Vinland Saga (2019–…): Season 1, Episode 3 - Troll - full transcript

Askeladd, the leader of a Viking army of a hundred men, receives orders from Floki of the Jomsvikings to kill Thors, who was once known as the Troll of Jom. However, the villagers, ...

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -

There are no major changes.

You will be compensated
with five pounds of gold.

I will only pay you in exchange for his dead body.

You can do whatever you want with their ship
and their cargo.

Kill Thors.

-Go ahead, boy.
-My turn next.


The Troll of Jom.

I've heard of him before.

Are you sure it's okay if I kill him?
He's a hero to you guys.

If he were a hero, I wouldn't have told you to kill him.

He broke military law.

He deserted during battle.

Orders to have him executed were issued
15 years ago.

I know you have strict laws,
but it's been 15 years.


No, don't get the wrong idea.

As long as I receive fair payment,

I'll do any job.

But you know, master...

If you're going to execute one of your own,
one of your own should kill him.

You went to Iceland, right?

Why didn't you kill him there?

This Christian monk is dead.

It's none of your business.

You shouldn't ask questions.
It's for your own good.

Well, all right.

Five extra pounds of gold, paid in advance.

Then I'll accept your job.

You think you have the upper hand on me.
You must be confident in yourself.

Oops, sorry.

It slipped. Are you okay?

Hey. Be careful.

You guys almost hit me.

You klutz.

You drank too much.

Five extra pounds of gold, paid in advance.

You accept?

All right.

Excellent, master.
You're a great man. See you later.

And by the way...

What kind of a warrior is Thors?

What does he look like? How does he fight?

Thors is no longer a warrior.

Okay. That's enough drinking.

It's time to work, you bastards.

Bjorn. Nice spear throw.

No sweat.

Even Floki was in shock.

I wish I could have seen it myself.

It seems he's not a man of empty words.

The time has come for me,
Ari, son of Geitr, to become a man.

I know. Don't say a word.
It will not be an easy journey.

There's no guarantee that I won't be injured in battle.

But I shall return.

I'll return with a necklace
I seized from England as a gift to you.

-And then will you...?
-Hey, I'm still sleepy.

Ma-- Marry...


You forgot your lunch.


Why are you so careless?

Make sure you share the salted herring
with everyone else.

-I stuffed it full.
-Mom. Wait over there.

How can you say that to your own mother?

-When I return...
-What's wrong...?

I'll finish what I was saying.
Wait for me, Ylva.

They're departing today.

I hope they don't die.


Do you have a moment?

Wait. I'm first.

Hey. Ylva.

Can you try somewhere else?

Make sure you bathe on Saturday, my boy.

I know, Mom.

I swear on my father's ax.

I shall bring back a barrel full of gold coins.

They're so excited.

But there's only five of them in total.
That's not enough.

Thors says that five is enough.

Well, if that's what he says.

But that's barely enough
for sailing two ships.

It's Thors we're talking about.
I'm sure he has a reason.

Hey. What were you talking about with Ylva just now?

Shut up, you jackass. You stay away from her.

Watch your back on the battlefield.

Don't underestimate me.
I was going to say the same thing to you.


Be careful.

You didn't finish.

What did you say?

This way.


Are you worried about Ari?

Want me to tell you a secret?

What? They're not going to battle?

It's a secret.

We're going to stop by Norway
on our way to Jomsborg.

Thors plans to leave the young men behind there.

Thors is going to get some help
from some sailors in Norway

to make it to Jomsborg.

I'm friends with the previous King of Norway.

I have a lot of influence there.

As soon as I'm done with my business,

I'll bring the young men back here.

Five men is the most I can bring back
on my run-down ship.

He won't bring anyone to the battlefield.

That's the kind of person that Thors is.


Hey. Where are you?


Excuse me, Leif...

Does that mean Thors is going
to the battlefield alone?

Ready to row?


What's wrong with his oar?

I can't believe Thorfinn isn't seeing Father off.

I bet he's still angry he got scolded yesterday.


Tell Thorfinn...


What I mean is...

Yes. I'll tell him.

I'm counting on you.

All right. Depart.

He's so strong.

Idiot. Don't stop rowing.

Row. Row.

You can do it.

Bring home some souvenirs.

See you.

Raise the sail.

My hands are peeling.

My butt. My butt.

Hey. Hang in there.

Ari. Take the rudder.

Mord and Magni, adjust the mainsheet.
Hakon and Grim, take the jib sheet.

Are you tired?

No. It's nothing.

Don't worry.
We don't have to row any more for a while.

We're riding the current now.
The ship will move on its own.

Does that mean we can't turn back anymore, Father?

Yeah, that's right.



Thorfinn? You...

You can tell me later.

I made it...

You naughty--


It's the ocean.

This job is suspicious.


Floki is hiding too many secrets.

He's lying about the execution order for Thors.

I'm almost certain of it.

Then why...?

It's an assassination.

Maybe it's a personal grudge or something.
But I'm sure he cooked this up all on his own.

Who cares?

It doesn't change the fact
that you'll get paid for killing him.

Why do you think he didn't use one of his own men?

Because that'd be going against orders.
He'd get his hands dirty.

Well, that could be true.

What if he's afraid of a loss?

A loss so large that he won't
be able to explain it to his boss.

An entire Jomsvikings unit?

Just to get one washed-up soldier? That's crazy.

Hey. Come down from there, kid.

I want to get a look at this guy.

"The Troll of Jom."

I hope he's a fun guy.

I can't even see the stars. I can't see anything.

Which way are we heading?


The wind changed a bit. Slightly to the right.

I'll lead. Follow me.

Got it.


How can Leif sail through the sea like this
without getting lost?


Don't stare into the sea at night.

It'll pull you in.

Hey, Thors.

What is it like on the battlefield?

I heard you fought in a lot of battles.

Tell us some stories.

I want to cut off some general's head,

so I can become a real man too.

I see.

My daughter likes strong men.

You have a tough job ahead.

Well, what can I say?

You can tell?

Are you in love with Ylva, Ari?

Yeah, I like her. She's cute.

She was born while I was still
in the Jomsvikings army.

She was my first child.

You're so loud.

Do all babies cry so much?

-Thors. Don't hold her like that.
-Her neck. Support her neck.

Give me a boy next, Helga.

The leader wants a boy.

My wife Helga is the daughter of the leader
of the army.

It was a difficult birth. She looked pale.


Give her a name.

Name her as you see fit.

I'm busy.

We're about to go on a campaign to Norway.

Thors, the ship will soon depart.

Okay. I'm coming.


Give this child a name.

I've been with her for 15 years,

but that's the only time

I've ever seen Helga mad.

Ylva was my mother's name.

It came to me all of a sudden.

Now that I think about it, that's when it started.

That's when I started to get scared of battle.

That's why I ran away.

I bet my old war buddies would curse me
if they knew.

Hey. I can see the Faroe Islands.

Father. Father.

Are we in England? Did we arrive in England?

No. Wrong answer.

These are the Faroe Islands.

They're in the middle, between Iceland and Norway.

Our journey will be easier if we rest here for a bit.

There's a village beyond this cove.

Let's get some water there.
And we can trade too.

Are you planning to come along,
all the way to England?


Get ready to row.

Come on, hang in there.

I wish we didn't have to do this.

My butt hurts.

What's wrong, Leif?

Something's wrong.

What's wrong?

I wonder what's wrong.

Something feels different
from the last time I was here.

I see. It's the number of houses.

The number of houses decreased.

Let's turn back, Leif. I have a bad feeling about this.

The terrain's bad too.

What? Are you serious?

Hey. They're going backwards.

Did they notice us?

They're good.

They're very careful. They might be strong.

They're too close, but it can't be helped.

I don't care if the ships get damaged. Do it.

Our exit...

Take that.

Great. They're caught like rats in a trap.

Thors. Everyone. Are you okay?

Is everyone okay?

-We're okay.

They will fire arrows.
Cover your head with your shield.

Leif. How's the damage over there?

We're okay. The ship is fine and everyone is okay.

They're coming.

Whoever's behind this trap
is in the back of the cove.

The back?


These pillars are from a house.

We're completely blocked.

They got us.

Maybe they'll spare our lives if we surrender.

How do you know?

They won't spare our lives.

If they catch us, they'll sell us at the slave market.
Get ready.

This is nothing.

There's only two ships.

Stop, Ari.

They're experienced.

They're not just some farmers working as pirates
in the summer for some extra cash.

You're no match for them.




Use it only to protect yourself. Understand?

Only when you really need it.

Are you going to kill them?
You are going to kill them.

All right. I'm going to kill them.

Stop saying "kill" so lightly.

Bjorn. That mushroom...

One, two, three...

11, 12... And one kid?

What? Is that all?

Hey. Askeladd.

Is it okay if I take care of them?

It wouldn't be fun if all of us went after them at once.

I'll go see
how good the Troll of Jom really is.

Okay. They look like they want a fight too.


-You bastard.

What's wrong with you?

Where did you come from?


He's good.

Take this.

You're good...

Troll of Jom.