Vinland Saga (2019–…): Season 2, Episode 19 - War at Ketil's Farm - full transcript

Ketil gathers men to fight and defend his farm from the King's forces. Meanwhile, Thorfinn and his friends try to escape with Arnheid before the battle ends.

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The Battle of Ketil's Farm.

The Battle of Ketil's Farm.

There's about 350 here.

Only around 100 of them
will be any good in a fight.

Get an exact head count later.

Are we really doing this, boss?

The master insists on fighting.

We have no choice.

They're out of their minds.

Do they think they stand a chance
against the king's forces?

They all owe money to the master.

They were told he'd cancel their debts
if they fought in the battle.

If they'd known they'd be fighting the
king, they probably wouldn't have shown up.

But now that they're here, their vanity
as Norse men won't allow them to leave.

And the more of them there are,
the bolder they get.

They start feeling like
they could actually win.

Waiting until they were gathered
to tell them they'd be fighting the king

was a smart choice.

Thorgil's a better strategist
than I expected.

The master intends to fight.

The soldiers have gathered.

This place will become a battlefield.

See? It's just like we told you.

We need to leave this farm right away,
or we'll get caught up in it, Thorfinn.

I know, but...

Mister Leif.

We can't leave the farm with
Arnheid in this condition, sir.

Thank you for caring about me.

You've changed, Thorfinn.

When I first saw you,
I thought you were someone else.

The look on your face is
better these days, Thorfinn.

I finally got to see you.

I can't leave without you.

Mr. Pater, she's coughing again.

Roll her onto her side.

Don't let her choke on
anything she spits up.

Pater, would it be
possible to move Arnheid?

We should be cautious with her now.

We'd know how she's doing if she'd wake up,

but honestly, not even I can tell
her condition right now.

There's also the child
inside her to consider.

Rest is the what she needs most right now,

at least until she regains consciousness.

One day. Let's wait and see
how things go for just one more day.

Are you serious?

What about after that?

Boss, hurry.



Where I'm pointing.

They're here sooner than expected.

Notify the master!

Ships have been spotted
in the sea to the north!

The king's forces have arrived.

Idiot, don't shoot unless you're told to!

You'll never reach them at this range.

Once they're closer, we'll fire off a—.

Crap! Retreat, retreat!

Damn it!

How are they reaching us from so far away?

Fan out and take control of the area!

Aid His Majesty's landing!

It seems Ketil intends to fight me.

Send a messenger, Ulf.

We'll take up position here
and await Ketil's response.

Yes, Your Majesty.

This is good land.

It'd be a shame to stain it with blood.

For the aforementioned reasons,
His Majesty, King Canute

has sentenced the insurrectionist Ketil
and his clan to ten years of outlawry.

Though normally they would be
executed for their crimes,

Ketil's clan shall be allowed to live
thanks to His Majesty's kindness.

Humbly accept your punishment.

That's all. If you don't want to die,
then get out of the country.

We'll wait until tomorrow morning
for your response.

How could you useless lot
let them land without a fight?

Insurrectionist? Outlawry?

Don't push your luck, boy.

I'm back.

Ah, Thorgil. How did Canute's forces look?

They were cooking and eating
their lunch at leisure.

Two warships, two cargo ships.

They've pitched tents
right next to their landing site.

There are about 100 of them.


Yeah, excluding slaves and servants.

That's less than a third of our numbers.

Did Canute think we'd kneel
if the king himself came?

This land is full of reckless men
who won't yield to the king.

Muster your courage, men!

Whoever brings me the king's head
will receive whatever he wants!

What fools.

That's not just any 100 men.

The guys around the big tent are thegns.

Y-You mean the king's really here?

And if they're the king's guard,
they're among the strongest men in Denmark.

They're Thorgil's former brothers-in-arms.

I-In other words,

they're all about as strong as Thorgil?

Wh-What about the guys in white capes?

Are they weaker than the king's guard?

You mean you've never seen them before?

Those are Jomsvikings.

I've never seen you
open your eyes so wide before.

We can't beat them.

They far outclass our ragtag
group of peasant soldiers.

They're the kind of guys who think about war
and nothing else from morning 'til night.

The master won't understand that
until we fight them once.

If you want to run, then run.

King Canute has given us time to flee.

B-Boss, what are you going to do?

I'm the commander. I can't run.

I'll do my best to keep as many of
those 350 cocky idiots alive as I can.

Th-Then let's tie up Ketil's clan
and hand them over.

Yeah, then we won't have to fight.

Are we going to tie up Thorgil, too?

Don't be a wuss.
I bet eight of us could take him.

Thorgil isn't the only problem.

There's also the renowned Iron Fist Ketil.

You heard he beat a bear to
death with his bare hands, right?

Run away with us, boss.

There's no point in being stubborn.

Iron Fist, huh?

I know all about the Iron Fist.

I met him when I was around 15 or 16.

He taught me how to
fight on the battlefield.

He was insanely strong.

He was like an older brother or boss to me.

Years ago, I screwed up.

I ended up on the run.

I thought Ketil would shelter me.

I followed the rumors to this farm.

But when I finally arrived...

Who are you? Do you have business with me?

...I found a completely different person.

Wh-What? Seriously?

The master's full of shit.

He's taking advantage of the fact
that they share the same name.

That's appalling.

I'm amazed he's never been
exposed before now.

With nowhere else to go,
I've stayed here as his guard dog.

I've been getting a free ride
for long enough.

It's time to pay my tab.

You boys do what you want.

All I meant is that the master is
a con artist not worth dying for.

Take care.

Don't try to show off, idiots.

You'll die before you get
the chance to pay off your tabs.

Sh-Sh-Shut up!

Dine-and-dashing on a con artist
would make us absolute scumbags.

We'll work to earn our board.

Don't go telling anyone else
what I just told you.

Their backs are to the sea.

The king's forces have
formed two lines here.

This circle is King Canute.

They've beached their ships, and their
backs are completely undefended.

They know we don't have proper forces.

The terrain provides good visibility.
Surprise attacks won't work.

Olmar, how would you attack?

What? U-Uh, at night?

Wrong. Only first-class soldiers
attack at night.

Amateurs can't pull that off.

They're useless pieces of shit.

They'll all be dead by the time
you count to 100.

Wh-What? Then why did
we bother gathering them?

You amateur.

Isn't it obvious?

They'll draw the king's attention
while you're counting to 100.

Thorgil! Where are you, Thorgil?

This is an important moment.

Master, everyone's ready.

All right. Fire on my command.


Master, this is my final warning.

If we fight, we'll lose.

Enough, Snake.

The great Iron Fist Ketil is a match
for that youngster in every way.


It's started.

Stay safe, Mister Pater.

Damn it!

It's all right. Let's keep going.

Both forces are locked in combat.

Slowly. Try not to shake the wagon.

Don't blame me for whatever happens.

This is theft, isn't it? I'm a thief now...

Don't worry about it.
We left behind enough to pay for her.

You get things done when you need to, huh?

She's Thorfinn's friend.
We can't abandon her.

If she stays here, she'll be killed.

We didn't get to say goodbye
to the old master.

Are the children asleep?


The rocking of the cart
puts them to sleep so quickly.

Are you afraid?

Don't worry.
We'll be out of these dark woods soon.

This place is a heap of pain and despair.

A forest of beasts who thirst for blood.

Not a place to foster life.

We have a warm home waiting for us.

It's been a long and difficult road.

But that pain will end soon.


You're right.


They're still here.

Lives still try to survive here.


Tell them—the ones who
looked after you—farewell.

I'll be waiting for you here
with the children.

You're right.

I need to thank Einar and the others.

S-Stop! Stop the cart!

It's me. Do you recognize me?

How are you feeling?


Advance 50 paces!

Be thorough. Show them your superiority.

The Jomsvikings certainly are impressive.

Not even a single
thin line of 70 men crumbles.

We won't need the rearguard.

Use the second line of
thegns to capture Ketil.

Yes, Your Majesty.

Don't retreat! Charge in there!

Show some backbone!

Damn it. Where are my sons?

I c-can't swim with a sword on my back.

I can't do it, Brother.

I can't be like you.

I'm behind you, King Canute.