Vinland Saga (2019–…): Season 2, Episode 21 - Courage - full transcript

The battle has left heartbreaking casualties in its wake. Though Thorgil and Ketil's wife want to continue the fight, Canute demands their surrender.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Is that the last one?


I doubt Ketil's forces
have any will to fight left.

I'll send a messenger
recommending they surrender.

Your Majesty.

Would it be all right if we
requisitioned some homes on the farm?

My men are tired of camping out in tents.


All forces are forbidden
from entering the farm.

If the soldiers enter the village,
they'll begin pillaging.

Pillaging is the victor's right.

The goal of this battle is to requisition
the entire farm, not pillage it.

I shall provide the Jomsvikings
with an adequate reward.

As you command.

You're showing them mercy now, Canute?

You are right. This is what a king does.

To achieve his grand purpose,

he spares those who should live,
and slays those he must kill.

The masses could never bear
such a heavy responsibility.

This world is still far from
being a paradise. It's hell.

And hell has its own laws.

Canute, you killed your
father and your brother.

Keep killing until your
corpse-lined road reaches paradise.

Thank you, Einar and Thorfinn.

Thank you.



Hold him still.

It's no use. He's already dead.

I need hot water over here.

Kill me!

Young master...

Young master...

My father's hands are gone.

Y-Y-Young master, please look
after my daughter and family.

You can't even cut a pig.

Young master?

Young master!

Are you all right?

Are you injured as well?

Is it your stomach? Does your stomach hurt?

You should lie down.

They have advised us to
surrender a second time.

The entire clan surrendering is
their condition for a truce.

You'll still be subjected to outlawry.

You need to decide if we'll
continue fighting or surrender.

Y-You can't be serious!

I refuse to be banished from the country.

What do they expect us to do?
Leave this land and become beggars?

Snake, this happened because
you're a spineless coward.

You freeloader!


You hag!

Don't, Fox.

If we say we'll keep fighting,
what will you do, Snake?

Fight along with you.

That's what I wanted to hear.

Don't worry, Mom. I'll handle this.

Twenty men is enough
to take the king's head.

Defeating a larger force with only a handful
of men is a glorious way for a man to go out.

Calm down, Thorgil.

That's not your decision to make.

What? No, it's gotta be me.

Dad's out of it.

Are you saying you want to decide, Grandpa?

It's not my decision, either.

There's someone Ketil
named as his successor.

We'll surrender.


How could you say that?

Doesn't that embarrass you as a Norse man?

It's embarrassing.

It's embarrassing, but...

I'm scared.

I'm scared of people dying.

I'm scared I might die.

They can banish me or do
whatever else they want with me.

I just want this to be over.

You can't be serious, Olmar.

You wanted so badly to fight.

You're the one who started this war.

That's right. It's my fault.

They mocked me for screwing up.

I got mad and tried to show off.

I'm sorry to Mom and everyone else.

But because I started this,
I want to end this.

Sorry, I misspoke.

The king wanted this farm from the start.

But I gave them an excuse to start a war.

People will always find a reason to fight.

If it wasn't you, it
would've been me or Dad.

You defended your honor then.

Right, Olmar? You did good.

Your honor is more
important than your life.

Show us the courage of a
Norse warrior one more time.


That's not courage!

I screwed up in the presence of the king.

I'm an incompetent man
who deserves to be mocked.



I didn't have the courage to
silently accept their mockery.

I can't be like you, Brother.

I don't care about
the honor of Norse warriors.

I'm going to surrender.

Mock me if you want.

The acting head of the family
has made his decision.

Olmar, go tell King Canute your decision.

I'll go with you.

I won't mock you, young master.

I don't have time for this crap.

Move. You're in the way.

Wait. Where are you going, Thorgil?

Shut up.

Later, cowards.

It's true that many have been
supported by your strength.

But I know you've seen it, too.

How those possessed by
wealth and power end up.

But you haven't lost
all of this for nothing.

In exchange for your farm,
your son has become a man.


Why did you let him go?

Haven't you been looking for
Thorfinn all this time?

Didn't you come here to
take Thorfinn back home?

You're right. That oath has
kept me going all this time.

No matter how many times I lost him,
I kept looking for him.

I won't break my oath to my friend.

But Thorfinn is being moved by
something bigger than that now.

Thorfinn said he'd come back.

I trust what I saw in those eyes.


So, what? You're not part of
Ketil's clan, shorty?

My name is Thorfinn, son of Thors.

I'm a retainer on this farm.

I've come representing Ketil,
the owner of the farm.

Please inform His Majesty
that I'm here to see him.

A retainer? You're a slave, aren't you?

You can always tell when someone's a slave.

They stink like livestock.

You're not good enough.

We'll just keep fighting until
someone from Ketil's clan shows up.

I've met His Majesty before.

He should know who I am
if you tell him my name.

Please let him know Thorfinn,
son of Thors, is here.

You and King Canute know each other?

About four years ago,
I served as his guard for a short while.

Did that wake you up, shorty?

I've never seen a guard
as stinky and small as you.

If I offended you, then I apologize.

But it's true.

Please tell His Majesty my name.


What's the matter, Drott?

He's still talking nonsense.

Apparently your punch was too weak.

You don't wake easily.

You must want me to get you up
gently like your mommy did, huh?

Get him!

You've got this, shorty!

Come on!

Did you determine
what the commotion is about?

Yes, Your Majesty. Ketil sent a messenger.

Since Ketil himself hasn't come to surrender,
my men are attempting to send him away,

but he seems to be rather stubborn.

Did you get his name and status?

Yes, Your Majesty.

He identified himself as a retainer on
the farm named Thorfinn, son of Thors.

Is he a young and small man?

Yes, indeed.

Do you know him?

Get him!

What would you like to do,
Your Majesty? Will you see him?

No, that won't be necessary.

Son of Thors...

Yeah, right.

Kill him!

Hit him back, shorty!

The eyes! Go for the eyes!

Wait. I don't want to fight.

Oh? He's got some moves.

What's the matter, Drott?

You haven't hit him yet.

Get your shit together!

Damn. I underestimated them.

In any case, I need
to change the situation.

Hit him already, Drott.

We can't settle our wagers like this.

All right!

That's the first one!

Get him!

He's still looking lively!

Kill him!

Damn it.


Are you all right?

Einar, what are you doing here?

You idiot. I came here to
stop you, obviously.


Just get up. We're getting out of here.

There's no point in talking to these guys.

Come on, pay up.

Thank you.


What are you betting on?

We're betting on how many punches
it'll take for you to run away crying.

Including unconsciousness or death.

The most popular bet is fewer than ten.

A few have bet on more than 20.

Come on, you've got this.

One more hit, and you can go to sleep.

Hang in there until you've taken ten.

They're unbelievable.

I'd like in on that bet, too.

I'll bet on myself.

I don't need money if I win. Instead...

I'd just like to talk to His Majesty.

Did you guys hear that?

Shorty just proposed
something real interesting.

All right, fine. I like your guts.

But we're not letting you get away
with betting on fewer than ten.

What has no one bet on yet?

Well, at least one person's bet on
everything up to the nineties.

100, then.

If you can withstand 100 blows, you win.

If you lose, we'll take your life.


What? You...


Do you have to risk that much for Ketil?

This is war.

There's nothing one man can do about it.

Leave this fight to the ones who want it.

I'm glad I ended up on this farm.

I only knew war, but the master,
Pater, and the old master...

They didn't forsake me.
They were kind to me.

I got to meet you, too.

You understand that, don't you?

Are you okay with not returning
the kindness we received?


It's all right, Einar.

There's a trick to getting hit.

And I'm used to getting hit.


That's it, shorty!

Get that big idiot!

He thinks you're a wimp, Drott!

Is your size just for show?

Beat him already!

The great Drott the Bear Killer has
never been mocked like this before.

I'll kill you.

Is he stupid? He's gonna die!

Make him last at least 20 hits!

Kill him!

The King of Rebellion.

The King of Rebellion.

"The King of Rebellion."