.

Because she was more beautiful.

Thank you.

You know how many years I wondered that?

- Andy, you're a beautiful woman.
- Okay.

You look like me.

You do.

It's like narcissism or something.

I don't know. You're like my family.

Okay, stop.


What, are you gonna cry?

Fuck you.

I could do it.

- The job?
- I could think about it.

But you give me an ownership stake.

And I'm not your mother or your extra wife.

- Done.
- I don't take care of you.

I take care of the company.

You puke on your clothes, I don't give a shit.

I have a secretary. Got it.

You rolling off the wagon?

Go with God.

The guy in the hat, he's got dots.

The girl in the gold top, she's a cokehead.

She'll let you do blow out of her navel.

Go to fucking town.


We're gonna do something great.

Leave me alone.

Ronnie Lang's my lawyer now.

Figure it outwith him.

Don't call me 'till it's done.

In fact, don't ever call me at home.

Tickle me down
to my toes

White light, white light
I said, now, goodness knows

Let's do it, ooh, ooh

White light

Ooh, ooh

White light
watch that side, watch that side

Don't you know it gonna
be dead in the ride

Ooh, ooh
white heat

Ooh, ooh
white light

White light, white light
going messing up my mind

White light, and don't you know
it's gonna make me go blind

White heat, aw, white heat
it tickle me down to my toes

White light, ooh, have mercy, white light
have it, goodness knows

White light, white light
going messing up my brain

White light, oh, white light
is gonna drive me insane

White heat, oh, white heat
it tickle me down to my toes

White light, oh, white light
I said, now, goodness knows

Do it

♪ Ooh, ooh, white light

♪ Ooh, ooh, white light

♪ Ooh, ooh, white heat

♪ Ooh, ooh, white heat ♪