Vinland Saga (2019–…): Season 2, Episode 4 - Awakening - full transcript

Following Fox's demonstration and Snake interfering, Einar makes ties in Thorfinn's actions and words, and confronts him on his past.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Your eye is next.

Show me you're afraid.

Don't, Fox!


Aw, man. He's in rough shape.

B-Boss, welcome back.
Wh-Wh-When did you get here?


Yes, sir.

Come closer.

Y-Yes, sir.


Yes, sir!


Yes, sir.


You're a bunch of idiots.


What's the point of
you guys bullying the slaves?

The young master's gotta do it himself.

Yeah, b-but he...

H-He... got cheeky with us, so...

Sorry. These guys are idiots.

I'm Snake.

I'm Thorfinn.

See that, Thorfinn?

Your body says it wants to live.

I'm going to sleep.

You guys had better
graciously see them back home.

I know I don't have to tell you...

that the day you cause
any more trouble over this matter,

you won't be able to chew
your own food anymore.

I didn't hear a "Yes, sir."

Yes, sir!

Thorfinn, you...

Do I want to live?


Live, and do what?

I see.

Besides your ear,
none of your injuries are very deep.

Once they're healed, you'll be good as new.

I'm sorry you two had to go through that.

The master doesn't know what to do
about his guests' misbehavior either.


Their "misbehavior" nearly got us killed.

It's not as though
they'd actually kill you.

You're wrong.

If their boss Snake hadn't shown up,
they really would've killed us.

Guys like them think our lives are
worth less than those of insects.

Either way, we couldn't help it.

The strong kill the weak.

It's only natural.

What did you just say?

Now, now, Einar.

If they try to mess with you again,
come talk to me instead of going with them.

More importantly,
we can't allow your wounds to fester.

I'll put some medicine on them.


U-Uh, Pater, we don't...

Don't worry about paying
me for the medicine.

It's my responsibility
to look after you two.

I'm sorry I struck a nerve.

No, it's fine. Thank you.

You'd better thank Arnheid, too.

She ran all around the farm
to tell me what happened.

Rest for today.

I'll talk to the master about it.


It's one of my old shirts,
so it's probably a bit large for you,

but Thorfinn, you can have this.

After all, yours is full of holes
after what they did.

Don't you have anything to say to Pater?

Listen, you. You're supposed to say
"thank you" in these situations.

Go on.

Say it.

Why haven't you been
saying anything, anyway?

It's not nice,
when everyone's being kind to you.

It's fine. I know Thorfinn
doesn't say much.

Thank you.

Hey, where are you going?

He said we don't have to
harvest wheat today.

I'm going to the woods.

These injuries are nothing.

Wait up. I'll go with you.

The way he moved when Snake attacked him...

He's no ordinary man.


The strong kill the weak.

It's only natural.


Have you ever been to war?


Have you killed people?


How many?

Five men? Ten?

Why do you want to know?

I thought you didn't like war.


I don't remember how many.

I've killed a lot of people.

I was on the battlefield since
around the time I was five or six.

I joined the Danish army's
invasion of England.

I was a warrior.

Do you hate me now, Einar?

I was a warrior.

Do you hate me now, Einar?

I don't remember how many.

I've killed a lot of people.

Found you.

Damn kid. Die!

You brat.

Kill. Kill him. Die!

Damn it!


Why do you wake me
every time I cry out in my sleep?

I've killed people. I've
killed a lot of people.

From battle to battle, I've attacked
villages and killed a lot of people.

I'm no different from the people

who killed your family.

Do you...

Does anything good come from being alive?

Not for me.

Not a single good thing has
happened to me in my entire life.

Do you want to die?

I don't know what kind of
terrible fate you've suffered.

I don't want to know what kind of hell
you've lived through, either.

But we're able to chit-chat,
eat, shit, and sleep in this hell...

because someone kept us alive.

How can you say nothing good's
ever happened to you?

You're wrong.

You're wrong!


Don't act so spoiled.


It's not like you killed my family.

Don't be so arrogant.

Thank you, Einar.

Thank you for waking me.


I can't get enough sleep because
you won't stop talking in yours.

I see.

I'm sorry, Einar.

Just go to sleep already.

Path of Blood.

"Path of Blood."