Vinland Saga (2019–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - Sword - full transcript

In the year 1002, the war between England and Denmark was intensifying. One day, the Jomsvikings pay a visit to Thorfinn's village in order to bring back Thors, their former commander, to ...

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It was a Saturday.

Vikings bathe on Saturdays.

The English knew about this custom.

Enemy attack.

Burn them all.

Don't spare the women or children.

Kill them all. Those are the king's orders.


Hang in there. This is it.


I killed Snorre.


All right. Spear troops, advance.


The battlefield went that way.

Why do I always get killed so fast?

Dead men aren't supposed to talk, Thorfinn.

You're always the first one to die, Faxi.


In Valhalla, in heaven,
you get to eat meat every day.

You can't enter Valhalla
unless you're a strong warrior.

I see.

I wonder if my mother and my sister
will get into Valhalla.

Did they kill you, Thorfinn?

If you die in the snow, you'll catch a cold.

You're leaving tomorrow?

You're so lucky. Where are you going this time?

To Norway. I'm not going there for fun.

I'm going to trade goods.

I take wool and fur, and trade it for wine.

Then I'm going too.

No. What do you mean, "then"?
Don't say it so casually.

What? You're so stingy.

I don't care if you end up hitting an ice floe.

I want to get some wine before the end of the year.

I'm going to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ

with the people of my home country
with some wine.

My father likes mead.

Ask him for some.

It has to be wine.

I thought there'd be some wine in this village, though.


Can you pass on a message to your father for me?


A warship has come.

How's this, master?

The leak's been fixed this time.

Try putting some water in it.

This is difficult.

You put too much strength into it, Thors.



I'm over here, Thorfinn.


Another warship came. It's huge.

They asked for Thors the Troll.
They've been waiting there ever since.

Thors? Are they talking about Thors?


They're no amateurs.

They're not like Halfdan's thugs.

Oh, Thors.

Are they planning to invade this village?


I'm right here.

They're bowing to Thors.

I never imagined you'd come this far looking for me.


We haven't seen each other
since the Norway campaign, Thors.

I never imagined you'd be hiding here,
at the end of the earth.

Tell me your business, Floki.

Well, then. First give us your permission to land.

Who is Thors?

I heard he used to work on the battlefield
when he was young.

They'll hear you, Ari.

He doesn't talk about himself much.

Let me see.

He said "Jomsvikings," right?

Know anything about them?

Not really...

Father is angry.

They made a surprise attack while they were bathing.

Many Danes were killed
by English troops in Danelaw.


the sister of Sweyn,

the King of Denmark, was one of the victims.

Revenge for his sister.

King Sweyn has a good excuse now.

A big war is about to begin.

It's time for us warriors to shine.


The Jomsvikings will join the army of Denmark.

Our invasion of England will begin
this coming spring.

Do what you will.

This is a small village
at the northern edge of the world.

Whatever these big countries on the other side
of the North Sea decide, it's none of my business.

That will not do.

Our leader Sigvaldi ordered me
to gather the entire fleet at Jomsborg.

No exceptions.

Do you understand?

Even if that man deserted the army.


Captain of the Jomsvikings.

Thors the Troll.

This is a war...

in which you too will fight.


Our leader is doing this out of his own goodwill.

After going missing 15 years ago,

you have a chance
to return to the battlefield with honor.

Our leader is willing to overlook everything.

That's how much our leader wants you.

You didn't have to come on a warship
just to tell me that.

The villagers are afraid.

You've changed a lot, Thors.

Or did this village change you?

-Run away.
-Run away.

He's scary.

This is a nice village.

I can tell from the children.

They've lived a life free from war, until today.

Hear that? There's going to be a war.

-This is my first war.

He came all the way across the ocean to invite Thors.

Your father is amazing.

But I wonder if he'd take us with him.

You have no chance. You're weak.

-What are you talking about?
-You're no good unless you're strong.

Well, I got that covered.

You've never killed anyone, right?

It all depends on whether
you've had that experience or not.


I'm not just...

a powerless messenger, you know.

If you're saying you're not going to fight in the war,

I can't carry out my master's orders,
and our leader's reputation would be damaged.

I can't go back empty-handed in a situation like that.

You understand, don't you?

The Jomsvikings.

They're an army with a base in Jomsborg,

a port town in Wendland.

I never imagined

that Thors used to be a Jomsviking.

Are they strong?

They're strong.

They're so strong

that the King of Wendland was unable
to collect taxes from them.

They take pride in being the strongest army
in the Northern Sea.

Withdraw. All troops, return to the ship.


What was that just now? That was weird.

You've been saved, Ari.

Listen, villagers.

I'm Floki of the Jomsvikings.

At the orders of my master,

I have come to this land

to ask the hero Thors Snorresson to join our forces.


Our leader has requested

that Thors be provided with one warship.

If you have what it takes,

join Thors and come with us to Jomsborg.

Farewell, Thors.

We shall meet on the battlefield.

We're going to war.

-How many decades has it been?

I'm going to kill them all.

It'll be an honor to die on the battlefield.

Let's get started right away.
Let's prepare the ships tomorrow.

I guess you couldn't say no, Thors.

I dragged the village into this.

A long time ago,

I used to earn my living by killing people.

But one day...

One day, I suddenly hated it all.

I didn't want to kill

or be killed.

That's why I ran away

from the battlefield.

I thought I succeeded in making it look like I died.

You could do that again.

If I run away, this village will be punished in my place.

The Jomsvikings never forgive deserters.

The time has come

for me to take responsibility
for what I've done.

All right. Ready?

One, two...

Heave, ho.

Heave, ho.


Heave, ho.

What? I thought you were leaving today, Leif.

Thors asked me.

I decided to join the fleet with that warship.

I see.

That would be safer.

We'll protect you in a pinch.

Here we go.

I'm counting on you.

Pull. Pull.

Heave, ho.


everyone really does love war.

You're so mean.

Darn you, Thorfinn.

Surround him.


We did it. I killed Thorfinn.

That hurt.

What's wrong with you? Die, Thorfinn.
You got killed just now.

Follow the rules.

That's right.

What's wrong with you?

Are you okay?

Wait, Thorfinn.

All right. Lift.

One, two, three.

All right. One more time.


Can you take a look at this?

The pain.

It's broken.

Someone hit too hard.
It's supposed to be a game.

Keep the splint on for one month.

Sorry, Thors.

Thorfinn did it.

He pisses me off.

He's too rough.

I'm never playing with him again.

Is that true? My son did this?


I'm sorry.

I'll talk to him about this.

Don't take it so seriously.

It's between the kids.

He's only 6, right?

If he can hurt kids
that are four or five years older than him,

he must be pretty strong.

He'll grow up to be a good fighter.

He takes after you, Thors.

You're giving me all of this, Dad?

They're family treasures from my grandfather.

Fight with all your might.


You look good, Ari.

Look at mine.

It can cut off a horse's head in one stroke.

Wow, it's huge.

Spears are what's best for plundering.

Really? Want to have a match?

What's wrong with you?

Don't throw everything on the floor.

Hey. Are you listening to me?

I'm going to throw it away
if you don't pick it up. Got it?

Go ahead. I don't want it anymore.

What are you doing,
searching through the storage room?

Where are our weapons?

What? Weapons?

I need a weapon.

If I had a weapon...

Are you thinking...

you're going to become a warrior
and sail on your father's ship?

I'm telling you now,
don't waste your time trying.

A little kid like you can't do it.


It's beautiful.

What is it? What's wrong, Ylva?

Do you want a sword, Thorfinn?

A sword is a tool for killing people.

Who were you planning to kill with this?

The... The enemy.

Who is your enemy?



Listen closely, Thorfinn.

You don't have any enemies.

No one has any enemies.

There's no one who it's okay to hurt.

You're wrong.

Father, you're going off to war tomorrow.

You're going to kill the enemy, right?

I'm not a kid anymore.

You're lying, Father.

I can tell.



-You let your guard down.
-That was dangerous.


You made me bleed.



Take care of him for me.

The wind blows faintly from the west north-west.

The waves are calm.

Odin is in good spirits this morning.

This is a good morning for your departure.



You said it.

If I throw left-handed and hit it,
the barrel is mine.

-No way.
-You can talk after you hit it.

I beg you, God...

Here I go, Christian monk.

If you dodge, I'll kill you.

You bastard. You dodged.
You dodged just now. I'm going to kill you.

Move. It's my turn.

Oh, no. The priest...

I told you not to dodge.

You're just bad.

Hey, Jomsvikings.

Want to have a drink?

They have good manners.

Leave them alone.

They said they don't like cheap alcohol.


How many points do I get for his leg?

Your men don't have any class, Askeladd.

We just hate Christians, Floki.

Enough about that. Let's get down to business.

My men and I are bored of being kept here waiting
in the middle of nowhere.

There are no major changes.

You will be compensated with five pounds of gold.

I will only pay you in exchange for his dead body.

You can do whatever you want with their ship,
and their cargo.

Kill Thors.