Vinland Saga (2019–…): Season 1, Episode 1 - Somewhere Not Here - full transcript

Thorfinn, a boy living in Iceland, longs for adventure and is eager to know more about the world. He dreams of a land of paradise called Vinland that he hears about from the adventurer Leif...

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Why were you just standing there?
Are you feeling unwell?

Sorry. I dozed off.

We're too spread out. We won't be able
to hold off their second wave.

Thorkell, when Floki approaches,
bring up the frontline.

You mean that blockhead?

I don't mind. What about you?

I'm going to stop the enemy.

Stop? What do you mean?

How are you going to get there?

I see. You're nimble.

Wait. You're sneaking off alone?

Maria. Sorry...



Thorfinn, can you feed the sheep and milk the cow?


After leaving Markland,

our ship sailed further south.

"There are better lands."

That's what the wind was telling us.

And then we found it.

The new continent.

A new world where fruit grows
and grassy plains cover the land.

I named that land.

The name of that land is Vinland.

So how about it, boys?
Have a better opinion of me, Leif Ericson, now?

You're amazing, Leif.

What happened next?

Was anyone there?

Was it warm?

Was it bigger than Iceland?

Yeah. It was much bigger than this place.
There was grass growing everywhere.

We saw some Natives too.

We couldn't understand each other,
but we became friends.

This feather headdress and pipe are gifts from them.

Listen. See this thing here?

Only true warriors are allowed to wear it.

Well, you know...

That's amazing.

What? The kids are still awake?

Can I touch it?

Sorry. I wanted them to hear Leif's stories.

A true warrior? You really are amazing.

Right? You're a good boy, Thorfinn.
Why don't you come sail with me when you grow up?

What? I want to sail with you now.


Something's not right, Leif.

My grandfather told me

that Jormungand lives in the west,
and eats any ship that dares approach.

And beyond that, there's nothing.

That's exactly why you should realize
how amazing I am.

See? This is the proof. I'm a true warrior.

Leif, you're not a warrior.

What? You don't know anything.

The battlefield isn't the only place
where warriors are found.

Sailors fight against the sea. They're amazing.

I knew it.



Everyone says you're just like a kid with a beard.

You're always going on adventures,
and you're useless in battle.

You just can't think for yourself.
Thorfinn, you believe me, right?

Do you mean I'm just a wandering old man
who can't fight?

You don't believe me?

Well, it's true that my father is a warrior...

Thors. These kids think I'm a fool.
Beat some sense into them.

All right. That's enough for today.

Ari, send them home.

Yes, Thors.

See you later.


I see. Several people froze to death in Greenland.

Yes. The cold wave will be severe this year.
A lot of livestock will die.

The problem is that it gets harder
to endure the cold as you get older.

It's so cold.


These two are the only ones getting weak.

You must be cold, Ylva. I'll warm you up.

You pervert.

Mother, go to sleep. You'll catch a cold again.

-I'm fine. Can you help me tie up the sheep?

Looks like life is tough here too.


Someday we might get a winter so cold
that no one survives.

Back in my country,
my brother is making plans to emigrate right now.

It's far, right?


I made the round trip.

Go. Vinland is near.

-Captain Thorfinn.

It's Jormungand.

Bring it on, you monster.

That hurts.

Sister. Sleep in your own bed.
There's not enough room.

What? I don't want to.

That's not fair. I'm the one who warmed up this bed.

They're still talking.

Don't pay attention to them. Worrying is for adults.

Come over here. I'll give you a hug.

Hey, Father. Why can't we get a slave?

Mother's health is poor.
And now I have to help with the chores.

That's not what we do.
Stop asking the same thing every year.

You're so weird.


I thought I was going to die.

Are you hurt?

I'm fine.

What's wrong?

There's something under here.


Hey, old man.
How much of your story yesterday is true?

What are you talking about? It's all true.

Then take me on this ship.
I'll believe it if I see it with my own eyes.

Idiot. That's not what it means to believe.

If you want to ride a boat, then go ask your father.

Our warship is sitting over there.
Our village has been using it for many generations.

I'm sure your father would be happy to lend it to you.

My father's so stingy. He always says no,
no matter how many times I ask.

He's not being stingy.

The ocean here is scary, Thorfinn.

I got trapped in an ice floe once, when I was young.

I had just moved to Greenland. I was careless.

We ran out of food in no time.
We ate ice to make us forget our hunger.

Our boat was finally crushed by the ice.

We were left with no choice but to walk on the sea.

And then one day, I noticed I was the only one left.

My six companions were all dead.


Why do we live so far north,
if we have to go through all this?

Helga. Boil some water. Ylva. Bring the fur blanket.


Oh, no. What happened?

He was buried in the snow.

That looks like it hurts. What happened to him?

Add more wood to the fire.


Hey, Father. Isn't he already dead?
His hands and feet have already rotted.

That guy's dangerous.

He's not from our village. Poor thing.
Why was he outside in the blizzard?


He's a runaway slave.
You'll get in trouble if you hide him.

We ran away.

My ancestors used to live much further
to the east, a long time ago.

In a land called Norway.

It's warmer than here. The sea doesn't freeze.

It's a good land, protected by many coves.

But one day, a powerful man named Harald appeared.

Harald's forces conquered our villages
like a raging fire.

He proclaimed himself to be the first king of Norway
and became its ruler.

He forced the people to choose

whether they would obey the king, or leave Norway.

Many people hated Harald's tyranny.

They moved to a faraway land,
away from Harald's reach.

They came here, to Iceland.

You're lying.

You're a liar.

My father and my ancestors would never run away.

Stupid old man. You wandering old coot.


Father. Listen to me. Leif said...

Welcome back, Thorfinn.

Who is he?

He's someone else's slave. He ran away.

He came back to life.

Hey, you. Can you say your name?

I'm so cold.

The fire. Ylva, get the fire going.

Oh, okay.

Where did you come from?

Are you going to make me go back...

to Halfdan's household?

Halfdan? You came from the other side
of the mountains?

I hate it there.

I hate it.


I don't...

have anywhere else to go.

Thors. Come. Halfdan is down at the harbor.

Those guys came to pick a fight again.
You're the only one who can handle him.

They said something about a slave.
They forced their way onto shore.

Leif is trying to intervene,
but I'm afraid he'll start a fight.

Just come.

Chains are the only type of necklace
that looks good on a human.

Not gold. Not silver.

An iron chain.

A chain around a man's neck
is the only way to make him half decent.

Don't you agree?

Last night, one of my slaves cut his chain
and ran away.

Do you know anything about this?

Stop trying to pick a fight with us.

You're just trying to drag up old fights again.

-We've had problems with him before.
-What a bunch of sissies.

-We had a mediation the other day.
-You think your numbers scare us?

You brat. I remember you.

You cut off my left arm during that one fight.

How dare you cut off my brother's leg?

Stop, Ari.

My brother will never be able to walk again.
I'm going to chop off your leg.

Bring it on. Who cares about the law?
Who cares about the town assembly?


I'm going to tie you up, you bastard.

I won't let anyone get away with breaking the law.

The law is a chain.

The only way to make a heretic a human is
to bind him with the law.

Don't forget.

The runaway slave is a young Slav.

Have you seen him?

Where am I?

I've never felt so peaceful before.

Hang in there. Hey, you.

Stay awake. Or you'll die.



Mom. Sister.

You were all here.

I was worried about you.

We all got sold to different places.

Where am I?

Why am I...?

Far, far to the west,

across the sea, there's a land called Vinland.

It's warm

and fertile.

It's a faraway land,
without slave traders and without war.

What do you think?

Come live there with us someday.


I see...

This land is called Vinland.

I found him. Pardon my bad manners, Thors.

I'm the rightful owner of that slave.

Give him back to me.


Come, Thorfinn.


You know...

We weren't trying to hide him.

We saved your slave when he was about to die.

Halfdan. How much did you pay for this man?

Father, it's rude to ask that.

Two sheep. Both young ewes.

I'll give you three sheep. I'll buy him.

What do you think, Halfdan?

I'm bringing him back.

I have to torture him in front of the other slaves
to make sure they learn their lesson.

Then I'll give you four sheep.

You bastard. Didn't you hear what Halfdan said?

Shut up.

What if I said I want twice that many?

I'll pay. I'll give you all ewes. Under 3 years old.

Eight sheep for a man who's good as dead?

That was a good deal.

No way. The deal's closed?

I bet you think you freed him from his chains.

Where are you going to take him now?

I'll be the one to choose the sheep.

Sister. Are you sad?

Of course I'm sad. He cost eight sheep.
But he died right afterwards.

Father, you idiot.


Did we run away too?

Leif told me...

that our ancestors fled here from the east.

He said they ran away and came here.

Yes. That's what they say.


Then where does everyone
who wants to run away from here...