Vinland Saga (2019–…): Season 2, Episode 18 - The First Measure - full transcript

As Canute and his men are approaching the farm, Ketil returns home and learns about the events that occurred while he was gone.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
The wind favors us, Your Majesty.

If we continue to be blessed by the wind,

we should arrive at Ketil's farm
within two or three days.

I can't believe the king himself is
going to face a mere backcountry clan.

The Jomsvikings could've handled this.

His Majesty has
a well thought-out plan, Floki.

A good liegeman doesn't question
his king's decisions.

Jomsborg is an ally.
I am not quite his liegeman.

Don't forget that, Ulf.

Do you suppose Ketil and his family
will oppose the king?

I'm not sure.

I've heard Ketil is a mighty warrior who used
to be known as the Iron Fist on the battlefield.

We mustn't underestimate him.

He didn't seem that way to me.

People are assets. I'd hate to waste them.

It would be best if Ketil's family
submitted to the king's authority.

Is that why you're going there in person?

But they've committed
an outrage against you.

Shouldn't we make an example
out of them by punishing them harshly?

I intend to show no mercy if they defy me.

A tailwind...

But the waves are tall,
and the land we seek is far ahead.

The First Method.

The First Method.

Oh, my. I thought Master Ketil
had returned, but it's Mister Thorgil.

Welcome back, Mister Thorgil.

Thanks. I brought you a gift. Take this.



Get him a stiff drink and let him sleep.

What a hopeless old man.

Come on, retainers.

This is no time to be hanging fish to dry.

We're preparing for battle.

Enemy forces will be arriving soon
to take this entire farm.

Gather all the men and
weapons you can find.

Wh-What? Enemy? Who?

How soon is soon?

What's wrong with the master?

What happened to him?

Hey, wait. Mister Thorgil...

Let us conclude our deal before the battle.

We don't want to get
caught up in the fighting.

Talk to my dad about that. I'm busy.

Olmar, hurry up.

This is your first battle.

Stick by me and learn to fight.

Though considering who we're up against,
this might be our last battle.

Aren't you pleased, Olmar?

You're finally getting to fight,
just like you wanted.

Mister Ketil, pull yourself together.

Didn't you say you'd buy our cargo
at triple market price?

That's why we transported
your family all the way here.



H-Hey, wait. Ketil.

Wait a minute, Ketil.

Please, Ketil!

I'm sure it'll be fine.

You've got a good
feeling about this, right?

This time, it'll be the real Thorfinn.

You're right.

I'll choose to believe that's true.

A battle? Here?

In a few days, apparently.

Mister Thorgil said to repair
the fortress walls.

Repair the walls? But...

This can't be fixed in just a few days.

Who are we fighting, anyway?

He wouldn't say.

He said he'd tell us
once the soldiers were gathered.

Doesn't matter who we're fighting.
We can't win.

There aren't enough
experienced soldiers on this farm.

Just the other day,
we lost five valuable fighters.

The guests look unsettled about something.

Has the master returned?

I wonder what he's going to do
when he learns Arnheid tried to escape.

You think he'll punish her?

A lot of people died.

But the master adores Arnheid.

He won't go too hard on her, will he?

Maybe. She's pregnant with his child, too.

I'm worried. I hope she's all right.

I'm sorry.

You fought Snake and his men
for Arnheid and Gardar, right?

You even broke your oath.

Sometimes you have to fight.

Thank you, Thorfinn.

I like Snake.

He's a kind and principled man.

I didn't want to fight him.

And in the end, I let Gardar die.

I'm stupid, so I'm not sure how to say it.

But I wonder if there wasn't a better way.

Did so many people have to get hurt?

Did people have to lose their lives?

Did I try to find a way to avoid that?

There wasn't one.

After all the guests that died,
Snake couldn't back down, either.

But violence should be a last resort.

I wonder what the best option was, though.

What should've been tried first?

I want to learn to find that first method.

There is no person who deserves to be hurt.

You're right.

That's exactly right.

Arnheid, where are you? Arnheid...

Where are you?

My, what a surprise.

You're back early, dear husband.

I heard King Harald passed away.



That shameless slave has been
tied up and thrown in the stable.

She caused quite a lot of
trouble while you were gone.

She was plotting to escape.
What a truly ungrateful slave.


Arnheid tried to...

Her old flame came to the farm
and led her away.

Many of the guests died.

Two of our male slaves even helped them.

What an unbelievable woman.

You'll have to address
this matter properly, dear.



Why does everything
keep slipping from my grasp?



Nobody told me anything about that.

I can't let you see him.

But it's true.

Ketil promised to free Thorfinn.

In any case,
I'd like to at least see his face.

I want to know if the man you've
got here is the Thorfinn I'm looking for.

Not until I've gotten confirmation
from the master.

Otherwise I can't allow anyone
to meet with someone who's locked up.

Fine. I understand.

Come with me. Let's go talk to Ketil.

I'm sorry to bother you
when you're so busy, Pater.

I don't mind showing you around, but...

Is there a problem?

As an outsider, you're the only one
I can turn to for help with this matter.

Forgive me, Mister Leif, but can you
spare the funds to purchase a slave?

Some, I suppose. I was promised
I could have Thorfinn for free.

The master keeps his promises.

Thorfinn and Einar will be fine.

But Arnheid is a more challenging matter.

I know I'm asking for a lot, Mister Leif,

but would you be willing to
purchase two slaves besides Thorfinn?


Man, I'm bored.

I've got a woman right in front of me,
and I can't even do anything with her.

You act all meek, but you actually
know what you're doing, don't you?

The master will spank you a few times
and forgive you for everything.

He's too easy on you.

You're lucky your punishment
wasn't up to us guests.

By now you'd have been
stripped naked and raped by all of us

for our brothers who were killed.

Our dead brothers wouldn't be
able to rest in peace otherwise.

Don't you agree?

What are you doing?

S-Sir, you're back.

Leave. I have business with Arnheid.

But sir, I, uh...


Y-Yes, sir.

You tried to escape from me?

Why, Arnheid?



Why don't you understand?

Why would you do that?

Do you despise me?

I won't allow anyone to
take my pride from me.

Not even you, Arnheid.

Stop... N-Not my stomach...

I have a child inside me...

I have a child inside me.

Please, no more.

Whose child is it?

I s-s-swear it's yours, Master.

It's true. Please believe me.

Believe you?

You... You were the only one I trusted.

What am I supposed to believe, huh?

What does it mean to trust someone?

It's true? It's real?

I won't suffer losing something
I never doubted!

You'll pay for this, you thieves!

With this hand, I will punish you!


Given the weight of Arnheid's crimes,
it makes sense to flog her.

But if you keep hitting her,
you'll be executing her.

Arnheid is your slave, sir.

You have the right to kill her.

You want to execute her, right?

Then I'll let go of the rod.

Tend her wounds, Pater.


K-Ketil, if you don't want that slave girl,
would you sell her to me?

I heard you have
two other slaves besides Thorfinn.

That they're Thorfinn's friends.

I'll pay.

I'd like to buy them from you.

Who said I don't want her?

Take Thorfinn and Einar wherever you want.

But I'm not selling Arnheid.

That woman belongs to me.

She's alive, but she's still unconscious.

I don't know if she'll make it.

Don't touch her, Einar.

You mustn't move her.

They won't get away with this.

They're all thieves.

I raised it up with such care.

I take such good care of it.

And they're trying to take it all from me.

Dad, where have you been?

We've got a mountain of things to do.

Also, a suit of armor would be...

Hey, Dad.

Those thieves won't get away with this.

I'll punish them.

Even if it's the king.

The Battle of Ketil's Farm.

The Battle of Ketil's Farm.

"The Battle of Ketil's Farm."