Vinland Saga (2019–…): Season 2, Episode 20 - Pain - full transcript

As Thorfinn and Einar head for their escape, Arnheid regains consciousness and asks where they are going and if there are slaves and wars there, too.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
In my life, I've killed 13 people.

Compared to the average idiot,
I think I'm pretty strong.

Killing is fun.

The look on the face of
that posturing jarl's brat...

That's how I know.

This row of enemies in front of me...

I'm scared! I'm scared, I'm scared...

But damn it... they're enjoying this.



M-My legs...

Ah, they're going to kill Badger.

I don't believe it.

How's he able to get so close
to the Jomsvikings?


Fox, take Badger and fall back to the fort!

All forces, retreat!

Re—?! You can't be serious!

I can still fight!

Enough, Badger! Look around you!

Damn it. Did all these men have to die for him
to know how much stronger the enemy is?


What? Retreat?

All right!

Don't bunch up! Spread out and flee!

Wait for me! My legs...

Retreat? I didn't order a retreat!

Where's your honor?
And you call yourself Norse men!

W-Wait up!

I told you not to run.

You think I'll forgive your debt after this?

Debt? Either way,
you're finished, Mister Ketil.

Do you understand what
it's like to be poor like us now?

No matter how unfair it may be,
you shouldn't defy the king.

It's the same reason we've
always listened to you!

Might makes right, Mister Ketil.

The world exists for people
stronger than you.

They're here!

What is it, Wulf?



Ah, Your Majesty.

Someone who may have been Ketil
was just defeated by one of my men.

How inept. My orders were to capture him.

Yes, Your Majesty. I apologize.

I'll go confirm what happened.

The Jomsvikings are attacking
the backs of the fleeing soldiers.

That goes against my orders as well.

Tell Floki not to pursue them.

Yes, Your Majesty.

I'm not sure why,
but his guard captain left his side.

This is my chance.

Treat the bodies with care.

We'll return them to their families—

King Canute, your head is mine!


Where'd you come from?

From Helheim.

I'm surprised.

I didn't think you could block my swing.

Your skills have improved, Your Majesty.

My right hand feels weak.

Did that single blow sprain it?


You're a commander worth killing.

I wish we had time to play,
but I'm in a hurry.

Your head is mine.

Bastard! How dare you kick the king!


Your Majesty, give your sword to me.

Please stand back.

Damn it.

King's guard, fall back!

Defend the king!

Damn it!

Stop, Thorgil!

Don't pursue him too far, Wulf.

You're seriously injured as well.

I let my guard down,
but more than that, he's a bold man.

I wish he'd serve me again.

King's guard, fall back!

His Majesty is under attack!

All forces, fall back!

Run! Hurry!

Your Majesty!

Your Majesty!

Wh-What's going on?

Who would do something like that?
Was it Thorgil?

That was close.

Master, are you alive?


Looks like those soldiers
didn't recognize you.

You're a lucky man.

Damn heavy, too.

Don't think you can get off easy by dying.

You have responsibilities as the
losing force's leader, Iron Fist Ketil.

I hear it...

The sound I heard when my village burned.

The sound of the world falling apart.

They're fighting, aren't they?

It's all right. Don't worry.

We aren't slaves anymore.

We're leaving this farm.

That battle has nothing to do with us.

Where will we go once we leave this place?

We can go to my village.

It's a bit cold, but it's a nice place.

Do you have slaves there?

Do you have wars?

Yes. Battles were fought there once.

I'd be lying if I said
it would never happen again.

I'm not going.

I'm going somewhere else.

Gardar and the children...

are waiting for me.

I just wanted to express my gratitude.

Thank you, Einar and Thorfinn.

Thank you.

I felt like I was wandering through
a terrible nightmare all alone.


Our morning chats...

I enjoyed your stories, Einar...

No, Arnheid!

Hang in there, Arnheid!


Didn't you say you'd protect
the child inside you?


The child has already gone
to the other side.

They're all dead.

All of my loved ones.

What point is there in going on living?

There's nothing left for me here.

Why do I have to live?

I... Because... Because I...

Arnheid? Arnheid?


Move, Einar!

My father taught me this technique to
bring someone back from the dead.

Einar, speak to her as loudly as you can.

Arnheid, don't go!

I... I love you! I need you!

I want you to laugh at my stories again!

Please live!

Live with me again!

Please live!

Einar, that's enough.

Far to the west...

and across the sea,
there's a place called Vinland.

Warm and bountiful, it is a distant land,

beyond the reach of slave-traders
and the flames of war.

You would be able to live
without suffering there.


Let's go there together.

Let's build a peaceful nation in Vinland.

It's you guys. What are you still doing here?

Don't, Einar!


You! You killed Arnheid!

I'll kill you. I'll fucking kill you!

Don't, Einar! Killing the master
won't help anything!

I see. Arnheid is dead.

Open your eyes, Einar!



Einar, killing the master
won't quell your rage.

Anger begets more anger.

It just results in deaths, one after another.

I was stuck in that hell for a long time.

Please, Einar.

Don't fall under the same curse
that afflicted me.


I know. Get the ship ready to depart.

God... must be watching us,
even as we stand here now.

People losing friends, and parents
and children killing each other...

He must be looking down on everything
from up high in heaven.


Wait. Where are you going?

Wait! What do you intend to do?

I'm going to see Canute.


The master is still alive.
He hasn't been captured.

The battle isn't over.

I may be able to prevent more deaths.

That's ridiculous. We need to
leave this place immediately.

Why do you have to do this?


This time...

This time, please let me
take you back to Iceland.


Long ago, you once told me...

that our ancestors fled from war
and ended up in Iceland.

At the time, I thought it was lame,

but now, I'm really proud of them.


I'd estimate Canute
only brought around 100 men.

No matter how badly it turns out,

I should be able to make it back alive.

We'll have the ship
ready to depart at any time.

Don't push yourself too hard!

We're going back to Iceland,
no matter what, Thorfinn!