Vinland Saga (2019–…): Season 2, Episode 1 - Episode #2.1 - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Engrave it…

Engrave it upon your body.

Engrave it upon the land.

Engrave it upon the sea.

Engrave it upon your enemy.

Engrave it upon your loot.

Engrave it…

Engrave it…

Engrave your warmth upon me.


What was that for!

Right back at you.

If you cut that tree
it'll crush our house.

-Are you going to become a woodcutter?
-No, I'm not.

I'm training for battle!
Take a look at my power!

You may be well-built,

but that doesn't mean you can fight.
Now get the food ready!

I'm starving!

More like, don't throw a knife at me.

Pick something else like plates or spoons.

It's okay if it's a plate?

So that's why bears do it.

-Eat a lot before winter.
-Is that so.

-So, why did you?

Start training all of a sudden?

What else is there,
other than to protect this place.

Everything was reduced to ashes.

But we finally got back on our feet.

Nobody wants to go through that again.

Even Dad--

Guttorm's milk is delicious!

I know, right? That man knows

how to handle teats.

What's with those fingers? How creepy!

I'm talking here!

-Don't think about it.

Don't involve yourself with warriors.

Aren't you frustrated with
being on the losing end all the time?

Dad died to protect us, you know.

That's right. And that's why you're alive.

You rebuilt the village

and are eating a delicious meal
with two beauties.

We haven't lost.

Listen, once you enter the forest,
just run for your life.

Follow the river…



Don't think about anything.
Just run straight ahead.

Your brother and mother are with you.


Ready? I'll lift you up.


Einar, run away.

-Leave me behind.
-Don't be stupid!

Forget that! Just try to stand up!




Stupid girl…

Hey, there are still people over there.

Oh, I see a woman too. Here we come!

Stand up, Einar.

Take Róta… Hurry!


I may be a dying old lady…

but I can do this much.

Make it out alive…

As long as you're alive…

you can start again…



Why aren't they running away?

Hey, she's pretty cute.

Your mama died, right?

-Let go!


Let go of her!


I won't forgive you! How dare you!

-How sad.

How dare you--

Hey! What are you doing?!

She stabbed me with something!

What a waste.

Oh well. Let's sell this kid
and get some drinks with that money.

-You're such an idiot!
-I'm sorry, okay?

Come on, drink money.




How is she?

This is no good.

Damn it.

We have no choice. Help me carry her.



Hey! What are you doing?!

You didn't have to throw her out!

Good, it's not inflamed.

We'll pass out fur blankets.
Keep your bodies warm.

We spent a fortune on you all.

Don't you dare become sick
without our approval.

At least stay healthy
until we find a buyer for you. Got that?

Hurry up! We have to furl the sail!

That's right…

I have to live…

Make sure to drink alcohol.
It'll give you a healthy complexion.

Wash every nook and cranny.
Especially your hair.

Get rid of each other's lice.

How is that?

Her hair is fine.
Do her makeup so she looks younger.

How about it? We have
a pretty good lineup, don't we?

They're all so-so.

Don't say that.
We have the best of the best.

That's right… I can't just stay there!

If I can get out of here alive,
I can start again…

Up we go…

A thief!


Hey, Einar.

It seems like you still don't get it.

All right, you slaves. Listen carefully.

Your homelands are far, far away.

You can't return even if you try.

And of course,
no one will help you run away.

That's because you're foreign, penniless,


Get someone nice to buy you
and do your best to serve them.

You'll get to eat nice meals, which you
won't if you escape and become a beggar.

Before you venture out,
think about which life is more favorable.

Got that, Einar?





He's not bad,

but don't you have one with a cuter face?

I see! If that's the case,

I have a special one just for you.

Is that so? How exciting.

I'm sure you will love it.

They are right.

Even if I recklessly escape

I won't have anyone to help me.


I don't…

have anywhere to go anymore.

If I just…

give in and become an obedient pet…

My goodness, you sure are lucky.

We just restocked a bunch of them.

Look, that's him.

He's what you're looking for, right?

He's completely different!

He's neither blond nor small!

How weird…
Now that I take a good look, he's not.

Well, anyhow, what do you think about him?

He's strong and sturdy. If you buy now--

Like I said, I'm not here to buy a worker!

I just want to free a relative of mine.

I'm pretty sure he ended up in this town.

He's blond and small
and his name is Thorfinn.

Are you sure you have no clue where he is?

Sorry about that.

Sorry to waste your time.

No worries. Please come again.

He'll never find him.

So he's asking around
in search of his relative, huh?

Whoever has someone like that
searching for him

is so fortunate.

You there.

Can you understand me? Show me your teeth.

-What's your name?
-It's Einar.

Where are you from
and what was your profession?

I was a farmer in the north of England.

Einar, what do you think about
helping out with my field?


Einar, this way!

All of my servants are working now.

-I'll introduce you during dinnertime.
-Yes, sir.

First, take a look at my farm.

Hey, Mom, are you sure?

I don't even have the freedom to choose

life or death anymore.

Can you still say

that we haven't lost?

My family was killed

and I lost everything
including my homeland.

I didn't even know

what I was living for.

Thorfinn! It's me! Can you come out?

I must be bought by a kind master

and do my very best to serve him.

As long as I stay obedient,
I won't go hungry.

I was starting to believe that.


In any case,

that was when I met Thorfinn
for the first time.

"Ketil's farm."

Subtitle translation by: Kiko Morita